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The Temple of Androcon

Chapter 4

"First Acolytes"

Kelly slowly looked over the display tables in lobby of McTavish Lecture Hall. The past four months had been filled much activity. Every since the night that she and Dr. McTalon had become lovers, their work had progressed in ways they had never imagined. With Androcon controlling Dr. Shane's mind, there was no need to decipher any of the parchments. After all, they were all about him. Shane now knew by sheer instinct everything that had been found and the reports were all merely waiting to be typed by the secretarial staff. Their days were filled with scholarly activities by day, and the most thrilling passion she could have ever imagined by night.

Tonight was a very big night. Androcon had given her strict instructions on what she was to do. On the surface, this appeared to be the night where Dr. Shane McTalon, professor of archeology at the revered Viscount University, would give a presentation to all that would attend describing the recent discoveries of his team from the dig in County Mayo, Ireland. The press had been all over it as soon as it was announced that his topic would be about a 'fertility cult' and a 'sex god.' Androcon had been right. It was so easy to predict how people would react when sex was involved. The buzz and interest was just as he had predicted, but, then again, he was a god. To have Dr. Shane's bed and to be the chief interest and 'high priestess,' even if in title only, of a sex god was more than she could have ever imagined.

What the people didn't know was the true meaning of tonight's presentation. Everything has been laid out according to purpose. Every piece, every photograph, every sketch was designed and placed to gather the interests of those Androcon wanted to discover and identify. The quest was simple: find the ones that were drawn to him. The ones that find themselves slowly pulled into more than just mere interest. The ones that desperately sought what only her lord Androcon could give.

The doors were opening and people were beginning to file in. The first in, of course were the privileged, the rich, the highly placed professors and administrators. They always had the perks. Which was just what Androcon wanted. The powerful are always easily swayed by those of equal or greater power. They won't even know what hit them, she thought to herself. She looked at their high fashion suits and dresses. Some of those outfits could pay for a year's tuition, even at Viscount's highly priced rates. Then, she smiled as she looked down at her own. It was designed to be an exact replica of the high priestess gown. It was tailored to fit her and she felt radiant in how it flattered and enhanced her curves. She had grown up in the privileged crowd, but now, thanks to her lord Androcon, she felt as if she had even risen above them.

She watched as the men and woman looked and fawned over the objects displayed on the tables. Most were replicas, with the originals neatly and securely stored for preservation and protection. However, hidden amongst them were a few genuine articles. They were placed to gauge reactions and culpability. They each had special abilities than he had taught her. Her job was to use them to seek out the potentially swayed. She tried not to laugh as some of the men and woman showed mock disdain for the more obvious artifacts, but she could see fascination and desire in the eyes of them. There would always be the closed minded of course, but they look and walk away, not ones to linger longer at the artifacts as these were. Some were quite gleeful and animated about them. Those would be fine for the future, but that is not who she was looking for in the crowd tonight.

Then, she spotted some. They stood at the tables, hesitant looks in their eyes. They were fascinated, but to shy or hesitant to reveal it or reach out and touch them. She walked toward them, a warm smile on her face. "So, what do you think? Fascinating, aren't they?" she asked the shy young woman standing at the table.

She was young for sure, by the looks and face, at least a sophomore, maybe freshman. Her dress was high fashion, but more modest than most in the crowd. "Yes, they are," she replied slowly. She looked up at Kelly and asked, "Are these...really... what it says they were for?" Her voice showed hesitancy, but her eyes glowed with an almost naughty delight, like the thrill one feels when they sneak in a first kiss on a date.

Kelly smiled more to help her relax and replied, "Yes, they really were, from what we have found. Here, you can see they are quite similar to the, shall we say, more modern version?" Before the young woman could protest, Kelly picked up one of the oaken phallic relics from the table. This one was real, Kelly could tell as soon as she saw it. She placed it into the woman's hands gently. "After all, the women needed something while the men went out on those long summer hunting trips and wars," she winked taking the woman's right hand and running it along the wood. The young woman blushed at first, then her eyes went blank for about 15 seconds. Kelly saw her tremble a bit, then the young woman's face filled with a slightly red glow as her eyes became bright again.

"Wow. I can't wait to hear more from Dr. McTalon, I better get my seat now." she told Kelly as she gave back the relic. As she turned, she felt the hesitancy she had felt all day about coming to this lecture fade away. It was strange. Suddenly she wasn't apprehensive about coming, even though it was Violetta's idea. Violetta Martinelli was the typical wild roommate, but they were becoming good friends as well. Vi had goaded, even dared her to come with her for the lecture, saying that maybe learning about a sex god would not make her so uptight. Now, it seemed like Vi's idea wasn't so far off after all.

Kelly's eyes flashed with pleasure as she moved on. It had been such a thrilling ride handing the enchanted relic to her that she could wait to find the next recruit. She could now see Dr. Shane across the lobby, seeking out more choice women. She didn't mind. She was serving the desires of her lord Androcon, and he had promised that Dr. Shane's heart belonged to her. More and more people entered the lobby now, from all walks of life. Kelly and Shane walked through the crowd along the display tables, explaining some of the items, telling them more would be explained during his lecture, and putting relics in the hands of more women that would respond to the enchantment. There was one more, one specific one that Kelly had been told to look for, but she was not to be seen. Androcon has told her to seek this one out, at the cost of any other person. Kelly grew impatient as the throngs of people filtered past.

And then, she saw her. She wasn't hard to miss. Not because of her size, for she was your stereotypical slender, petite Asian. What made her hard to miss was the crowd around her. Joanna Ng never went anywhere without her entourage. Well, perhaps entourage was a stretch, for they looked more like a Secret Service detachment. Her father was a big time real-estate and business magnate, the veritable Donald Trump of Japan. One of his many quirks was his almost rabid need to protect and insulate his daughters. They all lived a very pampered lifestyle, and had the reputation of being as hard-nosed in the business world as their father, and as self-centered and spoiled. Joanna was the youngest, the smartest, and the worst of the brood.

Kelly slowly walked over toward her and welcomed her to the auditorium. Joanna feigned interest and gave a barely acceptable verbal response. She had arrived late on purpose to attract just such attention, but was not going to betray that to anyone. She thrived on being in the spotlight and created every opportunity she could. The only reason she was even there was because it had been so heavily covered in the local press. Where ever cameras flashed, she arrived.

A sex god. Yeah, right, she had told herself. She had met many men over the years proclaiming themselves to be 'sex gods." And, some of them she had been tempted to test out to see how accurate their claims were, but that would be impossible. Her father's men made sure of that. The only moments she ever had alone were in the shower or on the toilet. She was convinced her father was really insane, but had no way to prove it. Her father considered himself a modern shogun, and the men and women around him to be his samurai. Everyone, including his family, were all but pawns to be played on his chessboard and bargaining chips on the table. Friends of the family marveled at how well he kept his daughters insulated by the modern world and went to all costs to keep them pure. What they didn't know was his dirty little secret. He forced all of his kids, all 4 sons and 5 daughters, into college to earn business degrees. To top that off, after graduation, every child was a bargaining chip. The sons would be part of the contract negotiations, to work for the other company for a set period of time for no pay. A modern-day slave. After the time was up, they would be returned to their father. Then he would run the other company out of business, if he could, using the inside knowledge from his son.

Fate was even crueler for the daughters. They would be married off to the CEO, his son, a member of the board, or some rising star in the company, much like an ancient king would offer his princess daughter as a bride to the other king or prince as part of the treaty. This was the real reason for the bodyguards, to make sure each daughter was a virgin bride when they were 'sold' in the deal. All of them obeyed, for there was no escape from him. For this reason, she had never even been touched by a boyfriend on a date, lest passions ruin a potential deal.

Since she knew she was in a gilded cage, she lived it up as best she could to get back at him. She even tried to seduce a guard once, but was convinced that they were all either gay or eunuchs, because none of them would respond. She always dreamed of escaping, but never made an attempt. One of her sisters tried once, and the end result was not pretty. So she resigned herself to her fate and tried to enjoy life by being as obnoxious and dressing as provocative as she could get away with.

When Kelly approached her, Joanna was stunned by her appearance. The long flowing white dress was stunning on her, and she exuded a powerful sensuality that was impossible to ignore. She could easily see that her guards were noticing it as well. "Welcome to the presentation, Ms. Ng. It's a pleasure to have you here. Would you like to look upon some of the relics Dr. McTalon and I discovered at the Androcon site?" Without waiting for a response, she led her by the arm to the nearby table. "As you can see, these are precise replicas of the items we found. They may be crude, but as you can see, not much has changed over the centuries." Kelly pointed out some of the more phallic relics on the table.

Joanna half giggled, half snorted as she slowly looked over the items laid out over the top of the table. "You must be joking. Old world sex toys? That's what all this is about? I can go online and find stuff much better than this." Joanna laughed out loud. Her guards, as if on cue, laughed with her as loud, if not louder. "Is this going to be some sort of wild frat party? My 'boys' here might want a bit of fun, even if they won't allow me to have any." Joanna made a fake pout at her bodyguards, making them laugh all the more.

Kelly smiled in reply, "No, I'm afraid not. Sex was much more 'serious' back then than we sometimes take it for now. It seems that our research shows that this Celtic tribe was so serious about it, the women took extra care to use relics like these to actually prepare themselves for their men, feeling their wombs would be more open, therefore more fertile so the tribe would increase. This one here," as Kelly selected a white phallic rod from the table, one of the planted real objects, "was very special. It was carved from what appears to be marble that has been highly polished."

"Marble? A stone cold dildo? You must be joking. No way that a woman would use something like that in her. The chill of it alone would turn her off so much that using it would be worthless." Joanna was incredulous. Maybe she wouldn't stay for 'the show.' But, deep in her mind, she was fascinated with the objects on the table. Because of her sheltered state, nearly all of the pleasures that most people experience in their youth were unknown to her. No touches. No hands to hold. Not even a stolen kiss. Deep down inside, her tough exterior hid a young woman no one knew. Joanna barely even knew her, but felt her about to erupt.

Kelly saw the opportunity to make her move. "Here," she said. She placed the marble relic into Joanna's hand before she could enter a protest. Joanna felt the marble piece in her hand, slightly warmed by Kelly's body heat. She held it up to her face to look at it more carefully. Except for the fact that it was obviously made of marble, the shape was undeniable. She suddenly felt amused, if not fascinated by it. She slowly ran her fingertip over the smooth marble, amazed at the feel of it as her fingertip reached the tapered end.

Suddenly, it seemed the whole room was filled with bright white light. She tried to move her hands to her eyes, then suddenly realized she was unable to move them. It was as if someone had grabbed her hands and was holding them over her head by the wrists. She turned her head to scream at one of her bodyguards, who must have thought the old world sex toy violated one of Daddy's 'rules.' She began to shout, "Let the @$%* go of my hands, you stu..." when she felt herself unable to move her feet as well.

As she turned her head from side to side, the light began to fade and she could see again. She was no longer in the lobby of McTavish Hall. Instead, she seemed to be in the center of a large oval room, larger than the lecture hall. She looked up at her hands to see them being held together at the wrists by some sort of red band, but she felt nothing touching her skin. When she tried to pull them apart, flashes of red light, like sparks flew out into the air. Her feet were held the same way, only they were separated at the ankles by about a foot and a half or so. She gasped when she saw her clothes. Instead of the outfit she had bought just for the lecture and reception, she was now covered in a white, floor-length dress. The top was sleeveless and strapless, which made her cringe. She hated showing this much of her arms and shoulders. She also gasped when she realized two important things: That the material was sheer to semi-sheer all over and, to her embarrassment, her undergarments were missing!

She slowly looked around the room slowly. There seemed to be a pretty good sized crowd, perhaps as many as thirty to forty men and women. There were a few familiar faces from school in the crowd, the rest were strangers to her. The women were dressed similarly to her, except they had sleeves and covered shoulders, not the bandeau top that her dress was styled with. The men were in white as well, wearing what appeared to be robe-like garments. She was about to shout out to them for help, but something in her head told her that they would not release her, even if she begged.

The crowd parted and Joanna saw Kelly approaching her. Joanna could not help but notice that Kelly's dress seemed to be radiating white light as she walked. The people bowed in respect as she approached the point in the room where Joanna seemed suspended in mid air. "Welcome to the temple," Kelly told her, with an air of authority that completely startled her. "We have been waiting for you to arrive. You are the last of the special guests we have been waiting for."

"Sp-special guest? What do you mean by that? Why am I here? Why am I being held, bound like...like...this?" The words came out all at once when the chance to speak occurred. For emphasis, she once again tried to pull her hands apart, triggering another show of red light and sparks. "Where are my bodyguards? When my father hears about this he'll have all of your heads."

Kelly merely smiled and replied, "You are one of our honored guests to the temple of Androcon. Our lord and master will be entering to join us and welcome you into our circle. Trust me when I say that this is an honor worthy of a woman of position as yourself. Your guards, as it were, don't know where you are or even that they are missing. Our lord's power has them frozen in time so we can prepare you and welcome you properly."

"Prepare me? What the hell are you talking about, 'preparing' me???"

"Oh, it won't take much. It is well known that your body is one of the purest in the city. This makes you even more honored that most. That is why he has chosen you for a very favored position."

Joanna was stunned for a moment. Kelly had a power and authority over her that she had rarely experience, except perhaps from her father. A power that filled her with awe and fear. How had her father's strict, almost isolationist upbringing set her up for this? She fought hard to hide any fear or panic in her voice, as her father had trained her. "What do you mean? I don't understand."

Kelly was about to speak, but appeared to stop herself. Instead, she smiled as the crowd parted again. As Joanna looked towards the parting crowd, her eyes became wide with wonder at the scene before her. A man was walking through the space created by the men and women. He was male, but more than just a man. His legs were bare, with muscled thighs like tree trunks. She could not make out what he was wearing around the waist, for it was obscured by the thick leather belt around his waist. There was what appeared to be a scabbard around his waist, but it was unclear if there was a sword or something else inside it. His torso was covered with what looked like a golden breastplate, gems inlaid in it surrounding the emblem of a spear and a long feather crossing in the center like a coat of arms. He wore a warrior's helmet that was golden as well, ornate with gems and symbols carved into the metal. In his hand was a long staff. At the end was what appeared to be the claw of an eagle holding a large red stone. If it was a ruby as she suspected, it was worth a fortune. Even her father had no gems of that size or brilliance as she watched the light play off its facets.

"Behold the splendor of Androcon!" Kelly shouted out as the men bowed. The women either swooned or tried to go to him, as if reaching him was their sole desire in life. Joanna watched their reactions in disbelief. Even her 'all powerful' shogun of a father didn't get this kind of a reaction from people, although she bet that it was exactly what he dreamed of getting from everyone he dealt with. How could any man garner this much respect or devotion? It was as if they truly thought of him as a god or something, like it was real! How could people act this way.

Then, it happened. Joanna looked up and saw his face. Dear heavens, what a face! She couldn't pull her eyes from it. She had never seen such a beautiful, handsome face in all her life. Before she knew it, she could feel desire and want build within her in a way she had never felt before. She remembered reading in literature class how the Greek gods were supposedly irresistible to mortal women, but those myths had nothing on what she was feeling right now. The sight of him in all this glory was overwhelming.

Androcon smiled at all as he approached. His glamour was very strong tonight and he could tell how it was overwhelming Joanna. Her poor defenseless virginal mind and body would be no match for what he had planned for her. He had saved her for last intentionally. She would be a vital piece in the chess game he planned to play against the human mortals. He turned and faced her, saying, "Welcome, my dear Joanna. Welcome to my temple and the place of devotion to me. I have been waiting just for you to arrive. Your time has finally come."

"My...time?" Joanna's mind was still fuzzy from the overwhelming power of Androcon's entrance. "What do you mean, my...'time?'"

"I have selected you to be one of my first acolytes for my temple. I desire for you to serve me here as I desire and see fit, along with the others that have chosen to join us tonight." In a motion of his arm, he pointed the staff to a small group of about a dozen women. They were all people from the lobby there at the lecture hall, like Joanna and dressed the same as her. They all blushed and bowed in reverence as one as he pointed them out. "They are prepared, as you will be. But, for you, I have reserved a special privilege."

"Special privilege?" Joanna's jaw dropped as she tried to comprehend what that could be. Were the others a harem, and she to be one of this man's whores? The very thought caused panic to rise inside her and she fought against the magical appearing bonds that held her. "I won't be some cheap slut, some sort of modern concubine for a cut rate smoke and mirrors show." The sparks flew wildly as she shut her eyes, giving everything she had to attempt to break free."

"No, my dear Joanna. Nothing of the sort shall happen to you. Your very upbringing and parentage are what brings you to me." Androcon stood patiently as he spoke.

The words cut through her like a knife. Her eyes shot open, and she calmed again as she once again saw his face. "I...I don't understand..."

"I know of the plans your father has for you, just like your sisters. That you will become a mere bargaining chip, to be sold to the most fitting and active bidder for his business enterprises. That he has protected you from all men in order to make you more valuable to them. That you will be forced to submit to whoever he gives you to. And, I know how much you dread that very event."

Joanna gasped. How could this man, this white American man, know precisely of her father's master plan? It was impossible, it could not have been a lucky guess. And, this Androcon was right. She dreaded that loss of independence more that anything. "So, what of it?" she carefully replied. "What difference is that to you?"

"I offer you a choice. Submit to the selfish plans of this man who is your father, or, instead, submit to me."

"To you? And become what? The same kind of geisha slut that they will make me become?" Joanna has seen how the time honored tradition had been corrupted, and wanted no part of it.

"No, nothing of the sort. I will need someone to represent us to the rest of the world. To present what I offer humanity to cultures such as yours. I will need you to join the rest of my acolytes to spread my offer and message to all."

This caught Joanna by surprise again. Offer? Message? "You really think you're some sort of god? Are you nuts? Just what are you offering?"

"Oh but I am. I am Androcon, the god of fulfillment, pleasure and completion. I can cause you to experience the pleasure and desires you have only dared to dream."

"How can you claim to be able to do that? You have no idea what desires I have." The words slipped out before she could stop herself. What if he did? What if he revealed them to everyone here? Even the ones her sisters or guards knew nothing about.

"Oh but I will, now..." he replied. He reached out with his staff, pointing the ruby at her. Shock and fear overtook Joanna as she saw a red beam of light slowly shine forth out of the gemstone. Before she could scream, the light touched her forehead. When it did, a vision like a movie played at fast forward played before her eyes. In an instant she could tell what she was seeing and tried to stop the thoughts that were now zooming in her mind. But the more she fought, the faster they came. Every sacred detail of her secret fantasies flew like water over the falls in her mind's eye. Then, just as suddenly, it stopped. Joanna panted as it did. The images seemed to have an effect on her, awaking arousal in her that she desperately wanted trapped back in the mental box she stored it in.

"Resisting me is futile, Joanna. I know all now. And I can give it to you, if you submit to me and join me. You could even become my chief priestess to the Asian continent if you serve me well." Androcon's words flowed so smoothly out of his mouth that Joanna soaked up every one. Then, in a rush, the loyalty bred and trained into her by her father rose up to fight it.

"No, NO! I..can't...won't...I can never escape him..." she sputtered out.

"You will change your mind soon enough. Gentlemen, the wands!" Androcon called out and two men walked forward. They were carrying poles that looked fluffy on the far end. As they came closer, Joanna could see that they were feathers, like on the emblem of Androcon's breastplate. "The time of preparation, purification, and submission are at hand!" Androcon called out. The two men stopped next to her, each standing next to one of her legs.

"No, please. What is this? What are you about to do to me?" Joanna gasped as she saw them positioning the wands at her bared feet. It couldn't be. It was just like the images that had flooded her mind. Before she could think a second more, she felt the feathers on the wands begin to slowly stroke all over her soles. She knew she had to fight the weird sensation building within her. She bit her lips to stay silent. Her skin all over her body was pampered, primped, and sensitive. No man, only women cosmeticians, had touched her since she was 8 years old. Now, all those years were weapons used against her. It felt like minutes, but in only a few seconds she could hear herself giggling like a child as the men relentlessly rubbed her soft soles with the wands.

"Nohahaht tihickling...please...no-hohohohoho..." She heard the words and laughter bubbling out of her like a fountain in the park. "This is sohohohoho unfair..." And for her, it was. All she wanted was to be touched and desired by someone, anyone. And this tickling was the ultimate touch. In fact, it was the only touch in years. She felt herself fighting the strange sensation while her heart soaked it up like a long, unused sponge. She couldn't reveal weakness by enjoying it. She had to resist and fight.

"Joanna...let us purify and fulfill you." Androcon instructed her. He knew she would resist this, and it was all part of the plan for her. He motioned with the wand, and the crowd gasped. Joanna tried to see what they were reacting to when she felt cool air on her legs. To her shock, she saw the skirt of her dress evaporating into thin air, making the skirt shorter and shorter until it was literally a micro skirt. The men at her feet stopped and watched as well. She was slowly being undressed before them. Her eyes were wide now. This couldn't be happening. It was just like in her dreams. She felt her body tremble with anticipation, eager and yet, very fearful of what was to come.

"Resume!" ordered Androcon, and the two men began to run the wands all over her legs. She trembled as she felt them on the backs of her calves. Then, they both hit the hidden sweet spot behind her knees. Joanna screamed in laughter as they slowly swept back and forth there, seeming to enjoy her reactions. Her body began to feel limp as the feathering ensued. Then, they slowly moved up her thighs, one on the front, the other on the backs. The soft slow motions now seemed different. Her lungs were now filled with soft sweet giggles as the men seemed intent on arousing her, not torturing her. Joanna felt her resolve weaken with each movement of the wands.

Suddenly the feathering of her legs stopped. Joanna looked around and saw Androcon's seductive face again. "You could have all this, and more, if you submit to me and serve me." He could still sense her resisting him. All for the better. He wasn't finished with her yet. He made a motion with his hands and Joanna saw the fabric over her belly began to fade away. The skirt remained unchanged. He could see the pleas in her eyes as her mouth silently begged him not to continue. But, instead, he fed off this power.

He lifted his hand and a small red feather appeared. With it he slowly traced a circle with the tip around her navel. Joanna exploded with laughter as soon as the feather made contact. She tried to move her belly away from it, but he seemed to anticipate every movement, making the sensation all the worse. Or better. It felt too good to enjoy it seemed. All these years of abdicating such sensations were making her resist the very delight her body was craving. With every feather stroke, she laughed and begged for mercy, though her mind begged for more. She felt like she was going insane when Androcon slowly slid the tip into her navel. The shrieks of pleasured laughter echoed in her ears.

Then, just as quickly, it stopped again. She opened her eyes slowly, thinking that maybe it was over and she was free. Instead, she could still feel the magical bonds and see the face of her tormentor, her pleasurer, Androcon. "Please," she whimpered as she begged, "no more...I beg of you. Don't do...any...more...please." She knew what was coming next. She wanted it. She craved it. She was doing everything she could to not reveal to this mad man that she wanted what was next.

Androcon's face now had an erotic glow the likes of which she hadn't seen. She felt her heart pound and inner organs tense at the sight. "You know what comes next, Joanna. You can resist, or submit and fully enjoy its delight."

"No, please, sir," she pleaded. She couldn't admit to wanting what she was hoping would happen. And, if he did, she could no longer resist. But something in her would not let him win that easily. "Please, no man...no one...has ever...seen...been..."

Androcon smiled as he looked upon her. "Yes, and now it is time for all to be seen and revealed and enjoyed." As he spoke, he waved his hand and Joanna's bodice slowly began to get sheerer and sheerer. She could hear the gasps of the women and the admiring sounds of the men as her torso was completely bared before them. The nipples on her perfectly formed breasts were already hard as gravel from the erotically maddening sensations of the feathers on her skin. She wanted to cringe and hide them somehow. Despite her outlandish fashions, she was quite modest about her body since being inferior had been always drilled into her by her father and her instructors prior to college. But, when she saw and heard the reaction of the crowd, she found herself losing all that shame.

Then, the clamor started. Other men from the crowd were coming forth, wanting to use the wands on her. Androcon shouted and the disturbance ended. He chose out two men that looked strikingly similar to two old body guards that had been her favorites. As soon as her father had learned about her crushes on them, he had them fired. Now, they each held a wand in their hands, moving them toward her. Joanna braced herself for the contact that she knew was coming.

The wands started on her upper arms and armpits. Her pits were smooth from permanent depilatory treatments. She squealed as the feathers reached her pits, causing her torso to shake and wiggle all over. They lingered on her pits for what seemed an eternity to her, unable to hold still. Then, they slide them up and down her sides, from the top of the skirt to her pits. She went from deep laughter to girlish giggles at this, causing the two men to smile at her reaction. This caused her body to flush with more erotic sensations as they seemed to be enjoying her predicament. She smiled back at them through her giggles. Then, the men nodded, as if planning something in silence.

Before she could even try to ponder it, they made their move. Both wands moved to engulf and cover her breasts. They held them still for a moment for her to react. Her eyes went their widest. Her pleading eyes were darting to them both as they slowly, methodically began to run the feathery ends over her breasts. When her mouth opened, instead of cries and shrieks, giggles and moans poured out as from a faucet. She arched her back into their wickedly wonderful motions. She could no longer resist it. She now loved the sensations, doing everything she physically could to feel more and more. She wanted it all over her now. She wanted to beg for them to never stop, to go back to her feet, her legs, her belly.

Her dream was to find someone besides her father and his plans to submit to. She wanted to make that choice herself. She longed to. She didn't care what they may do to her in the future as long as it was her choice to submit. Her father would take that choice from her. And now, she was finally free to feel, to release, to finally...finally...

Then, Androcon motioned to the men and they pulled the wands from her bodice. Joanna tried to arch her back more, but instead they walked away. "No...please...I'm so close to...close to...please...don't make them, let them...stop..." Joanna was in tears. She could feel in her loins she was ready to climax. "Please, Androcon, finish me. I want to feel more...feel it more!"

Androcon slowly walked up to her and waved his hands once again. All watched as her skirt vanished, leaving her totally nude. She hung her head at first. Her father's forced depilatory treatments had not stopped at her armpits. Now, only Androcon stood before her, holding a smaller version of one of the wands. "If...if...I submit to you...you will not harm me? Force me to serve my father's will?"

"If you serve me, I will make you more powerful than your father! The men, instead of bargaining for you, will beg for your attentions instead. But, that can only happen if you fully submit to me." Androcon smiled as he replied.

"And, I will be able to touch...be touched?"

"Look around. There are men here now eager to beg to pleasure you as you desire. But this, " as Androcon pointed to her hairless loins and swollen clit, "belong only to me."

The words flew out like an old teletype machine, "Then I give myself to you. I submit to the service and will of Androcon, the sole giver of pleasure and fulfillment..." As she spoke, the bonds holding her hands and feet dissolved like her dress. She bowed before him, trembling with delight and building pleasure. She then, by some unconscious knowledge or command, stood before him in the same position as when she had been bound.

Androcon smiled and the crowd cheered. Now the two men from the beginning of her purification and the two old guards stood before her with wands. They began to stroke them all over her legs and breasts. The room again filled with her erotic laughter as more men approached, using wands on her pits, arms, back and buttocks. As they did, Joanna could feel her body filling with an erotic energy like she had never dreamed of before. She looked upon her lord and master Androcon as he took the small wand and began to move it toward her valley of ultimate delight. At first contact, she felt the immediate rush of a massive orgasm fill and engulf her. Her laughter was replaced by a mighty shout as it fully hit her.

And, just as suddenly, she was back in the lobby of McTavish Hall. She
trembled as she gripped the marble dildo in her now sweaty hands. Kelly, full well knowing the post-orgasmic tremble, took the ancient tool of seduction from her. Smiling, she told Joanna, "The time has come. He is about to start the presentation. You'd better take your seats." Kelly winked as she walked away. Joanna was still trembling as her entourage helped her to their seats. Her trembling began to subside as she saw Dr. McTalon take the stage. He was...Androcon! He looked just like Androcon! It wasn't a dream. As she looked around the lecture hall, she saw the faces of several of the women she had seen in her vision in the temple.

Vision? No, it had been too real to be a vision or hallucination. As she sat and listened, she learned all she could about her new master, her new lord. She was now his willing servant. Nothing would be sweeter than to serve in his temple, or even tell others. She looked down at herself and was amazed at how aroused she still was. She also felt a weird burning sensation at the top of the cleave of her breasts. When she looked down, she saw a strange mark there. It was like a birth mark that had never been there before. In an instant, words whispered out of her mouth that she had never heard before, "tá mian fholaithe or rúnda aige" As she spoke, the birth mark changed magically into a mark resembling the emblem on Androcon's breastplate, the crossed spear and feather. He had marked her! It truly wasn't a dream!

Audrulain looked down upon the bed where Kelly and Shane lay, exhausted from a busy day of preparing and presenting, and a busier night of consuming each other's desire once they had arrived home. The plan was now beginning to happen. He now had acolytes to serve him from each of the major families of the university. Next, he needed to seduce the student body. But that would wait a day. He has used much glamour tonight and was weary. He must return to Machlu to report on his progress and prepare for his next major act upon this unsuspecting university. He smiled as he leapt into the air to transport to the fairy mound.

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A very good series. I look forward to seeing how you develop the characters and setting.