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10-30-2009, 12:16 PM
200 years in the future those convicted of a crime will be sentenced to indentured servitude, this is one such story.

She came in and stood before her new master.

"Ah, finally. I spent a lot of money to get you, but not nearly as much as what you cost me."

She had thought he looked familiar. "You can't... The law says we're not supposed to serve our accusers..."
"Yes, because we might take our anger out on you. But I know some people and I've arranged to have an exception made."
"But my parole officer will have me re-assigned, she'll visit me tomorrow!"
"Yes, but by then it'll be too late. You see collar around your neck? It contains some very sensitive equipment. Here, let me demonstrate."

He picked up a remote and pressed a button. For an instant, her whole body tingled, then she fell to the ground.

"Hey, wha- What did you do to me? I can't move."
"Yes, I've blocked all voluntary nerve signals from your brain. The nerves are electrochemical, the electricity that travels along your nerve cords causes a chemical change, but by inducing a tiny electric current I can block, increase, and control all nerve signals."
"That's right. I can make you feel and do anything, I can even make you feel MORE that what's real. 110% is safe, 125% is alright for a few hours, and 140% is okay as long as it's not for more than an hour. And I'll put some implants in so that I can control everything above the neck as well."

He pressed the button again and she immediately got up and started to run for the door, then dropped to the floor again.

"You can't get away. You CAN'T. And when the parole officer comes tomorrow, you're going to tell her exactly what I make you tell her."

"Oh, my God! Please- What're you going to do to me?"
"Plenty. I'm going to make you itch, I'm going to make you horny beyond anything you've ever felt, frustrated beyond imagination, and you will never EVER cum... unless, for some reason I should allow it. I'll make you wet yourself in public, I'll make you say and do things for my amusement. And what amuses me most is tickling."

He pressed the button again and she got up. "Come with me to the bedroom please." He started to walk away, when he turned the corner she ran for it - there was no WAY she'd let him do this to her and that remote had to have a limited range.

But she was wrong. She ran, down the hall way and suddenly couldn't breathe. She was still breathing, but very slowly. She was getting tired but pressed on. She made it to the door and her arms and legs ached and her lungs begged for more air, but she wasn't getting enough. She got dizzy, swayed, and had to lay down.

He appeared with a smile on his face and release the hold on her lungs. And with the press of several buttons he had her standing up and walking behind him like an obedient robot.

"Have you noticed yet?"
"Noticed what?"
"The strange sensations in your body? Swelling? Flushing?"
"Now that you mention it, yes."
"I'm preparing you for orgasm. It'll make you more ticklish, and it'll give you something to think about, like how to serve me so I'll allow you to have another. My other servants masturbate constantly and I have their orgasmic sensations down to about 20%. It's like a drug, when properly administered."
"Please! Please don't do this to me!"
"Oh, come now. YOU agreed to sexual service in exchange for less time in servitude, you agreed to do almost anything. And the funny thing is, I will release you from your servitude, but you'll stay anyway because I'll have you conditioned by then. Oh, you'll be horny for years, but in the last year I'll wash such strong orgasms over you that you'll stay with me willingly."
"No," she moaned.
"Now lie down on the bed."
She hesitated.
"Do it."

She layed down and felt the same brief tingle and found her arms and legs were completely relaxed and immobilized.

"Yes, your nipples are swollen, your clitoris is full of blood, and your vagina is well lubricated... I'm not even going to touch you, not for the orgasm anyway. I'm not going to have the computer simulate any foreplay or teasing either, you're just going to cum, hard. And just this once, because I know your body can take it if it's just once, you're going to cum at 150% intensity. Not just 50% higher than you ever HAVE cum, 50% higher intensity than your body is CAPABLE of cumming. Are you ready?"
She was resigned, and reluctantly said, "Yes."
"That's a good girl," his finger moved slowly toward a button on the remote and he said, "Here... it... CUMS!"

It was incredible! Her pussy didn't clench, her toes didn't point, but the feeling washed over her whole body and didn't stop. She screamed and kept on screaming as the feeling didn't end. She ran out of air in her lungs and made a whimpering sound as she tried to inhale and exhale at the same time, then screamed again. Then suddenly it was over.

Her pussy was hot and she felt the sheets wet underneath her. She was breathing heavily and couldn't stop herself from saying, "THANK you!"

"I'm glad you liked it."

He took one arm and placed it over her head, and she wondered why. He placed the other arm over her head and she was in a wonderful state of confused delirium - she had forgotten that he was going to tickle her afterwards. He opened her legs just a little bit, then went over to the nightstand. He took out a feather and showed it to her.

She was still delirious and confused and couldn't fathom that she was really about to be tickled.

"Now just relax. Here, this will help," he said, and pressed another button.

Her breathing was deep and slow, plenty of air. He brought the feather to her armpit and stroked - it was an electrifying ticklish sensation. Her eyes widened, but there was no sound, no laughter, her breathing didn't even quicken - she was forced to pay attention to every sensation because she couldn't even struggle in her bondage.

"That doesn't tickle, does it? No? Maybe if I use TWO feathers." And he began tickling the other armpit. The sensations poured into her brain, magnified, and being immobile made it twice as worse because there was nothing to do but experience them.

"Still doesn't tickle? Are you sure? Well, just let me know if you want me to stop."

He turned the feathers around and began to use the hard quill ends. She could hear the gentle scraping of the quills as they scratched lazily along her armpits, up and down, circling, slow, fast, one slow and one fast. She felt like her mind was going to pop.

Suddenly he stopped and gave each nipple a stroke, then her clitoris. She wanted to shake with lust, but couldn't.

Next he went to her belly and circled it with the feathers.

"Don't worry - I can read your tension on the remote, I can see that you're not as ticklish here, so I'll move on soon."

She was less ticklish, but it was still torture. He twirled one feather inside her belly-button, and scratched her belly with the quill on the other one.

Next the stroked up and down the inside of her legs, opposite directions, and gave her clitoris another quick stroke, then lifted one leg and stroked the back of her knees.

"Oh, I think you must like this. You like it a LOT! But there's still one place left."

He put her feet together, and approached them with a huge evil smile. She was desperate to struggle, to kick, to get away... She thought that maybe if she tried hard enough she could overpower the machine, but it was no use, he didn't even sit on her legs, he just knelt on the floor and watched her face as he stroked her sole ever so slowly.

Gradually the speed increased with the occasional rapid swipe, faster and faster, then, with the quills, then pulling the feathers between the toes, it went on and on for God knew how long!

And then finally it stopped. He pressed a few buttons and she could speak again, but mentally couldn't summon any words, just a few soft sighs and moans.

"Now my other slaves are going to come in and help me. They're going to suckle your nipples and lick your clitoris for hours - you're going to get hotter than you've ever been AND we're all going to tickle you at the same time. Try to cum if you want, but you won't be able to, but this time I'm going to enjoy drinking in your laughter!"


Her reduced sentenced, was seven years, they would be the longest she'd ever had.

Marquis De Sade
10-30-2009, 01:29 PM
Interesting concept. Original. I like. There's a lot more you could expand on there IMO. I'd like to know a liiiiiiitle more about the future you created. Basically to me at least, the more detail about the world itself, the more plausable the tickling. How the laws changed, where the device came from, etc. :)

10-31-2009, 06:54 AM
That was one of the most original and, frankly best, stories I've read in a long time on here. You left the readers wanting more, which is always a sign of good writing. Great work :D

love feet
10-31-2009, 01:23 PM

Evil Dave
11-05-2009, 11:27 AM
I really liked it. If you could expand on it and make it longer it has the potential to be excellent.

11-05-2009, 08:05 PM
Arnold Schwarzenegger voice: I WAS NOT DONE REEEEEADING THAAAAT!!!! WRITE THAAA REST!!! DO IT!!! DO IT NOW!!!!!*

*(thats my way of saying I liked it a LOT)

11-07-2009, 01:04 PM
Lovely beginning to the story, TKL_M28_LI_NY.

11-08-2009, 05:30 AM
More must be written!

11-09-2009, 10:44 PM
Please Add More!!!!!