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11-27-2002, 12:11 PM
Hi. As you may have been following my wife and I take turns tying each other up and teasing and tickling each other. However, this last week she pulled a doosey on me.

I allowed her to tie me up spread eagle naked like always.
She layed down next to me and kissed me slowly as her hands began to play with my arm pit hair. The anticipation was awful and soon she had me laughing and giggling as I pulled at my bonds to no avail.
As she does that she lets her soft, beautiful,peducured size 8 feet rub up and down my cock. She knows with the tickling I can't come but it drives me crazy. She then changes position with her hands on my feet and her feet stuck in my armpits still tickling me with her hands and toes. Soon, she realizes that my cock is shrinking and allows one foot to get it up again. Then the doorbell rang and she left for a few minutes. To my surprise, Linda our 40 year old, divorced, neighbor who just hates all men walks in with my wife.
My wife says, "Oh, look who is here, dear, isn't this a surprise"
Well, it is no surprise at all, since my wife invited her ahead of time.

I always thought Linda was beautiful but since she had a sucky attitude I never gave her the time of day. Linda, sat down beside me and said, "Well, this looks like fun, mind if I play". "I see no shoes are allowed so why don't I just take this off and she showed me her most beautiful, soft feet. Your wife tells me that you have a thing for feet, huh. I looked at my wife, not believing she told her. My wife saw the concern on my face and said, "Oh , don't worry dear, linda is okay, she just hasn't been with a man since her divorce last year,so I thought she could have some fun with you. Now, linda and my wife got to business tickling my every area. Linda, stripped to her panties and sat at my head, while she tickling my armpits she let her feet pump my cock. My wife stood by my feet giving them the licking of their life while she scratched my soles. Finally when I thought I would pass out the girls huddled together and started whispering.
They told me that since I was such a good boy I could have some pleasure. I was so excited, finally I could come. My wife rubbed my cock to another erection while she spoke. Here are the rules, we will put thte timer on for 10 minutes. During that time we are going to try to make you cum. If you hold out for the 10 minutes then you can tie us up and do whatever you want. But if you cum all over us and make us messy then we will tickle you senseless for 30 minutes. Oh my g-d I thought, I can't hold out that long. I started thinking of dead puppies or my grandma anything not to cum. Linda went first, rubbing my balls while sucking my cock. I almost lost it twice. Then they both laid down next to me while one rubbed my cock with her foot while the other rubbed her foot on my balls. My wife continued that while making me suck her tits. Miraculously, I wasn't cuming but I was so close. After 8 minutes which even surprised my wife they pulle d out the big guns. My wife sat on my cock with her black panties, my favorite and began to rock while tickling my balls. Finally within the last minute my wife ripped a hole in her panties and let my cock spear her. As she went down I shot off. So close and yet so far. Before I could take a moment to calm down they were tickling me mercilesly. They knew that a man is most sensitive after an explosion like that.
Well, tell me what you think of my true experience.

11-27-2002, 02:10 PM
I think your story was great. I also think you should make another bet with the two of them, this time with the advantage on your side. You know, turnabout is fair play, right????;)

sole seeker
12-01-2002, 01:15 AM
A terrific post. Write some more.

I'd really like to hear more about the times you tickled your wife.

magic fingers
12-03-2002, 10:15 PM
Like I always say, the true stories are the best one's, and that was AWESOME!(of course you already knew that). Did they both tickle you for the full thirty minutes after that? I'll bet your neighbor's a lot nicer to you now