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The loud crash of lightning caused Eliza Stuart to waken immediately. She regretted waking up so quickly as she groaned from the gentle throbbing in the side of her head.

What had happened?

The last thing she remembered was being on the docks with Hugo, awaiting the arrival of cargo for their father’s store.

The next thing she had known was something sharp hitting her on the head and blacking out.

She struggled to figure out what was going on. Was she still on the docks? Nearby perhaps?

“Hugo?” she whispered but there was no sound.

She slowly rolled over onto her hands and knees and began to slowly pull herself up.

“Ugh…” she groaned rubbing her temple as she stood up with a struggle. Her legs felt very wobbly, like a newborn colt.

“Hugo?” she whispered again, reaching her arms forward in the darkness trying to feel her surroundings.

Suddenly the room was tilting and she lurched forward on her bare feet and gasped as she fell forward and landed roughly on the wooden floor.

The room once again settled but was rocking gently from the aftermath of the sudden hit.

“A ship…” she realized and instead of standing again she sat herself on the floor of this darkened room.

Maybe Hugo had taken her aboard the cargo ship to rest after her mysterious head injury earlier? Perhaps the candle had been snuffed out by this point?

Eliza wasn’t left with much time to ponder as suddenly a small door was thrown open and candle light flooded the room and she had to cover her eyes from the sudden intrusion of light.

“There she is, the last one for the night,” a gruff, thickly accented voice rumbled.

Eliza blinked in confusion as the light was so bright and in her face and before she realized it a rough, callous hand was gripping her delicate arm and wrenching her up.

“Come on wench,” the voice growled as the strong hand dragged her from the room on stumbling feet.

Before Eliza could even struggle or comprehend she was dragged down a small pair of steps and into another well lit, yet windowless chamber on the ship.

If she had noticed there were several other girls in the room as well, but they were efficiently muted and unable to warn her of the tortures to come.

The youthful beauty was tossed roughly onto a wooden table and her delicate wrists and ankles were immediately cuffed to all four corners in a spread eagle position.

A piece of cloth was inserted into her mouth as a scarf was bound snugly around her face.

Finally as her eyes adjusted to the light she squealed in fright as a sharp knife descended and began to slice away her clothing. The beautiful sky blue dress that father had given her for her nineteenth birthday was now in tatters on the floor.

Her delicate feminine undergarments were sliced away as were her stays. The candle light reflected warmly off her pale, nude form as her chest rose and fell in fear.

“Prepare her,” came a voice, almost monotone in his speech as if they had done this same thing multiple times before.

She could only watch as the man’s attendants began to surround her. Warm unguents and oils were being rubbed into her flesh. From her neck down, her entire body was being coated in various, scented oils, creams, and lotions.

The poor girl’s face was blushed bright pink and she giggled immediately as they began to coat her feet, underarms, and near her navel.

None of the men attending her grinned, they seemed to be doing their typical duty and that was that.

Suddenly the door opened.

All the men stopped what they were doing and bowed their heads in respect.

“Captain,” that same gruff, accented voice began. “We’ve just gotten a new load of girls and…”

“Is she the last?” a smooth, authoritative voice asked. Poor Eliza couldn’t see the supposed captain of the ship as he stood at the head of her table. So she quickly tilted her head back to get a better look.

She was looking up into a very handsome tan face. His time on the high seas had given him a healthy glow. His dark brown eyes, hair, and moustache balanced his chiseled face nicely.

“Wench!” a gruff voice bellowed out, about to strike her for daring to look at the captain!

The captain raised his hand and halted the commotion as he smirked down at her. Eliza was the first girl to ever actually look up at him before.

He slowly sauntered to the side of the table and grasped her pale face in his hand, clutching her chin gently as he inspected her.

Eliza was no sight for sore eyes. Her thick golden hair, bright green eyes, and pale skin made her stand out among the other dark haired more exotic girls within the cabin.

Her face was slightly freckled from the summer sun and her pouty lips were hidden beneath the sash.

“Such beauty is as rare to find on the high seas as a pearl is in the ocean’s depth,” the captain cooed to her, inspecting her as he ran his fingers through her hair.

“Where did you pick this one up?” he turned his attention to his head mate.

“Just off the coast, she was alone on the docks with some young lad. Never saw us coming,” the voice let out a small chuckle.

“Now what would a pretty thing like you be doing on the docks? You just get more mysterious my golden haired siren.
You are different than any other girl I’ve ever acquired,” the captain praised her, still stroking that silky hair.

The captain suddenly let go of her chin and hair but the smirk remained on his face. “Send her to my chambers; I can finish the preparations myself. Sell the other girls once we reach Marseilles, but this girl is to remain with me.”

“Yes captain,” all the voices murmured.

Eliza was now more alert and attempted to struggle as she was unshackled. The gruff men just laughed at her pathetic attempts and easily dragged her to the captain’s quarters.

Immediately she was bound to the table the captain used as his dining table. Soft silken scarves were wrapped around her wrists and ankles and tied snugly beneath the table. The gag remained and the men left.

“Ah…just the sight I was hoping to see,” a voice purred and suddenly the captain appeared within his cabin.

Eliza could only watch as the captain bolted shut the door to his private cabin. He definitely wanted no intrusions this night.

The captain smirked as he silently let his eyes trail over the pale, beautiful form bound to his table. Such a delectable treat awaiting him after a long day of hunting and trapping unsuspecting girls to sell in the slave markets abroad.

The captain hung his hat on a peg near the door as he removed the heavy, brown jacket he wore. The small brass buttons of his jacket caught the light and shimmered as he hung it on another peg.

The captain turned to give his full attention to the writhing blond.

Eliza’s heart was racing in her chest, pounding so hard it sounded like a drum being repeatedly hit in her ear.

Now wearing only a starched white shirt and brown trousers, the captain stepped towards Eliza. The hat had hidden his dark hair, pulled back in a loose ponytail that hung partially down his back.

Even for a pirate captain, Eliza had to admit that he was very clean despite his rugged demeanor and attitude.

A calloused, warm hand rested on her knee and gently trailed up towards her inner thigh but never touching her most private parts.

Eliza’s cheeks brightened as he studied her face while he did this. His years of experience with trading women and bedding women, let him know this one had never been touched before. The way her face brightened, eyes widened, and chest heaved in fear…he knew she was not used to anyone seeing her nude yet alone touching her in such delicate, private spots.

“Such a rare treasure you are…especially to be found on the docks where prostitutes run rampant,” the captain praised her letting some of her glossy blond hair fall through his fingers as he combed through it.

Eliza turned her head away. Not in revulsion, but out of sheer humiliation at being treated this way.

The captain leaned down, the scruff of his beard felt on her ear making her shiver. “I won’t be taking your purity this night, lass,” he whispered softly in her ear.

A delicate kiss was placed on her ear as he pulled away. Eliza turned her head and looked up at him, regarding him with confused eyes.

The captain easily removed the gag wrapped around her pretty face allowing the girl to question him, knowing she was left feeling very puzzled over his actions.

“You…you aren’t going to rape me?” she immediately asked, wanting and needing to verify his intentions.

The captain shook his head as he crossed his arms across his chest. “I may trade and sell women as a hobby. And I may have a notorious reputation following me because I am a pirate. But I am no rapist,” he said calmly, “what I would like to know is how you ended up on the docks that time of night, with an escort nonetheless. Trying to sell your body to earn some shillings?”

Eliza shook her head, “No…my father owns a trading store near the fisher’s markets. I was sent with my brother to meet the merchant who was to arrive from Lyon around midnight.”

“Ahh…a merchant’s daughter. How sweet. Well you were a merchant’s daughter. Now you are a pirate’s prisoner,” the captain laughed in a deep, husky tone.

The girl glared at him as he laughed and she shook her head. “What are your plans for me? If you do not plan to deflower me then set me free! I am of no use to you!”

“Oh no my dear. The moment I saw you I knew I had to have you. You now belong to Captain Alonzo and I have plenty of plans for you,” he immediately gagged her again.

Without another word he began to gently tickle down her arms and right into her smooth, white underarms.

Eliza’s eyes widened as he was suddenly assaulting her sensitive flesh with ten dancing fingers. They prodded, poked, and pinched at her ticklish skin.

Giggles were muffled behind the gag as she shook her head, tugging at her wrists desperately but the silk ties held strong.

The captain leaned down and nuzzled into her neck, tickling her there with his whiskers as she squealed as his rough beard tickled the delicate flesh of her pale throat.

Her giggles turned to squeals as the king neglected her breasts and began to lavish her smooth belly with ticklish

Ten fingers clawed and pinched her belly as she squealed softly. Finally he got the reaction he was looking for when

Eliza arched her back off the table when he found an insanely ticklish spot.

A finger was inserted into her navel; twisting and wiggling in that sensitive and delicious indent on her belly.

Eliza suddenly arched again, even more violently than last time, breaking out into hysterical squeals.

The captain was licking at her navel. His hot tongue digging and tasting the innermost and hidden flesh of her navel, enjoying the flavor of her flesh while his fingers pinched and tickled her waist.

Her sides, especially near her waist proved to be extremely sensitive. The captain continued to lick at her navel and pulled away.

Eliza’s belly rose and fell as she desperately tried to regain her breath after so much evil attention to her sensitive sides and belly.

Alonzo grinned and blew warm air right over her navel making the blond beauty wiggle her hips to try and avoid it. She giggled nervously as he did it once more, enjoying how he could tease her.

Suddenly the captain was abandoning the exploration of her upper body as he moved down towards her legs.

Tender inner thighs and her delicate privates were left untouched as the captain let his fingers lightly trail down the tops of her thighs towards her knees.

Eliza giggled and wiggled in the bondage. The captain enjoyed this immensely, as he liked watching her hips wiggle, her tugging against her bondage, and the slight jiggling of her round breasts.

Eliza let out a laugh that almost sounded like a yelp. So surprised was she that he was suddenly tickling her there!

Again the captain pinched her sensitive knees and she tugged at her ankles, desperate for him to stop.

The handsome captain ignored her desperate pleas for mercy behind the gag. Instead he was determined to explore every inch of her legs, save for her most private areas.

Working down her calves he seemed to be leaving her knees alone. Eliza giggled as he tickled the backs of her calves but suddenly squealed again as he was pinching her knees in a surprise attack.

The captain chuckled as he watched her violent response. He definitely would use this sensitive spot against her again in the future.

Finally he was settled down at her feet. Pulling up his stool he made himself comfortable at her slightly spread but bound feet.

Silently he let his eyes linger over her feet, judging them without a word.

Eliza had slightly bigger feet, probably a size 9. Her toes were not too long but balanced out her foot nicely. The nails were clean and trimmed. This made the captain smile because obviously she cared for her feet, even though she was from the lower classes.

The sole itself was soft to the touch, even more creamy soft thanks to the oils and creams that had been rubbed there by his men earlier that night.

Alonzo didn’t tickle at first, just letting his fingers explore the flesh.

Stubbornly Eliza tried to curl her toes but the captain was easily able to pry them apart and explore between the tender toes.

From the moment his rough, calloused fingers began exploring her soft feet, the blond had no choice but to giggle nervously.

The captain let his fingers roam around the balls of her feet, raising his brown eyes to watch her reactions. It elicited giggles but not quite the response he was looking for.

Trailing down into her high, pale arches she jerked in the bondage and let out a high squeal. The captain smirked and trailed down her arches with a single finger and scratched lightly at her heel.

This made her jerk again but not as hard. So he had found her weak spots. Near her ankles, the tops of her feet, between the toes, her arches, and the heels.

Without a word, he dug in to her feet when she least expected it.

Eliza tossed her head back and laughed hysterically into the gag, not even able to form words to plead for mercy.

Ten fingers were tickling and scratching along the rounded, pink heels of her feet, one hand continued to pinch the heel of her left foot while another hand was tickling into her right arch.

The captain continued to lazily tickle her feet. He enjoyed how her melodious laughter filled his usually quiet cabin.

Her laughter was surely to be heard from all areas of the ship but the captain was not ashamed.

No…Eliza’s sweet laughter was something that certainly warmed his heart after so many long, lonely weeks at sea.

This was needed especially since she was not warming his bed that evening.

Instead Alonzo was taking his pent up frustration and lust out onto her delicious feet.

He leaned down and let his warm tongue lap at her wiggling toes while she squealed.

The big toe of her left foot was taken into his mouth and he suckled on it gently while both his hands were caressing and darting all over her arches, around towards the top of her feet and back again.

That elicited the loudest squeals yet, a very delicate and sensitive spot for her. The intermixing of so many types of sensation was driving the poor girl insane.

However Alonzo didn’t let up on her feet at all.

They wiggled and twitched, and he always followed them with ease.

Soon he was licking up one arch and down the other. Alternating between the two as he his fingers wiggled and traced the delicate, creamy skin between her toes.

Only when Eliza fell into silent laughter did the captain finally relent, allowing the poor girl a chance to breathe and rest.

He chuckled to himself. Alonzo had lost himself in the devouring of her soles and in his lust.

Gently he began to rub her feet, soothing them.

Eliza giggled but they were soft giggled as her feet just wiggled a bit. Any type of touch on her sensitive feet caused her to react slightly.

“Such a good girl you’ve been my sweet. I think I will keep you for some time,” the captain cooed.

Eliza’s eyes widened as he let her feet rest on the table and she watched as he walked over towards the door again.

She shook her head, afraid he was about to call some of his fellow crewmen to join in on the fun.

However the captain just plucked a feather from his hat and turned towards her with a malicious grin as he approached the trembling, bound beauty lowering the fluffy feather towards her flawless, sensitive flesh awaiting that first sweet giggle to be emitted.

The End.