View Full Version : Tickling on The Love Boat

06-28-2001, 09:59 PM
I just read the Gomer Pyle thread, and I know I've never seen it because...well, duh! Because I'd remember it like yesterday! But one I do remember is a scene from The Love Boat, which I saw when I must have been about nine or ten. The story goes like this: husband and wife honeymoon on the Love Boat, and just by coincidence the wife's old flame is on board too. He pursues her, making the husband suspicious and jealous. In one scene the wife (whose name is Tricia) goes into the sauna, or steam room, or hot tub (take your pick; this I don't remember) and is waiting for her husband when the old boyfriend shows up. He talks to her; she ignores him. So finally he picks her up, baby-style, and carries her off while she kicks and protests. While carrying her off he says "are you still ticklish? You know we always used to call you Ticklish Trish" and he tickles her with the hand under her ribs. She laughs, suppressing it, laughing, upset, saying no, laughing...and they walk right by her husband, who of course misinterprets the scene. If I recall...her laughter/protests were perfect. I think I was dizzy for days after that one. I always looked for it in reruns, but never saw it again.