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12-15-2009, 07:39 AM
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The Lord of the Castle was watching through the cameras an extremely intense Karen's purification session administered by Joe. In the last few weeks Carl had Joe take care of Karen's sessions quite often. Karen's former slave was doing a wonderful job, getting always better results and being always more effective in the task of making his former goth Domme laugh as much as possible. Joe was carrying out the task with always more passion and dedication, and Carl was very pleased with him. Karen was wearing just a G string and a sturdy, JJ cup, white bra that encased her enormous, pale breasts. Carl had not yet allowed Joe to see or tickle Karen's huge breasts. She was dangling by the ceiling, feet barely touching the floor, hands locked into black mittens attached directly to a hook in the ceiling, wrists roped together, arms roped together above the elbows, legs roped together above the knees, ankles cuffed and roped together and attached to a ring on the floor. In that bondage position she was totally stretched and no room to move at all, she could only very slightly wiggle sideways. Joe was standing behind her and, as instructed by Carl, was digging deep with all of his wiggling fingers on Karen insanely ticklish underarms. The former goth Domme was in total hysteria and ticklish agony, laughing like a mad woman possessed by the devil, screaming with desperate, tortured laughter, while her former slave was grinning and tremendously enjoying having his former Domme totally at his mercy. Joe was tickling Karen's underarms so relentlessly, nonstop, and once in a while he would chant "tickle tickle tickle" which every time he did caused Karen to shook violently at the restraints that were holding her arms stretched securely over her head, and every time after a few unsuccessful attempts to free her arms and shield her insanely ticklish underarms she would explode with even louder and more hysterical laughter throwing her head back and hanging limp from the wrists totally helpless to stop the extremely torturous underarm tickling Joe was subjecting her to. Joe kept her laughing uncontrollably for 10-15 minutes before chanting again "tickle tickle tickle" causing Karen to shook violently against the secure bondage she was in again. It went on and on like that for almost two hours. Carl thought it was working wonderfully, and he toroughly enjoyed watching and hearing Karen in such ticklish agony. Joe then tickled Karen very large, pale, fleshy bottom cheeks with feathers and with his fingers for about an hour which drove Karen crazy with laughter, unsuccessfully struggling against the restraints, wiggling around trying to shake Joe's feathers and fingers off her bottom cheeks but never succeeding. After an hour of maddening bottom cheeks tickling Carl entered the dungeon and told Joe to stop. It took Karen a few minutes to stop laughing and then giggling. The former goth Domme was totally exhausted, her long black hair a mess from the wild shaking of her head side to side.

Carl spoke, and told Joe that Karen had been caught looking at BDSM sites online and that she even chatted with a few slaves. She needed severe punishment and very intensive purification. He told them that Joe would personally take care of Karen's purification sessions for a period of 3 months. He then told Joe he had prepared a special dungeon just for Karen that he wanted to show him. Karen shivered and shuddered at hearing that, she totally feared the sessions with Joe as they were extremely torturous and intense. The thought of having to subject to Joe's sessions daily for three months really worried her. Carl had thought that Jenny's dungeon had become too crowded, so he decided to make a new one just for Karen. He told Joe Karen's dungeon was medieval style to better match his former Domme's goth looks. They walked to the new Dungeon, Carl opened the door and let Joe in. Joe was amazed at how this dungeon looked. It was a little smaller with a lower ceiling, making it more intimate, but well lit. All bondage devices were wooden and very sturdy to hold against Karen's violent shaking and struggling, and it really resembled a medieval torture chamber. It had pillories, a sturdy set of stocks with several holes for the ankles and wrists, a big X cross, a study standing T cross, a smaller sitting T cross, several leather cuffs built in a large beam crossing in the middle of the dungeon with rings on the floor, a large wooden bondage bed where the headboard and footboard were actually stocks with several holes and cuffs attached at the bed posts, and then there was the bondage devices that most caught Joe's eyes. It was a wide rack, with stocks for the ankles and a wheel with chains attached to leather cuffs for stretching the arms, and it had two large holes for the breasts, so that Karen could be stretched on it face down with her huge breasts hanging down under the rack. Joe hoped that meant he could finally see and tickle his former goth Domme's enormous breasts. Carl told Joe to have at least 3 sessions a day of 2 hours each with Karen, but that he could have longer ones at his discretion. Karen was to stay in the Dungeon at all times and she would sleep on the bondage bed. Joe was welcome to sleep in the dungeon as well if he wanted to. Carl now trusted Joe completely, and he knew that Karen would have been in very good hands during the former goth Domme's intensive purification period of 3 months. Carl also told Joe that he could tickle Karen everywhere he wanted too, and that if he wanted she could be topless at all times. He told Joe Karen's breasts were her most ticklish spot on her body, and to pay special attention to them by tickling them for long periods of time nonstop by lightly and gently feathering them and spider tickling them with his fingers. He also told Joe to verbally tease Karen while tickling her as well, as he saw that it was very effective and made her laugh even more.

During the first three weeks Joe tried all bondage devices in the dungeon to restrain his former goth Domme. He found out that the most effective were the pillories, the stocks, both T crosses, and the rack that proved to be the best one. He also tied Karen several times in a standing position to the leather cuffs in the beam and rings on the floor, in the I, X and Y positions, using more ropes to tie the arms and legs together if in a I or Y position. Carl was very pleased as he could hear very often constant, loud, desperate laughter coming from Karen's dungeon. Jenny sometimes would peak in there through the door too and totally enjoyed the sight as Karen was being tickled to insanity. Joe had moved in Karen's dungeon and they spent almost the whole time together. As instructed by Carl, Karen had never left the dungeon, and sometimes Joe would keep her in bondage for 2-3 days at a time, cuffing her to the bed for the night as well. He kept her always topless. He had extremely long purification sessions with his former Domme, often 5-6 hours with some brief breaks. Joe just could not get enough of hearing his former Domme laugh and seeing her struggle violently against the restraints and her futile attempts to free herself from the bondage that held her body securely in place. Karen had to laugh and laugh and laugh, and that was all that was in Joe's mind who tickled her so relentlessly and mercilessly.

The first day in the dungeon had been very intense for both Joe and Karen. He had his former goth Domme hanging from the leather cuffs secured in the beam in the middle of the dungeon, arms roped together above the elbows, legs roped together above the knees, ankles cuffed and roped together and fastened to the ring on the floor. Karen was wearing her sturdy, white, JJ cup bra, and a matching white G string. Joe tickled her underarms for a while first, digging in the deep hollows with his fingers making Karen explode with desperate, hysterical laughter. After about 20 minutes of nonstop, maddening underarm tickling he stopped and told Karen it was time to unhook her bra. His former goth Domme shivered at hearing that, Joe had never tickled her enormous, insanely ticklish breasts before. Joe slowly unhooked Karen's bra, as he unhooked the last hook Karen's huge, massive breasts bursted out from under the bra, falling down and jiggling heavily to all directions before taking the form of two huge pears topped with two light pink areolae the size of saucers. Joe was amazed by the size and shape of Karen's enormous breasts. During the five years he had been Karen's slave, she had very seldomly allowed Joe to see her breasts, it happened maybe 4-5 times all together, and only for 2-3 seconds at a time. Now Joe could admire Karen's huge breasts for as much as he wanted, and even better, he could tickle them as much as he wanted too. He was really curious to see how ticklish his former goth Domme's enormous breasts really were. He took two large, fluffy feathers and started stroking Karen's breasts slowly up and down. Karen could absolutely not take that, she started shaking wildly at the restraints holding her arms over her head for a few seconds before giving up and exploding with a very loud, hysterical laughter. This went on for 15 minutes before Joe dropped the feathers, stepped behind Karen standing behind her, and as instructed by Carl, started spider tickling Karen's huge breasts with his fingers very lightly and gently all over. Karen let a high pitched scream that sounded like she was possessed by the devil, pulled and shooked violently at the restraints that were holding her arms over her head securely, and after a few unsuccessful attempts, she bursted with the most hysterical, desperate, tortured laughter Joe had ever heard. Joe was totally amazed at how unbelievebly ticklish Karen's enormous breasts were. He kept spider tickling them lightly for an hour nonstop, spending lots of time on Karen's areolas that proved to be the most ticklish spot on her breasts together with the undersides. Karen was losing her mind, she was being tickled to insanity, out of her mind. She had never experienced anything this intense, she had never felt so ticklish, she had never been tickled like this. The way Joe was tickling her breasts was totally unbearable, she would have died if she could have. But instead the tickling of her breasts went on and on. Joe was in a bliss and was tickling his former goth Domme's enormous, pale breasts with wild abandon. As instructed, he also verbally teased Karen, saying things like "tickle tickle tickle Mistress Karen", or "I would have never thought Mistress Karen had such insanely ticklish breasts, tickle tickle tickle" or "I'll stop tickling your breasts if you pull your arms down Mistress Karen, if you don't I guess you don't want me to stop, tickle tickle tickle Mistress Karen". All that verbal teasing made Karen explode continuously with very loud hysterical, inhuman sounding laughter, and made her pull and struggle violently against the restraints that were keeping her body securely in place. But there was no way out, she just had to take the extremely torturous tickling of her breasts, even though she would still shake the restraints violently from time to time, especially when Joe would verbally tease her. This went on for almost 3 hours, and when Joe finally stopped tickling his former Domme's incredibly ticklish breasts, Karen was a total mess, face all red streamed by tears of laughter, her hair a mess due to the wild shaking of her head from side to side. It took her a few minutes to stop laughing and giggling. Later on that day Joe stretched Karen face down on the rack, letting her enormous breasts dangle and hang down through the holes on the rack. Joe first enjoyed spider tickling Karen's very large, round bottom cheeks which were very exposed and vulnerable in that position. That made Karen laugh and jiggle remarkably, her breasts heavily bouncing and jiggling under the rack. Joe then tickled her underarms for a while digging with his wiggling fingers in Karen's deep hollowed, extremely ticklish underarms. Karen was laughing like crazy and pulling at the restraints desperately as she hated having her underarms tickled as she was tied face down. Then Joe layed down under the rack having Karen's huge breasts dangling right above him. He feathered them first and then spider tickled them all over, which proved to be totally devastating for Karen: both Joe and Karen realized that her breasts were even more ticklish when they hung down, Joe could tickle them all around even the part that normally rested on her body, which proved to be extremely ticklish as well. Joe just layed down there for a few hours tickling his former Domme's enormous breasts absolutely mercilessly keeping her in a state of constant hysteria. Karen was laughing like a wild woman possessed by devil, an inhuman kind of laughter, her screams of laughter echoing all around the dungeon. Joe subjected Karen to the rack every day after that first day, every day for at least a few hours. Sometimes he would ask the Priestess of Laughter to help him with Karen's purification sessions, by having Jenny tickle Karen's underarms and bottom cheeks as she was stretched on the rack face down, while Joe was laying down under the rack tickling Karen's huge, dangling breasts that were jiggling and bouncing around due to the struggling caused by her underarms and bottom cheeks being tickled by Jenny. Every day Joe would find new positions and try new bondage devices driving Karen out of her mind with sadistic, torturous, long tickling sessions. He just loved tickling his former goth Domme to insanity, which was also what he had been asked for. The Lord of the Castle was indeed very pleased with the results which he could see through the cameras he had put in Karen's dungeon.