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11-27-2002, 02:58 PM
I promised a couple of people I'd repost these stories. My apologies for taking so long to do it, and I'm glad several of you like them. Grolsch.

He kept his appointment at the Midas shop to have his muffler repaired. As he waited in the front office, he saw another customer enter. A woman, maybe 5'5", with short light red hair. She wore a long sleeve, clinging yellow t-shirt, jeans and leather sandals. He watched the way she moved and bobbled as she walked. She had very large breasts, but a rather pretty face. Just from looking at her, he knew she must be extremely ticklish.

Mike watched the woman as she stood in line. From his seated position, he assessed her potential. Her face reminded him a bit of the actress Lea Thompson, except considerably fuller. Her hair was somewhere between red and blonde, lay straight and cut quite short, not quite hitting her shoulders. She was older: Mike guessed her age to be late 30s to mid 40's. She couldn't be more that 5 & 1/2 feet tall, but probably weighed somewhere between 145 and 155 pounds.

The woman wasn't fat, but was certainly voluptuous. She had a great rear end, nicely framed by low-cut jeans. She wore a clinging, long-sleeve yellow t-shirt that allowed her very large breasts to be noticed by anyone with 100 feet but defined her waist. He guessed her measurements might well be something like 38E - 32 - 38.

What an unusual way of walking, Mike thought. Every part of her jiggled, bobbled or somehow moved. She held her shoulders and upper body back somewhat, probably to compensate for the weight of her chest. Her head swayed left and right a bit. Her hips swung back and forth and her large, unwieldy but firm, well-shaped breasts bounced as she walked. Her torso was a bit long for her frame, but to Mike that just meant her ticklish spots would be easier to get.

But how to get her? Mike had to think fast, as she was now walking past him out of the shop. Lord, she's pretty, he thought. He felt both and urge to know her sexually as well as to explore what he hoped and believed was an extremely ticklish body. She walked across the mini-mall area into a Subway sandwich shop. That gave Mike a bit of relief. Maybe her car wasn't ready.

She returned just minutes later with a 64oz. Soda. Just then, the attendant told them that their cars were ready. Mike stood behind her as they waited their respective turns to pay. He looked at her back. He studied her rear end. Just perfect, he thought. He could see her breasts squashing against the counter as she leaned to sign her credit card receipt. Her name turned out to be Valerie Leathers; nice name, Mike thought. She was out the door and headed to her car.

"Good looking woman", the attendant mentioned to Mike as she left.

"Oh, I didn't notice, was she?" Mike responded.

"Greatest tits and ass I've seen!" the coarse man said.

Mike hustled out and got into his car. He followed the woman, desperately trying to think of a way to get at her. She eventually turned into her apartment complex. Mike was still careful not to be noticed, but he did spy which apartment she entered.

He waited and watched. Waited for nightfall. Waited for a time that seemed best to enter. He didn't know what else to do. For once, he didn't have a plan, but he knew he had to tickle her. He watched her through her sliding glass door. It looked like she might be about to take a shower.

15 minutes later Mike knocked on her door. He tried to remain calm, but he was tremendously upset. His episode with Jamie combine with seeing this woman left him with an undeniable urge to tickle.

Valerie answered the door. She wore only a white bathrobe. Perfect, Mike thought. He made some excuse about needing to use a telephone as his car was disabled. Once inside, he made some piddling small talk to put her at ease. Once he picked up the phone her guard was lowered and he abandoned his ruse. Mike simply started to tickle her. He poked her ribs just beneath her breasts.

"OH! Hey, cut that out! OH! Stop! OHHO! Get out! AHH! Stop, I'm ticklish! HEE! HEE HEE! OHHOHOHONOOO!"

Mike poked at her ribs until she fell down onto her own bed. Out came the "tickle kit". Valerie was quickly secured to her own bed and laid out spread eagle. Clearly, Mike's practice with the hired escort and Jamie had paid off nicely.

Mike opened her robe above her belly and started tickling. Her belly was ticklish and sensitive to light stroking, but it only made her giggle. He tried kneading her belly. She laughed and started to flex her stomach. She wasn't flabby at all. Not what one would call well-defined, but fitter than most. Her flesh waved beneath his fingers.

"Oh ho ho! Ha ha ha ha! No! No! Stop!"

Mike looked at her bellybutton. He'd never tickled that area before on anybody. Why not, he thought, and gently inserted his finger into that area, wiggling it around like he was stirring a martini.


She jerked and bounced wildly. Apparently, he'd hit a very sensitive spot. Her robe flew open, exposing her breasts. They flopped all over the place as she tried to get her sensitive bellybutton free of his finger. The pure anxiety of the situation was amazing. Assualted by a stranger, having her most sensitive areas tickled combined with increased adrenalin and heart rate of a near-phobic reaction was almost murderous to her.

When he ran his fingers across her sides she screamed even more loudly. He spider-walked his fingers on her sides, which sent her into spasms.


Mike squeezed her sides about an inch below her ribs. He felt the mightiest convulsion ever from a ticklish victim. Her face betrayed the extremely ticklish agony caused by the single squeeze. Her sides were not muscular and lean, but they were firm and meaty. They provided him a little resistance as he dug his fingers into what were incredibly sensitive spots. Valerie screamed more than she laughed.

"OOOOOH! NO! OHHH! AAH! AAH! AAAH AAH AHA AHH HAA HAAA! Please don't tickle me! You don't understand!"

"Understand what? That' you're terribly ticklish?" Mike went back to squeezing her sides. She rocked and rolled. Her head shook. Her breasts bounced and whirled like she was on a roller coaster. Her rear end hoisted off the bed. "OH GOD NO! NO! HAA HAA HAA HA HAA HAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

She seemed quite fit for a slightly older woman. The bed shook like an earthquake was beneath it. It was almost like Mike was touching a special spot that had been implanted within her specifically to turn her into a ticklish mess when touched. She screamed and screamed in response to the horrible tickling.

Mike stopped tickling her to speak to her. He had to know his victims. The intimacy satisfied him.

"You're a very ticklish person, Valerie."

"Please don't! You don't understand!"

"Why don't you tell me".

"I can't stand it, I can't take it. It's a phobia with me, it really is. It's torture"

"Why do you have a phobia about being tickled, Valerie?"

"My younger sister. She used to tickle-torture me every day after school. I would pee in my pants. Kids at school found out how ticklish I am and that I would pee. They threatened to tickle me all the time. They told me they would tickle me until I wet my pants"

"Your younger sister?" Mike was surprised. Usually tickle torture came from older siblings, he thought.

"Yes, she's 2 years younger, but when she found out how ticklish I am I couldn't stop it".

"How old are you now?"

"I'm 42"

"Are you more ticklish or less ticklish than you were then?"

"I don't know. I think probably more. I can't stand it"

"Did you ever tell your parents?"

"I never could tell them. She used to say if I told them, she would tickle me more. She would get her friends to tickle me. They would hold me down and tickle my…"

She paused. She was crying. The anxiety was too much for her.

"No…" she sobbed.

"Tickle your what? I'm going to find out anyway."

"Please stop!" She was starting to cry, very hard. Mike found her teary, red face to be an aphrodisiac. Knowing that he was causing her such torment was a rush for him.

"It's your feet, I bet".

Her panic returned. Her voice became high-pitched and fully expressed her horror. "OH NO! OH NO! NO! PLEASE! PLEASE DON'T! AAAAHHHH!"

Mike started tickling the soles of her feet. Valerie screamed and twisted her body like a snake. Only occasionally did she really laugh. The intense ticklishness combined with her deep fear of being tickled only led to screaming. She thought she might have a heart attack.


"Women have such ticklish feet. I've broken women with ticklish feet. None were as ticklish as yours!"

Mike kept tickling her soles. Her feet were large and broad. He ran his fingers between her short, fleshy toes. He thought there was a chance he might actually kill her doing this. She screamed and struggled as best she could. Her head bounced off the pillow. Her breasts shook and bounced into one another. She twitched her feet in a panicked attempt to free them, but she was trapped. Trapped and tickled. Her worst, almost unimaginable fear was coming true.

"AAAHH! NAAAAH! AAAAAAH! HOHOHOHOHONO! NOOO!! NO HO HO HO HO HO!! STOP!" Her voice became shrill and sounded like fingernails on a chalkboard.

Mike paused. The tickled woman was gasping for breath. Her chest heaved and her midsection contracted. It had only been about 30 seconds of tickling, but the bed was wet with sweat. Mike completely opened her robe and started tracing his fingers from her armpits to her hips. Valerie exploded with another round of screaming and shaking. Mike wondered if her breasts could possibly move any more than they were. He'd tickled Jenna, a girl with fairly large breasts, but this woman Valerie sported a legitimate E-cup bosom. Mike wasn't a breast fanatic, but he had to admit he loved watching Valerie's breasts bounce as he tickled her.


"Cootchie coo Valerie! I'm going to tickle you to death! Cootchie coo! Cootchie cootchie coo!" Mike returned to squeezing her sides. It absolutely killed her. Then he did a rapid-fire poking into the area just above her hips. That drove her insane. She violently contorted into a new shape with every poke. Her huge breasts bounced like superballs each time.


"I've never known anybody to have such ticklish sides, Valerie. This must really be killing you. Tell me, which tickles more, your feet or your sides. It doesn't matter what you say, I’m going to tickle you no matter what".

Valerie coughed and gagged. She couldn't speak. Her hair was matted with sweat and her face was as red as a tomato.

"Tell me, Valerie". He poked her bellybutton again for emphasis.

"EEEE! It's equal. I hate it anywhere" Her voice was shaky and hoarse.

"Is there any other place that is more ticklish than your feet or sides?"

"No. They're the worst". He wiggled his fingers across her soles, making her shriek again.

"Is there anywhere you're not so ticklish?"

"My belly. I'm not as ticklish on my belly".

Mike tickled her belly again. It did make her laugh almost uncontrollably, but not as forcefully as the other places. "What do you think will happen if I tickle your belly for a straight minute?"

"No! Ha ha ha ha hah! Oh ho hahahaha! Hahahahahhaha!" Mike did just that, and Valerie kept laughing. Mike loved watching her bosom jiggle as she convulsed with laughter. After a minute, he stopped.

Valerie begged as if her life was at stake. Her voice was breathy and rasping. "Please don't tickle me any more. I've got to pee. My stomach and lungs are hurt. My breasts are hurting from bouncing".

"You have some very big breasts, Valerie"

"I know, I know…"

"Are they ticklish?" Mike started wiggling his fingers across her breasts. Her breasts were not ticklish for the most part, but she did giggle if he touched them near her armpits.

"Is your sister or mother ticklish?"

"My sister is ticklish on her feet. My mom is very ticklish on her ribs and feet but that's it. I'm sure I got it from her".

"Who has the breasts?"

"Nobody. I'm the only one. That's one reason my sister was always jealous. When she found out she could tickle me to death, she did all the time and would tease me about my chest".

"Well, Valerie, we're in the home stretch. I'm going to tickle your sides and feet now. I'm going to do it for 5 minutes straight and we'll see what happens"

Mike did just that. He squeezed her sides and stroked her soles. Valerie didn't die, but she wanted to. She lost control of her bladder, but that didn’t stop Mike. He tickled her until she literally couldn't laugh. Or breathe. He tickled the sensitive spots of her body so badly that she thought she broke a rib from laughing. Mike wondered if he could really tickle a person to death, but once he saw Valerie gagging and coughing out from lack of air, he left her alone and went home.

"OK, Valerie. I'm done. I'm going to untie you now and leave. And I don't want to hear a sound or anything about this ever, or it is tickle time. And next time I won't be so gentle"

That night he noticed an unusual news article on-line. It seemed a woman across the country was prosecuting a man for burglarizing her home and tickling her. Apparently she sued because her extreme ticklishness allowed the act to constitute assault. Very interesting. Then he saw a picture of the woman. Very beautiful. Unbelievable body. The article described her:

Who will be Mike's next target? Tune in next time…