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06-27-2001, 09:51 PM
Ok...This is for all you ticklers over 30. You did realy well with I Love Lucy, but does anyone remember the sitcom Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C. It was a spinoff from The Andy Grifith show. In this one episode, Gomer's sargent(Sargent Carter) try's to make his girlfriend jealous so he invites an old girlfriend to a restraunt and tells Gomer to show up at the same time with his girlfriend Bunny. Before Gomer shows up with Bunny, sargent Carter is making small talk with this girl and asks her if she's still as ticklish as she used to be. She starts to giggle and say's " Don't even talk about it." At that moment Gomer walks in with Bunny and sargent Carter spots them. He say's to the girl he's with, " You mean like this." and starts to tickle her ribs. The actress gave an awsome performance. I've never seen her play in anything else but she giggled and jumped around and squirmed like she coudn't take the tickling. This went on for about fifteen seconds. I was a very young boy when I first saw this and looked forward to the reruns. For any one who has cable, if you have the T.V. Land station sometimes they show the old Gomer reruns. So, anyone remember it?

Eric Von Zipper
06-28-2001, 05:03 PM
Man i remember that scene as if it were yesterday and it's been YEARS since i've seen it! The girls is sexy and her ticklish reactions seem very real. What's funny though is how into it Frank Sutton (Carter) is; with that wicked, guttural Carter laugh-you know it-HehHehHehHeh- as he pokes and prods this gals rib cage, he is just having the BEST time! Sergeant Carter a closet ticklephile?!?!?-GOOOOOOOOLLY-SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE!!!!