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Tickle Hitman
01-12-2010, 01:02 AM
Debbie had volunteered to take part in the annual reinactment of of the famous Indian battle that led to the naming of her town, something she had wanted to do for years but never had the chance to do.
She looked perfect for the part with her long dark hair, brown eyes and slender body tanned by the summer sun.
She woke up on the morning of the event bright and early. It was a beautiful summer day and she quickly showered and dressed before slipping her freshly pedicured feet in to her flip flops and off she went.
She was told to meet at the school gym where she would receive her costume, change and grab the shuttle to the field.
As she unpacked her costume she was surprised at how skimpy it was for an event like this. Her top was a short sleeveless suede vest that was framed with fringe and secured by 2 buttons. The bottom was a short suede skirt with fringe around the waist and bottom of the skirt that softly tickled her thighs. Her moccasins were nothing more than little suede slippers.
They arrived at the field and assigned to groups. Debbie was in a group with other Squaws all dressed in various styles, only a couple as scantilly clad as she was. There were Indians everywhere and the townspeople surounded the field to watch.
Her job was simple. Debbie was to run from thier station in the woods, accross the field and in to the woods on the other side. Some were to be captured by the enemy tribe.
As they stood at the edge of the woods Debbie noticed a big man on the enemy side that kept looking at her. He said something to a couple of other guys and they looked over at her too.
They were given the signal she ran into the field. She could see the big man running toward her and she changed her angle to avoid him, but he was to quick and tracked her down, swooping her up as if she was a child. He threw her over his shoulder and ran off into the woods toward a large teepee set back pretty far from the crowd.
He placed her on the ground in the tee pee and looked out the door as if he was looking for something. He came in and told her that the indians that were to guard her weren't here. Debbie half laughing told him she wouldn't escape, but he said he had to secure her and told her to lay down. "What the hell is this" Debbie said as she looked down and noticed four stakes in the ground. "It's all part of it" he said, "You are my prisoner and I need to secure you, all prisoners are being staked out. Debbie refused and as she was about to leave he told her she had to leave the field completely.
She stopped and thought abouit it. She didn't want to be the one that walked out. She could hear the sounds of the battle but wasn't comfortable with being staked out. The big man told her he had to get back so he needed to know. Debbie took a deep breath and reluctntly agreed.
He instructed her to lay down in the middle of the four stakes. He tied a leather strap to one wrist and attached it to a stake. Then her other wrist to the other stake stretching her arms in a "Y" position. As he tied a leather strap to her right ankle she asked if she could just have her arms tied, but he just continued to secure he ankle to a stake at her feet. He finished securing her left ankle and Debbie found herself stretched out spreadeagle and feeling alarmingly helpless. He said he would be back as soon as he checks out the field. "You're just going to leave me here like this?" she said as she tested her bonds. "I'll try and find a guard" he said. Debbie felt an itch on her side and noticed an ant climbing across her body. She asked the man to get it and as he swiped the ant away, he acciently tickled her causing her to twitch in response. He laughed, "ticklish huh?" he said and Debbie's heart storted pounding as she realized her situation. She was insanely ticklish and just wanted him to leave.
As the man walked out she heard him call to someone and walked off. She could hear muffled voices and tried to look out the tee pee door but he closed the flap on the way out. Debbie just laid there waiting nervously as she tried to free herself from the straps, but there was no escape.
Voices in the distance became increasingly louder. Several voices as they approached the tent. The flap opened and three teenage boys walked in. "Holy shit, look at this" one said as he looked her over. Debbie was feeling uncomfortable as these boys looked her over in amazement.
"Do you mind?", "Will you untie me now?" she said. "Sorry, we can't, we're supposed to guard you" one of the boys replied. They just looked her over in amazement. Here she was this sexy older woman stretched out helplessly right in front of them.
"So what are you goin to do just stare at me?" she yelled out. "Sorry" one said, and they just sat down around her, not talking, just looking at her, then each other. One boy sitting there indian style at her side with a piece of straw hanging out of his mouth, took the straw, reached out softly stroked her armpit. Debbie twitched as if she took a shock causing the kid to laugh. "He's right, she is ticklish" he said. Debbie's heart started to pound, the big guy must have told them, "Just stay away from me" she warned, but they looked at each other and laughed. "Who's going to stop us" laughed the kid with the straw as he tickled her armpit again causing her to twitch uncontrollably in response. The kid on her other side reached out to tickle her other armpit with his finger and she yelled out in panic for him to stop. The kids just laughed and she could see the excitement growing in their eyes. "Please just leave" she said nervously pulling at her restraints.
The kid at her feet got up and stood over her, then he straddled her at her stomach and began wiggling her fingers as she pleaded with him not to tickle her, but he just reached out and started kneading her helpless ribcage causing her to scream out in uncontrollable laughter, she was so ticklish and couldn't do anything to escape his tickling fingers. She tried to plead with the boys at her sides to help, but the excitment in their eyes told her they wouldn't. The boy on top of her continued tickling away at her ribcage watching her laugh and strain helplessly to escape. The harder she laughed the more he tickled. The other boys reached out and began tickling her armpits. Debbie screamed out in hysterical laughter, her head thrashing side to side as she tried pleading through her uncontrolable peals of laughter. Fingers kneading away at her sides as more fingers tickled her armpits and up along her soft biceps. Debbie was sure she would pass out when they stopped suddenly to let her catch her breath. She just melted into the ground exhausted from laughing so hard, pleading through breaths for them to leave her alone.
The boys just looked at her laughing and joking with each other. She couldn't help but notice that the kid sitting on her had an erection, this was really exciting him. She screamed out for help and one kid told her they are way out in the woods, do you really want more of our friends to come?". They sent one kid out to keep a lookout, promising to switch off.
Debbie tried to talk them out of tickling her anymore, but as she pleaded, the kid straddling her turned around so he faced her sexy legs while still sitting on her. He turned to look at her and watched her face as she screamed out when he dug his thumbs into her ticklish hips. She howled out in frantic laughter, he turned back to watch her legs kicking helplessly as he tickled her hips and loins, the other kid knelt at her head looking down the legnth of her stretched out, helpless body and reached over her laughing face and began tickling her armpits. He could feel her straining against her bonds as he watched her laugh on and on uncontrollably for them, tickling away, at her helpless body. He worked his fingers up, tickling her biceps and trailing a ticklish path back through her armpits and back up again while she howled out in helpless laughter. Minutes seemed like hours as Debbie's body was engulfed in endless tickling and she screamed out causing them to stop.
Debbie just melted again, her chest heaving to catch her breath. She thought they had to be done, they have to see that she can't take anymore. They still had that excitement in their eyes and they watched her as she laid there breathing.
The silence brought the lookout in and he askd what happened, "She got to breath" said the kid sitting on her, as he laid out on one of her legs and began to slip off her moccasin. "Please don't tickle my feet" Debbie pleaded, "I can't take anymore". The kid sitting on her told the other to take a turn at lookout and the other kid slowly removed her other moccasin, ignoring her pleas as her feet twitched and wiggled in anticipation. They each laid on a leg with her pretty soft feet in their faces and they each began softly tickling her helpless soles causing her to giggle uncontrollably and her feet to twitch. Their weight held her legs from kicking as they continued tickling her soles ignoring her pleas for them to stop. One increased the preasure as he scratched away along the sides of her soles causing a more frantic laughter. The other kid followed his lead and scratched away on her other foot causing her to scream out in hysterical laughter for them. They tickled along her arches to the balls of her frantically twitching feet. She screamed out as fingernails tickled her heels causing special attention paid to her heels. Debbie noticed the lookout peeking in to watch through her tear filled eyes, she tried to yell for them to stop, but all that came out was uncontrollable laughter, her feet were crazy ticklish. One kid grabbed a foot and began sucking her toes dragging his teeth along her toes causing her to scream out in silent laughter. Again, this reaction caused the other kid to do the same. Debbie was engulfed in ticklish torture as they scratched away at her soles while tickling her toes with thier teeth and toungues. Her helpless body now too exhausted to fight as she lay there laughing on and on helplessly for them.
She didn't even notice that they had stopped. Her feet vibrating from the tickling felt like they were still tickling. She finally stopped laughing and laid there catching her breath, giggling randomely.
They stood up to stretch and watched her as she lay there twitching. Her eyes closed from exhaustion.
The third kid came in and said the big guy was coming. The kids took off leaving her there.
The big guy came in and looked at her. "Holy crap" he said, "you look like you ran a marathon". "Thanks to you" she said, "you told them I was ticklish and sent them in here with me all tied up and helpless".
He knelt down next to her and reached out to untie her wrist, then stopped. "What's the matter" Debbie asked. She looked at him as he looked her sexy helpless body over. He looked her in the eyes and straddled her, his large body pinning her hips to the ground. "NO, PLEASE" she pleaded, then she screamed out in frantic laughter as he dug his fingers into her sides, tickling away at her helpless body while he watched her howl on uncontrollably for him, too weak to even fight, Debbie just laid there laughing for him while he tickled her at will.
The sound of her frantic laughter brought the three kids back...........

01-12-2010, 01:37 AM
wonderful work! Must have more like this!

01-12-2010, 02:45 AM
This was great! Now if we could get one of the producers to do a video clip like this!

01-12-2010, 03:24 AM
This was great! Now if we could get one of the producers to do a video clip like this!

Too much money for actors and outfits, plus, the kids...blasted people who ruin the joy of tickle fantasies!!! Lol.