View Full Version : The Deliberate Stranger

06-23-2001, 07:40 PM
"The Deliberate Stranger" is a not-so-good TV movie about serial killer Ted Bundy (as played by Mark Harmon). Aside from featuring lots of pretty young girls in bikinis, halter-tops and short skirts, it also boasts a brief F/m tickling scene where a dark-haired co-ed gets tackled by a guy during a casual football game. The dialogue is difficult to make out but, as they roll on the ground together, the girl ends up on top of the guy who tackled her and she threatens to tickle him to get the ball back. "I know you're ticklish!" she says breathlessly as he begs her not to.

An odd film to have a tickling scene but we have to take them wherever we can get 'em I guess.