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Number 6 of this serie. All comments are welcome. I hope you enjoy.

Jenny got up and was going to see the followers when she heard loud laughter coming from Carl's Dungeon. She peaked in and saw that Carl was having an early morning purification session with Karen. For the last three months Carl had dedicated his full attentions to Karen's purification with at least three daily sessions of at least two hours each, but sometimes he would stay in the dungeon with Karen all day or deep into the night for extra long sessions that would last 5-6 hours. This intensive treatment beside purificating her soul, was making Karen, who once was a strict Domme, become very submissive to Carl who she felt was becoming her Master. Karen was wearing just a G string leaving her enormous breasts and round, large bottom cheeks bare. Her bottom cheeks looked like two huge white globes, with very pale skin just like her extremely large breasts. Karen was hanging from the ceiling with her feet on the floor, her hands were encased in a pair of black leather mittens that were attached to a chain hanging from the ceiling, her ankles cuffed together and secured to a bolt on the floor, ropes tied together her legs just above her knees. She was totally helpless and stretched, and could only wiggle around slightly. She was being tickled to insanity by Carl, who was standing behind her and was spider tickling her huge, insanely ticklish breasts all over. Karen's laughter was echoing in the dungeon, she was laughing hysterically, loudly, with continuous fits of desperate, uncontrollable laughter. Jenny couldn't help but enjoy the sight. She stood there peaking in the dungeon for some time. She thought it was amazing how ticklish Karen's breasts were. Carl started feathering them with two large, soft, fluffy feathers, large enough to cover Karenīs breasts entirely. He was feathering her breasts alternating a swirling motion to an up and down one, slowly and lightly. This made Karen explode with hearty, loud laughter. Her face was all red, her cheeks streamed by tears of laughter as she was shaking her head wildly from side to side. Carl was totally relentless, Karen needed deep purification and he loved to hear her desperate laughter and to see her in complete ticklish agony. He then feathered Karen's large, round bottom cheeks which made her wiggle, shake and laugh intensely. With the legs tied together Karen's bottom cheeks looked so large, so full and round. Carl had found out that Karen's huge bottom cheeks were extremely ticklish as well, and since then he had always incorporated at least 30 minutes of bottom cheeks tickling in Karen's purification sessions. He got the best results when he would spider tickle her bottom cheeks lightly and gently with his fingertips all over. That would make Karen laugh and pull desperately at the restraints almost as hard as when her breasts got tickled. Jenny loved watching Karen's bottom cheeks tickled like that, and toroughly enjoyed her wild reactions. After about 15 minutes Jenny left and went to see the other followers, the morning sight she had just witnessed made her tingle and wanting to administer the purification sessions with more passion and dedication. As Jenny walked away she could still hear Karen's hysterical laughter as Carl started digging with his wiggling fingers in her hyper ticklish underarms.

The first follower scheduled was Joe, a 24 years old african american who had recently joined the congregation. His admission had been recommended by Karen who knew him very well and knew he was extremely ticklish as well. Joe had actually been Karen's collared slave for five years before she joined the congregation in order to purificate her soul. During those five years Karen was used to subject Joe to daily, long, merciless, sadistic tickle torture sessions, as his extreme ticklishness was exploited in order to make him totally submissive to his owner. So Jenny contacted him and offered him to join the congregation which he accepted as he felt he needed purification of the soul after having been leading a BDSM lifestyle for many years. Jenny toroughly enjoyed taking care of Joe's purification as he was really insanely ticklish, especially under his arms and on his ribs. The Priestess of Laughter had Joe restrained to the T cross in dungeon. He was wearing just briefs. Jenny approached him, dropped her cloak to the floor revealing her voluptuous body, with her massive, extremely large breasts, and her very full, round, large buttom cheeks as she wore just a G string and high heeled black leather boots. She looked so beautiful with her long blonde hair and deep blue eyes, even though she had a very serious expression on her face. She told Joe his purification session was about to begin. She then just sat on Joe's legs facing him. He could feel her large, very soft bottom cheeks sitting on his legs and could see Jenny's huge bare breasts hanging free inches from his own chest. But he felt so vulnerable with his arms strapped to the sides on the T cross. With 4 straps for each arm they were immobile, leaving his underarms so open. Jenny inserted her fingers in Joe's deep hollows and started scraping with her nails there gently and lightly. It was like Joe had been electrocuted. He let a loud scream, pulled at the restraints with all his strength before exploding with the loudest laughter Jenny had ever heard. Jenny was amazed at Joe's ticklishness, his underarms were really crazy, insanely ticklish. She loved it, she kept wiggling her nails relentlessly and mercilessly in Joe's deep hollows for 20 minutes nonstop, during which Joe kept laughing like a wild man, shaking his head from side to side, snorting, begging, laughing hysterically again. He felt totally trapped and at the mercy of Jenny's fingers. She tickled him for about two hours, mainly on his underarms, but spent quite a long time on his extremely ticklish ribs, making him continuously explode with loud, hearty, desperate laughter. Jenny noticed that the tickling Joe was subjected to was making him aroused, especially when she lightly tickled his underarms, so she decided to tease him a little by lightly brushing her huge dangling breasts against his chest as she kept gently tickling his underarms. She would alternate 4-5 minutes of teasing, gentle underarm tickling while brushing her breasts against Joe, to 15-20 minutes of merciless, nonstop, furious tickling digging deep in Joe's underarms with her fingers making him howl with desperate, hysterical laughter. When the session was over Jenny just got up, put her cloak back on and left. She told Joe that the Lord of the Castle wanted to see him by the end of the day and that she would come and get him.

Jenny's day went on with the other followers purification sessions. She had a very intense session with Rebecca, her favorite female follower, strapped securely to the X frame. The Priestess of Laughter tickled Rebecca horribly ticklish underarms mercilessly and relentlessly for over two hours with very few, short breaks when she saw Rebecca was to the point of near insanity, laughing like a wild woman possessed by the devil, hysterically and loudly, snorting loudly, pulling desperately at the restraints, shaking her head wildly from side to side, her face a mask of laughter, tears running down her all red cheeks. Jenny would then stop for 1-2 minutes before start tickling again the follower's excruciatingly ticklish underarms with even more passion and abandon. Since Carl had been taking care personally of Karen's sessions he had had less time to dedicate to Jenny, so at least 2-3 times a week Rebecca had been taking care of Jenny purification sessions, tickling Jenny's underarms and breasts to insanity. Carl thought that Rebecca's job as Jenny's tickler was very good anyway, probably even more intense and effective that he was. He really enjoyed watching those two tickling each other mercilessly. But he also still enjoyed very much tickling Jenny intensely and relentlessly 3-4 times a week.

As Jenny was done for the day she went and got Joe and escorted him towards the wing of the castle where Carl, Jenny and Karen resided. She let him into Carl's office who was waiting for him. Carl told Joe that his admission to the congregation had been recommended by his former Domme who had joined the congregation a few months earlier. She was undergoing an intensive purification schedule which Carl was taking care of personally. Carl then told Joe that he thought having Joe help him sometimes with Karen's purification sessions would be very effective and produce great results also from a psychological point of view as he had been her collared slave for five years. Joe could not believe what he was hearing, he didn't know his former Domme was a member of the congregation, and he knew she was extremely ticklish. Several times when he had been her slave, he had accidentally stroked her body and she would always jump and have wild reactions, and that was always reason for severe punishment for him, which meant hours of merciless, sadistic tickle torture especially on his underarms as he was strapped securely in Karen's dungeon. Carl told Joe that right now Karen was restrained in his private dungeon, and that he wanted Joe to go there and tickle her until Carl would come and tell him to stop. Carl told Joe to concentrate on her underarms mainly, but also on Karen's buttom cheeks. He told Joe to tickle her underarms with his fingers digging deep into them while wiggling them, or spider tickle them, or trace them up and down with his index fingers only. Carl knew those were the best ways of tickling Karen's hyper ticklish underarms and got the best results in terms of laughter. He then told Joe to use both his fingers and the feathers that were in the dungeon to tickle Karen's bottom cheeks. Carl finally told Joe to go, and Jenny escorted him to the dungeon. As they left Carl switched on the cameras in his private dungeon, sat on his couch and waited for Joe to get there.

Jenny showed Joe the dungeon door, he opened it, stepped in and Jenny closed it from the outside. He looked inside and could not believe his eyes. There stood his former Domme, owner and torturer securely restrained and looking so helpless. She was wearing a very large (a JJ cup), sturdy, white bra that encased her enormous breasts. Carl thought that at least for the first few times it was not appropriate to have Karen topless. Karen was further wearing just a black G string which was remarkably contrasting with her very pale, white, fleshy bottom cheeks. Karen's arms were stretched over her head and to the sides, with her wrists locked into padded black leather cuffs that were attached to a beam over her. Her ankles were cuffed together and secured to a ring on the floor. Her legs were roped together above the knees. She was in a standing Y position with very little room to wiggle, as the wrist cuffs were solidly built in the beam and her arms were very stretched.

Joe was amazed at the sight that was before his eyes. He slowly walked towards his former Domme. He noticed that the strict look she used to have was gone, replaced by a more submissive one thanks to the very intense and frequent tickling sessions Carl had subjected her for a few months. Karen recognised Joe, she asked him why he was there. Joe told him the Lord of the Castle had asked him to help him with her purification sessions. She was surprised to hear that, a worried look in her eyes. She asked Joe how he was supposed to help the Lord of the Castle with that. Joe replied he had been told to tickle her on her underarms and bottom cheeks. He was very close to Karen now, standing before her restrained body. She started to say "don't you dare" but she could not finish the phrase as Joe fingers started wiggling inside Karen's open, deep hollowed, unprotected and vulnerable underarms, which made her let a very high pitched scream before exploding with hysterical, loud laughter. Joe was like in a trance, he could not believe this was happening. His fingers just kept wiggling while digging deep into Karen's insanely ticklish underarms who was laughing like a mad woman possessed by the devil. She was howling with wild, loud laughter trying to ease the maddening sensation of her underarms being tickled so relentlessly, she would sometimes snort loudly in between hysterical, desperate laughter. Joe just kept digging in Karen's deep hollowed underarms, his fingers wiggling wildly. Karen was losing her mind, she had never been tickled this intense on her underarms. Carl was enjoying tremendously the sight through the cameras, he was right: having Karen tickled by her former slave proved to be very intense and effective. She invited Jenny to watch it. Jenny loved it too. Joe started then spider tickling Karen's underarms which made her laugh uncontrollably and hysterically. When Joe began tracing, raking and scraping Karen's underarms along all their length up and down slowly with just his index fingers she thought she was going to die of laughter and pulled desperately at the restraints. When she realized there was no way to free her hands from the cuffs she threw her head back and gave in to the most desperate, uncontrollable, loud laughter both Carl and Jenny had ever heard. Joe was now smiling and chanted "tickle tickle tickle" which renewed even more intensely Karen's continuous fits of hysterical, loud laughter. The worst was when Joe kept scraping for several minutes with just his index fingers right in the center of Karen's deep hollowed underarms nonstop. That made her wiggle and shake her body wildly and violently trying once more to break free from the bondage she was in, after a few unsuccessful tries to free her body from the restraints that were holding her body firmly in place, she gave up, hung limp from her wrists, her knees buckled, her head thrown back, and she dissolved into total ticklish agony and hysteria, laughing like a mad woman, screaming with desperate laughter that was echoing loudly in the dungeon, her face a mask of laughter, her cheeks streamed by tears of uncontrollable, maddening laughter. All the while her voluptuous body kept wiggling, jiggling and shaking remarkably. The wild wiggling and shaking made Karen's very large, round, fleshy bottom cheeks jiggle intensely with ripples crossing them as she struggled fiercely against the bondage that was holding her body securely in place. Joe noticed that, stepped behind Karen standing behind her and toroughly enjoyed the sight while he kept digging deep right in the center of Karen's deep hollowed, insanely ticklish underarms with all of his wiggling fingers, which made her shake and wiggle her body even more wildly and made her laugh even more hysterically and desperately. After over an hour of extremely torturous underarm tickling (Joe thought it only lasted 10 minutes as he lost track of time while tickling his former Domme with wild abandon) Joe stopped, and went to get two large, soft, fluffy feathers. When he got back to Karen she was still giggling and trying to catch her breath. She looked exhausted, her long black hair was a mess from the wild shaking of her head, her face was red and streamed with tears, she was breathing heavily, her head thrown forward and looking down. She couldn't believe what had just happened, she had never been tickled so torturously on her underarms before, and who tickled her like that was her former slave! Joe couldnīt help but admire the impressive dimensions of his former goth Domme's body. Her breasts looked so huge encased in the large white bra, her cleavage was so deep. Joe wished he could unhook Karen's bra and let her enormous breasts hang and dangle free and bare, but he didn't want to do anything he was not supposed to. His attention was then caught by Karen's huge, white and very pale globes that formed her bottom cheeks. They looked absolutely amazing, so round, pale and fleshy. He told his former Domme that he was now supposed to tickle her bottom cheeks. Karen sighed and said in a raspy voice caused by the continuous laughing that she could not take any more tickling. Joe didn't allow her to talk any further as he started feathering her fleshy bottom cheeks with the large feathers which caused Karen to explode again with loud giggling first and then with uncontrollable, hearty laughter. Joe kept feathering Karen's bottom cheeks for several minutes nonstop, enjoying her laughter and the jiggling of her bottom caused by her struggling and shaking against the bondage she was in. Suddenly Joe dropped the feathers and began spider tickling with his wiggling fingers Karen's bottom cheeks gently and lightly which proved to be devastating for his former Domme making her laugh wildly and wiggle violently in an attempt to shake Joe's fingers off her bottom cheeks. But all her efforts were invane as the restraints were keeping Karen's body securely in place and Joe just kept spider tickling her bottom cheeks relentlessly and mercilessly. It went on and on like that endlessly amidst Karen's wild laughter and wild shaking. Again she felt she was losing her mind, the way Joe was spider tickling her bottom cheeks was the most torturous she had ever felt. Again Joe chanted "tickle tickle tickle" which made Karen explode again and again with very loud and desperate laughter as his fingers never stopped spider tickling her bottom cheeks very lightly and gently. Joe thought it was amazing to have his former strict, goth Domme so much under his control, he would have never thought Karen was so unbelievably ticklish and he so much enjoyed keeping her in state of constant laughter and hysteria. Having been Karen's collared slave for five years when he endured daily, long, sadistic tickle torture sessions made Joe want to tickle Karen with so much passion and so intensely, showing absolutely no mercy. Joe could have tickled Karen all night if Carl didn't come to the dungeon about an hour later and told him to stop. Carl and Jenny had tremendously enjoyed the sight of Joe tickling Karen so intensely and torturously.

Carl told Joe he was very pleased with him, and that he had done a great job making Karen laugh so much. Carl also told him that he would be now scheduled about 1-2 times a week for about 2 hours each time to take care of Karen's purification sessions. Hearing that made Karen shiver and shudder and made Joe's eyes glow with excitement. Carl asked Jenny to escort Joe back to his room to the other wing of the castle. Jenny and Joe left closing the dungeon door behind them. Carl approached Karen's bound body, she looked still exhausted from the very torturous purificaton session she had had with Joe. Carl told her that this was working wonderfully, and it was for her own sake in order to achieve deeper purification of the soul. Karen said that even if it was very intense and torturous she knew it was doing her so good, and she thanked the Lord of the Castle. She felt very submissive to Carl now, and accepted everything he would say. She told that, and Carl kissed her forehead and told her she was doing very good and becoming the best follower. He then stepped behind her and started to unhook Karen's sturdy, large bra. It was hold by five hooks on Karen's back. As soon as he unhooked the last hook Karen's massive and enormous breasts bursted out from under the bra, popping out while falling down heavily and jiggling to all directions for a few seconds before resting still and hanging free and bare taking the form of two huge pears topped by very light pink nipples with areolas the sizes of saucers. Carl thought Karen's very pale breasts were really amazing both for their size and shape, and what was really amazing was that they were unbelievably ticklish, being the most ticklish spot on her body. Even though Carl knew Karen was exhausted and had just had a long, very intense and torturous session, he couldn't resist tickling her enormous breasts. He took tow large, fluffly feathers and started stroking Karen's massive breasts up and doen slowly. That made Karen burst with loud laughter at once, so ticklish her breasts were. She was struggling with all her strength against the bondage she was in trying to escape the feathers that were stroking her breasts relentessly. All that struggling would do though was only making her breasts jiggle around which Carl thought was lovely to watch. After a while Carl dropped the feathers and started spider tickling Karen's breasts all over as he was standing behind her. That was the absolute worst for Karen who let several high pitched screams before exploding with loud, hysterical, desperate fits of continuous laughter. Carl fingers relentlessly tickled Karen's huge breasts all over, the worst was when he would lightly and gently wiggle his fingers all over her saucers shaped areolae, she would then throw her head back resting it on Carl's shoulder and constantly pour uncontrollable, desperate laughter out of her mouth. Carl spider tickled Karen's areolas and nipples for 20 minutes nonstop, it was the most intense tickling sessions he had ever had with her. He thought it was because she had been tickled earlier by her former slave, and he was very happy that Joe would be tickling Karen often from now on. Karen felt so submissive and totally under Carl's control. Carl thought this was really working out wonderfully. He then stopped tickling Karen's insanely ticklish, massive breasts as he realized she really had had enough for the day. He untied her and took her to her room kissing her goodnight on her forehead. Karen thanked Carl for taking so good care of her and kissed his hand before going to bed. As Karen closed the door of her room Jenny just returned. Carl started talking to her. He told Jenny that from now on he would have more time to dedicate to her purification sessions personally since Joe would be taking care of Karen's at least two times a week. Jenny was happy to hear that, which meant she would have to subject to Rebecca's tickling sessions less often as they were really intensely torturous for her. Carl told Jenny to follow him into the dungeon. Once there he strapped Jenny's body to the T cross, her arms held immobile along the cross by four straps each arm. Jenny was wearing just a G string and her boots. What followed was two hours of extremely intense underarm tickling which made Jenny laugh constantly like a mad woman, hysterically and desperately. Sometimes she would snort heavily in between crazed laughter, or pull desperately at the restraints to no avail as they were holding her body securely in place. Carl was once again amazed at how ticklish Jenny's underarms were, and relentlessly tickled them for long periods of time nonstop. He would give her short breaks during which he tickled her intensely ticklish, huge breasts. Carl tickled Jenny's underarms and breasts well deep into the night. Karen had a hard time falling asleep as she could hear Jenny's desperate, hysterical, loud laughter coming from the dungeon.

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