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Shannon shifted uneasily in her chair, trying to frantically escape her current predicament. Elvira hit another button on her remote and Shannon felt her ankles get elevated on the foot rest that sprang out from underneath the chair. The tall dark haired goth got on her knees and started to massage Shannon’s left foot.

“I’m quite impressed, dearie, for wearing white socks, they are not all that dirty”.

“Thank you murmured Shannon, please Miss Elvira, I’m really ticklish and I’ll wet my pants if you tickle me”.

“Oh nonsense scoffed Elvira, I won’t let you go wee wees in your panties”.

“But you don’t understand retorted Shannon, I am insanely TEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEEEICKLISH AAAAAHAAAAA”!

Shannon exploded into a fit of laughter as Elvira tickled her socked foot, holding it firmly in her right hand and using her left digits to tickle the sole.

“Well, young lady, I’d say the ticklishness runs strong in your family teased Elvira as she continued to tickle Shannon’s foot. The girl continued laughing her head off which only egged Elvira on more. Then Elvira tickled the other foot while humming a tune to herself, almost as if she was ignoring Shannon’s laughter which wasn’t the case at all.


“Come on now, Shannon, you’re a big girl stated Elvira, you can take this”!

“NOHOHOHOHOH NAAHAHAHAHAAAAAHAHAHAA I CAHAAHAAN’T wailed Shannon as she shook her head in defiance.

“Poor sweet Shannon cooed Elvira, I think you need a treat to make you feel better.

“What kind of treat asked Shannon softly in between her giggle fits.

Elvira lifted up the girl’s sweater and eyed her bare belly.

“I was thinking of a RASPBERRY she exclaimed with delight, here it comes”!

Sticking her head down, she blew a loud raspberry on Shannon’s bellybutton, which made the blonde scream loudly. Using one hand to hold the sweater’s hem up, she used her other to tickle her innie bellybutton.

“Oooh, I don’t think this is a bellybutton said Elvira, I think it’s a tickle button, he he he”!


Elvira tickled more of Shannon’s flat stomach, and then poked her ribs several times. Then she went back to the girl’s socked feet and gave them a tickle encore.

“Guess what, fair hair, it’s time for you to have some edits offered Elvira.

Shannon had no idea what Elvira meant by that. But she then got the hint when she felt her socks get quickly peeled off, baring her size nines. Shannon gave a yelp at the cool air hitting her feet, as she wasn’t prepared to be barefooted.

Elvira was taken aback by Shannon’s feet, which were slightly tan with a shade of red polish on her toes that looked like they had been done recently. The goth woman felt herself purr at the sight before her very eyes.

“What beautiful feet you have Shannon she cooed, and such nice color on your tootsies.

She lifted a foot at random and inspected it like a forensics expert studying evidence of a crime scene. The soles had no dry skin or calluses and were completely soft too.
Curiously Elvira sniffed Shannon’s left foot.

“Mmmmm they smell good too said Elvira, I can tell you lotion your feet, cherry is it”? He he, they even look like little cherries, ripe for the picking.

To add more humiliation to the young blonde, Elvira squeezed each digit and pretended she was picking cherries.

Shannon didn’t answer her, she was still shaking from the ticklish tremors.

“Well as much as I like cherries, I really prefer RASPBERRIES crowed Elvira.

Like a cobra, she lashed her head down and gave Shannon a zerbets that put the one Jake got to shame. Bobbing her head up and down, she gave Shannon five raspberries, making the girl squeak like a little mouse. What was more ironic was that she was in fact, trapped like a rat, unable to free herself from this tickling madness.


This amused Elvira, as she enjoyed to hear all her prisoners plead for mercy.

“Please, please, no more, no more mocked Elvira, listen to yourself, he he”.

Taking a seat on Shannon’s lap, the witch began to tickle in between Shannon’s toes, using a piece of fuzzy pipe cleaner which she pulled from her bag of tricks.


Ignoring Shannon, Elvira continued her method along all five toes on the blonde’s left foot, and then moved to the right foot. Elvira tickled both of Shannon’s feet with her nails once more for good measure, counted to ten and stopped. Shannon’s head leaned back, relieved yet exhausted. The reason Elvira stopped is because she had forgotten about her other prisoner.

“Well, I better get back to your brother decided Elvira, but Fuzz will keep you company for now”.

“Fuzz, who is that” asked Shannon.

“Not who, but rather what explained Elvira, he’s my little friend who likes to tickle toes more than I do”.

Reaching into her handbag, she pulled out a vile and took out the eyedropper inside while place a few drops along the pipe cleaner. Within seconds, it morphed into a fuzzy little worm started to slither along each one of Shannon’s toes.


Elvira chuckled to herself and pretended to dust off her hands after hard work. She stood up and fixing her trance upon a certain young businessman in his underwear.

Jake’s voice was almost gone, from laughing so much. The spiders and their hairy legs were doing a number on him and he wasn’t sure how much longer he could take it. He opened his eyes when he heard Elvira’s heels clicking on the concrete floor, and was surprised when she waved the spiders away.

“Oh thank you for stopping them murmured Jake, I didn’t know how much more I could take”.

“Don’t flatter yourself, handsome smirked Elvira, I only called off my eight legged workers because I haven’t tickled your feet yet. What, do you think I forget to remove your shoes and socks”?

Jake had wondered about that, and found it strange that she had kept his footwear on, but then again the cocoon that distenegrated his clothes had only gone down to his pant legs.

“Yes, that was a bit puzzling, I thought you hated feet or something he admitted, but I’ve never even been ticklish on my feet”.

“Oh Jakey boy, you are ticklish all over stated Elvira undoing a knot in the laces. And I decided to leave your socks and shoes on a tad bit longer so your feet could be extra sensitive to my fingernails”.

Jake wasn t even sure if his feet were ticklish, but he didn’t want to take a chance. It had already been torturous enough.

“Come on, Miss Elvira, you’ve had your fun, please let me down so we can all go to bed requested Jake as calm as he could muster.

“Had my fun repeated Elvira, oh honey please. If I had my fun already, you’d be naked and sweaty while waiting for me to run you a hot bath and then it’d be a cold shower for myself” she added with a wink.

Grasping the heel firmly, she tugged off Jake’s shoe and carefully set it down. Then she ran two fingernails along his size eleven foot, encased in it’s thin gray dress sock.

Jake didn’t laugh, he kept a calm face. It tickled so much but he held it in. His plan was to convince this witch that he wasn’t ticklish on his feet. At this point, anything was possible.

“Does that tickle, darling asked Elvira with a mischievous tone to her voice, hmmm”?

Jake shook his head no in response.

“Well, I bet your socks have seen better days when they’re not stuck in shoes noted Elvira, briefly taking a whiff and fanning herself slightly.

“I can believe that muttered Jake sheepishly, knowing full well that he’d been in those shoes for six hours and actually felt relieved to have one of them off.

Holding Jake’s foot in her firm iron grip, she fingered his socked toes with light scratching as well.

“He he, tickle, tickle, Jake” teased Elvira.

Jake was holding his breath it tickled so much, and the polyester material didn’t help either. But no laughter escaped his lips, Jake still held on. He had to fight it, he had to, just a little while longer and it’d be over. Shannon’s laughter could be heard a few feet away, and she was starting to cough from laughing so much. Elvira released his foot with her left hand and used her other to scratch his heel a bit.

Fuck it thought Jake, it’s not worth wasting valuable air.

“Heheheheheeeeeheee okay, okay, it tickles” he stammered through a fit of giggles.

“Ha, I knew it cried Elvira in triumph, now let’s free this foot completely”.

Jake winced as he felt Elvira snake her fingertips into the top of his sock and slowly pull it down, exposing his heel while Jake looked up at the ceiling and tried not to think about it. Elvira noticed this and smirked, giving his now naked heel a few more tickles, which made Jake burst out laughing, as he wasn’t expecting that. Pulling the sock completely off, she stuffed it inside the young man’s shoe and the held his foot in both of her hands.

“Hmmmm, nice long toes noted Elvira inspecting Jake’s barefoot, very high arches, extremely pale surface like mine, and quite soft like your sisters”.

Jake gulped as his helpless foot was cradled in the witch’s hands, and then felt her breath on his sole.

“Oh my wheezed Elvira turning her head away slightly, what a strong stench these feet have. Tsk, tsk, little boy, you should have been like sissy and changed your socks. She fanned herself more to further humiliate Jake, who curled his toes at her insult. Your foot odor problem just bought you one hour of foot tickling, boy, and that hour starts now”.

Jake tried to move his foot out of harm’s way, but Elvira snatched it back and use all ten of her fingernails to tickle his naked foot. Jake spluttered out more laughter, and shook his head from side to side.

“Cutchie cutchie coo sang Elvira, I love tickling your feet. But my favorite part to explore is the toes”.

Her nails danced all along Jake’s arches, balls, and heel of his foot. Jake’s face turned bright red and his chest heaved as the tickling kept going. When Elvira got to his toes, she bent them back and made sure to pay attention to the undersides as well. Then she pulled each toe apart and tickled the spaces in between, making Jake even more miserable. Then she tickled each toe individually with her cat like nails and even gave the digit a light massage upon tickling, which Jake found relaxing until the tickling would start up again.

“Now let’s see your other foot suggested Elvira, quickly hauled off Jake’s other shoe, and yanking the sock off too. Now Jake was completely barefoot and both his feet were being tickled relentlessly. Elvira even got lazy and laid down while using a long peacock feather to tickle the bottoms of his feet. Poor Jake, his big gunboats couldn’t escape the feather, no matter how much he struggled.

“Ha, there is no escape, little boy taunted Elvira, all you can do is wiggle your little piggy toes. Speaking of the piggy toes, let’s see how they like the feather”.


“Look at those ticklish toes, poor little things pouted Elvira sarcastically. She ran the feather across all five on the right, then switched to the left and started all over again. Elvira would tickle, then stop and watch Jake’s toes curl in anticipation. Then she’d attack again, making Jake squeal.

“Well, I’m growing quite tired, and the smell of your feet is making it hard to breathe the witch stated. But not to worry, I have a special treat for your feets”.

Elvira got up and walked down to another room marked Greenhouse. But not before releasing the fuzzy worm from Shannon’s feet, which she had to pry from the girl’s tender sole. Jake and Shannon took advantage of their break and started to get their breathing back. Jake looked over at his stepsister who’s head had slumped back and her eyes were now closed.

“Shannon, are you conscious”?

“Yes he heard her mutter, eyes still closed. “This is pure hell, and I don’t know how much more I can take this. Fuck the house, I say tomorrow we leave and never come back, the will didn’t say anything about the house coming with a sadistic tickle torturer who looks like Vampira”.

“I hear you on that agreed Jake, I expected to arrive here, unpack, maybe have a drink and sleep on my big comfortable bed. I didn’t expect to have my clothes destroyed and be hanging in a huge spider web in my underwear”.

“At least you didn’t just have a pedicure done recently sassed Shannon, do you know how sensitive and soft my feet are when I get them pampered? Speaking of your underwear though, I’d recommend boxer shorts 24/7, because you may find pictures of you in your tighty whiteys on the internet now”.

Jake fumed, he hadn’t thought about that. Maybe he could neogatiate and get them back from Elvira. After all, he was a salesman, and a good one at that. And why on earth did Shannon only get reduced barefoot and he down to his undies, how unfair was that.

“What I can’t figure out is why I had the honor of losing all my clothes and you only your footwear he protested.

“Why would you want me stripped too, do you want to see me naked demanded Shannon almost angry at her step bro for bringing that up.

“Of course not said Jake, even though deep down he’d marvel at the idea. I just thought we’d get equal treatment is all”?

“Well I think she has a thing for clean cut boys who dress nice and buy cheap undergarments scoffed Shannon.

“Well we all can’t wear thongs like you Shannon shot Jake.

“How the fuck did you know, I wear thongs demanded Shannon, suddenly feeling very privacy invaded.

“I didn’t, Shannon, but I do now because you just told me smiled Jake, reverse psychology is a bitch isn’t it”?

Shannon turned a slight shade of pink and gave Jake the finger in response to his statement.

Elvira came back carrying a large plant, whistling away as her heels clicked on the floor once more. The plant she carried, looked like a miniature version of Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors, with little pods underneath the plants big Venus flytrap head.

“Is that a gift for me asked Jake hopefully, as he had admired the sight of hydroponics.

“Not for you, handsome, but rather for those big feet you got”!

Setting the plant down, Elvira stepped back and watched it go to work and wrap it’s vines around Jake’s ankles while the little pods started to lick all the over the young man’s feet.

That was more than Jake could bear and he cried out in dismay


“Stop already insisted Shannon, leave my brother alone, you bitch”.

Elvira walked over to Shannon and pulled her hair back by the ponytail, causing the girl to yelp in pain.

“You, missy, I’ve had just about enough of that potty mouth. I think it’s bedtime for Shannon, Miss Cranky Pants, wouldn’t you say”?

“Fuck you rasped Shannon, you touch me again and I’ll-

Her voice trailed off because Elvira blew a purple powder into her face, causing the blonde to close her eyes and drift into a deep sleep. The arms on the chair released her and then Elvira went to work stripping off Shannon’s pink sweater, jeans, her white bra and her zebra stripped thong. Shannon’s stark naked body was a site that even Elvira couldn’t help but admire, something an aspiring playmate would die for.

Jake, though roaring with laughter, couldn’t help but notice the site that he had fantasized about since their parents had gotten married. Seeing Shannon’s luscious double D breasts, and her hairless clit was everything he hoped for. Suddenly he felt enormous pressure and found a buldge in his tighty whiteys. Elvira, who didn’t know they weren’t related, gasped at his hard on.

“You disgusting little boy, shame on you for getting turned on by sissy she scolded giving her booted foot a hard stomp. She picked up the fuzzy large worm and marched over to the hysterical boy.

“This will teach you that there are consequences when getting too big for your britches over your big sister” she snarled sweetly.

She pulled back Jake’s underwear, which looked like they were going to rip open and dropped Fuzzy inside. Then she released her hold and let Jake’s underpants snap back like a rubber band.


Elvira cackled at that remark and was looking forward to that. Giving the chair a kick, it started to roll down the hallway toward a door labeled WASH ROOM.

“After I’ve bathed sissy, I’ll come back and do the same to you promised Elvira. And hopefully I’ll be in a better mood. In the meantime, Jakey boy, enjoy your punishment”!

She blew Jake a kiss and followed the moving chair, whistling away again, which reminded Jake of the intro to the film, Hostel.

After ten minutes, Jake was on the verge of wetting his underpants, but he bit his lip and held it in. After much resistance he was able to cancel out that notion, but his exhaustion pushed itself to the limit and the young salesman lost consciousness.

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