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Long ago in pre-web days, I used to write erotic fiction for people. I made some pin money at it. Over time, I came to create a world that I tended to set my tales in. It was a decadent future, where very high technologies had made life simple. People bio-modify them selves. It's why you'll find an indigo skinned woman in the tale below. Nanotechnology allows for almost magical like devices. But people are still people.

The story that follows is set in that world. The characters are new. The first I've created in the better part of five years. It's also the first tickling story I've written that was not a script for a video. I hope you enjoy.


All content, characters, and settings are ©2002 to Myriad Worlds Incorporated. All rights reserved.

World of When
Part 1

As she palm keyed into the loft, Maribree took a quick look around to see if the whole gang was there. She had a plan for some fun that she wished to share, and wanted to get their opinions all at once. She smiled, they all were there, all seven of them. Eating at the kitchen unit were Don and Marta-lynn. Lillee and Samantha were seminude, and making out on the public play bed as usual. Statcha, Tenya, and Aron were watching the link. It seemed to be the newest episode of “Trading Spouses”, the show where committed partners switched mates for a week, and folks got to see everything that happened.
Statcha was giggling at the upset contestant who had just discovered that her husband had indeed had sex during the switch. “What a simp” concluded Statcha, “What did she think he was going to do? That other woman was yums!” “Ah she’s just upset she didn’t do the guy she got, when she had the chance.” countered Aaron. “She was a fool, and now she’s playing up the tears for the audience points.”

Before Statcha could share her further opinions on the sobbing contestant, she was interrupted by a high pitched yowl from across the room. The make out session between Lillee and Samantha had turned into an impromptu wrestle/tickle fight. From the general shouts, gasps, and laughter that Lillee was making, it was clear that Sam had grabbed the initiative. And sure enough, Samantha had pinned Lillee’s arms with hers. She was now sitting astride her, and busily licking the trapped woman's neck, breasts, and armpits. Each time she swirled her tongue along the side of Lellee’s small breasts, and into her armpits, the helpless blond would emit a shriek of laughter and thrash madly.
“Stoooop it Sam! It Haheee.. heh.. tickles when you *gasp* do that!”
“Oh it does, does it?” answered Samantha. “Well then honey, let’s do some more!” With a mischievous grin, the indigo skinned woman buried her lips into Lellee’s pits and began nibbling and licking away.
“Oh Nooooooo! Ah! Ah! AH! Hahahahahaha! Ah heha Nooo! Sammm! stoopp! ahah Hahahahah” was the high pitched result. Totally enjoying the feeling of Lillee’s thrashing against her crotch, Samantha continued her nibbling attack, dragging yet more sounds and struggles from Lillee.
“Please! Ohhahahhaha, no no NO! Hahahahahah oh hahahhaha.” Lillee’s legs drummed on the bed trying to find purchase, to aid escape, but to no effect. Sam’s weight on her hips held Lillee fast. “Oh you ain’t goin’ anyplace sweetie.” Samantha teased. Getting both of the athletic blonds wrists into the grasp of her right, she reached into her long, midnight blue-black hair, and got a grip on the stickstrip she used as a hair band, keying it to ‘release’ with a touch of her thumb.

“Three Grains that she reverses her in under five.” bet Tenya to no one in specific. “I’ll cover that.” replied Statcha. “Five that she also gets Sam to give up.” added Maribree. “I’ll cover that too” said Statcha. “Anyone else?” A few others made quick bets, mostly against Samantha. Their attention then returned to watching the wrestling-tickle match that had continued to progress while they had bet. It was proving to be far more entertaining then the link show.

Samantha had succeeded in wrapping Lillee’s wrists with the stickstrip, and was trying to key it ‘on’ to join, which would firmly lock Lil’s wrists together, and cement her disadvantage. But her angle was bad, and as she leaned over her captive’s head to find the strip’s touch point, her large, hanging breasts passed inches above Lillee’s face. Catching one of Sam’s dark, blue nipples in her mouth, Lillee proceeded to expertly tease her lover in a way she knew to be distracting.
“Mmmmmmm. Gohhds you’re goood.” gasped Sam at the sudden pleasure. She leaned a touch more forward and arched her back a bit in an involuntary response to the wonderful feelings arising from her now exquisitely hard nipple.
It was all the opening Lillee needed. With Sam’s weight now off her hips she quickly pulled her knees up and in toward her chest, through the now wider gap of Samantha’s legs. Placing her knees against Sam’s thighs, she forced them farther apart. At the same time, the lanky blond grabbed her captor’s hands in her own, and pushed back against them for all she was worth.
“Whooa!” yelled Samantha loosing her balance. As her weight shifted backwards unexpectedly, the blue skinned woman found herself forced to sit back upon her heels as she lost her balance. Slowly she was pushed back by Lillee’s sudden and steady attack. Pressing her new advantage, Lillee gathered in her legs, and sat up, forcing Sam to keep bending backwards. Soon Sam was the one on the bottom, and even worse for her, the former tormenter was hanging half off the edge of the bed.
“Fuck!” screamed Samantha in panic, as she started to fall. Instinctively she braced herself with her hands, forming a backwards arch with her body from bed to floor.
Lillee grinned as she took advantage, and quickly repositioned herself astride her lover, pinning her in place, much as she had been pinned a minute earlier. “Better not move or you’ll bonk your head.” she teased. As she spoke, she unwrapped the stickstrip from her wrists.
“Oooffffff. You’re heavy! Get the fuck off.” gasped Sam, as Lil leaned over her, reaching for her wrists.
“No more then you Blue, and you better be nice! I’m boss now!” Lillee was careful to not let HER nipples anywhere near Sam’s deep blue lips. Reaching down, she was able to wrap the strip around Sam’s wrists and yank them together. With her precarious position keeping her arms trapped, and her lower body firmly pinned, Samantha could not make any move in her own defense, as Lil clinched her capture. Pressing the free end of the stickstrip to the floor, Lillee keyed it ‘on’. The strip instantly hardened, trapping Sam’s wrists together firmly, and annealing itself to the floor.
“There we go.” said Lil in triumph, as she sat back up, looked at her prisoner, and then at her watching friends with a big grin.

“Crap” said Statcha with a small smile. “’cha you know better then to bet against me,” Lillee said, “I never loose.” The blond playfully gripped her hands over her head in a victory stretch, showing off her lean muscular athletic build to emphasize her point. All Statcha could do was grumble as she had to admit, her friends 5’10” body was all tight muscle and sinew.

Lillee then returned her attention to her prisoner. It was a very pleasing sight. Helplessly stretched out in front of her was her lover. She took a moment to enjoy. Sam’s deep indigo skin was slick with sweat. Her dark nipples, surrounded by the large, almost black aureolas, were hard and erect on her full breasts. Lillee could feel Sam trying to rub her crotch against her own ass which was positioned above it, but she shifted so the woman couldn’t have fun that way.
“All worked up, and no place to rub?” she teased. “I’m just getting started my dear one.”
“Come on Lil, let me go, lets have some fun.” said Sam, she wriggled her shoulders a bit to make her breasts jiggle, something she knew Lil liked.
“Very pretty, but not the sort of fun I’m up for.” was the negative response she received. Her gambit rejected, Sam began to swear at her friend.
Ignoring the steady stream of insults, Lillee slowly shifted herself down Samantha’s legs, carefully making sure they didn’t escape. Grabbing her stretch pants from where they had been tossed earlier, she quickly tied one leg of them off to Sam’s right ankle and the other to a ring that was part of the bed’s headboard design. “Not a stickstrip, but good in a pinch.” she said to no one but herself. Once the leg was at full extension, and not going anyplace. She gave the trapped, pale blue sole a light stroke along it’s length, causing the long toes to curl, and the foot to jerk. A deep throated giggle also emerged from the foot of the bed, soon followed by a new string of cursing.
“Such a mouth!” Lil said, as she skinned Sam’s panties down, and off the free leg, leaving them to end up hanging about the tied ankle.
“Bitch!” was the shouted reward she got for this action.
“Ooooo, She’s such a tough girl!” Lil shot back. She’d recovered her top from the floor, and was knotting off the free ankle with it, against some stiff resistance. But Lillee had freedom, so it was only a matter of time until she overpowered Samantha and restrained her last limb to the headboard. Sam was now stretched out, legs spread, body arched, nude, and totally helpless. Lillee felt a twinge of pleasure at the anticipation of the fun she was about to have.

“This should be very very good” underestimated Aron from the couch.

“The view is so darned good.” thought Lil as she settled her weight back onto Sam’s hips, faced her prisoner's upper body, and flexed her fingers. “Ready Blue?” she announced? “I’ll stop when you give up. Basic rules?.” she offered.
Resigned to her fate, Samantha closed her eyes, gritted her teeth together, and prepared for what was she knew was going to come. “Maybe I can hold out this time.” she told herself. “I’m not ticklish, I’m not ticklish, I’m not ticklish...” She focused on the words in her mind, a mantra of protection. Based on the informal rules that she and her lover used for such games, Sam knew that if she could hold out for a quarter hour, Lil would let her go.“
“Awww, you don’t want to talk?” said Lillee. “Ok, then, I guess you want me to start.” Upon speaking those words, she placed her fingertips onto Sam’s ribs, just under her breasts, and slowly began to drag them down the arched length of the trapped woman’s sides.
Samantha responded by crunching her eyes even more tightly shut, but was betrayed by a slight smile which started to turn up the corners of her mouth. She also started a sinuous twisting of her body, in a futile attempt to shake off the gently tracing fingers. To her frustration, once those teasing hands reached her waist, they reversed, and began a trip back up. A “Mmmmhmph!” popped out of her as Lillee reached the sides of her breasts, and surprised her by tracing their undersides.
The response did not go unnoticed. “So, you like it here on the bottoms of your big blue titties?” whispered Lillee, as she slightly increased the pressure of her fingers, and began to make many small quick circles all along the sensitive bottoms of Sam’s boobs. Lil knew she was making progress, as Sam was mindlessly shaking her head from side to side in an attempt to distract herself from the maddening tickles, and making tiny “nnnn, nnnn, nnnn” sounds.
“Come on baby, laugh for me baby, you know you want to.” Lillee prompted, as she switched from the circles, to short, fast, strokes, which each ran from just under Sam’s hard nipples, across the wide, crinkled, deep blue-black aureolas, and down the curves of Sam’s jiggling breasts.
“*Snort!* Ah! *gasp*! No no no shit no NO..ahHo Ho HO ahhhahhh Oh hoHoHOHOO aaaah Aieeeie! HahahHo Ho Ah HA! Hahahhahah” suddenly burst forth from Samantha against her will, as she quickly lost all pretext of control, and became lost in the sensations her body forced on her. “AHHHHH! Hahah Oh HAHA! NOOOOOOO! PleeeeHahhaAHAhAHssse Ohno nnnooooha AhheehehheHA.”
“Yessss, you like that... right there huh?” giggled Lillee, taking pleasure in the thrashing that was taking place under her, and the madly bouncing breasts that couldn’t escape her fingers. She was very pleased with the crazed sounds she was causing, and began to experiment to amuse herself more. By maintaining the gentle fingertip stroking, she found that she could keep Sam at a merry bubble.
“Heeheee! oh! Heeheeee! oh! heeheeeee! oh!
By adding in an occasional stroke on one or both nipples she could add a fun counterpoint.
“Heeheee! oh! ummn! Heeheeee! oh! UMMN! heeheeeee! oh! ummmmm. Oh no, Heeeheee! oh!”
Lil was enjoying Sam’s torment, and kept a careful watch to judge her progress towards her goal of a total surrender. To this end Sam helped, by occasionally managing to raise her head enough to lock eyes with her tormentor for a second, and show defiance. Clearly more work was needed.
Lil turned her attentions to Sam’s taunt stomach for a bit, but found that while it caused some titters, and the occasional outright laugh, it was simply no where near as effective as the breast tickling had been. Sam was able to regain a semblance of control.
“I’m not... hee! going to... hehe! give up you bitch!” said Sam, as much for herself as Lillee.
“Oh yes you are!” yelled Lil, as she quickly switched to an all out attack with both of her hands on those wide open pits that Sam had no hope of protecting.
“YEEEEARGH! HEHA! ARRRGHHH! AHHA! AHHA! OH NO! OH NO! OH NO! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! NO! NO! NOOOOO! AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!” was the ear shattering response wrenched from Samantha. The level of her thrashing became epic, and Lillee had to work hard to say on top of her lover.
“Come on, give it up, give it up, give it up.” chanted Lil as she varied her pit attack with long stokes up and down Sam’s ribs, only to keep returning to those tender hollows.
“GEEHA! oh! oh! NO! AHAHHAHAHAHA! STOP! Ah! NO! HEHEHEHAH! Oh Ho! hehehehe!” Lillee kept moving up and down Sam’s sides, from place to place, providing extra attention to all the most sensitive spots she had found. “Give it up baby! I’ll stop!” promised Lil. Sam thrashed and screamed and laughed. Drops of sweat flew from her hair as she madly twisted her head.
Sam had lost track of time, why she was trying to keep track of it, and why she was trying to hold out against the horrid tickling which now filled all her senses. “Give up?” That sounded like a good idea. “IIIYIAE! AH HA, oh AH AH Iyyy... NO! AHHAHAAGGGG! IIII GIAHHEHAHEHEHEVE UPPPPP! Oh AH AH AHAH.”
“You give?” asked Lillee, letting up a bit.
Sam shook her head yes vigorously. “HeeeHeeee! Yes! Yes! HeeeeHeeee! Oh! Stop! Pleashehehe!”
“That’s my good blue baby.” purred Lillee, as she stopped tickling Sam, who kept giggling in aftershock for a minute or so, even after the tickling stopped. Slowly she began to get her breath and wits back. Her indigo skin was slick with sweat, and she was lightheaded and panting. However, her mind quickly began to turn to the pressing desire to cum which had been buried under the tickling, and also fueled by it. And judging by Lillee’s flushed skin and rigid nips, she knew she was not alone. Sam watched as Lil stripped off her own sodden panties, and then leaned over to kiss her deeply. Their tongues sparred, and Samantha let herself slide into the helpless enjoyment of the warmth, pressure, and gentle motion of her lover grinding against her in all the right places.

Statcha sighed. “Fuck! Why do I always bet on her?” Her friends looked at her almost as one and shrugged, as if to say, “I don’t know. Perhaps you are an idiot?”
“And now we have to watch them rut on top of it all.” She hissed out in frustration. That feeling was based in her slight jealousy towards Lillee. She’d had a come-and-go crush on Samantha for years, which Sam had always toyed with, and to have what she couldn’t rubbed in her face always bothered.
“No we don’t Chacha.” offered Don as he walked over from the kitchen.
“Huh?” she replied?
“Well, I was thinking that if we have to watch them rub nubbins, we might as well have some fun with it ourselves.”
“What were you thinking?” asked Maribree. Always the gang leader, she was quick to step in on any plan.
“Well....” began Don, and he quickly outlined his idea to his clustered friends.
Agreement was had almost instantly, and the friends moved to carry out Don’s plan.

The six approached the distracted lovers on the bed. They had no worries about the still bound Samantha, and given Lellee’s distraction, and with their own overwhelming numbers, they had no problem subduing the first surprised, then indignant blond.

When the struggles ended, Lillee was now as helpless as her lover. The gang had arranged the two women’s bodies into an ‘X’ position, such that their bare pussies were forced together. By using some maker supplied stickstrips, each woman’s thigh was bound to it’s opposite on the other woman. They were not going to be able to get apart, thanks to the tightly bound one leg under, one over position. They had very little motion, but were already doing their best to grind into each other. Lillee’s hands had joined Sam’s captive feet at the headboard, wrists firmly stickstripped to her ankles. Because Sam was so stretched out, the gang of six couldn’t tie Lil’s feet to Sam’s wrists in a similar fashion, but with a harness quickly fashioned out of a few stickstrips, Lillee’s feet were soon helplessly attached at Sam’s shoulders, one sticking out on each side of her head.

Both women had made their anger at the situation well known, swearing and being as abusive to their captors as they could manage. But their position was undercut by the clear horniness and growing desperation that both were literally dripping with. The gang had successfully interrupted them well before they managed to satisfied each other.

Maribree summed up their arguments simply with; “Hey, you play in public, sometimes you get played with.” She then asked the loft system for two biomods, each keyed to one of the woman’s recorded medical sexual profiles. The maker obediently spit out two small dull gray disks into it’s done tray. Scooping them up smoothly, and walking back to the bed, Maribree stuck a disk on the side of each woman’s neck, just below the right ear. Slowly each disk took on a bright green glow.
“Time for a new bet guys” Maribree said in her best announcer voice. “Which of them will cum first?” “We’ll know by which disk turns red first.”
“No fair!” cried Lellee. “We can barely move!” She illustrated by a small wiggle of her trapped hips. “We will never cum like this!”
Maribree smiled. “Well, we plan to give you a lot of incentive to move. Because you are each going to be tickled until someone gets off!”
“NO!” Shouted Lillee.
“Oh please no guys!” begged Samantha. “No more tickling! Please! Please!”

As the helpless women begged and shouted about their oncoming torture, the gang of six placed their bets and decided who the first two ticklers would be.

To be continued......
(and I promise that I will when I have time)

11-21-2002, 11:10 AM
Ooooh! Exactly my taste!!! :wow:
It even contains some similar elements like in my newest story (soon to come!). Great, Myriads! :cool:

11-21-2002, 01:37 PM
Fantastic story! I particularly like the smooth integration of sci-fi details, and the dialogue is particularly well written. A deliciously erotic tale!

11-21-2002, 02:53 PM
Myriads!!! You must continue to write!! LOL!! Seriously though, this is an awesome story!!

11-21-2002, 05:29 PM
Wow! Wow! Wow!

Not only a great tickling story, but a fantastic piece of fiction on it's own. Very creative, wonderfully descriptive and just a fun read overall. Kudos, kudos and more kudos. :cool:

11-22-2002, 01:28 AM
Thank you for the kind words folks. They are very deeply appreciated. I enjoy feed back good and bad, so feel free. Questions also welcome. My usual erotic writings were always talored to one reader for each work, so writing for a mass audience is a bit new for me. So knowing you enjoyed counts a lot to me.

I'm glad that you enjoyed the Sci-fi elements. The world was built in bits and pieces over a decade or so, and took on a life of it's own outside the stories. A friend of mine and I would often spend entire conversations discussing aspects of it. So when I write in it, it flows well because I KNOW the place. It was designed to allow just about any form of sexual activity that you can imagine without bending credibility (A Hardcore S&M piece involving a submissive centuar and a Dom AmerIndian warrior woman who were married springs to mind... Ah the World heritage parks....:-).

I do plan to write more with the characters you've begun to meet above. They are a fun bunch, and I've already begun to like them, and know different their 'voices', which doesn't always happen for me with my characters. So I want to tell you all more about them and their lives. I do have the structure for part 2 already frameworked, so it's just a matter of me finding the time to write the guts, Thanksgiving is looking good for that. So you'll see how Lillee and Samantha's involentary competition goes, and the fall out from it. I write long series, so time permitting, you'll get to know these folks very very well.


11-22-2002, 03:31 AM
Good to see Im not the only sci-fi writer here.

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*jumps up and down, clapping her hands with sheer excitement*

Oh oh!! Excellent Myriads!! You MUST continue with this gem! I can hardly wait to read the next installment! For never writing a tickling fiction story before, you sure are a master. Simply superb!


P.S. LOVE the characters and setting! Nice imaginative work!

11-23-2002, 08:34 AM
Originally posted by Myriads
(most deleted)

I write long series, so time permitting, you'll get to know these folks very very well.


Excellent news! This was a fine story. :D

11-24-2002, 08:11 AM

I had no idead what a great author you were. I can't remember reading a story by you before. This is an incredible story though. Thanks for posting it here Myr.

I am truly impressed!!!

11-25-2002, 06:52 PM
To those who posted their nice comments, thanks! Part 2 will be along soon.


11-26-2002, 02:47 AM
Great story, Myriads! You're a talented writer. Thanx! :cool:

11-30-2002, 10:27 AM
Originally posted by Dave2112
Wow! Wow! Wow!

Not only a great tickling story, but a fantastic piece of fiction on it's own. Very creative, wonderfully descriptive and just a fun read overall. Kudos, kudos and more kudos. :cool: WOW doesn't quiet do it! I thought it was awesome! Dave couldn't have said it better Myriads, this was not just a great tickling story but a fantastic piece of fiction too, I agree with everything Dave said! Can't wait for part 2 :p I love how you write, please don't stop! :) Katherine

11-30-2002, 06:08 PM
Hello Slave4tickles

I'm very pleased that you enjoyed the story so much. It's nice to see people enjoying my work.

Your wait for more parts is more then over.

You can read part 2 here (http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthread.php?threadid=21233)

and part 3 here (http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthread.php?threadid=21348)

And more parts will be along in the near future. I've started work on part 4, and I have things lightly scetched out through part 9.


11-30-2002, 06:38 PM
Originally posted by Myriads
Hello Slave4tickles

I'm very pleased that you enjoyed the story so much. It's nice to see people enjoying my work.

Your wait for more parts is more then over.

You can read part 2 here (http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthread.php?threadid=21233)

and part 3 here (http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthread.php?threadid=21348)

And more parts will be along in the near future. I've started work on part 4, and I have things lightly scetched out through part 9.

Myriads Thank you so much! I know I will love these just as much if not more than the first! :bowing: Katherine