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Hi, this is my second story. The title should really explain the basis behind the story. It's not like my first story, 'Stop It!!!' It's in a first person (i think that's the right term) where the writer is telling his account of the story. I hope to do a part two with her side of it, her feelings, her thoughts etc. If you guys want the other part, i will write it. Just another way of being a bit different. I do live in the UK, so if some of you american readers dont recognise any of the terms or car names then sorry guys. In my last story i used the word sneakers which was hard to do as i'm used to the english word. I will use sneakers though and american terms as best i can. Some words in brackets will be the american word, i.e drapes, faucet etc. Please a message giving me any pointers, telling me what you liked and also, any requests you have for a story. Thanks.

Stumbled upon a Victim (Part 1)

Walking back to my white Volvo V70 from the store. As I unlock me car, a 19, maybe 20 year old girl unlocks her Black Vauxhall Corsa and jumps in as I jump in my Volvo. She doesn't look at me, but I can't help but look at her. She just grabs my attention and I must follow her. She pulls away before i get chance to turn the key. I leave my seatbelt, and quickly fire my Volvo up, dip the clutch, select first gear and release the clutch asIi apply the gas. I pull away at more speed than usual so I can catch her up. As I travel down the road, I see her car waiting at the traffic lights, and I slowly pull up behind her car. I follow her out of town for five minutes but I begin to wonder if she is becoming suspicious. I realise that my Volvo looks just like the undercover police cars so I could use this as a ploy. Impersonating an officer, it's worth the punishment if I get to use this how I want to.

I am now following her on a long empty stretch of straight road. I know there is a secluded car park about a mile up the road. I start to begin my plan. I reach under my seat and pull out a safety vest that looks similar to what the cops wear. I throw it on the passengers seat and flash my lights at her. After a few flashes, she puts on her indicator (turning signal) and pulls slowly to a stop on the side of the road.

I get out and put on the fluorescent jacket and approach her car. As i get nearer i see her window winding down and he head sticks out of the window.

"What's wrong officer? Do i have a tail light out or something?" Shit, i don't know why I pulled her over. I think on my feet and remember her pulling away before i had chance to myself. She can't have been wearing a seat belt so i use that as my excuse. She pleads that i don't clear her license of her last three points, she tells me how badly she needs her car, and asks if she can be cleared of it.

"There's one thing you could do, follow my car up the road to this car park and I'll explain further, it's a little dangerous here on this 60mph road." I jump in my Volvo and overtake her and i watch as she follows me into the car park. As I had wanted it was empty. No cars, no sign of any people. Perfect.

We both park up and jump out and I tell her to follow me.

"Now, If you do this little thing with me as a punishment and keep it quiet from everyone then I will let you go on your way." I open the boot(trunk) of my volvo, and reached for the tow rope and shut it and lock the car. She follows me into the woodland and as we're walking she looks worriedly at the bright yellow tow rope.

"What's that for, what are we gonna do, you're not gonna tie me to a tree and leave me, are you?"

"I won't leave you, don't worry." She looks relieved but then her expression changes when she realises what I said.

"Woah, you're tying me up? What are ya gonna do then? Just leave me there, what else would you do after tying someone up?"

"Here will do." I find a spot with a wide tree near a picnic bench. I instruct her to lie down with her head under the picnic table. She obeys reluctantly and sticks her feet to one side of the tree. I go round and grab one of her legs and pull it round to the other side of the tree. I pull them higher and I instruct her to hold them there. The worried look on her face is brilliant. I tie the rope round her first ankle and then around the other one tightly pulling her legs towards the large tree so she can't move.

"What are you doing? I don't like this at all!!!!!" She screams as I start to unlace her black converse. "No, you're not, please don't take off my clothes! Please!" I tell her that I'm just going to have a look at her feet. I stare at the sole of her Black Converse as I finish untying it and I pull on it. I leave it on for the minute and I slowly stroke her white socked heel. I draw little circles, laughter is immediate, followed by screaming and more laughter as I pick up speed and slow down alternatively. "Stoppppppp" She is screaming worryingly loud now. I instruct her to keep it down or I will strip her of her black top, jeans, white socks and black converse and burn them in front of her and leave her tied to the tree only to be warmed by her burning clothes. The shoe falls from her foot and i explore more of her foot. lightly tickling every part of her foot, moving from her heel to her arch, under her toes, the tops of her toes, the sides of her feet and the tops too. I finally tickle the ball of her foot and she jumps. I'm ready to make it worse for her. I go for her sock, and as I grab it she shouts.

"NOOOOOOOO, leave me socks on! Puhleeeaaaseeeeee" I ignore her and peel the sock down past her heel and leave it half way through her arch. The heel gets explored like I did when it was socked. Circles, getting bigger and smaller, slower and faster and she is jumping trying to escape. I've only been tickling her for about 10 minutes but I decide It's time to finish the sock off and let it join the converse. I grab the toe end of the sock and pull it tight, I tickle her half barefoot. She continues to jump up and down and I suddenly rip the rest of it off and drop it on her converse and tickle all over her foot with my fingers.

Want Part 2? let me know...

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There is always room for a Part 2! Please continue!

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Nice set up and yes, you should do part 2. In fact you must do part 2!

BTW - awesome to see another writer from the UK on here. :)

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Great! Waiting for part 2.

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Please post part 2

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sudden activity haha. thanks guys.