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Jackson Grimm sat in the curators office, of the British Museum, along with his sidekick Reed Reynolds. Jackson was thirty three years old, stood 6”2” and had a well toned muscled physique. He had blonde hair like Brad Pitt and even somewhat resembled the actor. He wore a brown leather jacket, but underneath her wore khaki pants and a button down shirt and tie. His companion, Reed, however was dressed a bit more casual. The 5”9” younger man had dark hair, a black leather jacket and a tee shirt and jeans.
The two men were both American and had traveled to England in the hopes of finding a rare artifact that they were being hired to find for an old Japanese man. The old men had told them that it was the year of the Dragon, and that he needed to find the Dragon Scepter. The old man would’ve gone with them but he had suffered an accident and paid Jackson and Reed double their usual rate, plus travel expenses. Their job was to find the scepter and bring it to back to the U.S.

Jackson was an adventurer, a modern day Indiana Jones if you will. Since being discharged from the army at the age of twenty one, he had spent his last twelve years following in the footsteps of his father, also an adventurer who had become a millionaire from all the treasures he had collected over the years while traveling the globe. Jackson inherited his father’s fortune and spent his life as a bachelor traveling the globe as well and finding time to go on drinking benders, go on hunting safaris, romancing beautiful women and showing off his excellent skills with a .357 Magnum. He was also into martial arts, specializing in kick boxing, , and Krav Maga.

Reed was another story, he fit the profile of trusted sidekick. But he also had all the characteristics of a being the sidekick to a lone hero. Reed was twenty three, sarcastic, callow, not very strong, and liked the ladies way too much that it often clouded his judgment at times. But like a Batman to Robin, Jackson was always there to steer his partner back on track. Like Jackson, Reed liked guns, and always tried to use them to make his member bigger, which amused Jackson. Reed had no family, and Jackson didn’t either after the death of his father, so the two formed a strong bond that could almost be compared to the brotherhood of a John Steinbeck novel.

Finally, in walked the curator, Samantha Hume. Samantha was very tall, standing 6 ft in her stocking feet, long red hair down to her shoulders. The redheaded woman wore a navy business suit, with a skirt that went down to her knees. She wore matching pumps with no heels and light blue stockings adorned her legs. Samantha was thirty years old, unmarried and single. She had gotten her Masters Degree in Business at Oxford University with a minor in Art History, because she had loved art with a passion since she was eleven. Samantha had been the curator of the British Museum for the last two years, and she adored being her own boss as it gave her the advantage to go on holiday whenever she wanted. That and she was able to hire those who were worthy of employment and not because they were relatives of the boss.

“Hello gentlemen, sorry to keep you waiting. Did my assistant offer you some tea or coffee”?

“Yes she did said Jackson rising from his seat, but we are both quite content at the moment. Jackson Grimm, we spoke on the phone two days ago, I believe”.

“I’m afraid not, dear replied Samantha, you spoke with my assistant, Charlotte”. But no matter, you’re here now, Samantha Hume”.

The two shook hands, and Reed stood up to make sure his presence wouldn’t go unnoticeable. He eagerly shook Samantha’s hand, flashing his rougish grin as he did so.

“Wonderful, to meet you Miss Hume, I love what you’ve done with this museum, it’s really swell he said with sincere enthusiasm.

“Thank you very much said Samantha who gave a small chuckle at the young man’s eagerness. But please, do call me Samantha, Miss Hume is my mum”.

The two men sat back down, and Samantha took a seat at her desk, so she was facing them.

“So what can I do for you two gents she asked with keen interest as it wasn’t very often she received visits from Americans, especially American men at that.

“Well began Jackson, this may sound unusual, but we actually came here to purchase a rare artifact that is in the possession of your museum”.

“Come again said Samantha in disbelief, you came to buy a historical artifact”.

“Yes, we sure did chimed in Reed, it’s very important to us”.

“And what piece exactly are you two interested in buying” asked Samantha?

“Are you quite familiar with the Legend of the Dragon Scepter asked Jackson?

Samantha’s jaw dropped when he said that. No one had ever been told about the Dragon Scepter at her museum, no one on her staff knew. It was brought to her museum a month ago, and safely locked away in one of their vaults when an appraiser found out how much it was worth. Not only that, but the Scepter was Japanese and if the country found out about it, she would be looking at a lawsuit for possessing it.

“Where did you hear about that” she asked quietly?

“Well, one of our business partners told us that it was the year of the Dragon, and he had received a letter from his cousin at a monestary who told him where to find it. Don’t ask me how he knew, because that’s not my business. However, he did hire Reed and myself to be the middlemen in purchasing the Scepter from your museum.

“You can’t be serious said Samantha, are you trying to give me a laugh”?
“No, absolutely not said Reed piping up, Jackson here isn’t very good at making people laugh, that’s my area of expertise, and I’m not here to pull your chain either”.

“Look said Samantha firmly, I only saw this Scepter you speak of, once. And that was when it was brought in overseas, by mistake. I made some phone calls and had the artifact shipped out two days later, back to where it came from”.

Jackson was curious.

“So, where did it come from”?

“I’m sorry, love, but that’s confidential and not to be spoken to anyone, including Yanks. No offense”.

“None taken, Miss Hume”.

“Call me Samantha”.

“Oh yeah, sorry, Samantha”.

“However said Samantha rising from her chair and going to her filing cabinet, I can give you both a file on the Scepter and insight to it’s origin. Samantha reached way in the back, and her skirt came up a little, showing a small hint of pale skin on her right leg. Riley starred at her legs, drooling like a teenager going through puberty. Jackson noticed and gave him a light smack, trying to make his friend snap out of it. But he too, couldn’t deny how amazing Samantha’s legs looked, especially in her blue stockings.

“Here we are said Samantha pulling out a file in a manila folder. She walked over and handed the file to Jackson who stood up when she handed it to him.

“So, Samantha, I take it you know about the Dragon Scepter”?

“Of course I do, it once belonged to a wealthy member of the Ming Dynasty”.

“I’m talking about the powers that it contains, for the year of the Dragon”.

“That’s a bunch of bollocks said Samantha with a smirk, just a myth old gents in Japan made up to tell the children”.

“It doesn’t mean that it’s not true stated Jackson.

“I don’t believe in ghost stories, Mr. Grimm”.

“Please, call me Jackson, or Jax”.

Before Samantha could reply, in walked a woman, dressed in a brown pants suit. Charlotte Mader, aged thirty five, stood 5”9” without her heels. But in her heels, she towered over Samantha by an inch or two. This woman was the opposite of Samantha, as she was quite plain and thick, with thick framed glasses and her blonde hair tied in a bun.

“Oh, I’m terribly sorry, Samantha said Charlotte, but you have a phone call from the Prime Minister’s publicist, he says it’s quite urgent”.

“Thank you, Charlotte replied Samantha warmly, tell him that I will call him back right away, I’m just getting ready to adjorn my meeting here”.

Samantha turned to Jackson and Reed, crossing he arms.

“I’m terribly sorry, but it seems you’ve wasted your trip coming here. But if you’re not in a hurry to run off back to the States, there is a banquet tomorrow evening, and I can arrange to have you both as personal guests”.

“Well, that sounds like a great idea, but-

“Oh we’d love to go cried Reed, we love parties, and especially the real classy ones that require an invitation. But still, I think Jackson and I need to go shopping for suits as it no doubt is going to be formal, right? Ha, I thought so, but hopefully we can find a store that will=

Jackson cut him off with a wave of his hand and gave Samantha one last look.

“In a way, I’m quite relieved you don’t have the Scepter here in your museum, Samantha”.

“Wait a tick, why would you feel even a speck of relief for me, dear”?

“Because even though you don’t have the scepter, I can relax knowing that others won’t bother coming here to be disappointed too said Jackson.

“And who might these others be, out of curiousity” asked Samantha with interest.

“Well, it is the Year of the Dragon, so it would be no surprise if members of the Ming Order came looking around here for it. And the difference between me and them, is that I offered to make a deal, they would’ve just taken it”.

Samantha’s expression changed, and suddenly she looked slightly worried.

“But you have nothing to worry about since the Scepter isn’t here grinned Jackson, right Samantha”?

“Yes, yes of course replied Samantha slowly, and trying her best to smile back. Thank you for your time, gentlemen, hope to see you tomorrow evening”.

“Oh you can count on that, right boss crowed Reed?

“Yeah, until tomorrow night then, have a nice day”.

“And you as well said Samantha giving them a nod, cheerio”.

Jackson and Reed walked out of Samantha’s office and down the hallway towards the exit, leaving the tall redheaded businesswoman alone with her thoughts. She went back to her desk and sighed.

“Pretty nice chaps, eh Samantha”?

A startled Samantha quickly looked up and saw her assistant, Charlotte standing in the doorway. It was so odd that Charlotte could make her presence undetected. One time, Samantha was having lunch in the lounge and didn’t even hear Charlotte enter the room. And when Charlotte had spoke that day, Samantha nearly jumped a foot.

“Yes, they were very nice, indeed agreed Samantha, unfortunately I couldn’t be of any help to them”.

“What could they possibly be looking for that they had to travel the globe to find it asked Charlotte in disbelief?

“Oh, they thought we had a sodding Japanese scepter here at the museum scoffed Samantha, whomever told them that is obviously bonkers”.

“Bonkers indeed said Charlotte, this museum doesn’t have any artifacts that are Japanese, those silly blokes”. Still, the tall one was rather cute, wasn’t he”?

“Yes, he was a handsome bloke, but I feel he may have the traits of a scoundrel to boot. Anyway, I need you to do me a huge favor. I’m over swamped today, and chances are I won’t be leaving here until eight when it’s closing time. Therefore, I’ll need you to write me a speech for tomorrow evening’s banquet”.

“Aye said Charlotte, no worries Miss, you will have your speech before the day is out".

“Thank you, Charlotte, you may go back to your desk now said Samantha with a dismissal tone in her voice. Not that she was a snob, but she had to get busy and didn’t have time for chit chat. Still, she couldn’t help but think of Jackson’s tall figure and his snazzy leather jacket. She would go back to work, and not take a break until tea time.

Jackson and Reed walked out of the museum’s main entrance, Reed looked disappointed but Jackson did not. No, in fact, Jackson looked quite pleased with himself.

“I can’t believe she doesn’t have the scepter, dude sighed Reed, we made that super long plane trip for nothing. I mean, it wasn’t a total loss, I mean she had super killer legs. I tell you what, I’ve always adored Amazon women, they just reek of female supremacy”.

Jackson chuckled, his young protégé was just too funny.

“You are just too funny, Reed, what would I do without you”?

“Hire yourself a court jester maybe suggested Reed, I mean you definitely have the funds to do so. I don’t get it, Jax, why aren’t you pissed off right now”?

“Because she’s lying, Reed, I set a trap and she fell right into it”.

“No kidding, how do you know she’s lying”?

“Because, I’ve played enough poker in my life to read people to see if they’re bluffing or not. The moment I suggested that others would come after the scepter, her confident expression changed to that of a worry flurry. Now, it’s only a matter of time before she decides to have it shipped out of here. “That’s where you and I come in, dear boy”.

“You mean, we’re going to snag the scepter when it gets shipped out of the country asked Reed.

“No, we’re not gonna let it come to that. We are going to snag the scepter tonight, while the lovely Miss Hume is all snug in her bed. Tonight, at eleven, we’re going to enter the museum inconspicuously and take it”.

“But we don’t even know where they’re keeping it stated Reed matter of factly, it could be anywhere”.

“That’s why you’re going to hack into the data base and find the manifest for last known shipments replied Jackson. A computer whiz like you, it shouldn’t take you longer than one hour”. He grinned at his friend after he said that.

Reed grinned too, they were back in business!

Part II
The British Invasion

Samantha was exhausted, it had been a long day for the tall redhead. She had met with caterers, set decorators, and musicians for the banquet. So she had spent a couple hours outside the museum, and then proceeded to meet with the museum’s accountant to discuss the budget for the next quarter. By the time she got back to her office, it was six o clock and she had two hours before the museum was closed. Plopping down in her desk chair, she sighed, relieved to be off her feet after all the walking she did today. A quick break would suffice. Samantha took off her pumps and propped her feet up on her desk, crossing them as she did so. The cool air felt wonderful on her warm stocking feet, as she closed her eyes and leaned back in her chair.

Charlotte glanced from behind her desk and saw her boss’s feet from a distance, and a gleam came into her eyes. Slowly getting up, she quietly lurked into Samantha’s office. Charlotte almost drooled at the sight before her, as she liked feet. She didn’t have an extreme foot fetish, but she did think that feet were beautiful and fun to play with at times. She wondered if Samantha had fallen asleep, and wondered if Samantha would notice if she massaged her feet. Those light blue stockings made her feet look absolutely stunning. That and the fact that Samantha had size ten feet made them all the more adorable. Very quietly, Charlotte staggered over to Samantha’s desk, her manicured fingers got closer, closer, and closer.

Then Samantha slowly began to open her eyes and Charlotte improvised and reached for a pen from the jar. Samantha saw Charlotte standing at her desk and gave her a puzzled look.

“Charlotte, I didn’t even hear you come in, what is it”?

“I just came to borrow a pen, because mine ran out of ink she explained quickly. I noticed you were dozing and I didn’t want to disturb you, Miss”.

“I’m so bloody exhausted sighed Samantha, I’ve been prancing around London all day and my feet are killing me”.

“So you just popped a squat in your chair, removed your shoes and took a load off” asked Charlotte.

“Exactly answered Samantha, I need a masseur to rub me down”.

“Golly, Miss, you don’t need some bloke with big strong hands, when you have an assistant to assist you with those dogs of yours, let me help”.

“No thank you said Samantha quickly, I don’t think that would be appropriate office etiquette, and it’s about time for you to go home. Is my speech done yet”?

“Not yet said Charlotte, but it shall be on your desk tomorrow morning, guaranteed”.

“Jolly good complimented Samantha, you’re dismissed to go home anytime now”.

“Smashing, Miss, thanks, I will see you then tomorrow, all right”?

“Indeed, goodnight Charlotte”.

Charlotte gave Samantha a big smile before she turned around and walked over to gather her things. Samantha slid her legs off the desk and put her shoes back on, she would have to go down to the lounge and get something to drink and then check through the archives and inspect them for the day.

Two hours later….

Finally, it was time for Samantha to go home. Boy, she couldn’t wait to eat some junk food and soak in a nice bubble bath and wash the stench of stress from her well kempt body and nice figure. Her thoughts traveled back to Jackson, and how charming and handsome he was. He reminded her of the American actor, Brad Pitt, and wondered if he had great biceps and pecs like he did. Suddenly a song just flew into her head, from her favorite pop star, Samantha Fox.

“Maybe, Naughty Girls Need Love Too”!

She gave a chuckle as it was ironic that she was having naughty thoughts at the moment. Gathering up her handbag, and throwing on her coat, she left her briefcase because she knew that she wouldn’t be doing any work when she got home. Tomorrow, she would come into the office at nine o’clock, she earned a few extra hours of sleep after the afternoon she had. Walking out of the office area, she shuffled down the stairs, past the security booth. Not even bothering to notice that the guard wasn’t seated at his post. Samantha couldn’t walk out of the museum’s main entrance, because it was locked at seven when visiting hours were over. So therefore, she would have to walk through a section of the museum and go out the exit from there. Samantha’s leather pumps clucked against the marble floor as she walked towards the Art Gallery. The exit was just up ahead, and she was almost home free.

Then from out of nowhere, two figures leaped out from the shadows and blocked Samantha’s way. The two were dressed all in black, masks covering their faces, but judging from their long hair in ponytails, Samantha knew they were female.

“What the bloody hell are you two doing in here, don’t you know that we’re closed”.

“We’re not to visit, but here on business said one of them.

“And what sort of business might that be” demanded Samantha.

“We come for Dragon Scepter, and want to know where you hide it”.

Samantha was nervous now, Jackson was right. Oh how could she be so daft to not take him up on his offer.

“Look, come back tomorrow, and we’ll discuss this matter when I’m in a better mood”.

Samantha tried to walk through them but the two ninjas formed a blockade to prevent her from going any further. This angered Samantha, all she wanted was to go home.

“If you don’t get out of my way, I’ll scream and security will come and arrest you both for trespassing past visiting hours”. And why hadn’t the guard been able to see them on the security monitors, was he too busy watching the telly.

“I don’t think so, said the other ninja, we take him out as well and camera too. So, you on your own, Big lady”.

Samantha was quite nervous now and she began to back up. The ninjas began to circle the tall redhead like a couple of tigers would their prey.

“My name is Yoko said one ninja, and this is Ping”. We know you , Miss Hume, now tell us where scepter is, now”.

“Why don’t you make me dared Samantha, you wenches have a lot of nerve for threatening me like this”.

Ping leaped onto Samantha’s back, while Yoko dove at Samantha’s legs. The two tried to take the taller woman down. But at six foot, and weighing a hundred and thirty pounds, Samantha was a force to be reckoned with. She threw her head back and hit Ping in the forehead. The Asian winced in pain and let go of Samantha.

Samantha: How dare you, creep around my museum like sodding rats. Well I have methods for dealing with vermin, see here.

Then Samantha used both hands to grab Yoko by her hair and throw her against a garbage bin. Ping got to her feet and tried to fight Samantha, but the redhead seized her by the middle and threw her into the other garbage bin, rear first. Yoko got back up and charged at Samantha again, seizing the Amazon by her coat. Samantha quickly slipped out of her coat and threw it over the Yoko, and kicked her away with her foot. As Yoko staggered backwards, she tripped over Ping who was free of the garbage bin. But Samantha didn’t waste anymore time with them, she raced over to the security office and tried to open the door, but it was locked. She looked through the window, and saw that the guard was tied up and unconscious, he would be no help. Samantha dug into her purse to use her cell phone, but she had no service. Shit, her only hope of escape would be the lower level, there was an exit in there that led out into the parking garage. Giving a small jog, she raced to the elevator and hit the 2nd floor button.

“Slow fucking elevator muttered Samantha with clenched teeth, come on”!

When the elevator doors opened, Samantha walked down the hallway towards a large room called Medieval Times. This certain area contained torture and bondage devices from the Medieval Times, the kind of devices one would find in a dungeon. This wasn’t an exhibit that Samantha saw quite often. In fact it kind of gave her the creeps, being that she wasn’t a big fan of bondage, and refused to have a shag with her last boyfriend when he wanted to tie her to the bed. Freedom was mere seconds away, as she saw the Exit sign a few feet away. She walked quickly, but then out of nowhere two tiny figures each grabbed an arm and tripped her to the floor.

Samantha saw the two petite ninjas towering over her, and they gave a giggle as they gazed down at the stunned redhead. That really made the redhead red with fury, and she pushed both her long legs forward, kicking each girl in the stomach. Then Samantha sprang to her feet like an expert gymnast, while the ninjas held their sore stomachs.

Samantha: Ten years of gymnastics, and I still got it.

Then she grabbed both ninjas by the hair and clunked their heads together. Ping and Yoko both saw stars, as Samantha was now in control. She scooped up Yoko underneath her arms and threw her to the floor. Then she swept one leg at the back of Ping’s ankles, and the tiny ninja fell flat on her back.

Samantha: Is that all you got, sodding ninja wannabes scoffed Samantha. “Don’t worry though, I’m sure the police will be impressed with your breaking and entering skills after I contact them. She grabbed her purse, stepped over the two ninjas and opened the Exit door.

But as soon as she opened the door, a large net came down on her. Samantha screamed and tried to get it off, but then she caught her foot in one of the net holes and lost her balance. Falling to the floor, she felt like a wriggling fish trying to get back into the water. She struggled and tried to free herself, but it was no use, as the net was quite tight. Then she heard the sound of clicking on the hard marble floor. Looking straight ahead, she saw a pair of high heeled shoes. She raised her head to see who the owner of the shoes were. And to her horror, it was none other than her secretary, Charlotte Mader.

“You seem, surprised, Hume”.

“Charlotte, what is the meaning of this, why am I in a bloody net”?

“Well, it was a measure of last resort, in case ying and yang over here failed to subdue you. Guess they failed after all. Ugh, you tiny girls call yourselves, ninjas, what bollocks!
No matter, take her over to the stocks, it’s time we had a little chat with Miss Hume”.

Ping and Yoko slowly staggered to their feet, even though they were still bruised and sore. But they seized the top of the net and twisted it into a rope. Then the ninjas dragged Samantha over to a pair of wooden stocks. The three women then picked up Samantha and carried her over into the stocks, as the tall redhead kicked and screamed.

Samantha: NO, what are you doing, don't put me in that silly contraption!!

Charlotte held Samantha’s wrists as the ninjas seated Samantha into the chair that was part of the wooden stocks, and then locked her ankles into the wooden holes in the stocks.

Charlotte: Oh, I’ve waited a long time for this, Hume. I’ve longed for the day when I could have you in my power, and so utterly helpless. The day when I could turn the tables on you”.

Samantha: Why Charlotte, why?

Charlotte: Why ? Because, I hate you, in fact I always have. All you’ve ever done is talk down to me in a curt, dismissive tone. You think you’re so bloody clever, so darn sexy, and so frigging tough. The perfect body, the perfect clothes, the perfect job, you don't deserve it”.

Samantha: How could you align yourself with rogues like this, are you BLOODY MAD?

Charlotte: Mad, oh no, dear. I’m bloody brilliant, because they are wealthy rogues, and are paying me two hundred thousand pounds which is more than I could make in ten years working for the likes of you. All I had to do was give them inside information of how to infiltrate the museum’s security and help them get inside without being noticed.
The money's actually a bonus. Truth is, I'd have paid them, just to have you right where I want you.

Ping: Alright, Miss Hume, tell us where the scepter is!

Samantha: Go to hell, the lot of you!

Yoko takes out a long stiff feather, making Samantha's eyes go wide.

Yoko: Tell us, Miss Hume, or you face feather!

But then Samantha’s eyes returned to their normal size and she glared at the three women.

Samantha: Never, you can't make me!

Ping: Oh, I think we can, Miss Hume

Samantha: I'm warning you three, if you don't let me go, I shall report the lot of you to Scotland Yard. How could you do this to me, Charlotte, after everything I’ve done for you”?

Charlotte: "You fool, don't make me laugh! The way you look down your nose at me, flashing your legs and shaking your tits, I bet you think your shit doesn’t smell.

Samantha: You watch your tongue, madam. When I get out of here, I’m going to kick your ass worse than I did to your ninjas for hire.

Charlotte: I’d like to see you, try. I mean, just look at the big boss lady, out-smarted by her humble assistant, ha ha ha!

Then she turned to the ninjas, and gave them a small nod.

Charlotte: Off with her jacket, then grab her arms and hold them still.

The ninjas remove Samantha’s navy blazer,, much to Samantha’s dismay. Ping and Yoko each grabbed one of Samantha’s arms and raise them up, holding them in tight iron grips.

Samantha was cut off as she felt Charlotte dig her fingers into her sides, slowly tickling her. Samantha gave a slight giggle, but then firmly shut her mouth.

Charlotte: "Oh my, she's ticklish....she's ticklish"

Samantha: Bollocks, I’m not ticklish, you just caught me off guard. You cheeky minx, this is your plan, to tickle torture me. You’re wasting your sodding time.

Charlotte: We’ll see about that, Miss Hume.

Charlotte keeps tickling her sides for a bit, with little reaction from Samantha. Then moves up into her covered armpits. Samantha tries desperately to bring her arms down, but the ninjas hold her arms so tight that it’s impossible.

Charlotte: Come on, Hume, laugh for me.

Samantha: I’ll never give you the satisfaction, bitch. You can’t break me.

Charlotte: Oh, Hume, you misjudge me. I don’t want to break you, I want to make you suffer until you barely have a single breath in your Amazon body.

Charlotte digs her fingers deep into Samantha’s armpits, as the redhead bites her lip and tries her best to hold it in. A few tee hee hees escape her lips, but they are quite low. So Charlotte ups her game and tickles her sides, then her armpits, then her sides again. She rotates this charade again and again, until finally Samantha can’t hold it any longer and opens her mouth to let the laughter out.

Samantha: Heeeeheeeeeheeeheeeeheee OH NOOOOOOO!

Charlotte: Ha, all too easy. Who would have thought the mighty Samantha Hume would be so damn ticklish, Yes, that's it, come on, wriggle for me.

Samantha laughs more as Charlotte tickles her neck and ears. She stops tickling, then she starts again. Samantha gives a loud yelp when the tickle starts again. Then Charlotte starts to tickle again, stopping, and then continues.

Ping: What a ticklish girl she is!

Yoko: Hehe, oh yes, and there’s nothing she can do to stop it.

Samantha finally gets a break five minutes later after a combination of rib, armpit, and neck tickling. The ninjas let go of her arms, letting them fall to the side. While they let the gasping redhead catch her breath, the ninjas want to know when they can have a turn.

Ping: You’ve had enough fun for now, take a break.

Yoko: Yes, let us torture her for a bit.

Charlotte: Be patient, you'll have your turn soon enough, but i've waited to long for this and I’m not quite ready for a break just yet.

The three women look at Samantha, who has her eyes closed, and is breathing in and out very slowly. As the tall redhead regains her regular breathing pattern, she hears the three of them whispering and giggling in a huddle. Something told Samantha that it couldn’t be good.

Her eyes opened when she felt Charlotte take a seat on her lap, so that her legs are on each side of the stock device. Charlotte starts to untuck her blouse, while the ninjas bind Samantha's wrists together

Samantha: Wha, wha, what are you doing?

Charlotte: "Let's just see what we've got under here, shall we?

Charlotte then starts to unbutton Samantha's blouse, slowly popping each button, revealing more of Samantha's soft pale skin as she does so.

Samantha: No, leave my blouse alone. I mean it, Charlotte, you wench!

Charlotte: "Wench, there you go again, talking down to me. Oh, you'll be so sorry for that.

The last button gets undone, and the front of Samantha's shirt is open, revealing her flat stomach, her big boobs snug in her cream colored bra, and her huge cleavage.

Charlotte Wow, you could turn a straight girl into a dyke with those jugglies.

Charlotte starts to run her hands along Samantha’s exposed belly, caressing it gently.

Charlotte: Blimey, you have such nice skin, it’s so soft. Mmmmm, and so pleasing to the touch as well.

Samantha: No, don't touch me

Charlotte: Awwww, I just love this little belly button, choochy coochy koo, ha ha ha "

Samantha roared with laughter as Charlotte found her bellybutton and started to swirl her fingers around it. The ninjas watched on with amusement, watching the redhead crack up again. Samantha felt so vulnerable as her exposed skin was being prodded and poked with sharp red fingernails. The favorite area on Samantha's upper body to Charlotte was her stomach. Charlotte especially loved Samantha's little innie bellybutton, it was too cute. Charlotte used five fingers to tickle all over Samantha's bare belly.

Charlotte:"Got you boss lady, feel this, oohhhh that ticklish are we?


Charlotte:"Ooh tickie tickie tickie, come on scream boss lady"

Next, Charlotte tickled her bare ribs and sides, her nails digging into them roughly.

Then after she grew tired of the sides and belly, Charlotte instructed the ninjas to lower Samantha's chair, so that she was laid back a bit. Then she ordered them to raise Samantha's arms so that they were over her head and hooked them to a latch on the back of the chair. Now Samantha couldn't put her arms back down, and the ninjas didn't have to hold onto them anymore. Samantha thrusted in her bonds, and tried to get free.

Samantha: Get me out of here, you sodding bitches!

Charlotte started started to tickle the redhead once again, only harder. Samantha giggled once more as she was forced back into hysterics. Charlotte was now tickling her ribs, going up and down like an elevator. Then she tickled Samantha's hollow shaven armpits, making circles with her fingers. Samantha had tears in her eyes now, as her laughing increased, and even her face was turning a wee bit red


Charlotte:"Ha ha, feel this, tickie tickie tickie, now i'll have these arm pits, tickie tickie tickie"
(she tickles the underarms again, and switches back and forth between them and the armpits.)


After awhile, the tickling stopped, and Samantha felt somewhat relieved. Laying her head back, she closed her eyes and concentrated on regaining her breath.

Charlotte looked over to see the ninjas admiring Samantha's expensive pumps, and thought it was pathetic that they matched her suit perfectly. Then she got off of Samantha’s lap and walked over to her bound feet. Kneeling down with her head in between Samantha’s feet, she grinned evilly at Samantha.

Charlotte:"Now, here comes the best bit, hee hee"

Samantha: No, don't you dare!

Samantha looked on in horror as she felt Charlotte remove her left pump. The shoe hit the floor with a thud, and then it's partner landed right next to it. Samantha curled her toes in her stockings defensively. Her feet were the worst part on her body, they were so ticklish.
Charlotte remembers that Samantha turned her down earlier for a foot massage, so she decides that now is her chance to touch her boss's feet.

Charlotte:"And what have we got here. I think it’s time I give you that foot massage that you turned down earlier, eh?

Samantha: Don't touch my feet, leave my feet alone!

Charlotte:"You have no idea how long i've waited for this.

Samantha has wide size ten feet, with high arches. Charlotte can't believe how big they are and decides to tease Samantha about her big feet.

Charlotte: Good lord, big feet for a big boss lady. Just look at the size of these submarines, ha

Samantha: Shut up, don’t mock my feet.

Samantha was embarrassed about her big feet, but she was so tall that if her feet were smaller, she wouldn't be able to walk properly. She felt Charlotte take one foot in her hands and slowly start to massage it with both hands

Charlotte:"Oh, this is just heaven, does that feel good, dear?

Samantha wanted to say yes, but she didn’t want to give Charlotte the upper hand. Then after a minute or two of massage therapy, Charlotte dragged a finger up and down Samantha's stocking sole and Samantha bit her lip again, trying to hold in the laughter. Charlotte is amused by this, and uses two fingers to tickle Samantha's sole. After a minute, Samantha's face is red again, and Charlotte uses five fingers to tickle her foot and then Samantha loses it.


Charlotte:"Ooo not so tough now are we, tickie tickie tickie. What say you, boss lady , losing control"?


Charlotte then holds Samantha's foot close to her face and gives it a small sniff

Charlotte: Gawwwd, stink foot, she's got a case of the stink foot girls, ha ha ha"

The ninjas joined in with laughter, as Samantha grew more angry at her feet being teased.

Samantha: No, stop, how dare you insult my feet!

Charlotte continues to tickle Samantha's foot, tickling the arch, the heel and even her stocking toes. Then she tickles both feet with five fingers on each foot. Samantha shakes her head from side to side and blabs like a laughing loon.

Charlotte: "Oh, don’t worry, I’ll see to these smelly stocking feet of yours, and make sure they get a thorough tickling. Tickie tickie tickie, that's it, scream....tickie tickie tickie, tickie tickie tickie, oh yes!"


Then the ninjas want a turn, and they tell Charlotte that they love feet, especially British female feet. This amuses Charlotte and she then walks over to Samantha's upper body and folds her arms

Charlotte: So, my dear boss lady, are you ready to tell us about the scepter, or would you like more tickling?

Samantha: No, please, no more tickling. I beg of you, please!

Charlotte: Then tell me where the scepter is!

Samantha paused for a moment, thinking that this could all be over if she just gave them what they wanted. But she knew how wicked and conniving Charlotte was, and that she would just tickle her more anyway.

Samantha: Absolutely not, I won’t.

Charlotte: Good, I’m glad you’re not ready to loosen your tongue yet. Especially, since you’re still over-dressed, I’ll fix that.

Charlotte gave a clap and the ninjas sprang at attention.

Charlotte: Get rid of that itchy blouse, let’s give Miss Hume a little more comfort. If you do that, you can tickle her feet.

Samantha: NO, get away you bitches!

Ping and Yoko nodded and seized the hems and collar on Samantha’s blouse and pulled as hard as they could. The blouse came off with a loud rip, and was torn apart like tissue paper.

Samantha: Ahhhhhhhhhh, no, you ruined my blouse. That cost me eighty five pounds!

Charlotte: Like I care, Red. I don’t care if this whole suit costs you a year’s salary, because you won’t be wearing it when you leave, he he.

Samantha’s eyes widened at that, would they really tear the rest of her clothes up and leave her completely starkers. The thought of that happening sent shivers down her spine.

Charlotte stands up and lowers the chair back, so that it goes down into laying position. Samantha gave a shriek as she found herself laying on her back with her arms still above her head. She looked up at Charlotte and began to quietly whimper as the woman took a seat in between Samantha’s legs and kicked off her own pumps so she could relax while doing this.

“Now let's play with these soft toned arms shall we ? Tickie tickie tickie"