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11-24-2002, 02:34 PM
Shelby was a cute girl. That one simple word seemed to describe everything about her. She wasn't gorgeous, hot, sexy, she was cute. She had long light brown hair, crystal blue eyes, and a deep tan. She had a cute face with an elf like nose. She was hardly 5 feet tall, with a thin frame. She had a petite body, with small pert breasts and a flat tummy. She also had tiny little size 5 feet.
But most of all, what drew Shelby differently from most girls, was that she was excruciatingly TICKLISH!!! There wasn't a single spot of her body that wasn't ticklish to the touch, and it made her life difficult at times, especially with boyfriends. But all of her friends loved it, it was an excellent way to get information out of her, and thats what her friend Katie was planning on doing tonight at their sleepover. Katie and Shelby were best friends, had been best friends all their lives. And tonight was finally the night of the sleepover.
Shelby walked up to Katie's porch, wearing a tight green tank-top and even tighter jeans. She also had on a pair of black sandals, revealing her cute toes with bright red toenail polish.
She ran the doorbell once and almost immediately the door flew open, and there stood Katie in flannel PJ pants and a tight pink t-shirt, wearing no shoes or socks, looking very excited and giddy.
"Katie!" Shelby said and embraced her best friend, Katie did likewise, and they quickly headed up to katie's room.
"Oh Shelby you have to hear this new CD i just got," Katie said enthusiastically as she turned on her CD player and the two girls began dancing around the room without a care in the world. That was, until Katie suddenly tackled Shelby who had been dancing on the bed, and she wriggled her long nails into Shelby's tiny sides. The reaction was wonderful.
"Aaahahahahahheheheeee--K-Katieeheheheheheeee!!!!" Shelby tried to cry out, but the fingers kept kneading her sides in such a way she could hardly catch her breath.
"Tickle tickle little ticklish Shelby!" Katie teased as she noticed Shelby's small tank-top riding up, revealing a good inch of bare, sensitive, tan tummy.
Katie immediately went for the bare skin, and lightly danced her long nails on Shelby's tummy, and she erupted with laughter, flailing her arms and legs, finally falling off the bed in a heaving mess. The two girls were silent for awhile, and Shelby finally broke the silence, "Why'd you tickle me Katie, you know how EXTREMELY ticklish i am!!"
"Oh c'mon Shelby, you know you love it, and anyways, i have a reason to tickle you tonight." Katie said suspiciously as she neared Shelby.
"Whadaya mean?" Shelby asked with a nervous tone in her voice.
"I saw you and Joel at the movie theatre, don't play dumb with me Shelby."
"I swear Katie, we just went as friends!" Shelby pleaded as Katie neared even closer, wiggling her fingers in the air with the tickling motion Shelby knew all too well.
"Katie no!!! Please!!!" But Shelby's begging was in vain, as the much bigger Katie straddled Shelby's delicate waist, and pin her arms above her head with her knees.
"Katie, you don't have to do this, i swear, Joel and i are just friends-hahahaha!!!" Shelby burst into fits of giggles as Katie began digging into her sides, going up and down.
She then rolled Shelby's tank-top up just below her small breasts, baring her small, cute tummy. It was flat and tan, with a tiny hint of muscle as she layed on the floor, the tad outline of a six pac could be seen, and was centered by a cute innie bellybutton.
Katie started by lightly stroking Shelby's tummy, going from side to side, and watched in delight as Shelby began giggling hysterically and her tummy muscles twitched and quivered beneath Katie's soft touch. Katie then took one finger and lightly circled Shelby's bellybutton with it, and then held it directly over her bellybutton, like an impending tickle tool, soon to have Shelby screaming and laughing.
"Not the bellybutton!" Shelby was too late, and Katie wiggled her finger in Shelby's bellybutton, creating a loud mix of squeals and laughter.
Katie was lovin' every second of it. Making her best friend go completely insane in ticklish delight. She was thrashing and screamin, bucking wildly off the floor. Then Katie suddenly got up, but quickly locked Shelby's ankles in an arm hold, and flicked her sandals off in the process.
"Oh god, Katie you wouldn't!!!" Shelby moaned.
"Oh, but i would!" Katie teased and grinned, then stroked her nails across Shelby's tiny sensitive soles.
Shelby's now free upperbody flopped like a fish out of water as she screamed and laughed, trying to form words but her mouth was filled with laughter. Then Katie began to play with Shelby's tiny toes, skittering her nails across each one individually.
"Hahahahahahheheeeeeeeeee!!!!" All Shelby could do was laugh and giggle, she was lost in a world of ticklish sensations coursing through her entire body. But suddenly the girls heard something, and the door swung open, and there stood Joel, the guy who caused all of Shelby's ticklish torment.
"What's goin' on?" He asked in a state of shock.
"Sorry Joel, it's a girls night in, see ya later!" And Katie went up and slammed the door in his face, and both girls cracked up hysterically.


so what did ya think of my first story???:D

11-24-2002, 06:29 PM
I like. :D

11-24-2002, 06:56 PM
I like it too! Quite good for a first try, Zach. :cool: Maybe make it a little longer next time? Thanks, and keep writing (or typing, as the case may be). :)

11-26-2002, 05:32 PM
Thanx, i will make my next one longer, i was just testing out my writing first, except my next story soon!!