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ticklish t-girl
02-28-2010, 11:12 PM
This is my first story here, It contains male on male tickling, gay sex, cross dressing and domination.

For those offended by this sort of thing, you probably don't want to read any further. If you like this sort of stuff....ENJOY!

Alan knew it was a big risk telling his best friends that he was gay and if they accepted it then he would tell them about Emily, his cross dress persona. The five friends were on a cross country road trip and they had all just checked into the only hotel room available. After dinner Alan called Greg, Pete, Bill and Patrick back into there hotel room. Everyone could tell Alan was very nervous about something. Alan spoke up and said I have something I want to tell all of you. You guys have been my best friends since kindergarder and even thru college when we all went to different schools we remained close as brothers. As Alan started getting nervous, Greg spoke up and told Alan that you can tell us anything, it will be ok. Alan said I sure hope so because what I have to tell you make you be disgusted with me. Pete stood up and hugged Alan and said tell us what's going on? Alan stammered about for a few seconds and then just blurted out I"M GAY! The four friends looked at Alan for a few seconds before Bill spoke up saying....AND??? That's it Alan replied. Patrick said bro that's cool as long as your happy we're happy. ALan was sooo greatful to hear that from all four friends. I was afraid you would all hate said Alan. Everyone laughed and said they we're glad he had finally told them. Is there anything else you would like to tell us Alan said Greg? Well actually there is and I hope you guys are fine with this too. They all sat on the bed as Alan told them that ever since he was a child he loved cross dressing and he even had a female name for his cross dressing persona...Emily. He was relieved when everyone told him it was fine with them as long as he was happy. Alan felt like he was in a dream because everything had turned out so fantastic. Hey guys do you wanna meet Emily? I got some stuff in my luggage. Sure said Bill, go to it. Alan grabbed his suit case and headed for the bathroom.

After about 20 minutes the bathroom door opened and out walked Emily. The four friends just stared at her in amazement! Damn said Patrick, you look fantastic! Pete spoke saying you could easily pass as a women anytime. Emily stood there all smiles wearing a black silk bra, panties, thigh high stockings, a black short skirt, black 4 inch heels and a red silk sleeveless button up blouse, and long brunette wig. Emily sat down on the bed with her friends and began answering all the questions they had about cross dresing. Emily excused herself to use the restroom, while she was in there she could hear her friends wispering. As she exited the restroom, Bill stood up and said I have an idea! Let's do to Emily what every guy wants to do to a really really cute girl! Before Emily could respond the four guys had grabbed her and pinned her to the bed and beginning to tied her the spread eagle to the four bed posts. Instantly Emily had all sorts of super hott images forming in her head of giving head and recieving anal from her childhood friends. What are you going to do to me asked Emily? What every guy wants to do to cute girls replied Greg! We're going to tickle torture you Emily! Instantly Emily began to panic, she was super ticklish everywhere. Greg and Pete each took a spot at Emily's feet. Bill and Pat took a place at Emily's underarms. Emily tried to talk her way out of it as she felt her shoes being removed. Sorry guys I'm just not ticklish. We'll soon find out spoke Pete. Emily closed her eyes and bit her lip as she felt fingers slowly trace up and down her nylon clad soles. Bill noticed this right away and pointed it out to everyone. You bad girl Emily replied Pat, YOU LIED TO US! Let's teach her a lesson spoke Bill as he and Pat began to spider tickle Emily's ultra smooth armpits. This was to much for Emily as she burst out in uncontroable laughter! hahahaha stop hahaha stopppp hahahahaha I'm hahahhah hehehehe sooo hahahaha I'm so hahaha ticklish hahahahahahahahah. The four continued without mercy for the next 30 minutes. All poor Emily could do was laugh and squirm like crazy. As Bill slowly traced his fingertips around Emily's poor armpit he noticed a rather large bulge under her skirt. Bill pointed out to everyone that it appeared that Emily was really enjoying her tickle torture. Emily was slightly embarrased but she was laughing to hard to pay it much attention. Emily wasn't the only one with an erection as all four of her ticklers now had them. Pete told Greg to take over on both of her feet, Pete wanted to tickle her on the thighs. Pete strattled over Emily's legs and began to reach up her skirt slowly running his fingers up and down her nylon clad thighs. This new tickling sensation put Emily over the edge as she bucked wildly trying to escape but at the same time Emily was starting to feel very very strong sexual urges that she had never felt before. Pete was also beyond horny and now instead of tickling Emily's thighs under her skirt, Pete was running his fingers all over Emily's silk panties tickling her rock hard penis and balls. Moans of joy started to slip into Emily's giggling. Bill and Pat both took noticed and decided to try harder. They both quickly unbuttoned Emily's blouse then with devilish looks lowered there heads. Emily felt there fingers stop tickling her armpits but only for a few seconds. She felt ther hot breathes as they both began slowly running the hot wet tongues up and down Emily's super smooth armpits. Emily though she was going to loose her mind with a tongue in each armpit, slow tracing up and down her nylon clad feet, and her penis and balls being tickled all at the same time. Emily also felt sexual urge to building to critical mass. Bill and Pat also began slowly stroking her ultra ticklish sides. Tears streamed down Emily's face after almost two hours of pure tickle tirture hell. Suddenly Emily couldn't handle anymore and her giggling all switched to moans as she had an earth shattering orgasm in her silk panties. Everyone stopped tickling Emily and just watched as tremor after tremor of out of control orgasm shook Emily's poor body. Emily exhausted quickly passed out on the bed.

About 30 minutes later Emily finally came to with all 4 friends sitting around the bed. Emily was sure what to say if anything. Greg spoke and said that was absolutely fantastic as the 3 all completely agreed. Pete said I've had such a massive erection before as Emily could see they all still had. It's a shame I was the only one who cum said Emily. You the only one who's gotten to cum....yet said Bill. Emily got a giant grin on her face and said I'd love to take of that for everyone! Emily couldn't wait to begin giving head as all four friends began removing there pants. For the next hour Emily had givin all her childhood best friends head twice. And this was just the first day of the road trip.........

To be continued

03-01-2010, 08:11 AM
Sounds like Emily quite enjoys her new found love of bondage and
tickle torture. Can't wait to hear more of her adventures.

03-01-2010, 02:42 PM
Awesome read. :)

03-01-2010, 08:15 PM
very nice read it was nice to see a guy tickled by other guys.

captain bender
03-01-2010, 11:01 PM
great story. Welcome, by the way. i can't wait for the next chapter, so get crakin'! :p