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I feel terrible about this one, because it was a request back in April or March by a fellow on the TT and I took this long to post it. Worse, his post was lost in the TT wipe, so I donít even remember who it was for. Hm. Anyway, I donít think I captured the not-being-able to laugh aspects so well. My ex used to say that it was horrible when she couldnít laugh/scream while I was kissing and tickling her at the same time, so I tried to go with that. Well, thereís no kissing, but that thought process was very useful towards writing this. Itís a fanfic, though. Do not like fanfics, even though it was an interesting concept. Oh well.

As everybody here (here being this universe) already knows, there are two versions of this existence that we know. Essentially it can be described as the good and the bad; one existence where the forces of not so evil prevail and another where the eviler of the two reigns supreme. Not that one individual event is particularly evil Ė or less evil as is the case Ė than another, nor is one person necessarily evil in one existence and not as evil in another. Really, itís more like this; some jerks on Mount Olympus flip a coin, and that coin decides everything. Universe A gets heads, and universe B gets tails. So the topic of this story is, quite simply, thus: Ursula won in the Disney version of The Little Mermaid.

The realm of existence that has already been introduced to us shows us that Ursula loses. Let me tell you, though; I smuggled this from the other universe. So yeah you can call me whatever you want, but you should definitely check it out. Itís an alternative ending for The Little Mermaid I guess; really, itís just the one Iíve always known.

But yeah, Iíll step back, and you can read this story I smuggled over, which occurs long after the Disney story ends. I have some other stuff Ė more gruesome things, such as America winning WW2 Ė but Iíll save that for later.

Wait, what? America won here, too? Oh. They werenít the fascist regime then, though. Gotcha.

Commence the story making:

Some years after the final battle, Ursula had settled into her role as Queen of the Sea quite nicely. Her treacherous plans to conquer the kingdom had all proved fruitful. To further humiliate the family that she had over thrown, she kept, as a prized treasure more than anything, Ariel for a personal servant.

Ariel proved to be almost as useless as she was beautiful in the role of a servant; without her tail, she found it difficult to move beneath the water. Though she had not been restored to her former self, she still retained her gills from before and could continue to live under water, even if she could barely function there any longer. But that was part of Ursulaís plan; to show the other inhabitants of the sea what would happen should they stand against her.

As such, Ariel was paraded about constantly, asked to fetch this or that miscellaneous object that could only be found several miles from the palace. Unable to swim, Ariel was forced to walk along the oceans floor for some hours to retrieve the object and then return, only to have it thrown away by Ursula; it was pointless, but resisting, as she had discovered, was far worse.

Today, she had been required to find a particular blue sea flower on a specific length of coral a very long distance away. Half of the light hours were spent navigating the seaís bottom, following the schools of fish that gave her direction; eventually, she found the wall of coral, but it took nearly as long to find the specified type of flower. Darkness overtook the ocean during her journey back; unable to see her footing very well, she left the soft sand by mistake and began to walk on the much harder coral path. Though she had only taken two steps before she noticed, her right shoeís heel became lodged within the coral of one particularly cracked area, slipping off of her foot while she stepped forward. Despite how much she pulled the shoe would not give way. Disheartened by the loss of one of her treasures from the world above, she left it and continued home without it, the grains of sand and seaweed brushing against her bare flesh with each step, an area which she was unused to feeling touch with.

An hour or so after this event she arrived at her former residence, delivering the flower to Ursula as ordered. Ursula, however, was most displeased with the appearance of her pet, scolding Ariel outright for her lack of proper attire. However, truthfully, this was the opportunity that Ursula had awaited; an excuse to show Ariel the further wonders of those legs she had acquired. Of course she could have done this at any time, but that would have been tacky; an excuse like this fit so accordingly. ďMy dear pet Ariel,Ē she spoke with that venomous tongue, ďI believe it is time for me to show you the secret of those pretty human feet of yours, and why the creatures above always choose to wear those ugly things.Ē

An attempt at a scream formed in Arielís throat as she attempted to cry out an apology for losing her shoe - as she knew them to be called - but no words escaped her gaping lips. Without moving from the hijacked throne, Ursulaís tentacles shot toward Ariel, who attempted to dodge or flee ineptly as she could not swim. Within two seconds, a tentacle had wrapped itself around her ankles, while two tentacles grasped her arms by their wrists as Ariel flailed about helplessly. Quickly, the tentacles drew Arielís wriggling body towards Ursula, the long black things pulling her so that her feet hung but a yard above the right arm rest of the throne, the tentacles spinning about so that Ariel floated upon her stomach, her face pointed towards the oceanís floor and her brilliant red hair swaying carelessly at the oceanís whim.

Distantly, beyond her struggles, she felt her shoe slip away and abandon her as she caught sight of one of Ursulaís tentacles grasp it and throw it out the Palace window, and then a sensation entirely new to Ariel graced those human feet of hers that she had discovered to be so delicate when she acquired them. It was indescribable, but made her want to laugh heartily, as if at a good joke; it forced her to turn away from her precious feet and close her eyes. However, it was not enjoyable despite feeling funny; air forced itself through her gaping mouth soundlessly, now unable to close as she screamed silently as the sensations ran up her foot bottoms faster and still faster. Looking up, she watched her human feet flap and dance about sporadically in an attempt to escape the sensations that Ursula forced onto her, as the tentacle around her ankles prevented her from protecting herself in any other way; Even if she wanted to sacrifice one foot to guard the other, she could not because her ankles were held so tightly together.

Yes, she could see Ursula enjoying herself out of the corner of a half open eye; a very large grin stretched across that otherwise sinister violet flesh of hers. Ariel had always wondered how Ursula could derive pleasure from tormenting others, but those thoughts no longer graced her mind; it was her duty now, she knew, to sit and be tormented and abused in such ways as reparation for Ursula allowing her to remain in the palace. Watching those long red nails grope her feet in an experimental way was unbearable; instead, she decided to turn her head as far away as she could to distant herself, but it was not enough. Closing her eyes so that she could not see that inhuman grin any longer enhanced those terrible and inescapable scratches on the bottoms of her feet, but she favored being tortured than having to stare into those eyes that craved her suffering. The sensations were so strong that if she could, she would scream; she had had no idea that these human feet would be so sensitive when she wished to go to the world above. As hard as she could, she fought against her bondage, but it accomplished nothing; the tentacles moved and swayed with her, making it impossible to even loosen their grip. Suction cups at the end of the tentacles assured that they remained attached to her as she flailed about wildly in her humiliating position. Despite being unable to escape entirely, those precious micro seconds that she managed to buy herself by flapping her feet were enough to keep a shred of sanity.

Then Ursula began to speak to her, calmly and assuredly, as she was very much in control of the situation. ďIíll just continue until you can ask me to stop, Ariel. Hm, do you like it?Ē Shaking her head wildly in response - as if to deny the touches - she began to bite her smiling, vibrant red lip, as if to hold in the silent screams and erratic laughter that would escape if she were capable of forming them. Wicked laughter met this; Ursula was truly enjoying how much she made her suffer, Ariel realized. Quite suddenly, she became aware of a horrible sensation; the toes Ė the finger like things on the ends Ė had been struck, just once by a stray blood red nail. It was too much for poor Ariel; pulling her head back to scream, she forced her back to arch as she spread her arms out even further. Of all the places Ursula had touched Ė her heels, the balls, and even the arches of her feet Ė the feeling of the nails on her bare toes was the worst. The most unbearable part of everything was that she could not scream, laugh, or even beg for an end; she had to endure everything without being able to simply inform the world of what she felt. ďAh,Ē she heard Ursula begin as she clenched her toes tightly against her flesh, ďThat just wonít do.Ē

The sensation of another tentacle slithering against the back of her feet caught her attention. Terrified to do so, but knowing that she must, Arielís trembling blue eyes watched in horror as she opened them and looked up to see the ends of several small tentacles attach themselves to the back of her toes, forcing them back as far as they would go, revealing that very sensitive flesh to Ursula so that she might derive all the pleasure that she wished from it. It truly became torturous then as she attempted to scream not there, please, to no avail. No longer able to protect her toes, or to even kick her feet away, she experienced the fullness of this terrible torture humanís used against one another.

It soon ended, though; perhaps Ursula grew tired of it, Ariel thought as she felt her gills try to draw in as much water as possible; though she could not talk, she exhaled quickly and felt very fatigued. However her freedom was short lived, as a new, slimy sensation slithered about at the heel of her right foot. Gritting her teeth and looking up revealed that Ursulaís face had closed in on her foot; she was licking it now, Ariel realized as she gauged the sensation to be several times worse.

For long minutes the wet, slimy thing explored every nook and cranny of her right foot, favoring the vulnerable center for quite some time as she felt her foot twitch and spasm with each touch. The sensation was stronger and much more concentrated, but not as fast or long lasting; however worse it was, it was bearable, unlike the nails. Again, she closed her eyes and bit her lip as she tried to bury her face into her chest while attempting to ignore the feelings, though unable to avoid noticing that Ursulaís tongue slowly crept upwards. Soon, it was at that spot just before the toes, a spot she now knew to be horrendously sensitive. With each touch of that slimy bumpy thing, Ariel shivered, knowing that soon her toes would be attacked.

Ursula began at the end, with the littlest one among her tiny toes, giving it much more attention than Ariel ever wished to receive there. Here, Ursula focused longer than she had anywhere else, possibly as long as she had spent on the entire foot. Ariel wished for it to end, but for it to be so, she knew she would have to endure the same sensations on each toe, forcing her to dread the very thing she desired. Although it was unbearable, the feeling was almost sensual; Ariel could not combat her bodyís reaction to this torture, and forced her to pant hotly when not attempting to laugh. As Ursula progressed, she spent more and more time on each individual toe, wrapping her tongue around it and tasting every speck of flesh that she could find, forcing the grin upon Arielís face to widen until it hurt to smile. When Ursula finally found the largest of her small toes, Ariel had already begun to flail about once more, her mouth wide with unheard laughter and screams. Too much time was given to the toe, but it ended, and Ariel could not have been happier.

Panting heavily once more, Ariel thanked Poseidon that it had finally ended. Fickle Poseidon, however, did not heed her thanks; Ursula began again, giving the same amount of attention to her as of yet un-licked foot. It was worse, now; Ursula had begun to use her teeth to nibble, and licked much faster. It was simply too much for Ariel to bear, but she had no alternative.

Some time passed before she found herself to be lying upon the ocean floor, free of the tentacles. Ursula still sat upon her throne, almost glowing from how much she had enjoyed torturing Ariel. ďGo find that thing, and do not appear in front of me without it again!Ē Without hesitation, Ariel forced herself up, found the discarded heel and swiftly put it on, then left to find her lost shoe.

Over the years, though she never again appeared in front of Ursula without her shoes, they were stolen from her by those long black tentacles, giving Ursula no choice but to punish her servant reason enough to punish her again and again. Once or twice, Ursula commanded her to remove them herself and hand her poor feet over to her; afraid of what Ursula might do if she did not listen, Ariel did as commanded. It wasnít daily, or even weekly, but Ariel was forced to experience these terrible sensations again and again; eventually she had taught herself to like them, and soon began to look forward to the tickling sessions, knowing that resisting would make her life that much more pitiful.

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very nice I always wondered how Ariel would be to tickle.

dig dug dog
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Nice writing, but it would have helped if you had explained just why Ariel couldn't laugh, scream or make sounds. Does it have something to do with being part human?


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I was working under the assumption that she never re-obtained her voice. I do see merit in your point, as this is largely an oversight on my part (something that I would not normally leave out as I don't feel very strongly about assumptions within writing), but I also think that it works, here. Though I may be extrapolating this more from the short story The Little Mermaid (Hans Christian Andersen), I feel that, if you assume that the end did not occur, that she then therefore would not have obtained her voice, thus remaining mute. But then, maybe there is nothing actually in the story to indicate that those events did not transpire. Hm. Might have to edit. Going to let these thoughts bubble a bit before I decide what I do, though after a close re-reading.



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Thanks for your reply. I should add that some of us might not know the original story well enough even to be aware that she had lost her voice.

By the way, as a TMF story, to me it would be very cool if the tale ended with the tickling forcing her voice to reemerge...it just gets tickled out of her!



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Thanks for the reply? Why? Confused. If anything, thanks for yours.

Well, and this is the case with many Disneyized fairy tales, it's really not the same story at all. The short is that it's just a sea witch who plays no real part in the story save instigating the change, and the mermaid is just a nameless mermaid.

Did she not lose her voice in the Disney version, though? I haven't watched it in years. Guess I should. Blah, gotta find that now.