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07-03-2001, 04:49 PM
here are the new additions to the
mainstream scenes I have on VHS.
Full list to be posted here soon.

If you want to trade, email for
complete list (and send yours).


Petit Journal - swimming rescue tickle

(M/F) Reporter goes to swimming pool to learn about rescue techniques,
many barefoot women (including one kicking a basket all around the side of the pool!). One teen (female) is strapped down in a strecher
to demonstrate.
The reporter then asks "are you ticklish" and reaches down and tickles
her feet while she is tied down! Her feet are under a thin blanket, but you can see the outline of her feet and movement, and her laughing and reaction are great (no! no! NO!).

Little Orbit the Astrodog (Pluk im Cosmos)
(/F and /M) - animated, multiple
female and male targets get their shoes taken off by robotic arms
and are then tickled on their feet mercilessly.

American High (F/M and M/F) - teen blonde (female) is standing on bed in PJs,
tickles teen male lying on bed with her toes - he then grabs her
and visciously rib tickles to the ground, she is screaming with

Three Sisters (F/FF) - all three sisters are in bed and start tickling each other, extended scene

Bold and the Beautfiul (M/F) - Amber is on a massage table, and when
the masseuse starts she giggles - he starts again and then after
laughing she explains "I'm so TICKLISH!". She ends up being
massaged all over her body, including the soles of her feet.
Extended scene.

Young and the Restless (F/M) - Katie tickles Simon

Oprah yoga episode - no tickling, but tons of female feet young
and old (tops, sides, soles) plus Christi Brinkley and Tyra Banks!

Jack and Jill (M/F) - Barto grabs a fleeing Audrey (Jaime Presley) by
her bare foot and tickles her

Two Guys and a Girl (F/F) - Irene, about to meet Berg's mother, says "I hope she's ticklish"

The Pickle (french version) - young woman dating Danny Aeillio
wants to see his latest unreleased film, he doesn't want to
show it and puts the cassette under him. To get it, she tickles
him into helplesness and pulls out the tape.

Zechs Merquiise
07-03-2001, 08:52 PM
Little Orbit the Astrodog (Pluk im Cosmos)
(/F and /M) - animated, multiple
female and male targets get their shoes taken off by robotic arms
and are then tickled on their feet mercilessly.

What cartoon is this? I've seen alot of tickling in cartoons but I've never heard of this one.

07-03-2001, 10:19 PM

Great additions!! How good is the Jamie Pressly scene?

07-04-2001, 05:56 PM
Hey NONTKL and anyone else who is interested...I hate to bring you down but I read on the internet (I think it might have been Toyuu or something like that) that during a live chat interview, Jamie was asked if her feet were ticklish and she said something like " I'm not ticklish anywhere".....I was bummed when I heard that because she is one sexy and beautiful woman! So either she's lying to us or she can act ticklish in a believable manner when required. This sucks! Thank GOD for all the other woman who are ticklish and hopefully like it. Hey Mia, you are pretty. I like your picture. I know you are married, but your new husband better get used to you being luved by others. That's reality!!!!!!

07-04-2001, 07:30 PM
Hey man, thanks for the info... I was aware of that....she also said recently (in both Stuff magazine and on the Tonight Show) that when she met Shaquille O'Neal, he tickled her belly and she giggled.....but either way, I'd love to see a mainstream scene with her in it (I also understand that she gets tickled on her ribs in at least one other movie...possibly the Jerry Springer movie?)

dig dug dog
07-05-2001, 01:00 AM
Yes, Jamie is rib-tickled in that movie. I think it is called "Ringmaster", but the scene is extremely short.

What happens is this: she is sitting on a couch next to a guy (her sister's or her good friend's husband). When the camera cuts to them he is just finishing tickling her side/ribs. She has a look of surprise/pain on her face and is sort of giggle-screeching, if you know what I mean. They stop immediately because the guy's wife walks in.

Just a word of warning: even in slow motion you hardly see anything, but she is beautiful.

07-05-2001, 06:32 AM
Thanks for the description!!