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02-09-2012, 10:44 PM
Thunder roared in the distance as murky black clouds began to roll over the horizon. This thunder was the kind that is so troublesome and loud it shakes the very ground.

Alyssa was clutching a very filthy and old picture to her chest. Staring down into the black and white photograph was the face of her old lover a few tears slid down her cheeks.

Michael had been her lover and eventual finance But in the end he had chosen to run away with another girl from a neighboring town. Now Alyssa was alone and left with no one in the world.

"I have nothing to live for," she bitterly whispered, kissing the photograph and then ripping it in two and letting the wind carry it down towards the crushing waves below.

As Alyssa stood at the edge of this dangerous and rocky sea cliff she stared out at the now black ocean and sky as the storm grew closer to shore.

"Nothing to live for," she bitterly whispered as she closed her eyes and let her arms open wide as she allowed her body to fall forward off the cliff, to end her loneliness and suffering.

No pain was felt. No sharp rocks or horrible currents of the icy water below. In fact, Alyssa didn't remember anything after she had taken the plunge from the cliff.

The next thing Alyssa realized she was slowly waking up on a very cold surface. Shivering she slowly opened her eyes and noticed a fire crackling in a large and ominous looking fireplace on the other side of this dark hall.

"Wh...what happened?" she groaned sitting up and clutching her bare arms to her chest trying to find warmth. Suddenly it hit her she was completely naked and gasping in horror she covered her breasts and stood up frantically searching for her clothes.

She didn't make it very before as she toppled to the ground with a heavy grunt and heard the distinct jingle of a chain. Her left foot was shackled to a chain bolted in the ground!

What the hell was going on? As each moment passed Alyssa found herself growing more terrified.

Sitting down on the ground she tugged at the bolt in the ground keeping her prisoner here. As she struggled with it she didn't even notice anyone else enter the room.

"It won't help, no matter how much you fiddle with it the bolt is immune to even the greatest strength of second ringers," a deep voice chuckled.

Alyssa gasped and turned to face the intruder. Her eyes fell upon a very pale, yet tall man. His stature alone was intimidating as he wore all black and had black hair falling down his back and endless black eyes.

"Who...are you?" Alyssa whimpered out in fear. "Why am I here? What is this place?"

Holding up a hand the man ordered her to be still.

"Silence little mortal. You are here for committing the ultimate sin of suicide," he shook his head at her foolishness.

Narrowing her eyes Alyssa glared at him. "How did I end up here! Who are you!"

"I told you to be silent, small one. You will learn to obey all I say," he shrugged and walked towards her.

"But to answer your questions. My name is Kaaymen and I am a demon of the upper ring of Hades. When your silly soul was sent here for committing suicide the dark lord decided to give you to me since I haven't had a mortal soul to play with for centuries," he chuckled.

"Play with?" Alyssa questioned in shock.

"Unless you'd rather be sent to the lower bowels of hell and endure the ultimate punishment and face the dark lord?" Kaaymen chuckled.

Alyssa stood up firmly, thinking this all had to be a joke. "Look Kaaymen! I don't know who you think you are, but I am not going to be your new plaything or whatever! I am leaving! I demand you return my clothes and set me free this instant!"

Kaaymen's frowned as his looks become furious and stern. "Listen here my dear sweet Alyssa, you are here for the rest of eternity so I suggest you shut your mouth and obey me, or you will my anger and the punishment will be far worse than you could imagine."

Alyssa fell silent and backed away from him the chain jingling softly.

"That's better my dear, fear is the best way to learn. But do not be afraid, I do not plan to burn your flesh, torture you with painful spikes or whips. No...no...I have special plans for such a delicious little mortal as yourself," Kaaymen darkly laughed. She had no idea...

Alyssa gasped as he bent down and with ease he unlocked her heavy shackle. No sooner was she free, that Alyssa tried to flee but easily he was upon her, using his demonic forces to keep her immobile.

She fell to the cold granite floor with a grunt of fury and stared up at him with burning eyes.

"Such fire I see in you. Soon it shall be gone," he bent down beside her. "Now since you're so adamant about disobeying me, let's skip the basics and go right for the hardcore."

Alyssa's eyebrows furrowed in confusion. She had no idea what kind of punishment or plans he had in store for her.

She soon found out.

All of a sudden, the frightened girl found herself lying on a warm marble slab, her arms and legs bound to each corner. Spread eagle and completely helpless she whimpered as he still hadn't returned her speech to her.

"And so we begin. I might as well tell you, I am one of the few demons who finds you humans to be...delightful to touch and tease. Most demons find humans to be vile creatures. But...I find them to be so delicious to tease and torture," Kaaymen lightly trailed a sharp claw down the side of her ribs.

Alyssa couldn't help but squirm and giggle at the light sensation. "I promised you no bodily harm, and I keep my word. I only wish to tease and tickle you for the rest of eternity," he darkly laughed as her fate sunk in.

"No!" she tried to cry but it was muffled by his spell upon her.

"You mortals are just so easy to subdue," he grinned, pinching a perky nipple between his fingers and rubbing it sensuously. Alyssa immediately groaned and closed her eyes in pleasure.

"But no matter, we can get to the teasing later. For now I wish to do nothing but bring ticklish sensations upon your lovely skin," he smirked.

Bringing his face down to her belly he began to lick at her naval with his warm tongue while his fingers dug into the sensitive flesh of her ticklish breasts and ribs.

Alyssa squealed and tried to fight the sensations but it was useless. She was just too ticklish!

"Such tasty and creamy flesh you have my sweet mortal," Kaaymen grinned as he kissed down her belly and then blew a raspberry onto her sensitive naval as his fingers pinched her hips.

Alyssa giggled very hard at all this, snorting through her nose in a cute way as he tickled her upper body with no mercy.

His fingers soon skated up her ticklish midriff and were digging into her pink and hairless armpits.

Alyssa's arms fought against the shackles, tugging hard and the chains jingled but nothing was stopped.

His warm tongue tickled the sensitive skin of her neck as his fingers dug into her armpits with no mercy.

After almost an hour of upper body tickling Kaaymen stopped to reposition himself.

Alyssa tried to plead with this cruel demon! To not tickle her anymore. But her pleas were ignored. The demon would she her no mercy, now or ever.

As his fingers danced down her sensitive thighs, they pinched her ticklish knee caps and then dug into the sensitive flesh behind them.

Her legs struggled to free themselves but were held helplessly down onto the table as he tickled her tender calves, heading towards her delicious feet.

"Not the feet!" she tried to scream, but it was muffled. She wouldn't be able to bear it! Her hips and her feet were her downfall. She would do anything to keep him from tickling her there.

But he ignored her and just had a sadistic smirk on his face as he leaned down towards her feet to study their beauty.

"Quite large feet for such a small mortal," he chuckled as Alyssa blushed. It was true, her feet were very big for her petite frame. She wore at least a size ten and a half.

But despite her feet being rather large, they were well taken care off so Alyssa could keep them cooped up in shoes all day and no one would tease her for her boat feet.

The healthy and clean nails were trimmed nicely and the top part of the foot, the flesh was creamy soft and milky white. The soles of her feet were another story though.

Round, smooth balls of her feet rested below ten delicious and pink toes, the webbing in between was creamy white and highly ticklish.

Her arches were high and not very deep, but the wrinkled arches were very delicate and ticklish to the touch.

The heels of her feet were round and smooth as well, and glowed a nice healthy pink.

Kaaymen was satisfied with her feet's appearance.

"Very nice," he chuckled as he leaned forward and inhaled their musky scent. "Just perfect," he practically purred as snapped his fingers and her legs were suddenly bound side by side. Her big toes were tied back to her ankles as well, leaving them immobile and helpless.

Kaaymen took his warm tongue and licked up her wrinkly, long arches. Alyssa screamed into her gag as his fingers began to play with her toes and the tender skin between them, while his tongue lapped at her arches and kissed all over her heels like crazy.

Arching her back, Alyssa squealed and laughed hard behind the gagging spell and her eyes were squeezed tight in agony.

This truly was torture for her. Suddenly she jolted against her bonds again as she felt his hot tongue slither between her toes, and eagerly tasted the creamy flesh hidden between each digit.

His sharp nails skittered wildly all over her feet, raking at her balls, tweaking her arches, and then probing and teasing her arches.

"Your feet are the most delicious soles I've ever tasted before," Kaaymen groaned in lust as he leaned back and stared into her horrified face.

"I am so glad you are mine for eternity," he chuckled, leaning forward again and kissing along her right arch as his fingers pinched her toes and tickled her heels once again.

Alyssa was lost in the sound of her own muffled laughter as her first day was coming to a close. It was just the beginning of a very long stay in Hades.

The End.