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This is an fictional adult F/m story; if you don't like that, don't read it. All of the characters in this story are over 18 years old.

As always I look forward to comments, so if you enjoy the story please post your thoughts on it.

Freelancer part 1

It was the summer before going off to college and I was already moved into the house I would be living for the upcoming school year. Not to brag but I am fairly gifted in academics and was lucky enough to get a free lance job as a computer programmer, I am able to work for 3-4 days and get enough to pay the bills for the month. So while other eighteen year olds are slaving away at crappy summer jobs I am graced with plenty of free time. It was only a few years ago that my parents died in a plane crash though was fortunate enough that my mother’s best friend that lived nearby adopted me. While even then I likely could have just filed to become an emancipated minor and lived on my own but in hindsight am glad for her companionship as it made that time more bearable. My phone rings and I see it is my mom… still feels strange calling her that even after all this time and it took a while for me to do so but her persistent nagging finally got me to do so. My mom knew about the amount of free time I have so once again she begins to suggest I go visit Aunt Megan that she sounded very lonely on the phone, while she wasn’t related to me she was also an old college friend of my late mother. I groan a bit not liking being forced to do anything, but finally I just so ok I’ll call her. When talking with Megan I could hear that she did in fact sound very lonely, when I suggested I could come by her and visit for a day or so, she sounded almost giddy.

I get to her place later in the afternoon on Friday, she greets me at the door and giving me a lingering hug, and for a brief second I thought I saw a lustful look in her eyes. We talk briefly catching up before she says I am sorry but I completely forgot I have an appointment for a pedicure, you can come with me and afterwards we can go see a movie or something. I am about to protest though from the tone in her voice it sounds like it is not open for negotiation, so I merely say I’ll go get a book to read while I wait. Before I can she grabs my hand and says no need just ask one of the ladies if you can watch something on their TV. As I am being almost dragged out by the arm, I am not exactly sure of the reason but likely something about her forceful personality caused something I wasn’t expecting. I begin blushing since by the time we are at her car I am fully aroused, though thank god I normally wear long t-shirts so she can’t see my arousal. Surprisingly it takes a while to clear my head and things to go back to normal, which didn’t finally happen until we were just about at the nail salon.

Walking inside the salon I feel a bit out of place, most of the workers and clients are women in their late 30’s to early 40’s. It must be closer to the end of their business day because shortly after we get there, the few clients that are there leave. I politely ask one of the women, that turns out to be the owner named Tiffany, if I could change the TV channel. She giggles and says “Awe you bored, aren’t you cutie? Well sit down in one of the chairs and I’ll see about finding the remote.” After a bit she returns and hands me the remote and I start aimlessly searching through the channels, she smirks and says, “Since we don’t have any other clients coming how about I give you a pedicure also, no charge?” I was about to say no thanks but since I am fairly thrifty, at the words no charge I think what the hell why not and I say “sure I don’t have anything better to do.”

She goes and gets a tray with supplies then quickly removes my shoes and socks, and then she applies what I assume is a moisturizing lotion working it in for a few minutes before I see her reach for a pumice stone. As she starts to scrubs my sole I am shocked at how bad it tickles and after a second I burst out laughing and out of instinct I pull my foot away. She looks at me with an apologetic saying,” Oh I am sorry are you ticklish? I’ll do my best to be more careful.” I have no idea what possessed me to say this but little did I know this admission sealed my fate. Quickly I respond “No need to apologize, it is ok I like being tickled.” After saying this, the women in the place smirked as my laughter had drawn their attention already. Tiffany gets and evilly sexy grin and says “Really, well this is my lucky day, having a ticklish boy that enjoys being tickled; this is a dream come true.” At the word tickled she does a surprise attack and scribbles her nails all over my bare sole. This causes me to throw my head back laughing though I do my best to keep from pulling my foot away. After this brief assault she gets up and goes into a back room leaving me to catch my breath. She yells from the other room for me to close my eye that she has a surprise for me. I do so and after a bit she reclines the chair and has me lift my legs for a bit as I hear her doing something at the base of the chair. Giggling she says “ok honey open your eyes” I look down and am speechless as I see she has attached what looks like stocks to the base of the chair. With a questioning look on my face she explains, “Dear, you aren’t the first ticklish person that has gotten a pedicure, though you are the first that has said they like getting tickled.” I think about it for a bit, and while odd I can see that it actually makes sense so they wouldn’t end up getting kicked. I shyly place my feet into the openings and she eagerly locks my feet in place, as she is doing this the other woman goes and flips the sign to closed and pulls down the shades. I squirm nervously in the chair as all four women in the place are staring at me with evil smirks.

Tiffany slowly walks over and sits on my lap looking down at me with an expression on her face which alone was enough to establish the power dynamic of her dominance, even if I wasn’t already in stocks. Without saying a single word she gently grabs the bottom of my shirt and begins pulling it off over my head, in doing so as the shirt is covering my face she leans forward so her breasts are inches from my face. Greeted to this sight it heightens my arousal level almost instantly, luckily Tiffany’s position blocks the evidence from the other women’s view. Time seems to slow down as she moves her hands to my sides, and part of my body is screaming to grab her arms and stop her though I just let my hands rest on the chair and giggle in anticipation. Using both hands she begins walking two fingers up my sides as she leans forward to whisper in my ear. “So, honey you ticklish anywhere besides those adorably cute and baby soft feet of yours?”

While giggling I respond “Don’t know maybe…” I smell her floral perfume in deep as my every sense is in overdrive. She laughs sensually, “Oh, you poor thing, you don’t know where all you are ticklish” she snickers “Well, Auntie Tiffany can help you with that.” As she just about reaches my pits she fast walks her fingers down my sides dragging her nails a bit as she does. I squeal and giggle in a high pitch as I squirm helplessly under her weight; she giggles and says “well, that’s one more spot you know is ticklish… but first I promised you a pedicure hehehe.” I was so focused on watching Tiffany get near my feet that I almost jumped sky high as the woman that was by the cash register touched my arm and began to use two long scarves to tie my arms to the chair. As she finished tying my last hand she gasped “Oh my…” she stared as Tiffany was no longer on top off me, my erection was clearly visible under my shorts. I looked around the room as they were starring longingly below my waist. Was abruptly startled as Tiffany began going to work on my tender soles and I cackled and screamed not knowing anything could tickle that damn bad! Thrashing around in the chair madly even though I loved the feeling my body’s natural reactions took over, with how franticly I pulled at the binds you would have sworn that the stone was hooked to a car battery. The roomed turned into a chorus of laughter as the women burst out laughing thinking my situation was hysterical. They were laughing so loud it was hard to tell which made more noise the four women or my endless laughter. For a briefest of second while she moved to the next foot I began thinking if I wasn’t the exception that loved getting tickled I could see this being a great interrogation technique.

After a while of this torture my body overrode my mind and I began begging for her to stop, was laughing so hard could maybe get out 2-3 pleading words in a minute. She just laughed sadistically having no intention what so ever of stopping anytime soon. I had a fraction of a second of hope as she stopped and reached around in the tray, which was short lived as I saw her holding a file like pumice stone. I soon found to my horror that the ordeal so far might have just been a warm up. Skillfully and without any regard for my suffering she began dragging the file between my toes and scrubbing the base of my toes. I had never laughed that hard in my entire life and the rest of the women laughed as my laugher got very high pitched and panicked. The stocks creaked as I was desperately pulling my feet in any direction hoping to get my helpless soles away from this evil bitch :) . By this point I don’t think you could find a single flake of dead skin on my feet, even if you had a microscope. Time seemed to blur as my laughter turned to gasping for air and finally ending with me passing out.

I slowly regained consciousness and saw Tiffany still and my feet finishing up working on my toe nails. Smiling she says “Well, that part was much easier without you squirming, there all done.” I say thank you as she was putting away her tools as the woman at Megan’s feet laughs “Oh shit, I forgot to finish hers…” Tiffany smiles and says “that’s ok Natasha you do one foot I’ll do the other, I am sure that Britney can find something to do in the meantime…”

I shiver as she walks toward me and I notice for the first time she has very long ruby red nails giggling she wiggles her fingers in the air menacingly. Nervous I try to think of a way to delay her if only for a minute or two so I can recover a bit more before having to withstand her assault. Gulping as she is inches away from my soles I say “Wow, that nail polish is so cute on you, I just love deep reds… do you use the same color for your toes?” She blushes at the compliment and says “Yes, I use the same color on my toes.” Now I blush as well saying “could I maybe get a closer look?” My breathing and heart rate increase as removes her black ankle high boots and resting her heel on my chest. Deciding flirting with her is the best way to buy time I say giggling “Lucky for you I am tied down, don’t think I could resist nibbling those adorable soles otherwise.” When she moves her sole closer I softly begin kissing every inch of her sole from heel to toes. In no time I am fully aroused once more, though since it wasn’t an easy position for her to maintain she is soon my down by my feet smiling.

Dragging a single nail down my sole causes me to cackle and thrash as my every nerve of my feet seem hypersensitive at the moment. Smiling evilly she begins adding one finger more at a time tracing up and down my soles. By the time she is at ten fingers I am screaming wildly begging her to leave my feet alone and that is with her just tracing fingers slowly. With a seductive look she says “But honey, we wouldn’t want to make Aunt Tiffany feel bad that we didn’t make use of all her hard work.” In the sexiest baby talk you could imagine she says “Awe is the widdle baby boy ticklwish on his widdle feeties.” Screaming and babbling incoherently as she tickles all over my soles. She continues the verbal teasing “Kitchy Kitchy Coo I am never going to stop tickling you!” I am laughing my ass off as I struggle in vain to get free, but in my struggling somehow the head of my erection poked out of the waist band of my shorts. Upon seeing this she giggles and in baby talk says “looks like someone wants to come out and play…” For a brief second I am hopefully optimistic about the direction this is taking. Only to look at her with terror as she grabs a soft makeup brush.

“Oh please no, don’t do that…” the instant she begins swirling the brush all over the head or my erection I scream bloody murder. I am laughing so loud I wouldn’t be surprised if I would have woken the dead. Megan and the other two at her feet gasp as they see what Britney is doing, though the surprise is soon replaced with envy. My torment continues for the longest minutes of my life until the phone rings and Britney goes to answer it. “No, everything is ok in here… oh that was nothing was just tickling a guy… sure just a second.” I am mortified as she goes to the door and opens it a crack. I hear a woman’s voice outside and I am hoping like hell she is able to get the person to go away. The moment seems to take forever as I see her reaching for the door handle once more.

I decided to end there because i have a general idea about what to do in a possible part 2, but if anyone has any ideas or suggestions i'd love to hear them.

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10-30-2009, 04:22 AM
Fantastic! :D Look forward to part 2!

10-30-2009, 07:15 PM
Really good chapter here, grand start to another good F/M story. As for what's about to happen, maybe a female security who decides to join in the fun with the make up brush? ;)

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Great story so far. Looking forward to part 2. Just make sure they never let him out of bondage. :devil:

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looks good, please post the second part

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this story is great....i would love to see all the women in the salon turn on him and really torture him, but i am sure you will come up with a great idea. Thanks for sharing the story.

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This story is simply wonderfull! Don't stop writing please!

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I hope there is a part 2 to this ^-^
cause there are some stories of yours I wish you would have done a part 2 for D:

11-07-2009, 03:38 PM
I hope there is a part 2 to this ^-^
cause there are some stories of yours I wish you would have done a part 2 for D:

Thanks for all that have commented and made suggestions. The suggestions were close to the idea that i had for a part 2 of which i am getting close to finishing at the moment. As for the reason for not doing more sequels to certain storys. It is a combination of free time, mood, and inspiration for the storyline as well as the amount of replies that a certain story gets. wheter it is an accurate gauge of the amount of interest in a story it is one of the factors i look at when deciding to write tickling stories.

11-08-2009, 07:56 PM
Thanks for all that have commented and made suggestions. The suggestions were close to the idea that i had for a part 2 of which i am getting close to finishing at the moment. As for the reason for not doing more sequels to certain storys. It is a combination of free time, mood, and inspiration for the storyline as well as the amount of replies that a certain story gets. wheter it is an accurate gauge of the amount of interest in a story it is one of the factors i look at when deciding to write tickling stories.

I would suggest to look at the views more then the replies. people don't reply alot. It is said D:

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I definitely liked Part 1 & Part 2 (http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthread.php?p=2459271). I can't wait for Part 3 to show up!

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bumping this story for those that haven't read it before, as i am posting part 4 soon

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