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I'm a computer instructor who teaches advanced Microsoft server classes which of course with such a specialty it forces me to travel to different locations around the country. A little more about me. I'm 44, gay, masculine, white, 6'2, 225 lbs with a light beard and mustache. I'm not muscular, but a big guy with a bit of a beer belly. I'm a good guy who loves sports, drinking beers and hanging out with friends. Of course with all my travels up to 40 weeks a year, I don't have time to make meaningful relationships so I have to depend on people I meet where I go.
Well after 2 weeks I was at my final destination in Tampa, I was surprised to find out that the class only contained one student. This is not unusual, since 4 people were scheduled but three had to pull out leaving only one student. The student was Mike, a 40 year old, married white guy, 5'11, 180 pds, nice looking with a great smile and sense of humor. He has three kids which normally is a good thing because those types of students like to leave early making class a bit shorter. I would be lying if I didn't say that I already started to think what fun it would be to play with this married guy, but I also knew those were far and few between. The first day is always get to know your students and with Mike the only one we spent a lot of time talking during the labs with me sitting next to him a lot of the time. He was very easy going and great sense of humor made it easy for us to get along. After lunch I complained that my feet were sore from standing all these days kicking off my shoes I rubbed my dark socked feet on the nice carpet. I smiled at Mike and said, "Ahhh" and without missing a beat Mike said, "you need a foot massage if they hurt that bad." I smiled and jokingly asked if that was an offer? He smiled and said. "Depends, how big are your feet?" Surprised, I said 13's, wide, is that too big? He kept the same coy smile and shot back with, "The bigger the better." We both laughed at that and then I decided to get on with the class. The class for the day was winding down and with the last lab to be completed, I sat down next to Mike as he worked on the tasks. We were talking crap about each others college teams and as he slammed my Clemson Tigers calling them cats with no claws, I jokingly grabbed his leg just above the knee making a point and he kind of jumped and pulled away with a smile saying. "ahhh, don't do that." I thought for a second and couldn't help myself and asked him, "What's the matter, the cats claws too sensitive?" and I grabbed the same spot but firmer this time not letting go and Mike's reaction was instant, he tried to grab my hand away in doing so he doubled over into my chest area struggling to break free and giggling like mad. I let go after 20 seconds but my balls were stirring and my cock sprung to life. I told him sorry, but I couldn't resist with a smile. He didn't seem mad, but it did make it seem a bit awkward. I wrapped up class and told Mike I'd see him tomorrow.
To say I was pleasently surprised is an understatement when Mike asked me if I still wanted that foot massage? I didn't miss a beat and said I would love it, but probably should go to my hotel which is just down the street. Sounds like a plan he responded I'll follow you there. I had a hard on as I drove to my hotel, but also started to plot out how I wanted this to play out. I love having my feet played with, but I'm also a huge tickle fan and a bit of a sadistic person who enjoys slowly playing with a guy, especially a married guy. I don't think Mike has much experience, probably a closet guy who has fantasies and maybe a one time thing years ago. That's the one thing I have to say when I'm playing with someone new, is how far I can push them, and my goal is always to get them to be submissive to me. It's obvious he has a foot thing, so I will let him play with my feet which will make him weak with lust as he drools over my nice size 13s with thick toes and soft soles. Once he was at a point of sexual lust, I will then take my turn with him. I'll tickle him to a weaken state, tie him up and tease his cock, edging him to an orgasm, only to pull back and make him beg for me to let him cum. I know most people reading this will think that is cruel, but in my defense, I see this all the time, straight guy wants to play away from the wife and thinks that he can control the situation. The one advantage I have is that no matter how rough I am with him, he won't tell anyone just because of the embarrassment and humiliation.
I knew Mike was nervous as our talk to my room was quick one liners with nervous laughter. I asked him if he had to get home soon to the wife, and he told me he was going to work with me after class to get better acquainted with the equipment. He winked when he said that, which made me respond that he better call her and tell her it would be an all nighter. We entered the room and I immediately grabbed a couple of beers handing one to Mike as I settled on the easy chair propping my feet on the foot stool. Mike sat on the edge of the bed as we made small talk about football. When I was almost done my beer, I asked him to get me another beer and told him it was time to get to my aching feet. I smiled, but my look was stern enough that he got the role I had taken on. He kicked off his loafer and kneeled at the foot stool slowly working off my shoes exposing my dark, stinking socks and size 13 feet. I wiggled my toes as an invitation and noticed his growing buldge as his hands rubbed my socked feet. He wasted no time in working off my socks as his focus was intense as he massaged my feet expertly. His thumbs worked the balls of my feet making me purrrr with pleasure. I lost track of time as I eyed his lustful gaze which never left my feet. I tested his limits and asked him if he liked my feet. His hoarse response told me he was in a blissful state, "I love your feet, so big, smell so good, soft." Lick them I ordered him pushing a foot to his lips. He reached down to his crotch as his tongue ran up my sole to touch his hard cock but I quickly told him not to touch until I told him to touch. He reluctantly pulled his hand up and worked his tongue over every inch of my soles and toes. His non-stop tongue worked between my toes which actually tickled as I stifled my own giggles. I was surprised to see almost an hour had passed and I decided it was my turn.
I stood up making sure my full 6'2 size frame towered over him as he looked up from his kneeling position. I want you to strip down to your underwear I commanded. He hesitated at first, then stood up and pulled off his shirt, undid his belt and slipped off his trousers exposing his grey jockiers with obvious pre-cum stains showing as his hard cock made a nice little tent. He was shy with the situation, which is typical, and if he knew what I intended to put him through he would have run out right then. I grabbed one of my ties as I smiled and told him to relax. I bound his hands in front of him and told him that this made the experience that more intense. I'm sure he wanted to stop me, but his lust was obviously fogging his choices as I rubbed my big foot over his still socked feet making him focus on that instead of his hands being bound. Once tied tight, I picked him up by bending over and lifting him on my shoulder then walking to the bed I dropped him down with a soft thump. His socked feet even kicked up as he rolled a bit. I climbed on the bed and straddle Mike's waist making sure his cock was trapped under me. He tied hands were laying on his chest as I grabbed them and with one hand stretched them over his head exposing his pits and stretching out his torso. I lightly ran my free hand over his nipples, tweaking and gently twisting as I examined his slightly hairy chest, smooth abs that once was a distinct six-pack. He purred a slight moan, which was my queue to attack his exposed pits. I ran my fingers of my right hand lightly over his hair in his pits which made him instantly try to pull his arms down, then thrash his body, before breaking into a hehehehehe giggle before the fingers dug into his pits. He thrashed like a trapped cougar as his face contorted to a hilarious shape of desperation. Even though I'm 225 pounds with a nice beer belly Mike's thrashing had almost bucked me off but I knew I had to keep up the tickle in order to weaken him. His initial giggles had turned to a loud hoarse laughter that was sure to make the other guest wonder what was happening. After 2 minutes I stopped and could tell right away that Mike was a bit uncomfortable with what I just did. Luckily I had put more ties on the bed and took one as I continued to straddle Mike and tied it to the top of the bed through the oak head board. Being a master at bondage, I took me no time to make the knot that would not give way. It was harder to pin Mike's arms over his head and tie the bound hands to the tie, with me using my knees to pin his shoulders down. He started to protest loudly which kind of pissed me off (no trust here?) I grabbed one of my sweaty socks and stuffed it into his mouth saying here foot boy, have one of my socks. I know he was scared so I took my time to tell him he is in no danger, and that he would enjoy my feet like no other, but first, I was going to have some fun with him. I took my time tying his legs to seperate bed corners leaving him tied with his hands over his head and feet spread apart to each bed corner. I grabbed my scissors and cut off his jockies telling him he didn't need them anymore. I lay on the bed, with my feet next to Mike's face, lightly rubbing his face with my toes which again made his cock grow to full attention. I stroked his cock softly, making his hips grind as I tried to determine his weak spots. He had a nice cock, 7 inches, he kept his pubic hair trim and had large saggy balls. When I rubbed his cock head with my thumb he would moan and thrash which meant he loved the feeling, probably doesn't get that at home. I straddled his thighs then lightly tickled his stomach with a side to side tickle, then worked my fingers lightly over his hips. He was in lust state again as I turned my attention to his socked feet. I put my feet next to his face again as I peeled off his right sock. He was already struggling which got my cock stirring as I listened to his muffled gagged pleads. Looking over my shoulder I asked, "Ticklish Mikey?" I dug my fingers into his soles, two hands working as one as the scratched their way from his heels to his toes then back down again. I worked my fingers lightly over the tops of his size 11 feet, with long toes that as I found out later, is rarely out of his shoes and socks, as he squealed at the maddening touch. I slowly dug my fingers into his under toes using one hand to hold back the toes as he fought to bend his toes down into a scrunch with the hope of stopping the tickling.
I've tickled more than 50 men over the years, mostly bound and helpless which has made my skills that much better. With Mike who had no idea the tickling was coming, and having never been tied and tickled the sensations must of been true torture. I worked his foot for 5 or 6 minutes non-stop and only stopped when I noticed his face was beat red and he started to cough through his sock gag. I took out the gag and offered him some drinks of beer which he took. He started to beg me to let him go, but I quickly told him he was going no where until I was done playing with him. I scolded him on thinking he could stray from his wife with me, and him expecting to call the shots while she was at home waiting for him. I stroked his cock and played with his balls for 10 minutes as he moaned and begged for me to let him cum. I aksed him if he wanted to cum and he sheepishly nodded his head yes. I stood up and stripped naked, knowing this action will make him a bit more submissive. Now I have a huge cock, long and thick standing at almost 9 inches and an inch thick with a nice cut, apple sized head that made Mike's eyes go wide. I was kneeling next to his upper body and stroking my cock as I looked into his eyes. I told him if he wants the tickling to stop, he would have to suck my cock to completion. He instinctly struggled in his bonds but gave up quickly after 10 seconds as he realized his predicament.
I layed on top of Mike, making sure he was comfy with my face a few inches from his as a slowly and lightly tickled his arms just below his elbows doing a small spider crawl down to his exposed pits. I teased him by stopping and inch from the pits as he squirmed beneath me, then went back up to the elbows, down his forearms to his wrist which made him start to giggle. I did this for several minutes then innocently I kissed him on his lips, then kissed a second time, then went down for number three as Mike's tongue drove through my lips as we french kissed like school kids on a first date. I dug my fingers into his pits as we broke the kiss making his howl with instant laughter and struggling that made my cock want to burst. A minute later I was tesing his cock again, this time I slowly worked him up until he arched his back and hoarsely grunted out a glob of cum that covered his flexing stomach. He seemed to pass out, but it was quick and he was awake again as I cleaned off his stomach with a warm hand towell. I think he thought it was over, but as I crawled down to his other foot and peeled off his sock he was already begging me not to tickle him. I worked his foot hard, digging my fingers under his toes as my other hand worked the tops of his bound wiggling foot. After two minutes I used my tongue and teeth to work his flexing toes as he screamed with laughter. Tears ran from the corner of his eyes as his head rolled from side to side. I stopped for fear security might be called but also to see if he was ready to take my cock.
After some small talk, Mike said he would suck my cock if I would stop tickling him. I agreed and told him I would coach him since it was his first time. Mike was untied, with me sitting back on the bed with pillows behind me and he lay between my legs slowly stroking my cock. I worked his mouth slowly over my cock, instructing him how to breathe through his nose, no teeth and make sure the balls are being squeezed gently enough to keep up the pressure. I took 10 minutes of work which Mike was really getting into it when I finally shot my load into his mouth and face. He stroked me until I was done, which left me light headed and happy. Mike wasted no time and crawled down to my feet and with hungry mouth worked his tongue and fingers over my feet. I giggled a bit as he nibbled on my toes which made him smile and ask if I was ticklish. He tried to tickle my soles, but not being ticklish, I just smirked, grabbed him in a bear hug and tickled his ribs as he rolled back in forth in my arms. He was so weak from the night that he gave up quickly laughing and begging me to stop. As I straddled him, his phone rang and I could see it was his wife. I grabbed the phone and handed it to him as I continued to straddle him. Hi, Honey, yeah, working hard he smiled as I lightly tweaked his nipples as I felt his cock grow beneath me. It shouldn't be too much longer, I think. I surprised Mike by saying with a muffled hand, "uh-oh, looks like a server crashed!" His eyes were wide, then he said to his wife, that it would be at least another hour. Ok, love you too honey as my fingers stroked his swollen cock. He hung up, dropped the phone, and pulled me to him as our lips met and tongues danced.
We spent another hour tickling and teasing each other, with each of us getting off again. We keep in touch and plan on spending a weekend sometime soon.

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Okay, I've glanced through the stories you posted and decided to comment on the latest one since it's the most relevant. I do want you to know that I enjoyed the story, but I just want to make a few comments on things I think need a little improvement.

All right, first thing I have to say is that this story really needs to be broken up. Different formatting makes this a lot easier on the eyes, especially for someone with headache sensitivity like me.

Examples of good places to break paragraphs:
"I would be lying if I didn't say that I already started to think what fun it would be to play with this married guy, but I also knew those were far and few between. [break] The first day is always get to know your students and with Mike the only one we spent a lot of time talking during the labs with me sitting next to him a lot of the time."

Here would have been good because it was a change in a train of thought. Going from personal background to a description of an activity (in this case, first day of class) always calls for separation.

As well as:
"Sounds like a plan he responded I'll follow you there."[break] "I had a hard on as I drove to my hotel,"
A change in activities, or shift in perspective also calls for a break.

And of course, the most obvious one: dialogue. Dialogue has a lot more impact when it's broken up, unless it's summarized. In which case, it deserves it's own paragraph.

Actually, I think I'll keep my comment here, because I have a question: How are you posting these stories? Are you writing them first in some sort of word document, or typing them directly in the editor? Because several of the mistakes I see would probably be avoided if you did the latter.