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Probably my single most popular work. The women on the forum seemed to like this one, because it was all F/*. It is an extreamly hard core story about a man who is made into a slave for the amusement of wealthy and powerful women. I hope you will enjoy it.

Goddess Spa (and Dungeon)
By Canadian4Ever
Cast posted by Chapter
F/F, F/M, Abduction, None Consent, Teasing, F/Forced Orgasm & M/Orgasm Denial

Part 1: Fresh Meat.
Featuring, Paris, Nikki and Kathy Hilton, FF/M, F/M, None Consent, Bondage, Teasing

The young man's eye blinked and his body shook with chill as he awoke from his forced slumber. The last thing he remembered was looking through a garbage bin when he was approached by two well dressed women offering him $50.00 to ride in their limo with them. Right away he knew they were Paris and Nikki Hilton, who's family owned a slew of hotels all around the world. Looking at the two of them and hearing their offer his cock rose, thinking that he was going to live out some sort of pornographic fantasy, and get paid enough to eat once a day for a month. Getting into the limo he noticed the two girls didn't follow. They closed the door behind him and he heard the lock click. A strange scent filled his nose and everything went black. Now, fully awake, he realized his situation in full. Stripped of his clothing, he laid spread eagle, bound to some sort of table, or platform. He tingled all over from the bath he'd gotten while he was unconscious, and his scalp tingled from his newly shortened hair. Even his face was now clean of the hair it had grown over the last 2 years since he lost everything.

The door to the room opened and two women walked in. the same two women who orchestrated his abduction, Paris and Nikki Hilton. They were both dressed in leather cat suits, Paris' was red, and Nikki's black. They each had on opposing knee high boots and elbow length gloves (meaning they were red on black or black on red). With their hair pulled back into a tight single braid and funky silver eye makeup the two of them looked absolutely evil. What was in store for him, and would they ever let him go? Even being homeless was better then being held prisoner.

As the two girls looked him over, he began to feel cheap, and dirty, dirtier then when he had been homeless on the street. Looking at the pair closer he realized there was no way the two of them came up with the idea to grab him. Judging from their dumb expressions, comments, and giggles, he doubted they could plan on how to open a can of beans.

The two women caressed his thighs and belly, cooing over how fit his body was, and how the membership was going to go crazy for him. Soon their gentle touching caused a stirring in his loins, and brought his cock to attention. This brought about more, excited, giggles, as the two girls commented on the size and girth of his member. Paris moved her hand to caress his tool, slowly dragging a finger tip along the length of it's shaft, the helpless man groaned and the two girls laughed as his lower body wiggled. They mercilessly teased him with caressing and massaging in all the right places. His dick throbbed and his balls ached for release. It was incredible to see how this man, who wanted nothing more then to escape, also wanted sexual release from the two women who held him captive. He was about to beg for it when the door to the chamber opened again and a third woman entered, he didn't recognize her, but from the looks on the sisters faces she was an authority in their lives.

"What are you two doing?!" exclaimed the woman, an older attractive lady, who had a presence and a real effect on the two girls, "You know you aren't supposed to be down here, or in this room with a new acquisition." she added, her gaze moving from each girl.

"I'm sorry mom, it's just, well.." began Paris, with the look of a puppy who pooped in the house.

"We just thought since we found him we could play with him." interrupted Nikki.

It was their mother, Kathy Hilton, and she appeared to be in on it. The blonde bombshell, who was hotter then either of her daughters, simply pointed at the door, and the two girls turned and began to walk towards it. She reminded them that Ellen was very fond of them, and that if it ever happened again they may be sent to her room next time she came to the spa. What sort of spa was this, and who threatens to loan out their own daughters to be the sex toy to a lesbian talk show host.

"So, you are the young man my daughters found on the street?" asked Mrs. Hilton as she began to unbutton her blouse, "Well let me introduce myself, I am Kathy Hilton, and I own this place you find yourself in." she continued, her shirt slowly sliding down her arms, "I also own you, and everyone else who is a slave here in my little dungeon, your new job in life is to amuse the wealthy and powerful women who come here to relax."

"I don't..." began the man only to be cut off with a cold gaze from the beautiful woman.

"Did I give you permission to speak?" she asked as she pulled off her knee length skirt, leaving her in only her stockings, garters, lacy bra and panties, "As a matter of fact I don't believe I even gave you permission to look at me, or have an erection in my presence!" she exclaimed as she moved towards the table, "Now I am going to have to teach you what happens to pretty slave boys who act like man-whores in front of their betters."

Kathy stood at the edge of the table, between her prisoners feet, looking down at him with an frosty glare. He watched in terror as she lifted her right hand and brought a finger to rest in the center of his left arch. Slowly she dragged a single long red nail up the sensitive curve of his sole causing him to let out a shrill giggle. Kathy was quite impressed at the pedicure her people had given their guest. Like most homeless people Chad's feet had become very hard with calluses, but the young women who cleaned him up did a stunning job of taking them off and leaving his feet soft and clean, and primed for tickling.

The helpless vagabond pulled relentlessly at the strap holding his foot in place. Kathy's eyes gleamed and the corners of her lips curled up into a cruel smile over Chad's demands for her to stop. The man was handsome, with his toned body and tanned complextion. Mrs. Hilton had to admit her daughter's were a good judge of "Man-Flesh" and she was sure the ladies who were patrons of the dungeon would pay big money to make him scream for mercy. There would of course be a bidding war, and Oprah would probably win, Oprah really loved tormenting the pretty white ones, and had worked over every single one at least 5 times. Kathy had been surprised when she walked in on her working over one man's testicles with feathers while he screamed for mercy, she loved Oprah.

"Please, hahaha, don't tickle me." pleaded Chad, "I hate it, hehehe, hahaha, hehehe, please stop it."

Kathy's grin turned into a full blown smile at the sound of the man's pleading, and she upped the tempo of his torture, while applying 3 more fingers to the act. A hand soon came to bear on the arch of Chad's right foot causing him to scream out, and plead even more. Kathy soon found herself licking her red lips as she watched the young stud's body twisting on the table causing his dick to sway. Sliding her hand up she noticed her prisoner seemed to get even more ticklish, his body trembled, and he yelled as her fingers squeezed his knees. Words of contempt fell upon Chad's ears, as Kathy berated him for his pathetic pleading, furthering his humiliation.

"No real man would beg over being tickled." said Kathy, "A real man would be able to take for longer then a few seconds, but you are like a little boy." she continued sliding her hands into his inner thighs.

"I'm sorry, hahahaha, hehehehe, I can't stand it, hehehe, hahahaha, hehehe, I-I'm just too sensitive!" he exclaimed.

"And what did I tell you about this erection?" asked Kathy as she ran a finger along the shaft of his dick, "I thought I told you that you weren't to do that with out my consent, or am I mistaken?"

The man couldn't answer as his tormentor dug her fingers into his sides. He screamed and pleaded for her to stop, but Kathy simply smiled and worked his ribs from bottom to top, and back again. Leaning forward she began to roll her tongue over his pink nipples and kissed his chest, adding to his already painful state of arousal. Then all the tickling stopped and Chad was left sweaty on the table as Kathy turned her back to him, and removed her bra, replacing it with a leather bustier, and putting on tight leather skirt. When she turned back around she held a feather in each hand, her tongue wetting her red lips once more.

The evil MILF applied the tips of the feathers just under the head of his cock. Chad groaned and giggled as the touch of the feathers caused conflicting sensations. One stroke would bring tickling sensations while the next would bring pleasure. The feathers teasing was just as bad as anything else she was doing to him, and maybe a little bit worse. The tickling wasn't as bad as it had been earlier, but the teasing was brutal. Chad hated to be teased, it was the ultimate humiliation for him to be turned on with no way to relieve it. There had been more then one occasion where he had broken up with a girl friend for leaving him with a hard on, but now it appeared there was no escaping it.

"What's that matter Man-Whore, don't you like having your cock tickled?" asked Kathy, "Well thatís too bad, because this is what will happen to you if I ever catch you with a hard on in my presence again." she informed him, "In fact I think this will be the punishment for any of the male slaves who get an erection with out my permission period."

"Please... giggle... please let me cum... giggle... I need to cum." begged Chad.

"What, you expect me to make you cum?!" exclaimed Mrs. Hilton in disgust, "How dare you make such a request, who do you think you are?" she bellowed slipping her fingers into his armpits, "You are a filthy little slave, and you will endure what ever I choose for you to endure, you'll cum when I decide, and how I decide do you understand?"

"Hahahahaha, yes, please stop, hahahahaha, hehehehe, no more, please, MERCY MERCY!!!" screamed Chad, as the woman climbed on top of his naked body, "I'm sorry, hahahaha, hehehehe, please stop, hahahaha, hehehehe, I can't stand it, PLEASE!!!"

Kathy was in true heaven, when she heard the a buzzing sound coming from across the room. Right away she recognized it as her cell phone, and decided to let Chad have a breather while she talked on the phone. As the helpless man sucked desperately for air, he was shocked to hear the names being mentioned in the discussion Mrs. Hilton was having. Names like Trump, Bush, even Dolly Parton and the Olson twins were mentioned. Actress', Songstress' and women of high finance (either earned or through relations) seemed to be coming to this so called Ladies Spa. Well this young man certainly didn't think of them as ladies, especially Kathy, and her two daughters. Then he noticed she was slowly making her way back to him, and he heard her talk about "fresh meat", and was sure she was talking about him.

Soon the woman's cell was open and laying across his stomach, while his tormentor stood by his feet yet again, wiggling her fingers is his direction. Upon feeling her long, talon like nails upon his arches he erupted into hysterical laughter, and began to pull desperately at his bonds once more. Kathy was even more ruthless then before, as she pulled back one set of toes to tighten the skin of his sole. Quickly she began to rake the very tips of her perfectly manicured nails up and down over his right foot, causing a single tear to roll down his cheek.

"Look at you, crying like a baby." said Kathy as she noticed the tear, "Don't they make any real men anymore?" she asked, "And you still have that erection too, you should be ashamed of yourself." she continued, "Do you know who is on the phone right now, it's Gayle King, Oprah Winfrey's closest friends, what do you think she would say if she saw that your fat dick bouncing around like that?"

Chad would have responded if he could have, but his mind was burning from the tickling sensation on his feet. Despite her words he was pretty sure she was enjoying the sight of his erection, and that she and her daughters were the cause of it. Whenever he looked at her she seemed to be mesmerized by his swaying member, and seemed to be licking her lips at the thought of what else she might do with it. Unfortunately the rules of the dungeon forbade any male slaves from sexual release until at least 7 days after being brought to the dungeon, and then only once every 30 days if they behaved. Oprah would certainly pay a handsome fee to be the first to make his cock explode, and there would be a large audience as always for that (after all being made to cum in front of a crowd was always demoralizing, especially when you're made to beg for it). Thatís why she made her daughters leave, because they had a bad habit of letting the guest cum before he was supposed to. Besides it was her spa, and she always played with the new males first.

"Why are you doing this to me!" screamed Chad as his tormentors long nails worked their way up his ankles and calves, "Please stop it... hahahaha, hehehehe... I can't stand it anymore!"

"You have no choice young man, you are my property, and I'll do what ever I want to you when ever I want to do it." said Kathy as she began to tweak his knees again, "You see the Hilton women have always owned this spa, and 2 generations ago, one of them decided it would be fun to build a dungeon and fill it with slaves for the ultra elite to play with." she said, explaining why she was tormenting him, "You see the more wealth one has the easier it is to become bored, and the harder it is to be entertained, these women were very eccentric, and extremely horny for the most part." she added, "Now of course there are women who have there own power and wealth, and aren't simply married to it, or born into it. These women need a release for their stress and this dungeon also provides a place for them to take out their frustrations for having to deal with the closed mindedness of the Old Boys Network."

It took allot of effort but Kathy managed to be heard over the pleadful screams of her prisoner, as her fingers raked against his inner thighs. It was made clear to him that Kathy ran an equal opportunity dungeon, because there were a few women slaves, and that the slavery transcended race, religion or colour. If you were a street person you were pretty much up for grabs, as well as simply being middle class. One of the young women they had was the daughter of a plumber who happened to be at a club when Paris was their with Kim Kardashian. After sending a photo of her to Kathy she was told to get the girl ASAP because some of the lesbian bi-sexual members would love to play with her. The entire thing was pretty perverse, but Kathy didn't care so long as the money kept rolling in and none of the slaves were under age.

Chad was a screaming heap of mindlessness by the time his tormentor straddled his lower legs. The mature beauty began to work her nails on the sensitive skin of his firm inner thighs. The young man had always been fairly athletic, a track star during his high school days in fact. When he graduated school though, his scholastic knowledge was limited and he was forced to take a menial labour job at a factory. Things were going well for a while, as he made nearly $20.00 an hour at one point, but then the factory shut down as the work was moved to either Mexico, or China, and he was out in the street 2 months later. It's funny how life changes, one moment you feel like you're king of the world, next thing you know you a slave in a dungeon being loaned out to the highest bidders amusement.

"It's unfortunate for you that I am such an honest business women." say Kathy, "Because I am sure I would have quite a good time riding that cock of your's, wouldn't I Chad?" she teased as she clenched his cock with her right hand, while continuing to tickle his inner right thigh with the fingers of her left, "However I know Oprah Winfrey will pay thousand to be the first to make you shoot, she just loves getting a pretty white boy on the X-Frame for hours at a time, teasing and tickling him until she is so turned on she needs him to please her." Kathy continued, her tongue licking the prejack from the tip of his dick, "However after your auctioned off for you first session then you are fair game, and I plan to visit you quite often."

Kathy could feel her own arousal grow from a light itch to an intense burning in her loins. The older woman crawled up the legs of her prisoner, allowing the full length of his cock to slide against the damp crotch of her panties, hesitating slightly as it's fat head grazed her swollen clit. Suddenly, but not unexpectedly, Mrs. Hilton dug her fingers into Chad's ribs once more. This attack was more ruthless and intense than before, as the tormentor focused all of her sexual frustration into torturing him. Chad exploded with mad screams and hysterical laughter. Never before in his life had he experienced such a humiliating and exhausting thing. Being tickled was 2nd only to being teased on his list of things he hated, and now he was imprisoned by a woman who seemed to enjoy doing both.

"Please, please... hahahahaha, hehehehehe.... stop it, I can't stand it!" screamed the man as he helplessly struggled against his bonds, "Please... koff, koff... no more, NO MORE... HAHAHAHAHA, HEHEHEHEHE, HAHAHAHAHA... YOU'RE KILLING ME!!!"

Tears rolled down the man's cheeks as Kathy's nails raked over his pecks and rippled belly. Chad's screams for mercy only seemed to encourage her, but his brain was so distracted by the sensations that burned it, that he was begging on instinct. Suddenly he felt wet fabric come down on his face, and long nails scratching at his armpits. The screaming man soon found his laughter convulsing tongue lapping at her, stained panties.

"Mmmmm, let me move those out of your way." commented Kathy as she pulled her black lace panties to the side, "I think you know what to do if you want your torture to end, you see I'm not allowed to make you cum, but their aren't any rules saying you can't make me cum." she groaned as she pressed her swollen snatch against his mouth, "Isn't being a slave great?"

Part 2: Cleaning up With the Kardashians
Featuring: Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian
FFF/MMM None Consent, Bondage Teasing

Licking her sexual residue from his lips he turned his head to see her emerge from the shower. She walked past him in a towel, not once glancing at his bound naked body as it laid on the counter. Despite the great humiliation she had heaped on him, Chad still found himself feeling very aroused, his cock was rock hard, and his balls had never been bluer. He watched as his mistress dropped the towel exposing her beautiful body to him, and causing a lustful and agonizing groan to escape him. With a grin at her slaves suffering Kathy made sure to dress very slowly, but never once did she turn around, or utter a word to the man on the slab. Then their came a buzzing, but this time it wasn't Mrs. Hilton's cell phone, it came from the door on the other side of the room.

"Ah, Kimberly." said his owner as a gorgeous young woman entered the room, "Take this whore to the bathing area and scrub him down, and lock him in a box for bed." she ordered, "He's earned a nights rest, but he isn't allowed to cum yet, itís only his first day."

"Sure thing Mrs. Hilton." replied Kim, as she wrapped a leash around his neck, and then connected a long staff to it, "Your a pretty one, and you have a nice cock." said Kim with a shy smile, "It's going to be soooo much fun to tease you."

Chad didn't buy into that sweet face of Kim's for a second, sure he found her attractive, but he also had seen the video she did with rapper Ray J, not to mention he suspected anybody who hung out with the Hilton sisters probably wasn't to pure anyway. A heavy chain was locked to the man's ankles before his wrist and ankles were released from the leather straps that held him down. With a little help from Kathy, his wrists were then bound behind his back with the same type of chains. Then, like a dog, Chad was coaxed off the counter and told to walk forward out the door.

Chad felt a tension in his belly as he heard the squealing and pleading of other male slaves from behind every door they passed. Familiar faces of women he'd seen on TV and in Magazines passed him as he was made to walk down the hall, many of them including the likes of Selma Hayek, Dolly Parton, and Hulk Hogan's wife Linda caressed and tickled his helpless body. Hilary Clinton turned up her nose at the site of him as she lead a slender young woman into a room for some play. Chad noticed a tear rolling down her cheek, and concluded she wasn't keen on the actions to come.

Soon the young man found himself sitting on a bench, with two other slaves on either side of him. To his left was a large black man named Justin, who must have been almost 7 feet tall and close to 400 lbs of muscle. On the other side of him was a little Asian fellow who was maybe 5'5 and 160lbs soaking wet, thus proving Kathy's remarks about their being no bias in whom the dungeon would enslave. Kim on the other hand had stripped down to a bright blue bikini and had joined her sisters in the large shower where loud screams of laughter and pleads for mercy could be heard. The worst part of it all wasn't the sound of suffering men, but the sounds of delight that seemed to come from the women who were torturing them. The entire thing probably took a total of 15 minuets, but it seemed to go on for hours, and that was only with them on the outside listening.

When the screaming stopped three stunning women emerged from the room, their bodies glistening with water, as they strutted forward in their red, white, and blue bikini's respectively. Kim, Khloe and Kourtney, the Kardashian sisters. All three of them were extremely beautiful, and if the three men at their mercy weren't horny enough seeing them soaked and scantly clad would give a blind man a hard on. Each sister took hold of a staff and nudged for their chosen slave to get to his feet. At first Justin refused to move, but Khloe knew how to fix him up.

"Now Justin, you don't want to upset me do you?" she asked, "After all I could call the Olsen Twins to help with this."

"No, oh god not them!" screamed the large black man as he hopped to his feet, "I'm sorry, I'll be good, just please don't bring in Mary Kate and Ashley, PLEASE KHLOE... I'M BEGGING YOU DON'T!"

It took a lot of restraint, but Chad managed to hold back a chuckle at the sight of the pleading man, but he was afraid the if he so much as smiled at his reaction he would find out why he was so scared. Never in his life had he seen such a tough looking dude turn into such a pathetic pleading mound, with out anybody touching him. In fact judging by the tattoos and a few scars Chad would have been sure he'd been through some shit. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen mustnít be the sweet charming girls the media always made them out to be. Chad promised himself that if he could ever get out of this place he would expose these women for the vile, inhumane creatures they truly are.

When Chad walked into the large cleaning area he couldn't believe what he saw. In the ceiling above them were a series of shower heads, while on the ground was a trio of what could only be described as large wagon like wheels with five leather straps on them. Each man was bound to their wheel by a strap that came around their waist, followed by their ankles, and then their wrists. One by one each man was restrained, and none of them resisted simply based on Justin's reaction to the mention of the Olsen Twins who appeared to be enforces for this place. Unbelievable, the Olsen Twins capable of intimidation.

All three of the bikini clad beauties stood before their hapless slaves and cooed over their meaty cocks. Even the Asian man impressed them, and that was a stereo type even he seemed proud to have escaped. All three women looked extremely fuckable as they bounced around in their skimpy little two piece swim suits gathering the equipment for bathing their captives, and again Chad found himself wanting nothing more then to lose his seed with the aid of either, or all three of them. It was the most humiliating aspect of his internment in this place, the lustful feeling's towards the very people who were causing him his grief.

"Now bear with us." said Kourtney as she slowly stroked the wooden staff with her right her hand, "This won't hurt a bit, but it will tickle a whole hell of a lot."

Water shot down from the sprinklers hitting all 6 people. It wasn't very warm, but it wasn't cold enough to soothe the prisoners raging hard-on's either. The women brought the bristle like end of their staffs to bear on the bodies of all three men and began to drag them across their sides, bellies, and chest. All three men exploded with laughter, causing the sisters to start cracking up as well. After years of being victims of tickling themselves, from boyfriends and fiancťís it was fun to get to spend the day doing it to somebody else (and get paid for it).

The tallest of the sisters was Khloe, though not a giant by any stretch, standing next to 5' 3" Kim or 5' Kourtney she looked like a giant. Immediately she focused her attention on the little Chinese male, who could barely speak english, and seemed to be even more ticklish then Chad. Khloe brought smiles to all her sister's faces with her amusing taunts as she scrubbed the smaller man's toned body with the rough sides of the sponge like material at the end of her pole. The water began to get a little warmer, and the 3 sisters brushed back their soaked hair, giving them an even sexier look then before. Kim dropped her cleaning staff and walked up to her prisoner, pressing her big tits into Chadís face. Suddenly he felt soft bristles in the cups of his armpits and heard the soft humming as a pair of electric toothbrushes began to torment him.

"No, oh god please stop.. hahahaha, hehehehe... please, not the belly, stop it please!" exclaimed Justin as the tiniest Kardashian raked her nails over his tummy, "I can't stand it... hehehehe,
hahahaha, hehehehe... please stop it!"

"Oh just love to tickle you big strong men." squealed Kourtney with delight, "You all walk around like you indestructible, and yet the softest little stroke can have you squirming and begging."

"The bigger the are the harder they laugh." chimed in Kim as she stepped back from her squirming plaything, "Look at how hard their cocks are too, I'll bet you would just love to cum all over my face wouldn't you?" asked Kim as she knelt in front of Chad, "Your balls look so tense, I'll bet they are just so full of cum it would shoot the biggest load ever." she teased, bringing her lips closer and closer to his tool, "Oh well, thatís your tough luck." she said turning on her brushes and attacking his inner thighs.

"Oh god... hehehehe, hahahaha... get away, get away!" screamed Chad as the electronic bristles scrubbed up and down his inner thigh, "Please, stop.... hahahaha, hehehehe, hahahaha... please mercy MERCY!"

"Hey Kim, Kourt, watch this." said the tallest sister, as she spun the wheel, turning her little Chinaman upside down, "This little piggy went to market, and this little piggie stayed home." she began wiggling 2 of the Asianís toes, "This little piggie had roast beef, and this little piggie had none." all three sister said in unison, "And this little piggie went 'wee wee wee' all the way home." she said as her long nails began to claw at the smaller man's feet.

"No... hehehe, hahaha, not funny, not funny... hahaha, hehehe... stop, not funny!" screamed the man as he thrashed in his restraints.

"Wow this is so much fun!" exclaimed Khloe, as her finger wriggled all over the little man's feet and legs, and giggling as she watched his cock shake as he struggled, "You know I always heard Asian guys were supposed to have small ones, but I think he's got a good sized one." she commented, "I'm gonna suck it!"

Kim and Kourtney cheered as they saw their sisters head duck down between the bound man's legs, and slowly start to bob up and down. Her full lips felt good on the man's dick, but he continued to struggle because her fingers continued to tickle his lower body. They would slowly tease the backs of his legs and the cup of his knee, then down to his ass witch caused him to squeal like a pig. Soon Khloe had him on the edge of cumming, and with perfect timing she stopped just before he could.

"Please, no stop, please, I finish soon, no stop!" pleaded the upside down man, much to the amusement of his tormentor.

"More? You want some more?" asked Khloe as she squealed down, "Ok I'll give you some more."

Suddenly all three men exploded with laughter as all three Kardashian's raked and poked their helpless bodies with their long finger nails. Kourtney turned her back on Justin and began grinding her ass against his fat cock while reaching up to tickle his under arms, and Kim pressed her soft lips against Chad's hard belly, blowing raspberries while teasing his cock with a tittie fuck. All three men were laughing and screaming for their lives, just like the 3 men before them had, and the three men to follow would. This was hell, and torture was the national pastime. Suddenly a red light went off, and the girls knew it was time to put these three to bed.

"Come along boys" said Kourtney as she put the collar around Justin's thick neck, "It's time to go to bed, you've had a long day, and you've got an even longer one tomorrow."

The 3 exhausted men were lead by the three sisters through a door on the other side of the room. In the next room they saw large metal boxes, each one had a woman standing by it, doing something, but Chad couldn't see what. Justin murmured something about "Depravation Chambers" but he was so winded from his torture at the hands of the littlest Kardashian that Chad couldn't really understand him. Then the trio were lead in different directions, and Chad found himself being ordered inside one of the boxes.

"No fucking way!" exclaimed Chad, "I'm not getting in there!" He bellowed as he put out his hands to stop himself from being pushed in.

"Is their a problem Kim?" asked a familiar voice, "Is our newest toy giving you a problem?"

Chad turned his head to see Paris standing behind him in a pink version of a cat woman costume. Nicole Richie and Kimberley Stewart were with her. Chad stubbornly held on to the edge of the box, not budging an inch as all 4 women tried to push him in. Then Nicole began to wriggle her fingers against his sides and he started to wiggle and squirm. Paris giggled and joined in, and soon Chad was on the receiving end of a rich girl gang tickling. He howled and screamed for them to stop, as he struggled to keep his balance. Then Stewart managed to pull his foot up and began tickling his arch. When Chad tried to pull his foot away the other 3 girls shoved him into the box, cheering and high fiving each other.

Chad grunted and sighed as he felt some sort of foam rubber conform to his body, making it impossible to move from left to right. As he tried to sit up the lid to the box was closed, and he couldn't hear or see anything. For a second their was nothing at all, and then he felt cool air on the head of his dick. Their was some sort of port in the lid that allowed just his cock to go through. Now Chad was extremely nervous, he couldn't see, or hear or even smell anything in the chamber except himself, nor could he move at all because of the confining way of the box. Now he knew what Justin had been talking about, this was a sensory depravation chamber, except that his dick was sticking half out of a hole in the lid.

As he laid in the box, Chad closed his eyes and prayed to god that the evil women wouldn't do anything to his helpless member. The young man found out that even god has to nap, because he soon came to feel something wet against the head of his cock. The man squirmed and groaned in the dead silence of the box, his mind having no choice but to focus on what was happening to his prick. Another tongue joined began to lick along the shaft of his cock, teasing him with out mercy. Lips kissed it, and feathers tickled the underside of his mushroom until his unheard scream echoed within the coffin like confines of his bed. Tears rolled down his cheeks and a sense of helplessness built inside him the like of which he had never known. It was at this moment, for the first time, that he truly understood what it was like to be treated like property. That night he screamed and laughed for hours before he finally passed out from exhaustion, it was the only peace he would know for the few short hours his keepers would allow m to have it.

Part 3: A Slave for Breakfast.
Featuring: Kim Kardashian, Kimberly Stewart, and Nicole Richie
F/M, None Consent, Bondage, Teasing, Consensual Lesbian Sex.

Chad's first morning as a slave began with the sight of Kim Kardashian's pretty face, as the lid to his box was opened. The young man found himself surprisingly refreshed after his ordeal, it had been hell being stuck in that Sensory Depravation Chamber, while the wicked women teased the half of his cock that stuck out through a hole in the lid. For hours on end he was brought to the verge of climax only to be left alone for maddening minutes. Then the touch of a tongue, or the stroke of a feather would begin the process all over again, until he finally passed out.

With the foam rubber holding his body in place, it was easy for Kim to hitch the poll to the leather collar around his neck. The sight of the young woman's deep cleavage added to the agonizing sense of arousal that still haunted Chad's scrotum. Never in his life had he suffered from such a case of blue balls, mainly because either he had a girl friend, or he could rub one out if need be. Now, as a play thing of the Hilton family he was kept bound, and constantly teased either the Hilton's themselves or the Kardashian sisters (who also enjoyed ruthlessly tickling the slaves as well). Soon the curvy young woman was coaxing him in the direction of the showers again, and the sounds of men screaming for mercy rang through his ears. He watched as his keeper slipped out of her short skirt and top, and in to a bikini that was almost as blue as his balls.

Moments later, after enduring yet another humiliating scrub down, Chad was led away from the shower area and down the hall. Once again he was groped and poked by any female that happened by, except for those who weren't interested in men. Every time he would buckle from a tormentors touch, he would feel a sharp sting on his back side as Kim, now dressed in a leather thong and bustier, had pulled a riding crop from her thigh high boots and would strike him with it when he stumbled.

There seemed to be no end to the number of rooms in this place, and the horrific screams that permeated through the wooden doors as they passed them. Chad swore he even heard a man yell out "kill me, kill me please!" making him swallow hard and pray he never ended up that womanís toy. Another thing he noticed was that there were two sets of titles. It seemed older women such as Dolly Parton. Patricia Hearst or Linda McMahon were referred to as Goddess in front of their last name, while Kim was referred to as Mistress Kim. At least thatís how it was being done in the hallway.

The humiliating walk ended when they came to door at the opposite end of the long dungeon. Kim pulled a key out from between her large breasts and slipped it into to the lock. As she turned it she looked back over her shoulder at him, and rolled her tongue over her dark red lips. Chad again felt a surge in his balls, how was he ever going to last a week with out his brain exploding out of his head from all this teasing. Opening the door, Kim prodded her charge like a beast, guiding him in through the door, once inside he could see it was a lavish chamber, and two other "Mistresses" were present.

The room had a white ceiling and pink walls with a pink shag carpet. In the center of the room was a set of old fashioned stocks, the type for locking a persons head and wrists in. All the walls had pictures of rock stars and actors, as well as a group picture of the Hilton and Kardashian sisters along with Nicole Richie and Kimberly Stewart. All of whom were dressed in similar outfits to what Kim had on now. On another wall was the biggest flat screen TV Chad had ever seen, and showing on it's screen was a pair of black women preparing to torture some older looking man, with an East European accent. With a better look Chad recognised the women as Tyra Banks and Vanessa Williams. On the opposite side of the room, playing with each others pussies were Nicole Richie and Kimberly Stewart. Kimberly was the daughter of British rocker Rod Stewart, and Nicole the daughter of another music legend Lionel Richie. The bound man looked on in disbelief as the two women's tongues flicked against each other in mid air, until he felt the riding crop against the backs of his thighs.

"Get in position whore." ordered Kim as she guided him towards the stocks, "Now hold still."

Their was a loud click as a padlock held the chains restraining Chad's ankles in place, while his arms were unshackled. With yet another swat across his ass he was told to bend over an place his head and wrists in the stocks. At first he refused, so Mistress Kim proceeded to strike him across his butt and the backs of his thighs until he complied. Then, after he was locked in place, she struck him a few more times just to make sure he understood his new status in life. Kim was apparently assigned to teach him the rules, and she really liked her job.

Now locked in and helpless yet again, Chad had no choice but to watch the two women as they mauled each others naked bodies. Hands caressed breasts and thighs, while tongues lapped at any skin they could find. Soon Nicole's face was buried between Kimberly's long thighs, as she threw her head back and cooed with delight. Suddenly the helpless man saw a feather waved in front of his face, and knew evil intention were connected to it. Mistress Kim squatted down in front of him, with a fake frown on her face, like she was disappointed in him. Slowly she dragged the feather down his cheek causing his head to twitch, bringing a smile to her face.

"My, my, the little man-whore seems to enjoy the show Mistress Nicole and Mistress Kimberly are putting on." she commented as she stroked his nose with the feather's stiff tip, "Does it turn you one to watch my friends fucking?" she asked, "Well does it?"

"Yes Mistress." replied Chad softly.

"Who gave you permission to speak!" exclaimed Kim, "Did I say you could talk, did anyone say you could talk?" she asked rubbing the feather across his nostrils.

"No, but you asked..." Chad began, digging himself a deeper hole.

"Again you're talking, you are one uppity little whore aren't Chad?" commented Kim with a rhetorical question, "Well I know how to deal with bad dogs like you." she added moving behind her charge, "I am going to tickle you while you watch my friends fuck each other, and you aren't going to say one word, not one, or you will spend the rest of the day in here being tickled by all three of us, do you understand... you may speak."

"Please mistress, not that, I'm sorry, please don't tickle me again." Chad begged.

"I asked you if you understand, now answer me correctly or I'll use my riding crop on your sweet white ass." Kim ordered, gently rubbing his bum with her hand.

"Yes Mistress, I understand." answered Chad with a tear in his eye.

"Ladies, ladies, you have an audience watching now, so lets put on a great show for him." said Kim, clapping her hands.

"Oh wow Kim, I hadn't even noticed you were here." Nicole said, pulling her head from between Mistress Stewarts legs, "I see you brought the new bitch for some fun, thatís hot."

"Well she said to put on a show, so lets give 'em one." said Kimberly as she grabbed hold of Nicoleís ankle bringing her foot to her mouth.

Chad's eyes and mouth were wide with disbelief as he watched Mistress Stewart suck and kiss each of Mistress Richies toes one by one. His gaze would dart from Kimberly's soft lips, to the expressions of delight on Nicoleís face. The man's lower body squirmed as his desire to fuck built to even greater intensity. his cock had grown so hard that it's tip throbbed to an almost painful degree, and his balls felt like they would explode. To him it may as well have been a year since he'd blown a load, he was in such a horny state. Then the dreadful sensation was added to the pains of his loins, as something soft stroked his ear. At first he thought it was a feather, but then he realised it wasn't, it was a cotton swab (aka Q-Tip) gently tickling the outer edge of his ear lobe.

"Whatís the matter bitch, can't you take a little tickle on the ear?" asked Kim, as her charge twitched his head, "Mmmmm... I hope not, because I really want to work that ass of your's with my riding crop." she sighed, "Just let me know when you've been tickled enough, and I'll be happy to beat you with it."

Chad snorted, and grunted, but didn't utter a single word, as he watch Nicole and Kimberly make out on the couch in front of him. Mistress Stewart has begun to work her kisses up the inner part of Mistress Richie's inner ankle and calf, nibbling and licking her way up along her thigh, and then coming to rest between her legs. Nicole looked over at the twitching slave and licked her lips, letting him know just how good her friend was at licking pussy. Her groans grew louder and she reached down to grab a handful of Kimberly's hair. Then Chad felt the swab dip around the outer rim of his inner ear, where the sound goes in.

"ERK, GRRR, EHMMMMMMM, ARG!" were the only sounds Chad made, he wanted to scream out for Kim to stop, but he knew to do so would mean being flogged by her riding crop, and he knew he didn't want that either.

When he looked up again Kimberly was sucking hard on Nicole's left tit, while her arm appeared to be moving in a wrapped motion between the other girls legs. Chad didn't need to be a rocket scientist to tell Mistress Richie was being finger fucked for all she was worth. The look on her face was one of pure bliss, and he had seen it before, it was that look just before a woman climaxes. One of frustration, and ecstasy rolled into one. The anticipation of cumming mixed with the slight embarrassment some women seem to have with the outburst brought on with their orgasm. Suddenly Chad felt fingernails attacking his underarms, causing him to scream out and thrash in his stocks.

"Oh god... oh yes... oh you BITCH... MAKE... ME... CUM!: screamed Nicole as she reached climax, causing a slim stream of pussy juice to hit her lover on the belly.

"Hahahahaha, hehehehehe, hahahaha, hehehehehe, sssssssttt.... hehehehe, hahahaha.... n-n-n-n-n-n... hehehehehehe, hahahahaha..." Chad struggled to fight back the desire to plead but as Kim's long nails worked over his helpless upper body he found his instinct harder and harder to ignore, then he just blurted it out, "OH GOD PLEASE STOP!" and then their was silence.

Nicole had cum so hard that she could barley move, but she smiled as she watched Mistress Kardashian position herself behind Chad. With cheers of support from her friends, Kim pulled out her riding crop and proceeded to strike his pale backside several times for talking. Locked in stocks Chad could do nothing but wince and endure the humiliating experience as he yelped with each stinging slap of his ass. Mistress Stewart smiled as well, as Nicole sucked the pussy juice from her fingers. Now it was her turn to cum.

"Mmmm, you know Kim, it's sort of hot when they beg... oh yeah, that the spot... I want him to beg while you tickle him... owe, mmmmmm... you are so nasty." requested Stewart while Richie licked her pussy.

"If you think thatís nasty, roll over and see what I do to your ass." replied Nicole with a wink.

Mistress Kardashian watched on with great arousal as Kimberly rolled on to her flat belly, and Nicole pulled her ass into the air. Then with utter shock, she gasped as Mistress Richie buried her face between the other woman's butt cheeks. Chad could feel the pre-cum dripping off the tip of his dick, as he watched the two women fucking on the couch, and hoped his keeper would continue to be so amazed at what she saw that she would forget to start tickling him again. Unfortunately Mistress Stewart would ensure that was not to be when she looked right at his face, and yelled out for his torture to begin again.

"Oh god no!" screamed Chad as he felt long nails claw at the outer curve of his ass, "Hahahaha, hehehehe, please don't, hehehehe, hahahahaha, hehehehehe, mistress please, please stop, hahahahaha, hehehehehe, hahahaha!"

"Yes, yes, tickle that bitch!" exclaimed Kimberly as her friend slid a finger into her pussy, "Oh god Nicole... you're so fucking nasty!"

With a tongue in her ass, and a second finger pumping her snatch, Mistress Stewart cooed and moaned. The slender socialites lips were barely an inch away from Chad's, who was laughing hysterically. Sweat ran down both their faces, as the rockers daughter grew closer and closer to climax. The young woman's hair stuck to her glistening cheeks and forehead, and she wailed with delight in the face of the tortured man. The more the slave pleaded for mercy the close Kimberly seemed to get to orgasm.

"Oh god yes!" screamed the Mistress.

"God, please stop!" screamed Chad.

"Faster, I'm so close!" Kimberly added.

"Mercy, mercy, mercy!" Chad begged.

"Yes, yes... OH MOTHER FUCKIN' YES!" screamed Kimberly as she hit her zone.

"FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP!" screamed Chad.

When Kim's tormenting touch left his ass, Chad sighed and thought his torment was over, but it was just beginning. Soon all three women surrounded him and he felt them each stroke his naked body with a long finger nail. Right away he began to squirm and giggle lightly, trying desperately to pull his head out of the stocks. Suddenly their came a knock at the door, and the young man felt some relief as Mistress Kardashian left to open it. Even though Stewart and Richie continued with their playful teasing of his armpits, it turned out his ass was far more ticklish then he had thought possible.

When all tickling finally stopped Chad turned his head to see a fourth woman walk in with a wheeled cart in front of her. Right away he recognised her as the pretty svelte slave girl he's seen in the hallway when he was being brought to the shower. She was wearing a sheer white slip, witch came just past her hips, with a matching pair of panties and thigh high stockings. The same sad look was on her face as she pushed her cart towards him. Despite his situation Chad couldn't bare to see the raven haired beauty sad, so he shot her a wink and a smile. Unfortunately the three Mistress' saw it as well, and all three of them scowled at the slave-girl.

"Thatís enough Kelli, and don't think Mistress Paris won't find out you were flirting with a male slave." said Kim, "Now take your sleazy ass back to the kitchen, and be grateful we don't punish you right here and now."

"But she didn't do anything it was all me!" exclaimed Chad.

"Shut-up man-whore!" exclaimed Nicole, slapping him hard on the ass, "Or would you rather we had some fun with smelly Kelli while you watch?"

"No, no, I'll behave, just punish me ok, it was me, I'll be good." said the man.

The three women smiled wickedly, but allowed Kelli to leave them. Once she was gone, Chad was shocked to see Mistress Kardashian remove her leather garments and sit in front of him, with her legs spread. The enticing sent of the woman's shaven pussy set his cock to throbbing once more, not to mention the fact that Mistress Richie had started teasing it with gentle stoking. Soon Mistress Stewart scooped some cold slop out of a pot that had been rolled in on Kelli's cart, and dumped it down the front of Kim's luscious body. The buxom beauty squealed as the chunks of meat and vegetable slid down between her ample breasts and settled at her pussy.

"Eat up slave!" she exclaimed shoving her pussy into Chad's face, "Lick it all nice and clean."

Unable to do much else Chad began to lap up the cold stew like meal that was covering his keepers shaved pussy. Kim groaned and rubbed her hot box up and down on his face. Soon Chad could feel something wet on his ball sack, and realized it must have been Mistress Richie's mouth sucking and licking at it. Soon however the pleasant sensation was met with the tortured touch of her long nails against the backs of his legs. Chad grunted and laughed, which only served to further Mistress Kardashian's enjoyment of playing serving tray for his meal.

"Oh yeah, thatís it, lick it all up you little bitch." groaned Kim, as his tongue lapped the slop from her swollen pussy, "Lick up every last drop, or you'll be punished, oh god, it will be so great to do this every morning, lick it, lick it all!"

Once all the slop had been poured down Kim, Mistress Stewart decided to get into the act of torturing the slave. Pulling up a small wooden bench she sat down, and began to work his right rib cage, like a piano player would a piano. Literally she took to tickling the ivories on Chad's helpless naked body. The man squealed into Kim's twat and she cooed even louder, as his laughter convulsed tongue teased and pleased her clit. In mere minutes Kim's lower body began to tremble, and her breath became shorter. The taste of the slop became overwhelmed with the flavour of the busty young woman's pussy juices as Kim grabbed the back of Chad's head, and thrusted her pussy hard against his mouth and exploded with the hardest climax any man had ever given her with his tongue.

"Oh god... oh fuck yes... lick that pussy you dirty fucking man whore.... OH FUCK YES!!!"

Part 4: Smelly Kelli's Ordeal
Featuring: Paris Hilton, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian
F/F, None Consent, Bondage, Forced Orgasm, (FF/M, Bondage/Teasing Only)

Kelli's trip to hell would begin a year ago, because of her faithful boyfriend Douglas. The two of them were at a Maxim Magazine party, because Kelli been in one of the issues and was invited with a guest. Unfortunately for her, hotel heiress Paris Hilton was also in attendance, simply because she was born a spoilt brat. Paris was with her sister Nicky when Douglas caught her eye. The rich girl moved in like the cock hound that she is, but soon found herself shot down by Doug who was very much in love with Kelli. This did not sit well with the Hilton sisters, who felt they were the hottest thing to hit the planet since sun shine was invented. The two watched Kelli like hawks, waiting for the right moment, and when she went into the ladies room by herself they picked that moment to strike. Kelli was sprayed in the face with mace, striped naked, and tied with her own stocking. The two sister managed to sneak the naked woman out through a back door in the bathroom, and took of with her in the drunk of Nicky's Lexus. Heart broken over losing his love, Douglas would have a nervous breakdown, and end up in an asylum.

Ever since that dreadful night, Kelli became the personal plaything of Paris and her crew of cruel rich bitches. Most often they would bind her to a rack, and tickler her mercilessly, until she was crying, and peed. As if that wasn't enough they also took great joy in using sex toys to force her to have orgasms repeatedly until she passed out a humiliated sweaty heap. When she wasn't being demoralized by the bratty sluts, she was being pimped out by them, (mainly to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton), or did odd jobs around the dungeon as a lot of female slaves did. The biggest differences between being a female slave and a male slave were basically two. One being that female slaves were allowed to wear clothing, not much, but something, while male slaves remained naked at all times. The other difference was that they were forced to endure the humiliation of forced orgasm, where as the men had to endure the agony of orgasm denial. They also nick-named her "Smelly Kelli", something she hadn't been called since 3d grade.

Today Kelli found herself strapped onto an X-Frame, her svelte body stripped of her usual slave wear. Looking around she saw the walls of the room were covered in large mirrors, so she couldn't get away from seeing herself helpless, and humiliated. Unknown to the dark haired beauty, was that another slaves was on the other side of one of the mirrors. The man who had smiled at her the day before, more or less the reason why she was now going to be punished, Chad. Mistress Kardashian, Richie, and Stewart, had all taken note on how the male slave had reacted when he thought they were going to punish Kelli, so they decided it would be fun to make him watch Paris work her over while they teased his dick. Unfortunately they found themselves needed elsewhere in the dungeon, so Kim asked her sisters Khloe and Kourtney to take their place. Both jumped at the opportunity to torture Chad, even if they were told not to tickle him, and only to tease him.

"Well Chad we certainly have a surprise for you today." said Khloe as she lead the slave into a small room, "We aren't going to tickle you at all, isn't that a nice break?" she asked.

Chad nodded his head, having learned not to speak unless asked to do so. When he did that last he was flogged with a riding crop, and tickled mercilessly for an entire day. The only time Kim, Nicole, and Kimberly actually stopped tickling him was when that female slave Kelli had shown up, and they were going to punish her, just because he had smiled in her direction. This place was bad, and these women were evil, vile in fact. Some how he had to escape, and some how he had to convince people that this place existed, the question was how.

The male slave was brought to an arched plank with chains that hung from the top, and shackles that were at the base. The blank was arched so that whomever was restrained to it, their bodies were bent back slightly, leaving them arched and feeling even more helpless. This also caused Chad to thrust his hard-on out, witch made the Kardashian sister giggle with delight. Soon the slave-boy found himself restrained, and his body pulled taught against the cold arching wood, and he waited to see what they would do to him. What else could he do.

"Now we have a little show for you to watch, while Khloe and I have some fun with that amazing cock of yours." said Kourtney, as she and her sister squatted down before him, "Enjoy the show."

The door to the room opened, and in walked Paris in a skin tight, hot pink cat suit. Her eye's fluttered, and she smiled cruelly at the sight of Kelli on the X-Frame. Paris took extra delight in torturing the dark haired Canadian girl. It wasn't often that the hotel heiress was rejected, nor was it often that she was looked over for some nobody like Kelli, or at least that was how Paris saw her. Now, as Kim had explained it, Kelli had been flirting with Chad, and Chad had been a personal conquest of Paris as well. She had found him, her sister Nicky had helped her capture him, and now this little tramp was flirting with him. Paris licked her lips at the thought of just what she was going to do to her. In a word it would be hot.

"Tickle, tickle, Kelli." said Paris as she came around to face the bound beauty, "I hear you've been a naughty girl, flirting with my new slave."

The very sound of the word tickle made Kelli wince, and being in such a vulnerable position, spread-eagle and nude, didn't help any. All her life she had been the cute girl, and the cute girl always got tickled. In school, at family gathering, out on dates. Over time she had grown to hate it, being tickled was such a turn off to Kelli that she had absolutely forbidden any of her boyfriends from touching her feet, or her navel, because they were her two worst spots. Now that she was a slave in the Hilton dungeon, and the personal plaything of Paris, she found herself living a nightmare when ever the spoiled bitch felt like tormenting her. Imaging what it would be like, to be held prisoner by someone you hated, and to have them do the one thing you simply couldn't stand to you when ever they felt like it. Not only that, but Paris also had her sister Nicky, as well as friends, Nicole Richie, Kimberly Stewart, and the Kardashian sisters who liked to play along. Out of all of them though, Nicole was the worse, and she was relieved to see Paris was alone.

Kelli shivered with disgust as she felt Paris slide a finger over the slit of her pussy. The touch of her captor made her skin crawl just as it made her loins swell. The woman's vagina was only reacting to stimulation, but not out of desire. The dark haired beauty knew what she was in for, ruthless tickling, followed by forced orgasm, and then more tickling. The bound woman closed her eyes in disgust as Paris rubbed her labia, causing her to moan against her will. It sickened Kelli that this bitch was so good at working her, that she could bring her to orgasm within minutes if she wanted to. Paris seemed to have a lot of experience with women, and knew exactly how to use her fingers and tongue on them. It was the ultimate humiliation, and the spoiled heiress knew it.

"Well Kelli, are you ready?" asked Paris, "I hope so, because you have no choice do you?" she continued, with a gentle stroking of her prisoners lower belly.

"No, please mistress don't." squealed Kelli, as her lips parted into an involuntary smile, "Please, hahahahaha, hehehehehe, hahahahaha... I'm sorry, I didn't... hahahahaha, hehehehehe... please don't... hahahaha, hehehehe, hahahaha!"

"Do you know what I did today Kelli?" the tormentor asked, "I went to see your old boy friend." she taunted, "Well he's my boy friend now, and his cock feel so good inside me." she added, "I can understand why you kept him on such a short leash.

Paris was lying of course, because shortly after Kelli was abducted Douglas had a mental breakdown, and was sent away to an asylum. However Kelli didn't know that, and being told over and over again that Doug was fucking around, Kelli was starting to think it could be true. Could it be? Would he cheat? Does he think I'm dead after all this time. All these things flowed through the young woman's head as she squirmed and giggled from Hilton's touch. A tear rolled down her cheek, and Paris smiled cruelly, not knowing if it was from her words, or her deeds, and not really caring because either way she knew it was because of her that Kelli was suffering.

"Koochie Koo Kelli, don't cry, laugh." instructed Paris as her long nails raked up and down her prisoners tummy, "You know you love every second of it... tickle, tickle, tickle."

Kelli screamed, and began to thrash about as the torture became more vigorous. Paris began to gently stroke her labia with one hand while continuing to torture her with the other. The heiress had never done this before and the conflicting sensation were more maddening then ever. A part of the helpless slave wanted to cum, to erupt in climax, but the thought of that Hilton bitch being the person responsible brought a feeling of shame. Meanwhile the sight of her victim straining her lean body to try and escape her restraints had Paris longing for climax herself, and wishing that any of her friends were their with her. Both women were unaware that only 10 feet away Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian were tormenting poor Chad's throbbing cock to the point where he was screaming for mercy himself.

"Oh, oh god no!" exclaimed Kelli, as Paris began diddling her rose bud, "Oh no please don't do that, oh please mistress stop!" she begged, only to feel two hands apply pressure on her hips, "Oh no, hahahahaha, hehehehehe, hahahahaha, stop it, please stop it!" she screamed.

Paris went from ruthless tickling, and back to pussy teasing her slave over and over again. It seemed no matter what she did "Smelly" Kelli would always tell her to stop, but every time she would go back to rubbing her snatch it was wetter than the last time. The wetter she got, the harder Hilton would tickle her, over and over again until they couldn't tell the tears for the sweat that ran down her face. Finally Paris slipped 2 fingers inside the bound woman's moist tight hole, while slipping a finger into her cute little belly button. What happened next resulted in a display of human fire works like she had never seen before.

"Oh, oh god stop.... hehehehehehe, hahahahahah, hehehehe, please mistress, don't tickle me!" she screamed followed by, "Oh no, oh don't please.... mmmmmm, oh god, mmmmmm, no, no I don't want you to do that.... mmmm, oh god... mmmm!"

Kelli was having a meltdown of every sort. Physically, mentally and emotional she was becoming more and more unglued. Paris would increase the vigour of one tortured act while decreasing the other. When the slave wasn't begging for the tickling to stop, she was pleading for her mistress not to force an orgasm. It was like nothing Paris had ever done to her before, and worst of all she was starting to enjoy it.

"Oh please mistress, I can't stand it, please stop, have mercy!" pleaded the helpless slave.

"Stop, now, but I've just gotten started." said Paris, "We are going to have so much fun today, I'm going to make you cum over and over again, and then I am going to tickle you because after you cum you are even more ticklish right."

The cruelty of the mistress seemed to know no limits, and true to her words she increased the pumping off her fingers until Kelli's body could not longer resist climax. Sweat ran down her slender body, just as the tear rolled down her cheeks. Despite obvious signs of fatigue Paris continued the onslaught of torment by digging into her ribs and belly, and continued her lies of sexual liaisons with Kelli's long lost love, and doing everything she could to cause her both physical and psychological torture. In public Paris Hilton may have come across as a ditz, looking as if she didn't know where she was half the time. However it is all a front, and in reality she is a crafty and cruel young woman, capable of much more then she lets on.

The nectar of Kelli's climax brought a smile to the face of her tormentor, as she sucked them from her finger. Paris always found the sweetest juices a woman produced were the ones that came with orgasm. Unfortunately for her prisoner the young heiress had no intentions of stopping yet, and planned to torture the helpless woman into unconsciousness, something even she had never done before. Spreading her finger wide, and bending them into a claw like shape, Mistress Hilton dragged her nails in a circular motion over her playthings tone body, slowly working them up her tender sides.

"Oh, oh no, please mistress no more.... hehehehehe, hahahahaha, please stop, I can't... hehehehe hahahaha heheheheh.... stop please stop, don't please... hahahahaha, hehehehehe!" pleaded Kelli as the nails drew closer and closer to her underarms, "Please don't, PLEASE DON'T!"

"Tickle tickle tickle, koochie koochie koo." replied Paris, revelling in every second, every pleadful word coming from her victim, "It's so hot when you body wiggles and squirms like that, I just can't understand how you could be a dead fuck in bed." she added, "Well at least thatís what you ex tells me."

"LIAR!" screamed Kelli as the long nails teased the tip of her armpits, "Hahahahaha, hehehehehe... it all a lie... hahahahaha, hehehehehe, hahahaha... Douglas would never... hehehehe, hahahaha... fuck.... hehehehe, hahahaha... a skeezer like.... hehehehehe, hahahaha... YOU!"

The sound of Kelli's words took the smile from her tormentors face, and brought some legitimate joy to her. A fire lit in the Hilton girls eyes, and she was ready to choke her to death, however she knew that it would only serve to get her in trouble with her mothers, and she would probably have to take this slaves place, and Ellen DeGeneres would just love that. Instead Paris stopped everything, and took several breaths, until the red colouring of her face turned back to the bronze of her fake tan. A minute later Paris turned and took hold of her prey by the chin, and stared into her eyes, and a cruel smile parted her lips as she slipped her finger into the cup of Kelli's left armpit.

"Hahahahahaha, hehehehehehe, hahahahahaha, stop it, stop it please. Pleaded the woman as she thrashed on the X- Frame, "Please, have mercy mistress, hahahahahaha, hehehehehe, I'm sorry... hehehe, hahaha... I'm so sorry!"

"Look at me Kelli!" demanded Paris as she held her toys face firmly, "Open you eyes and look at me!" she commanded again, and was obeyed, "What you need to be reminded of is that I own you, you are my property and will be until I am bored with you." she informed Kelli, "Just like that man whore Chad is mine, just like Justin is mine, and every other slave in here."

"Hahahahaha, hehehehehe... yes mistress... hehehehe, hahahaha... I understand!" replied Kelli as Paris licked her cheek, "Please... hahahahaha... I am sorry... hehehehe, hahaha... I belong to you, have mercy!"

"No, no, you'll know what it really means to be my property when I am done." said Hilton, "You'll never talk back a mistress or goddess here in the dungeon again." she said, "Now how about another orgasm."

"No, please don't... hehehehehe, hahahahaha, please no that again!" she screamed.

Paris laughed as she pulled out a thin pink vibrator she carried on the belt of her cat suit. Turning it on, she began giving it head as the fingers on her free hand began to stoke the outer sides of Kelli's perky little tits, and teased her hard fat nipples. The sight of the sexy slave's squirming upper body made the mistress' pussy tingle and she thought about using the vibrator on herself, but she decided their would be time for that later, as she applied it to the swollen clit that was peaking out from Kelli's labia. The slave squealed as the unwanted pleasure surged through her body, causing her to thrash and groan in reluctant ecstasy.

"Please, oh, mmmmm, oh no... pant, pant... please not again, stop!" pleaded the spasming woman as the plastic toy circled her clit over and over again.

"Come on Kelli, cum for me, cum for Mistress Paris." cooed the tormentor as he finger slipped into her victims navel, "You know you want to."

Kelli trembled and threw her head back, but no sound came out. Soon her body became so exhausted that it went limp, but her face still had the look of a scream on it. Then the air returned to her lungs, and she and the sound returned half way through her orgasm, it was the most bizarre thing Paris had ever heard, and it caused her to laugh when she heard it. Still, Kelli was conscious so she could obviously handle a little more, but allot more is what she would get, as the hands of the mistress began stroking the inner thighs of the crazed submissive.

Paris revelled in every scream, every laugh, every pathetic pleading word that came from helpless woman. Slowly her hands slid lower and lower down the raven haired beauty's thighs, and calves. Trembling and sweaty she screamed over and over again begging for the torment to stop, but it wouldn't, not until this uppity bitch passed out from it. Soon Hilton was at her slaves feet, and the sweaty, squirming, woman knew she was in for a hellish experience. No one was allowed to go near her feet, except when she got a pedicure, and even then she needed 3 or 4 people to hold her down. With but the slightest stroke of her nail, the mistress had her prey pleading again.

"Ahhhhhhh, hahahahahaha, hehehehehehe, hahahahaha, hehehehehe.... STOP IT, STOP IT NOW... hehehehe, hahahaha, hehehehe, STOP, STOP, STOP!" screamed the helpless woman.

"Do you want to cum again Kelli!" asked Paris.

"NO!" Kelli exclaimed

"Tell me you want to cum again and I'll stop the tickling." said Paris, looking up at the sweat covered face of the prisoner, "It will all be over if you let me make you cum again."

"NO!" screamed Kelli, her resolve getting weaker as the long nails worked under her toes, and down the center of her sole, "HEHEHEHEHE, HAHAHAHAHA... STOP IT, GET OFF MY FEET... HEHEHE, HAHAHA, HEHEHE... PLEASE!"
"Say it or I'll never stop!" exclaimed Paris, "Say it now!"

"OK... HEHEHEHE, HAHAHAHA, HEHEHE... MAKE ME CUM!" bellowed the slave.

"No, you slut!" replied Paris with an evil laugh, "Now we'll see just how long you can really take it for!"

Paris pulled back the toes on Kelli's right foot and raked mercilessly on it's sole, and under her toes. Kelli screamed like never before, but no amount of begging or pleading would make Paris stop. The long pink nails made circles, scratched her heels, and did figure 8, causing Kelli to throw her head from side to side, and bang it backwards against the padded head rest of the X-Frame. The more she screamed, the more it turned her tormentor on, and the more turned on the tormentor got the worse the torture became, until Kelli's body simply couldn't endure anymore and passed out from pure and utter exhaustion.

"You bitches!" screamed Chad, as he watched Kelli being carried away, "You evil fucking bitches!"

To be continued...

Part 5: Mistress of Fitness & Mistress of Muscle
Featuring: Kiana Tom & Rhonda Lee Quaresma

"Oh god please, don't do that, please stop!" begged Chad as he watched Paris ruthlessly scrabble her fingers over Kelli's feet, "Ah, oh, oh my god, let me cum, please I'm begging!" he added in response to the Kardashian sisters licking and sucking at his balls and cock, "You bitch's, you evil fucking bitches!"

Suddenly the door to the little room the trio had been in opened and a shadowy figure stepped in. The two girls stood up and backed away from Chad as she moved forward, goddess Kathy had heard about the little play time Paris and her friends had scheduled for themselves. Looking over Chad's sweaty, helpless form hanging from his restraints, she almost smiled. Keeping a strong front, she turned to face the two Kardashian's, prepared to scold them when she saw Paris sitting on a chair on the other side of the glass, slave girl Kelli being carried off by two other slaves.

"What the hell were you three doing?" demanded Kathy, "I thought I told you girls this one was off limits until the Auction in a few days!" she exclaimed "Do you two know how much trouble you would be in if you had made him cum early, remember what happened to the last woman who did that, and she wasn't a Mistress either she was a Goddess member!"

"We're sorry Goddess." said the two mistress', both shivering as they remembered the punishment for getting a slave off earlier them he's allowed, "What do you want us to do now?"

"Well he's been here for a couple of days now, 3 if I remember correctly." said Kathy with a thoughtful grin, "Why don't you take him to the gym and introduce him to our honorary member, and Mistress of Fitness."

"Mmmmm, that sound tasty," replied Klhoe, "Is it ok if.."

"No, you're forbidden to watch her work him over, now get to it, or I'll strap you onto that thing." Kathy threatened.

The two girls pouted, as they strapped the pole-leash to the collar on Chad's neck, and lead him out of the little observation room. The Kardashian's had never walked a slave together, well not a single slave, and took great joy in using their 2 on 1 advantage. For part of the time one sister would walk him while the other would tickling him to the point where he was on his knees crawling, and begging for mercy. Then they would switch, and the other would have her fun. Madonna happened by, and smiled brightly as she took the time to watch the wicked pair work over the helpless man when he finally collapsed on the floor. She thought about joining in, but was more in the mood for a female slave that say. However at some point she would have to ask Goddess Kathy about this one. It was so great to be a woman of power, and have choice.

Eventually the two women managed to get their charge to the room with gym marked on it with big black letters. Klhoe slid a plastic card into a grid, and the double doors slid open. As it did, loud moans could be heard, and the smell of wet pussy filled their nostrils. Laying across the table was a tall thin man with a very pail complexion, and a very tone body. Straddling one end of his body was television fitness guru Kiana Tom, while on the other side riding the helpless slaves face was woman body builder Rhonda Lee Quaresma. Chad's eyes opened wide at the site of the two women, and what they were doing to the bound man beneath them. Kiana was sitting on his knees and ruthlessly running her long nails over the soles of his feet, while he pulled desperately at his restraints, meanwhile Rhonda Lee grew closer and closer to orgasm as her thick, muscular thighs clinched around the poor mans head, smothering him with her pussy (she raked her own nails over his chest and belly). Chad swallowed hard as he knew this was what they probably had in mind for him,

When at last Rhoda climaxed, she actually fell off of the man's face, and landed on the floor. Sweat dripped from her firm tanned body, as left a puddle on the floor as she forced herself to her feet. Despite her incredible strength Rhoda Lee's body trembled as she tried to collect herself, she had cum that hard. Looking over she saw Chad standing with the Kardashian sisters, and smiled as she wiped the hair from her brow. A few minuets later the pair untied the man from his restraints, and the two women went to get cleaned up, only to emerge dressed in two piece spandex work out gear. Kiana wore bright red top and shorts with black fingerless gloved and boots, while her partner was dressed in a deep purple top and shorts with the same type of boots and gloves as her.

"Why do we get dressed when we both know we're going to end up naked again anyway?" asked Rhoda Lee, as she adjusted her right glove.

"Because it gives these slave boys something to look forward too." replied Kiana in her high energy voice.

As they were about to enter the room where Chad and the sisters waited, Rhonda grabbed Kiana by the arm and pulled her in tight to her body. Taking a firm grip of the other woman's head, she pressed her lips hard against her's. The Hawaiian cuties arms wrapped around the sexy lady body builder, and her hands took a firm grip of the Canadian's tight ass. The pair stood their for a long moment, their tongues dancing in their usual prelude dance. Kiana had never known lust for a woman like she did for Rhonda Lee, and though Rhonda had been with women before, she had never enjoyed it so much as when it was with Kiana. Unfortunately they would have to wait for further lust filled play, as they had work to do,

"Thank you ladies for bringing you charge to our gym." began Kiana as she walked into the room, "I am sure we can handle things from here, we will call you when his work out is over."

"Well can we watch?" asked Klhoe, even though she'd been told not to stay.

"Nice try kiddo." replied Rhonda Lee, as she took hold of Chad's Leash, "Momma Hilton already called us before you got here, we know you're not suppose to stay so move on."

As the two Kardashian's left the gym the two mistress'' led their charge to the center of the gym. When he got there he was instructed to lay down on a matt that reminded him of the type the wrestlers used when he was in school. The young man slowly knelt down, trying to avoid bumping his hard-on against the ground. Once on his back he looked up at his two keepers who were stared hungrily at his throbbing man hood. Kiana licked her lips, as she squatted down and unchained the slaves ankles, at the same time Rhonda placed the heel of her boot on Chad's throat, advising him not to move or he would face dire consequences. Looking up from his hapless position, the slave-boy believed the 5'3" bodybuilder could more then live up to her threat, and opted to stay still while his angles were rebound with padded leather cuffs that were built into the wrestling matt.

"Do you know what I would love to do right now slave-boy?" asked Kiana as she ran her finger tips along the shaft of her prisoners cock "I would love to suck you until you came in my mouth." she added as she took a firm grip of his member, "I just love to swallow a thick load, wouldn't you like that?" she went on in her quite pie voice, "It's such a shame that you'll never know the thrill of having me get you off, but those mean Hilton's have this weird thing about making you boys wait a week, and then it's 30 long days after that... it must be torture."

Chad groaned as Kiana's hand slowly rubbed up and down along his shaft, she was a master teaser to be sure, knowing just how much pressure to apply and for how long. Meanwhile Rhonda Lee continued to keep her heavy black boot on his neck, leaving him terrified to move a single inch. More and more the hapless man groaned, his desperation increasing by the second. Mistress Tom's sensual stokes bring him ever so close to the edge, and then she would stop, and lick his balls. or talk in her sexy "little girl voice" with out touching him at all. It was maddening, and Chad knew it was only a matter of time before the muscles of his lower body began to react involuntarily. Sure enough with the next onslaught of stroking and licking the slave found himself unable to stop his pelvis from moving. Pure lust had taken control of his hips and thighs and he was about to pay a dreadful price for a slight twitch.

"Did he just move Kiana?" asked Rhonda, even though she already knew he had, "I think his hips trusted just a bit their."

"Yep, I felt it." said Kiana, as she crawled down the length of his legs, "You know what that mean right slave boy?" she added, "You were told not to move, and now you need to be punished."

Rhonda removed her boot from the prisoners neck, and joined her fellow mistress by his feet. Kiana knelt by Chad's left foot, and her partner took the right. Now able to move, Chad sat up, and was able to see his keepers, and what they were going to do. The bodybuilder smiled at the sight of fear in the young man's eyes, and licked her lips over how his dick pointed strait up. It had been a while since either woman had seen one with quite that much girth two it, and they would have liked nothing better then to fuck his brains out. Unfortunately they would never be able two, because of the "First Week/30 Day Rule". Only the wealthiest of members could bid on a slave, and even though both of them did ok for themselves money wise, they weren't anywhere near the league of an Oprah, Trump, or Hilton. Of course the duo was granted their own group of 5 or 6 slaves of their own, and they had each other, but their was something special about this one, and they both knew it.

"Ack... oh no, please, not again... DON'T!" screamed Chad as he felt Rhonda drag a nail over his pale arches "Hehehehe, hahahaha, oh no, please don't, please don't."

"Then lay back down, and I'll stop." she replied, "I'll even suck your dick, but you have to lay down."

Rhonda smiled and winked at her friend, as she crawled up the slaves leg, and began rolling her tongue over his throbbing cock-head. The pre-cum on it's tip was a little tangy, but nothing she couldn't handle. Soon she was licking up and down the full length of his fat 9" shaft, just before wrapping her lips around it. For 5 agonizingly pleasant minuets Rhonda performed and the softest blow job Chad had ever received. It kept him on the edge with the same skill Kiana's hand job had done. Just when he thought he might climax, suddenly he would feel a pop as Rhonda would pull her lips from his member and start to tease his balls with her tongue.

"Hahahahaha, hehehehehe, please don't... hahahaha, hehehehe, I can't stand it, not the feet!" he screamed out again as he now felt a scratching at the other foot.

"The sit up white boy!" demanded Kiana as she watched her friend crawl back wards from their charge, "I don't remember saying you could lay down!"

"But she told me..." began Chad who then felt nails on both his feet, ",,, ahg, hehehehehe, hahahahaha, oh god stop... hehehehehe, hahahahaha... my feet... snort, snort... not that... hehehe, hahaha... please stop it... hehehehe, hahahaha... I can't stand it!": he pleaded.

Chad soon found himself sitting up and laying down over and over, as both mistress's took delight in raking their nails over his feet. Soon he was beginning to feel like Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke, when they kept making him dig and re fill a hole in the prison yard. Fits of laughter echoed off the walls of the gym, as he withered and squirmed no matter what position he put himself. When he was up Rhonda tortured his feet, and when he was down Kiana did, and to make matters worse he couldn't seem to tell who was the better tickler, so it wasn't like one option was easier to deal with. The slave-boys body wriggles and jerked as he performed his forced stomach crunches over and over, while laughing uncontrollably thanks to his instructors. Red faced and teary eyed he was forced to endure, even to the point where his dom's pulled back his toes and attacked that area with out sympathy, until he was screaming for his life.

When the pair finally decided Chad had earned a break he was completely exhausted. So much so in fact, that he offered no resistance when the two women unshackled his arms, so they could bind him spread-eagle. Hands again caressed his ripples muscles, as both women massaged his torso with scented oil, and they stretched out their legs so the were teasing his man-hood with their, newly barren, feet. Chad wasn't much of a foot guy, but at this point any contact with his penis raised the hopes of climax. The two women began to kiss their prisoners chest, licking his nipples, and nipping at his neck. They each pressed a foot against the shaft of his tool, so that they were heel to heel, and ball to ball. Then, ever so slowly they began to raise and lower their feet together in one motion, so it wasn't unlike one person performing a foot job.
"Oh god, that's so good... mmmmmmm... oh please let me cum, I won't tell, I promise." begged Chad with tears in his eyes, "Oh god please let me cum!"

"Rhonda, did you give him permission to talk?" asked Kiana.

"No. why didn't you?" asked Rhonda, with a wicked smile.

"Nope, I guess we'll have to punish him." Replied Kiana.

"I guess so." added Rhonda in agreement.

Chad sighed, and his bottom lip quivered as he felt the bodybuilder's long nails grazed his armpit. Tilting his head downward, he watched her lips part into a bright smile. Kiana began to lick and kills his chest and stomach, causing him to groan as well as giggle. These to women, they were taking so much pleasure in his discomfort, he hated them, and yet if either of them were to offer him sexual release he would gladly take it. There greatest power of him was the very thing that made him male. It was more humiliating to him that they were both aware of it as well. Knowing that he wanted them to leave him a lone, and at the same time fuck his brains out, they could make him beg for mercy, or more, depending on what part of his body the touched, and in how they chose to touch it. Never before had Chad felt so helpless, then again he'd never been taken prisoner by a band of horny, perverted, rich women either.

Kiana stood up and positioned herself so she was standing with her feet on either side of Chadís head. Looking up the bound man watched in aw as the Hawaiian beauty stripped off her top, and wiggled out of her shorts. Once she was nude she looked down at him like a Goddess looking down at a worshiper. Taking her foot, she crammed it into the laughing man's mouth, forcing him to work her toes over with his tongue while Rhonda ruthlessly worked his belly over with long hard raspberries.

Chad felt like he would lose his mind if he wasn't given a breather, and almost as if she was reading his mind, Mistress Quaresma turned up the heat even more. Stripping bare herself, the well 5''3" powerhouse rolled her naked body on top of his, pressing her firm body against his own toned, and well oiled, torso. At first she kissed and licked him all over his chest and belly, making him groan, and sigh, then she added the touch of her long fingernails against the hallows of his underarms, and along his sides. Slowly she her kisses began to go lower and lower, while continuing to tickle his ribs, and then adding his hips. The long wet tongue soon began to work up and down the 9" that made up the length of his shaft, but never once touched it's fat bell like head. Soon her mouth engulfed the man's remarkable scrotum, while her fingers ever so tenderly tweaked his knees.

"Oh god... hehehehe, hahahaha... please help me!" screamed Chad, "Why... mmmmm, hehehehe, hahahaha, mmmm... are you doing this to me?" he asked.

Chad wouldn't get an answer to his question, but he imagined that it was probably because they simply enjoyed what they were doing. Seconds later Kiana's shaven pussy came down on his face, smothering him with it's aroma's. The bound man was nothing more then a living sex toy now, as his laughter convulsed tongue lapped at the Polynesian mistress's swollen Labia. She squirmed and wriggled, until she felt him insider her, and then began to really grind hard on him. Meanwhile Rhonda Lee really poured on the juice, she worked his legs feet and knees with such skill, and speed that it almost seemed like 3 or more people has joined in on the young man's torture. The next several moments were total and utter anguish for Chad, as Kiana seemed to ride his pretty face for hours, it was in fact more like 20 minuets, but it seemed a lot longer with his other Mistress working his lower body so hard and with such skill. Then, out of the blue, Kiana screamed out, as warm she-cum shot from her pussy and covered his face, as the little Hawaiian collapsed on top of him.

Part 6: Dominante Feminino
Starring: Selma Hayek & Penelope Cruze
FFF/M, Bondage, Teasing, Denial, Paddling, Smother, Ruthless & Intense

Chad was laying in his depravation chamber squirming helplessly as his cock was teased on the other side. In the confines of the dark metal box all he could hear was his own screams, as he felt feathers and tongues and tease the head of his dick. On the other side he knew elite members of Kathy Hilton's Goddess Spa were allowed to take turns tormenting his member. It had been happening every night since he was brought to this hellish place. Eventually he would fall asleep, but in his sleep he would have the most tortured of dreams. Dreams where he was fucking anyone of the beautiful Goddess's or Mistress's to whom he was now enslaves by, most often it was Kim Kardashian, but a fellow slave named Kelli had began to slip in from time to time as well. Tonight for some reason he had been sent to his sleeping chamber early, and knew it would take him longer to fall asleep. Chad was sure this was so the Hilton sisters and their friends could have fun with him longer.

"Oh god please stop!" screamed Chad, even though he knew nobody could hear him, "Hahahahaha, hehehehe, please don't do that, not under the rim PLEASE!"

The sense of utter helplessness was beyond anything that could be explained. For someone to understand the complete and utter humiliation and terror of being in his position they would have to have been in this situation. Chad was literally trapped in total darkness, and he couldn't hear or smell anything, except his own screams and personal odours. A hole in the depravation box allowed his 9" penis to stick out, making it available to any of the members who should like to play with it. Licking, sucking and of course tickling were all allowed. The only thing they weren't allowed to do was let him cum. In fact the handsome young man hadn't been allowed to climax since he awoke strapped down to a table here in the spa's secret dungeon.

In the open space outside the box Chad could almost envision Paris, Kim Kardashian, and Nichole Richie giggling like school girls as each of them took turns stroking him with feathers, or jerking his meat brief moment and then stopping. Every so often a pair of soft moist lips would wrap around his fad wang and slide up and down it's length bringing him ever so close to shooting his load and then it would stop. Chad knew it was Kim, it had to be, because the other's didn't have lips that full, or soft looking. How long would he have to endure this humiliation and torture at the hands of these spoiled debutants. No woman should be that skilled at teasing a man, and this band of brats seemed skilled beyond their years.

"PLEASE SOMEBODY LET ME CUM!" screamed the wriggling man, only to feel thee tongues lick along the side of his shaft, "Oh god, oh god please stop it, I can't stand it anymore, I CAN'T STAND IT!"

Just then the top of the chamber was opened and the man looked up to see Kathy Hilton and a second woman standing over him. The other woman was attractive, but not in the league of the majority of women that were normally using the Dungeon. The new mistress was a tall black woman in a green blouse and a long black skirt, she had long light hair, and had hazel eyes. The two of them eyed Chad hungrily, and he even saw the black woman lick her lips as she looked him over.

"Oh I am certain that Ms. Wimfry will be bidding high for this one." said the new comer, whom the slave guessed was Gayle King, "I would, of course, like to examine him before the day of the auction."

"Oh of course, I understand completely." replied Kathy with an exaggerated wink, "I'll have him moved to room 7," she continued "I want to try out this new device I had put it, I call it the 'Exabition Port', and with the Olsen Twins here today I think it is a perfect opportunity to show this one an exhibition in why he should behave."

"Why has he been a trouble maker in the past?" asked Gayle.

"No, no, he's a good little man-whore, I just want him to know what it is to truly fear us, and the Olsenís are the best way to drive home the point." Kathy Replied.

Mistress Kardashian bent over and hitched one end of the staff like leash to the collar on Chad's neck. Pulling sharply on it she was able to get the man to sit up, and then crawl out of the box. The salves balls still ached with the long minuets of ruthless teasing they had been forced to endure, as well at the past few days of being played with by Kim and the rest of the Cash Club. Nichole Richie had been one of the worst, though the all three of the Kardashians could definitely hold their own. The man sighed as he was led into the direction of the showers, because he knew his hell would begin their, and who could know when it would stop.

It was roughly an hour before Chad finally got out of the bathing area, he had spent the entire time at the mercy of all three Kardashians, being that none of them had anything else to do, and they all seemed to enjoy making him squeal like a pig through tickling. The slave boy came to the conclusion that cute little Kourtney was the most vicious of the trio, and at one point needed her two sisters to pull her off of him. Not that Kim or Klhoe were angels, they were ruthless as well, but at least they were willing to stop tickling him so he could breath once and a while. Chad was sure that at some point one slave must have died from the 3rd sisters merciless mean streak.

The naked slave was lead out of the shower room, and down a hall way he had never been through before. As he looked around Chad couldn't believe what he saw, as row upon row of feet stuck out from holes lining the hall way. The Kardashian girls found themselves giggling as they heard the addictive sounds of laughter coming from behind the walls, while Chad winced like he was hearing somebody being slowly killed with torture, and in a strange way they were. From talking with Justin nobody had ever escaped from this place, not that he new for sure if anybody ever tried. Once however a slave did die from being tickled to long, and that scared the hell out of Chad.

"Wow, look at the dick on him!" said a voice.

Chad looked ahead and was shocked to see Michelle Obama stroking a large black foot as it stuck out from the wall. A deep hysterical laughter was coming out from behind the wall, as her long red nails gently stroked against it's arch. Almost immediately after she had made her comment Silda Spitzer, Michelle Paige Paterson, Sarah Palin, and Dina McGreevey blocked his path wanting to check out his apparently impressive member. His keepers all stepped aside and allowed the political women to fondle him like he was fruit being checked for ripeness. Even the "Govanatores" wife Maria Shriver commented on how fit his body was, and how delirious his cock looked. Soon fingers were poking him in all the regular ticklish spots like his ribs and under arms. If it wasn't for the restraints that held his arms up Chad would have rolled into a ball on the floor. Then again if it wasn't for the restraints he would be running for his life trying to get out of the spa.

'Are you girls going to strap him into the 'Wall of souls'?" asked Silda Spitzer over his screaming laughter, "He looks like he has nice feet, I would love a chance to tickle them until he pees himself."

"It has a great ass to." commented Sarah Palin, "Do you guys know if it's ticklish?"

For half an hour these women went on asking questions and experimenting with different parts of his body. His cock was teased with kisses and licks, but none of the women would actually suck on it. Still this only added to the agony of his sexually tence tesstickles. Most men will experience the condition known as blue balls, but Chad was sure he'd gone beyond blue. Purple seemed a much more fitting colour to describe how he was feeling. Eventually the sisters lead him down the hall into a dimly light room. In the center of the room chains hung down from the darkness above, like something out of Hell raiser. His ankles were shackled first, and then his arms were released from their restraints only to be rebound in padded leather cuffs over his head, and finally a large leather strap was wrapped around his waist and a fifth chain was hitched to it as well. Totally helpless he watched, with surprise, as the three sisters walked out of the room. Kim looked back and their almost appeared to be a sadness in her eyes, like she knew what was coming, and felt bad that it was happening to him.

Just as the door to the room shut a light came in a window across from him. Chad hadn't even noticed their was an observation window where he could see Kathy showing Gayle around. When the two women finally saw he was in the other room, Kathy pressed a button on the control panel. The bound man heard a cranking sound, and felt his feet being pulled out from under him. With in two or three minuets Chad was suspended in mid air by the chains, maybe 3 or 4 feet off the ground. All he could see was the unforgiving and cold looking grey cement staring up at him.

"Now Gayle as you can see he is fully erect, and will be that way until whomever buys his services allows him release." explained Kathy, "Well you know the drill around here, what I really wanted to show you was our newest interrogation team." she added.

"Interrogation team, I never knew you needed them." replied Gayle, "What could anybody need to be interrogated for here in the dungeon."

"Well honestly we don't." confessed Kathy with out shame, "I simply enjoy watching these little slave boys being tortured by their betters, would you like to watch the show with me" she asked

"Oh yes, most definitely!" she exclaimed.

It wasn't long before the door to the room opened again and Chad could hear the sound of foot steps coming towards him. Turning his head he could see two pair of firm tanned legs, and heard sultry Latin accents on the lips of his would be tormentors. Her was certain he had recognized the women's voices before, and he had, as they were Selma Hayek and Penelope Cruze (though he couldn't tell for sure). There was some mention of pop singer Jennifer Lopez, but apparently she was scheduled to be punished for allowing a slave to climax before his due date. Chad smiled, sincerely, for the first time in almost a week when he heard the little Chinaman had drop a big wad on her face. If it couldn't be him, then at least it had been one of his two friends that had found release, and scored a little revenge. Mind you he felt bad for what might happen two him the next time the diva had him tied to a wrack. Right now, however, he had his own problems.

Selma had been a member of the "Hilton Goddess Spa" for many years, and had been brought in to the dungeon by a personal invitation from club owner Kathy Hilton herself, after reading somewhere that the sexy Latina was quite found of tickling, and seeing her domination of George Cloonie in an old Quinton Tarrintino movie. Penelope on the other hand was brand new to the entire place, she was brought in on the recommendation of Mistress Hayek since they were such good friends. Penelope started out unsure about the entire thing, but after a few days she was really starting to warm up to the idea of having big strong men begging for mercy from something as simple as tickling, torturing other women wasn't quite as appealing, but it was fun too.

The two women cooed and giggled at the site of the man's naked body. The truth was that Chad was one of the best looking men the club had brought in since Justin, and with the deal the Olson Twins had made with Kathy, nobody got to play with him except the Kardashians (when he bathed)and the fitness instructors (Kiana Tom and Rhonda Lee Quaresma). With luck nobody would make a permanent deal with Kathy for Chad's services and they would get to play with him from time to time as well. Either way they knew they would have a great time with his pretty body right now.

"There is nothing I like better then a man with a nice big set of balls." said Selma as she caressed the sole of the prisoners left foot, "This dog has a huge pair, they are magnificent, don't you think so Penelope."

"Yes, they are quite spectacular" replied Penelope as she stepped next to her long time friend, "I never knew you were into balls, and just when I thought I knew everything about you."

"Penelope darling you only know what I let you know, but you'll be learning more then ever while you are here." Replied Miss Hayek with a devilish grin.

Chad began to trembled as the women discussed his testicles, because his scrotum had proven to be the single most ticklish place on his body. When was younger he once let a girlfriend tie him to his bed, she had let him do the same earlier and he decided it was only fair to do the same. Things started very hot, and she had worked him into a frenzy with a lap dance, and other teasing, however while she was giving him head she started to caress his ball sack, and he broke out into hysterical laughter. With his limbs bound as they were the young woman decided it would be fun to take full advantage, and tortured him for hours with tickles and licks. Right after he was unbound Chad broke up with her and has never aloud himself to be tied up by anybody since.

The woman's finger tips gently stroked his sensitive soles, with one pair moving slowly to the backs of his calves. The unseen can be a scary thing, as Chad was finding out. Soon he felt a hand on the back of each leg, and heard the soft taping as one of his tormentors made her way up between his legs. The nails dragged up his thighs and then began to make circles on his perky pink backside. The soft touch of the nails actually cause an itching sensation more then a tickling, and Chad began to squirm and plead for the women to stop.

"What's the matter gringo?" said Selma, slapping Chad butt, "This sweet ass of yours isn't ticklish is it"

"It doesn't tickle, it itch's." said Chad, not really sure that it was the brightest thing to do, "Please just let me go, I need to cum, I won't tell anybody if you let me jerk off."

Well dog, as entertaining as that would be, I am afraid it would be impossible to do that and not end up like poor J.Lo will soon."

"What do you mean?" he snorted, trying to fight back the giggles, "Oh no... not the hips hahahaha, hehehehe, hahaha..."

"I mean that Goddess Kathy and Mistress Gayle are watching us as we speak." the Mistress explained, "So we must be sure to put on a good show for them."

Chad winced as he once again felt a had strike his ass, and several more times. Selma was taking a great deal of pleasure in administrating he spanking on the Anglo plaything. It wasn't uncommon for her to find a man's hands on her Spanish union in the past so she looked upon such situations as divine retributions for humiliation of the past. Of course with Penelope raking mercilessly at his feet there was not lack of hysterical laughter either.

From the observation room Gayle King and Kathy Hilton watch on with delight. There was nothing either woman like better then watching the slaves of the dungeon being tortured by an expert, except of course when they were doing the torturing themselves. The only thing that Gayle didn't care for was the fact that Chad was suspended face down, and thus denying her the sight of his gorgeous cock.

"Is something wrong Gayle?" asked Kathy, "You don't seem to be enjoying this as much as I would have expected."

"Oh no, I love what Selma and Penelope are doing, it's just that I got a peek at that sluts cock, and I was hoping I would get to see some more of it." she replied.

"You are a girl after my own heart Gayle." chuckled the Goddess of the dungeon "I think I can help you with you little request."

Flipping a switch a series of monitored came on, all of witch featured different shots of Chad's body, including one of his handsome face. Gayle's eye's opened wide as there was a camera that shot a perfect view of his fat member wiggling about as he struggled in his restraints. With the press of another button Kathy was able to redirect the camera so it was on the helpless man's impressive scrotum. Both women shriek and giggled like a pair pare of teen agers at an Elvis concert, as the saw a tongue come into frame. Mistress Hayek was about to raise the bar on Chad's torment.

Penelope's beautiful brown eyes' opened wide as she watched with great interest as Mistress Hayek worked her magic on the bound man's nut sack. She had been asked to stop tickling his feet so he wouldn't be distracted in anyway from the teasing of his balls. The Mexican beauty brushed her soft lips against his sack and brought the tip of her tongue to bare between his testicles. It was so sensual, so erotic, that Penelope found herself caressing her left breast through her silk top, tweaking it's hard nipple and cooing.

"Oh my god, don't do this to me anymore, please stop!" exclaimed Chad, "I can't stand this teasing, let me cum please!"

"Shut up gringo!" ordered Penelope, even though she enjoyed his begging, "You should consider yourself lucky to have such a beautiful woman sharing the air with you let alone touching you." she added, "You seem to be one ungrateful little dog, and you need to be punished for you lack of gratitude."

Selma looked up and watched in amazement as her friend unbuttoning her shirt as she made her way up to the man's head. Hayek licked her lips as she watch the slender Spaniard stripped out of her clothing, until she had nothing but her thong. When she got to Chad's head his face was contorted and had a look of anguish, if it was possible for pleasure to bring pain he was enduring that contradiction right at that moment. Penelope smiled over the man's grief, and found it unexpectedly arousing that all he wanted was for them to elevated his sexual frustration. Both of the Latina's knew men desired them, and some would do anything for them. This little worm would beg and plead for them to let him cum, but not just out of simple lust, but because he felt he needed it more then air.

Leaning in Penelope began to nibble his ear, and lick his neck. Chad tried to pull his head away but his tormentor simply grabbed a hand full of his hair and held him in place. Cruseís lips were no less skilled then her friends, and over the last few days she had developed a true mean streak. Teasing men was no longer just a fun thing to do, she had discovered the real power of her sexuality thanks to this place, and planed to come back as often as she could in the future.

Following her friends example Mistress Hayek decided to strip out of her clothing to, however she opted to slip out of her panties and let her pussy breath a little. Selma knelt down and put her full lips over the lump that was her victims left nut. Chad groaned and squirmed as the sultry Mexican's mouth worked played with his frustrated man-part. . Soon Selman brought her hands around the outside of his legs and grasped his ass tightly in her hands, there was nothing better then a man with a firm ass.The more he begged, the more he pleaded, the more turned on the two women got, the more turned on they got the harder the worked at teasing him. If this kept up much longer he would start begging them to tickle him again.

"Do you know what I want you to do man-whore?" whispered Penelope in his ear, "I want you to kiss my ass."

Chad mustered up what little flem he could, and horked a respectably large lugy into Mistress Cruze's face. The stunning Latina, and the two women in the observatory room all stood in silence. Even Selma pulled her face away from his tasty nut sack and looked on in disbelief. Not in remembered history had any male slave ever disrespected a dominating female in such a manner. This disrespect of course would not go unpunished, as Chad would soon learn.

Wiping the spit from her face, the Spanish beauty smeared it in the face of the suspended man. Then she walked over to a cabinet that was on the other side of the room and opened the door. When she turned around she had a large black paddle in her hand, and a wicked grin on her face. Selma's sensual lips formed into a crooked smile, and she nodded at her partner as she got into the helpless man's face.
"So you like to spit, eh slut?" asked Mistress Cruze, "Well we are going to show you what happened to bad dog's who disrespect their betters." she added, "I think Selma should start tickling you, and if you say anything, tell her to stop, beg for mercy, say anything, and I am going to beat you ass with this paddle... do you understand." Chad didn't say anything, he simply nodded, and swallowed hard.

With a huge grin on her face, Selma ducked under Chad and dug in hard on his flat rippled belly. The bound man erupted with laughter, not having expected the tickling to be so intense right from the start. He squirmed and giggled, and could feel sweat rolling down his face already. Mind you Selma had already worked his ball sack with ruthless teasing, and now she was proving to be just as ruthless with her finger nails.

"Hahahahaha, hehehehe, oh god, oh god!" screamed Chad, who instantly felt a hard wallop on his bare backside.

"Thatís what I like to heat pig, do it some more, give me a reason!" exclaimed Cruze

Chad yelped at the impact of the paddle but soon found himself squealing with laughter again. Selma was now standing and was kneading his hips with cruel position. Chad bellowed and screamed, but didn't say one auditable word. His chains rattled and tears began to roll down his cheeks, but not one real word left his lips. Penelope stood ready with her paddle in hand, she looked like a base ball player expecting a fast ball down the middle. The slightest little word and she was going to knock his ass right over the Big Green Monster.

"Hahahahaha, hehehehe, hahahaha... snort, gasp.... hahahaha, hehehehe, hahahaha..." were the only sound Chad would allow himself to say, and it was pissing Penelope off.

"Mmmm, I like this game." sighed Mistress Hayek, "His cock keeps slapping against my pussy when he struggles."

Frustrated with the way things were the Spaniard decided to change the rules a little. Placing the paddle on Chad's back she told him if the paddle fell off she would use it on him. Then to make matter worse she dug her finger into the helpless man's ribs. It only took a few seconds for the dark heavy piece of wood to hit the floor with, and a few seconds after that it was swatting his ass too a bright shade of red. The whole time in the boot Kathy and Gayle unheard cheers echoed off the walls of the sound proofed booth.

"Please stop, I can't take it any more!" exclaimed Chad, "I'm sorry, I'll do it, please stop!"

"Oh now slut, kissing it won't be good enough now I'm afraid." replied the mistress as she bent over in front of him, "I think you should use your tongue on it now... to make up for spitting on me."

"No, no never no fucking way!" Chad screamed.

At the sound of that Selma crouched down beside Chad's left arm pit. Leaning forward she slowly ran her tongue over the shaved skin of his deep cup. The bound slave burst into laughter and thrashed from side to side. Penelope, now having removed her thong, brought her ass inched away from his face, and pulled his face between her perfectly round cheeks. Penelope ordered him to lick her, but the slave stubbornly refused. Even as it got harder to breath he still fought back panic and stayed the course. Selma dug in, but nothing seemed to be able to break the his spirit enough to lick Penelopeís ass hole.

"Ladies, ladies, I am afraid your time is up." the Olson Twins have arrived, and it is time to position our little man-whore so he can see his friends torture." said Goddess Hilton over a speaker, "Not that he won't be having a few more laughs himself, however I have somebody very special in mind for this job." she continued "Thanks you for you efforts, Mistress Gayle and myself were very entertained by you."

"Next time pig, you'll eat my ass till I cum!" said Penelope, "And you'll thank me for the honour!"

Chapter 7: Why Fear The Olson's
Starring: The Olson Twins & The Masked Mistress
FF/M. F/M, Bondage, Non Consent, Oral, Teasing, Denial, Extreme, Ruthless, Intense & Cruel

Moments ago a naked man hung horizontally from chains, roughly 4 above the ground. While in t hat position his helpless body was brutally tickled and teased by Actress' Selma Hayek and Penelope Cruze, the latter of witch took it upon herself to severely beat him on his ass with a black wooden paddle. The severity of his abuse was so bad that he was prepared to do just about anything to make them stop, even kissing the ass on Mistress Cruze herself. However just as Penelope was about to raise her demands to another level, both women were instructed by Goddess Kathy Hilton to stop their actions and prep him for yet another for of torment. Unknown to him, in the next room, Chadís good friend Justin had been bound to an X-Frame, and was awaiting the arrival of his personal owners Mary Kate, and Ashley Olson. When they first met the Vagabond turned sex-slave had learned of the former gang bangers utter fear of the famed twin sisters. Now he would be forced to observe why everyone fears the Olson Twins.

Now the helpless man kneels on the cold tile floor, Penelope and Selma having left the room to be replace by a slender masked a black leather bikini, with knee height boots, and elbow length gloves. With a riding crop in hand she pointed a "doggie door" like flap in a wall. Chad bowed his head, and began to crawl towards the opening, not an easy feat with his wrists bound together behind his back, and his ankles shackled as well. Add to that the fact the erect state of his 9" penis and you have a very tricky trek even if it is only a mere 10 feet.

"Move it slave!" scream the masked mistress, her riding crop slapping him across the back, "Stick your head in that hole now!"

"Yes mistress... own... I am trying." replied Chad.

"Don't give me any of your back talk man-whore!" she rebutted with another swat from her crop, "If I wanted you to use you mouth I'll shove my pussy in you face... or my ass, understand?"

Chad said nothing, and continued to endure the sting of the riding crop, it was better then trying to rush and whacking his member on the floor. Eventually the crawling slave made it to his destination, and he was told once more to shove his head through the opening. When he did so he found himself staring into total darkness, though he could here soft moaning coming from somewhere in the room. Two thick pieces of wood clapped down around his neck, making it impossible for him to pull his head out of the hole. It was pretty obvious that the this mysterious woman didn't want him to be able to pull away from whatever it was they were going to show him.

"You trainee is doing quite well, you should be quite proud of yourself." said Gayle King to the slender Asian standing next to her, "What is her name?"

"I don't believe Goddess Kathy wants that revealed just yet, but you'll learn it soon enough." replied Lucy Lui, with no readable emotion on her face, "As head of security for the Dungeon I am always involved with the orientation of new members, as well as training them in the proper methods of torturing slaves." she added, "If I remember correctly you've yet to receive your full orientation."

Gayle's eyes' opened wide with terror, as she knew what "full orientation" meant. Every new comer to the Dungeon branch of the Goddess Spa was forst to endure a rigorous sex torture of their own. It meant bound nude, while having several members of the facility tormenting her with tickling and forced orgasms. Lucy was always involved with this hazing of a rookie member, and the only reason Gayle had been able to avoid it was because of her friendship with Oprah Winfrey, but even the might Oprah had to go through it, and so would she eventually. Suddenly their was a loud yell, and the two women turned to see Goddess Kathy yelling into her cell phone.

"You listen to me, you little brat!" she exclaimed, "I am telling you NOT to do anything to the slave who's head will be sticking through that port hole." she continued, "Or have you've forgotten that their are more then a few women here that aren't happy with you exclusiveness to Justin." she added "How would you and Ashley like to find yourselves stuck in a room with a half dozen angry black women, and a pair of stocks with your names on... thatís what I thought."

The three women turned their attentions back to the masked mistress in the room below. The names dominatrix has success fully removed the restraints his ankles, only to lock them with clamp like restraints in the floor. Chad was completely helpless, on his knees, with his head trapped on the other side of the wall. Not only couldn't he defend himself, but now he couldn't even see what was being done to him. Knowing the immorality of his captors he could find himself on the wrong side of a strap on, or some other sex toy, nothing would surprise him at this point.

When he finally felt himself coming down, the darkness was pushed away with a sudden burst of light. For a brief moment Chad couldn't see anything for the spots in his eyes, but as they adjusted he wished they hadn't. About 10 feet away, restrained to an X-Frame was his friend Justin. The nearly 7 foot man looked completely terrified as he pulled desperately at his restraints. The man wondered how the Kardashian sisters could possible have gotten the massive black man into the device, and concluded that he must have been in some sort of drug induced haze at the time. Regardless of how they did it, both he and Justin were now at the women's mercy, and he would have to endure watching his friend being tortured by the Olson twins.

"Hello Justin, how are you this fine day." said a voice to the left, "You certainly look very... healthy."

Chad turned his head to see a pair of tiny figures dressed in long hooded robes moving towards his helpless friend. Justin screamed and called for help, it was a devastating site to see someone so large and powerful looking so terrified of the little people coming before him. Based on this reaction the cloaked pair must have been the evil sister moving in on their hapless prey. Just as the two women removed their garbs, the blonde haired man broke into giggles as he felt something stoke his inner thigh, his own personal torture had begun.

"No. no, leave me alone!" exclaimed Chad, "Hehehe, hahaha, stop it please!"

Chad legs spasmed and pulled at the soft touch of his tormentors feather, his mysterious tormentor smiling wickedly under her mask. Microphone near him allowed both her, and the women in the observation boot to hear every adorable giggle passed from his lips, every delicious plea brought them more and more masochistic delight. The micro camera's built into the rooms floors were turned on and directed at the prisoner well conditioned body, mainly his cock and balls, but his sides, chest, and ripples belly as well. Kathy Hilton, Gayle King, and Lucy Lui all sat back and prepared to enjoy one hell of a good show.

The Olson's stripped off their robes revealing their nude Lilith bodies to both Chad and Justin. It was so bizarre to see the little girls from "Full House" all grown up, and naked. Not that he found either of them that appealing, they were both way to skinny, given the choice he preferred a girl to have a little meat on their bones. What surprised the giggle ridden man most were the electric tooth brushes they carried, he's never hear of any torture that they could be used on, not that he was an expert. One of them, Mary Kate he suspected, also carried a tap measure, and began to walk up between Justin's legs. The large man scream for them to get away for them, calling for help, and demanding to be released, unfortunately neither he or Chad would be let go anytime soon.

"Now, now Justin." said Ashley as she walked up beside him, "You know it is time for you monthly measurement." she reminded him, "Let's see if that dick of yours has gotten any bigger, and for your sake it better have." she continued, "You know what will happen if it hasn't don't you?"

"No, no, no... not again, please I hate that think, don't use it again PLEASE!" screamed Justin, "Please don't use that gag on me again."

"Well Ashley, I am afraid you'll be strapping the white head on him again." said the sister measure Chad cock, "It's still only 14" and if I remember right that's the same size it was when we first bought him from Goddess Hilton."

Chad watched in horror as the two sister clamed on top of his friend, one of them with a strange looking device in hand. Justin's screams were soon matched by his own as he felt long finger nails scrabble over the sensitive skin of his arches. Squealing and jerking desperately, the inability to see what was happening to his body only added to the helplessness he felt in his stomach, and he knew seeing Justin tortured was going to make it even worse.

"Hahahahaha, Hehehehehe, stop it, don't touch my feet!" screamed Chad, pulling the Olsenís attention to him for just a moment.

"Wow, I wouldn't mind a chance to play with him." said Mary Kate, "But then we'd have to give up our claim on you Justin, and I would hate to do that."

As the twins climbed off their personal sex slave. Chad could finally see what they had done. The strange device was indeed the dreaded "White Head" as he had called it. The type of gag a dentist might use if he had to perform dental surgery on a sleeping patient. On of the Sisters had returned to the big man's dick and began to slowly stroke it with one of her little hand, licking it's fat dark head with her tongue. At the same time, either by coincidence or design, Chad too felt a gentle hand starting to stroke his fat 9" pecker, while a pair of lips worked his aching nut sack once again.

"No, no, no!" exclaimed Chad, "Please I've had enough teasing, I'm so horny, please stop!"

The Olson twin's giggled at the white man's silly pleading, like most of the women who use the dungeon, they loved the sound of a man's begging. Since discovering Justin's most ticklish spot however they rarely got a chance to hear it. It was a nice change, and Ashley for one was considering asking Kathy if they could do this every time they come visit Justin. It would of course cost them allot more money, but then again they had more money then they could ever spend anyway.

Chad threw his head from side to side, and yelled out as his sides were tickled ruthlessly. Tears rolled down his cheeks and his body trembled as he screamed for mercy. Even with his hand's tied behind his back the mystery woman managed to slip her finger nails up into his left armpit, all the while continuing to stroke his tool. In the entire time he'd been here this was possible the worst of it, with exception of have his ass beat by Penelope Cruze earlier. Then something happened, something that would make having his ass paddled seem like a walk in the park, as his mystery tormentor gently brushed her finger tips against the sensitive skin of his scrotum.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA, HEHEHEHEHEHE, AH-HAHAHAHAHA, OH, OH, PLEASE GOD NOT THERE, PLEASE STOP!" bellowed Chad as his struggling reached an almost violent level, "YOU'LL KILL ME... snort... IT'S TO MUCH!"

"This is amazing!" exclaimed Gayle King as she got to her feet, "I have never seen a man react quite like that to having his balls tickled."

"Yes, it is most impressive, especially when you consider that my apprentice wasn't even trying to tickle him there, it was just meant as a teasing touch." said Lucy Lui.

"Mistress Lui," began Kathy Hilton while looking at Gayle, "as head of dungeon security would you consider it a major violation if you, Miss King, and myself joined our masked friend down there?"

"Honestly Goddess, I thought you'd never ask." replied the Asian, a rare smile on her face.

Delighted all three women left the room and headed down to join in on Chad's torture, while the Olson twin's upped the anti on Justin's. Ashley had taken it upon herself to clime the muscular man's torso until she was practically sitting on his face. The white head gag kept his mouth open and pressed his tongue down leaving him vulnerable to oral violations. With the most evil grin the naked girl held her electric tooth brush inches from his face and turned it on, the sight of the spinning brush's filling his mind with panic, and causing his body to convulse with fear. Licking her lips Ashley applied the soft bristles to the roof of his mouth, forcing muffled grunts and whimpers from him.

"Is my sister sucking your cock Justin?" whispered Ashley as she worked the squirming man's mouth with the appliance, "She's really good at it isn't?" she asked, "She's such a tease though, she once made a guy cry just by teasing his dick with her mouth, can you believe that?"

Mary Kate grinned as she heard her sisters words, mainly because they were true. The funny thing is she couldn't even remember the name of the young man she'd done it two. It was for a date the two had auctioned off on e-bay, and the winner had turned out to be so cute neither girl good resist his charm. It had turned out to be allot of fun, and shortly after this they found themselves members of the Goddess Spa's elite dungeon users. Over the last couple of years M.K. had become so adept at performing blow jobs that she could make a man come in under a minuet or keep him on the edge for hours, and she loved keeping Justin on the edge all day.

With her tongue licking the helpless man's shaft the Olson sister could hear Chad's pleas for mercy behind her, and it really turned her on. Since her sisters discovery of the white head gag, and the fact that there play thing was extremely ticklish on the roof of his mouth, she hadn't heard a man beg for mercy since. The twins arrangement with Goddess Hilton gave them exclusive rights to the large black man, but it excluded them from bidding on any other sex slave's in the dungeon. Mary Kate was quite happy to play with Justin's helpless body whenever she got the chance, but she missed the sound of a man's screams for mercy.

"STOP IT... HAHAHAHAHA, HEHEHEHEHE, HAHAHAHAHA... LEAVE MY BALLS' ALONE!" the helpless man screamed, bring a devious smile to Mary Kate's face, as her own electric tooth brush started to buzz.

The door to the torture chamber swung open, and Kathy, Lucy and Gayle all rushed in. Turning her head to see what was happening the masked dominatrix rose to her feet out of respect for her teacher and the other two women as well. Lucy came over and put her arms around her svelte apprentice, in an unusual show of emotion. The three women all congratulated her in for her quick study of the sex torture craft.

"You will be most welcomed as a mistress when you have finished you training." said Gayle, "But who are you?"

"I've been told not to reveal myself until Goddess Hilton or Mistress Lui told me it was ok." replied

"I don't think that should be to much of a problem now." said Kathy as she and Lucy pulled the sex slaves head back into the same room as his body, "Why don't you show the man-whore who has been teasing him as well."

"Very well Goddess." said the porcelain skinned woman as she removed her mask, "They were calling me Mistress X for a while, but you can call m..."

"KELLI!" exclaimed Chad, "Why Kelli, why?"
Chad would never received and answer to his question, all he got in return was torture. For the remainder of the day he was bent backwards, his legs folded under him, and his hard-on waving as he struggled. Each of the women took feather in hand and took turns ruthlessly stoking his cock and balls with. The naked man was driven to the verge of madness as one by one each of them would take turns attacking his most ticklish area, his screams for mercy brought emended joy and arousal to his tormentors, and he wouldn't know peace until he passed out from lack of oxygen. When he next awoke it would be a new day, and he would be assigned as Kelli's study project until the auction.
Chapter 8: J.Lo's Punishment
Featuring: Jennifer Lopez, Lucy Lui, Victoria "Posh" Beckham, Hilary Rodham Clinton, Janet Jackson & Brook Hogan.
FFFFF/F, F/M, None Consent, Bondage, Blind Fold, Forced Orgasm, Teasing. Orgasm Denial.

Chad was lead by Kelli, his new keeper, to a large room. Hundreds of his fellow sex slaves had been gathered here, all male, and all bound with chains that hung from the ceiling and shackles that were bolted to the floor. Minuets after arrival, he found himself standing between his friends Justin and the Chinese guy, who's name nobody seemed to know. Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian stood with their two slaves, but Kimberly was no where to be seen. The slave guessed that with Kelli as his keeper the third Kardashian sister had been given other duties.

From behind a large curtain a scream could be heard, it cursed and demanded to be released. Right away Chad knew it was Jennifer Lopez, whom Selma Hayek had claimed was in trouble for allowing his Asian friend to climax before his proper time. When the curtain rose the naked man was proven correct, as J.Lo knelt on the floor of the stage, with her ankles locked behind her in a set of stocks. The singer's hands were bound above her head to a long black horizontal bar, and a tightly wrapped cloth served as a blind fold.

"Jennifer Lopez, you have been found guilty of breaking the first law of the Dungeon." said Lucy Lui, "There for you shall be forced to endure slave like treatment until such time that it is decided you have been sufficiently punished" she continued, "To that end 4 of your fellow Mistress's have been chosen to assist me in your sexual torture and humiliation." she added, "The blind fold you where is meant to protect the identities of those who have been chosen to perform their duty as members of out secret society."

There came a gonging sound, as one by one each of Jennifer's would be tormentors entered the room. Chad's jaw dropped at who had been chosen selected to take part. Former first lady Hillary Clinton, ex-Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, Singer and actress Janet Jackson, and would be pop star Brook Hogan. Hilary didn't really surprise Chad all that much, and he could see a scowl come across Kelli's face as the Senator blew her a kiss, and of course Janet Jackson made since considering the two knew each other well. However Brook Hogan and Victoria Beckham seemed a little out of place on stage, but it would certainly make for a most entertaining show.

"You bitches let me go, don't even think of touching me!" exclaimed Jennifer, who had taken part in the punishing of others in the past, "I know you have a pack of those man-whores watching me, I demand you let me go RIGHT NOW!"

"Demand all you want Mistress Lopez, but you are expected to follow the rules just like the rest of us." said Lucy coldly, "Even the Hilton girls have been punished in this way on more then one occasion, so why should you be exempt from it if they are not."

Lopez fell silent, because she knew Lucy was right. All the Mistress's and Goddess's who join the dungeon are made aware of the rules after their 5 day orientation, witch ends with an extremely humiliating mauling at the hands of several fellow goddess' when it's over. Gayle King was barely able to avoid this situation for a short time, however Lucy Lui and a few other's managed to get a hold of her yesterday, after the session with Chad and officially inducted her into the rare club. Even the all powerful Oprah Winfrey was not above the rules and traditions of the dungeon, and had been "tickled in" as it were when she joined. Now Jennifer could feel the eyes of Hilary Clinton burning into her, she knew some of the Lesbian membership would be there, but there was no way to prove it was Hillary because of the blind fold.

Kelli began to kiss and lick the bound man's upper body, he moaned and tried to pull away. The woman's skilful hands messaged his muscles and her slender finger teased his nipples. The teasing was maddening and brought goose bumps to surface on his skin. Shivers ran up his spine as she blew in his ear, and his head suddenly shook as if he had a chill. Worst of all these things was the use of her tongue. Chad had an extremely sensitive neck, and kissing or licking it could make his cock hard enough to fuck a marble wall. Looking around Chad could see Khloe Kardashian on her knees sucking the balls of the Chinaman, and with some effort he also saw Kourtney working Justin's cock with a very slow hand job, all the while looking up at him with an angelic expression. The story was the same for all the male slaves who had been brought to watch J.Lo being punished, but at least they weren't being tickled... yet.

It wasn't long before Kelli was exploiting Chad's balls, and loving every second of it. Her tongue licked the salty sweat from his freshly shaven scrotum, while her thumb teased the head of his dick. The slaves groan's soon turned into hysterical laughter as the raven haired beauty gently stroked his nut sack with the tips of her fingers. One by one each of the slave boys began to break into laughter as there keeper started digging into there ribs, armpits and bellies, but none laughed so hard as Chad did when his testicles were tickled. Looking down the squirming man could see his tormentor looking back up at him with her angelic blue eyes, and a demonic smile on her face. Why had she turned on him, what had he ever done to her?

Chad's thoughts were broken up by the sound of a woman's laughter, and when he looked up he saw that Jennifer's punishment had begun. The Latina singing star was surrounded by her would be tormentors, all of whom had feathers in hand. Janet Jackson looked to be the first to move in, stroking the other woman's right armpit with a long stiff feather. Mistress Lopez's squeals of laughter were extremely sexy, and would have been quite enjoyable if Chad weren't in a similar situation. With the singer torture in effect Kelli wouldn't touch his cock again with anything but the feather until it was over, for fear that he might cum from the excitement.

"No... hehehehe, hahahaha... stop it!" screamed Lopez as she felt more feathers attacking her torso "Don't tickle me... hahahaha, hehehehe, hahahaha, you should punish the Chinamen for being week!"

"Oh he's being punished Jennifer, right along with about 100 of his fellow slaves." explained Lucy Lui, "Can't you here them all laughing at you?"

J.Lo thrashed wildly as a feather stroked her hard nipples and another found it's way to her pussy. Chad watched as a giggling Brook Hogan and Victoria Beckham made there way to the Latina's famous ass, and began to rake it mercilessly with there long finger nails. Jennifer screamed and thrashed, pleading for the band of evil women to stop, but they wouldn't until Lucy told them she'd suffered enough.

Looking over to the left of the stage Chad's eye's opened wide as he saw the Mistress of Fitness Kiana leading a goat by a long chain, with her partner Rhonda not far behind (with a milk keg in her arms). All the mistress, both on and off stage cheered as the two women were instructed by Lucy where everything should go. The goat and his soon to be meal were brought behind Jennifer, and positioned near her restrained feet. The slave broke out into another burst of laughter just as Rhonda tapped the milk keg, and some of it dripped on to J.Lo's feet.

"OH NO, NOT THE GOAT TOO!" screamed Jen, realizing what the cold liquid was, "Please anything but that!"

"Well not yet anyway." said Lucy, "I think it's time you had your first orgasm though."

Hilary Clinton smiled, and she knelt on the floor in front of Jennifer. The tanned beauty screamed her protest, but it would do her no good, but it turned the former first lady on even more. Taking two finger she began to rub Jennifer swollen pussy lips in a circular motion. Jen was caught between tortured laughter, and moaning over unwanted pleasures. Suddenly she yelped as Hilary forced her digits into the Latinaís twat and began to pump it vigorously. Jennifer protested as loudly as she could, over everything that was being done to her, but each of the women knew that she wouldn't thin twice about doing it to them in that same situation. When the triple threat superstar finally did give in and cum, he she-juices shot all over the floor, and Hilary wiped her finger on her tits.

Janet Jackson then motioned for all of the women to move back, and she knelt on the floor before her bound friend. With her long pink nails she slowly began to stroke Jennifer's sides, causing her to wail and thrash like she was being electrocuted. Many years ago Jen had been in one of Janet's music video's, and the two had gotten into a tickle fight back stage, when it was all over with Janet had won, but only because she'd managed to keep her shoes on. During the tussle she had learned that Jan's side were the most ticklish place on her body, and she had greatly enjoyed exploiting it. Soon all of the women, except Lucy, were all tickling the singers sides with one or two finger, and since each one had a unique touch it was impossible to black any of them out.

Lucy bid the fitness instructors farewell, and nodded at Hilary to make Jennifer cum again, this time however Janet Stopped her. Whispering in the Senator's ear brought a smile to her face and soon she was nodding and patting the ebony beauty on the back. Chad watched as the youngest Jackson laid face up on the ground and slipped her head between Jennifer's tanned thighs. It's didn't take a brain surgeon to figure out what one singer had in mind for the other, and soon Jen was protesting her friends violating tongue.

"Oh no, not again!" exclaimed Jen, who was obviously getting tired, "Don't lick me, stop it, ewwww!"

The "Hulkster's" daughter, seemingly turned on by the lesbian action, took a firm grip of one of Jen's tits, and began working it's hard nipple with her tongue, inspiring Victoria to do the same. Soon all of the women had stopped tickling J.Lo and were caught up in playing with her body sexually. When Janet finally made her cum, she was immediately replace by Brook, and eventually each of the women took a turn licking Jen's pussy until she passed out from her forced orgasms.

"Wakie Wakie!" yelled Lucy as she through a bucket of cold water on the bound beauty, "You still have one more torture to endure."

"No... please... I can't... take it.... please..." pleaded the exhausted woman. "I've... I've learned... my lesson... I'll be more.... careful... from now on."

"Oh I am sure you have." said Lucy as she turned the tap to the milk keg, "However, it is tradition."

No sooner did the cold milk hit Jennifer's feet then the goats were allowed to start licking. Soon all of the Latina's exhaustion seemed to vanish and she became a thrashing bundle of energy. To the left of her, the singer, could here sounds of female pleasure, as all of her tormentors were now embroiled in a lustful 4 girl orgy. Lopez soon became numb to everything but the feeling of the goats licking her souls. Normally her feet weren't all that sensitive, but the beasts tongue was so rough, and she'd just gotten a pedicure so her feet were softer then normal. Howling and pleading seemed to do no good, and when she swore she was punished further with a swat across her big butt. The punishment was humiliating, as it was intended, and would go on for the remainder of the day, with Jennifer passing out several times before it was over.

Chapter 9: Going Once, Going Twice... The Auction
Starring: Oprha Winfrey, Dolly Parton, Vera Wang, Ivana Trump, Melania Trump, Patricia Hearst, J.K. Rowling, Stephanie McMahon, Madonna, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Jenna Bush and Barbra Bush
FF/M FGang/M, None Consent, Bondage, Teasing, Orgasm Denial

The day finally came when Chad was to be sold at auction to some lucky Mistress. It had actually been held back a few days because some of the would be bidders weren't able to make it, and Kathy Hilton wanted to make sure all the big payers would be there. In the end the slave found out that the women bidding on him would include Oprah Winfrey, Vera Wang, Madonna and Author J.K. Rowling, and several others. The extra 2 days he'd been forced to wait for his sale had delighted Kelli who was being taught how to properly use sex torture by Lucy Lui with him as the model.

Unlike times in the past Chad was not awoken by the sight of Kim Kardashian or Kelli, but the daughters of President George W. Bush. The pretty blond girls padded him out of his deprivation chamber and into the shower, where the scrubbed him down with brush and sponges to clean away the sweat and smells of sleeping in his box. The twins delighted in the hysterical reaction the rough, tickling, touch of the bristles caused was responded to with giggles and more scrubbing. Feet, inner thighs, belly, sides and under arms, no place on the helpless man's body was safe. Fortunately for Chad neither of them decided to examine his scrotum or he might have died laughing right there in the shower.

"Hahahaha, hehehehe... stop please!" exclaimed Chad as he pulled at the leather straps holding him in place, "No more... hehehehe, hahahaha, hehehehe, no more please... hahahaha, hehehehe, hahaha... STOP IT!"

"Hey!" bellowed a voice from across the room, "You too had better hurry up and get that man whore to the auction room." it was Rhonda Lee Quaresma, and she did not look happy, "Maybe you two need to spend a little time in the gym with me an Kiana before you learn to follow orders eh?"

"No mamm" replied Jenna Bush as she tied her red bikini top on, "We were just making sure he was properly cleaned.

"Yeah... um... we weren't going to ruin him for the bidders." Added Barbra as she pulled up her bottoms."

The device they put Chad in had to transport him wasn't unlike the dolly used in "Silence of the Lamb". There was a strap across his chest, one for his upper arm and another for his wrist. a thick strap came across his waist and then two more on his thighs and ankles. If the twins came across anybody out in the hall ways that wanted to tickle him he would have absolutely no defence, as he couldn't move at all. The only part of his body that could move was his 9" cock, that swayed freely as they started there trek to the auction block. Chad was surprised to find Kiana and Rhonda waiting for them out side the showering area, apparently they were pulling double duty as security, and mad sure none of the women in the halls touched him.

Once they were on the stage, Kiana and Rhonda left the pair, and a booming voice came out over a loud speaker. Right away Chad reconsidered it as Judy Sheindlin the Judge from the small claimed TV series Judge Judy. Apparently she was not only a member of this sick place, but she was going to be the auctioneer for his sale. Looking off the stage the slave saw a group of 10 women were there to buy his services, and he didn't like the hungry looks in there eyes either. Oprha Winfrey, Dolly Parton, Vera Wang, Ivana Trump, Melania Trump, Patricia Hearst, J.K. Rowling, Stephanie McMahon, Madonna and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy were all in attendance. None of the group had stopped cheering since he'd been wheeled in, except for Oprah who sat, calm cool and collected, behind everybody else. Of all the women present she was the one he hoped wouldn't get him, because of Goddess Kathy's comments when he was first brought in, "However I know Oprah Winfrey will pay thousand to be the first to make you shoot, she just loves getting a pretty white boy on the X-Frame for hours at a time, teasing and tickling him until she is so turned on she needs him to please her." the idea of being on a wrack for hours with her terrified him.

"Ladies, ladies!" bellowed Judge Judy's voice, "We are here today... Dolly you simmer down... we are here today to show this young man just how loved he really is." she continued, "The best way for each of you to show that love is to bid as much money as you can." she added, "The woman who shows the most love will get him all for herself tomorrow afternoon." she concluded with, "Shall we start the bidding then, $100,000.00 to open."

Right away Dolly put up her hand, and with her opening bid she was allowed to examine the goods. Hopping up on stage the 63 year old country star licked her lips as she ran her finger over well muscled body of the bound young man. The other women hooted like they were at a bachelorette party as the legend dragged a long red nail down the center of his toned belly. Chad grunted and turned his head to the side only to spot Jenna Bush grinning at his suffering. It was so humiliating to be bound so tight as finger padded and stroked him all over. Soon on giggle after another slipped from his lips and he found himself unable to hold back his laughter any longer. Then the crowd cheered as the next bidder, Madonna, jumped up on stage to join in on the fun.

Being naked with Dolly Parton and Madonna in this way was like having a fantasy turned into a nightmare. How many men out there have had a sexual fantasy about one (if not both) of these women at one time or another. No, unfortunately, he was naked, but he was also bound and at their mercy, and neither of them seemed to have any. Right away Madonna wrapped her fingers around the slave dick and slowly began to stroke it while Dolly worked her fingers high on his ribs. Chad was very happy his arms were bound the way they were, it prevented Dolly's long nails from getting at his armpits. However that quickly chained when the Bush sisters made some unexpected adjustments to the arm wrestles and he found his arm pulled up high over his head.

"Thanks ya girls." said Dolly, "Ya'all sure did clean this boy up good." she added before digging in with her acrylic nails.

"Oh god no!" screamed Chad as the long nails wiggled in the cups of his underarms, "Hahahaha, hehehehe, hahahaha... oh... oh no not that please!" he pleaded as he felt Madonna's free hand kneading his left hip, "I can't stand it... hahaha, hehehe, hahaha, stop it please!"

"200,000.00!" screamed out Stephanie McMahon as she leapt off her chair and onto the stage, "Now you are really in for it." she informed him as she pushed Madonna out of the way, and got on her knees, "Let me show you how to make a man beg for it!"

Dolly and Madonna watched with delight as Stephanie rolled her tongue over the head of Chad's swollen cock. The man's lower body trembled as she licked up and down the shaft of his 9 inch tool. The women cheered words of encouragement as McMahon took his balls in her mouth and worked them over with her lips and tongue. The helpless man groaned and pleaded for release, but his begging fell on entertained ears as the other two women settled on opposite sides of his body and dug in with there skilled fingers.

"Hahahahaha, hehehehehehe, hahahaha... please stop it, I can't stand it!" screamed Chad as Patty Hearst and Vera Wang were added to the gang up.

Right away Pattie pressed her lips against Chad's rock hard belly and blew the longest, hardest Raspberry he had ever heard or felt in his life. The helpless man scream for his life and laughed like he'd never laughed before. Sweat rolled down his face mingling with the tears on his cheek. Pleading, begging, hoping against hope that one of these women would take pity on him and speak up on his behalf. Then suddenly everything stopped, and he turned his head to see Asian designer Vera Wang walking up to him.

"Whatís the matter slave?" she said as her hand caressed his cheek, "Don't you like to laugh?"

"Yes Mistress, but this is just to much." replied Chad, desperate to get his breath back.

"You can never have to much of a good thing." said Vera kissing him hard on the mouth.

The women all laughed and the attack on his person resumed, only this time Vera began to tease his nipples with the pads of her finger tips. Chad had never laughed so hard in his life, each of the women that joined in the fray must have had their nails done just for the occasion because they all seemed to be perfectly manicure for the occasion. Before long Ivaka Trump and her step mother Melania were down by his feet scratching his arches and sucking his toes. It was all like something out of a sorority fantasy gone bad. Cougars, MILFs and young hotties oh my. All the women present, well almost, were women Chad had fantasize about sleeping with. It was almost as though they were getting even with him for all the times he's jerked off while fantasizing about them.

Next to join the party was J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter books. With Dolly and Madonna on his pits, Vera working his chest, and the trumps on his feet, Miss Rowling decided to join Pattie Hurst in torturing his belly. With their long nails the two wealthy women began to wrack mercilessly at Chad's washboard belly. Both of them seemed to laugh like little witches as the helpless slave screamed a little louder thanks to Rowling's added touch. Throughout this entire process, Oprah never even blinked.

"Excuse me, but may I join you." said a voice from above, "I have a think for balls myself."

"Why of course you can." said Stephanie McMahon as she looked up to see Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, "It's not everyday I get to work along side the first lady of France." she added with a grin, "Left nut or right."

"Well since you are on the right already I am good with the left one." she said as she knelt down, "But I would like to hold them in my hand."

"Oh god, not my balls!" screamed Chad as Carla caressed them, "PLEASE STOP TICKLING MY BALLS."

At that moment everything stopped except for Chad's pleading and Carla's gently teasing of his scrotum. The slaves screams for mercy seemed to take on an entirely new meaning, and all the women (except Steph) backed away so as not to interfere with it's beauty. None of the women had ever seen a man react with such intensity to having his balls tickled before, and it was becoming very arousing. One by one the women on stage began fondle and kiss one another, except for Ivanka and her mother in-law of course, they made out with other women but not each other.

"Oh god... hahahaha, hehehehe, hahahaha, please stop it, I can't stand it anymore!" screamed Chad, as the women began to undress all around him, "Have mercy, have mercy... hahahaha, hehehehe, hahahaha... HAVE MERCY!"

Soon Steph and Carla were the only two women paying any attention to Chad at all, as the rest of the women were all on the floor kissing an cuddling and licking each other all over. Moans of pleasure mixed in with the pleading and screams for help. It was like a show with-in a show. Madonna buried her face in Vera Wang's pussy, while J.K. Rowling smothered Dolly Parton with her's. Ivanka didn't want Dolly to feel used and unloved so she went down on Dolly, and her step mom got behind Madonna and started finger her. This left Pattie hurts to sneak up behind Steph and Carla and start fondling there ass while they continued to torture Chad.

"Go ahead." said Carla with a grin, "I've already had sex today, twice in fact."

"Going once, going twice, SOLD to Oprah Winfrey for one million dollars." screamed Judge Judy, shocking everybody.

"Wait a minuet!" said Dolly, "I never heard Oprah make a bid!"

"Thatís your problem." said Oprah in a cold voice, "Just make sure the bitch is cleaned up and ready for me tomorrow." she added putting on a pair of dark sun glasses and a long black coat, "Not that anyone could ever be ready for me."

Chapter 10: Full Circle
Starring: Oprah Winfrey
F/M, None Consent, Bondage, Teasing, Orgasm Denial.

"NO!" screamed Solange Knowles as Tyra Banks and Lucy Lui ruthlessly worked over the young pop singer's belly and ribs, "Please don't... hahahahaha, hehehehehe... I can't take it anymore!"

"Come on little diva, your sister may have gotten you in the door, but everybody gets 'Tickled-In'."

Chad watched, on his knees as the two women, along with several others, ruthlessly broke in the newest ,member of the Dungeon crew. Linda McMahon, Linda Hogan, Condoleezza Rice, Porscha De Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres all dug in hard on the bound beauty laughing as she laughed, laughing as she screamed, and cheering each time she was forced to climax by Ellen and Porscha. This was nothing new to these wicked women, all of whom had to go through it when they first joined the dungeon, and Beyonce's little sister would be no exception.

"Oh no... not another one... I can't take... a ...ah... ah... OH MY GOD!" screamed Solange as she finally collapsed from her 3 orgasm.

"Only 3!" Exclaimed Tyra, "I remember when we brought in Beyonce, and it too 5 to knock her out" she added as they lifted the younger Knowles off the table, "I guess thatís why B. is a Goddess and your only going to be a Mistress."

"Now Ladies and... well... who am I kidding there aren't any ladies here." said Kath Hilton, getting a laugh from the crowed, "At any rate it is time for our feature attraction." she continued to a rousing cheer from the many women present, "All of you wanted him, but Oprah's going to get him." she added, "From the hard street of skid row in California, I give you one of our sexiest specimens ever Chad!"

Chad was swatted with a riding crop, and pulled to his feet by his leash. The young man looked over his shoulder at Solange Knowles as she was carried out on a stretcher, she looked almost angelic as she slept offer her initiation into the fold, but he knew in a few hours she would awaken a fallen angle when she decided to take up the cause of torturing the slaves of the dungeon. In fact Chad wouldn't be surprised if he or the Chinaman ended up being the first on her list, the women of the dungeon seemed to like them better then some of the others.

With his hands chained in front of him, and his ankles shackled together, the slave walked out onto the stage to a standing ovation. Looking out into the crows he could see rows upon rows of women cheering and whistling, many of the women had taken advantage of him in the hallway or torture chamber of the dungeons, and yet there must have been a thousand more whom he hadn't seen until this day. Everyone of them had come simply to see his torment, his humiliation. They come to see him laugh, hear him beg, watch him squirm under the touch of one of their own. Then she would make him cum, elevate the strain in his loins, but even in this release he would find shame knowing it was to amuse his captors.

Laying on the cold marble table his hands were brought above his head, and their chains locked to a large mettle ring, the same was done with his ankles. The whistles and cheers continued as his cock stood fully erect like a flag pole awaiting Goddess Winfrey to release what would be an explosive load. Nobody had even touched him yet, except for the slight touch of his binders as they restrained him, but a single tear traveled down his cheek. For the second time since coming to this horrid place Kim Kardashian looked at him, and had pity in her eyes.

For what seemed like hours Chad laid naked on a slab before his enemies. Then their came an even louder cheering as his tormentor to be walked on stage. Dressed in a scarlet robe, Goddess Oprah Winfrey entered walked up to him. With graceful authority she thrusted her hands out from the sleeves of her garb and pulled back the hood that hid her face. The crowed grew silent as she looked out at them and then down at Chad. Fear filled his very soul as the voluptuous black woman's full lips parted into a smile so big, and full of evil, it reminded him of the Joker from the Batman comics. Then she took a hold of his cock and slowly began to stroke it, causing the female on lookers to erupt with cheers.

"This is how things are going to work man-whore." said Operah, "I'm going to tickle you some, tease you some, and then I am going to fuck my brains out on the sweet looking dick of yours." she informed him, "If I cum first, I'll let you blow your load and send you on your way." she continued, "However if you cum before me you will spend the rest of the day strapped to this table, entertaining me and my friends."

"Oh my god, that feels so good." groaned Chad, "Why can't you let me cum?" he asked, his hips rising up off the slab, " Please I need it so bad."

"Oh I can let you cum whenever I want, I just don't want to right now." explained Operah as let go of his tool and walked down to his feet, "Now do you understand the rules of my little game?"

"Yes goddess." replied Chad.

Long red nails unfurled at the tips of the talk show hosts fingers, she smiled at the site of Chad's toes curling, and the sound of the chains rattling as he tried to pull his feet away. Operah always liked a little slack on her slaves restraints, she liked watching them squirm when she worked them over. Some of the women preferred to have their toys tied taught and unable to move, thus adding to the sense of complete helplessness, goddess Winfrey on the other hand felt that the ability to move but not get away added even more to her preys terror. A little bit of struggle always made things more interesting as well.

Chad grunted as he felt the long slow stroke of a single finger nail run up the center of his left arch. Closing his eyes he tried to think of something to take his mind off what was happening. Gradually giggles began to force their way out of his tightly sealed lips, and they grew into snickers, but just as they were about to evolve into full blown laughter Operah would stop her assault.

"Mmmm, can't have you going off to soon." said the scarlet clad woman, as she ran her finger tip along Chad's inner thigh, "I have to tease them just like I am going to tease you, let their need for it built until they can't stand it anymore." she explained, "Don't worry though, I'll have you screaming in no time."

Operah had watched what the other women had done to him at the auction, and remember every reaction they'd caused. Once they had gotten wrapped up in there own arousal, she bid a mere 2 million for him, she'd have paid 5 times that much to get her hands on his ivory ass, she just loved making the white boys squeals. Finger tips came to bare on the helpless man's knee cap's causing him to giggle and shriek. The women in the crowd roared with laughter of there own as they watched him squirm and heard his pathetic pleas. Chad really did sound like a little girl who had just seen her favourite pop singer or something.

"Oh baby, you are turning me on." Oprah claimed as stopped again, "I am so hot right now, you have no idea how much I am loving this." she continued, "Let me give you an idea."

The slaves eyes opened wide as the voluptuous talk show host dropped her robe revealing her dark naked body to him. Chad had never been a big fan of Operah's, he didn't buy into her on screen image, and didn't really find her all that attractive, but after 7 days of being teased and tormented sexually by the women of the "Goddess Spa and Dungeon" even somebody he hated would look good to him. Besides he was a boob guy, and Operah had some great cans.

Standing naked before the masses Operah raised her hands to the cheers of her audience. Walking over to the head of the slab she climbed on and slowly lowered her damp women-hood onto Chad's hansom face. Immediately and with out instruction the bound man began to lick and kiss her swollen labia and hard fat clit. For a moment the ebony goddess closed her eyes and moaned softly, then she opened her eyes and grinned.

"Who told you to do that!" she exclaimed in mock anger.Ē I never said you could touch me at all, I only meant to show you how turned on I am." she added, "I give you a privilege of being this close to me and you take it for granted, I can't let this go unpunished."

Shifting her position Operah brought her big butt down on her playthings face, and began to tickle his armpits. Chad screamed into his goddess's ass, and thrashed wildly under her. His body bucked and thrashed as the woman's long finger nails ruthlessly worked over his deep, shaven, underarms. Over and over the naked woman would ask him if "Have you learned you lesson yet?", following up with "I can't hear you slave boy." even though she knew he was screaming yes and begging for her to stop. The feeling of him helpless under her smothering ass sent a chill up her spine and made her nipples hard with arousal.

"Okay, since that didn't teach anything, maybe this will." said Operah as she got off her slave.

"No wait, I am sorry!" Chad cried out, "Please don't do that!"

Operah pressed her full, red painted, lips against the helpless man's rippled belly and blew as hard as she could. Chad's back arched up off the table as he erupted into hysterical laughter. The crowed of women applauded as Oprah repeated the action twice more, before starting a ruthless raking of his belly with her long finger nails. The helpless man screamed for mercy as sweat beaded on his head. It was so humiliating to be tickled, but to have it done while others watched on and cheered was even worse. All his struggles were in vain, and he wouldn't be leaving until Operah was done with him.

"Hahahaha, hehehehe, hahahaha, please stop it." begged Chad. "Have mercy... hehehehe, hahahaha, hehehehe, hahahahaha!"

"Ah poor little man-whore, does it tickle?" asked Operah in a sweet, friendly tone, "How about here?"

"Yes, stop, please... hahahahahaha, hehehehehe, hahahahaha... I can't stand it!" he replied.

Oprah's hands slowly worked over Chad's belly for a few more minuets before turning her attention to his ribs. Slowly, inch by inch, the talk show host and film producer made her way up his body, revelling in his fits of laughter and pleas for mercy the entire time. Sweat and tears covered Chad's hansom red face, his voice became rasped and silent laughter kicked in when he couldn't get his breath anymore. None of these things even flinched the devilish expression on Operah's face as her thumb circled his sensitive nipples.

"You know that thing looks good enough to eat." said his tormentor as she looked at down at his cock, "Stephanie McMahon told me it was sweet like honey, I thin I will find out for myself."

"Oh god, please don't tease me anymore." Chad cried, "I can't stand anymore of this torture, please stop!"

"But it's so much fun." said Operah with a giggle, "Now lay back and enjoy sweet thing."

Operah grasped the bound man's cock firmly and began to roll her tongue over it's fat head. Chad groaned as the pleasurable sensations charged his body, and he began to whimper like a dog getting it's belly rubbed. The roar of the crowd slowly turned into a soft hush as they watched Operah slick-up the bound man's member with her tongue before wrapping her mouth around it. The Television icon slowly began to bob her head on Chad's man hood, all the while he groaned his approval.

"You like that don't you man-whore?" asked Operah already know the answer, "I'll bet you'd love me to finish you with my mouth huh?"

"Oh god yes, please, I need it so badly!" exclaimed Chad, "Please goddess let me cum!"

"No!" replied Operah, as he finger tips stroked his balls, "Laugh!"

"NO, NOT THERE!!!" screamed the bound man as his most sensitive area was attacked, "HAHAHAHA, HEHEHEHEHE... PLEASE DON'T... HAHAHAHA, HEHEHEHE, HAHAHAHAHA... NOT MY BALLS PLEASE!" he pleased as the on-lookers returned to cheering her on.

Operah added to Chad's torture by continuing to tease his cock while she tickled his scrotum. With skill of an inquisitioner she stroked his fat 9" tool, occasionally rubbing her thumb against it's fat sticky head. The helpless slave though he was going to go mad with the conflicting sensations, screaming out, but not sure what exactly to scream for. The talented woman didn't stop with her hands either, as she would lick, and even suck on is throbbing wood simply driving the crowd and Chad crazy.

"Ok bitch, it's time for you to take care of me." said the talk show host as she climbed on the table with him, "Lets see if you can handle my action, no body else ever has."

Chad closed his eyes and let out a loud grunt as he felt Operah's pussy clamp onto his cock. When he opened them again all he could see was her fat ass bouncing up an down as she road him harder then any other woman he'd ever been with. Never in his life had he thought this could happen, or that Operah Winfrey could have such and intense sex drive. Then again, here in the dungeon, women were free to act on their most basic of instincts. It was like those "Extreme CFNM" videos he'd seen on youporn once.

"Oh yeah." moaned Operah moments latter, "Fuck me with you nasty white dick!" she exclaimed, "It feels so good."

"UH... OH... SHIT!" screamed Chad, "I-I'm gonna cum!"

Operah slipped of Chad, and began rubbing his dick hard. Despite the pleasure she was brining him she looked at him with a scowl, threatening him with ruthless punishment if he came. It seemed very unfair, she was adding to his pleasure, literally brining him to climax with her bare hands, but feeling jilted by him because she hadn't finished first. Suddenly Chad screamed out, and huge load spouted from his cock landing on his legs. All the women in the crows stood up and cheered, as the bound man felt a pain in his left arm.

"You... you bastard!" exclaimed Operah, "You finished before me, how dare you finish before me!" she added, "Now your gonna get it cracker!"

With that Operah dug in hard on Chad's sides, ruthlessly messaging hysterical laughter our of him. The bound man struggled violently, pulling at his restraints, and throwing his head from side to side. Once more the crowd of women cheered the goddess Winfrey on, because each of them had dealt with the issue of a man finishing before they had, and the harsh feeling that brings. With the torture getting more and more intense Chad could feel his breath becoming short, and his chest beginning to hurt. Suddenly Gayle King rushed out onto the stage and added to his heel by tickling his feet.

"C-can't breath... h-h-har..." mumbled Chad, "S-sto- stop please." he begged.

"Of course you can't breath man-whore, tickling has that effect." replied Operah as she climbed on top of him, "Pour it on Gayle, he's got tears rolling down his cheeks, this will teach him to cum before me!"

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGG-RAAAAAAAAW-PUHFFFFFFFFFF!" screamed Chad as the air left his body, and his eyes closed forever.

The End.

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<.< sorry I didn't post on this one earlier but I posted on it when you first put it out chapter by chapter lol
read it again and still love it ^-^

06-30-2010, 01:11 AM
Scott: I have had this mentioned to me before, and I am suprised to find I do seem to have a nack for it. I think I feel I can be a bit more liberal with what a Female ler can do as aposed to a mail. In the past I wrote a fair bit of M/F stuff, and I felt a little burned out. That is what basicly lead to me writing this. I have had several ideas, including an attempt at a follow up to this (Goddes Spa and Dungeon 2: Ebony Rising), but it fizzled on me. I am sure more F/M stuff will be in my future.

Amkes: I am glad you are still enjoying it after all this time.

06-30-2010, 09:01 PM
Amkes: I am glad you are still enjoying it after all this time.

yep just wish I could be a slave there hehe

07-01-2010, 06:27 PM
yep just wish I could be a slave there hehe

Part 1 of a new Lynda Carter story is up. It's just an opening but I think it's pretty good.

07-02-2010, 12:12 AM
Part 1 of a new Lynda Carter story is up. It's just an opening but I think it's pretty good.

must read hehehe

07-02-2010, 10:27 AM
must read hehehe

There will be some F/F and F/M for sure in this one.

03-29-2011, 02:21 PM
There will be some F/F and F/M for sure in this one.

Sorry I never did get that Lynda Carter story writen, but after the "Ultimat Lynda Carter Experience" what else was there to right?