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Another one,” the emotionless voice ordered.

“But sir…so soon?” a more timid one responded.

“I said add another. Don’t question me!” he bellowed angrily.

It echoed off the stone walls of this windowless chamber.

The hesitant youth sighed and reached down for the bucket to grab the brush.

The young woman in question had cringed when she had heard the order from the head dungeon master. As she watched his apprentice reaching for the bucket again she whimpered and began to writhe on the wooden table that she was currently bound to.

“Squirm all you want dear, you are going nowhere,” the dungeon master chuckled. He crossed his arms across his broad chest and monitored his young apprentice.

“A good even coat should do it lad,” he grunted as the youth now held the brush that was coated with a thick yellow substance.

The girl shook her head back and forth. Her pleas for mercy muted by the gag in her mouth.

As the brush was applied to her feet she arched her back and screeched into her gag. It was a mixture of anguish and laughter.

Her feet were red and slick from all the coats applied. But she still hadn’t broken yet.

“We can do this for days, my dear,” the dungeon master grasped her hair and forced her to look him in the eyes. “We know you are part of the group who has been stealing from the royal reserves. To even fathom stealing from the king’s own personal food supply…so foolish.”

The girl glared back up at him but as she felt that intense heat once more on her feet, the tears began to form in the corners of her eyes as her feet were about to be warmed up again with the candles and left to slowly roast.
__________________________________________________ ______________

“I cannot believe it took us almost three days to break her,” the apprentice sighed as he sat on a stool in the royal kitchens, waiting to be fed by the kitchen staff.

The dungeon master chuckled lightly, “The three young lads that were with her, they cracked within four hours of torture. She was the only one with a backbone. Definitely the leader.”

“What will become of her now?” the youth asked innocently.

His master shrugged as he took a swig of ale. “That is up to the king to decide. I doubt he will sentence her to death. It could range from a few days in the stocks to being sold abroad to a foreign brothel.”

The young boy shuddered a bit but the king was prone to being merciful to the young lasses of the kingdom anyway.

“Now Eric, we definitely need to try new techniques since you are advancing so quickly,” his master suddenly stated knocking him out of his train of though.

“I am advancing?” he asked in surprise.

“Oh yes, you have taken on to the tickling techniques like a pro. However all we’ve done so far is painful tickling. There is an entirely other side,” his master winked at him.

As the plates of food were set before them, the two men began to hungrily feast on a leg of lamb and some potatoes.

“Another side?” Eric thought and wondered what he could possibly mean…

__________________________________________________ _______________

The young girl cursed as she writhed in her bondage.

How the fuck could her parents have done this to her? Selling her into bondage?!

After all those years she had worked so hard for them in the shop. Wasting all her teenage years, slaving away so her mother and father and younger siblings could have bread every day.

And this was how they repaid her.

The past few months had seemed a blur. Being dragged away from her village in shackles. The auction. Being purchased for the king’s household as nothing more than a kitchen maid. Then the king had noticed her when she had been setting a large platter of duck meat onto the table.

He had been obsessed ever since.

The king’s wife, god help her, was matronly in the eyes of his majesty. After the birth and loss of several children the king had resorted to finding a mistress to sire him an heir.

Now the king had several mistresses, almost his own harem. Meanwhile he hadn’t laid a hand on the queen in over seven years. The queen, only in her mid-forties, had retired from trying to capture the king’s interest and resigned herself to her countryside estate, several counties away from the palace.

The king had noticed Eleanor right away. Beneath the rags she wore was a curvy, tight, and smooth body of a youthful woman in her early twenties.

After he had made his interest known in the girl, and the news had been delivered to Eleanor that king requested her in his chambers that night she had fled.

She didn’t get very far and the king did not take rejection well. He had sent her to the dungeons to try and persuade her to come around.

His majesty figured that she would happily reconsider his offer. A warm chamber and bed was better than a windowless dungeon cell. However, he had miscalculated. Eleanor hadn’t cracked in the least.

But after being locked in the dungeon for over a week the king was losing patience. What was it going to take to bend this girl to his whims?

For the past week he had taken his favorite mistress to bed with him several times, but nothing could satisfy his lusts.

He just imagined Eleanor beneath him, pale legs wrapped around his waist, writhing in pleasure as she gripped the sheets.

Finally at his wit’s end, he had summoned his dungeon master named Aron and his apprentice Eric before him. He ordered them to torture the young girl until she agreed to bed him. They were forbidden from actually breaking or marring her perfect skin.

This seemed like a challenge to Eric, but his master knew exactly what to do.

It was time to introduce young Eric to the more sensual side of tickle torture.

__________________________________________________ _______________

“Now young one, let me introduce our newest specimen,” Master Aron smirked as he turned the key and pushed the small wooden door open.

Light from the torch that Eric clutched flooded the tiny room.

The two men gazed upon a beautiful young woman. Silky blond hair covered her face and her dark blue eyes were closed for now. Her pale skin was hidden beneath the uniform of a kitchen maid. She was barefoot also.

The outline of her curvy body was evident as she laid on her side, her wrists and ankles shackled.

Eleanor cursed and covered her eyes as she sat up in confusion. She had almost been asleep.

“Who the hell are you?” she defensively uttered as she slowly stood up. She was a bit weak from her time spent cooped up in the dungeons.

“His majesty is offering you one last chance to acquiesce to his request,” Aron stated simply. He smirked as he watched the young girl’s facial expression.

Eleanor gripped her fists angrily. “The king has more than enough beautiful concubines to keep him happy. I have no reason to crawl into his bed.”
“Very well,” Aron airily sighed, “Eric grab her.”

Eleanor cursed but her struggles were useless against the very strong apprentice, especially since her legs and arms were shackled.

“How are we to bind her, master?” Eric asked simply as they dragged the screeching blond towards one of the many torture chambers.

“You shall see,” his master responded darkly.

Eleanor was immediately dragged into one of the more secluded torture chambers. This was so no one interrupted their important task at hand.

“Give her to me, and watch how I bind her,” Aron ordered.

Eleanor was easily passed between the two men. She angrily cursed as she was dragged over to a very strange looking apparatus.

A very tall wooden and leather structure stood about four feet off the ground. The table was rectangular shaped and was horizontal in design. The table was no more than eighteen inches long, and eight inches high.

The base was sturdy and wooden. The top portion was covered in several layers of smooth leather.

“Come here Eric and hold her,” Aron ordered.

Eric walked forward and as his master hoisted the young girl up he watched in awe.

Eleanor was placed face down on his contraption. Her belly rested on the lowest part of the table and the rest of her torso hung awkwardly off the front.

A large strap was pulled across her lower back to keep her in place.

“Master she is going to fa—“ Eric began but quieted down immediately as his master gave him a look.

As Eric grasped her upper body, Aron removed her shackles and replaced them thicker, fur lined cuffs that were extended from the ceiling.

He walked up to her front as Eric moved aside and did the same for her wrists.

She was now displayed in an upside down spread eagle. In order to prevent too much weight on her ankles and wrists, and detract from her focusing on the torment, her body weight rested on that small table that was positioned from a few inches below her breasts to right above her womanhood.

Eric gasped as suddenly his master was using a sharp knife and swiftly shredding Eleanor of the rest of her clothes.

“How dare you!” she angrily shot back but was silenced as Aron shoved a gag into her mouth and buckled it around her head.

“Now to teach you the sensual side of tickle torture,” Aron grinned, looking upon his work.

“Master…I have never seen such bondage. All her flesh is so accessible,” Eric’s eyes widened.

“But of course…we are going to bring her to the new heights of sensitivity, ticklishness, and pleasure,” Aron smirked.

Eleanor could only watch helplessly as these two men were now coming closer. She squirmed nervously and her breasts jiggled as they hung open in the air.

Her nipples hardened because of the cool air of the torture chamber and she whimpered into the gag.

“Now, you cannot just dive right in with torment like you can with painful torture. We must get her very alert to begin,” Aron explained.

“Now take this bottle and coat her entire body,” Aron commanded as he handed Eric a red porcelain bottle.

Eric pulled out the cork and was surprised to find that the bottle was filled with cinnamon scented oil.

He watched as his master had a similar bottle and had coated his hands already, rubbing them together.

Eric mimicked his master and began to rub the oil onto his hands.

Eleanor squirmed in confusion and suddenly gasped as the four large hands,
coated in scented oils, began to coat her entire body with a warm coat of oil.

The large fire near the table, and the several torches along the wall kept the room at a reasonably warm temperature.

That with the oil heightened her sensations, as did the fact she was so helplessly displayed.

Eric remained silent as did his master during this rather erotic task.

The apprentice was busy coating her lower body, moving closer to her feet.

Aron watched his apprentice and nodded in satisfaction.

Suddenly Eleanor was arching her back and Eric stepped back in surprise. He watched as his master was now adding a few warm layers of oil to her breasts, especially paying attention to her turgid nipples.

“Always add extra layers of oil to more sensitive areas, especially the breasts, genitals, and feet,” Aron commented.

Following his master’s advice, Eric began to coat her feet with several layers of oil.

The young girl tossed her head back again and began thrashing so hard, the table creaked beneath her as the chains jiggled that were connected to her cuffs.

“Such a reaction,” Aron nodded in approval.

“Such large feet,” Eric whispered to himself. Eleanor’s feet had to be at least a size 10 or 10 ½.

After almost twenty minutes of coating her body with oil, and then taking a few bobby pins and pinning her hair up so it didn’t get in the way, Eleanor was totally prepped for torture.

“Now Eric, you heard the king’s orders. No flesh is to be marred so be exceedingly careful. Let me see how you have done so far,” Aron walked down towards her feet.

“Master…she has shown such a reaction, but her feet are covered in a layer of dry skin,” Eric mumbled.

Aron observed the feet and his apprentice was correct. It must have been due to her peasantry origin.

“That is easily taken care of. Do you see this?” Aron held up a small stone that was a light grey with several holes in its texture.

“This is called pumice. It is from foreign islands, taken from near volcanoes. The texture is rough enough to remove dead skin, but is gentle enough to not hurt the skin. So take this stone and apply it to her feet,” Aron commanded.

As Eric took the stone he began to gently rub it against the well oiled soles. The already moist soles were easily prone to having the dead skin chipped away.

Eleanor began to cackle and laugh into her gag, thrashing but unable to get away as Eric worked on her feet.

As this progressed, Aron began to gather up his tools for the next phase.

“Now when torturing someone, such as this young girl, you must always remember, your best weapons are your fingers, mouth, and feathers,” Aron smirked.

Eric looked up to watch his master, as he dragged the pumice down Eleanor’s heel gently.

Aron took his fingers and began to teasingly and lightly tickle her armpits.

Eleanor wrenched again in the bondage. She absolutely could not stand it!

She cackled and squealed behind her gag, as her face turned a bright shade of pink and sweat trickled down her face.

For the next half hour, Eric worked diligently at removing all dead skin while his master used his fingers to tickle the young girl’s armpits, ribs, belly, and legs.

As Eric finished with his task, his master walked down to supervise his finished work.

“Let’s see…” he stated. The once dry skinned soles were now very silky in texture, every wrinkle and crease evident as she wiggled her feet nervously.

Only highly sensitive, never before touched skin remained.

“Let’s test it,” Aron grinned evilly.

He grabbed a light, fluffy feather from his table of instruments.

Delicately he flicked the feather down a creamy arch.

Eleanor had her strongest reaction yet. Howled laughter was hidden behind the gag as her foot twitched to escape any type of touch. Aron nodded in approval again.

“Good job my boy, now pick up another feather and take this one,” Aron commanded.

“Now it is always best to work with a team when doing tasks such as these,” Aron continued, “one of you can work on the tickling, the other can
begin the torment.”

“Torment?” Eric asked as his master nodded with a dark grin on his face.
Eric followed orders and began to stroke the fluffy feathers up and down Eleanor’s feet with no mercy.

The light feather danced in her arch, sawed between her wiggling toes, and stroked the balls of her feet.

Meanwhile Aron had walked up towards her heaving breasts that hung helplessly in the air.

He himself was using his own fingers. He immediately latched on to her nipples, pinching them between his thumb and first finger.

As her nipples were rolled sensuously she groaned into her gag as her heart began to speed up in arousal. She could feel her genitals beginning to throb and they would soon moisten in desire.

Eric watched in stunned silence at the erotic torment his master was bestowing upon their prisoner.

Aron rolled, pinched, and tweaked her sensitive nipples with no mercy. After they were very aroused and puffy from all the attention he pulled away.

Eleanor groaned in frustration and shivered as the cool dungeon air caressed her sensitive, throbbing nipples.

“If you agree to bed the king, you can achieve orgasm, if not you remain shackled in here and we bring you to the abyss…and never let you find relief,” Aron informed her.

Eleanor’s eyes widened and she gasped as Eric was now sawing both feathers between her toes and it tickled insanely. She could only howl and laugh in total helplessness as her situation began to dawn on her.

__________________________________________________ _______________

Over four hours had passed.

In that time she had been tickled, prodded, and tormented in every crevice of visible flesh that she had on display.

Her inner thighs had been feathered for hours.

The backs of her knees tweaked.

Her armpits had been tickled with feathers, mouths, and fingers.

Her belly had been covered in kisses and then dancing feathers.

Even her bottom hadn’t escaped the torment and had been feathered until she nearly couldn’t breathe.

Her feet had received the worst treatment. They had been mercilessly tickled with stiff and wispy feathers, fingers, lips, teeth, and tongues.

The sensitive arches had been worshipped for over an hour by Aron. His well textured tongue licking up the baby-soft skin as she jerked and squealed each time.

Now she hung pathetically, her face stained with tears of ticklish torment and frustration over denial.

Her breasts and genitals hadn’t escaped the torment either.

“Are you ready to give in?” Aron grasped her right nipple and rolled it in his warm fingertips.

She was about to shake her head when suddenly Eric was flicking a stiff feather over her exposed clitoris that was engorged with desire and peeking out from the delicate pink folds of her genitals.

Eleanor moaned loudly into the gag and was suddenly nodding her head, desperately in need for orgasm.

“You will allow the king to take you to his bed whenever he desires? No more running away? No more resistance?” Aron asked, tweaking her nipple after each question.

Eleanor shook her head desperately, promising to obey, if ONLY they would allow her to orgasm.

Suddenly both men stopped their torture and Aron stepped away with an evil grin.

“Go inform his majesty that we will be sending up his newest concubine, willing and ready to serve his every whim,” Aron ordered Eric.

As Eric left the room, Aron turned away and began to gather up all his ticklish supplies.

Eleanor grunted and whimpered into the gag in confusion.

What about her orgasm?

Aron turned to look at her and smirked as he grasped her nipple again, rolling it slowly in his fingers.

“You never specified who had to give you an orgasm. We will see if the king wants to give you one after how stubborn you’ve been. My apprentice and I aren’t the only ones in the castle with a fetish for tickling and denying beautiful women,” Aron laughed.

Eleanor’s eyes widened in horror as suddenly the king was walking in the chamber followed by Eric.

An evil grin on his face, the king slammed the chamber door as Eleanor’s fate was sealed.

The End.