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"I don't think I can sir," she nervously bit her lower lip. Her fingers ran through her dark hair as she tried to stay calm.

"I didn't ask if you could Violet. I said you will infiltrate his castle and get it back before it's lost again," her master's dark eyes narrowed.

Violet stared up into her master's cold gaze and felt herself nearly tremble just from it. "Please...sir," she stuttered out, "get one of the senior mages to do it. Like Alonzo could do it, he is far more advanced than I."

"Enough," her master interrupted, "you will leave tonight and retrieve it for me. You're trained enough to be able to handle such a small task anyway. Be back before dawn."

She knew there was no questioning her master's order. Once they were said, they were set in stone and she couldn't back out.

"Yes Master Arhen," she bowed her head in respect and turned to go get ready for the night's events.
His dark eyes studied the glistening stone in his large palm. The emerald glowed in the firelight as the silver chain it was attached to dangled from his hand.

"Wendell, some more wine please," he called over his shoulder as he noticed his glass was half way empty.

"Yes my lord," his servant responded and left his master's study for the time being.

Narrowing his eyes he brought the bejeweled amulet closer to his face. He gripped it angrily in his hand.

"After so many years I've finally got the Amulet of Kode, and I still don't know how to reveal it's inner secrets," he growled to himself as he tossed it lightly down onto his desk.

"Your wine, sir," Wendell had reappeared clutching a fresh goblet of cool, red wine.

"Excellent. I'll be retreating to my chambers for the remainder of the evening. See that I'm not disturbed unless it's of a dire nature," he stood up from his leather chair.

"Yes Master Saar, I will make sure no one bothers you," Wendell bowed his head as his master brushed by and left the study as the fire began to die.
"Fuck," she whispered to herself as she opened another door silently on the right side of the hallway. Yet again she found herself peering into an abandoned guest room.

"A door on the right side on the second floor. Gah, Master Arhen should've been more specific," Violet was beginning to panic.

What was supposed to be a fast invasion of the enemy's castle, retrieval of the amulet, and a swift escape, was turning into a much longer process.

"It has to be this one," she whispered. Grasping the knob she pushed the door open, knowing the room would be deserted.

It was the middle of the night, practically two in the morning. The perfect time to infiltrate, everyone in the entire castle was fast asleep.

"Ah!" she smiled as the candle she clutched revealed the interior of a cozy study. Many leather bound books lined the walls as the fire was dying down in the fireplace.

"The desk," she whispered hurrying over towards it. It had to be there, that was where Master Arhen had told her to look first.

Almost as if by fate, there laid the amulet, resting on top of the dark desk. As her small candle flickered above it, the gorgeous gem glistened once again.

"It's so beautiful..." she was mesmerized for a moment and gasped as she felt something soft caress against her leg.

Looking down she found herself face to face with a gray cat.

"Oh," she sighed in relief. Her heart began to slow down.

"Sorry little cat, but I've got to go," she pet it's head. However no sooner had she turned away from the animal that it scampered from the study.

Shrugging she turned back to grab the amulet and make her swift escape.

"Perfect," she whispered, internally celebrating. Maybe this would mean her master would move her up from apprentice mage to senior mage.

"I think not," a dark voice whispered behind her. The last thing she knew was that she shrieked and then all she knew was darkness.
Slowly Violet began to come to. Her vision was blurry as she slowly opened her gorgeous, emerald green eyes.

"What happened..." she groaned, reaching up to rub her sore temple. But she realized suddenly that she couldn't move her arm.

Gasping she was brought back to reality as her situation dawned on her. She looked around frantically and found herself bound down to a cold, wooden table.

Rough stone walls surrounded her on all sides, so this chamber must be deep beneath the castle. Glancing down she at least was relieved to see she had all her clothes still on.

"Awake at last I see, my little thief?" a dark and taunting voice asked. Lord Saar stepped out of the shadows clutching the glinting amulet in his hand.

"The amulet!" Violet gasped and began to struggle against her bonds.

Saar watched her with amusement, "You know if I didn't know any better, I'd say you want to take my amulet away from me. But that would be stealing now wouldn't it?"

Violet glared at him and turned her head away in defiance. She didn't notice as Saar approached the table much closer.

"Wouldn't it?" he growled into her ear, grasping her chin in his hand and wrenching her face towards his.

Her vibrant green eyes narrowed and she spat angrily into his face. "Don't touch me you vile excuse for a warlock!"

Saar recoiled in revulsion as he wiped the spittle from his cheek. "You'll regret that wench believe me. I will make sure the punishment fits the crime. Not only do you try to steal what is mine, but you spit on me."

Only now that he mentioned some kind of punishment did Violet realize her helplessness.

"You...you're not going to torture me are you?" she trembled out.

"Aww and where did that rebellious streak of yours go? It's most intriguing," he teased as he stepped towards her again.

Sighing dramatically he set the amulet aside on a table, "No my darling. I won't be torturing you. At least not in the sense you think of it."

Violet stared at him in confusion, "What do you mean?"

"Well for starters, it amuses me that one of my enemies would send a female to steal from me. Not only that but they would send an apprentice mage. Your master is quite the fool my little thief," he chuckled as he touched a warm hand to her lower leg.

Her eyes shot down to watch his hand, "You...you're not going to rape me are you?" A single tear slid down her cheek.

"Ye gods no. And don't panic my sweet. You're far too lovely to bring any kind of physical punishment too. What do you think I am? Your master must have made me out to be an uncivilized brute. No...I have something much more special in mind for you love," Saar grinned darkly. It was rare that he ever got to torture a female in this manner.

"How?" Violet whispered in terror.

Saar ignored her and hummed to himself as he pulled out a red silk handkerchief from his pocket.

"I do so hate to cover up your gorgeous eyes. I could gaze into them for hours. But alas I must," he fake sighed again as he wrapped the blindfold around her eyes.

"Please don't..." Violet whimpered.

"Sshh, it won't hurt I promise," his somewhat soothing voice whispered into her ear.

Violet tensed up as only silence filled the room. Little did she know that Saar had made his way automatically to the foot of the table. Her medium sized feet still rested within the safety of her glossy black boots.

"Not for long," he grinned as he unlaced them instantly with his powers, so Violet would never even realize they were gone.

But she definitely knew something was off as the cool dungeon air caressed her souls.

Saar was too busy admiring her pretty size eight feet. They were just his favorite kind of feet. Obviously Violet took care of them, which wouldn't be difficult considering she had magic on her side.

The top of the foot was pale and creamy in contrast to the pink tinged sole. The arch was curved deeply and slightly wrinkled. The plump balls of her feet looked so sensitive. Already Saar could feel his genitals coming to life.

Without a second thought, this master warlock leaned forward and licked up her arch with his stiff tongue.

Violet let out a scream that echoed off the very walls of the dungeon. It stunned Saar for a moment. All he'd done was run his tongue up her arch just once. Just to taste the salty yet sweet creamy flesh.

Grinning darkly he already knew this was going to be agonizing for her.

"No! No! Don't!" she pleaded but was stopped as another scream of torturous laughter rumbled from her pretty mouth.

Saar was kissing and nuzzling against her one arch like it was his lover, while his free hands scribbled all over her other foot.

The feeling of her silky soft skin beneath his finger tips was enough to make him go weak at the knees. He hadn't tickled a woman in so long. And as an added bonus, he found Violet to be quite beautiful.

Immediately he stopped tickling her. She heaved for breath as her hair stuck to her face.

"Please...n...no more..." she gasped out, laying her head back on the table.

"We can do this the easy or hard way. Your choice my dear. Just simply tell me, who sent you to steal the Amulet of Kode from me and the torture ends," Saar whispered into her ear.

Violet was silent for a moment but knew she could never betray her master. "I...I can't," she sobbed, knowing the torture would continue.

"I see," was all Saar said. Standing up he walked back towards her feet.

"Well we can certainly see if we can change your mind," he chuckled. With his powers again he widdled tiny invisible strings that wrapped around her succulent toes and pulled them back.

She gasped and squirmed in her bonds, but her feet remained firmly in place. They were going no where.

Splayed out in front of him, and extremely taught, Saar sighed in pleasure. He loved the sight of helpless, beautiful female feet at his disposal.

"Let's take it up a notch," he laughed darkly. Instantly a bottle of soothing, aroma oil was in his hands, appearing out of midair.

Violet gasped as she suddenly felt his warm large hands massaging the warm oil into her creamy soft soles.

"Wh...what's that for?" she all but moaned out as it felt so wonderful to have her feet touched that way.

"Just an extra touch to make your feet more sensitive. This way when I tickle them it will feel five times as worse," he laughed.

Before Violet could respond the massage was done. Her pink soles glistened with the sheen of oil that covered them.

Holding a wooden comb in his hand he brought it towards her helpless bare feet and began to rake it up and down.

Violet arched her back as much as she could while being strapped to the table.

"NoaahAAHHHEEHAAHAAA! Pll...plleeasseEEAASEEEAHHHH!!!!" she screamed out, the blindfold sticking to her face as tears of laughter streamed down her cheeks.

With his magic, Saar made it so that the comb would continue to rack up and down her left foot on it's own. A small scrubbing brush appeared and by it's own means it began to twirl around her right arch and began to lovingly scrub against the sensitive trembling skin.

"NOOOAAHHHHH!!!!" Violet shrieked so high it could have broken glass.

It was time to mix pleasure with pain. Leaning forward he kissed her warmly on her laughing mouth. Violet squirmed in disgust all the while her laughter was muted.

Her shirt disappeared as did her bra as Saar's large hands began to massage her breasts, tweaking the nipples gently and rolling them in his fingertips.

Violet arched her back and moaned deeply into his mouth, the tickling forgotten for a moment.

"Ready to confess?" he whispered into her ear again, pulling away from her.

"I can't," she lowered her head and sobbed.

Sighing at her defiance he shrugged. The comb and scrubbing brush seemed to pick up their pace as the next thing Violet knew, Saar was kissing down her throat and headed towards her heaving breasts.

--2 hours later--

Violet, horny and exhausted, lay helplessly on the table, not even being able to muster the energy to laugh anymore.

By this point, more oil had been applied to her now red, slick soles. Two sharp quills scribbled gibberish all over her creamy soles.

She was completely nude except for her panties. A tiny brush was poking at her belly button, two feathers stroked her creamy inner thighs, and Saar was busy kissing and nuzzling her breasts and nipples.

Once again her knew she was right on the verge and pulled back from suckling on her bosom one last time.

"AAGHH!" Violet managed to scream out, arching her back and whimpering in agony. This denial phase was killing her. She was so close and yet he would never let her over that line!

A small kiss of his warm lips to her ripe and rigid nipple made her go crazy. Her nipples were so sensitive by this point she couldn't stand.

"ALRIGHT! I'LL TELL YOU! JUST PLEASE STOP!" she cried out desperately in a hoarse voice.

All the tickling instruments ceased and Saar removed the blind fold.

"Well?" he asked rubbing her nipple between his first finger and thumb.

Moaning she squirmed around in horny agony. "My...maa....aaaahhhh...ster is Lord Aa...aaAHHHH.....Arhen."

"Ah I see. Arhen does want this amulet back does he?" he chuckled. "He would be foolish enough to send an apprentice mage."

"So...I told you. Can I please be set free now?" Violet looked up into his face with exhausted eyes.

"I think not. You're the most ticklish and beautiful witch I've ever seen. I must keep you here as my own personal tickle mage. You will stay with my forever my little thief," Saar grinned as he latched himself onto her nipple and suckled tenderly.

The pleasure ripped through her like bolts of lightning and she moaned loudly in pleasure and squirmed deliciously against him.

As the pleasure died down afterwards her fate dawned on her and all she could do was stare up helplessly at her new "master" as he lowered his head, licking his lips, towards her extremely hypersensitive soles.

The End.

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Great story, can't wait to read the others you've posted. Thanks for sharing,