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11-25-2002, 06:59 PM

We are in a little log cabin away in the mountains, outside a snowstorm is blowing the wind is howling, inside we are snuggled together in front of a nicely burning fire sipping wine, no tv, no phones, only some music and each other. The cabin is actually one great big room so the beautiful brass bed sits on the other corner opposite the fireplace. I suggest a nice hot oil massage for you, we both go and take nice warm showers and I help dry you off. Candles are burning everywhere...the room is lit just with these candles and the fire burning. I tell you to lie on your stomach and close your eyes and relax. You spread out your legs and arms in anticipation of this massage..but instead I grab the silk scarves I have been hiding and quickly tie up your legs to the bed posts, I then move foward and do the same to your arms. You have a look of shock on your face cause you know what I have in mind. I bend foward and kiss you on your lips and laugh. I start tracing my fingers on your ears and around your face, you giggle softly, I move to your neck and play little spiders on it..you start to laugh now but not yet pleading. I get on the bed and straddle your waist. I bend foward so you feel my breath on your neck at the same time I lean foward and start running my fingers slowly from your hands over your lower arms..upwards to the inside of your elbows, where I play for a few seconds drawing little circles..I can feel you laughing under me..but it is only just beginning..I move upwards and splaying my fingers out as I reach my 1st destination..your armpits..I start softly but swiftly..every few seconds increasing in intensity..you start laughing with deep throaty laughs..starting to beg me to stop..but you know I won't until I've had my fun...I am tickling for minutes non stop in your pits you body is shaking me up and down..I move down and reach under to your ribs..I goose them back and forth..up and down..over and over again..as I am leaning downwards tickling you, you can feel my nipples hardening against your back..tickling you..you feel my wetness and my heat on your back..I am tickling you now without mercy..you are laughing and trying to buck me off to no avail..my fingers are dancing on your ribs sometimes reaching under to tweak your nipples and then playing down your sides...I move my fingers back up and start playing the piano all down your back...I play as if your spine were the keys..with a low pitch and then with a fevered pitch...never letting you get used to a sensation..your head is rolling back and forth now, you body is hot and alive..my fingers play and play...I trace my two index fingers down your spine and stop in the small of your back..I go in little circles around and around...I play back and forth from one hip to the other just above your rear..causing you to laugh and moan at the same time..I know you are excited and hot..I turn around and look at those inviting feet of yours still untouched..you sense this and plead with me not to go there..I slide down and straddle your thighs and lean foward and touch your toes..I put my mouth over thebig toe and start running my tongue all around at the same time start running my finger up and down on your soles from the heels to the toes over and over again..I get high from your laughter which has now reached new levels..my tongue is tickling in between your toes and your body is wiggling under me..can you feel my wetness on your legs? I play with your ankles and then your calves wondering up to the knees where I draw little circles..and then up to your thighs..I play softly now on the inside of the thighs teasing you maddeningly..make you beg to stop but give it to you..I am coming so close to your balls but never touching them yet..just dancing inside your thighs..I move my body upwards again straddling your waist but facing your feet..you know I love to play with your rear...I start with tiny tickling pinches on your cheeks..the contract..your are hysterical..I play like butterflies back and forth and up and down..I bend over I tickle with my tongue..you are going crazy and am ready for me to finish you..but I am not nearly done..I take a finger and trace lightly all over your cheecks...I love the way you wiggle when I torment your like this...at this time I have you so hysterical that you don't even notice me getting up and untying you and rolling you over and tying you up again...there is more of you that needs exploration...I straddle your waist again and bend down to cover your mouth with mine...I kiss you deeply and reach down and start tickling you in your armpits as I am kissing you muffling your laughs...I continue in your arms and lick all around your mouth playing with your lips...I feel your hardness touch my behind...I am longing for you but have not finished my tormenting...I slide down to straddle your thighs and start tickling your belly with my tongue and lips...I start tracing lines with my fingers in your zone...that wonderfully ticklish area above your pubic hair..I relish in your hysterics...you are moaning and laughing, pleading with me for release...I run my fingers all around and start making little stokes towards your balls...I tickle your balls with delight...and with one finger I run up your manhood tickling all the way until I reach your tip...I am making little circles on your tip watching it quiver and harden all the more...I continue tickling your balls at the same time...I see telltale signs of your excitement...it is time...I climb on top and straddle you and slowly lower myself until I feel you deep inside...as I start moving up and down I start tickling your sides...your face is filled with desire and lust...you slide in and out ...we are reaching new heights...can you feel it...higher and higher...the intensity building...until...ohhh...ohhhh...ohhhh...we climax together with such fierceness...I hold this position for a few seconds just feeling you inside me...still tracing butterfly movements around your belly, still feeling you shutter inside, giggling just a bit, I receive every drop of you. I move down and untie you and liedown right on top of you and bury my head in your shoulders..kissing your neck...you put your arms around me...and we just lie there and listen to the howling wind and the crackling of the fire...

Pleasant dreams

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11-25-2002, 08:39 PM
up to 6 inches of snow in the forecast for Weds! All I need is a tickling partner and a fireplace!!


Love the pic!


11-25-2002, 09:11 PM
Hmmmmmm am I off on Wednesday...?:devil:


11-26-2002, 12:37 PM
ok, all we need is a snowmobile and a place with a fireplace. And is Mrs Venray off too? Wouldn't want to cross any bounderies! LOL, maybe we will just have to anticipate our next playdate!