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Hi all. Of course, this is pure fiction. I hope you enjoy and I welcome any criticism.

Mike was finally prepared. He had learned well from his previous experiences. He had become an expert tickler. Well, a tickle-torturer. Over the last month, he had tickled an acquaintance from college until she urinated. He had gone to a shopping mall and tickled strangers. Mike had hired an escort to practice capturing and restraining a stranger as a tickle victim. He had crossed a line and entered the world of a tickling criminal; a serial tickler as it were.

Beyond that, he had stalked a potential victim, charged his credit cards to the limit and spent almost all of his student loan money for an elaborate tickling scheme. He wanted to lure his dream target, Jamie Mendoza, star of his college's women's soccer team, into a tickling trap.

He arranged his snapshots of Jamie. She was gorgeous. Her face reminded him of the actress Vivica Fox. She had an awesome, strong and athletic body, matching that of Serena Williams. He had pictures of her playing soccer, wearing street clothes, on campus and off. His other preparations were made. He'd rented office space, photography equipment and studio props. Using his inkjet printer and computer, he'd created business cards and a false portfolio. Mike was a smart college student possessed of an irrepressible urge to tickle women. Jamie would be his best conquest.


Jamie arrived at the photographer's studio. She had met the man, Roger, just after a soccer game 2 nights ago. He had given her his card and asked her if she'd considered doing any modeling. Naturally, she was skeptical, but she showed her a portfolio, gave her some references to call and his business card. She finally decided it was safe and legitimate and might be something useful to her future career.

Jamie wore a very professional suit. A silky beige business suit that complemented her 5'9, 130lb frame. She wore no stockings at all; her dark, defined legs looked wonderful without them. Her shoulder length hair was tied back in a neat pony tail that highlighted her face. She easily could have a career in modeling, Mike thought. With her body, face and natural charm, she would have been a natural.

A young woman was just finishing her session with Mike, known to Jamie as Roger the photograper. It was an escort from a different service Mike had paid to do the photography session, but it lent credibility to his disguise as a photographer. In order for his scheme to work, Jamie had to trust him completely.

After a brief talk, very friendly, Jamie was told that this would be a fitness/swimsuit shoot. She had seen the other woman wearing a swimsuit for the shooting, so it seemed perfectly legitimate. Mike showed her a changing room with a costume rack. Conveniently for Mike, the only one that fit her was a brightly colored feather bikini. It was bright orange, pink, white and purple, a suit Mike had chosen just for this purpose. She laughed a bit when she first tried it on, but it did fit well and by her own estimation was rather attractive against her mahogany skin.

The shooting started against a fake beach scene. Mike thought she looked beautiful. Mike turned on a giant fan to simulate wind. As the air moved past her, Jamie started to giggle.

"What's funny?"

"The feathers! The fan is making them tickle me!". She spoke with a slight Latin American accent. Very slight, but just noticeable.

Mike laughed slightly, but fought hard to conceal his joy. He suggested they move on to the exercise equipment shoot.

Mike had acquired some serious gym equipment. He had Jamie kneel on a mat beneath a cable crossover machine. She grabbed the handles, attached to a weight stack Mike had maxed. In order to hold the position, he explained, he would have to slip rubber nooses on hands that held her in place. So, Jamie was kneeling, kind of spread eagle, with cables holding her arms above her head. To Jamie, it was just photography. To Mike, it was almost the perfect tickling position. Then, he used a knurled, curved curl bar across ankles, forming kind of stocks. He explained that this was for "photographic consistency", a term he made up but seemed rational. He instructed her to use the bar "for feedback, don’t move". Of course, Jamie was unaware that the bar behind her had been weighted down by ties to over 100lbs of weight.

Mike stared at her for a second. A beautiful, dark-skinned, athletic girl was bolted down in front of him. She was reputed to be very ticklish, and he'd dressed her in a feather bikini. For a second, he wondered if life could get any better.

"You look pretty locked down. Are you uncomfortable? Can you move at all?"

Jamie gave a mighty wiggle. She could really move her body well, but her arms and feet were practically immobile. Her arms were supported over her head. For just a second she felt vulnerable, then she realized how safe she was. Or thought she was.

"I'm ok, I'm perfectly comfortable. I feel like I'm locked down, though!" she said, her accent getting a little thicker. She laughed. She was about to laugh a lot more.

Mike walked behind her. He wiggled his fingers against the wrinkled, lighter-skinned soles of her imprisoned feet.

"YYEEE! HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE! DON'T!" Funny, Mike thought. Her accent didn't come through in laughter. Laughter is universal, he thought.

"Are you ticklish on your feet, Jamie?" Mike stroked her soles again. Her toes and feet curled in response. "NO! YES! HEE HEE HEE HEE!"

"Where else are you ticklish, Jamie?"

"What are you doing? AAAAHHHH!" Mike pinched her sides. Jamie jerked violently.

"Stop it!" she shouted.

"Oh, not quite yet, Jamie. I've got to see how ticklish you are first"

"You're what? No man. I think you should let me go, now. You can't. NOO HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE!" Mike shot his hands into her exposed armpits. "No please! You can't tickle me! Don't do that to me! You don't know how much it tickles!" Her mild accent made her responses all the sexier.

"I'm going to find out…ha ha hah ahahha!" Mike laughed almost sadistically as he used both hands to squeeze her firm, defined belly. Jamie burst into cries mixed between high-pitched screams and laughter. Her belly was her most ticklish spot.


As Mike tickled her belly, Jamie writhed and twisted, moving as fast as she could. She could only move her upper body, though, and in a very limited range. She looked like a mahogany-colored, feather-wearing tornado.

Mike quit tickling in preparation for exploring another sensitive zone. Jamie gasped. "Please…you can't do this to me…NEEEOOO!" Mike started tickling the fronts of her hips, just to the left and right inside area of her pelvis. She cringed and cackled.

"Well, you are full of ticklish spots…this is going to be great!"


"Nobody can hear you Jamie. Nobody but me. Cootchie coo!" He started squeezing her hips again. Jamie chortled and gyrated, bucking left and right to get away. Of course, she was held firmly in place. Mike loved watching her lean muscles ripple beneath her dark skin.


"Where are you most ticklish, Jamie?"

"Let me go. I'm going to kick your ass when I get out of here!" Her defiance was about to end.

Mike chuckled and stroked the upper portion of her buttocks just below her lower back. She had a muscular, well-shaped rear end that drew strong comparison between her and Serena Williams. The bikini bottom exposed her skin there, skin that was incredibly sensitive. Jamie felt the terrible, tingling tickling sensation there. She laughed and started to shake her rear up and down, left and right to escape.

Mike loved watching her butt move. He could only imagine what the near-burning, tickling experience must have felt like to her. Her laughs were closer to piercing screams. She was obviously an extremely ticklish person. He tickled and tickled the back of her hips, the "love handle" area (although she certainly had no "love handles") and the upper portion of her buttocks. Yes, Mike's favorite part of this was watching her rear end bounce and wiggle. Jamie kept squealing and screaming, laughing and jerking. Mike wasn't sure, but he thought she was laughing so hard that she passed gas.

Mike moved in front of her. "You're that guy who tickled Jenna, aren't you?", she asked. Her voice started to sound a bit fearful

Mike said nothing. He looked at her strong, defined abdominal muscles. He took the quill of a feather and traced along the lines of her muscle. Jamie tried to withdraw, but she couldn't entirely avoid its tickling touch.


"What's wrong with your belly, Jamie?"

"I'm too ticklish there. I'll die!"

"We'll save that for later, then".

"Why do you want to tickle me? You're not going to tickle me like you did Jenna?" Jamie truly wanted to know what was happening. She was a smart young woman; not understanding only caused her stress.

Mike dropped the feather and gave her ribs a vigorous massage. Her ribs were well defined and felt very solid. As she twisted and shook, her muscles flexed throughout her body. Her beautiful face was darkening and tears were streaming from her eyes. Her mouth looked beautiful as it formed a wide-open smile.


Mike taunted her. "You're awfully ticklish aren't you. Tell me about your worst tickling experience"

She looked up at him with a combination of anger and befuddlement. "This one", she panted. Sweat was running down her face. As a well-trained athlete, she started sweating very quickly.

"Before now".

"I was a kid, in middle school, when a bunch of other kids on the track team found out how ticklish I am".

"What happened?"

"These girls, they were older, in high school, but I was the fastest on the team and I couldn't speak English very well. Somebody touched me on my belly. I started yelling, ' no, I'm ticklish in my belly', but in Spanish. Then they held my arms back and tickled me. I fell on the ground, and they took my shoes off. They tickled my feet and belly until I peed in my pants".

"Do you think that could happen today?"

"Mister, I don't know why you're doing this, but please let me go…NO!"

Mike jumped behind Jamie and started tickling her feet. Her feet shook and jerked, but spasms of laughter erupted from Jamie. Her light-skinned soles wrinkled and her toes curled, but she couldn't escape. Her entire body quivered with laughter. Mike switched to her sides, just above her hips. Jamie kept screaming.


"Cootchie coo Jamie! Cootchie coo! I'm going to tickle you forever!"


Her started squeezing her belly with both hands. Jamie's loud laugh become a short, shrill, raspy burst of sound. He was impressed by how firm her middle was. The strong muscles there, however, did not protect her from the tickling.

"NOT MY BELLY! HEE HEE HEEHEE HEEEEEE! NO! I'm gonna pee! Stop, stop plea-hee-hees!"

Mike started tickling her rear again. He absolutely loved the way her buttocks jiggled when tickled.

"Oh, she's ticklish! Oh, she's ticklish! It's never going to stop! Cootchie coo!"

Jamie never realized before how ticklish she was there. Every stroke of his fingers left a strange, almost burning tickling sensation. She abhored it. In a way, it was worse than having her belly tickled.


"How about your belly again!" This time Mike lightly scratched his fingers over Jamie's most sensitive surface. She went into what could only be described as a stationary belly dance. Her midsection undulated like ocean waves in desperation to avoid the tickling. Her head rocked backward. She had lost almost all of her strength from the tickling. The sounds coming out of her mouth were babbles at best.

"III! HIII! HEEEEE! UUUHHHH! AAAAAHHH! Oh no oh no oh no no no-ho-no…"

A puddle of urine appeared beneath her. Yet, Mike didn't stop tickling. Her kept squeezing her sides, rubbing her ribs, tickling her feet and squeezing her hips. Mike prodded her underarms and wiggled his fingers across her belly.

Jamie lost the ability to laugh. Her body jerked spasmodically to each of his touches. Mike had tickled her for more than 15 minutes. Her body was dripping with sweat, making her dark skin glisten. The feathers of her bikini stuck to her skin. She had peed several times. Finally, she had passed out. Mike didn't know if she fell unconscious due to lack of air or from a deep desire to escape.

Mike abandoned the office and all the equipment, except the photography equipment, and freed her. Jamie didn't know he made a video tape of the session. Mike made his escape, contemplating how many crimes he had just committed. Should he sell the tape? Make copies? Or just keep it for his pleasure. Regardless, he had memories and a physical prize that would last him a lifetime.

He kept his appointment at the Midas shop to have his muffler repaired. As he waited in the front office, he saw another customer enter. A woman, maybe 5'5", with short light red hair. She wore a long sleeve, clinging yellow t-shirt, jeans and leather sandals. He watched the way she moved and bobbled as she walked. She had extremely large breasts, but a rather pretty face. Just from looking at her, he knew she must be extremely ticklish.

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Well done! I think you've just pin pointed a very popular fantasy among the 'lees.... well, at least this one ;)
I don't know how I would react in reality, but the fantasy of being tickled against my will is a powerful one. You can write one about a tickling burglar next :D


09-20-2002, 04:47 PM
Good idea, Maggie, but Grolsch, be sure to include something about that redheaded customer who just walked in! :)

09-20-2002, 09:46 PM
nice lol:) thanx cool story!

09-22-2002, 11:30 PM
Awesome story. Please do continue on :D

09-22-2002, 11:58 PM
I loved this story, especially with it being a belly tickling story. Maybe as a follow-up, or for the next victim, tickle their belly button too. But regardless, excellent work!!!

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Originally posted by PJSport3
I loved this story, especially with it being a belly tickling story. Maybe as a follow-up, or for the next victim, tickle their belly button too. But regardless, excellent work!!!

I agree, that would be an awesome touch :blaugh:

09-24-2002, 03:53 PM
Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm currently working on the next episode, which will certainly include the red-headed customer and some belly-button tickling. For those interested, I did do a burglar type story titled "Michelle's Interrogation", but it's a bit different from this series.

Of all things, I would especially love feedback about the story as far as content that people did not enjoy. Regardless, I'm very glad you've enjoyed the story and I plan more in the same vein.

I appreciate your comments, and hope you continue to enjoy the series.

Thanks, G.

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love it

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really nice!

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Awesome.... Cant wait to see next part

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If you do an advanced search by author, you can find the whole series. I was hoping that Grolsch had written a new tale. I'm actually bummed now.