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G'day Ladies and Gents! :D

Well well, it's been over a year since I posted my last story! It's certainly been a busy one, and this story here probably wouldn't even be finished yet if it wasn't for the ever positive nudging of my good friend Darkharp. Thanks D.H! :D

This new story below is the sequel to the one I posted a year back, the next installment in the Stuck series. Stuck revolves around the idea of beautiful women getting unwittingly trapped and then some oppurtunistic (and very lucky!) person wanders along and tickles them silly.

The first story is by no means essential for reading the sequel, each one stands alone, but if you missed #1 here's a handy dandy link to the original thread:


I hope you all enjoy the second story in the Stuck series, and don't forget to thank Darkharp if you do! :)

Stuck #2: Rearranging Joanna


Joanna looked out of the living room window to the quiet suburban street with a content smile. Sitting on the window seat of her brand new two story home the buxom red head took a few moments to rest with her coffee before returning to the inevitable amount of work that comes with moving house.

In her neatly tied red bandana that held her hair back, robin's egg blue blouse with the sleeves rolled to her slender elbows, dark blue short shorts and Barbie pink flip-flop sandals it was clear, moving was hot work. Trey had done most of the heavy lifting during the weekend but her fiancé had already taken enough time from running his own business the week before, come Monday morning he really needed to be back in the captain's chair.

Home alone, Joanna walked with her empty coffee mug through the neat piles of half opened boxes and past the assorted living room furniture. Trey and his friends hadn't bothered to organize it, and finding time during the weekend had been next to impossible. Placing the mug in the sink the busy twenty nine year old turned back toward the spacious living room and decided to try furniture placement herself. Heavy lifting wasn't Joanna's specialty but she certainly couldn't be called unfit, with her well toned stomach and shapely butt.

The wooden book case seemed like a sensible, all be it heavy, choice to begin with. Seven feet tall and nearly half as wide the ambitious young woman doubted even her muscular hubby could lift it solo. Too stubborn to wait for assistance Joanna held one side and with short sharp bursts dragged the empty book case toward the back wall, opposite her window seat. Naturally the books that normally occupied its shelves were strewn through a collection of boxes all over the house, making shuffling the book case just hard, instead of impossible.

With a few choice nudges the large shelving wobbled into place, it's back a half inch from the wall. Taking a moment to relax Joanna took a step back and admired her work. Looking toward the other assorted furniture the proud redhead was inspired by her success and felt a rush of determination to layout the rest of her living room. With a skip in her stride that made her large breasts bounce beneath her blouse, Joanna stopped with her long smooth legs facing the side of Trey's leather upholstered recliner.

Leaning forward the red head pursed her full red lips and gripped a cushioned arm of the chair in each hand. Throwing her self backward she was surprised how quickly the weight threw her off balance as she swung the expensive seat upward. Holding the chair in front of her Joanna puffed her cheeks out comically as she stumbled backward, then forward and turned left, jogging awkwardly as the weight of the chair lead the confused woman on an uncontrollable ride.

"Wah!" Joanna hollered with alarm as her wild journey came to an abrupt end when the bottom of the chair crashed loudly into the large wooden book case.

The sudden knock caused the shelves to lean back, hitting the wall and just as quickly tipping forward. With no wall to stop it the bookcase toppled outward, directly toward the offending recliner and the uncoordinated woman attached to it. With an even louder crash than the one two seconds previous, Joanna found her backside meeting the thick shag carpet as her once proud display of successful maneuvering descended down on top of her.

A few seconds passed as the startled red head gathered enough composure to assess her improbable situation. The recliner wasn't terribly far from where Joanna had planned on putting it, although it was upside down. Similarly the book case was almost in its intended home, all be it several feet from the wall, as it leaned on a rather severe angle only held up by the upturned chair. Beneath all of that, in the triangular cushioned tunnel formed by the leather armchair's unique position was a most befuddled red head.

Laying flat on her back, with her arms tucked securely down her sides Joanna was held firmly in place by the makeshift tunnel. From her lower stomach to her silky smooth shins the astonished red head wasn't in any apparent discomfort. The weight of the chair, along with the book shelf resting on top, simply pressed the cushions into her pelvis, lower arms and upper legs. A few moments of futile squirming were more than enough to prove she was going nowhere in a hurry. Lifting the load, especially with her arms well held beside her, wasn't an option even worth attempting.

Unlocking the front door with the key Trey had loaned her Kelly let her self in. Brushing her shoulder length chocolate hair behind her ear as she walked inside, the curious twenty one year old examined the empty hall way, bare walls and neatly stacked piles of boxes ascending up one half of the stair case. Closing the door behind her the well tanned friend and colleague placed her hand bag on the floor and decided that, despite some possible heavy lifting, at least helping Joanna organize would be a change of pace from answering the phone in Trey's office all day. On top of that Kelly was still getting her hourly rate, so it was all good.

"…um." Kelly muttered as she turned into the living room and saw what appeared to be the aftermath of a small earthquake with a pair of feet attached.

"Kelly?" Joanna said unable to see passed the looming recliner which dominated the bulk of her vision. "Is that you?"

"Hey…Jo...?" Kelly said as she wandered slowly around the peculiar structure in her skin tight Levis, sensible lace up pumps and rusty orange halter top. "How's-"

"-Don't ask" Joanna interrupted as she looked up at the perplexed and obviously amused face of her relatively new friend. "Maybe you could…?"

"Oh! Sure, right." Kelly held back the urge to buckle over and loose herself to the hilarity of the situation as she took hold of the book cases top. "Let's see if I can't-ugh-push…this…"

Apparently Kelly lacked even less Olympic ability than Jo as she strained to shift the wooden shelves even a fraction. Lifting, pushing, pulling, the stubborn brunette spent the better part of five minutes attempting every angle to no avail. After one last effort which both girls knew would fail, trying to lift the chair itself, Kelly finally caved and made a call to Trey. Of course with Kelly out of the office, Trey was even busier than usual.

"Did you call?" Joanna asked straining her eyes to look above the top of her head as Kelly returned from the kitchen with the cordless phone in hand.

"Trey's still busy so I called my boyfriend instead." Kelly replied placing the phone atop one of the box piles. "Sam says he'll be here soon."

"Oh thank goodness, thank you Kelly." Joanna said with a sigh of relief as Kelly put her hands to her hips and looked over the trapped red head with growing inquisitiveness. "…I guess you'd like to know what happened."

"Well…" Kelly raised an eyebrow as she waltzed slowly around the upturned chair, examining the infinitely funny sight of two sandal sporting feet protruding from the cushioned leather. "I was kind of wondering."

"I think the problem began w-nnngh!" Joanna pursed her lips tight as her eyes burst open wide open.

"The furniture fell on you, I figured that out." Kelly said with a teasing tone as she crouched before her friend's wiggling feet and tapped a long finger nail against one of the dangling flip flops. "I was wondering how ticklish you are…"

"KellYEEE!" Joanna arched her back suddenly and spread her toes when that long finger nail crept delicately underneath the sandal of her right foot and the word 'ticklish' made her stomach sink. "What are you-Ah! Don't!"

"Oh come on" Kelly said, squirming her index finger between the sandal and Joanna's sensitive sole. "we have to do something to pass the time."

"Don't you dahare! Weeee no!" Joanna turned her upper body side to side in what very limited motion her situation would allow as she felt the well manicured nail creep further toward the center of her sole. "Stop it! Kelly!"

Straining to lift her head and see around the couch Joanna forced back the giggles with all her might. Trying to block out the terribly teasing sensation crawling along the balls of her foot the struggling woman gritted her teeth and stressed her will power to maximum. Turning red in the cheeks the poor girl couldn't see around the recliner at all, her only communication to the other side being Kelly's devilish nail that scraped slowly down her arch and onto the heel.

"You won't be needing this!" Kelly declared with an obvious enthusiasm in her voice as she easily flicked the left flip flop away revealing the smooth creamy surface of Joanna's helpless sole.

"No Kelly dAAAHahaha!" The red head thrashed and frantically danced her foot beneath the five cruel nails that suddenly frolicked all over her bare sole. "Stop it hahaeeii! Oh nohohoooo!"

With her ankles held so close together the cackling red head could barely protect half her bare sole with the sandal clad left foot. Rolling her head from side to side was about the only freedom Joanna had remaining as even her loud protests were being cut short by even louder laughter. Forced mirth was certainly no indication of enjoyment, at least not for the long legged captive who had always dreaded the very thought of being tickled. Having such a nightmarish act bestowed upon her with little or no chance of escape had never occurred to her, probably because it was simply too terrible to imagine.

"Oh no Jo!" Kelly put on her best mocking pitch while she lightly shimmied five long nails in the very center of the giggling woman's sole. "Looks like you're a bit ticklish!"

"Stop it! Stop iiiaahat!" Joanna was finding the nails burrowing into the middle of her vulnerable sole increasingly difficult to ignore. "Don't! It's not fuAHA! It's not funny! Stohohoaaa!"

"I don't know…" Kelly replied, her words mostly ignored by poor Joanna who was fruitlessly attempting to ignore what had almost been a full thirty seconds of unbearable tickling. "…it's pretty funny."

"Heeheeeeie stah Kell-Kelly!" Joanna giggled powerless to stop her brunette friend as a new horror washed over her worried mind when the toes of right foot were forcibly pressed backward. "No! Kelly please! NAAAhahaheeeiii!"

Clenching her eyes shut tight a loud squeal burst from her full red lips as the feeling of five long nails scraping down her stretched out sole was impossible to ignore. With her right hand pushing the red head's cute little toes back Kelly allowed herself full access to the taut sensitive skin. Scrambling her nails the amused brunette let no two patterns be the same as she drove her boss' fiancée into a string of wild giggles, girlish squealing and pleas for mercy.

Her cheeks a bright shade of red Joanna couldn't remember a time she'd ever felt so powerless. Even on the rare occasion when Trey would pin her down and produce involuntary laughter from his gorgeous wife to be, she always knew there was some way out. With Trey it was usually foreplay, not necessarily fun but there was a safety there, under everything else. This was different, Kelly seemed to be just amusing herself. But the more Joanna tried to think, tried to refocus her attention, the harder it became, and after a few more moments of those terrible nails skating around her tender sole there was little else in her world except the intense tickling running rampant on her bare foot.

"Hmm…" Kelly picked a random moment to cease her attack before crawling on all fours in a cat like fashion around to the other side of the chair where she met a red faced red head short of breath and looking most unimpressed. "…look at the state of you, my goodness."

"Stah-hh-hh…stop…" Joanna tried to catch her breath as she looked into Kelly's surprisingly innocent expression as the brunette kneeled beside her. "Don't do th-hh-that again…that was…hhh…horrible."

"Oh it wasn't so bad." Kelly pouted as if teasing an overly dramatic child. "Don't you like being tickled?"

"No!" Joanna proclaimed, lifting her head from the soft thick carpet for emphasis before flopping back down. "I hate being tickled! You were driving me crazy!"

"Sooo…I shouldn't do this?" Kelly said punctuating her sentence with a quick prod of the index finger to the trapped buxom woman's side.

"Eeeno!" Joanna sat up as far as her position would allow before lying backward again.

"Or this?" Kelly's tone getting a little chirpier as the same finger poked Joanna's blouse covered belly.

"NoHa! Stop it!" Joanna laughed between her frowning. "Seriously! Seriously! Don't tickle me anymore!"

"Ooooor…" Kelly said with an obvious build up as she raised both hands, all ten fingers wiggling with sinful intent toward Joanna's quivering tummy.

"Nonono!" Joanna hollered, unable to remove her wide eyed stare from the ever closer fingers.

"…this or this or this or this or-" Kelly's words couldn't keep up with her fingers as they found the thin material of the blouse and buried deep into it, pressing, poking and prodding at Joanna's well toned and evidently very ticklish tummy.

"AHahahaha! Noho! Nohooo! Kelliiieeeeeahaha!" Deeper fuller laughter exploded from within as Joanna thrashed and squirmed desperately tugging at her arms for freedom, only receiving a torrent of ten finger tickles for her trouble.

Long fiery red hair flew freely behind the red bandana as Joanna shook her head from side to side. Looking up at Kelly, Joanna howled with panicked laughter as she saw the playful expression on the younger woman's face. Joanna desperately hoped the laughter she tried so hard to push back would be enough to convince Kelly this wasn't as playful as the younger woman seemed to think. Far from having a good time, this was a nightmare that was unraveling far too quickly. The chocolate haired tickler's enthusiastic grin only made Joanna's hysterical situation even more frightening as the younger woman didn’t seem to comprehend in the slightest just how much her trapped victim was suffering.

"Can't stop the wiggling fingers!" Kelly teased sending her speedy hands crawling onto the howling Joanna's soft rib cage.

"Aha! Aha! KAhahaha! Aaahaha!" Joanna's face strained as every muscle in her body fought to move away from the ten fingers playing casually atop the thin blouse, pressing between each and every rib. "Please! Let me gaha! GahaNO! Hahaha!"

Small tears began to well in Joanna's bright green eyes as she wondered why it was Kelly wouldn't stop. Unfortunately with those ten terrible fingers poking rapidly just below her jiggling breasts the frenzied woman could barely finish a coherent thought, let alone come to any conclusions. Screaming seriously served little purpose as the poor woman's words would only last a second before her mouth would widen and that awful laughter would flow freely again. Those brief moments of seriousness that quickly descended into hysterics were causing the complete opposite of there intended effect as Kelly laughed humorously and seemed to enjoy her friend's plight even more so.

"Ohh…look what I found." Kelly said tenderly caressing her hands down Joanna's rib cage toward her buttoned up tummy.

"N-n-nhh!" The watery eyed red head craned her neck and saw the small area of exposed skin that had been revealed by a loosened button, breathing hard Joanna tried to muster more pleading words but Kelly's long finger nail had soon found its target. "Yaha! Ha! Oh God! Stahaop!"

Joanna shook quickly trying to pull her belly away as the younger woman's teasing finger pressed onto the soft flesh at the top of her stomach. Gritting her teeth the trapped woman strained to hold back the laughter but given her already tickle weakened state it proved a hopeless effort. A sudden deep breath took Joanna by surprise as she felt more of Kelly's cruel finger tips invading the increasingly large hole at the center of her blouse.

"You don't want this loose button to be lonely do you?" The young brunette teased pouting her lips mockingly as she buried five fingers on to the exposed soft tummy while her other hand leisurely began to loosen more buttons.

Spreading the blouse open Kelly let the cotton sides drape down over Joanna's trapped arms. From her lower chest down to the top of her dark blue short shorts Joanna's soft sensitive tummy was squirming anxiously in the open air. Quickly racing five nails around the red head's deep belly button elicited an equally quick giggle. The sultry brunette raised an eyebrow of surprise when the brief giggle let her know exactly what she'd hoped to discover.

"N-n-n-n" Wide eyed, Joanna could barely believe her situation and as a result wasn't even able to stutter out a two letter word as her bright green eyes zeroed on her young tormentor's ten talon like nails.

"You're just ticklish everywhere!" Kelly said putting particular emphasis on her last word as she suddenly scribbled all ten wicked nails across the smooth surface of Joanna's tender tummy.

"GYAAAHahahaaaa!" Joanna screamed as her large breasts jiggled beneath the last secure buttons of her blouse and she arched her back as best she could. "STAH-ha-ha-AAA!"

It looks less than thirty seconds for Kelly's relentless fingers to begin painting light shades of pink sporadically over the trapped woman's tummy. Appropriately Joanna's laughter was bursting from between her full lips as it built up deep within her belly, only briefly interrupted every so often by a strained plea for a cease fire. The tears of terrified ticklishness streaming down the poor red head's face accentuated her hatred for the unstoppable touch as her head shook frantically, tossing her fiery hair in every which way, the red bandana somehow managing to maintain its position around the top of her forehead.

At the opposite end of the upside down recliner Joanna's beautiful bare soles stretched as her toes spread, both accompanied by a new chorus of roaring laughter. The sudden change in pitch was in direct response to Kelly's menacing hands finding the helpless twenty nine year old's rib cage. With rapid firm squeezing Kelly threw a leg over Joanna's tickled pink tummy and straddled her. Joanna screamed as her ribs got the full works, ten sadistic fingers digging mercilessly into the soft area between each one.

"Look at you go!" Kelly proclaimed excitedly toward her friend's intense reaction. "This just drives you crazy, doesn't it?"

The brunette's teasing wasn't helping poor Joanna at all as she screeched and squealed. Trey used verbal teasing when he tickled her too and it was just as awful, although the tickling was different. Her fiancé was rougher, clumsy and only dished it out in short bursts, Kelly was already more merciless, less sympathetic. If Joanna had time to think about it she might have even thought Kelly enjoyed it more, she certainly a more sadistic streak.

Kelly's hands seemed everywhere at once, pestering every molecule of exposed skin. Dancing digging fingers ran about her rib cage, rapidly scurrying to the tormented red head's tummy, to her side and up again. Joanna had no way of knowing where would be attacked next, sometimes her dark haired tormentress would squeeze the cackling woman's ribs all at once, other times Kelly would have one hand spidering just below her blouse covered breasts while the other buried deep into her sensitive sides. If Kelly's hands would just remain in one spot for a moment, a few seconds, it might create a consistency, a hellish type of normal to plan an escape but alas, the randomness and wild unpredictability was driving Joanna quite mad.

"Ahh…hhh…ohgod…ahuh…" Joanna collapsed and twitched a little when Kelly finally climbed off her, gasping for air and bewildered by the several minutes long assault. "Kelly hhhnn-no more!"

Craning her right index finger into a subtly squirming hook shape Kelly looked directly into Joanna's teary green eyes. Both girls knew exactly where that long cruel well polished nail intended to go and that was where any common ground ended. Joanna's eyes widened as she pleaded and gasped for breath while the look of terror only seemed to spur Kelly on further. As the slender finger drew closer toward the red head's quivering navel she tried desperately to convince her young friend that this situation wasn't amusing in the least, but Kelly seemed unable to break away from the perspective that it was anything less than playful fun.

Silent laughter gripped the bare bellied woman as Kelly's wiggling digit wormed into the deep belly button. Such a small singular movement instantly caused more than a few large movements in Joanna as her stomach clenched, her back arched, her arm muscles pulled with all their weakened might and her breathy forced laughter quickly changed to full on screaming howls of fruitless resistance.

"Aww poor JoJo!" Kelly said as if speaking to a puppy when she noticed the tears of laughter now streaming steadily down the helpless woman's face.

Thrashing about loudly and crying uselessly was all she could do, Joanna's face now nearly as red as the bandana still tied sternly around her hairline. The trapped woman was going truly insane as Kelly merely sat, kneeling next to her on the carpet and so casually squirmed that single yet all powerful finger within her navel. Behind the bandana Joanna's hair was quite the mess, Kelly however looked as well groomed as she had when she'd first wandered in the room. Adding insult to ticklish injury the rest of the wailing woman's appearance wasn't particularly dignified either, on top of the tears, the rosy red cheeks and the pink finger tracks painted all over the soft skin of her lower torso Joanna was also beginning to show a distinct sheen of sweat glistening on her skin.

"Um…" Sam uttered in much the same fashion of confused surprise as Kelly had when she stood in the same door way many long minutes ago. "What uh…what're you girls doing?"

Sam and Kelly had been together since high school. He was tall, handsome, his short slightly spiked dark hair and large shoulders attracted plenty of attention. Sam wore a tight white short sleeved t-shirt tucked tidily into his Levis which only served to accentuate his masculine physique. Kelly liked his kind nature, his friendly confidence and the fact he found her completely irresistible was a fact she loved, and loved to use to her advantage. The blue eyed and well tanned twenty two year old took another cautious step into the living room and looked at the trapped red head that lay beneath the furniture panting furiously for much needed air.

"Sam!" Both women said, each with a separate reason for their sudden excitement at the young man's arrival.

"Sam! Please!" Joanna strained her neck and looked up at the perplexed hunk with alarm. "Get this stuff off of me! Kelly's been-"

"-Kelly's been having fun!" Kelly cut Joanna's pleading off mid sentence as she pressed herself up again Sam with her seductive hands on his shoulders and pressed her full lips against his.

"I…see?" Sam said looking over his significantly shorter girlfriend's head, still none the wiser. "So Jo's on the floor…and you've been?"

"Let me show you!" Kelly said taking Sam's hand as if dragging him into a clothing store.

"No!" Joanna screamed seriously "She's been tickling me Sam, driving me crazy! I can't get out and she hasn't stopped!"

"Tickling her?" Sam raised an eyebrow at the strange notion as he took into account the begging red head's bare feet and discarded sandals, the red face and tear filled eyes along with the half open blouse and pink finger tracks all over her exposed skin.

"Come on…just try it…" Kelly pressed into Sam once again as she looked up at his bemused expression and slid her hands softly along the small of his muscular back.

"Sam! No! Don't let her near me again!" Joanna seemed to be loosing the fight for Sam's attention rather rapidly, she would have happily pressed against him and stroked his back if it meant not be tickled again.

"Here look…just sit here..." Kelly said as she and Sam disappeared to the foot end of the upside down recliner causing Joanna to dread what might be happening near her naked sensitive soles. "…if you don't like it, we'll let her go…"

Kelly knew all the right moves, she always did when it came to Sam. With the sultry brunette's hands guiding him Sam kneeled down before the two squirming feet poking from under the chair. With Kelly standing behind him, she ran her fingers through his hair and leaned forward, her soft breast pressing against his shoulder, she slowly slid her hand down Sam's athletic biceps and tenderly maneuvered his hand toward Joanna's wrinkly bare sole. Sam could feel Kelly's warm excited breathing on his neck and Joanna's panicked heavy breathing coming from the other side of the upturned chair only seemed to add to the increasingly intense and oddly arousing situation.

"I hope you're not too ticklish Jo…" Sam said before lightly scribbling five fingers in the center of the desperate woman's silky left sole.

"Naha!" Joanna cried and flinched, gritting her teeth in a feeble effort to suppress the sudden laughter.

Stepping back Kelly could see the whole picture, Joanna's face straining against the teasing sensations playing across her vulnerable foot while Sam sat with unsure curiosity. Sam's fingers stayed relatively in the middle of the wiggling foot, delicately scratching with a steady slow pace. The whining restrained giggles his light touching produced were quickly becoming a thing of amazement and amusement. Joanna's equally bare right foot tried foolishly to rescue its pestered partner but it didn't take even a novice long to discover the most obvious tactic for battling that. Employing his free hand Sam took unexpected delight in putting all his fingers to use as he increased the speed and danced all ten digits across both helpless hyper sensitive soles.

"OhnoPLEASE!" Joanna bellowed with uncontrolled revulsion as she arched her neck backward and a large toothy grin of terrified mirth spread across her face. "Naha! Sahaham! Saaaeeiiiiiehahaha!"

Watching over, Kelly smiled pleasantly pleased with herself as her friend's captured feet twisted agonizingly beneath her boyfriend's inquisitive hands. On the other side, unseen but undoubtedly heard by Sam, Joanna's upper body whipped up and down, flopping like a fish as the unstoppable fingers ran carelessly over the balls of her feet, around the instep, over the arches and played atop her heels. Not wanting Sam to have all the fun and wondering just how far she could push this unlucky cackling red head Kelly skipped happily toward Joanna's struggling clenching tummy.

"Keep it up baby, I think she really likes it!" Kelly called to Sam through the loud hail of Joanna's loud coerced laughter as she swung her leg over the wild woman's bare lower torso and straddled her once again.

With Sam's fingers running clumsily but very effectively about her stripped feet the task of concentrating on anything was a feat no less than totally impossible. Through her tears Joanna could only catch brief ominous and blurred glimpses of Kelly's increasingly cruel behavior. Growing ever weaker the excruciatingly ticklish red head found her young friend's weight restricting what little movement she had, more than it normally would, although nothing was normal about this, proven even more so when Kelly's attentive fingers began precisely unsnapping the last few remaining buttons of Joanna's blouse.

"No bra Jo? You naughty minx." Kelly said, not exactly lacking in the impressive breast department herself, Kelly still couldn't help but be sufficiently in awe of the two large creamy melons jiggling before her when she flung open the blouse.

She could scarcely register the shock of having her jello like bust abruptly thrust into the open, Joanna certainly couldn't give her newly found half nakedness anymore than a fleeting protest as the dreadfully exasperating foot tickling easily held the hysterical woman's full attention. Wobbling beautifully with every fierce thrash and ineffective tug for escape the fiery woman's fleshy mammaries were milky white and folded gorgeously where they creased into her sides and rib cage. Atop the two shaking mounds quivered large perky pink nipples, both pointing directly toward the ceiling in a stark display of stiffness.

Down the southern end of Joanna's ambushed body any hope of mercy was looking no less promising. Sam now seemed to be entranced by his two new ticklish toys and the adorable way they tried so helplessly to escape his every teasing touch. Not only had the young well built man become thoroughly infatuated by the spreading of toes and the wrinkling of soles or the way each flawless foot still tried pointlessly to defend it's partner, he was also captivated by Joanna's loud high pitch screaming laughter and the sorrowful shrieking requests for sympathy that each stroke and poke, no matter how small, produced in spades.

Not wanting to disrupt her man's fun and certainly not wanting to let her cruel streak fade any, Kelly caught she sides of the red bandana still tied tightly around Joanna's thrashing head and swiftly pulled it down over her tear soaked eyes. Now down to only four senses Joanna's paranoia sky rocketed as taste, smell and sound hadn't served any purpose for quite a while, only her sight and touch were proving any worth and with sight now taken by the makeshift blind fold the near broken red head could only sense one overwhelming thing, the brutal unforgiving tickling that ravaged her delicate bare soles.

"Aaha! Ahahaa! EHA! EEEiiieeHA!" Joanna's deep guttural belly laughter suddenly applied a new most unwelcome addition of girlish squealing when the distinctly sadistic feeling of ten long nails scribbling along the ballooning sides of her quivering breasts became instantly apparent.

Kelly's long well manicured nails had once again touched down onto Joanna's bare flesh, this time landing on her unsurprisingly yet disastrously ticklish boobs. Dancing nails playfully under the sightless Joanna's breast bottoms caused the red head's laughter to be a fast paced torrent of giggles, a clear difference from the harder tortured screeching that Sam's foot tickles were eliciting. With the two widely different areas both being rapidly assaulted in two equally different fashions the laughter from each competed for attention, fracturing Joanna's already tickle crazed mind.

It took Sam a relatively long time, longer in Joanna's mind than Sam or Kelly's, to realize the difference in the half naked red head's hysterical reactions. Breaking himself slowly from the self imposed state of foot tickle hypnosis the handsome dark haired man eventually ceased his extremely effective finger dance and stood shakily, only then noticing the raging hard erection as his jeans tightened with the change of position. Stepping somewhat awkwardly around the upturned recliner the thrilling image of his girlfriend running her fingers rampantly across the blindfolded red head's large breasts served only to increase Sam's already throbbing boner.

"Wahee! Noho! Iiieeeyaaaaha!" It was little relief that the foot tickling had finally ceased and Joanna could once again manage the rare begging plea amongst her uncontrollable giggling.

Unable to see anything besides the black prison of her bandana Joanna let out a short sharp and extremely surprised scream when her head could no longer move freely from side to side. With his knees against her shoulder's Sam sat with the squealing woman's struggling head tightly between his legs. Leaning forward over Joanna's blushed bound face the two evil ticklers were able to lock lips and kiss passionately, sat facing each other Sam and Kelly could both now torment the vulnerable twenty nine year olds bare boobs with a shared fiendish freedom. Joining his girlfriend Sam added his ten fingers to the mix as twenty wiggling digits skipped and prodded playfully together around the fleshy bosom.

Rapid fire giggles and loud sharp pitched squeaks involuntarily surged from between Joanna's full red lips. Sam's fingers poked and dug more, drawing temporary dents across the soft skin while Kelly's nails raked and flittered. In her current state Joanna was far from being able to distinguish between anyone's separate fingers, the poor woman had been tickled so much and for so long she could barely remember her own name.

Licking her lips and giving Sam a seductive wink Kelly slid backward until her own peach like bottom pressed against the side of the upturned chair. Sam watched his wildly sexy lover without letting his fingers stop the exploration of Joanna's wobbling breasts as Kelly leaned forward slowly. Sliding her hands up the cackling woman's restrained arms, over the blouse sleeves the sultry brunette extended her long wet and very skillful tongue until its soft tip licked the sweaty skin between the lower region of Joanna's glistening boobs.

"AhGoawod! Aha! Weeheehiieenah!" Joanna's muscles tensed as the new sensation sent a warm rush through her lower abdomen before Sam's ten tickling fingers retook the bare breasted woman's attention again.

One long slow lick dragged between the jiggling mounds as Kelly raised her head and looked up toward Sam with her chin at Joanna's collar bone. His girlfriend's demonically playful grin spurred Sam on as he began to increase the speed and strength, digging his fingers in harder to the side swells of the sweaty howling woman's breasts resulting in louder deeper crying laughter. Kelly's lips kissed softly across Joanna's chest and onto the rising slope of her left boob, opening her mouth more Kelly bit softly and dragged her teeth toward the peaked nipple causing the exhausted and hyper sensitive red head to screech terribly.

"Oh geez!" Sam expressed excitedly when Kelly wrapped her ravenous lips around Joanna's swollen nipple and licked feverishly causing the top of Joanna's head to press back into his rock hard erection that threatened to break through the zipper at any moment.

"Awha! AWha! WaheeheenaHO!" Lost to sensation Joanna wailed with the vicious clawing of Sam's fingers that were burying between her arms and sweat soaked rib cage on either side while the nipple sucking caused new and untamed reactions equally as unwanted but undeniably more pleasant.

Using her left hand Kelly scurried her fingers across Joanna's ribs and immediately frolicked around her right stone hard nipple without once relenting from the delicious mouth tickling being served to the left. Damn near breaking point Sam squeezed his hands in a lobster claw fashion around Joanna's soft sensitive rib cage and watched as the mad trapped woman's face flushed bright red below the blindfold. Her full red lips formed a large O shape around the tidal wave of tormented laughter which still somehow managed to escape and Joanna's body finally succumbed to it's inner most desire when every muscle tensed, her mouth opened wider, her toes spread and when the blindfold slipped backward off her head it was plain to see her bright green eyes rolling backward with unbridled passion.

Reasoning that it made perfect sense given how intensely sensitive the rest of Joanna's body was to a regular touch it was little wonder to Kelly that the teasing, sucking, biting, licking and hungry gnawing of the red head's painfully stiff nipples caused her to so quickly have an extreme response. Not satisfied with merely one however the young seductress continued to passionately feed on the red head's sweaty pink breasts and eagerly bought both hands into play. With her ten fingers Kelly began quickly spidering all over poor Joanna's heaving torso adding to the brutal ten finger rib attack Sam was still happily applying.

A second thunderous warmth crashed through Joanna's libido followed by a third volcanic level orgasm which rocked her hard enough to actually shake the bookshelf a little. After several minutes the temperature in the room had to have increased more than a few degrees and the orgasm racked red head was now silently shuddering beneath her two ticklers only occasionally letting go a tiny hoarse squeak of suffering or pleasure, no one was quite sure.

"…baby?" Kelly said after sitting up and wiping her lips when she noticed Sam was still furiously digging his fingers inbetween the now quite delirious Joanna's soft ribs.

"Hmm?" Sam said sliding his hands out from between the sweat soaked sleeves and slippery bright pink rib cage.

"Time to go baby." Kelly said as she stood up and adjusted her now quite wrinkled clothing.

"…definitely." Sam said raising an eyebrow as he examined the slightly messy state of Kelly's hair and the hard earned beads of sweat that ran eloquently down her face, with that erection still raging below he could barely think of anything besides tearing Kelly's clothes off and putting his strained manhood to good use.

"Don't worry Jo" Kelly said almost sympathetically as she took Sam's hand and the couple looked down at the exhausted tickle ravaged red head still firmly trapped beneath the bookcase and upside down recliner. "Trey will help you."

"…t-Treyyy…" Joanna whimpered in her dazed and near breathless state. "…Trey's gonna…gonna be so mad at yooouu…"

"That's pretty unlikely honey" Kelly said as she followed Sam out the doorway and slowed only to offer her final words "when I explained your situation to Trey on the phone earlier…well, who do you think it was told me how ticklish you are?"


Any and all comments are most appreciated! :D

12-09-2009, 09:25 AM
WOW, I don't know if you've seen anything I've written, but if you did you'd know this is right up my alley. Don't let it be so long before your next tale.

There is nothing more fun than watching someone get unsuspectedly stuck especially when someone opportunistic stumbles along. I also find it irresistable when whatever they attempt to do to escape only makes the situation worse.

You should be proud. Great work!

12-09-2009, 09:28 AM
A year is a long time to wait on a story, but this story was well worth the wait!

I really enjoyed it TickleMantis! Thanks!

Please don't make us wait so long for the next installment!

Black Widow
12-09-2009, 04:06 PM
Never a disappointment from you, TM. Thanks for taking the time to entertain us with your magnificently imaginative work. :)

Marquis De Sade
12-09-2009, 04:26 PM
Awesome work. I was wondering where you'd gone to. Well worth the wait. :)

12-09-2009, 06:47 PM
A masterfull peace of work from a master

12-09-2009, 07:55 PM
Another masterpiece, TM! Good to have you back behind the pen! Good twist at the end there...Hopefully poor Joanna will get her REVENGE sometime in the future! :firedevil

12-10-2009, 12:42 PM
Great fun - I loved it! Wonderful to see you back. This was sexy, humorous, well-written and visual. I loved the build up and the painstaking approach the tickling.


12-12-2009, 04:46 PM
Fuck, that was hot. :firedevil

I always enjoy your stories, man. You never cease to amaze me. :devilish:

love feet
12-13-2009, 01:52 PM
very hot!!

12-16-2009, 03:09 AM
Sorry for the late reply friends! :D

Thanks for all the positive comments, I'm flattered. A year is far, far too long between stories. It's been a busy one to be sure, but it's not like I didn't have time. I'll endevour to be quicker this go round.

I'm sure looking foward to writting more of the Stuck stories, I really enjoy writting it and it's even better when I know you kind folks are enjoying it too. Next up I think will be a sequel to the StarBurst story set in my good friend Lou Panther's CITA universe and then either a return to Stuck or maybe a Tina story, those seem to be my three main projects...hopefully with a bit more speed :p

Thanks again! :D

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TickleMantis, I'm glad to see your stories come back! I loved this story!

Marquis De Sade
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01-18-2010, 06:09 PM
You're too kind Marquis, thanks! :D