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Probably one of my most popular stories ever. I am very happy be reposting it here today.

The Ultimate Lynda Carter Experience
By SlaverTickler
Staring Lynda Carter
M/F, Abduction, Bondage, Non Consent, Foot Play

Part 1: Introduction to Ivan

Lynda Carter, both a feminist icon, and 70's sex symbol for her role as Wonder Woman of the same decade, had just finished speaking at a women's rally at the Metro Convention Center in Toronto Ontario, Canada. The radiant woman, even at 56, stepped out of the impressive building, located near the Canadian National Exhibition. Unaware, utterly clueless, of the tragic, and humiliating experience she would be forced to endure. The mother of two posed for pictures with the mayor, and several local women's advocates, and did a quick interview with the local press. It was a big deal to have Lynda up in Toronto, it was rare that she even left Washington, where she and husband (lawyer) Robert Altman lived. However she was happy to come to visit her "sisters" in the great white north and reinforce their empowerment in any way she could. Now, however, it was time for her to go to the airport, as she had to head out to California to start filming a new movie, and then it would be back home... or so she had thought.

After discussing with the local media on every thing from important women's issues to whom she felt would be a good successor to the roll of Wonder Woman in the up coming movie, she excused herself politely and made her way across the parking lot. Once at her vehicle, the actress fished through her purse looking for her keys. Photographers snapped several parting photos, as several cars passed, and then a van stopped directly in front of her. Just then a man who had been laying in the back of the station wagon next to her car sat up. Seeing his opportunity to strike, he got out and grabbed the mature beauty, dragging her kicking and screaming into his car. Lynda tried to get lose of her attacker, but the man was just too big, and easily over powered her 5'9" 130 lbs frame. When the van finally moved along all the crowd saw was a pair of black 6" pumps, and Lynda's purse on the ground near her car. Everyone assumed she had been pulled into the van, and while the police stopped and searched the wrong vehicle, a tan station wagon pulled away, with an unconscious Lynda Carter laying in the back.

About an hour or so later Lynda awoke, her long lashes batting as she regained her senses. The images before her came into focus, and she couldn't believe what she saw. In front of her a set of old fashioned stocks held her ankles securely. Looking around she could see other items as well, like a large metal frame, shaped like an X, and a padded table with leather straps on it. Looking up she saw a hoist device with chains dangling from pulleys. It wasn't a big room either, in fact it was just big enough to hold the restraining devices, and some room to walk around them. The walls an floor appeared to be solid cement, and everything seemed to be sunk into the floor, including the chair she was sitting on. Looking down Ms. Carter sighed as she saw her blouse and skirt were still on, though she noticed her shoes seemed to be missing, as well as the jacket that matched her skirt. The woman's head turned sharply as she heard a creaking to her left, and saw a man walk in through a a thick wooden door.

"Ah, you are awake, good." said the man with a thick, east European accent, "I welcome you to the last place you will see in your life... unless you cooperate."

"What's going on, why did you bring me here?" demanded Lynda, struggling as the man grew closer.

"My name is Ivan, and you are here because you ruined my life." said the man, "When my wife and I came here many years ago we were happy, I worked, she took care of home and children," he continued. "Then one day she is taken to women's rally by a neighbours nosey wife, and when she come home she said being a wife and mother at home is not enough anymore, she wants to go to school and become accountant, or something like that!" he said, his voice getting louder.

"What does that have to do with me?" asked Lynda, "I've never said anything against women choosing to stay home, why pick me?"

"Have you seen other feminist, who else would I get?" he commented.

The man walked away from Lynda, who began struggling anew. The mature beauty watched as her captor walked over to a cabinet she hadn't noticed before, and opened it to reveal bizarre devices. There were no sharp objects or anything one might expect in a dungeon or torture chamber, there were feathers, and vibrators of different sizes and colours, and she was sure she saw an egg shaped item in there too. When the man turned around she recognized the item in his left hand as a palm-corder, and in his right appeared to be a stand for it. Ms. Carter watched as the small camera stand was placed on the wooden piece that kept her ankles trapped, and put the camera on top.

"Now you will tell camera that you think a woman's place is at home." ordered the man.

"No!" exclaimed Lynda, "A woman's place is where she wants it to be, I'll never say other wise!"

"Then you leave me no choice." said the man with a sad tone, "If you will not do as I say, I will tickle your feet."

Lynda almost screamed when she heard the word tickle come from the man's mouth. Fortunately her mind over road her emotions, and she not only kept quiet, but kept a cool poker face as well. Tickling was hell for the actress, and, though her feet weren't her worst spot, she knew it would be torturous to endure it. However she felt that if she could hold out for a certain length of time, maybe he might get bored, or give up. Carter could see the reluctance in his eyes, he really didn't want to do what he had done, but his ego had been bruised by his wife's words. Ivan felt his value to her was less then it had been before, and Lynda had to make him realize that it wasn't about loving him less as much as his wife simply wanted to do something for herself.

"Don't be silly Ivan." commented Lynda as her captor turned on the camera, "Do you really think that tickling can make me go against my beliefs?" she asked, as she nervously watched the man kneel down, "Your wife isn't leaving you Ivan, she is just trying to find herself."

"You will say it, yes?" asked Ivan once more.

"No Ivan I will not!" said Lynda firmly.

Taking a deep breath Ivan ran a finger down the arch of Lynda's right foot. The actress' foot spasmed, and she bit her lip in an effort to conceal her laughter. Closing her eye's and squirming in the chair, the man repeated the stroking of her sole over and over again. It was slow and gentle, methodical almost, every stroke was from heel to ball and back again. Curling her toes, Lynda felt her breath becoming shorter, a wheeze even, as giggles fought hard to escape her. The helpless woman didn't want to laugh, she knew that laughter would lead to begging, and begging would only encourage him to continue... it always encouraged ticklers to continue. The pit of her stomach began to fill with pressure from the suppressed reaction, and she began to feel like a pop gun with the cork glued on.

The crouching man was surprised at Lynda's resistance, and even admired her resolve, but he needed to get her to speak those magic words, and so he knew he had to up the pressure. Turning his head, he continued to stroke one foot, while bringing another hand to work on the other. The Arizona native's eyes opened wide, and she grunted her disapproval, but didn't dare speak because she knew she would burst into hysterical laughter. The poor woman's legs spasmed like never before, as Ivan's fingers ruthlessly worked over her soles, and soon her entire body seemed to be twitching slightly, as the tension built and built within her restrained body. Seconds turned into minutes, and still all the tormentor could get was slight whimpers from his helpless victim. Then he dug his fingers under her toes.

"NO, snort, giggle, n-no please, heh, hehe, no, no ,no, no." grunted Lynda as the thick finger kneaded the sensitive area, "P-please, don't do this... hehehe, hahaha, please, I-I didn't do a-anything wrong... please stop it..." Suddenly the laughter began to flow, and Lynda found herself unable to speak.

"You know what you must do," reminded the Euro-Canadian. "If you want me to stop, say what I told you to say."

The man dug in to the crevice under the actress' toes, and she screamed and desperately tried to pull her feet back through the stocks. Shrieks rattled of the concrete walls of the little torture chamber, and all Lynda could think about was how badly she wanted to get away from the tickling fingers. As she threw her head back and let out a beautiful bout of hysterical laughter, Ms. Carter could feel one set of fingers leave her left foot. Though she was thankful to have one of her feet left alone, she soon felt her toes being pulled back on her right foot. Pleading like her life depended on it, and knowing her sanity might, she hoped to appeal the man's reluctant side. She had noticed how warm and compassionate his eyes seemed. Unfortunately the man was dedicated to breaking her spirit if that's what it took to get her to say what he wanted.

"Hahahahaha, hehehehehe, no, never, hehehehehe, hahahahaha, g-get out of there, g-get away from my feet, leave me alone... hahahahaha, hehehehehe..." screamed Lynda as her captor continued his assault, "I-I w-won't do it... hehehehe, hahahaha, hehehehe... never!"

After a brief, but ruthless, period of time, Ivan decided he wasn't getting the desired result. It wasn't like he could keep Ms. Carter here for a long period of time, even if the police had no clue where to look for her. Chances are he could keep her here for as long as a year, or even as long as he wanted, but then he would have to feed her, and bathe her. All he wanted was for her to say the sentence into the camera, and then he would let her go. He didn't want her to suffer any longer then she had to, but this stubborn woman simply would not comply. Taking hold of the nylon around her left foot, he pulled and tore the stoking up the center, exposing her soft pink soles to the air.

"Don't you touch me anymore!" screamed Lynda, as the tickling sensations seemed to subside for a moment, "How dare you lay you hands on... um... oh.. oh my... no wait... don't do that... mmmmm... oh wow.... stop... um.... it.... ow... now?"

The woman's rage seemed to subside as she felt the mouth of her abductor wrap around her toes. His tongue worked it's way over each of her little piggies, causing her to coo despite her best efforts not to. It had been years since a man had sucked on her toes, not since she had her daughter in fact. Lynda closed her eyes and licked her lips, while her long fingernails clawed at the wooded arms of the chair. Gradually Carter became lost in the pleasure her captor was forcing upon her. She couldn't resist it; it felt so good having the man's lips suck at her toes like a hungry puppy sucking a teat. As the imposed pleasure continued the actress felt her legs tremble, and her breath became short. Soon her head was spinning, and she felt a tingle between her legs as her labia began to swell from the toe-teasing tongue of her tormentor.

The moans and groans of the bound woman didn't fall on deaf ears, and Ivan had to admit he was enjoying the erotic deed of playing with Ms. Carter's feet as well. Never having considered himself a "foot guy" he simply enjoyed bringing pleasure to a women, and fortunetly his wife loved to have her feet played with, so he had gotten quite a bit of experience over the last 20 years. Now, however, was not the time to fall under this wondrous woman's spell. He had to break her, and this was getting to be fun. Bringing his hand up to her right foot he, ever so gently, began to stroke it with his finger tips again. Lynda's eye's shot open, and her lips parted into an involuntary smile. Finally she began to make a funny neighing sound like a horse.

"Weehehehe, oh, hahahaha, hehehehe, mmmmm, oh no, please.... snort.... this is so... mmmmm, oh god hehehehehe, hahahahaha, oh yes, no wait... don't please... hehehehehe, hahahahaha, hehehehe... ohhhhhhhh.....mnmmmmm... STOP IT!" screamed Lynda as the conflicting sensation coursed through her helpless body.

"Will you do as I say?" asked Ivan, "Will you say what I told you to say?"

"No, never, I'll never do that!" screamed Lynda.

With a sigh and a shrug, Ivan gently bent back the toes on her naked left foot, forcing the skin to become tight. The look on Lynda's face was one of absolute terror as she anticipated what was going to happen. The big man waited for a moment, allowing the anxiety to build, then his fingers began to rake mercilessly at the bottoms of the woman's foot. Lynda nearly jumped out of her skin, she jerked about in her chair like an electric current was passing through her. Screaming and laughing hysterically, the mature beauty threw her head from side to side, pulled at her wrist restraints with every ounce of strength she had, and pulled with her leg muscles until she thought she might pull a muscle. Tears rolled down the cheeks of both tickler and ticklee as the ruthless torturing of her foot went on and on. Suddenly Lynda felt that urge that every person on the receiving end of a tickling dreads, the need to pee.

"OH NO, HEHEHEHEHE, HAHAHAHAHA, PLEASE, I'M GOING TO PEE, HEHEHEHEHE, HAHAHAHAHA, THIS ISN'T RIGHT, PLEASE STOP BEFORE I..." screamed Lynda, just has her resistance gave out, and urine ran down her leg,

"I will not stop, not until you do what I told you to." sobbed the man. "You must do what I..." looking up Ivan saw his tickling had stopped have it's effect. Lynda had passed out.

Part 2: Bent over laughing
M/F None Consent, Bondage, Teasing, Forced Orgasm

The captive awoke with a whiff of smelling salts. Still in groggy state she was unable to focus enough to resist having at her captor as he locked her neck and wrists in the stocks that had previously held her pretty feet in place so they could be tickled mercilessly. The last thing she could remember was the feeling of her bladder giving out, and a wet sensation running down her leg. Now however there wasn't a hint of moisture on her legs, or anywhere. That could only mean her captor, Ivan, must have cleaned her. Which meant he had removed her skirt and panties, and had seen her most private of parts. Lynda felt her face getting warm with humiliation at the thought of someone, other then her husband, seeing her in such a way. Her face turned red as she felt the click of the lock secure her in the stocks.

Regaining her senses Lynda looked ahead to see the chair she had sat on earlier, the leather tassels that had held her so securely laid limp and useless from it's arms and legs. With her head clearing more and more, she began to realize that she wasn't wearing her skirt. When Ivan cleaned her up, a thought that still made her skin crawl, he must have put a pair of shorts on her. Ms. Carter figured they must have been his because they covered her legs half way to her knees, and were loose fitting around her thighs. The man had been kind enough to wrap a belt around her waist to keep them up, but Lynda couldn't think of anything he did as kind, and who could in her place.

"Now you will do as I have told you." said the accented voice of her abductor, as he placed the camera on the seat of the chair, "A woman's place is in the home, say it or suffer for your stubbornness!"

"I am not being stubborn." replied Lynda, "I am being principled, unlike you. What kind of a man does this... other then a coward!" she added.

"I am no coward!" exclaimed Ivan, "Who are you to tell other women how they should live, and to interfere in a happy home!"

"But I didn't, I never said there was anything wrong with being a homemaker. It's not me you should be mad with!" she rebutted. "Just let me go, blindfold me and drop me off someplace. I couldn't tell anyone who you are. Just let me go before you do anything you'll regret."

"I have regretted this from the start." he informed her as he knelt down behind her. "Unfortunately I must finish what I have started. Now do as I have told you."

Ivan took a deep breath, and let it out slowly, before locking the shackles around the woman's ankles. Lynda pleaded for him to let her go, and he tried his best to block out her words. When he was an agent for the KGB he'd had to torture people for information. When it was a man it always seemed so much easier. He was raised not to physically hurt women. His father was very liberal for his time and the place they lived. Ivan's father always told him that it is the responsibility of the strong to protect the weak, and he always remembered that. When his career called for him to interrogate women he always used tickle torture. It took longer, but in time he got his desired results. This was different though; this woman wasn't some sort of threat to national security. She was simply a civilian. But she was a cog in the wheel that had disrupted his life, and she would be made an example of.

With another deep breath he dragged his finger down the backs of Lynda's beautiful tanned thighs, and heard a grunt come from his captive. Ms. Carter hadn't expected to be tickled there, and hadn't even known her legs were ticklish. The thick fingers slowly, softly, stroked up and down, over and over again. The actress tried to pull her limbs away, only to hear the rattling of chains as they were pulled. Ivan's fingers came to rest on the back of Lynda's knee, and began to make little circles against the sensitive skin there. The brunette squealed, and giggles seeped from her lips. Hair flailed as she shook her head in an attempted to block out the sensation. It didn't work, but she had to try.

"Oh, p-please stop... hehehe, hahaha, don't do that, please... giggle... I hate it please... hehehe, hahaha, let me go." pleaded Lynda softly.

"I can not, not until you do what I told you to do!" he told her. "I will set you free right after you say it, so just say it."

Lynda closed her eyes as the mans fingers wiggled up and down the entire length of her long legs. The 5'9" beauty squirmed, wiggled, and pulled trying to get out of her bonds. This time the tickling wasn't as intense; it was almost playful, but just as torturous. Ivan decided to play more of a mind game with his prisoner, using gentle continuous torment after the more aggressive type that had cause her to pass out before. Gently he began kneading the backs of her thighs, and continued to stroke the backs of her knees, knowing that she would have to break sometime. Nobody could endure such a thing for very long. When he'd worked as an agent he once had to interrogate a spy for 3 days before she broke. But she was a highly trained agent, conditioned for torture. There was no way this would take that long. It couldn't; his wife would only be gone for a few hours, and then he would have to return to the house for the evening. He didn't want to leave Ms. Carter in this place overnight.

What was most surprising to Lynda was the effect that her tormentors new method was having. Yes it tickled, and yes it was torment, but it was very sensual, and was causing her to become aroused. Carter did everything she could to keep that bit of knowledge from her tormentor, because she knew if he found out he would no doubt use it against her. But as her arousal increased her loins became dampened with desire, and her feminine scents took to the air. Ivan's nose twitched slightly as Lynda's womanly aroma filled his nostrils, and he smiled slightly. Taking his skilled hands he slid them up the lose fitting legs of the shorts she wore, and began to gently stroke the lower curves of her ass. The actress shrieked, and erupted into chaotic laughter.

"Oh, oh no.... hehehehehe, hahahahaha.... you pig, stop that... snort... don't touch me there... hehehehehe, hahahahaha... stop it, stop it now!" she demanded as his fingers spider walked over her firm back side, "Hahahahaha, hehehehehe, hahahahaha, please, I-I mean it, stop it.... hehehehehe, hahahahaha... please!"

Lynda then felt one of his hands slide into the crotch of the garment, and a finger grazed her stiff clit. Lynda yelped again, but the constant tickling of her ass kept her from becoming sharp with her tone. Pressing his thumb against her love button he began to wiggling it quickly, almost vibrating it, against his prisoners clit. The actress protested between groans and fits of laughter; there were so many contradicting sensations that it made her head spin All she knew was that she was supposed to scream for him to stop, but there was a part of her, however small, that needed release. Just one orgasm a part of her said. But then another part would always make her scream for him to stop. The part that was her heart, a part that was loyal to her husband and children, and to herself. No she couldn't go willingly into the bliss of climax. Not without a fight.

"Oh god, hehehehehe, hahahahaha, oh no please... snort... don't make me cum, I don't want you to make me cum... hehehehe, hahahaha, hehehehe, please, please stop please... snort, giggle, snort... oh, oh, god, oh no, oh no, oh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!" she said as she came reluctantly.

Lynda's knees almost gave out, and her feminine moisture soaked her shorts as it shot from her loins. The woman's vision blurred for just a second, and she found herself short of breath. It had been a long time since she came that hard; it had taken her lover hours to get her to that point. This man had done it in a matter of minuets, and through gently tickling her thighs and ass. Ms. Carter took deep breaths now, as her entire body seemed to relax and tingle at the same time. It was as though all the stress she'd felt since Ivan had abducted her had suddenly left her, if only for a moment. However the orgasm she had was only a precursor to further torture, as the big man knew the effect climaxing would have on her.

Ivan got to his feet, and the prisoner could feel his hard-on press against her through both his and her clothing. Placing his hands on either side of her he began to gently massage her hips. Lynda's eye's opened wide; she had expected him to give her a break after she came, perhaps knocking her out again and maybe tying her to a different device. But now he was continuing with this round of torture. Even worse, Lynda was sure she was more ticklish now then she had been before....ever before in her life.

"Ah-hahahaha, hehehehehe, oh god please don't, hehehehehe, hahahahaha, hehehehehe, stop it, stop now!" screamed Lynda as her tormentors hands danced up and down her ribs, "Please stop... hehehehe, hahahahaha, hehehehehe.... no more, I can't stand it, it's too much... snort, cough cough, snort... please stop it now!" she pleaded.

"Not until you say what you were told to say!" exclaimed Ivan, "And this time if you wet yourself I will not replace your shorts; you will be naked from the waist down. So do what I say please," he added almost pleadingly himself.

"NEVER!" screamed Lynda, "Hehehehehehehe, hahahahahaha, hehehehehehehe, snort snort... I won't I-I-... never will... hehehehe, hahahaha, hehaheha..."

"You will, it is just a matter of time,." replied Ivan, working his finger into Lynda's pits. "Please save yourself this humiliation and just say it."


Urine ran down Lynda's leg for the second time, but this time she didn't pass out though she wished she had. The helpless woman felt utterly humiliated from this man's interrogation method. Her screams and pleas soon faded as she fell into silent laughter....something that would normally bring about a halt to tickling for most people. But not for Ivan. Instead he dug in even more, causing Carter's thrashing to become more and more violent, at least as much as her restraints would let her. Sweat and tears both ran down her face, and the stench of piss filled her nose. The air was gone from her lungs, and she began to panic when it wouldn't come back. Suddenly her vision blurred, and soon everything went black once again. When her legs went limp, Ivan wrapped his arms around her waist, and sighed, a tear of regret rolling down his cheek.

Part 3: Caught with her pants down.

M/F Bondage, Washing, Genital Tickling, Forced Orgasm

Ivan gently laid his prisoner down on the padded table, only a few feet away from the stocks where he had be torturing her a few moments ago. The raven haired beauty had passed out from the intense tickling he had used in his attempt to make her say "A woman's place is in the home". His reasons for wanting her to say this sexist thing was simply that he blamed her and other feminists for the recent problems in his marriage. Apparently his wife had been dragged off to a Women's Rally, meant to inspire and empower those in attendance. When his wife returned she told him that being a homemaker wasn't enough, and that she wanted to attend business and accounting courses. The former KGB agent learned that former Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter had been a guest speaker at this event, and decided to abduct, and make and example out of her using his method of choice (on women): tickling. After being locked in a room, at his mercy for a few hours, Ivan still hadn't been able to break the woman's spirit, nor had he really enjoyed the attempt very much. All he wanted was to get this over with so he could let her go.

After securing the woman's wrist with the leather straps, he bolted his camera into place so it was directed down at her angelic face. Pausing to brush some hair from her cheek, the man sighed, and wondered if what he was doing was worth it. Wiping a tear from his cheek the big man walked down to the foot end of the padded rack and proceeded to remove the woman's shorts. The garment slid down Lynda's long legs, revealing a neatly trimmed triangle of pubic hair that crowned her beautiful flower. Running his eyes over her naked lower body, it was obvious that the 56 year old woman had worked hard to keep herself in shape. Ivan couldn't help but enjoy the sight of her.

The man took a bucket over to a sink, the type a high school janitor would have for his mop, and filled it with warm water and some soap. Then, grabbing a sponge, he returned to his bound prisoner. Looking down he could still see the yellow of the urine that had run down her leg when she lost control of her bodily functions. It was a regular occurrence with people when they are tortured, especially when the interrogator uses tickle torture. Ivan submerged the sponge in the soapy water, and then slashed it down on Lynda's firm legs, slowly dragging it, cleaning them for the second time. The sponge came closer and closer to the woman's pussy with every wash, until finally it was washing it as well. Ms. Carter groaned in her sleep as the warm water washed over her sensitive labia. The rough sponge teased her clit, which had become stiff with the caressing of her legs. Ivan was worried about waking her before he was ready, and decided it was better to finish the task and had and move on.

Once Lynda was cleaned up, her captor then wrapped the soft leather cuffs around her ankles. Moving over to a crank handle, he began to turn it. Slowly the actress and spokeswoman's 5'9" frame was pulled tighter and tighter, and she stirred slightly as she was stretched taught and helpless. Suddenly Ms. Carter's eyes popped open, and even before her vision cleared she knew she was in trouble. Struggling for all she was worth, the half naked woman couldn't escape. The cool tingling of her legs revealed to her that she had been bathed from the waist down, and that she was also naked. She screamed for help and demanded to be let go. The man just stepped back and watched in silence as Lynda worked herself into an frazzled state. The man knew it was just a matter of time before her struggles would exhaust her, and he had nothing better to do at the moment.

After about 20 minutes of ranting and thrashing, Lynda sighed and laid still on the table. Tears welled up in the actress' eyes as she knew she had no hope of escaping, and that her tormentor was going to use tickling to torture her again. Ivan walked over to her, and brushed a tear from her cheek. The former agent looked over his helpless prisoner, watching her body move as her chest rose and fell with every deep breath. Dirt and sweat stained the mature beauties blouse. She had been through allot in the few hours she'd been in his torture chamber, but it was only because she wouldn't do as she was told. If she would just say the words into the camera he would let her go. Bending forward he kissed her softly on the cheek. Ms. Carter spat in his face in response to the gesture.

"That is it, I have tried my best to be nice about this, but you leave me no choice!" he screamed as he turned to his cabinet, "The gloves are off as they say!"

"Nice? You think you've been nice?" replied Lynda, barley able to raise her head enough to look at her captor. "You've bound me, man-handled me....you've been everything but nice to me you bastard!" she continued. "You represent the worst in men! I've never met anyone as depraved or..."

"ENOUGH!" bellowed the man as he returned to the table, several objects in hand. "I have gone easy on you so far, but now I see that was a mistake." he explained, "This time there will be no mercy, this time if you piss yourself I won't care. If you pass out I will simply pour a bucket of cold water on you and start again. All this will happen until you scream 'A woman's place is in the home' !"

"Do you worst, you piece of shit!" replied Lynda, bracing herself for tickling, "I'll never say it!"

Ivan placed his instruments of discomfort on the counter, save a small tube of cream. Popping the cap off, he squirted some into his hand and applied it to his captives right foot. Lynda grunted and giggled as the lotion was rubbed into her pink skin, and she wished she hadn't gotten a pedicure before leaving Washington for Toronto. In fact, she wished she hadn't come to Toronto at all this particular time around. Who would have thought speaking at a Women's Rally could have lead to such a thing. Despite her exhausted state, the woman valiantly struggled in her bonds. Cursing her tormentors rough strong hand, she felt her soles tingle from the lotion like her tongue after sucking on a mint.

The woman tried to curl her toes, but like before Ivan simply pulled them back, and applied some lotion to the crevice at the base of her piggies. The actress' laughter grew more hysterical, but she continued to refuse his demands. Ivan didn't seem to care anymore. He was so pissed off about Lynda spitting on him that he was now able to enjoy torturing her. Reaching over to his small pile of tools, he picked up a item and pressed a small button on it's handle. Then came soft humming, and she bent her head up so she could see it's source. Lynda's eyes opened wide with terror at the sight of the electric toothbrush in Ivan's hands.

"Oh no, please Ivan, don't use that." pleaded the teary eyed brunette, "I can't stand it anymore, please let me go."

"N,." said Ivan, suppressing his prisoner by turning off the camera. "Before I was easy on you... all you had to do was speak into the camera, and say, a woman's place is in the home, but you would not," he continued. "I was not really enjoying doing this to you until you spit in my face. Now you must beg for me to let you say your confession into the camera."

"Do you think you can make me turn my back on my beliefs just by tickling me?" asked the helpless woman, as her wind came back to her. "Not a chance, I'll never do it!"

Ivan shrugged, and pulled back the toes on Lynda's foot again. With a push of his thumb the electric toothbrush began to buzz again, and he pressed it against the ball of his prisoners foot. Lynda shrieked and pulled violently at her bounds. Never in her life had she imagined something could tickle so much. Then again she didn't go around thinking about how much something could tickle. The rotating bristles of the device scrubbed at top of her sole, causing her to plead and beg like never before. The actress' mind was a swirl of bright colours; pinks, oranges and reds seemed to whirl before her eyes like a sheer blanket. Dizzy and tired, Lynda could do nothing to defend herself. She couldn't even move anymore... just lay there and laugh.

After working the same treatment on the prisoners other foot for a few minuets, Ivan stopped to have a cool drink of water, none of which he offer to Lynda. Tears and sweat covered her face, and it glistened in the dim light of the room. Pulling out a small bottle of baby oil, Ivan flipped it's lid and tipped it upside down over Ms. Carters legs. Thin lines of the lubricating liquid landed on the bound woman's long sexy legs until the bottle was completely empty of it. Then the man began to massage it all over her thigh's and calves. The man's touch didn't tickle this time, it actually felt nice, though Lynda tried to resist it's effects. All the tension in most of her lower body seemed to leave her. Soon she let a gentle sigh escape her, as the strong hands kneaded the knots out of her gams.

Suddenly Lynda felt the messaging hands stop at her knees. The strong "ham-hocks" wrapped themselves around the top of her leg joint, and started to squeeze that area repeatedly. The actress stirred slightly, and giggles erupted from her again. Still tired from having her feet worked over she could barely move, but as the pace of the hand movement quickened, the laughter grew louder and louder. Soon the sweet, hysterical symphony that is Ms. Carter's tortured laugh echoed off the walls of the small room. In her mind she recalled an incident involving a high school boyfriend under the bleachers; his hands squeezing her knees because she wouldn't kiss him. He got his kiss soon enough. Lynda hated to be tickled, but she had wanted to kiss him anyway so the tickling just gave her an excuse.

"Oh god, hehehehehe, hahahahaha, stop, Ivan stop!" she screamed. "Please, hehehehehe, hahahahaha, no more, I-I'm so tired, stop it!"

"Never!" replied Ivan firmly. "I will not stop till you are broken!"

Lynda laughed, coughed, snorted and pleaded for her tormentor to stop, but true to his word he refused. In fact he was truthful in admitting he was now enjoying his prisoners suffering...so much so that he now had a tent in his baggy pants from watching his hostages curvy figure squirm on the padded table. The actress' screams didn't fall on deaf ears, but on ears that were living for her next round of pleads and giggles. The more she laughed, begged and wiggled about, the more aroused Ivan became. Not to mention the sight of her pussy with it's trim crowning of dark pubic hair was very beautiful to his eyes as well. What was it with women and the need to shave the private area? Ivan simply didn't understand the appeal of a vagina that looked prepubescent. Disgusting. A woman should look like a woman.

"Oh no...hahahahaha, hehehehehe, hahahahaha... please Ivan stop it, hehehehehe, hahahahaha, hehehehehe... I'm going to pee again," Lynda informed the now delighted Ivan. " Please... snort... no more... cough cough... tickling... snort!"

Golden liquid shot from Carter's urethra like it was water from a hose, hitting the padded leather, and some splashing out against her thighs. Ivan smiled and used it as an excuse to grab a different toy. First he poured some fresh water on the counter causing the yellow puddle to be dispersed, then picked up a pair of small, soft bristled brushes and dipped them into some warm soapy water. Before Lynda had even gotten her breath back she felt the brush scrubbing her inner thighs, causing her to scream again and return to a hysterical, giggling heap. With a gasp the actress passed out, but again true to his word Ivan took a small pail, filled it with cold water and threw it on her, bringing her back to the land of the living with a yelp.

"YOU BASTARD!" screamed Lynda, as she snorted water out of her nose, "How dare you treat anyone like this! Who do you think you are?"

Ivan said nothing in return, but smiled as he noticed his prisoners white blouse had become virtually transparent, and he could make out the pattern of her dark blue bra. Walking back to the foot of the rack, the man picked up a long stiff feather. It was very wide, and was a beautiful shade of green. Lynda had never seen a bird with such a feather before. She had seen large feathers and green feathers, but never a bird with feathers that size that were that shade of green. Looking across the rack he stared directly into the actress' blue eyes. He smiled and moved to the side of the table. Once in position her began to stroke her upper, inner thigh with the feather.

"HEY!" yelled Lynda, "Watch where your putting... HEY, WATCH IT I SAID!" she added as the feather came uncomfortably close to her feminine area.

'This is the third time you have peed in my special room." replied Ivan, still stroking with the feather. "In your American Baseball in 3 strikes you are out, yes?" he continued. "Well your pussy has struck out for the third time, and I am going to punish it."

With that Ivan ran the feather up between his captives labia, causing her to shriek and try to lift her ass off the padded surface of the rack. If it weren't for the restraints, Lynda was sure she would have gone through the ceiling of the torture chamber all together. Her tormentor, however, was pleasantly surprised by her reaction. Again the feather stroked the actress' loins, and again she shrieked. However, this time Ivan placed his hand on her stomach so she could not thrash about so much. Up and down, over and over he stroked the slit with the toy of torture. Lynda squealed, and broke out into laughter anew. Never before had she been tickled in that particular area...not even her current husband had found that spot. She didn't even know she had a ticklish pussy. Wriggling from side to side did her no good, as the man just slipped the feather up between her swelling love lips and tickled her with out mercy.

"STOP, STOP IT, HAHAHAHAHA, HEHEHEHEHE, HAHAHAHAHA, PLEASE, DON'T, STOP IT... HAHAHAHAHA, HEHEHEHEHE, HAHAHAHAHA!" never before had a spot on Lynda's body seemed so ticklish it was maddening; every second of being in this place had been.

Unfortunately for Lynda, her clit had mistaken the sensation as arousing, and had decided to peek out from the mouth folds of her vagina. Upon seeing the little love button appear, Ivan decided to give it a shot with the feather as well. Lynda cooed at sensation, then went back to giggling and pleading. The tormenting man smiled and attacked Lynda's clit again continuously. Lynda's laughter gradually faded and was replaced by the sound of ecstasy. The fiendish man brought a second feather to bare on her loins, turning her coo's into moans as her breath grew shorter and shorter.

"Oh god, oh no not again." groaned Lynda. "Please, don't make me cum again... mmmmm, oh ya.... I mean stop please... oh, mmmmm, owe.... don't... do... it... again.... oh, oh my god.... oh please get away from my cli-cli-..... OH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!" she screamed as a climax put her to sleep.

Part 4: Ivan's Last Effort

M/F, Bondage, Teasing, Forced Orgasm, F/Violence

Cold water splashed against Lynda's bound body, and she awoke with a shocked look on her face. For the brief moment she had been unconscious she had thought the real world had been a dream. The actress and activist had been at home in Washington DC with her husband and 2 children, that were just about to sit down to a Sunday dinner of roast beef when the chill of the water brought her back. Looking around she realised she was no longer laying on the rack like before. Now she was vertical, but still restrained. The cool sensation on her entire body alerted her to the fact that she was now completely naked, exposed and utterly helpless. Turning her head from side to side, Ms. Carter discovered she was on the X shaped device she'd seen when she first woke up here. Even her fingers were locked in bizarre looking thimble like devices to keep her hand spread open. Right in front of her was Ivan, the bastard who had abducted her outside the Metro Convention Center, where she had given an empowering and passionate speech to a group of men and women. Shortly thereafter this man had taken her prisoner, knocked her unconscious, and brought her to this heinous place.

Ivan moved closer to the soaking TV star. The 70's Icon looked into her captors eyes and saw none of the reluctance that had been there before. When she first awoke here there was a certain amount of remorse she felt coming from the former KGB agent, as though he didn't really want to do this to her. Then, after she spat in his face, he seemed to shift gears and no longer showed any remorse or compassion towards her. When she was bound to the padded rack she though he was going to kill her with his heinous method of interrogation. All she could think about was escape until he started squeezing her knees, then she couldn't think at all. Now she was helpless before her foe, like Sampson, or even her old character Wonder Woman with out her magic belt.

This has gone on long enough." hissed the man as he stood nose to nose with his prey. "You will say it, or next I will put you into the suspension harness and you will never leave here... EVER!"

"Fuck you garlic eater!" said Lynda, not sure where she'd picked up that expression from. "You are beneath contempt. How many rubbles did it cost you to buy your wife anyway?"

Ivan brought up his hand and almost struck Lynda, who didn't flinch an eyelash. Fortunately he remember his father's teachings of the stronger protecting the weak. This woman was certainly not weak, but she was not big enough for him to be hitting. A man he could hit, but never a woman. That was the one thing he kept true to his entire life. It was frustrating in many ways, but he had to honour his this one belief. It was all his father had ever asked him to do.... just keep that one tradition. Now it was time to finish this once and for all. Lynda would be broken.... she would say "A woman's place is in the home". But to teach her a lesson he would keep her for a few more days, maybe a week, just to drive home the point.

Stepping back from the bound beauty, Ivan took in an eyeful of her amazing body. It was hard to believe she was nearing 60. Ms. Carter's physique was still tone and her breasts were still full and northern. Nothing seemed to sag or appeared wrinkled. The woman glared at him. Her face red with rage as she was ogled, and she was helpless to do anything about it. The fiend smiled and returned to his cupboard of toys, pulling a few things from it....one of which was a small feather with a long stem. When he returned to her Lynda had no clue as to what body part he would attack, and was quite surprised when he dragged the stem of the feather across the palm of her right hand. Even more surprising was the effect it would have on her.

"Hey... what... how..." squealed Lynda as her palm was stroked. "Hehe, get off of me, hahaha, stop that, giggle, cut it out..." she said as she laughed softly.

Ivan said nothing, but smiled as his prisoner fidgeted in her restraints. He liked Lynda's body very much, especially how her breasts jiggled slightly as she squirmed in her bonds. The soft giggling was much more arousing then her hysterical laughter, and the man soon found himself greatly aroused by it. Ms. Carter's pathetic pleading was always fun to listen to, even at the beginning. Reaching over with his other hand, Ivan began to gently stroke Lynda's other palm with his skilled finger tips...softly stroking it with a circular motion, causing her to giggle uncontrollably and jerk from side by side trying to pull her fingers from the clamps that held them.

It was so frustrating and so ridiculous. It was just a gentle scratching of her palm, how could it cause such a mind numbing sensation. Just like the backs of her legs, Lynda had never suspected that her hands could have been ticklish....who would? It was beginning to dawn on the actress that he was, or must have been, some sort of interrogation expert. That of course meant he knew many ways to torture and was probably an expert on this one. Why else would he have chosen it? Now with both palms being tickled, she giggled like a school girl and found herself unable to do anything to stop it.

"Hehehehe, hahahaha... please Ivan, y-you don't want to do this... hahahahaha, hehehehe!" pleaded Lynda. "S-stop it now, snort, and I'll forget all about it hahahahaha, hehehehehe, give me my clothes... hahahaha hehehehe, hahahaha... and let me go."

Ivan didn't care about what Lynda was saying. His eyes were entranced by the brunette's beautiful C cup breasts as they jiggled with every movement. The mature beauty noticed this and fought hard to try and keep still, not wanting to give him anymore thrills then he had already been getting. The man upped the ante by sliding his feather down her forearm to her biceps. This didn't tickle so much, but Lynda played up as if it did. Using the clear minded moment, she looked at her left hand to see if there was a flaw in her restraints and found one. The wing nuts on her restraints were just in reach of her thumb.... the one digit that had not been restrained on that hand. If she could turn that bolt somehow she would free her entire hand. With this realization came the sudden and uncontrollable laughter again as fingers stroked the helpless hallows of her underarms.

Ivan had become totally infatuated with his prisoners breasts. They were beautiful and bounced with incredible vigour as she struggled against his tickling fingers. It was doubtful that if Lynda screamed out the words he wanted to hear that he would have noticed. Squirming and pleading, Lynda tried to work her left thumb against the tightly turned wing nut. She focused all her frustration and helplessness into it, and it finally started to budge. But her efforts were put on hold when she felt the man's hands dig into her ribs. Lynda squealed like never before as this was the most ticklish part on her entire body. The woman thrashed wildly, and wasn't able to focus at all on the task of turning the bolts that restrained her.


"Oh I don't think so Miss Carter. I am having so much fun," replied Ivan, his eyes never leaving the sight of her bouncing bosoms. "I think I may keep you here a few more days, maybe a week. You are so beautiful, and so ticklish."

Lynda screamed and thrashed much to the delight of her captor for a good 20 minutes. The actress peed twice and passed out again, only to have ice cold water thrown on her and the torture start anew. Ivan's fingers explored the entire length of his victims ribs, and stroked her flat belly with abandon. Then he got the idea to slip his finger in her belly button and thing seemed to change. Much to Ivan's surprise, this appeared to be an erogenous area on his prisoners body and she began to coo and moan with unwanted ecstasy. As the man teased her navel, he pulled out a small vibrator and began to slide it against Lynda's labia, which were swollen and quite wet.

"Please, don't make me cum again," sighed Lynda with a shuddered breath. "I'm so tired, I can't handle it anymore."

Ivan chuckled and began to kiss at his prisoners belly and slipped his tongue into her navel. Lynda groaned and whined, and her clit grew hard from the effect of the man's skilled touch. His free hand reached up and began to caress her large breasts, and his fingers teased her nipples. A sickening feeling built in Lynda's belly and she thought she would throw up, but she still couldn't stop moaning....as if she was enjoying what was happening. It was more humiliating then the tickling had been; having her body's most sensual and erogenous area used against her, and being on the verge of orgasm. Then suddenly her hand dropped, and the metal plate it had been bound to hit Ivan in the head. Lynda was free, her captor was out cold, and payback would be a bitch.

Part 5: The Last Laugh

F/M, Bondage, Teasing, Orgasm Denial, Genital Tickling

As soon as Lynda had freed herself from the metal X-frame she'd been restrained to, she made a dash for the door of the horrible room. Revenge had been the furthest thing from her mind. All she wanted to do was get away from her captor who laid unconscious on the dungeon floor. Upon getting to the exit, she discovered it was locked, and not with a key lock, but a combination. Wiping the sweat and tears from her face, she turned to see her tormentor starting to get up from the bump on the head he had taken when she untwisted the wing nut and brought the metal plate done on his head. Looking around, the exhausted and naked woman found a bottle of chloroform sitting on a shelf in the cupboard with his humiliation gadgets in it. Picking up the bottle and a rag, she doused it and jumped on the large man's back. Too groggy to put up to much of a fight, he passed out quickly, and the actress had to move quickly to avoid him falling back onto her.

Now she had him unconscious, and she knew she wouldn't get out of the room with out the combination to the lock that was keeping the door closed. Looking around the mature beauty tried to figure out what her next move should be. She couldn't get him on the rack or the X-frame...he was simply too big to lift. Judging by the size of the man's legs, she had her doubts about him fitting into the stocks as well. Then Lynda remembered the chains that hung from the ceiling, and decided they were the key to her getting out of this dungeon. Looking around she found the control for the hoist and lowered the chains. Then piece by piece she stripped her captor to his socks and boxers (she considered wrapping herself in his shirt, but decided she could use her nudity to her advantage), and bound him in the leather straps that were on the ends of the chains. The actress was sure to bind the straps with the buckle on the upper side, and added a vertical bar to insure he wouldn't be able to untie himself. Then she wrapped a roll of athletic tape around each hand. Ivan wasn't going anywhere.

"Uhg, umm, I don't... what happened... hey, you, how did you..." grunted Ivan as he regained his senses. "Let me down right now, or it will be very bad for you when I get free."

"No Ivan, I think it is very bad for you right now." explained the naked woman, now that she was in control. "You see, you couldn't break me and you never could have, but I need you to tell me the combination for the lock on the door...so do yourself a favour and give it to me, or face the consequences yourself."

"Never, I will get free in minutes, and you will wish you had... huh, wait, what are you... oh no," said the man as his captor moved towards him with a feather.

"What's the matter Ivan?" asked Lynda as she waved a stiff looking feather in his face. "You were pretty keen on the idea of tickle torture when you had me all tied up, I guess it's not so great when things are the other way around, is it?" she continued. "Lets see if you can take it as well as you can give it out."

The actress slowly slid the feather along the outer curve of her prisoners face. The man closed his eyes and grunted with discomfort as the soft edges teased his cheeks. Ms. Carters face light up as she saw his lips break into a smile, and she was overjoyed when a giggle penetrated his lips. Taking the quill of the feather the woman scratched gently at the man's ear, causing him to fidget and shiver. The mature beauty giggled with delight...it was going to be so much fun turning the tables on her abductor. She hoped he didn't give in too soon.

Leaning forward, Lynda pressed her breast against her prisoners chest and blew gently into the ear she wasn't tickling. Ivan turned his head quickly, and attempted to bite her. Pulling back, the actress frowned and shook her head at his action. With malice she stuck the tip of her feather up his nose and relished in stroking the inner edge of his nasal passage. Ivan sneezed as the fibbers tickled his nose again and again, all the time his tormentor telling him that biting was against the rules. In fact, she told him that any attempt to harm her was against the rules and would result in nose tickling for an undisclosed period of time.

"Lay there and take it Ivan," Lynda ordered in a stern tone. "You're going to suffer like I did, humiliated and degraded...only for you it will be worse won't it? Because it will be at the hands of a woman...isn't that true little Ivan, hmmmm?"

"Err, ack, stop it," demanded Ivan as the feather was brought down to his ears again. "Don't do that. I will tell you nothing. I will escape and you will wish that you had never... hehehe, hahaha... stop it!"

Lynda chuckled. She had never been very fond of being tickled, but was certainly learning the plus side of being on the giving end. Ivan was a big man, with a round belly and big feet. It was her intention to work over every inch of his frame unless he cooperated with her, and even then who knew. By now she had already missed her flight to California so she might as well get something out of it. Only time would tell if she decided to be nice and just leave, or to be a bitch and give him the torturing of a life time. Either way it was going to be a tough time for Ivan, and she had no sympathy for him what so ever. If only Loni Anderson could be here. She had always been fond of tickling.... at least she'd liked it when Burt Renolds had been her husband. She would have liked to have gotten in on this action.

The Arizona native soon grew tired of the feather, and put it aside for a more hands on method. Ivan's eyes lit up at the sight of Lynda's well manicured nails wiggling before him with bad intentions. Soon the long nails gently raked down his chest and belly, causing his giggling to become laughter, and for that laughter to grow louder with every stroke of her fingers. Ms. Carter came to learn of a power she never knew existed....who could have thought that something as simple as tickling could be so thrilling, at least for the one performing it? Empowered was perhaps too strong of a word, but it came close to how she felt. Hearing Ivan squeal as her hands kneaded at his plump mid-section was not only intoxicating, it was almost arousing Judging by the bulge in his boxers, Lynda could tell she wasn't the only one who felt this way. Licking her lips, a devious plan began to take shape. If forced orgasm had been his method of choice against her, then denial would be the weapon she would use against him. That would have to wait though, for now his torso was her playground, and what a playground it was.

"Hahahaha, hehehehe... stop it, please stop... hehehehe, hahahaha, hehehehe... I am sorry for what I did, please stop it!" pleaded Ivan. "Please stop this torture... hahahaha, hehehehe, hahahahaha, no more... PLEASE!"

"Oh no Ivan, it won't stop until you tell me the combination, and then I'll leave you here," replied Lynda, digging in on his ribs. "Then you can explain to your wife why you're all tied up."

The actress laughed almost as hard as her prisoner...she was revelling in his torment now. Never before in her life had Lynda thought she could enjoy someone's suffering, but this man had brought her to that point. The beautiful mother of 2 pressed her soft lips against the man's plump belly, and blew as hard as she could. The vibration of her lips on his sensitive flesh caused him to howl with tortured laughter, and his pleads for mercy brought a dampness to his torturer's loins. Ms. Carter was red hot, and ready to pop at this point, but she knew she couldn't indulge herself with him....this lust would be reserved for a later time.

Pressing herself against him, Lynda slowly slid herself across his upper body, her soft breast mashed against his portly torso. When she reached his chest she stopped and began to roll her tongue over his nipples, causing him to groan and giggle all at once. The actress's lips and tongue worked over this area of his body with a skill she never knew she had. In fact this entire event had brought out hard core sexual sadism that Lynda would never have thought possible. All she could think of was what could she do to torment and tease the helpless mountain of flesh at her disposal. Was her husband ever going to be in for a surprise when she got home, if she could ever get the ex-KGB agent to cough up the combination to the lock.

"Hello Ivan, are you having fun?" she asked, her lips almost close enough to kiss, "It seems you are, you must love being tickled, huh Ivan?" she repeated, her fingers slipping into his under arms, "I'll bet you just love it."

Ivan's laughter seemed to build in slow motion, and his tormentors bright blue eyes sparkled with evil delight. A few hours ago, when a woman in a dark skirt suit walked out of the Metro Convention Center, never would she have considered anything the least bit sadistic to be enjoyable. Now she stood naked over the man who had tormented her, and she could think of nothing more fulfilling than acting out her repressed dark side now. The smile grew bigger and bigger as Ivan's laughs grew louder and louder. He jerked and pulled, but his eyes could not break away from Lynda's.... he was mesmerised by her. The actress's tongue licked along the length of his nose, and she kissed him on the fore head.

"Ah poor baby just can't take the tickles huh?" she teased. "Well that's too bad because baby can't get free, and I won't stop until I have what I want, so just tell me the combination."

"NO!" exclaimed Ivan. "I will... hehehehe, hahahaha... get free... hahahaha, hehehehe.... and you will suffer like before only worse!"

Lynda laughed at her former tormentors threat, and began to work her fingers over his torso again. The chains holding him rattled as he thrashed in mid air. His pleas for mercy and screams for help were like music to her ears. Soon the actress's fingers were scrabbling all over his plump round belly, and kneading at his hips. Tears began to roll down Ivan's cheeks....he had never had anyone tickle him like this before. He was so used to being the one doing the tickling....he had no idea how brutal it could be. The former agent was learning a valuable lesson about hell and the woman scorned.

After spending a good long period at her prisoners hips, Ms. Carter left him and walked over to the cabinet. Pulling down a bottle of baby oil, she returned to he victim who was breathing heavy and sighing softly. Lynda turned the bottle and squeezed out a generous amount of its contents on to Ivan's right thigh. Then she began to massage it into his large firm legs. The woman's gentle touch seemed to soothe her prisoners muscles that were tired after struggling against his bounds. Then Lynda began to savagely rake her long nails over his inner thighs, causing him to squeal like a pig.

"Oh what's the matter Ivan, are you legs a little sensitive too?" asked Lynda. "Oh well more fun for me."

Ivan couldn't resound as he felt a hand the cap of his knee, while the other stroked the underside of it. Lynda was having far more fun then she should have been, and was starting to consider making one of these torture chambers for herself. Getting Robert into a device like this would be great fun, she thought as she worked her way down his calve. And being at his mercy from time to time would be a treat as well. The actress could feel herself becoming aroused at the thoughts of her husband being in Ivan's place. Teasing and tickling him would be grand, and she could use Ivan here for practice. Suddenly Lynda was snapped back to reality with the sound of Ivan's screams.


"Tell me the combination Ivan, or I will move on to the one thing no man can stand." claimed Lynda.

"What is that?" asked Ivan

"Refuse me again and you will find out!" exclaimed Lynda, digging in under his toes. "Now tell me what I want to know!"

"NEVER... HAHAHAHAHA, HEHEHEHEHE, HAHAHAHAHAH..." screamed Ivan, before going into a fit of silent laughter.

Lynda showed her prisoner no remorse as he had shown her none before. She walked up between his legs and squeezed both knees at the same time. Ivan's back arched and his body thrashed silently. The actress watched with amusement as his erection bounced around. Men, she thought...even when they are totally enraged with us, they still can't keep it under control. Then again she had gotten pretty wet under his touch as well, but that was different wasn't it?

"STOP... snort... STOP IT PLEASE!" screamed Ivan when his wind had returned.

"Hmmm, I think I know exactly what you need." said Lynda, as she pulled down Ivan's boxers, "Yep, I was right.... a girl knows when a man needs it," she added as she squirted some baby oil onto her hand, "You just relax and let Lynda take care of everything."

Ivan watched with both distrust and disbelief as he felt Lynda's hand wrap around his fat member. Slowly she began to stroke his hard dick, gently caressing it with her soft fingers. The actress seemed quite skilled at the task she had chosen. For periods she would rub him slowly, then quickly, then slow again. At one point she took her thumb and massage the head of his penis until he was about to cum, then stopped. Ivan tilted his head against gravity, and saw the glimmer in his tormentors eyes and the bright smile on her angelic face. Leaning forward Lynda slowly licked the shaft of her prisoners cock with the tip of her tongue, and then flicked her tongue against the under side of it. The woman repeated this act until she could hear her prisoners breathing become heavy, and felt his tool throbbing with passion in her hand.

"I like your cock Ivan, it's so big and fat," said Lynda in a lustful tone, "Could I suck it for you Ivan?" she asked. "Would you like me to take you into my mouth and make you cum?"

"Yes, please. I need to cum, please do it," pleaded Ivan.

Lynda smiled and leaned forward, her lips mere inches away from Ivan's throbbing penis. Hovering over his weapon she licked her lips, and gently stroked his tool. Raising her eyes she could see the look of disbelief and desire on the man's face. His eyes were wide with desire, and she couldn't control herself any longer. To Ivan's dismay she broke into laughter, as she pulled back from his dick. Ms. Carter kept one hand softly stroking her prisoners cock, while she wiped the tears from her eye's from laughing so hard.

"As if!" exclaimed Lynda. "You really though I was going to give you a blow job after how you've spent hours humiliating me? Puh-leeeeeeeeease!" she added, as her hand started to gently stroke his balls. "Tell me the combination now!"


"Tell me the combination Ivan," ordered Lynda.


"Tell me now!" she exclaimed "Other wise I will just keep tickling your balls. I told you I knew the one place no man could resist."


"Very well Ivan, I suppose I will have to play hard ball with you," she said kneeling out of view. "Just remember I gave you a chance," reminded Lynda as she engulfed his scrotum with her mouth and began to hum.


Lynda rushed over to the door, spitting the taste of Ivan out of her mouth. Quickly she turned the dial left, right, and then left again. Lynda felt relief overcome her as the lock popped open and she was able to pull the heavy wooden door open. Looking out she could see she was in some sort of shed, in the back of what appeared to be a cottage. Not far from where she stood was the station wagon Ivan had used to bring her here. Wrapping herself in Ivan's large shirt, she fished through his pants for the keys to his car. Then she looked back at the man hanging helpless from the chains. With a smile Lynda closed the door, and slid the lock through the ring. After all, she wouldn't want anyone disturbing her and Ivan while they spent the next couple of days together.


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this is your Mona Lisa

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this is your Mona Lisa

i can read it 1000 times!

Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it so much.

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An oldie but a goody so I thought I would bump it up for anyone who might not have read it, and for those who may want to look it over again. Now that I have it back on my comp I am going to try again at a sequel, it will be directly connected, mostly F/M (it's only fair IMO), but Ivan won't be in it.

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Great story, i like read it

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