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(Part I)

Once again she nervously glanced over at the night stand. The clock visibly read 6:24.

"He'll be home soon," Ashley sighed as she ran her fingers through her short brown hair. She always got antsy and extremely nervous whenever she knew Jerry was about to get home.

As she dreaded his homecoming she turned and looked through the partially opened bedroom door and noticed the ominous looking door at the very end of the hallway.

It led down to the basement, Jerry's favorite part of the house, and definitely Ashley's least favorite.

Ashley was knocked out of her deep thoughts as she heard the distant thundering of Jerry's bike making it's way down their driveway.

"Oh god," she mumbled, her heart pounding in her chest.

Quickly she hopped off the bed and scurried across to the vanity. Giving herself the once over she just sighed hopelessly.

"He's going to be so pissed..." she sighed as she stared at her tired looking reflection.

The jingling of keys was heard as Jerry unlocked the front door and pushed it open impatiently.

"Ash?" he called out. He always hated when she wasn't waiting at the door to greet him, a cold beer in hand.

"Coming," she responded as she exited the bedroom and hurried down the hall. She knew how he hated to wait.

As she entered the living room she saw Jerry sprawled out lazily on the couch. He looked up to acknowledge her and his eyes immediately narrowed at what he saw.

"What did you do?" he angrily asked.

"It's just a few inches shorter Jer, the stylist didn't mean to. My hair was still wet so it always looks shorter when dry and --" Ashley tried to explain quickly.

"I don't care about the damn stylist Ashley. I care that you went against my wishes and chopped your hair off," he stood up slowly.

God he intimidated her and Ashley found herself backing away.

"Please don't Jerry," Ashley pleaded, now up against the wall.

"Don't what? Punish you for chopping your hair off? Your damn right I'm going to. Did you at least remember to get [I]it[I] done?" he impatiently asked.

Biting her bottom lip, a bad move because that small facial gesture really turned Jerry on, she dropped her gaze.

"No...I forgot," she whispered in terror.

Silence filled the room. "Well now I definitely have reason to punish you. I guess I'll have to do it myself."

"No Jerry please!" Ashley whimpered. She always hated when he personally did it to her. It was so much worse than the salon.

"Come on then. Don't struggle," he gripped her upper arm and wrenched her away from the wall and started to drag her down the carpeted hallway.

"Please Jerry! I'll go tomorrow!" she tugged at her arm.

"If I hear one more plea, I'll gag you for the rest of the night," he warned under his breath.

Ashley dropped her head. She knew when to stop pushing his buttons.

Jerry pulled open the basement door and flipped the switch with his free hand as he began to lead Ashley down the narrow wooden steps.

Her heart was pounding so loudly in her ears she couldn't even make out the distinct squeaking of the old steps as she made her way down.

They came into a partially finished basement, with half the room being a game room for Jerry and the other half containing the washer and dryer.

"Come on then," Jerry dragged her towards his game room side of the basement.

Tossing her down onto the couch gently he walked away to retrieve something. Ashley eyed the stairs warily, but didn't dare try to flee. She had tried in the past and it hadn't turned out well.

"Give me your hands," Jerry ordered as he returned from the closet clutching soft white rope in his hands.

Holding out her thin wrists without hesitation, Jerry begin to wind the rope around them and secured them tightly yet comfortably together.

Jerry left again but this time returned carrying his homemade stocks. He'd worked on them for over two months and never told Ashley. The first time he'd bolted her feet in that thing she thought she'd have a heart attack.

"Don't struggle," he warned her. He grabbed her thin calves and with ease stuck her feet and ankles through the holes and brought the top half down, bolting it shut.

"How are you feeling?" he asked with a mischievous grin.

Biting her lower lip again she looked away. But she suddenly jolted up off the couch and squealed as Jerry dragged a finger up her still socked sole.

"Answer me when I ask you a question," he growled.

"I'm feeling scared Jerry. But I won't fight you, because I deserve this punishment," she basically recited like every time he "punished" her.

"Good girl. Now since you didn't get a pedicure at the salon, I'll punish you by giving you a hellish one right here at home," he chuckled darkly.

"And since you chopped your hair off against my wishes, I'm going to double the punishment by tying your toes back," he laughed to himself.

"Oh god, please Jerry don't!" she wailed as she began to squirm against the stocks.

"Too late. Now don't you go anywhere. I've got to go and get my tools," he stood up and left her alone as he headed back upstairs.

Ashley heard him moving around above them, obviously in the bed room as she struggled to untie her hands. But Jerry's tying of the rope was much too advanced and she knew she had no chance at freeing herself.

A few minutes later he returned clutching all his items against his chest. Plopping down on the chair in front of her socked feet he deposited all the items onto the coffee table.

Ashley glanced over and felt a shudder run down her spine as she observed what he had brought down: a pumice stone, extra moisturizing foot cream, Jergen's lotion, a scrubbing brush, and soap.

Blinking she stared at Jerry. "What is the soap for?"

"Well you don't expect me to give you a pedicure without washing your feet off? Besides they probably smell terrible being in your confining socks all day," he chuckled.

He stood once more and went into the small half bath in the basement and returned with a large cup of warm water.

"Let's get this punishment started," he grinned.

Ashley watched helplessly as he peeled her purple socks off her size eight feet. Her toes wiggled in the cool air of the basement as they were bared for the enjoyment of her tormenting boyfriend.

Jerry always loved taking in the sight of his girlfriend's feet. They were the first thing he'd ever noticed about her. Ever since that day in class when they had been sophomores in college. She had been sitting at a desk with her flip flop dangling off one foot as she bobbed it impatiently.

Her feet were a little small for his taste, he always did like a bigger foot, at least a nine. But her size eight were adorable.

The toes were nicely formed and the toenails were painted dark red, his favorite. Her balls and heel were tinged a light pink while her arch remained a creamy white.

She didn't really need a pedicure, since she got one at least once a week for Jerry's sake and to keep him happy.

But her feet could never be too soft or creamy for his demented mind. He just loved to tickle torture them, lick them, sniff them, kiss them and so on.

"Ah freshly bared feet. My favorite," he laughed idly as he leaned in close to them.

"Whew, definitely smell like sweat, and your heels look dry. A pedicure is just right for you," he grinned, kissing the soft ball of her left sole.

Ashley giggled and already began to squirm, her toes curling instinctively.

"Oh yeah, your toes, almost forgot," Jerry chuckled, pulling some string from his pocket.

Ashley didn't fight as he tied her big toes back and then her pinky toes. Her feet were now splayed before him, very taught and the flesh of her soles practically tingling as they knew the torture that was about to befall them.

"Let this punishment be a reminder, to alway do exactly what I say," Jerry told her coldly as he picked up the scrubbing brush and soap.

He poured some water onto her right sole and then onto the scrubbing brush. Rubbing the soap against the brush he lathered it up and then without warning he began to ferociously scrub her right foot.

Ashley almost felt like jumping out of her skin as she squealed and began to struggle.

"Jerrryyy! Sto...ah..ah...op!" she screamed. Never before had he scrubbed her feet like this! It tingled and tickled so badly she thought she couldn't stand another second!

Ignoring her pleas, he scrubbed the brush below her toes, over the ball, down the smooth arch and onto the rounded heel.

Without a word he poured the rest of the water onto her left sole and began to scrub that one squeaky clean.

Ashley couldn't even try to plead for mercy now as she was so consumed in deep laughter. Her face was red and her eyes squinted tightly together as she tried to remain sane throughout this agony.

"There, nice and clean," he laughed darkly as he pulled back.

Her once light pink soles were now a practically shimmering magenta from how hard he'd scrubbed.

"Please..." she panted, sweat trickling down her pretty face, "no more Jerry."

"We have barely began," he coldly remarked. "I'm showing no mercy or safe words tonight. I'm tired of you not obeying me when I tell you something. And forgetting a pedicure is unforgivable."

"Yes Jerry," she dropped her head. She knew arguing with him would just make her punishment last that much longer.

"Now onto my favorite part," he said evilly. Picking up the pumice stone he noticed how Ashley's feet began to tremble again.

Leaning close to her beautiful soles he began to rub the pumice stone across the supple, pink balls of her feet.

Ashley threw her head back and began to practically scream with laughter. Her feet were so sensitive now after the scrubbing and now the rough rubbing of the pumice stone! It was more than she could bare.

"Hahahaheeee...Jerr....Jerr...eeeEE! Ple....eeeeahhheese!!! No....no moreeeaahhahh!!" she screamed through her laughter that could deafen anyone. But the louder she laughed the more Jerry was turned on and loved it.

It wasn't until he really began to rub it firmly against her creamy arches, the most sensitive part of her foot, that she really lost it.

"EeeeEEEEE! Noaahhahhhhaahh!" she shook her head wildly from side to side, her short hair sticking to her pretty face and neck as she sweated.

After fifteen minutes of good and thorough pumicing of her foot, Jerry was content. Her heels no longer had dry skin but were rosy and smooth.

The balls of her soles were a warm magenta and her arches were even tinged a slight pink from how hypersensitive he was making them. The bottom of her toes were even a creamy white by now.

"Now for the relaxing part," Jerry whispered as brushed the Jergen's aside and reached for the extra moisturizing foot cream.

"Perfect," he grinned as he squeezed it from the tube and into his hands. Rubbing them together he began to then massage the lotion firmly into her soles.

This part of the punishment Ashley didn't mind. She moaned as he massaged her feet. It felt so good and soothing after the last half hour of utter torture.

After a few minutes of rubbing the cream in he stood up.

"Where are you going?" Ashley asked.

"To get the socks," he laughed, knowing how much she hated them.

"Oh please Jerry! Not the socks!" she whimpered but ignored her and went up the steps towards their bedroom.

He descended quickly into the basement clutching a pair of feet softening socks that he had ordered specially off the internet for Ashley, though he knew she despised them.

"I'll leave them on for an hour," he said as he sat down at her bright pink soles.

Untying her toes he tossed the string to the floor and easily slid one pink sock over each warm sole.

He reached over towards an end table by the couch.

"What...what are you doing now?" Ashley whimpered in fear.

"Your punishment is far from over Ash. I want your feet to be hot and slick when I really get down to business," he said as he set the small end table lamp over her feet.

Ashley was terrified. Her feet were so soft now that even when he'd rolled the scratchy socks over her feet it had tickled.

If they were left in the softening socks for an hour, still moist from the massage with the cream, and under the small lamp....she wouldn't be able to handle it.

"Please baby. I've learned my lesson. We can go upstairs and--" she tried to coerce him.

"Won't work Ashley. I want nothing more than to tickle your pretty feet tonight and see you struggle and scream because I know how much you can't stand me touching your feet let alone tickling them because of how sensitive they are," Jerry grinned.

Walking away from her she wondered where he was going now.

"I'll be back. I need to go get some of my toys from upstairs so once I start to tickle your feet, you'll learn the true meaning of tickle torture," he darkly said over his shoulder.

Ashley's supple and tender feet squirmed in the stocks as she felt the cream sinking into the pink flesh and making them that much more tender.

"Oh god," she whimpered. What was he going to do to her poor feet next?

(Part II) "Jerry's Extraction"

Jerry was humming to himself as he dug through the top drawer of his dresser. It was where he kept all his favorite "toys" to torture Ashley's feet with. As he picked up a Sonic toothbrush to inspect he heard a crash from below.

"What the hell?" he glanced at the slightly ajar basement door. What in the heck at Ashley done?

Meanwhile Ashley stared at the discarded lamp with a smug look of pleasure. She wasn't going down without some sort of fight. Her courage always seemed to come back after Jerry had left the basement.

But it slowly drained as he descended the steps clutching a few tools of torture in his arms.

"Ash! What the hell did you do!" Jerry roared. He walked swiftly towards her as he deposited the toys onto the coffee table.

"You broke the lamp! Your feet weren't even close to being done! I've never seen you act this naughty before," he shook his head in displeasure.

"Just because I'm trapped doesn't mean I'll go down without a fight!" she spat at him angrily.

Jerry wiped some of her spit off his cheek as he stared into her rebellious yet beautiful chocolate brown eyes.

Sighing he shook his head and ran his fingers through his hair.

"What I was going to do to your feet before is nothing compared to now. We need to just wipe that little rebellious streak right out of you. Since you're so intent to swing your arms around and break things, I think I need to get out the bag," he grinned slowly, already knowing her reaction.

Ashley's face whitened and all her courage was diminished.

"Oh please Jer! Not the bag! Please!" she hysterically squeaked as she squirmed around, trying in vain to free herself.

Jerry had only used the bag on her once and that was when he'd found out she kissed one of his friends after having a few too many jello shooters.

"Too late for begging now Ash. And if I hear you ask for mercy once more I'll gag you too," he warned.

Ashley fell silent as Jerry walked by her and towards the closet where he'd pulled the stocks from earlier.

Ashley heard shuffling around and knew that there was no way she could get out of this now.

"Oh god," she whimpered as she saw Jerry re-enter the room clutching a navy sleeping bag and a few old belts.

He didn't even say a word to Ashley as he easily trapped her small body against his as he wrapped the sleeping bag around her but leaving it unzipped at her ankles where the stocks began.

Ashley whimpered as he finished zipping it up the side. But he wasn't finished quite yet. He wanted to make sure she really knew the meaning of helpless.

Grabbing one of the belts he wound it around where her knees were and tightened it. He did the same with the other four belts, one around her upper thighs, below her breasts, and finally below her shoulders.

Ashley stared at him helplessly as now only her head and her feet protruded from the navy cocoon that Jerry loved to put her in.

"Perfect," he grinned. "Now about how long the punishment will last. I say for every day it will take your hair to grow back, we add one minute. So since it will take about three months for your hair to get half way decent again that is about ninety days....so ninety minutes of unmerciful torture on your soles."

Ashley whimpered and squirmed in vain. Jerry had never punished her more than an hour! How could she handle an hour and a half, plus her feet being so sensitive, and the confines of the bag!

"Jer...I can't handle this. Please I said I was sorry..." Ashley whispered, hoping to get some kind of pity from him.

Sighing he shook his head, "I told you. No more begging for mercy Ash. But since I love you, I won't gag you this time."

With that said, he was impatient waiting for the socks to be done. So slowly he began to roll them down her ankle and off her foot.

As he warm soles were exposed to the cool basement air, Ashley gasped. She could feel the air coming from the a/c vent above them blowing on her now super tender soles.

That alone made her want to giggle. This punishment was going to be hell.

Without warning Jerry lopped the string around her big toes and pinky toes once again and tied them back.

He immediately felt a bulge in his pants as he surveyed his work. His adorable girlfriend wrapped from shoulder to ankles in a cocoon of helplessness. While her rosy, baby soft soles protruded from the stocks. They were tied back tightly and completely taught.

"Let's start then," he bent over to pick a toy.

"I figured we could start with something old school," he chuckled as he held up his favorite stiff green feather.

Lazily he twirled it across the plump ball of her left sole. Ashley didn't expect it to tickle so much! The feather usually made her giggle. But her feet had never been this tender before either.

Throwing her head back in agony, Ashley was forced into silence for a few seconds while her brain tried to register what was going on down at her feet.

As if a ticking time bomb finally exploded, Ashley's mouth opened and she squealed in laughter and began to squirm.

Her small form resembled a snake as she wiggled helplessly on the couch, fighting the confining bag as best she could.

"HeeeeeEEEahaaa...Jer...JerreeeeEEEahhaAAA.... plee assuhhhaaaeeeAHHHH" she tried to plead but it was useless. All words were lost as her body gave over to pure laughter.

Jerry dropped the feather and reached over and grabbed a pen. He wanted to take this up a notch.

"I think the only way to get through to you is by giving you a message. So I'm going to write "I love Jerry's pedicures" on your soles as many times as I can," he laughed darkly.

"Not the peeeEEAHHHAAAa!" she began to scream as he began to write across her sole with the ball point pen.

As he wrote down the middle of her sole and descended upon her smooth arch, Ashley's eyes squinted shut as the most horrible of screams was emitted. It tickled so horribly that even laughter was just not enough of a reaction from her!

Jerry was stunned slightly and stopped for a moment studying her red, sweaty face.

But as mentioned before, the more she squealed and the louder, the more turned on he was.

Jerry felt as if he was about to explode in his pants at this point. Reaching over to the table he grabbed a soft bristled brush.

Deciding only to focus on her arches for now, he really wanted his message to get through.

Bringing the brush down on the arch of her left foot he began to ferociously dig it into her sensitive skin. He didn't hold back at all.

Ashley was in convulsions now as she barked out hysterical laughter and screams!

This was all too much for her poor body to handle! After this punishment was over, Ashley knew she could never take one like this again.

Jerry was just going too far and pushing way over her limits.

"I....eehhaaaAAAA haaateeeEEAhahaaaa yoaahhHAAHAaa!" she screamed at him angrily.

Jerry stopped his actions, frowning at her words.

"What did you say?" he asked slowly, venom in his tone.

"I said I hate you," she struggled to get out, regaining her breath.

"Oh really?" he taunted dragging a finger nail lazily down her sole.

Ashley squealed and was lost in laughter again as he had dropped the brush and was mercilessly digging into her feet, venting all his anger from his fingers to her supple soles.

"I'll show you how mean I can. We're only forty minutes into the punishment," he whispered angrily as he reached over to the table and picked up an electric toothbrush.

(Part III) "Futile Attempts"

"Pl...please Jer....Jerry. No...more..." Ashley struggled to plead as she attempted to catch her breath.

The punishment was technically supposed to be done in ten minutes. But little did Ashley know that Jerry was just getting started.

Jerry didn't say a word. He actually hadn't spoken to her for almost over an hour. Ashley didn't realize the effect her words earlier had on him. If it was one thing Jerry hated was when Ashley proclaimed her deep hatred for him.

He knew deep down she hated him so much she loved him. There was that fine line, or balance, between hate and love. And their twisted relationship was balanced rather nicely on that specific line.

Setting aside the toothbrush Jerry stared up into her sweaty and pleading face.

"Please..." she whispered, a single tear sliding down her cheek. She just couldn't take it anymore. The bag, the stocks, her toes tied back...it was just too much after almost two hours of pure torture on her poor soles.

"Okay baby," Jerry's face softened as he swiftly untied her toes. Ashley sighed in relief as she flexed her stiff toes and eagerly watched as Jerry stood up.

Jerry leaned over her and began to unbuckle the many belts he had used to fasten her securely within the sleeping bag.

As he dropped the belts to the basement floor he grabbed the zipper and quickly unzipped the stuffy sleeping bag.

As he removed the bag from around Ashley's small body, the sweet aroma of her scent mingled with sweat filled his nose.

Her whole body was sweaty after being in the confining back. Her shirt stuck to her upper body almost like a second skin.

Ashley patiently waited for him to untie her hands and set her free. However the sight of her sweaty body was just too much for poor Jerry.

"Jerry?" Ashley questioned, shaking her bound hands as a signal she wanted to be untied and set free.

"You know Ash," he said, a dark undertone to his voice, "you certainly are really dirty now."

Ashley blinked. That was a random thing to say to her.

"What do you mean dirty?" she asked, squinting her eyebrows in a fashion that was so adorable to Jerry.

"Well your covered in a layer of sweat and to be honest sweetie, you smell terrible. And your feet are pretty dirty too, still covered in ink and everything," Jerry made a mocking face of disgust.

"So...let me free and I'll go take a shower," Ashley said awkwardly as she squirmed on the couch, wanting to be set free more and more each second.

"Good idea. But instead I'll leave you bound, and I will give you a shower," he chuckled darkly.

Ashley's jaw dropped in shock. "Enough Jerry, come on! You punished me for two hours! The joke is up, untie me now!" she yelled at him angrily.

Jerry coldly regarded her as he reached down to unbolt the stocks. "Well it certainly seems my punishment hasn't had the desired affect. Look at you, already questioning me and not just following along and obeying."

Immediately she dropped her head submissively, "Look Jerry, I'm sorry. I'm just tired of being tied up like this. I want to relax and just get out of this bonds."

"Well you can do that after your shower," he grinned mischievously as he freed her feet. Grasping her ankles he set her feet down onto the cold floor as he pushed the stocks aside with ease.

Ashley was now half way free, only seated on the couch with her bound hands. Jerry took his eyes off her for only a second as he turned away to grab his few toys left on the coffee table.

Using the split second he was turned away Ashley jumped to her feet, and though her legs felt like jello after being confined for two hours, she felt adrenaline pushing her on.

She dashed behind Jerry silently and practically sprinted up the steps.

"Ashley!" Jerry roared from below. She knew he would be beyond pissed. But if this was her one chance at freedom, then so be it.

She was half way down the hall when an idea came to mind. Jerry was halfway up the basement steps, his angry and heavy stomps causing her heart to pound in fear.

Throwing herself at the basement she slammed it shut practically in his face. Pressing all her weight against it she struggled and managed to turn the lock on the doorknob.

Jerry pounded on the door. His angry bellows for her to let him out did not effect her as she managed to lock the door with success.

"ASHLEY! GET BACK HERE!" his voice boomed practically throughout the entire house.

Ashley had to think quickly. She knew it wouldn't be long before he bashed his way through the thin door.

She knew the front door was bolted from the inside with only a special key that Jerry kept in his pocket, same for the back door.

"Bastard," she mumbled as she hurried towards the bedroom. Ashley didn't even want to waste time trying to free her hands.

Instead she just wanted out of the house and now. Hurrying to the window above her nightstand she lifted her bound hands and with trembling fingers she unhooked the latch.

"ASHLEY!" Jerry's voice echoed once again through the house, as his shoulder rammed into the door. She heard the door groaning against it's hinges as the wood frame cracked.

Quickly she pushed open the window, and then the screen. Kicking her reading lamp and alarm clock aside she climbed up onto the nightstand.

No sooner was she half way out the window when she heard the door finally give and the frame made a nasty cracking noise.

Jerry, completely furious, saw his girlfriend's adorable derrier staring him in the face from down the hall and into the open bedroom.

"I don't think so!" he yelled, running down the carpeted hallway. Ashley screamed and kicked trying to pull the rest of her body through.

"NO!" she screamed desperately as she felt his strong, large hands wrap around her waist and yanked her back inside the room.

Tossing her gently to the floor, Jerry slammed the window shut and relatched it.

He turned to face his beautiful girlfriend, only to find her sprawled out on the bedroom floor. Ashley's short brown hair stuck to her face as she stared up at him with teary, frightened chocolate brown eyes.

But no look of terror was enough for him to calm down. Ashley had never behaved this way before!

"You'll regret everything you've just done. Believe me," he cautioned dangerously as he bent down and grabbed her bound arms and yanked her up into his chest.

Ashley's heart pounded in her chest as he hugged her close. "Ww...what are you..d...doing?"

"Just the thought of you escaping is enough to make me lose my mind. I love you so much Ash, I just....I can't lose you or even imagine it," he whispered into her ear as he kissed the side of her face.

"Why...? Why would you try to run even though you know how much you mean to me?" Jerry questioned her angrily.

Pulling away to face him, Ashley glared. "I only was trying to escape because I hate living here! I hate being punished by you! And I freaking hate YOU!"

Jerry's anger quickly returned and he was livid.

"Oh? You still 'hate' me do you? Well I certainly teach you a thing or two. Now about that shower," he laughed darkly. Picking her up with ease he tossed her small frame over his broad shoulder.

"Jerry!" she squealed in shock. "Put me down! NO!" she screamed as they entered their shared bathroom.

Still holding her, Jerry grabbed the handcuffs he kept in a basket by the toilet for the special occasions when he did give her showers.

He stepped into the tub and set Ashley down in front of him. Grabbing her wrists, he untied them as he quickly as he re bound them with the handcuffs.

Being gentle with her tired arms he lifted them over her head and fastened her handcuffed hands to the sturdy shower head.

"I'll be back," he said coldly. Jerry walked from the bathroom to grab the scissors he kept on his desk.

Returning he found Ashley squirming against her bonds, staring around with wide eyes of fright. Trying to find anything to help her escape this awful situation.

"You're going nowhere," Jerry gripped her face in his hand. "Now let's get you ready for that shower. Don't squirm."

He used the scissors to cut away her sweaty shirt, followed by her bottoms.

Ashley hadn't felt this humiliated for a long time. "Jerry please...not like this. I'm sorry. I--"

"Too late for apologies now. You need to learn a lesson. Tough love it is," Jerry interrupted coldly and sliced away her lacy bra, followed by her matching panties.

Jerry set the scissors aside and undressed himself. He stepped into the tub and closed the curtain. He reached past her flat belly to grab the knobs and adjust the water before turning the shower head on.

He couldn't help but lightly stroke her belly with his other free hand. She squealed and squirmed deliciously against him.

Jerry pressed the knob in and the shower came to life as the warm water cascaded down on the two of them like a waterfall.

Grinning her stared at Ashley, loving to see her in this vulnerable state.

"At least you shaved this morning," he said leaning close to kiss her smooth armpit.

Ashley threw her head back and squealed. Jerry used this opportunity to lean up and kiss her deeply as the water rained around them.

Giving her a shower was so hot to him. It was one of his favorite things to do to her, but it was rare he ever did. So he certainly was taking advantage of this time.

Ashley didn't return the kiss and he growled in annoyance. "Defiant until the end huh? Well we can fix that."

He grabbed her purple louffa hanging on a hook on the tiled wall. Grabbing the bottle of body wash he deposited some on the louffa. He quickly lathered it up as he grinned at her.

"Time to get Miss Ash nice and clean," he chuckled. Leaning over he kissed down the side of her soft neck, relishing in the feeling of her moist skin against his warm lips.

His one hand begin to tickle her belly again while the other began to scrub the sensitive, freshly shaven skin of her armpits.

Ashley squealed and then began to laugh as she squirmed helplessly. Tugging at her bound arms she knew it was useless.

Jerry leaned in again and kissed her harshly on the mouth. Her laughter was muted and while he forced his kisses upon her he took the tickling up a notch.

One finger probed into the depths of her adorable belly button while the other hand now was scrubbing at her medium sized and perky breasts, paying close attention to her rosy nipples.

Ashley couldn't help but moan into Jerry's mouth and return the kiss slightly.

"Now we're getting somewhere..." he whispered into her ear after pulling back from the kiss for a moment.

Ashley shivered in delight as she stared up into his intense and lusty gaze, still giggling as her belly button was tended to.

(Part IV) "You Deny Me, I Deny You"

It had been almost a week since Ashley's attempted escape from Jerry through the bedroom window. Of course, as always, Jerry had "forgiven" her after an intense and steamy punishment in the shower. While it may have been a punishment it had left both of them deeply satisfied.

Right now Ashley was seated at the small table in the kitchen spooning some green vegetables onto her plate and then Jerry's as she was finishing up the preparations for dinner.

"Jer!" she called out sweetly. A grunt from the living room was a sign that he was paying attention.

"Dinner's ready Jerry," she said as she set his plate down on his side of the table and then sat back waiting for him.

"It smells good in here," he smiled as he entered the kitchen. Today was one of the rare days were Jerry had come home from work in a decent mood, and so far no tickles on Ashley's part.

Ashley settled back in her chair and began to cut up her chicken. "I hope you like it."

"I'm sure I will," Jerry plopped down in his chair and took a swig of his beer before grabbing the salt shaker.

As dinner commenced, they had the usual dinner table small talk. Jerry told Ashley about his day at work while she talked about her day taking classes at the local university for her master's degree.

After dinner was finished, Ashley stood up and grabbed her plate and Jerry's. As she stood at the sink and was rinsing them off, preparing them for the dishwasher, she turned to the side to glance at Jerry.

"Hey hon, I bought a pecan pie earlier at the store. Do you want a slice?" she smiled.

"Sure Ash," Jerry said as he took the final sip of his beer watching his girlfriend silently.

Ashley cut him a large slice and headed to the fridge to grab some whip cream to put on top, knowing that's how he liked it best. As she shut the fridge door, whip cream in hand, she shrieked and dropped the plastic container of Cool Whip.

Jerry was standing less than two inches from her, an intense look in his eyes. Ashley stepped back her heart pounding, and then bent down to grab the Cool Whip.

"God Jerry! Give me a heart attack," she glared at him as she stood up swiftly and stepped away from him and back towards the counter.

Ashley was opening the lid of the Cool Whip when Jerry's arms wrapped snugly around her waist.

On instinct she stiffened but then as he began to nuzzle her neck warmly from behind she settled into his warm embrace.

"Ash, I've been thinking lately..." he began quietly, as he nuzzled the sensitive spot behind her ear that he knew she loved to be touched.

She groaned and wiggled deliciously against him as she set the Cool Whip down on the counter.

"And what have you been thinking about?" she asked him curiously.

"Just about you and me, and how much you mean to me," he kissed down her neck and to the top of her shoulder that wasn't covered by her shirt.

"Jerry I don't understand?" Ashley was puzzled as she felt him let go of her. She turned around to face him but gasped as she saw him crouching down on one knee.

Her eyes widened as she stepped back in horror, her back coming in contact with the counter. She was basically pinned in place.

"Ash, we've been together for almost three years now. You are the most beautiful and perfect woman in the world for me. And after almost losing you last week made me realize how much you really do mean to me and how much I do need you. So all I can say is, Ashley will you marry me?" with that being said, he presented her with a gorgeous ring.

Ashley's heart pounded in her chest as she stared down at Jerry and shook her head slowly in denial.

"Jerry this is all so sudden...I..." thoughts were racing through her head. For months she had been planning on leaving Jerry. She had been trying to make arrangements to get out of this twisted relationship. But if she married him she would be his little tickle plaything forever.

The thought chilled her to the bone, but as she stared into his handsome eyes, she knew all he could foresee was their amazing future together as husband and wife. But she didn't want that at all.

Awkward silence passed as Jerry patiently awaited an answer, thinking she was still in shock and trying to take it all in.

Finally she broke the silence, "Jerry...you know I do love you...in my own way, but...I don't think I love you enough to marry you. I don't want to be your wife or spend my future with you. Our relationship has been fun but...I just don't think we're meant to go any further than we have."

All of Jerry's dreams of them as husband and wife were shattered, and his once warm gazing eyes, glazed over and become dark and cold. This was the face of a very angry and refused man.

In a dark tone he asked firmly, "Ashley I am only going to ask you one more time. Make this easy on yourself. So, will you please marry me?"

Ashley stepped further away, her back still against the counter and she shook her head, "No Jerry I won't marry you! I refuse!"

Jerry stood up and grabbed her lower arm and wrenched her forward and kissed her roughly on the mouth as she struggled against him.

Swiftly he grabbed her wrists and forced the engagement ring onto her left ring finger. "This time I'm not asking. I tried to make this romantic, but you had to go and fuck it up. Ashley, you will become my wife, you have no choice."

"I will never walk down the aisle and marry you!" she spat at him trying to pull away.

"Then I guess I'm just going to have to convince you otherwise, aren't I?" he grinned wickedly.

"No Jerry! NO!!" she shrieked as he grabbed her around her small waist and slung her over his shoulder and headed back towards their bedroom as she banged her fists on his back helplessly.

Tonights main and only targets were going to be Ashley's feet. Jerry was so angry at her refusal he was going to put her feet through Hell.

Ashley whimpered helplessly as Jerry tied her face down on the matress. Her feet always felt more vulnerable and ticklish when they were upside down for some reason.

Jerry cuffed her hands to the headboard and then he bound her ankles tightly together with soft rope, and then bound her big toes together with a piece of string.

"I am not going to stop tickling your feet until you agree to become my wife," he growled at her as he sat down and deposited her helpless and tender feet into his lap.

Ashley whimpered and pleaded for mercy but it didn't have any affect on Jerry at all. He was pissed and as he gazed lustfully down at her tender and wiggling soles he knew by the end of the night she would agree to his proposal and so much more.

Before Ashley could beg again Jerry was already scrambling his fingers across the supple balls of her feet. She squealed and threw her head back in agony as his fingernails sunk into the tender and baby soft skin and scratched across them lovingly.

In a cute motion, Ashley buried her face into the matress and laughed into the covers as her shoulders shook and she tugged against the cuffs in futile.

"No mercy for you today Ash, definitely no safeword, no water or toilet breaks. Just me and your feet, and intense tickling nonstop until you agree to my proposal," he hissed at her as he leaned down and sniffed along the rosy scented flesh of her soles.

Ashley whimpered feeling his nose so close to her freshly scrubbed soles. She had gotten a pedicure earlier this afternoon on Jerry's orders.

"Mmm they smell so fresh and clean. It really makes me hot," he chuckled as he planted butterfly kisses along the sensitive line of skin beneath her adorable pink toes.

"Nooo!!!" she shrieked, it was muffled by the covers. Jerry knew just where to tickle her, and just how to really torture her. As he nuzzled over the balls of her feet, beneath, and around her toes he kissed, suckled, blew, and licked like her supple flesh was an icecream cone.

Meanwhile his fingers were scratching up and down her arches at a fast speed and then tweaking along her round, smooth heels.

Ashley cackled in deep, tortured laughter as her hair stuck to her neck and tears slid down her red face as she struggled to catch air.

Jerry had never before gone right for her hot spots. He usually lingered there for only a while after he had warmed her feet up. He was being especially vindictive tonight, and Ashley knew she wouldn't be able to hold out.

Her tender feet twitched and squirmed helplessly in his lap, but he kept her feet resting in the crook of his arm, and the helpless pink soles poked out and he scratched and kissed them tenderly until all his lusts were fulfilled.

Ashley finally threw her head back and squealed in agony and then was lost in silent laughter as Jerry was now sucking with great force on her creamy, delicious arches, while his fingers scrambled back and forth across her balls of her feet and then the tender toe pads and the creamy skin between each toe.

"Had enough Ashley?" Jerry growled as he continued to dance his fingers on the twitching, pink feet as he reached over with a free hand and grabbed the vibrator from the nightstand. Turning it on high, he then forced it down her sweat pants and her panties and right against the shaven mound of her most private area.

Ashley suddenly moaned and shuddered in pleasure as the vibrations sent a delicious wave through her body and especially between her legs.

Her toes curled as best they could as Jerry resumed torture on her feet. He began to tickle the tops of her feet, where the flesh was creamy white and so tender. While his mouth still suckled gently along her delicious arches.

She laughed in hysteria and all the while moaned as Jerry forced her through at least two orgasms After each burst of pleasure her body became more sensitive. Jerry showed no mercy as he would pick up the pace after each orgasm and was now nibbling along her arches very quickly and darted his tongue along the wrinkles in her baby soft arches. His fingers were tickling all over her supple balls, her round, pink heels, her toes, the creamy skin in between, and even the super sensitive tops of her feet.

At last, after the third oragasm, Ashley threw her head back not able to bear the slightest touch on her feet because they were so sensitive!

"OKAY JERRY!" she shrieked as the vibrator continued to stimulate her.

"What was that?" Jerry asked, tweaking her toes and nuzzling her arches.

"I will do it! I will fucking MARRY you! Just STOP IT! PLEASE!" she screamed out, her voice almost gone.

"Oh, okay," he grinned as he let up on her feet. He turned the vibrator down to low and slowly slid beneath her, so now she rested on top of him.

"Wh...what are you doing?" she whimpered, her hips bucking wanting the stimulation to stop!

"Well now that we are engaged we might as well celebrate, and what better way then by some more tickling?" Jerry laughed darkly.

"Noo!" Ashley squealed as he began to lick and nuzzle her smooth, exposed armpit.

Jerry grinned in delight as he watched her face and resumed kissing the tender pink skin like a kitten lapping milk as she giggled helplessly and squirmed and wiggled sweetly against him.

Tonight was the beginning of a very long, and ticklish life together for Jerry and Ashley.

The End.

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