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Auhtor's Note> Home Invasion by Suikoden was an inspiration for this prequel. A little badguy humor before the release of something big. With the permission of Mr. MTJ and Sukoden I have been in the shadows working on a cloak and omeatto tickling I been rathet few months have I officially recently these last few months have I officially gocently these last few months have I officially got on the forum. So before I get on with this I want to thank Sukoden for all the spoort and proof reads. This story I kind of just pitched as a prequal of characters to come to test the waters.

The Life of a Snitch

Long day in Stratford Connecticut Eddie was a short 5’2” Hispanic male with fuzzy puffy brown hair like a palm tree. Like most Hispanics of Connecticut he began his life in Norwalk where most of them lived. Recently Eddie had grown into his mid twenties and spent most of his time on the streets normally not a good sign of life for some but he made most of his living pushing drugs and running a porn corner store. He decided on the business when he saw that cute hot British chick in the Avengers get tickled tortured in A&E special which was removed off the air due to content. Since then tickling was his thing but damn was it hard to be out about it and even fracking harder to find a girl.

Last time he met a girl on some forum online, it was a little playful he was shy getting to know his comfortable surroundings. Finally a place to be what he was instead of hiding in the world. Wrong so wrong, finds out the person happens to be nothing like her picture. It was like the sad story of Strawberry Shortcake from little girl to bustly adult with muffin top strapped into a tube top like a choked veinna sausage muffin. To top it off worst she became a he and well let’s says the big sign made of cardboard was hurdled faster than a disc in the Olympics. Was a pain in the ass to explain why he was in jail for assault to a grandma with a deadly magic marker Kenmore box top?

Needless to say Eddie didn’t stop trying though used more of a fine brush this time. Word on the street was that a new drug called Feather was out and this was the shit of all tickling drugs. Made people horny, feel nothin, happy and above all made people ticklish as all hell! Problem was the supplier was third marketing from a higher source and supposedly this main marketer was pissed off beyond belief. In his small business he got a small supply of it and business was booming. People were renting, buying, and making tickling clips like no tomorrow.

Later that evening Bryce just sat in the afterglow of some Feather and this cute little Canadian from one of the universities. She came so hard with one stroke of that soft gull feather it was better than vibrator scene in playboy. Eddie smoked a cigarette at his desk and the girl got off the bed crawling to him her disheveled red hair shook and she giggled like nothing else in the world like everything was funny. She had a lean figure with tight curve breasts with perky nipples and Eddie just pat his crotch and she literally spider walk on all fours.

A knocking came at the door and Eddie grumbled. “I’m busy with manager duties, Tony handle it!”

As she began to unzip his pants and suckle on his already wet tip the banging came more assistant. Eddie grumbled and flicked off at the door as she expertly showed a trick with that bar pierced between her tongue and Eddie had that million dollar smile. Insistently the door was banged on harder and Eddie pats her head and zipped his junk up into his pants. By now Tony was flying through the door onto the floor bloody up the Italian guy he hired from college was twisting in pain. Before Eddie were two guys one decked out like trench coat mafia the other a gun slinging Texas Ranger. Aw shit Ross Hunter and Kevin Dale two bad ass anti-heroic cops of Stratford if there was bad shit going down and two men who didn’t give a damn about their jobs it was these guys.

“Hey Ross whose wife is my best customer how are you doing, how’s that divorce going down with you and the misses.” Eddie said dastardly smirking as the Canadian girl walked her naked butt back to the bed and smiled giggling purring at the two men.

In the flash of a second Ross came charging towards Eddie who ran like a chicken shit with his head cut off around the room. “Hell not police procedure! Police brutality! Police brutality!”

Dane kicked out his foot tripping Eddie and with one mighty grab Ross held the palm tree braided idiot and growled down close to Eddie’s ear. “I don’t have time for you Snitch where’s my wife?!”

Eddie blinked last he saw her she bought five cases of Feather and was with Blades. If any sick motherfucker was out there Blades was the sickest he had an enormous tickling fetish let alone serial killer hotlist the size of Pamela Anderson’s bra. “I ain’t know nothin, she bought a couple of movies and went home.”

Ross went to the door frame and placed his head between the door and the frame and asked again. Ross was a Hispanic as well with a short fuzzy head the one thing that was proven about Hispanics they had foul tempers. “I know people are buying Feather from you, did she buy Feather here tonight?”

“I ain’t got nothing to say too you!” Eddie shouted as the Canadian girl laughed her head silly too doped up to tell he was in trouble.

“That would be the wrong answer, Ross my amigo tell him what he won?” Dane said jokingly.

The door slammed fast and hard like someone took a wet waffle bat and beat his left temple in. “Shit!”

“I believe shit is the incorrect answer.” Ross said coldly and slammed the door again.

“Oh god you sick fucks!” Eddie squirmed and Dane helped Ross hold him down.

Right when they were both holding the door Eddie pleaded them to stop. “All right all right, she was here picked up a copy of Uptown Pleasures and three vials of Feather. Listen I just push it I ain’t the one making it!”

They both slammed the door hard Eddie’s left and right temples now bleeding. “Jesus lord almighty you cock sucking gay fucks! Don’t you cops have any morals?! Victor Blades took her! Victor Blades took her! He said something of a warehouse in New Haven’s Industrial district! That’s all I know he told me not to say nothin and bought three cases of a dozen. Please it ain’t my fault she was hooked on this crap it ain’t my fault!”

Ross eyes fueled with anger he may be divorced with his ex-wife but he be damned if some punk on his beat harm her. “Where can I find him Eddie? Who knows where Victor can be found in the Industrial District?”

“Derrick Bravo, North sides Cliff Bar. He works for Victor please don’t tell him I squealed they’ll kill me!” trembling Eddie felt their grip loosen as they left the room.

Eddie felt dizzy and with a major headache he kick Tony several times before going upstairs to his bathroom and main living quarters. The Canadian girl was still there giggling her head off by the time he came back and Eddie officially closed shop early tonight not caring for the junkies outside. Though one caught his attention one with a lightning bolt on her belt buckle her name was Carmella he almost forgot about meeting with her tonight he had been emailing her for weeks and called herself Thunder Goddess on the forums. At first when he saw her pictures they didn’t do her justice as he saw her now light flesh tone skin wrapped in a low cut tube top and knee high heel boots. She had a black fuzzy fur coat abut her body opening the door he let her in squeezing between his arm and the door as junkies tried to get inside but only got a swat from his hand.

“Carmella wow, I almost forgot about tonight sorry. It’s been a bad day for business.” Eddie said nervously.

Her soft lips parted into a smile her eyes glisten in the low light of the streets. “It’s all right Eddie do you still have the stuff you were talking about?”

Eddie nodded he was staring at a lean athletic super model goddess oh god life was good now it didn’t matter about the two cops it was all about Carmella tonight. Leading her into his office he openly blamed Tony for the giggly Canadian girl who was now ridding the unconscious dumbass. Up the stairs the small loft apartment was small, yet cozy in that college cluttered way. A large oval bed in the side of the room took a good portion of the studio. Eddie guided Carmella onto the bed and began to unlace her boots and massage the warmth out of her soft soles. Light smell of leather came from her feet and Eddie was getting a boner from just touching them. She toss her coat aside and lay on her stomach.

Carmella cooed as her feet were massaged and purred as he gave small sensual kisses to her pink soles. His hands held her ankles and slowly his tongue played between her toes and she let out a soft moan followed by giggles. It was like fine wine and a steak got his fetish on and no complaints. Carmella parted her toes and grinned as he took his lips around each one softly her hips grinding towards him suggestively coaxing him to go further. Lifting the bottom of the red short skirt he saw Victoria secret undies and Eddie let out a soft “score!”

“Eddie? Who’s your supplier? I really want to start ordering some when I get back home. You do know some of my girls in my den are all talking about you.” Carmela cooed as Eddie kissed along her legs a finger stroking her womanhood softly.

Eddie traced a gentle finger along her soft warm soles his other stirring along the borders of her panties. “Russians in Texas. . . Can we talk business after pleasure?”

Carmella grinned as he pulled her panties past her ankles and turned around unlacing her dress. “Why not both at the same time Eddie I mean your so strong, smart, and boyishly handsome.”

Boyishly handsome he wasn’t some punk ass but Eddie let that slide she was older than him but whatever. “Sure.”

As he stroke fingers slowly around her navel Carmella giggled and wiggled her finger. Eddie’s hand did more talking than his lips as he caressed her breasts which were growing rigid the brown areoles stiffening under his ministrations. She took his wrists ad gave him a stern look as if not to forget business and Eddie grumbled as he took his wrists back and place kisses along her fine worked six packs.

“Russians in Texas *kiss* make Feather then sell it to second or third stake buyers. Guy like me gets them from buying them from a bigger supplier. For example Vermilion’s Mafia, bunch of Italians in the Westport town district Toni’s father gives him some and I push, pocket extra and give Tony a cut. But the boy’s so stupid he couldn’t push Feather with out knowing its buyers.”

“Is that it?” Carmella flutter her eye lashes and Eddie put her feet on his lap.

Removing his clothes right down to his green Lantern boxers he began to tickle her feet which Carmella playfully pulled away shaking a finger. Eddie was growing frustrated she was playing hard to get and literally laid on top of her and began to kiss along her neck with a few nibbles her legs curled up beside his body and he kissed lower down along her stomach her hands in her hair panting. Right when he kissed her clit Eddie felt her legs tighten around his neck and he practically choked eyes looking down at her.

“Eddie-kins is that all?” Carmella smiled turned almost eerily dominating which was hot.

Eddie gave her pussy a playful lick and nodded she closed her eyes a moment her smile went to a grin her crotch now on his nose. “Good boy.”

Like the speed of a cheetah and savannah hunter on the discovery channel she pounce the pitiful Eddie whose defenses were all but none. Her legs movements jerk him forward and the lovely scent of her sex was so intoxicating he was going to blow just from the scent and warm feel on his nose till he realized she snapped to her right so hard his nose came unhinged and blood gush onto the floor. Carmela stood over him dominating like a proud lioness and grabbed her belt buckle and hogtied Eddie to the floor before she pressed something on her ear. In minutes men in black suits came in each man carrying a standard .45 all aimed at him. Eddie couldn’t believe his luck that was twice he snitched out information and obviously Carmella wasn’t Carmella and he began banging his head on the floor.

A cute beautiful redhead kneeled beside him smiling and strokes a red finger nail under his jaw line. Giving his nose a playful thwack that hurt like hell she smiled at him a moment before digging into his sides to tickle him and he snickered in agony. The redhead nodded once and looked to Carmella the men hauling him off and finding his stash of Feather. This drug was just more than a common drug on market but the red head could tell that their stake out paid off as Carmella grinned naked before her smirking.

“So Samantha Storm, how does it feel to be back in the saddle after so long?” Angela said with a cheeky grin.

Samantha got her dress on fastening the belt buckle with a lightning bolt on it and looked over her shoulder. “Glad to be back, things were getting boring with these smaller cases. Hopefully this is big. Otherwise Fox will have to hire more training partners if I fall into boredom again.”

Angela snickered and looked up at the raven hair beauty with a coy smile. “You didn’t get tickled this time around, shame he’s so young. Think when I give a go at it he’ll listen to reason?”

“Do they ever?” Samantha smirked as she walked out the door with Angela.

Eddie looked out from the van back doors at Carmella damn she was hot though now he was busted sitting in his Green Lantern boxers. As they drove off his nose placed back and patched up he sighed. Suddenly the van took an hour to get wherever it was going. It was cold as heck and not even Green Lantern’s sturdy boxers were giving him warmth or making him feel super. As the back doors open there was a gunfight and Eddie jumped out into the cold night rain hitting hard they were apparently by the long island sound hearing the ocean. Running like a bitch behind a trash can he peered over to the dead guys in the suit before a pair of strong hands gripped his shoulders lifting him off the ground.

“My name is Ms. Kraus, my employer wishes to know about Feather and how to acquire it. Refuse and well you and I get to be good friends.” Kraus implied this with a brief tickle to Eddie’s balls the large German blonde bombshell manhandled his two twins.

“Aw shit. . . “ Eddie sighed resound to his fate as he was hauled over her shoulder into the cold rainy night.

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Ah now this one I didn't know about. It was a fun surprise though and I liked the intro about Eddie's online hook-ups. :)

This makes for a nice prologue into C&F. Nice work man. :)