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02-09-2012, 10:41 PM
Livia Westwood was patiently knitting as the carriage lurched along the dirt road in the early evening hours this cold winter night. Earlier the driver had lit a lantern inside the interior of the carriage so she could see what she was doing.

She knew the ride home would be a very long and dangerous trek. After visiting with her aunt and uncle in the city for Christmastide she was ready to return home to her father's manor in the country and enjoy the beginning of a new year.

The carriage began to slow down and Livia looked up at the window in curiosity. She must not have looked up from her knitting for a while because she just now was noticing the snow that was pouring down around them very thickly.

The carriage suddenly lurched to a stop and Livia almost tumbled forward to the floor of the carriage and shrieked in surprise. In a huff she sat up, straightening out her dress and setting her knitting aside.

"Westley, what on earth is going on?" she asked as the driver appeared at the door, opening it just slightly, not wanting to let the chilly and bitter winds in to the warm cabin of the carriage.

"I am sorry Miss Westwood, the snow is just far too thick for me to see anything. It's also making the road very muddy and icy which is dangerous for you and it's frightening the horses," he sighed, his breath visible in the freezing night.

"Then what are we supposed to do? My father is expecting us home in just over an hour!" Livia sighed, leaning back into the warmth of the furs she was nestled in.

"Yes miss I know, so I am going to leave you here momentarily and hurry to the closest village to send a messenger to your father saying we won't return until morning. I will return for you and bring some hot beverages and food," Westley quickly explained.

Livia was stunned, "You can't just abandon me out here for a while! What if a thief comes along? I demand you take me with you!"

Shaking his head, the elderly man clutched his wool jacket close to his shivering body. "My lady please understand, I can travel much more quickly by myself, and you couldn't possibly ride in a regular saddle wearing all your petticoats and such, I don't have a side saddle with me."

"But I am completely defenseless out here, I wouldn't know if someone was approaching me or not!" Livia frowned.

"You will be safe for as long as I am gone, I assure you. You can lock the inner door of the carriage and draw the curtains. The storm is so thick no one will even be able to see you, I assure you. Besides we are close to several farms, you are not all alone out here as you presume," he tried to calm her.

Livia sighed, knowing he was right. He had succeeded in persuading her for now. "Very well Westley, but please hurry back for I am afraid to be all alone, stranded on this road in the middle of the country!"

"Yes miss, I will return within the hour. The village of Thanderson is only two miles or so from here. I should be able to make my way through the storm swiftly enough. Remember to lock the carriage door and if you must know my lady, there is a dagger hidden beneath the seat opposite of you in a brown leather pouch," Westley shut the carriage door and disappeared with out another word.

Livia immediately latched the door from the inside and drew the velvet curtains. The eerie light of the small lantern flickered off the red velvet interior of the carriage as Livia nervously began her knitting again, keeping herself snuggled close in all her furs.

She must have nodded off because the next thing Livia knew she was slowly waking up as the last of the lantern was dying away. The warm glow the lantern had provided earlier was soon to be gone and Livia sat up slowly in confusion.

How much time had passed? Those lanterns usually lasted at least six hours and Westley had lit it up only an hour or so before the carriage had stopped.

Livia's heart raced nervously as she tossed her knitting from her lap and peeked out the curtain. The snow still fell thickly around her and she knew by now the ground would be sufficiently covered with a white blanket of snow.

“Where on earth has Westley disappeared to?” she sighed, closing the curtain. As the lantern died, so did it's light and warmth it had provided. Livia clutched her furs tightly to her body as she shivered, her breath just visible in the velvet interior.

Livia sat still for over a half hour, praying that Westley would return soon enough with a hot beverage for her and possibly some warm bread. But as more time passed, denial began to set in, and she knew Westley would not be returning anytime soon.

“I can't just sit out here like a fool,” she mumbled to herself. “I suppose I have to go find my own help.”

Nervously she unlatched the carriage door and made sure her warmest fur shawls were snugly wrapped around her head and shoulders as she took in a deep breath and then bravely stepped from the carriage.

Her boots crunched on the icy ground beneath her as she squinted her eyes trying to see anything, but it was practically impossible.

“Just stay calm,” she whispered to reassure herself as her teeth chattered. She began to walk down the now icy and muddy road, hoping it would lead her towards the village. Livia would have ridden a horse but she didn't know how to unfasten the remaining three from the carriage.

It was not a very good attempt because she continuously slipped and fell to the ground due to the ice. Finally fed up, Livia decided to walk along the side of the road, where the grass usually was. Hopefully that wouldn't be as icy.

This plan did not get very far either because Livia wasn't aware of a small ditch soon to come and painfully she tumbled down the side of the road and landed in the ditch with a grunt of pain. Blinded by the snow and helpless to claw her way up the sleek and icy ditch towards the road she just slowly hobbled to her feet.

The forest...that was her only option left. Maybe beneath the canopy of the trees, the snow would be less thick and she could find a possible cabin of someone who would help her.
Struggling to see, Livia made her way into the dense trees and discovered the snow didn't fall any less thickly her. She was still as blinded by the storm and continued to trudge through the thick blanket on the ground.

After over forty minutes of clawing her way through the woods, her stomach empty and she felt weak, Livia collapsed to the ground. Grunting in annoyance she found she had no strength to pull herself up. Tears of fear slid down her chilled face as she knew that death would soon be upon her. Closing her eyes, she rested her face onto the icy ground and awaited her doom, then all she knew was the endless darkness that is death.

A warm flickering light is what slowly roused Livia from her slumber. Wherever she was, the warmth of her surroundings felt wonderful. Her eyes slowly opened and adjusted to a tiny room around her. Obviously the interior of a cabin.

Livia struggled to sit up but found she couldn't move. Her heart raced in her chest as she looked up at her arms and found they were tied with soft rope to the corners of a table. She now realized she was laying upon a wooden table that was right beside of an immense fire place.

“What is going on!” she whimpered, as it then hit her that her legs were restrained as well and she was completely naked!

What an embarrassing situation for this young woman of noble blood to find herself in! Who on earth had bound her in such a fashion and bared her young body for all to behold?

“Awake I see?” a deep voice cheerfully asked from a door behind her head. Livia heard the heavy footsteps of this man's boots as he approached the side of the table.

Livia was surprised to see the rather handsome face of a young man, probably no older than thirty. He had a neatly trimmed beard and dark hair. His eyes seemed gentle enough, but then again this was the man who did save her life yes, but also tied her up!

“Please sir, I am forever grateful that you have saved me but please untie me!” Livia tried to stay calm as she gently urged him to set her free.

The man ignored her request and instead appeared to be mixing something in a bowl he held in his hands.

“I am glad you are grateful that I saved you. I found you laying out near my shed as I was returning from collecting all my rabbit traps. I was wondering why such a finely dressed lady was passed out so deep in the northern forest,” he chuckled.

“Who is your kin, darling? You must be rich to have been wearing such fine furs,” the man continued to stir whatever was in his mysterious bowl.

“Westwood...the Baron of Westwood is my father! My manservant and driver disappeared after going to find help and never returned, so I was trying to find my own way to help,” she sighed, “now please do untie me sir.”

Once again he ignored her request and chuckled, “Well Miss Westwood, I have certainly heard of your father. He taxes the village not far from here and has a kind reputation in these parts. My name is Russel by the way, you have nothing to fear from me darling. Once I found you, I forced some warm soup down your throat and laid your freezing wet clothes out to dry near the fire.”

“Russel I appreciate that very much, but please untie me!” she insisted, feeling more awkward every moment as he stood by her nude, bound body as if it was nothing.

“I'm afraid I can't do that Miss Westwood, for you see I have come to the decision that you will remain with me, and I knew once I told you this news you would try whatever means to escape from my humble cabin,” he chuckled.

“Stay with you? What in the world!” she shrieked as she struggled against the gentle yet stringent bindings.

“Of course, a life for a life. I saved your life, so now you owe me yours. The way I see it, you belong to me now. I am a lonely man as well you can presume, living out here in the woods like this, only going into town in the spring when I need new supplies,” he stroked her bare thigh gently, not in a sexual way at all.

“Then get yourself a village maiden, not me! I am of high rank and will not be treated in this fashion,” she glared at him.

“From the position you're in my little dove, you are in no position to make such demands. Now stay quiet as I tend to your feet,” he began to walk towards her bare feet.

“Tend to my feet?” she asked nervously, her feet twitching at the mention.

“Of course, I already took care of your hands. Your feet were practically frozen inside those soggy socks when I found you, those boots of yours were not meant to trek through snow. I want to make sure you don't get gangrene of course. So I have my own special ointment I will rub on them and it will sooth the still chilled flesh,” he explained.

Now Russel was not usually a man who was attracted to lady's feet, but he had never seen such pretty little feet either. Russel had been used to the low class girls he was raised with as a child, who walked barefoot every day as they tended to their chores. Not Miss Westwood...no she had the fine, smooth body of a woman of high birth rank. It was obvious even from the pampered state of her feet.

Livia did have very dainty feet, probably no bigger than a size six and a half. Her pudgy little pink toes wiggled nervously, and Russel found them too adorable. She didn't have much of an arch, but the instep of her foot was creamy looking and the tender pink flesh of her balls of her feet and heels looked silky smooth.

Without another word Russel wiped some ointment from the bowl and onto his hands, rubbing his hands together as if preparing to massage her soles with lotion. As soon as his warm big hands began to work on her soles, Livia erupted into giggles.

Even though he wasn't even technically tickling her feet, it still tickled gently to her. Any touch upon her feet was unbearable, and especially being in this vulnerable state of being tied down and not able to stop it, made it that much worse.
Russel began to knead his thumbs firmly yet gently into her small arches and insteps and that was when she broke down into adorable laughter.

He grinned broadly at this, loving her laugh. It was the most sweet and adorable thing he had heard his entire life! And after spending all winter in his cabin alone, the laughter seemed to fill the cabin with a new sense of warmth.

Once the ointment was well rubbed in, Russel decided to extend his treatment on her feet. “I just need to make sure it really sunk in to the flesh,” he lied to her, making any excuse to spend more time at her feet.

His fingers began to scramble across her twitching feet, and Livia arched her back and laughed sweetly as she squirmed in the bondage, unable to free herself from the table.

The ointment on her soles, made the skin extra tender and very slick, making the tickling so much easier to accomplish for Russel.

His fingers dug into her arches, pinched her insteps, tweaked her arches, and lovingly scratched across her balls. Finally he began to pry her adorable toes apart and tickled the tender webbings between each struggling digit.

“Not my toeseeahaHAAHA!!!!”Livia squealed, trying to curl them tightly but it was useless. Russel was going to spend all the time he wanted with her lovely ties and soles and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

As the minutes ticked by, Livia continued to giggle, squeal and laugh, all the while pleading for mercy, which Russel easily ignored.

“You are a most valuable find, I will keep you forever my ticklish little treasure,” he taunted her as Livia squealed in protest.

Her laughter was not heard from outside the cabin as the night wore on and the chilly winter winds blew through the trees, as the cabin was obscured from view by the thick currents of snow that fell like a veil around it.

Meanwhile, back at the carriage, Westley had returned. His horse had broken its leg after falling on some ice and the carriage driver had to walk by foot to the village. By the time he had sent the messenger and acquired a new horse to return to Miss Westwood, all he found was an abandoned carriage and nothing more.

The End.