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08-25-2011, 12:01 PM
I awoke in an odd place. Where was I? I couldn't think straight. All I remember was taking my usual walk through the woods late at night, then suddenly, I heard a whisper of an odd boy."Goodnight, my princess". He had said in mock tone. Then my vision went into daze. I look around my new room, but only my eyes can move. Then, I realized why I couldn't move. I had on a straight jacket, and the torso if my body was strapped down to the playful looking table. My feet were inside two odd boxes at the end of the bed. On the boxes, were horrifying designs of feathers. I couldn't believe it. My mouth had a ball gag on it, my horrid screams for help were muffled. Soon enough, I heard laughter. Laughter of a sinister teenage boy. I looked around, then I noticed the door. It opened, with the boy leaning against the frame of the doorway. He was grinning. But, this boy was indeed handsome. He had long black hair that covered his red eyes. He had on a cavalier hat. A flowing black cloak behind him, along with very creepy and sinister looking gloves. She glared at him, which only made him chuckle out loud. "Sweet Sweet Princess, I'm afraid you'll never be leaving here. Sweet sweet Princess, oh how long I've wanted you". He licked his lips, then walked towards the boxes of her feet. She began to struggle, but it was useless."My my Princess, what is your name?" The girl whimpered, then spoke."I'm Harmony". The boy smirked."Beautiful...my name ....well, my name doesn't matter. But you will call me by the name of Master". He grinned hugely, and without a chance for her to respond, he whistled. Two goats came marching in casually."Now, your feet have been soaking in a salty cream. I'm going to push this bottom, and the boxes will go away, allowing your feet to be in the open. These goats will lick your feet. But, be warned. I've seen many women go insane from this. Although, you my dear are indeed my favorite. I'm keeping you forever. But, I do have to leave for about three hours. Once I return, ill re coat your soles so my goats don't starve"

08-25-2011, 06:10 PM
Should I continued?