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Two stepsiblings,Jake and Shannon sat in the office of Carl Lazlo, Esq. Attorney at Law. Jake wore his usual attire which consisted of a business suit and Rockport dress shoes. Jake was about 5”10” tall with short dark brown hair, and was a really genuine nice guy. He was 23,ran a successful propane business and brought in a very nice income. With Shannon wore a low cut dress and her expensive Macy’s coat, her long blonde hair in a nice bun which made her look somewhat sophisticated, which she really wasn’t. At 25, she didn't have much direction in life. She was more like a spoiled Daddy’s girl, but she wasn’t a total bitch either. She was pleasant and not mean, but merely used to getting her own way and being moody when things didn’t go her way. Currently, the 5”8” blonde did nothing except take art classes at UCLA, due to the fact that her late father left her a nice inheritance. Jake on the other hand had just gotten word that his Uncle Leo had died, and he was the sole surviving member of his father’s side. Shannon had come with him to see if there was anything in it for her, being that Jake’s uncle had always liked her but for different reasons.
Finally, in walked Carl Lazlo, who sported a mustache and a hairdo like Larry Fine from The Three Stooges. He walked over to his desk and expressed his apologizes for being late. Then he took a seat at his desk and got down to business.

“Well, Mr. Malloy and Miss Carlyle began Carl, let’s get down to brass task here. Now, due to the fact that you two are technically the last sole surviving relatives of the late Mr. Malloy, you are both entitled to all his assets”.

“All due respect, Mr. Lazlo, but my stepsister was of no kin to my uncle, so I don’t think she has any creditability to any of his assets”.

“Thanks Jake, I really appreciate your support replied Shannon sarcastically, but your uncle never had any nieces and he practically adopted me the day we met”.

“It doesn’t matter, Shannon protested Jake, what matters is that he’s my family and not yours. Therefore you should relinquish any claims that he did leave you and just settle for the inheritance that your father left you”.

“I’m sorry Mr. Malloy but Miss Carlyle is right said Carl, and these are the wishes of a man who wanted it this way. I know it’s hard to lose a family member, but I really think you should respect your uncle’s decision”.

Jake swallowed his pride and nodded solemnly. Then he looked at Shannon and gave her a look of approval, and Shannon smiled gratefully at him.

“Now continued Carl, as you may or not be aware, your uncle owned a mansion in Salem, Oregon and that is now yours to do whatever with”.

Jake and Shannon felt their jaws drop, they hadn’t known about that.

Three days later…..
Jake and Shannon got off the plane from Los Angeles to Salem. Then they got into their rental car and drove out to the address that Carl Lazlo had given them. It was way out in the outskirts of Salem, miles from the town area. Jake wore his navy button down shirt, with black slacks and his black Rockports. Shannon rode shotgun, wearing a hot pink sweater, blue jeans and white Keds. While Jake drove, there was little that the two stepsiblings had to say to one another. Jake loved Shannon and vice versea, but they didn’t always see eye to eye. Shannon grew up spoiled and getting her way all the time, and Jake’s mother raised him to be selfless and goal oriented in his endeavors. In high school, Jake graduated number three in his class and went to a four year college with a business degree, and graduated with honors. Shannon barely passed high school, and spent more time shopping for shoes and partying than studying algebra equations and learning about the Spanish Inquisition. Still, it was too quiet and Jake decided to turn on the radio. He smiled as he found Journey on the classic rock station. Shannon rolled her eyes and groaned as “Be Good To Yourself” started playing.

“Oh my God, Journey is like so 1985 she said with disgust.

“Do not insult old school Journey said Jake firmly, I don’t care what you say about brand spanking new Journey but leave Steve Perry Journey alone, okay”.

“Oh come on Jake, they’re has-beens, why can’t you invest your time in present rock and roll, like Coldplay, Kid Rock, and The Killers”.

“Because, dear sister, old school rock has a lot more heart and soul than the 21st Century rock and roll asshole music that you love so much”.

“For the longest time, I thought you were gay because you always listened to Samantha Fox, Madonna, Belinda Carlisle and Pat Benatar” said Shannon with a smirk.

“Screw you, Shannon, those big haired awesome 80s ladies were so much better with locals and lyrics then Mother of the year, Britney Spears, boy-bashing Taylor Swift, and Smelly Kelly Clarkson. What kind of a dumbass doesn’t wear deodorant, thinking that it causes cancer” he added in disbelief.

“Well, maybe you should borrow two pairs of slouch socks from your big haired friends and wear them under your tight shoes challenged Shannon, and then see if you need deodorant when the shoes hit the floor after a long day at the office”.

“At least I have a job, princess sneered Jake sweetly, and am in a position to buy expensive pairs of vintage footwear if it was my cup of tea”.

“I can afford vintage too protested Shannon, and I will admit that I do like the fashion of the 80s”.
“Great, too bad that it doesn’t like you" teased Jake.

Shannon rolled her eyes, he was so annoying.

“Are we almost there, dork, I have to pee”.

“Yeah, we’re about ten minutes away, chill out and if you have to squat, I can pull over promised Jake.

“Ewwwww, I am so not peeing outside so that truck drivers can have masturbation material while driving down the open road insisted Shannon, as she added some chapstick to her tempting lips. To the pampered blonde, car rides were lame unless it was in a limo.

It took the better part of half an hour to reach the mansion, but what a mansion it was! Letting out a low whistle was Jack’s way of show his appreciation, while Shannon, far less subtle, squealed with glee and offered a short “I’m home!” After swinging the car into a comfortable parking space in the considerable front garden, Jake was ready to explore; Shannon, on the other hand, was far more concerned with other pressing matters.
“Hey Pro pain in the ass, grab the bags, I’ll see you inside!”

“What? All of your bags? You’ve got enough luggage to live hear for a year!”

Shannon never heard him; her pink sweater vanished as fast as her little white Keds could carry her.

“Unbelievable, god, it’s not enough she’s getting half of my house, she expects me to be her butler! This is ridiculous! Why do I have to carry her bags? God she’s such a spoilt little…”
Despite his protests Jake did carry all of his sister’s bags into mansion… he always ended up helping doing what she said. But that was for personal reasons as well. Besides being related through marriage. Jake had a crush on his stepsister, because despite her spoiled girl routine, she always did her best to make it up to him despite the fact that she didn’t feel the same way Jake felt.
The foyer was breath taking to say the least, high archways and intricate carvings made it look more like a cathedral than a home, and the sight wasn’t lost on Shannon either. She was wandering awestruck at the sheer magnificent grandeur of, what she now considered, her new home.

“Shannon… if it not too much trouble-

“Hello darlings, welcome to your humble abode”.

Jake and Shannon turned around to see a tall lady, clad in a long black dress wearing heeled leather boots, with long black hair, and devilishly long fingernails.

“You must be Jake and Shannon… Leo has told me so much about you said the woman, my name is Elvira and I was your uncle’s mistress. I promised him that I would see to it that your accommodations were comfortable before I leave”.

“Oh well, nice to meet you said Jake offering his hand which Elvira shook, with a surprisingly firm grip too noted Jake.

“Hi smiled Shannon, nice to meet you Ms. Elvira”. But she did not shake hands, due to the fact she was a fanatic about her manicure on a daily basis.

“Come with me and I will show you to your rooms offered Elvira still smiling away, with kind of a female Jack Nicholson grin on her face.

Elvira gave them the full tour first. The foyer was only the tip of the iceberg! This had to be the most beautiful home to ever stand! The narrow corridors were lined with beautiful paintings of landscapes on one side, and portraits on the other. The kitchen was massive and decked out with marble tables, wooden countertops and fully state of the art cooking utensils! The bedrooms were even better. The master bedroom hosted one huge four-poster bed, shrouded by drapes on every side, an en suite bathroom (which was nicer than any bathroom either Shannon or Jake had been in before, tiled in marble, with an impressive multi-jet shower and Jacuzzi tub!) Shannon claimed this room as her own, while Jake was left with, an equally impressive guest bed room, decked out with a king size four-poster, and slightly less grand en suite (decked out in wood and with no Jacuzzi). There is no doubt, uncle Leo was living the good life out here… but why had he never invited the family to come and visit his beautiful home in Salem?

“Get comfortable you two suggested Elvira, and if you’re hungry, I could prepare a little supper”.

“Sure, thank you, Elvira said Jake with appreciation, come on Shannon let’s unpack”.

Elvira walked down the stairs, and then into the parlor. Then she shut both the doors, closing herself in. Walking over to the statue on a desk, she pulled the head back and activated a device that opened the bookcase, revealing a stairway going down.

“Oh, relax, we’ve got plenty of time to unpack, isn’t this amazing?”
“Yeah Shannon, it really is. How long do you think Leo has owned this place?”
“I don’t know; how could he afford it?”
“He was a wealthy man Shannon… but this is incredible, why wouldn’t he tell the family about it?”
“No idea Jake, but stop worrying so much! Let’s check out the kitchen and see what there is to eat.
“You know what, I think that’s the best idea you’ve had today”
“Great, oh and Jake, could you bring my bags upstairs? Pretty please”

Jake was feeling hungry, so he decided to take Elvira up on her offer. She fixed the young man up with a rib eye steak, eggs, and a couple biscuits. Then she joined him at the table with some eggs for herself.

“So, my darling boy, what do you do for a living asked Elvira with keen interest.

“Oh, I run a business replied Jake, cutting up his eggs.

“What sort of business”?

“I’m a sales manager for a propane company, and I do handle sales too answered Jake. It’s a good job, and the benefits are amazing”.

“Marvelous beamed Elvira, quite marvelous, Jake”.

Jake smiled back and continued eating the food, which was quite delicious. He mashed up his biscuit with the eggs so they were covered in the yoke. Shannon always revered to eggs as abortion chickens, which Jake thought of as hypocritical being that she ate roast chicken.

“So, Miss Elvira, what do you do besides run this house”?

“Well, I do a lot of things said Elvira in deep thought, as if contemplating whether or not to tell Jake. I see people and help them through their conquests, I have an empathetic gift and I’m quite splendid if I may say so, at reading people.

“Can you see who I am, Elvira asked Jake with sincere curiousity.

Elvira bit her lip, should she? Why not, he was after all a cute, clean cut young man.

“Give me your hands, please offered Elvira.

Jake put his hands out and Elvira took them and slowly rubbed them while closing her eyes. Silently she counted to twenty and then her senses became in tune.
Then after a moment or two, she opened her eyes and came out of her trance.

“What did you see asked Jake, anything good, perhaps a woman by my side in the not too near future”?

“Yes, I do something good explained Elvira, I saw you with much success and also a woman as well”.

“Really, well do you know who she is”?

“Shannon said Elvira, hello there”.

Jake turned around and saw his stepsister standing in the doorway and then remembered his dinner. Elvira stood up and offered a seat.

“Are you hungry, my dear, may I fix you something”?
“No thanks said Shannon, maybe later”.

“Sure thing said Elvira, enjoy your meal, Jake”.

She walked away, and gave Jake’s shoulder a little pat before leaving the kitchen.
Shannon came into the kitchen and then took a seat across from Jake.

“So what was that all about” inquired Shannon?

“What, we were just talking said Jake, is there anything wrong with that”?

“No said Shannon, but people who’ve just met each other, don’t normally hold hands pointed out Shannon. And what was that little pat for”?

“She’s an empath, and was giving me a reading”.

“Surprise, surprise, I figured she was a witch with all that black garb she has on retorted Shannon, is there an audition for The Addams Family that I don’t know about”.

“You’re so shallow, Shannon, do you know that scoffed Jake.

“Oh come on, Jake, in addition to her wardrobe, she’s white as a ghost”.

“Well, we all can’t live in Los Angeles, now can we retorted Jake. Has it ever crossed your mind that maybe she’s going to a costume party, I mean Halloween is tomorrow, remember”.

“Oh yeah breathed S, that reminds me, I was thinking of inviting some friends to come out, maybe catch a red eye and party it up tomorrow night”.

“We haven’t even been in Salem for five hours and already you’re thinking about turning this place into Beta House said Jake in disbelief.

“Oh come on, Jake, you invite some friends and I’ll invite some friends, and have some fun. C’mon baby brother, let’s cut the drama and just enjoy ourselves for a night, eh”?

She put her arm around Jake and the young man shot her a sympathetic grin.

“Well, that’s a moot point he agreed, but we can discuss it in the morning. I’m going to unpack and see about bagging some zees”.

“Okey dokey said Shannon, nighty night”.

She kissed Jake goodnight on his cheek, and then headed up to her room.

Jake and Shannon were alone in their bedrooms, unpacking. Shannon still had plans to throw a party. She left her bags beside her bed: she could unpack any time, right? She had something far more important in mind. Tomorrow, after all was Halloween, and this house would be so perfect for a party, she couldn’t even believe it! She laid across her bed, slipped off her Keds with her feet dangling playfully off the side. Then she flicked through her cell phone to see who she should call first… this would be the best party ever, she couldn’t even wait to… and then it caught her eye, dangling, right beside the beautiful mahogany closet, a long, golden rope… what could that be used for?

Jake thought it was time to get Shannon and discuss the future of this house, it was nice, there is no question, but in these difficult economic times, they had to discuss their options, this house worth a small fortune and they couldn’t both live there.
“Hey Shannon, having a hard time unpacking?”
“What?! Jesus, you scared me! What’s wrong with you?”
“God, don’t you know how to knock?”
“Sorry, I just…”
“Look, it’s ok, never mind, alright? Just take a look at this…”

The golden rope hung there, seemingly attached to nothing but the ceiling… but there was something else about it, something Jake couldn’t explain… he reached out and brushed his hand lightly across it, the material tingled his skin… it promised, so many things… he should pull it, he should claim his reward… but no. Jake never acted on impulse, and now was not the time!
“What do you think it is?”
“If I knew that, dear brother, I’d be a happy girl”
“Maybe we should just leave it alone, we have no idea-“

He never got to finish that thought, with a devious giggle, Shannon yanked the rope, and the stepsiblings felt the floor vanish from under them! They both went down opposite slides, as they had been standing on different spots of the floor. Jake found himself tumbling at first, but soon got the hang of the slide, and shifted so he was flying feet first down… down… down. Shannon had lost sight of her brother; all she could hear was her own shrieks. Despite the fear, she couldn’t help feel a rush, like when a child goes down a slide for the first time, the wind whipping in your face and then… she was propelled through the air and fell into a nice cushy chair. Jake came out beside her soon there after, and landed in… a web? What kind of spider could… his thoughts were interrupted by a soft, seductive voice…

“Good, you found your way down here. I know it’s a day early for Halloween, but I think we can get started tonight…”

Elvira entered the room and admired both Jake and Shannon’s predicaments. However the two siblings were both scared and confused at the same time.

“Elvira, what’s going on asked Jake politely. I’m not sure what you mean, but let us talk about this first”.

“Quite right Jake, I don’t mean either of you harm. But if I let you down, then I can’t prepare for the Halloween fun tomorrow night pouted Elvira playfully.

“Fun, what sort of Halloween fun” demanded Shannon, as she could break out of the chair due to the fact that the huge cushions had pinned her wrists down.

“The only kind of fun that can ward off unwelcomed spirits replied Elvira as she knelt down beside Shannon. For many years now, every Halloween, myself and my merry band of misfit friends have harmless rituals on Halloween, and we have lots of laughs when we do so”.

“Well, there’s nothing wrong with that scoffed Jake, I mean, who doesn’t like to have a good time. Especially on Halloween, right Shannon”.

“Hell yeah retorted Shannon trying to hide her true contempt, totally awesome”.

Elvira smiled and then stood back up and looked up at Jake with admiration in her eyes. She didn’t care for the blonde very much, but she was starting to warm up to Jake.

“You seem to have a charming extraordinary personality, Jake beamed Elvira. I wholeheartedly respect that. And to prove it, I’m going to let you hand pick your costume for tomorrow night. Although I wouldn’t get too attached to it, as you won’t be wearing much tomorrow night anyway she added with a snicker.

“What do you mean asked Shannon, a hint of concern in her voice.

“Well it’s kind of hard to tickle two young people such as yourselves with clothing on explained Elvira.

“Tickling repeated Shannon, you can’t be serious”.

“Of course, my dear, every year we take in an outsider or two and let them be the main attraction for our ticklish activities in store continued Elvira. And I wasn’t sure if it was going to be you two. But when I honed inside Jake, I saw you and him as the life of the party”.

This was more than Shannon could handle, she let out a blood-curdling scream and struggled futilely in her chair prison. Jake gulped, but tried to play it cool. Now was not the time to panic or do something irrational.

“Now, my darlings, who would like to go first asked Elvira looking back and forth at both of them, waiting for one of them to speak up. Shannon was too petrified to speak though. And Jake never did consider himself a particularly brave man, and he hated to be tickled, so it came as no surprise to either himself, or Shannon, when he blurted out:

“Ladies first, that mean’s Shannon.

“Fuck you, Jake, how dare you” snapped Shannon, who was shocked that her step bro could easily sell her out like that.

“Ladies first?” Elvira mused while smirking wickedly; surely you should volunteer to go first, to protect your sister for as long as you can…”

“Yeah, but she’s really not-

“Important right now ad-libbed Elvira, finishing Jake’s sentence. No, no, I’m going to focus on you for the time being, my cute little boy, while sissy watches the show. And before the show begins, I’d like to start things off with a little magic trick”.

She pulled a remote device out of her shoulder purse and then pressed a button. Jake felt the web get warm all of a sudden, and then it began to shine a bright red. Then a dark maroon cocoon began to form around his body, with only his head and shoes being uncovered. Jake felt it squeeze his body tight and he closed his eyes as he felt a little pain.

Elvira smirked once more and then cleared her throat, before breaking into song.

Tick tock, tick tock, Halloween is only minutes from the clock
Soon you will hear the trick or treaters go knock, knock, knock
Candy and treats being passed out to the kiddies
As they chew and chomp, slowly getting cavaties.
But in this house on Sam Hain
They’ll be laughter but not pain
Now back to that little magic trick
While to my spider web you stick
And even though we just met
I can tell, and I bet
That you'll start to feel some scares

When I see you…

She pressed another button on the remote. Jake, with his eyes still shut, felt a warm tingling sensation cover his body. Then he felt different, and somewhat lighter. He opened his eyes to see the cocoon dissolved, as well as his clothes too. Now all Jake had on were his white cotton underwear, gray socks, and dress shoes.

In your…

Elvira took two steps toward Jake
She took two more steps again
Then she took one more big step so that she was right next to Jake and then bent down so that his underpants were at eye level with her.
Little Underwears, finished Elvira fidgeting with Jake’s short shorts, making him cringe
Shannon couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear as she saw her stepbrother in his un-masculine undershorts.

“Ha, ha, ha she replied with a giggle, nice undies Jake, did your Mommy buy you those”?

Jake’s cheeks burned with humiliation, and he avoided making eye contact with Shannon. Jake was normally a boxers kind of guy, but on laundry day he had to settle on the latter choice for undergarments, or go commando like a redneck.

“Oooooh, he’s shy beamed Elvira clapping her hands while walking over to the web. Don’t worry darling, I think you look cute in your tighty whiteys. So cute, that I can't resist making this a Kodak moment.

Pulling out a small digitail camera, she took a snapshot of the half naked Jake, and the flash went off.

"Yooow wheezed Jake as the light hurt his eyes a bit, oh no"!

Elivra put her camera back and gave a sly giggle, then snaked her fingers into Jake’s underpants and lightly tickled his hips, causing the young man to splutter out a few laughs. Elvira couldn’t help but laugh along too, so relieved that this handsome young man was a sensitive one. She walked over to the wall and pulled a long peacock feather stick and brought it over to where Jack was stuck. Very carefully, Elvira ran the feather along his unexposed underarms and then waited for Jake to start laughing. Unfortunately Jake didn’t want to give Elvira the pleasure of seeing him give in, so he held his breath in defiance.

“Naughty, naughty scolded Elvira, not laughing is against the rules, darling. C’mon now, stubborn boy, let’s hear some more of that laughter.

Elvira moved the feather so that it was tickling Jack’s hairless armpit, then she dragged a fingernail against his other one.

That drove Jake to the breaking point, and he finally gave in.


“Hehehe snickered Elvira, that’s a good boy. Cutchie, cutchie, cutchie”.

Jake kept laughing and laughing as his armpits were tickled, it was truly one of his worst spots. Elvira noticed this and even started to tickle the armpits at a faster rate. Then dropped the feather and dug her nails into Jake’s sides, forcing the young man to laugh even harder. Then she went back to the armpits again, and when she tired from that, it was back to the sides. After tickling his sides for the second time, she used her index finger to tickle the captive lad’s bellybutton.


“Stop echoed Elvira, but I just started. Not to mention, I do have other places that I haven’t gotten to yet she added with a wink.

Kneeling down, Elvira squeezed Jake’s kneecaps and made circular motions around them with her nails. Jake tried to move his legs, but they too were stuck to the web. Elvira found Jake’s attempt at resistance more entertaining than his laughter and decided to toy more with his legs. Moving on to his legs, she pretended her fingers were galloping stallions and went up and down them, tickling away.

Shannon just sat there and watched with a non emotional look on her face. She had no idea that Jake was so ticklish, and couldn’t believe he was half naked and stuck to a huge spider web while a woman dressed as a vampire witch tortured him.

“Now, most people like to put a cherry on top, but I’m more of a raspberry kind of girl stated Elvira.

“No, don’t pleaded Jake, please”!

But Elvira did it anyway, and blew a big raspberry over Jake’s bellybutton, which sounded like a fart that would put Blazing Saddles to shame.

Elvira gave him a second raspberry and then patted Jake’s bare damp belly. Then she walked over to where she laid the remote and pressed another button. Jake couldn’t figure out what she was doing, but took the hint when he saw six little spiders crawl out from a hole in the wall and head right for him. His eyes bugged out, being that he was terrified of spiders with a passion.

“Don’t worry, sweets said Elvira reassuringly, they’re not going to hurt you. Still, they are going to be substitutes while I take a break from you. Enjoy your entertainment, I shall be back momentarily”.

“No wait called Jake, don’t let this creepy things tickle MEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHE OHOH AAAAAAHAAAAAHAHAHAHA”!

Elvira blew Jake a kiss and then clapped her hands in delight as she heard his laughter escalate to a higher level. Then she turned around to face Shannon.

“Now, Miss Priss, how about we give you a turn”!