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11-15-2009, 07:14 PM
Folks, I really enjoyed writing this one. Always had a fantasy about this. Thanks for the SERIES inspiration ICEMAN! Enjoy…

First, here’s a picture of our undefeated wrestling star in her wrestling attire…


Lacey Chabert’s years of training was about to pay off. Her passion has always been wrestling and her acting career has provided her with the money and free time to pursue her passion. Over the past 5 years, she has trained in private. She’s studied and mastered every wrestling move and technique. She had become totally dominant and remained undefeated throughout her 3 year career.

Tonight would be icing on the cake. It was her last match of the season and a win would set a new record; winning more matches than anyone (Women or Man) had won in a single year. That would also earn her a HUGE pay bonus.

Best yet, the match would be a mere formality as her opponent (Jennifer) was simply a fill in for an injured competitor.

Lacey actually wondered why she even needed to show up, but they required her to “WIN” the match, so she was forced to go through the motions.

Lacey always threw in a wrinkle to her matches to keep things exciting. The original match was billed as a “NO SUBMISSION” match which meant the only way you could win was to be pinned or lose consciousness. Those rules would still apply as billed.

The clock struck 8PM and it was one hour before her match. Lacey didn’t have the usual butterflies in her stomach that came with a fierce competitor, so she enjoyed her routine preparing for her match.

As usual, she slipped into her famous black leather outfit. She slid into her black leather pants and pulled them up around her tight waist. Her top was basically a leather sports bra that zippered down the front.

She wore leather arm sleeves that went from her wrists to just below her elbows and were laced up the side (like a girdle). She went lace by lace and synched them snug from her wrists to her forearm. She then tied the ends and tucked them down inside out of view. She then repeated the same for the other arm.

Next she slid on her wrestling shoes. Certainly didn’t match the outfit, but she had a remedy. She pulled on her leather LEG warmers. These were resembled what she had on her forearms and laced up the sides.

She once again synched the laces one by one until she went from her ankle up to just below her knee. She tied the ends and stuffed them down in side.

On the bottom of these leather leg warmers were special straps that connected to her wrestling shoes. She fastened them which pulled her shoes up tight. This gave the illusion that she was wearing leather boots.

She stood up and checked herself in the mirror. All of her training and effort showed. She was now on the preface of her dream and one more win would set the record.

She entered the arena to a thunderous applause and entered the ring. She basically took no notice of her opponent who was smaller than her. She had a feminine physique and was fit, but Lacey stood over her and clearly out powered her.

As she circled the ring and got near her opponent, Jennifer gestured to her and quickly said to Lacey : “It’s an honor to meet you. You are my idol!.”

Lacey barely acknowledged her and continued playing to the crowd.

The bell rang and Lacey quickly pursued her opponent (who looked to be trying to stay away more than engage). After a few laps of cat and mouse, Lacey quickly went for a leg and pulled Jennifer down.

Jennifer squirmed around a bit, but Lacey quickly pulled her arms behind her back, slide them around her body and rolled her over. This was Lacey’s famous pinning move. Lacey rolled over which flipped Jennifer on her back and Lacey lowered her slowly until her shoulders slid down squarely on the floor.

As the ref came in position to count her out, Lacey thought of her fans. They paid to come to see her and this certainly was not giving them their money’s worth. So as Jennifer struggled around and the ref began his count to 3, Lacey let Jennifer slide out at the count of 2.

Once again Jennifer tried to avoid Lacey as she escaped a couple of attempted takedowns from Lacey. But the 3rd time was the charm as Lacey took her down and Jennifer ended up on her stomach once again with Lacey on top of her.

Lacey then thought she could use this opportunity to entertain her fans and practice all of the moves that she had learned. So one by one, Lacey went through her arsenal and had Jennifer’s shoulders on the ground at least 10 times only to let her up on the count of 2 just before she was pinned.

Finally, Jennifer started getting upset and felt she was being humiliated. She asked Lacey “What are you doing? This is embarrassing!”

Lacey responded. “Sorry, I need to put on a show. You’ll need to live with it. If you don’t like it, maybe try training harder next time.”

As Lacey spun Jennifer into hold after hold, finally she was nearing the end of her arsenal and the crowd began to shout “PIN! PIN! PIN!”

Lacey then obliged and positioned Jennifer for her favorite PIN move (which was her first move of the match). She pulled both of Jennifer’s arms behind her back and slid around sideways underneath them.

Once again, she rolled over which flipped Jennifer over. Lacey then rolled her body which lowered Jennifer’s shoulders slowly to the mat. Jennifer’s arms and hands were stuck under Lacey’s body. She had no leverage.

Lacey smiled as the ref got in position to count her out. She was only seconds away from the fame and fortune of her years of hard work.

As he began his count, Jennifer’s hand was in a bad uncomfortable position under Lacey’s ribs, so she adjusted it simply for comfort as she waited to be counted out.

Then, IT HAPPENED! Jennifer felt Lacey’s body squirm underneath her from the movement.

The Ref Counted 1! The crowd started cheering in anticipation!

Jennifer once again started moving her fingers and felt Lacey’s body JERK and heard Lacey whince. She looked over at Lacey who was looking back at her with extreme discomfort and a look of anger on her face which brought a devilish smile to Jennifer's face.

The Ref counted “2”! The cheering became nearly deafening!

Jennifer then winked at Lacey and started prodding her ribs with her fingertips. Lacey tried to wiggle and adjust to escape, now straining to hold that position to keep Jennifer's shoulders on the matt. Then a slight adjustment made by a desperate Lacey gave Jennifer the opportunity to raise a shoulder. Now the count reset and Jennifer beamed at Lacey knowing that there was no way she could last another entire 3 count.

Lacey rolled her back again and strained to keep her there. Jennifer was now simply having fun with her slowly wiggling her fingers watching Lacey squirm and whince with discomfort. Finally, as the ref reached the count of 2, Lacey gave way in a fit of giggles and released Jennifer. The crowd went silent in shock as Jennifer quickly escaped and got up and out of reach of Lacey.

Lacey was angry now and glared at Jennifer from across the ring. Lacey began chasing Jennifer who was still trying to stay away from her. Finally, Lacey got a hold of her and performed a perfect sunset flip which position Jennifer on her back with her shoulders on the mat. Lacey was sitting towards her with Jennifer’s legs over Lacey’s shoulders. Lacey reached forward and was holding Jennifer’s shoulders flat against the Mat.

The ref once again got in position. Jennifer struggled, but could not budge her shoulders off the mat. Then, as the crowd began to rise and the ref started his count, Jennifer gave Lacey a wry smile as she looked at Lacey’s arms which were stretched out in front of her (holding down Jennifers shoulders).

Lacey said “What are you smiling at?”

Jennifer said : “Oh, nothing. Just this”

Jennifer reached around and began stroking her fingers up and down Lacey’s exposed sides. Lacey shrieked and quickly sat up to grab Jennifer’s hands. This allowed Jennifer to raise her shoulders off the mat.

Lacey sat there and thought about it for a couple seconds as she held on to Jennifer's hands. She looked over to the ref making sure he was ready to count. She then quickly let go of Jennifer’s hands, reached forward and pushed down her shoulders again.

The ref started to count, but Jennifer laid back relaxed and began smiling at Lacey and wiggling her fingers in the air. She began to teasingly motion to Lacey’s exposed sides with her eyes. Lacey was paranoid and vulnerable and Jennifer sensed her panic. Lacey waited for the ref and it felt like the 3 count was going by in slow motion. She yelled “Hurry up and COUNT!”.

Jennifer playfully started stroking Lacey's sides keeping her right on the verge. Then as soon as the ref counted 2. It was over. It only took a single poke in Lacey's side for her to collapse and fall to the side. Once again, Jennifer got up and escaped and ran to the other side of the ring. She looked back at Lacey who was just getting up.

Lacey stood there for a second pondering her next move. Once again, she ran at Jennifer and quickly took her to the ground. She tried a few moves, but whenever she allowed Jennifer a free hand, she paid for it. Lacey was starting to struggle with her paranoia and suddenly her arsenal was limited by needind to control Jennifer at all times.

Finally, Lacey slid around behind Jennifer and pulled her arms back. She placed one of Jennifer's arms between her strong legs and squeezed. She then wrapped her other arm around her body, rolled over and Jennifer rolled back on her shoulders again in a perfect pin move.

Lacey had one hand that she was controlling with her hands and the other was pinned between her legs. The ref got in position.

Then Lacey felt Jennifer push her arm further through her legs until her hand was protruding out of her legs. Jennifer then started lightly stroking Lacey’s Thigh. Jennifer felt Lacey’s iron grip loosen a little to try to escape the tickling. Jennifer took advantage and pushed her arm further through to her elbow. She could now reach up to Lacey’s exposed sides again.

Jennifer looked back at Lacey who once again looked paranoid.

Jennifer mockingly said “Awwwwwwww". Do you have a problem? I think you do! Tickle, Tickle, Tickle!” (as she ran her fingers up and down Lacey's exposed sides)

Lacey jumped and shrieked an immediately let her loose of the hold, but didn't allow her to escape. Lacey next tried a “Cradle” maneuver. This was done by putting 1 arm around Jennifer’s neck while reaching the other arm down around her leg (under the knee) and then pulling Jennifer’s leg up. Lacey then pulled her hands together (pulling Jennifer into a fetal position) and clasped her hands together. Once again, Lacey rolled Jennifer over backwards until her shoulders rested once again on the Mat in a pin move.

The two girls faces were cheek to cheek.

Jennifer : “Gee this getting fun. I have 2 free hands and you have none.”

Jennifer then gave a quick swirling spider tickle on the leather of Lacey's butt. She could feel Lacey’s body tense once again.

Jennifer : “DAMN, is there any place you aren’t ticklish?”

Lacey yelled at the ref : “Hurry UP! START THE COUNT!”

Jennifer once again stroked up Lacey’s side. Lacey burst out in laughter and let go just for a second, but then reclasped her hands.

Jennifer was enjoying every minute. She knew that she could stop this at any time. She then realized a way to go on the offensive. She reached up and grabbed the Lacey's wrist (of her arm around her neck). She then crossed her ankles and squeezed her knees on Lacey’s other arm (just below the elbow).

Then she started swirling her fingernails on Lacey’s butt again. Lacey burst out in laughter again and tried to wiggle in order to escape the tickling. Jennifer saw Lacey’s grip nearly let go, but she held on.

But then Jennifer slide her hand around Lacey’s side and slid her finger down inside her hip bone. Jennifer felt a VOLT of electricity go through Lacey’s body. With a single poke, Lacey shrieked and quickly let go so that she could escape to protect herself. But Lacey’s face soon turned flush as she could not pull her arm out from Jennifer’s leg grip.

Lacey looked over at a grinning Jennifer who said “Uh Oooooooooh!”

Lacey yanked at her arm and it SLOOOOOWLY started to pull out from between Jennifer’s legs. Jennifer just laid back in heaven watching the Mighty Lacey struggle in total panic. Jennifer wasn’t even tickling her, just basking in the fear.

When Lacey had pulled her arm about half way out, she was exhausted and stopped to catch her breath.

Jennifer : “Awww, is the Mighty Lacey tired? That could be a problem for her. Tickle, Tickle, Tickle!”

Jennifer started scratching Lacey’s butt. Lacey burst into laughter once again and frantically tried to pull the rest of the way out. She then felt Jennifer reach around to her exposed ribs and she started poking her. Lacey collapsed with exhaustion. Her pulls were becoming weak.

Then Lacey felt Jennifer’s fingers roam up around her side and down to that special spot that provoked and earthquake earlier; inside her hip bone.


Jennifer then reached over and gave her a big sarcastic smooch on the cheek. She then gave her a few squeezes and although Lacey was tired, the sheer electricity of Jennifer hitting that spot gave her the adrenaline strength to pull her hand free.

This time it was Lacey who escaped and pulled away. Jennifer got up and looked at Lacey standing on the other side of the ring.

The crowd was yelling at Lacey to finish this! Jennifer just stood there with a big smile on her face knowing that Lacey’s ego would not allow her to remain away their showing fear.

Sure enough Lacey began to walk forward towards Jennifer. Jennifer then lurched at Lacey which made Lacey pull back in reflex. Jennifer yelled “MADE YOU FLINCH”! and began laughing at Lacey.

Lacey became infuriated and raced towards Jennifer. Lacey once again quickly brought Jennifer to the ground. She once again rolled underneath her and went to perform a “BACK SLIDE” where you go back to back with your opponent. Jennifer was face up as Lacey slid underneath her, reached under Jennifer's arms getting her in the double half nelson.

Lacey performed this perfectly. Lacey then slid up in her knees and stretched her arms forward as Jennifer slid down Lacey's back until her shoulders hit the mat.

Lacey then said : “Laugh at me? Who’s got the last laugh now.” (Straining to keep her arms completely stretched out to keep Jennifer's shoulders on the mat).

Jennifer replied (as the ref got in positions): “Gee this is a tough one. But I have one question for you.”

As she said that, Lacey felt Jennifer’s fingers running along her neck and down her shoulder. Lacey began to get shaky and yelled “COUNT!”

Jennifer slid her finger around and into Lacey's arm pit and she felt Lacey WHINCE and TIGHTEN!

Jennifer laughed and said “Awwww, poor, poor baby! Are Lacey's underarms ticklish too? That's too bad for her! Shall we see what happens when we tickle them?” as she ran a single stroke in Lacey’s hollow. Lacey burst out in laughter but held on.

Jennifer began laughing hysterically as the ref finally began to count.

Ref …. 1!

Jennifer then said : “OK, I’ll give you one stroke for every count, so that was 1 (giving her a single stroke up her entire underarm. Lacey grimaced and nearly let go).

Ref … 2 !

Jennifer gave her a long scratch up both underarms and before she could even get to the second stroke, Lacey burst out in laughter and released her. Lacey laid face down on the ground trying to catch her breath. Jennifer quickly rolled over and sat on Lacey’s back straddling just above her waist.

Lacey went to lift herself up and roll Jennifer off by pushing up with her arms, but as she tried, Jennifer quickly ran her fingers up and under her exposed underarms which collapsed her and put her face down again.

Jennifer just sat there enjoying the moment; waiting for the inevitable second where Lacey tried it again. Sure enough she went to push herself up and Jennifer once again ran her fingers under Lacey’s vulnerable underarms. She collapsed immediately in exhausted giggles.


Jennifer : “MMMMMM. NO!

Once again, to Jennifers delight, Lacey tried to push up. Jennifer said mockingly “Let’s see, why don’t we try here for a change”..

Jennifer lightly ran her fingertips up the skin of Lacey’s vulnerable exposed sides. Lacey quickly collapsed and pulled her arm back into her side keeping her fist up at shoulder level.

But her elbow didn’t reach down far enough and Jennifer still had a few inches of vulnerable skin to stroke. As she continued in delight, Lacey finally gave up and reached down with her hand to try to protect herself.

Jennifer quickly grabbed her arm and bent it behind her back. She then slid forward and pinned Lacey’s arm beneath her knee.

Jennifer began untying the end of Lacey’s leather arm sleeve down by the wrist. Lacey struggled and once again tried to lift herself up with her other free arm to escape.

However, Lacey had no power at all. Jennifer let her struggle for a few seconds and then ended it quickly with a stroke up her exposed underarm. Lacey fell back down and giggled again in defeated frustration.

Once Jennifer had the tie undone, she held on to her one arm, slid back a little and said.

Jennifer : “Ok, time to give me the other arm!”

Lacey didn’t say a word and reached her arm up further away out of Jennifer’s reach. Jennifer smiled in glee as she was hoping that Lacey would offer resistance. Jennifer looked down and mockingly said..

Jennifer : “Hmmm, I can’t quite reach that arm up there. Wonder what I can do to bring it down to me”.

With that, she ran a single finger up Lacey’s arm pit. Lacey squealed and pulled her arm down closing her under arm, but keeping her hand upright and out of Jennifer’s reach.

Jennifer laughed. She was only playing with her. She then smiled devilishly and reached around to Lacey’s exposed side. She began to run her fingers slowly up and down watching Lacey struggle in agony.

Lacey laughed and jerked and began lowering her arm. Jennifer stroked in glee knowing it was only a matter of seconds. Lacey pulled her elbow into her side, but once again, she could not cover the entire area.

Jennifer continued to stroke Lacey’s vulnerable side. Lacey giggled and stomped her feet. She was such a trooper.

But this all came to an abrupt end when Lacey felt Jennifers finger slide down the front of her stomach and into the inside of her hip bone. Lacey's body jerked in panic and she quickly reached back to try to protect herself.

Jennifer quickly grabbed her arm and bent it back behind her, now pinning both arms. She quickly took the loose ties from the other arm and laced them through the laces on the other arm. She then quickly synched up the ties which pulled Lacey’s wrists together.

When she completed, Jennifer sat back and watched Lacey wiggling and struggling with her hands tied behind her back. Lacey realized she could be pinned easily like this and realized she was watching her record and bonus slip from her hands.

Jennifer then slid forwards and started to untie the top part of the leather arm sleeves (up by the elbow). Lacey was startled and said..

Lacey : “UMMMM, Isn’t this a little overkill? I think you can beat me with my hands tied behind my back!”

Jennifer : “You can never be too sure. Better safe than sorry!”

Jennifer untied the top of the one arm and then slid the laces through the other arm up by the elbow. She began synching it and Lacey’s elbows were now being pulled together.

Jennifer : “There now, that’s better. Now I feel confident”.

Lacey arms were pulled tight behind her. Her chest was opened up and her ribs were protruding.

Jennifer then said to her : “I WIN! And to add insult, I’m going to pin you with your own favorite move.”

Jennifer slid sideways and pulled Laceys’s arms around her body so she was laying between Lacey’s arm and body. She hooked her arms and rolled over sideways. Lacey flipped over and the crowd gasped as her shoulders slowly lowered to the ground.

For Lacey, she could not believe this was happening. She had never had her shoulders hit the floor this this. She lay helplessly waiting for the ref to count her out. This was completely surreal. Jennifer laid underneath her laying on Lacey’s arms and hands.

Lacey then got an idea. She wiggled her fingers and looked at Jennifer. Jennifer just smiled back at her. NOTHING!

Lacey gave up and laid there as the ref got in position. He began counting…

1…… 2……

Then suddenly, as Lacey was waiting to hear the pounding on the mat, Lacey felt her shoulders slowly rise off the mat.

She opened her eyes in shock and looked over to Jennifer.

Lacey : “What are you doing? Why didn’t you pin me? This is embarrassing!”

Jennifer. “Sorry, I need to put on a show. You’ll need to live with it. If you don’t like it, maybe try training harder next time.”

Lacey laid there with her arms pinned underneath Jennifer and her body lying on top of her with her exposed stomach facing upward. Jennifer laid on her arm looking at Lacey.

Jennifer smiled at Lacey and teasingly motioned to Lacey’s exposed stomach and ribs with her eyes. Lacey looked down and then back at Jennifer for mercy only to see the adrenaline of opportunism in Jennifer’s face.

Jennifer playfully said : “Awwwwwwww. Now it looks like you REALLY have a problem, don't you!??!?! I think you do! Tickle, Tickle, Tickle!”

To Lacey’s horror, she watched as Jennifer reached up and started swirling her nails up and down the front of stomach, then over to her ribs and into her underarms. Lacey went into hysterics and began kicking her legs, but her upper body just laid there completely motionless. She was being totally humiliated in front of all of her fans.

Then Jennifer stopped and said. “Hmmmm. I’ve got an idea. Why don’t we give your fans a look at what most of them have been fantasizing about. I hope they have their cameras ready!”

With that, Jennifer reached up to Lacey’s leather sports bra and started to slowly lower the zipper. LACEY SHRIEKED AT HER! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! PLEEEEASE!

Jennifer simply giggled as she continued to pull down the zipper tooth by tooth. The crowd was in shock and went silent at what they were watching. Lacey’s boobs were pulling the top apart at every click of the zipper. She looked down in panic and all she could see was her cleavage and the zipper nearly at the bottom.

Jennifer stopped right at the bottom (right before it unhooked) and the top lingered on the verge of splitting open.

Jennifer then said “MMMMMMM, These are NICE!” and to Lacey’s shock, she started to lightly caress the exposed skin of Lacey’s breasts, running her fingers up and down her cleavage and sliding them along the openings of Lacey’s sports bra stroking her breasts with the backs of her fingers.

To Lacey’s uncontrollable dismay, she felt sensation running to her nipples. She laid back and could feel the stimulation pressing up against her top. She looked down to watch the small tents begin to build. She looked over at Jennifer as to say “PLEASE STOP!” only to see Jennifer’s face in delighted shock as she watched Lacey’s nipples pierce up looking as if they were going to cut through the leather.

The crowd went completely silent in shock and flash bulbs started going off everywhere.

Finally, Jennifer released the hold and rolled Lacey back over on her stomach. She once again sat on her waist.

Jennifer : “Ok, shows over. Time to put an end to your record and bonus. It’s time I make you give up.”

Jennifer looked at Lacey. Her arms were pulled together by the elbows. In that position, her sides were totally exposed. She could not even move her arms enough to protect one side at a time.

Jennifer lightly reached around and rested her hands directly on Lacey’s ribs.. Lacey flinched. Jennifer poked her with a single finger Lacey JUMPED? She tried to move her arms to protect herself, but couldn’t even get closed.

Jennifer whispered : “Have you ever felt more helpless and humiliated in your life?” (again poking Lacey in the ribs).

Lacey was exhausted and on the verge of tears, but still wiggled back and forth trying to somehow get Jennifer’s fingers off her sides. She got limp and pleaded “OH! PLEASE STOP! PLEASE! STOP!”

Jennifer : “In a few. But while you’re suffering, I want to you to think about the next time when you’re in control, you’ll treat people with more respect. This is your lesson and the lesson is now going to end with the Mighty Lacey submitting to ME!”

Jennifer started her onslaught; poking and wiggling her fingers into Lacey’s ribs. Lacey tightened in agony and could not even laugh. She tried to hold her breath, but there was simply no escape as Jennifer toyed with her mercilessly.

Then Jennifer began to taunt her : “Ok, are you going to give up? Does the mighty Lacey quit? Say UNCLE!!!”

Lacey’s ego was huge and she fought valiantly. The Ref was there waiting for Lacey to call it quits. She was too proud. She kicked her feet and actually finally hit Jennifer in the back.

Jennifer stopped and slid off Lacey. Jennifer said : “Ok, I guess you are not humiliated enough yet.”

She came behind lacey and pulled both of her feet up and pinned them against her butt. Lacey wiggled, but having no hands or leverage, she simply couldn’t do anything.

Jennifer undid the straps at the bottom of Lacey’s leather leg warmers and tied them to the straps of her leather arm sleeves.

Jennifer : "By the way, have I ever told you how much I like your outfit?"

She then synched them up and Lacey was pulled tight in a humiliating hog tie.

When Jennifer finished she stood up and just took in the sight and began laughing as a thousand flash bulbs went off. Lacey was completely bound by her own outfit.

But then Jennifer eyes widened and she nearly became hysterical with laughter as she also noticed that Lacey’s sports bra had come undone and Lacey was now laying on her chest to try to keep from exposing her breasts to everyone.

Jennifer became hysterical with Lacey’s predicament. She walked over to her with devious smile on her face. She reached down and pulled the leather sports bra up and over Lacey's head and tossed aside. Lacey lay there now totally topless just trying to keep her balance.

Jennifer reveled in her predicament and started tipping her feet back and forth; rocking her to the point where she was losing her balance. Lacey’s eyes widened in panic as she tried to keep from falling over and exposing herself.

While playing with Lacey, Jennifer then noticed Lacey’s boot secret.

She said…”Hmmm. What do we have here?”

She then started to undue the fasteners from the bottom of Lacey’s leather leg warmers. When she undid them all, to her surprise, she lightly tugged on the sole of the shoe, and it slid right off exposing Lacey’s soul.

Once again, Jennifer’s face lit up with surprised exuberation. She nearly fell over in hysterics saying “THIS JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER”. She quickly did the same with the other foot as Lacey begged : “NO. PLEASE JENNIFER! PLEASE DON’T TAKE MY SHOES OFF!”

Lacey could not move AT ALL and the worst part was that she even needed to keep from struggling or she might fall over. Jennifer just non-chalantly undid the fasteners and as she was sliding her shoe off, just the feel of the shoe sliding against Lacey’s foot made her jump violently and almost fall over.

That reaction sent a HUGE smile to Jennifer’s face as she looked down at Lacey and paused. Lacey had her eyes closed in fear as she tried to brace herself.

But then Jennifer turned away and walked slowly to the corner of the ring towards the turn buckle (the padded corner piece at the end of each of the ring ropes). She took her time as Lacey lay there completely motionless. Jennifer undid the padding on the outside of the turn buckle and looked inside. To her delight, she reached in and pulled out 2 HUGE feathers.

She looked back at Lacey still laying there motionless and began to slowly and sensually walk back towards her. Lacey opened her eyes and looked over to see Jennifer’s eyes piercing through her. She was smiling evilly and caressing the feathers through her fingers. Lacey’s eyes widened in fear which made Jennifer’s smile get even bigger and more devious.

Lacey closed her eyes. It seemed like an eternity. Jennifer walked over to her looking down as Lacey’s helpless souls sat there practically beckoning for Jennifer’s feather. Jennifer slowly took 1 feather and slid it lightly sideways across both of Lacey’s feet. Lacey squelched and Jennifer saw her entire body jerk. She then flipped the feather upside down and ran the stem down Lacey’s exposed vulnerable soul.

Lacey completely JERKED and started to fall over, but Jennifer quickly grabbed her feet keeping her upright. Jennifer laughed and said. “THAT WAS CLOSE! YOU NEED TO DO A LITTLE BETTER THAN THAT!”.

Then once again, Jennifer ran the stem up Lacey’s other foot and Lacey once again jumped and nearly lost her balance. Lacey began to whimper at her predicament. She whispered back to Jennifer…


Jennifer looked down at her and figured she’d had enough. She said…

Jennifer : “Ok, apology accepted. But you are still going to need to submit to me and quit. There needs to be consequences to your actions.”

With that, Jennifer pinned both of Lacey’s legs between her; stabilizing Lacey. She then called the ref over and told him to get ready for her submission.

Jennifer then started running the stem of the feather up Lacey’s soul. Lacey squealed and laughed as Jennifer held her legs in place and continued to scrap the feather and his nails against Lacey’s souls telling her to CRY UNCLE!

Lacey was in agony and letting out all sorts of expletives, but then finally, she YELLED!...


Jennifer stopped and smiled with her incredible victory. She expected the ref and security to come in and separate them.

Lacey looked over at the ref and said.


The ref looked at her. And then at Jennifer, but took no action.


Lacey looked back at Jennifer who was smiling wickedly at her. It had dawned on Jennifer that although she was never informed, Lacey had a habit of wrestling under SPECIAL RULES!

So as she ran her finger nail down Lacey’s soul again. She said..

Jennifer : “Boy, this just keeps getting better and better. I’m not positive about this, but does this match have any of your special rules attached? “

Lacey’s face sunk in fear. She was not allowed to submit or quit.

Jennifer (noticing her reaction): “Hmmmmm. THOUGHT SO! And I’m not too happy about being called a PSYCHO B(*()*TCH either. Looks like you really didn’t learn anything.

She let go of Lacey’s legs and Lacey was forced to keep her balance. Jennifer started to once again run the feather stem slowly up and down her souls. Lacey began whimpering and laughing. She was actually able to keep her balance but to do so, she had to hold steady as Jennifer delightfully took advantage of Lacey’s predicament.

After a few strokes, Jennifer walked around to the side of Lacey and laid down on her side facing her, just staring at her.


Jennifer : I can’t. I need to pin you!

Lacey’s eyes got big as saucers and she began to yell!


The ref did nothing!

Jennifer smiled and said : “Well, the first thing I’m going to need to do in order to pin you is to get you over on your side”

With that, she pulled out the feather and then smiled as she gestured to Lacey’s exposed ribs and side with her eyes. Lacey looked down at her predicament. She looked back at Jennifer and whispered “No. PLEEEEEAAASE!”

Jennifer : “Sorry, I felt for that before. Not this time.”

Jennifer took the stem of the feather and started sliding it slowly up Lacey’s ribs letting it lightly flow up and down each rib. Jennifer watched as Lacey’s body began tremble and convulse just from the slow light strokes. She then smiled at her and said “This is fun and all, but I think it’s SHOW TIME!”!

Jennifer slid feather up and down harder and faster. Lacey convulsed in agony. She could not stay still and was forced to try to slide away.

Her eyes widened in panic as she lost her balance and started to tip. Once again, a thousand flash bulbs went off as she fell to her side. Lacey opened her eyes to see Jennifer smiling at her as she covered Lacey’s breasts with her hands; hiding them from view.

The crowd erupted in disappointment.

Jennifer laid there facing Lacey with her hands over her breasts. She smiled and said “WOW! THESE ARE NICE!” and started to gently squeeze and caress her.

Lacey squirmed and looked back with a surprised and startled look bordering on disgust.

Jennifer said : “What’s wrong? You don’t like this? I can let go if you want.”

Lacey’s eyes widened.

Jennifer : “That’s what I thought. Didn’t think so.”

Jennifer then slid between Lacey’s back and her arms to set her up for Lacey’s famous pinning move. She held her hands over Lacey’s breasts as she positioned herself.

She rolled over sideways and Lacey rolled over and on to her back. Lacey’s chest and stomach were now elevated, but Jennifer kept her hands over her breasts to keep her hidden. Jennifer then lowered Lacey’s shoulders to the ground and the Ref position himself.

ONE!...... TWO!.......

Then once again to Lacey’s horror, she felt her shoulders lift of the mat. She looked over at Jennifer who was staring back at her smiling. She said..

Jennifer : “Sorry, but there is just something about having you completely helpless and at my mercy that wants me to keep this going a little longer.” (as she once again began to fondle her breasts).

Jennifer : “I have a problem though. I just remembered a REALLY SPECIAL SPOT you have that I may have neglected. And I just noticed you are in the puuuuuurfect position for a little more fun.

Unfortunately, I seem to have my hands full at the moment. And being in the position you are in, exposing you right now would be quite a show; especially since I can feel your stimulated nipples pushing up against my hands like bullets. What do you think? Would you mind if I let go for a while to have some fun?”

Lacey’s eyes widened again and she said “OH NO! PLEASE DON’T!”

But her look turned to pure panic as Jennifer smiled at her and whispered “SHOW TIME!” and slid her hands off of her breasts leaving her there exposed; her stimulated nipples reaching for the sky! The flash bulbs erupted and Lacey wiggled and turned bright red as she laid there totally exposed.

Lacey began shouting at Jennifer “COVER ME! COVER ME!”, but then the shouts turned to excruciating laughter as Jennifer started mischievously running her nails up and down Lacey’s hip bones.

Jennifer continued for a little while as the flash bulbs continued to pop. Lacey bucked and jerked from the agony to the point of exhaustion and her chest heaved from the onslaugt.

Finally Jennifer stopped. An exhausted and delirious Lacey felt herself slowly roll back on her shoulders. As Lacey laid back with her eyes closed for the final count, Jennifer just couldn’t resist one last bit of mischief.

And as the ref counted to 2, Lacey felt her shoulders raise off the mat again as she heard “Psssssst!”

Lacey opened her eyes and looked over to a grinning Jennifer who tried to hold back her giggles at the puppy dog eyes of Lacey.

Jennifer (giggling) : "I'm really sorry. I just thought of one more thing I wanted to try."

Lacey looked at Jennifer as she grabbed the large feather and then focused her eyes on Lacey's exposed breasts. Lacey whined "OH NOOOOO!" and started to giggle as Jennifer ran the feathers up Lacey's ribs. As she ran the long feather along the bottom of Lacey's breasts, Lacey tensed and stopped laughing. She began to whimper.

Jennifer then slid Lacey back so that her shoulders were on the ground and then slid the feather up and over the top of her breasts; running it sideways across her nipples (the feather was long enough to cover both breasts).

Lacey tightened her body and began to Moan.

The ref counted ONE!

Jennifer was a little startled by her response and started to run the feathers across harder and faster. Lacey's nipples immediately reacted and you could see the feather parting as it glid back back and forth over them. Lacey began to moan.

The ref counted TWO!

Jennifer was in shock by the reaction, but then realized what was happening to Lacey.

Jennifer said : "WELL, WELL, WELL, what do we have here?"

Jennifer quickly rolled Lacey off her shoulders to stop the count and continued to rake the feathers across her overstimulated nipples. Lacey's stomach began to tremble. Jennifer then slipped her other hand behind Lacey and sensually slid it down her butt and up between her legs. Lacey immediately GROANED as Jennifer slid her fingers up and down her mound. She then escalated the speed of the feather strokes as Lacey almost immediately burst into orgasm as her body bucked and convulsed for a few seconds.

Jennifer then stopped and laid Lacey back on her shoulders as Lacey panted in a post orgasm delerium. The Ref counted 1.... 2...... and slammed the mat for 3!

The ref pulled Jennifer away and Lacey just laid there exhausted, but kept repeating the words COVER ME! COVER ME!

The refs/security just stood there as nobody had anything to cover her up with. They couldn’t grope her! Jennifer finally saw their predicament, walked back over and laughed as she put her hands over Lacey’s exposed boobs again. Lacey got paranoid again as Jennifer mockingly gestured with her eyes towards all of her vulnerable places again, but this time Jennifer showed mercy and just kept her covered until a towel was brought up to wrap around her. Jennifer gave a quick squeeze to Lacey's hip bones again unleashing another giant scream as she giggled and walked away..

That was Lacey’s last match. Now that her secret was out, she simply was no match for anyone. All of that training down the tubes. She has started her acting career up again and is still active in physical fitness but needs to avoid anything that includes body contact.

Jennifer continued in wrestling and became very formidable. And now that she was actually at Lacey’s level (or even above it), she fantasized about how much fun it would be to get Lacey in the ring again.

Lacey worked out in a private gym and had equipment and a wrestling ring in her private home. Unfortunately, that secret was leaked to Jennifer. After finding that information out, Jennifer wickedly grinned and fantasized about the day she would sneak into Lacey’s home and once again get her hands on Lacey. And this time it would be in private, with no referee, no time limits and most importantly, no limits at all!

11-15-2009, 09:25 PM
Wow, this was really good! You and Iceman have done a wonderful job with the wrestling/tickling idea. Keep doing it, you are doing great. One of these days if I ever have time, I will write the wrestling/tickling stories again....

Black Widow
11-15-2009, 09:25 PM
Very well written, Op. :)

11-15-2009, 10:39 PM
Thanks all. Couldn't resist adding a little more to the very end.

Black Widow
11-16-2009, 01:01 AM
Nice touch, mate. ;)

11-19-2009, 04:43 PM
Thanks Everyone. These wrestling stories seem to be a little more popular with men than women. Women probably wonder what it is about 2 girls wrestling that is so appealing to men. I guess it's hard to put your finger on it, but for me it's the progression of the emotions of what each girl goes through that is such a turn on for me...

Lacey's progression...

Exhuberent with her expected win
* first poke where the tables turn *

Jennifer's progression...

Resigned to defeat
* first poke that turns the tables

I don't know which progression turns me on more. But having them both happening at the same time really scratches me where it itches. That's why I LOOOOOVE this stuff ;)

11-24-2009, 12:39 AM
A very Well Written Story!

11-25-2009, 10:24 AM
Thank you Longstory : (apply named for my style of writing - LOL!) I know I can get wordy, but I get off on the buildup and suspense of people slowly becoming more helpless and their predicament slowly getting more dire.

There are tons of great wrestling stories on this site by many authors (Iceman, Primetime). My GOD, if the WWF ever even had a scenario with 1/10th of any of these, I'd be a fan for life. Could you imagine the reaction from the fans if any of these actually started happening in front of their eyes?

So many possibilities, so little imagination on their part.

11-29-2009, 03:28 PM
Added a picture of Jennifer + part 2 coming soon.

08-26-2014, 06:21 PM
Awwwwwww... I wanna tickle Lacey Chabert...