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09-08-2010, 12:08 PM
Hello all,

It's been a long time, but here is my latest story, a sequel to the "TICKLING CLIPS" stories, this one featuring feeble-ears Sylvia, booby Amy and weak-toes Denise as they make more films from their library victims...although these two victims end up tickling and almost driving insane the ticklish trio through tickle paralysis and joyful microfiber panties titillation.

Comments are welcomed. Enjoy...

Tickling Clips: Library, Home and Office -Tickle Paralysis

Wearing a silky dark green blouse where resided her very ample ticklish breasts, clad in a black sheer nylon bra, a pair of blue jeans and most of all, a pair of sheer jet black nylons uselessly protected in a pair of flat shoes, Amy, a gorgeous woman in her ticklish early twenties with a happy round face, beautiful brown eyes, long black wavy and soft-looking hair, and strong legs, walked to the door and opened it for her accomplices: student Sylvia, also in her early twenties, whose long reddish hair matched perfectly her green eyes, her beige silky conservative neck high blouse, her black dress pants and her off-white sheer nylons, and 30-something teacher Denise, whose pink stockings, with reinforced heels and toes, were covered with a long beige skirt. She was also wearing a white blouse. All three women slipped their shoes off their feet and silently walked towards the end of the small university library to take a look at their potential victims.

Two female students in their early twenties were sitting side by side at cubicles. This in itself was an ordinary sight. The fact that they had taken off their shoes to place their ultra sheer jet black stockinged feet on the bar at the front of their cubicles was a very interesting fact. But what was really fascinating was what Amy found out about these two girls.

According to Amy, they were stricken with tickle paralysis. When they tickled each other’s feet, something they did often, they couldn’t move their ticklish feet away. They became soft, helpless and laughed generously while their feet lay there, content to be punished.

Indeed when Tonia, a short barely over 5 feet tall girl with long curvy black hair, deep excited brown eyes, a narrow face adorned with a slightly upturned nose, and sexy dark red lips who wore a silky-looking white blouse and a pair of dark blue jeans, got her stockinged soles tickled she laughed maniacally and let her friend tickle her feet obediently. And the same was true of Christina, who couldn’t resist having her fleshy nyloned soles tickled so as to force her beautiful red lips to expel musical laughter gently, jet black curly hair waving, round face smiling, large boobs jerking up and down under her sheer pink blouse, her black skirt quietly on her legs.

Sylvia, Denise and Amy walked silently in their sensitive stockinged feet and kneeled on the floor. There, they were treated to a beautiful sight: four feet clad in black sheer pantyhose were lined up one after the other dangling on the bar across the front of each girl’s cubicles. Easily, through the extreme sheerness of the nylons these potentially ticklish girls were wearing, Sylvia could see that their soles were perfectly smooth, Denise could see that their toes didn’t have any calluses and Amy could detect the pinkness of the skin.

Amy at first, followed by fearful Sylvia and Denise, raised her hands towards the very tender soles. Wiggling her fingers in the air, she then applied them gently on the right foot of Tonia and the left foot of Christina, while Sylvia deposited her long nails on the left foot of Tonia, stimulating it greatly, and Denise attacked with glee the right foot of Christina.

None of the feet moved at all. They were perfectly content to allow themselves to be tickle tortured though the sheer nylons that covered them. But it was a different story for Tonia’s and Christina’s lips. Opening up wide, they expelled air forcefully and sardonically.

“Ha-ha-ha-hahahahahahahahahahahaha, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, God no, my feeeeeeeeeet, ha-ha-ha-hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, stop, stop, no, I can’t, haaaHA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,” laughed poor ticklish Tonia as she complained about her ticklish state. Tonia felt painful sensations dance wildly under her feet, from her long toes to her smooth heels, sensations caused by long nails tickling her right through the brand new nylons she had bought after seeing this exciting commercial. These nylons were a lot more ticklish than her old nylons and caused her immense tickle pain.

“Haaaaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, ticklish, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, so ticklish, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa,” laughed peculiarly Christina, who was also feeling a difference between these new nylons she was wearing and the nylons she used to wear. It was the first day she and Tonia were wearing the very sheer jet black nylons they had seen advertised ticklishly on TV. They were painfully sheer.

“Keeeeetchy, keetchy, keetchy, keetchy-koo on the bottoms of your feet ticklish Tonia,” taunted Sylvia, who was now prancing her nails on both of Tonia’s feet. “I can’t believe how hard and nervous your soles are, tender Tonia. It’s a delight to torture them. Kiiiiiiili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, tough-looking but weak-soled Tonia. Yes, allow me in between your long toes,” thanked Sylvia, pushing her long nails in between Tonia’s nyloned ticklish toes. “I don’t think I ever touched and tickled nylons this smooth,” noted Sylvia, as her nails glided easily over the surface of Tonia’s sheer nylons. Looking at Tonia’s feet, she saw their plantar flesh yield easily with no movements, no jerking, no wiggling, but most of all, she heard Tonia laugh. It was an auditory delight.

“Ha-ha-ha-hahahahahahahahahahahaha, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, ha-ha-ha-hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, stop, my nylons are so ticklish, stop, HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, it ticklish, ha-ha-ha-ha-haha-ha-ha-ha-hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, it tickles,” complained foot-paralyzed Tonia, who just couldn’t stand being teased verbally while being tickled.

No more than Christina could.

“Haaaaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, tender, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, nails, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, pain, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa,” laughed Christina, as she submissively let her paralyzed soles be tickled.

Amy was dizzied between the hardness of Tonia’s stockinged soles and the fleshiness of Christina’s nyloned foot-bottoms. Concentrating mostly on the arches of the two paralyzed girls, she scratched them dutifully up and down and sideways, keeping both ticklish girls distracted and unable to get used to the pattern used to stimulate their gorgeous feet.

“Didn’t I tell you these two girls were horribly ticklish and unable to move when tickled? Isn’t that right touchy little Sylvia,” teased Amy as she glided a single nail along the tender surface of Sylvia’s upturned and totally exposed soles for a few seconds.

Sylvia smiled delightfully as she stopped tickling Tonia and looked at the horrible spectacle of her small feet with longish toes clad in a sweet pair of off-white pantyhose being tickled lightly.

“Heeheeheeheehee, hohohohohohohohoho, no ticklish, I’m Amy, hahahahahaha, hohoho, heeheeheeheeheeheehee, hahahahahahahahahahahahhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu,” laughed Sylvia, who, strangely enough, couldn’t move her ticklish feet away from Amy’s nails.

“Cute ticklish little Sylvia. And what about you ticklish teacher Denise? Didn’t I tell you that it would work? Goozi, goozi-goo on your pink reinforced toes,” teased Amy, as she glided her nails quickly over Denise’s round toes.

“Aahahahahahahahahahohohohohohohohohahah, no, no, not my pink stockings toes, ohohohohohohohohahah, eeheeheeheeheeheeheehohohoh, they’re very ticklish,” complained Denise as she looked at the long nails of Amy strike her pink stockings, also unable to move her feet.

Returning to the ticklish feet of Tonia and Christina, driving her nails deep inside the thin and smooth yarns of their nylons, Amy added: “You know what that means. Tonight, I’m going to tickle torture your feet to my heart’s content.”

As Sylvia resumed torturing Tonia, she said: “That’s tonight. But this afternoon I know a girl wearing sheer black pantyhose and a sheer nylon bra who’s going to get tickled thoroughly on her ticklish feet and boobs.”

“That’s if you can get to them before I plume your ears into submission,” shot back Amy.

Denise, who had returned to Christina’s helpless and paralyzed soles, butt in: “Sylvia, we don’t need both our hands to tickle these very ticklish stocking-footed girls.” Tickling Christina’s sole with one hand, she gently directed her other hands towards the general direction of Amy’s very ticklish boobs. Amy’s eyes widened as Denise began titillating one of Amy’s tits through her silky dark green blouse and black sheer bra.

“Oh God no, Denise, don’t do thahahahahahahahahahahahahahat, ahahahahahah, not the ti-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-t,” begged Amy who also just stayed there, allowing the tender tit to be punished.

That’s when Sylvia joined in: “Tickle-tit, tickle-tit, tickle-tit booby Amy.”


“Haaaaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, toes, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, touchy, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa, laugh, haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa,” added Christina.

“Ha-ha-ha-hahahahahahahahaha, your nails are so ticklish, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-hahahahahahahahaha, HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, ha-ha-ha-hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahaha, these sheer nylons, HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, they’re so thin, ha-ha-ha-ha-haha-ha-ha-ha-hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha,” agreed Tonia.

Then a number of minutes later, Denise and Sylvia, so enamored they were with Amy’s ticklish stockinged boobs, began tickling them with both their hands, running their fingernails around the firm breasts, and attacking her very ticklish tits. So excited they were at torturing Amy’s boobs, that they didn’t notice that she wasn’t moving at all, that she should have been trashing about as they fingernails damaged the nerve endings of her breasts and tits right through her sheer bra.

That’s until Sylvia and Denise felt something warm on their soles: a warm tongue.

The paralysis gone from their legs, Tonia had gotten up, gotten around her cubicle and kneeled to begin licking Sylvia’s off-white nylons whereas Christina was pulling double duty, licking Denise’s soles and toes through her pink stockings and Amy’s strong stockinged foot-bottoms through her black sheer nylons.

“Whyyy do I feel so weaeaeak everytiiiime you liiiick my soooooles?” wondered Sylvia, who was very rapidly losing strength with every lick.

“Feel my tongue Sylvia and relax,” replied Tonia, as she put more pressure on Sylvia’s soles.

Denise was already very relaxed with Christina adroitly licking her toes, her very weak toes. She couldn’t move her legs and soon her arms followed.

“I feel soft,” said Denise.

“Don’t resist, Denise. Feel my tongue and relax. You too Amy,” said Christina as she licked Denise’s toes and Amy’s arches.

After a few seconds of this treatment, all three women, one after the other, lied down on the floor, to finally end up being unable to move.

Placing a small tube close to the nostrils of the three weak girls, Christina whispered: “Smell this. It’ll make you feel good and sleepy. That’s it, just like that Sylvia. Just like that. Oh, there you go Amy, sleep tight Amy. You too, Denise, close your eyes.”

Sylvia woke up suddenly on the chair one of the girls they tickled was sitting on just moments ago. She suddenly felt a strange urge to smile as light tickling sensations pulsated inside her hard armpits with her arms bent limp over her head. And long nails were dancing under her feet, her ticklish stockinged feet resting quietly on one of the bars across a cubicle. Seeing that to her immediate right, was Denise, and to her far right was Amy, Sylvia began giggling like a little girl, just like Amy and Denise.

“Sensitive student Sylvia is finally awake,” said Tonia. “Kootchy, kootchy, kootchy-koo under your taut arms right through your conservative blouse ticklish little Sylvia, it’s time to laugh now. Oh she is very ticklish under her arms little Sylvia. Pootchy, wootchy, kootchy-kooooo,” teased Tonia as she glided her long nails inside one of Sylvia’s taut underarms, while at the same time gliding her nails all over the sheer bra of Amy. “What firm ticklish stockinged breasts you have Amy. Kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, Amy through your sheer bra. Oh and don’t worry Denise. Christina has been dreaming of tickling your pink stockings for months. She’ll take good care of your weak toes.”

“In fact,” butt in Christina, “I’ll take good care of your sixty toes and of your six soles. I’ll use the smoothness of your nylons to glide my long nails effortlessly over your feet. Keetchy, keetchy, keetchy, keetchy-koo sensitive student Sylvia through your small off-white stockinged feet, tikili, tikili, tikili, tikili, tikili, tikili, tikili, along your gorgeous and smooth nyloned arches laughing librarian Amy and, oh let’s not forget, guili, guili, guili, guili, guili, guili, guili, guili over your perfect pink reinforced toes ticklish teacher Denise,” taunted Christina, as she played the six ticklish soles like a piano, making sure that they remained constantly tickled.

“No, no, oooooh, aaaah, eeeeeh, aaaah, eeeeeh, my toes are so tickliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish, ohohohohahahahah, ohohohohohohoh, ahahahahahahahahahohohohohohohohohahah, no, no, not my pink stockings toes, ohohohohohohohohahah, eeheeheeheeheeheeheehohohoh, they’re very ticklish, ahahohohohohohohohohohohoh,” giggled Denise.


“Heeeeeheeeeeheehaha, I can’t move, hohohohohohohohohohohoho, my off-white pantyhosed feet, heeeeeheeeeeheeheehahahahahahohoho, and my arms, heeeeeheeeeeheeheehahahahaha, heeeeeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehohoh ohohohohohohohohohohohohohoho, why can’t I wriggle and twist, heeeeeheeeeeheehahahahaha, heeeeeheeeeeheeheehahahahaha, why can’t I move,” asked Sylvia submissively, as Tonia and Christina kootchied her.

“Oh that’s simple ticklish little conservatively-dressed Sylvia. A couple years ago, during an experiment designed to help us reproduce the effects of paralysis on the human body so we could tickle victims without any bondage, we came up with a mixture, that, when ingested, prevents permanently the body from reacting normally to certain stimuli, including licking, tickling and massages. In other words, as soon as a delicate body part, such as your ticklish underarms or your hard nyloned foot-bottoms, is stimulated, you can’t pull away. Strangely, this paralysis only spares your head. That’s why you were so helpless when we licked your soles. And that’s why you and your two friends are so helpless right now. This morning, we poured some of this liquid in your coffees and you all drank it. You’re just like us now. You suffer from delicious tickle paralysis,” replied Tonia. “Has anybody ever told you your underarms were gorgeous and perfectly hard and ticklish?” asked the devilish girl, her nails using the smoothness of Sylvia’s conservative silky blouse to torture that taut skin.

“Heeeeeheeeeeheehahahahahahoho, they haven’t, heeeeeheeeeeheeheehahahahahohohohoho, heeeeeheeeeeheeheeheeheeheehahahahaha, get out of my paralyzed underarms, huhuhuhuhu, heeeeeheeheeheeheehohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoho hohohohohohohohohohoho, heeeeeheeeeeheehahahahaha, and stop tickling my off-white nylons, heeeeeheeeeeheehahahaha, heeeeeheeeeeheehahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, ” demanded Sylvia.

“We never will. No more than I will ever stop torturing these incredibly large and ticklish nyloned breasts,” replied Tonia.


“Ooooh, oooooooooooooooh, ahahahahohohohoh, eeheeheeheeheehohohohohohohohoh, no, no, no, eeheeheeheeh, ohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoh , ahahahahahahahahahahahahahah, merceeheeheeheeh, ohohohohohohohohoh, you can’t tickle, ahahah, a teacher, ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah, aaaaaah, eeheeheeh, ahahahohohohohohohohohohohohohoh,” said Denise, who was ignored.

For maybe an hour, the girls laughed their heads off knowing full well their pain and their torture were being filmed and would end up sold on the Internet. Christina and Tonia didn’t seem to know about that, which was probably a good thing.

Suddenly, the tickling stopped and the girls heard: “Byyye, tickle you later.”


About 30 minutes after the end of her ticklish ordeal, Sylvia walked weakly off the elevator to the door of the small apartment she rented as a student…only to find herself face-to-face with Tonia who wasted no time inserting one fingernail into each of her taut armpits. “Poooootchy, wootchy, wootchy, wootchy-koo ticklish little Sylvia. You didn’t think I was done with you were you? We did say, ‘tickle you later.’ Oh, you dropped your keys. Let me get that for you,” said Tonia, as she picked up the keys, opened the door, and pushed Sylvia inside, while always maintaining contact with one of Sylvia’s underarms. In her weakened state, Sylvia had no chance.

Sylvia ended up on her large bed in a helpless spread-eagled position, and saw devilish Tonia run her fingernails deep inside her blouse all the way to the deepest recess of her armpits. She scratched them cruelly, forcing petite Sylvia to laugh generously. “You have such ticklish little armpits, little Sylvia. Ooooh, she is such a ticklish little girl, nervous Sylvia, wooooooootchy, wootchy, wootchy, kootchy-koo under your arms, ticklish little Sylvia,” taunted Tonia as she found a way to dig her nails even deeper inside Sylvia’s hard armpits, torturing her through her conservative blouse for the next 30 minutes.

“Heeeeeheeeeeheehahahahahahoho, heeeeeheeeeeheeheehahahahahohohohoho, get out, get out, heeeeeheeeeeheeheeheeheeheehahahahaha, it hurts ticklishly, huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu, heeeeeheeheeheeheehohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoho hohohohohohohohohohoho, heeeeeheeeeeheehahahahaha, my hard pits laugh, heeeeeheeeeeheehahahahahahahahahahahaha, heeeeeheeeeeheehahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, ” noted Sylvia, as she felt the hard nails of Tonia poke and prod her very tender underarms. Sylvia knew that she was right now experiencing the tickle torture of her life, just for the fact that she couldn’t move an inch.

“Oh yes, ticklish little pootchy, pootchy-poo Sylvia. I love your ticklish little armpits, tiny and petite Sylvia, but I love your ticklish little feet in nylons even more,” stated Tonia, as her nails, for the next long while, scratched their way up and down Sylvia’s off-white nylons. “Oh you are so cute when your ticklish little nyloned feet make you laugh. Kiiiiiiiiiiili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, ticklish little Sylvia, wooooooooooooooooooooootchy, wootchy, wootchy, pootchy, pootchy-poo, through your hose. Oooooh, to be in college and to be this ticklish.”

Tears were slowly making their way down Sylvia’s smiling cheeks as her pantyhose were tortured. Abandoning herself to the tickling pain she was experiencing, Sylvia laughed generously. Whether it was her small arches, her longish petite toes, the small balls of her feet or her petite heels, no part of her ticklish nyloned soles was spared. Her off-white nylons were used perfectly to elicit laughter in her mouth and Sylvia began going crazy. Slowly, ever so slowly. How long did it last? Sylvia couldn’t tell, but it was a long torture, especially when it came to her longish toes and her petite arches, which were scratched cruelly.

Suddenly, Tonia stopped tickling Sylvia, squeezed her legs together, and quickly took off her dress pants and lowered her pantyhose to expose her pure white panties before spreading her legs open again. “The paralyzing agent has a side effect I should tell you about. Your panties are now supersensitive, even more so when a another sexually charged spot, like your very weak ears, is excited. So now it’s time to experience the pleasure of panteargasms,” said Tonia, as she picked up a very fluffy ostrich feather from her large purse, and applied it to Sylvia’s left ear while at the same time, teasing Sylvia’s microfiber panties. Sylvia’s eyes opened wide as her ears, and especially her panties, exploded in joy. “Christina and I specialize in driving women insane through extreme panties stimulation. Christina and I have already sent each other into an asylum this way and you’re next. Don’t worry, Denise and Amy will be with you. Go crazy, little Sylvia. Go crazy with endless and uncontrollable panteargasms. There you go. One panteargasm, two panteargasms, three panteargasms, and now four panteargasms…” counted Tonia, as she plumed Sylvia’s ears, going from one ear to the other, stimulating Sylvia’s weakest and instantly orgasmic spot, and with her agile fingers, barely grazed Sylvia’s immobile and weak little panties, forcing Sylvia to experience “panteargasms.” “I know everything about you Sylvia. I know about your little slanted ears that can’t stand being feathered and force you to experience eargasms after eargasms. By teasing and tickling your panties, I’m simply helping your ears express themselves. Oh and speaking of panties, what perfectly smooth little panties you have Sylvia. I think that was your twelfth panteargasm. How much can you take little Sylvia?

“MMMMMMMMM, mmmmmm, mmmmmmmmmmmm, MMMMMMMMMMMMM, mmmmmm, mmmmmmmmm, OOOOOOOOOOOOH, gnnnnnnnn, MMMMMMMMM, mmmmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmmmmm, OOOOOOOOOOOOH,” moaned Sylvia, who couldn’t believe how sensitive her little pure white panties had become. More humiliating even were the cameras filming Sylvia’s every panteargasms. Indeed, Sylvia’s apartment was soundproofed and had been selected for shooting tickling films.

“Pooooooootchy, pootchy, pootchy-poo on your little panties,” teased Tonia. “Everything about you is little and sensitive. I’m going to leave you with this special little vibrator we’ve designed for panties torture,” said Tonia as deposited, just at the right orgasmic spot, a strange device that perfectly fit the shape of Sylvia’s body and that once plugged into the wall vibrated joyfully. After bringing her pantyhose back up and jamming a very fluffy feather in between each of her ears and her head, she left the room with these words: “Go crazy little Sylvia.”


“No, no, oooooh, aaaah, eeeeeh, aaaah, eeeeeh, my toes, my toes, too tickliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish, ohohohohahahahah, ohohohohohohoh, ahahahahahahahahahohohohohohohohohahah, no, no, not my pink stockinged toes, ohohohohohohohohahah, eeheeheeheeheeheeheehohohoh, they’re very ticklish, ahahohohohohohohohohohohoh,” giggled Denise, as her feet lay on her desk, immobile and tickled by a smiling Christina who was enjoying the reinforcements of Denise’s stockings.

Denise had just returned to her office from the library when she was surprised by Christina who picked up one of her feet, slipped off her shoe and began tickling her tender toes. Looking humiliatingly at her immobile foot, resting on the palm of Christina’s hand as she tickled her weak toes, Denise was led to her desk and was forced to sit on her chair. After her legs were spread wide open, her feet began to be stimulated.

“Guiiiiiiiiiiiiiiili, guili, guili, guili, guili, guili, guili, guili, guili, guili, ticklish teacher Denise,” cooed Christina. “Guiiiiiiiiiiiili, guili, guili, guili, guili, guili, guili, guili, over your perfect toes, ticklish teacher, no very ticklish teacher Denise. I looked at your toes being tickled in the library many times and I dreamt of the day I could finally tickle them to madness. And I do mean madness. For it’s the fate that awaits you, ticklish little Sylvia and ticklish booby Amy. As I speak, Sylvia is being maddened sweetly and Amy is unaware of what her boobs will go through when I’m done with you. Oh God, I love your sweet ticklish toes, Denise. Guiiiiiiili, guili, guili, guili, guili, guili, gootchy-goo, touchy Denise,” teased Christina as she pushed aside Denise’s paralyzed toes and tortured the hard skin in between each digits with cruelty.

“Ahahahahohohohoh, eeheeheeheeheehohohohohohohohoh, no, no, no, not that, eeheeheeheeh, ohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoh , ahahahahahahahahahahahahahah, merceeheeheeheeh, ohohohohohohohohoh, my stockings, ahahahahahaahahah, are ticklish, ahahahahahahahahahahahahahah, aaaaaah, eeheeheeh, ahahahohohohohohohohohohohohohoh,” complained Denise, who looked strangely at her soles suffer, unable to pull them away. She could see Christina’s nails dance under her teaching soles, extracting painful ticklish sensations from them. She could see those same fingers push her nyloned toes aside, and stimulate the inside of her toes, a very sensitive area. “Ooooh, oooooooooooooooh, ahahahahohohohoh, eeheeheeheeheehohohohohohohohoh, my tohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoes, eeheeheeheeheheeheeheehee, ohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoh , ahahahahahahahahahahahahahah, they’re weeeeheeheeheeheeheehk, ohohohohohohohohoh, ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah, aaaaaah, ahahahohohohohohohohohohohohohoh,” responded Denise, whose toes were so weak…that she was horrified when, after what seemed like hours of uninterrupted tickle torture, Christina pulled out clothespins that she began to put over Denise’s orgasmic toes.

“There they go, the happy little toes, there they go. Just the big toes left and each of your toes will be stimulated. And now for those panties,” said Christina as she pulled up Denise’s skirt to begin teasing Denise’s pink microfiber panties. “Welcome to the world of pantoesgasms, Denise. See, with the ingestion of the paralytic agent comes a delirious weakness, that of very weak panties. Panties, panties, panties, panties-poo Denise,” began Christina as she began titillating the soft panties, sending soft Denise into the maddening world of pantoesgasms much like Tonia had sent Sylvia into the world of panteargasms earlier.

“My toes. “Ooooh, ooooh, oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh, OOOOOOOH, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH, oooooooh, oooooh, oooooh, ooooooooh, ooooh, ooooh, ooooh, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH, my tooooooooooooooooooooooes. Ooooh, my pantiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies are happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,” replied a totally helpless and paralyzed Denise, who could only look as her panties exploded repeatedly in severe pantoesgasms.

“And in case you’re wondering, I’m not doing you a favor. Our goal is to drive you totally crazy until you end up in an asylum, unable to control your panties and your ticklishness anymore. As I titillate your panties, Sylvia’s is being driven crazy. Soon, we’ll attack booby Amy who is deeply asleep in the library while her foot-bottoms are being baked slowly. You see Amy didn’t tell you, but she adores having her soles, warmed, baked and cooked. Now let me place this neat panties exciter over your pink microfiber panties. Soon, you’ll go crazy. It’s designed for that. Can’t you see you cute little pink panties go crazy? It’ll take a few hours and you’ll be no more than an orgasmic potato.” On this, Christina left Denise to her fate: pantoegasmic madness.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH, oooooooh, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH, oooooooh, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH, oooooooh, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH, oooooooh, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH,” moaned successively Denise, as her pink panties exploded repeatedly and endlessly in joy. How long would it take before she went mad from this?


Amy woke up suddenly between two bookcases, her feet resting quietly on one shelf…throbbing with a strange pain.

It took only moments for Amy to recognize this pain. Her soles were being heated, baked, cooked. That was something Amy adored doing to her soles from time to time, something that drove her to extreme excitement. She hadn’t dared tell it to Sylvia or Denise for fear that they would use it to punish and control her. Suddenly, cool air caressed her jet black foot-bottoms followed by very painful sensations that twirled wildly inside her nyloned plantar flesh. Amy opened her mouth and produced the harsh laughter that she was forced to produce when objects were being used to stroke her tender stockinged soles…which had now been tenderized with heat. Amy was so much more ticklish than usual.


“What perfect hard and ticklish boobs you have Amy,” noted Tonia as she tickled Amy’s tits cruelly straight through Amy’s smooth bra. “You know, I think you should have reinforcements over these tits. It would make them as smooth as toe reinforcements. It would make the tickling experience so much more exciting.”

“You mean reinforcements like Denise’s stockings? It would be so smooth. Next time we torture her, in the asylum, we’ll be able to glide effortlessly over her ticklish stockinged tits. But first, let’s drive her mad. Those stockinged feet of hers are so ticklish,” said Christina, as she scratched the foot-bottoms of tender Amy, “we’ll be sure to accomplish our plan to drive her, Sylvia and Denise totally crazy,” added Christina, as she scratched the paralyzed soles of Amy in an up and down motion, forcing her to laugh maniacally.

As she laughed, Amy learned that she had been attacked first, in the library, and chloroformed sweetly. While she slept helplessly, she had been moved between the two bookcases and a heating element had been placed over her soles. As Amy dreamed, her soles were throbbing with pain. Tonia and Christina had looked at her reddened soles through her sheer black hose after they returned from torturing Sylvia and Denise. They were by now so sensitive that they could make Amy giggle through her sleep by touching them. The rest was ticklish history.

“What gorgeous stockinged soles you have Amy,” said Christina, as her nails danced through her toes, caressed the balls of her feet and scratched cruelly the tenderized arches and surprisingly soft heels. “You thought your little weakness was safe, but we saw you use a hair dryer to cook your own soles. And we saw the look of pleasure in your eyes. We knew we had you. Now, laugh Amy. Tiiiiiiiickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle under your feet Amy.”

“And kooooootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy, wootchy-koo over your ticklish breasts Amy. Tickle-tit, tickle-tit, tickle-tit, tickle-tit Amy.


Suddenly, extreme heat licked her soles and a delicious vibration shook her thin microfiber panties. Amy’s mind began to waver between sanity and madness as a string of “pantheatgasms” began to shake her paralyzed body.

“There you go Amy. Go crazy. Next time we’ll tickle torture you, you’ll be in an asylum. Aren’t you happy Amy? Aren’t you a happy Amy? Yes, your panties are more sensitive than before. It’s a side-effect from the lotion we made you ingest. That’s it Amy. I can see madness form in your eyes. It’s pretty. Oh, you’re very susceptible to pantheatgasms.”


“We’ll leave you here overnight to lose your mind. Of course, the same fate awaits Sylvia at home and Denise in her office. Have fun in madness, Amy,” concluded Tonia before she and Christina left the library. And not a moment too soon for 15 minutes later, the library went dark. An automatic timer controlled the supply of power to the library and at 9 pm, it shut everything off. After a few minutes, Amy was able to move since her soles were no longer being baked and her panties were no longer being stimulated. She slipped the sole baking device in her purse for later use and to prevent Sylvia and Denise from using it on her, and ran to Denise’s office.



Busy with burying her nails deep into the balls of Amy’s feet, Sylvia replied: “Tell us what weakness you have so we can ‘gasm’ you Amy. I spent several hours here almost going crazy with panteargasms after going through a torturous tickling on my petite feet. You’re not getting away with just 15 minutes. We’ll tickle you as long as it takes. Kooooootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy-koo Amy. Let’s see what happens when I scratched deeply your arches,” stated Sylvia as she scratched Amy’s delicate plantar surface with her sharp nails.

“And let’s see what happens when I quicken the pace of my fingernails over your stockinged boobs. Hurt Amy. Hurt ticklishly, sweet Amy,” added Denise, her fingers moving about so fast that finally Amy couldn’t help but talk.


It took only moments for Sylvia to find the device, place it before Amy’s soles and turn it on. It quickly began to bake the tender nyloned foot-bottoms until they were ready to be served. “Look at Amy, Denise. Look at her tits. They growing in excitement. Place the vibrating device back on her panties. Let’s make her go mad for a while.”

“With pleasure,” coined Denise, as she placed the deleterious panties stimulator on Amy’s jet black panties, plugged it on and activated it. “In a few hours, we’ll free you. If you’re still sane.”


The End