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The trees swayed lazily overhead as the two maidens sat drying themselves by the small stream.

"Hey Lexa?" the one asked as she squeezed her moist hair to dry it.

"What is it?" Lexa asked as she sat combing through her straight blonde hair. She turned to face her friend, as the two were comfortably seated on the banks of the stream, as the warm sun poured down around them.

Blushing slightly Aldara picked up a comb and began to run it through her curly brown hair. "What do you think it's like to make love?"

Lexa gasped and dropped her comb and crawled over to Aldara and covered her mouth with her hand. "Don't ever say that again! Artemis could be coming back any time from the hunt!"

Aldara rolled her eyes and pushed Lexa's hand away as she tossed her heavy curls over her shoulder. "Don't be so scared. Artemis won't be back for hours, I was just asking a question."

"Why does it matter anyway? You know we both will never experience it anyway," Lexa shrugged, beginning to braid her long, silky hair.

"I know...it's just," Aldara blushed bright, "...I had a dirty dream the other night about Ares."

Gasping, Lexa covered her mouth in shock. "You...you had a wet dream about the god of war? You know how Artemis feels about that vile god!"

Shaking her head, Aldara also began to braid her hair as well. "I know she hates him, and it was just a dream. But it felt so real, I could really feel the passion you know? Mortals are so lucky to get to experience sex whenever they want."

"Yeah well you are lucky to be a nymph and have an immortal life being faithful to Artemis," Lexa shook her head at her friends naive mind.

"I know, I just wish I had the choice to...not even marry, but just to experience that kind of passion just once..." Aldara sighed as she braided small flowers into her hair.

"Well that is impossible, either you stay a virgin and loyal to our goddess, or you tempt her wrath and she'll have you sent straight to Hades. Your choice," Lexa stood up and brushed off her thigh length toga.

"Just forget I said anything, okay? I'm going to round up all the deer in the western woods like Artemis wanted," Aldara mumbled.

Lexa watched her friend disappear into the dense trees that surrounded them and she turned the opposite direction to go and resume her own nymph duties.

"I don't know what is Lexa's problem. All I want to do is know what it's like for a man to put his hands all over me. Is such a craving so unnatural to a young nymph like me?" she grumbled, kicking a pebble with her bare foot in annoyance.

Meanwhile far off in the western woods, a young Prince was in hot pursuit of a great stag that had caught his eye earlier that day when his hunt had begun.

Prince Demos was very determined to capture the stag so he could proudly present it to his father as a trophy. Pushing the sweaty black curls from his eyes, he bit his lower lip as he pulled back his arrow, aiming right for stag who was eating peacefully in a clearing not far off.

"Almost..." Demos whispered to himself and then when he felt he had the perfect target in sight he let his arrow fly from the bow. The stag dove out of the way just in time and Demos cursed.

As Aldara was making her way into the depths of the western woods, an arrow suddenly shot right past her left shoulder.

"What the world!" she squeaked as she heard a loud crunch, and turning around she saw a lethal looking arrow now stuck in a tree it had just come in contact with.

"Who dares to hunt in my goddess' woods! Let alone hunt after her precious deer!" Aldara growled as she decided to find this perpetrator.

She knew no mortal was fool enough to roam into this woods, everyone knew they belonged to Artemis. No one was foolish enough to incur the wrath of such a goddess.

Little did she know that Prince Demos was foolish enough. He was determined to get the prized stag of Artemis' holy deer for his father's table, at any cost.

Aldara decided to confront this immortal and she stormed in the direction the arrow had come from.

"Who dares to hunt in these woods!" she angrily cried as she revealed herself to the intruder.

Prince Demos gasped as the most beautiful woman he had ever seen stepped from the trees, almost as if by magic, and threw accusing words at him, about hunting in a sacred, protected place.

"How dare you, you foolish little god..." Aldara slowly stopped as she gasped and stood rigid, only steps from the just as surprised Demos.

Demos let his dark eyes roam over this beauty as he took in all her radiance. Her dark and curly hair was braided down her back along with several pretty flowers. Stray curls hang in her face, and especially around her emerald green eyes. The most curvaceous of female bodies was hidden beneath a rather sheer toga that stopped mid thigh. Her milky white skin looked petal soft to the touch, and her heaving bosom was an added plus.

This was no ordinary woman, no...Demos knew, this was a nymph! And what luck he had to stumble upon such a gorgeous, but usually very solitary being.

"A...a mortal," Aldara gasped. She had to flee immediately! Only gods and goddesses were to reveal themselves to mortals, not someone like her, a lowly maiden nymph to Artemis. If her goddess found out, she would be in the deepest of troubles.

"Wa--wait!!" Demos yelled after her, too shocked by her beauty to realize she had run off. Immediately he was pursuing her and Aldara, with no special gifts except her immortality, could only run at the speed of a mortal female.

Her foot suddenly got caught by a root and she fell to the forest floor with a grunt of surprise. Demos caught up with her eagerly and before she could stand up and escape, he grasped her ankle into his hand and yanked her back towards him.

Aldara screamed, but was muffled as Demos pulled her luscious body against his. Planting a firm, strong hand over her rosebud mouth, he breathed huskily into her ear. "Calm down my fair one...never before have I seen such a prey worthy of my pursuit. You are a most excellent prize and trophy...for me."

Aldara gasped as he pulled her tighter against his broad, strong chest and from the shock of it all, her head rolled back onto his shoulder and she blacked out.

Slowly her bright eyes began to open as she woke up slowly from her faint spell. About to rub her tired eyes, Aldara shrieked in surprise as she found she couldn't move a muscle.

Fully awake now she looked around frantically trying to discover what her situation was. Tears of fear filled her eyes as she realized she was bound, hand and foot and not able to escape from whoever had done this.

Aldara whimpered, looking down and seeing her toga was discarded a few feet away. Tugging at her bondage she discovered how cleverly she was bound to this tree.

Her shoulders, back, and buttocks were pressed up against the trunk of the tree. Her arms were pulled back and almost in a backwards sort of hug, embracing the tree. She was firmly seated on her knees, as her feet were tied around the back of the tree as well. This kind of devious bondage left her heaving bosom pushed forward for the attention of her captor.

"Awake at last my little prize?" a voice chuckled in her ear as Aldara shuddered.

Prince Demos walked around and knelt in front of the trembling nymph, appreciating her nude, perfect body.

"Never before have I seen such beauty...such perfection in a woman," he grinned, letting a finger trail down her creamy white shoulder.

Aldara grimaced at his touch and looked away in frustration. Demos leaned forward to nibble on her ear and whisper words of comfort to her.

"Don't worry little nymph. I am no fool, I know the laws of your goddess. If she discovers I not only entered her woods, hunted her prized stag, and tortured one of her nymphs, I would be in Hades faster than Zeus' lightning bolt could hit me," Demos chuckled.

"Wh--what are you going to do to me?" Aldara whispered in a quivering voice.

"Ah, she speaks," he grinned, loving the sound of her sweet, tinkling voice. What would sound even better would be her laughter.

"As I said, I know the laws of your goddess. Obviously you must remain a virgin after this ordeal is over, so this will just be our dirty little secret my precious..." his voice trailed off.

"What is your name?" he asked off suddenly.

Aldara glared at him. "You have no right to ask such a question of me! Just do what you plan to do and leave me be!"

"Your name?" he asked again, poking at her adorable naval with his finger, prodding the tender flesh.

Aldara squealed and squirmed, but it was useless in his devious bondage. "Okay! Okay...it's Aldara..." She let her head hang in shame. Laughing at such childish antics from a mortal nonetheless.

"Ah...Aldara, what a gorgeous name. I'm Prince Demos from the neighboring lands to these woods. I've heard of your goddess but never her nymphs. But soon I'll know more about you then even Artemis," he chuckled.

Aldara had no chance to question him on this as he suddenly leaned forward and began to tickle her delicate ribs that protruded slightly from beneath her heaving bosom.

She was shocked! Never before had she been touched by anyone other than the nymphs or her goddess, and not in this kind of way either! Aldara was just covered in acres of virgin, creamy flesh that Demos was going to enjoy exploring every inch.

Throwing her head back she squealed, and then broke down into helpless fits of giggles. Demos grinned, enjoying her reaction as he playfully tickled along her ribs and then moved his hands down to her slightly rounded belly and naval.

"Nononono!!! Eehahaha!!!" Aldara giggled as he poked his finger into her naval and now prodded the creamy flesh of her hips.

Prince Demos had never known such feelings in his loins before. But unfortunately he knew he had to leave them raging, not daring to have his way with this lovely nymph and end up being shot down with lightning as a result. No...his plans were to take Aldara to the edge and leave her there...and never let her break her vow of chastity.

Suddenly Demos stopped and disappeared from Aldara's view. Panting, she opened her eyes as her chest rose and fell and she regained her breath. Her heavy braid hung over one shoulder, as the ringlets of hair in her face now stuck to her sweaty throat and forehead.

"Pri--Prince Demos?" she asked in a shaky voice. Where had he gone?

The prince was crouched down on the other side of the tree examining her flawless feet. It was the gift of her immortality that her feet retained such beauty and tenderness, despite her walking barefoot through the forests all day.

Her feet were rather small, maybe a size seven at the most. The skin of her soles was flawless, completely supple and milky white. The high arch looked especially tender and creamy as did the delicate and smooth, pink balls and heels of her feet. His favorite part were her adorable toes, not very long, but more like small pudgy grapes that were pink and twitching in nervousness.

Holding his breath, Demos reached a hand towards these untouched, virgin feet and dragged a fingernail down each sole quickly, then back up.

Aldara's eyes widened and a shrill scream filled the forest as the shock of the situation sunk in! Aldara had no idea her feet were so sensitive! No one had ever touched them before!

"NOOO!!! EEEEHAHAAHAEEE!!! HeeeeeLLLPEEEHAEEEE MeeEEEHAAA!" she screamed in laughter as it echoed around the empty and endless woods.

Prince Demos was very satisfied with her reaction and skipped the gentle foreplay and began to dig his fingers into the very hypersensitive soles of the gorgeous nymph.

He knew his time was limited with her, it was only a matter of time before Artemis or another nymph noticed she was missing. But they were so far off and deep in the western woods, no one would hear them for now.

Lovingly, he gave her soles all his attention, raking his nails from the tips of her toes, down over the smooth balls, her wrinkled arches and around her soft heels.

Prying about her adorable, pudgy digits, he tickled the creamy and tender skin that webbed between each one. This sent Aldara into fits of laughter as she struggled in the bondage.

"No more!" she pleaded as he stopped for a moment and reappeared in front of her. Lifting her weak head she looked at the prince with pleading eyes.

"Please Prince Demos...no more. Not my feet...Hades itself would be more inviting," she whimpered.

"Ssshhh my sweet trophy. Now we begin the real fun," Demos chuckled as he leaned forward and kissed along the top of her blushing bosom.

"Wha--what are you doing...?" Aldara began but immediately moaned in pleasure as the Prince eagerly kissed around the tops of her perky, perfect breasts.

The prince's time was limited, so as he leaned forward and took a perky, and aroused nipple into his mouth she moaned like an animal in heat.

Never before had Aldara known such sensations between her legs...no better, throughout her entire body! Her blood itself was on fire with passion as it pumped into her very core, causing her very private region to swell with desire, as well as her love button.

The throbbing in her loins and nipples was unbearable. Aldara broke out into sweet giggles as he began to squeeze her hip with one hand as the other began to squeeze and lightly tickle her other breast, as he suckled on her tender nipple.

Pulling back, Prince Demos could see the lust in this young virgin's eyes. Never before had she felt like this, and she just couldn't get enough! This made her wet dream about Ares seem like some mediocre joke, compared to the passion she felt raging through her veins at this moment.

Deciding it was time to finish this, Prince Demos grabbed a tree branch he had earlier yanked from a tree while Aldara had been unconscious.

Without a word he leaned down and began to pleasure her with his hot mouth. One hand was tending to her breasts, while the other clutching the branch, let it's pointy, yet dull end run over her silky soles, focusing on the arches and the balls of her feet.

Aldara moaned loudly in pleasure as her love button was given exclusive attention by his mouth, her breasts were fondled gently, and her feet were tickled lightly.

Suddenly the pent up passions and years of knowing no such pleasure, erupted and Aldara's body shuddered in the bondage, almost as if she had been struck by lightning.

Pleasure exploded in her breasts, loins, belly...everywhere! She panted and sweat trickled down her forehead as she regained her sense of mind and the pleasure began to fade slowly.

"Well now my darling prey, it's time for me to set you free. I've had my share of the hunt for today," Prince Demos sighed as he walked around to unbind her trembling body...still excited from the explosion of pleasure.

After Aldara was set free, she shakily stood up and touched her extra sensitive breasts and moaned softly in pleasure.

"Prince Demos..." she whispered as she saw him gathering his things to leave.

"Yes my sweet nymph?" he asked, turning to face her beautiful form.

"When's the next time you plan to go hunting?" she smirked as the Prince grinned back in surprise.

"When's the next time Artemis will be on the hunt?" he chuckled.

"Soon---very soon," Aldara grinned, but it wouldn't ever be soon enough if she could experience something like that again.

The End.

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Wish I could write half as good as you do. Thank you,