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11-23-2002, 09:13 PM
Here is the sequal, if you want I can write more, just voice your opion for me so I know. I hope you all enjoy

Christmas Day has come as Aya slumped out of bed still dazed from the night before she slowly walked to the kitchen counter to get some coffee. As she walked to the kitchen table sipping her coffee in her bra and silk pajama pants. She remember to the night before being tickled from the inside, the worst tickling imaginable, but surprisingly the feeling aroused her to new heights as she had to think of another topic to stop the growing wet spot on her pants. Aya grapped the phone to notify the NYPD as the phone rang and rang with no answer Aya got nervious. She ran to her closet putting on a white tshirt, a pair of tight blue jeans, white ankle socks and black hiking boots. As she ran out the door grapping her black leather jacket she throw it on as she raced down the apartment stairs to the ground floor. She hopped into her car as she drove off to the station. As she reached the station she began to get the burning desire between her legs.
"Eve is here!" As Aya stepped out of the car she walked through the door the cop at the front desk was in hysterics as he clawed at the desk trying to keep up.
"aHAHaHAHAhAhaha AYa Pleahehahse help!" Aya ran to him as he crawled towards her.
"Oh god i can't help you im im to ticklish." Aya backed away.
"Pleahahhashe i need to ehahehe tickle you ahahhahahha thats the hehahe only hehahe way tohohoho end the torture." The cop collapsed to the ground as he rolled around on the ground. Aya ran into the station hearing nothing but laughter. As she walked past the tortured victums she felt a growing wetness inbetween her legs. As she walked into the captians office she say Daniel on the floor.
"HAhaah Ayahahaa Ben ran heheh off." Aya stood away from Daniel.
"Where is he ill save him?"
"Hehaheheha is upstairs, Sheeva thahahahae police dog acted funny and he went after EHAHAHHEHEHA NO NO HEHAHEHEHEHHAHEHE!!" Aya ran out the door as she feel to her knees the growing arousal was to much. She tried to block it out but to her fear, monsters came from the shadows. Three large rats emerged with multiple tails and long tounges, there fur seemed to sway with a mind of its own as the rats closed in on Aya.
"Ohhhh god nooooo!" One of the rats restrained the flailing limbs of Aya as the other two used there tounges to work up ur shirt brushing her ticklish belly working into her navel. "AAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH NO NO HEHAHEHE NOT MYHRHSHEHEHEHE STOMAHAHAAHCH!" Aya struggled to no aval as she felt a weird tickling sensations in her hot spots, she squirmed and moaned as the feeling of millions of fingers brushed her nipples and clit. Just as the rats tounges moved over her sides Aya screamed in an earthshattering orgazim. As Aya laid limb the rats let her go and seemed to dissapear as Aya squrimed and moaned her jeans soaked in her juices. As Aya stood up shaking from her ordeal she hugged the wall as she walked up the flights of stairs. As she walked down a long corridor she felt something following her as she turned to see two large spiders. "Oh shit." Aya pulled out her gun not wanting to have come so far and pass out her, she had to get Ben, she needed to stop Eve. As she pulled the trigger one of the spiders shot its gooie web pinning her right hand to the wall as the other pinned her left hand to the wall. The spiders moved closer as there hisses sounded like laughter. Aya struggled as she looked down seeing the spiders use ur fangs to unlace her boots. Aya tried to kick the spiders away but only succeded in kicking her boots down the hallway leaving her warm stocking feet to touch the cold tiled floor. As she felt the spiders legs tease the tops of her feet she screamed in ticklish agony as she kicked and kicked. She tried all she could to beat the spiders with her feet, she noticed it working but with every touch it tickled more and more. Soon the beaten spiders dissapeared as the webbing vanished from her hands. Aya looked down the hallway seeing her boots but left them behind as she headed for the door. She opened the door to see a mutated Sheeva the dog was much larger, she had three heads and mulitple tentcles. She noticed Baker infront of Ben as Sheeva used all three tounges with lil pricks on the lapping at the Captian.
"HAhaah NO Hehahe Bad Hehehah Sheheheva" Baker rolled around as Ben saw Aya running as fast as his lil legs could carry him.
"Help Uncle Baker Aya" Ben ran out of the room as the dog looked over at the door.
"Eve I know your here stop this please." Aya looked around as Eve soon appeared in the corner.
"Aya the wet spot on ur jeans tells me you like all this." Eve chuckled as she motioned Sheeva to attack Aya. The dog grapped Aya by the ankles with her tenticales as more ran over her stocking soles.
"AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHaHAhh!" Aya struggled as her gun feel to the ground. Sheeva used her new tounges to pull Ayas shirt down and lick away at her sensitive tummy. Again Ayas arousal took new peaks as her nipples felt like they would pop. She heared footsteps approch as Eve unzipped Ayas jeans and began to fingers her as the dog worked its tickling magic. Ayas moans and laughter was like music to Eve as she worked Aya to orgazim, the mitochdria in there bodies seemed to communicate as Eve had the feeling of being fingered as well. They moaned and laughed together as the climax grew near Aya could feel Eve growing stronger as the tickling sensations grew more intense. Soon fireworks shot off in Ayas head as the huge climax came making her pass out. As Aya woke up to the sound of fimilar voices she looked around the empty room she saw Baker and Daniel.
"Whe wheres Eve?"
"We don't know Aya she left and everything seems to be normal." Daniel handed Aya her boots as she put the on her raw soles the leather tickled her alil as she tied them tight.
"Aya we can beat this, we have a scientist who wants to talk to you, he maybe able to help." Baker looked at her seriously. As Aya pondered she felt her wet jeans and said in a beat red face.
"Lets hurry!"

I hope you all enjoy.

11-24-2002, 06:54 AM
Great sequel Demon,

I liked it. Once again it was a great NORMAL tickling story. And NORMAL IS A COMPLIMENT!!!

Thanks Again!

11-24-2002, 12:03 PM
Thank you again Forgotten for the NORMAL compliment