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[Part I]

Part I. The Confrontation, the Expectations, and the Acceptance

Elenya Wynwood was born into a world that was very corrupt.

The four corners of the world: east, west, north, and south were divided up into the four neighboring kingdoms. Each kingdom was further subdivided into larger estates were overlords reigned in peaceful times and bad. They each reported back to the emperor of their kingdom once a year at the annual Autumn Festivals, where the emperor was presented with vast amounts of
grain and celebrations and banquets ensued.

The emperor of the north was very respected yet feared. He was very careful in his selection of his kingdom’s overlords, because disloyalty was not uncommon in the political scheme of things.

The king’s most loyal and powerful overlord who ruled the largest territory in the northern kingdom was Lord Jarvus Winterblood. This ruthless warlord was respected and feared by his people, much like the king. He was very fair in his decision making but was ruthless when it came to disloyalty or going against the king’s authority in the slightest.

Jarvus Winterblood had definitely built up a reputation for himself and was feared both in and outside the northern borders.

His actions on the battlefield as well as in the dungeon with prisoners of war and disloyal party members were infamous.

It was not until a new, ambitious, and na´ve young warlord came to rule a small area of the western kingdom. This young warlord, Badge Westin wanted to make a name for himself. The head of Jarvus Winterblood would be enough to help him gain a reputation as well. Being young, he had no patience for earning glory and a reputation through the battlefield.

Instead he hired a young elf assassin from the deepest woods of the eastern kingdom.

Her name was Elenya Wynwood. She had been trained since infancy it seemed to be the best mercenary in her land. Silent as death, and quick as a flash, she was easily able to bring down anyone that she was paid to do away with.

Badge Westin paid her handsomely and in return all she had to do was return with the head of Jarvus Winterblood in no more than three days.

As Elenya set off from Lord Westin’s estate she never would have realized this was the last time she’d be seeing any part of the world outside the northern kingdom’s border’s for a long time.

__________________________________________________ _

The intense summer heat was horribly still in the air. There was not even the slightest hint of a breeze in the air.

The servant’s at Lord Winterblood’s estate had opened all the windows to allow any hint of fresh and cool air to enter as the sun was setting and the castle was beginning to quiet down.

Guards were usually posted at every door. However, due to the large influx of country peasantry into the more urban villages and small cities, the guards had been sent to monitor those areas instead.

The annual summer solstice celebrations were to begin in a few days. Lord Winterblood was known to throw free banquets for the incoming peasants.

Therefore the numbers of them traveling to the more urban areas seemed to grow more each year.

The guards were more needed to keep a watchful eye and protect the townsfolk. Jarvus Winterblood could take care of himself.

Therefore after an extremely long day of festival planning and monitoring the last few event schedules with the local town representatives he was very tired.

He retreated to the privacy of his own suite of rooms in his large estate, away from the demands of visiting locals and party members.

His life, which up until this point had been very exciting and full, still seemed at some sort of standstill. It had been a long time since he had actually felt alive.

Sure the glories on the battlefield brought him honor. But it was his duty to his emperor. He found no pleasure in slashing down such young men, fighting desperately for their own attempts at glory and making a name for themselves.

The iciness that surrounded his heart hadn’t been touched in a long while and he felt a need for something new, fresh, and exciting.

Things would forever change this night for both Jarvus and Elenya as their destinies became intertwined.
__________________________________________________ ______

Elenya was clad from head to toe in a black ensemble. Even her pretty face was covered. Her long raven hair was pulled back in a strict braid to keep it out of her face. She gripped her favorite knife between her teeth as a few trickles of sweat fell down her forehead. The climb up to Jarvus’ balcony from
the ground was very arduous.

Finally Elenya was able to see the balustrade where her hook and rope had latched onto. With a shaky hand she grabbed this rail and hoisted herself silently over the edge of the balcony.

This was going to be easy and swift for her.

The plan was to simply stalk in, slice his head off with her sword, bag it, and then hop back over the edge of the balcony.

Unfortunately things are not always as they appear.

Silently Elenya unsheathed her sword. She gripped it in her hand and silently entered the room, blending in perfectly with the shadows.

She made her way over to the bed. The fire within the fireplace had long since died out. All the candles were unlit as well. Elenya had the complete darkness to her advantage.

There was a large lump, or figure, beneath the covers right in the middle of the bed. This had to be the lord she was looking for.

Lifting her blade, it glinted slightly in the moonlight pouring in through the windows as she suddenly brought the razor sharp blade down onto the area where his neck would have been.

Instead of slicing through thick skin, muscle, and bone like she expected, a plethora of feathers exploded from beneath the dark sheets and rained down upon her.

Puzzled she stepped back and gripped her sword.

In this few precious seconds her ability to move was immediately taken from her.

Before the elfish assassin realized it she was in a crumpled heap on the floor, her blade lying useless next to her.

All energy was gone from her body. She couldn’t move at all no matter how she tried.

Elenya could only lay there like a ragdoll in complete confusion over what had just happened.

Suddenly all the candles and the fireplace burst into life with flames. The room was brightly lit and Lord Winterblood stood over her with his arms crossed.

The tall lord was dressed in very regal dark robes. While his face still retained its youth he was nearing the early years of middle age. His hair was long and silver and flowed elegantly down his back. His piercing green eyes looked down upon his captive as his pale face regarded her completely.

He stared down at his failed assassin, a smirk on his face as he looked over the completely black clad form just once.

“So, one of my enemies sent a mercenary to kill my pillows?” he taunted her.

He clicked his tongue in a tsking manner and shook his head.

“Whatever am I to do with such a foolish and useless mercenary?” he walked around Elenya’s form slowly taking her in from every angle.

“I shouldn’t even bother with interrogation. I should slice out your tongue, have you drawn and quartered, and then hung on the gallows as a display for anyone who dares go against their lord,” he threatened her quietly.

His eyebrows rose in surprise as he came back around and didn’t see a hint of fear in her eyes, hidden beneath the dark black mask. Instead there was anger and defiance.

“Do you honestly think others haven’t tried to kill me before? Very few know about my capabilities to sense such people in the darkness. I have even taken away all your energy and movement with a simple gaze. Hmpf,” he scoffed, “I might as well take a look at the face of my assassin before I send you to the dungeons.”

Kneeling down he reached behind Elenya’s head and untied the knot that had held her mask to her face.

The mask fell and her beautiful face was revealed to a very surprised overlord.

Her long black braid fell over her shoulder and rested against her neck. Her heart shaped face was pale without any hint of a blemish or wrinkle. Her dark brown eyes glared at him angrily as her dark brows were furrowed in anger.

Her small, upturned nose and pouty plump lips had him doing a double take almost. What truly fascinated him were her delicate pointed ears. She was…

“An elfin assassin. That is a new one. The one who hired you must be very desperate to seek out one such as you. Elves are so very hard to locate,” he teased her.

Suddenly he decided to give her back the ability to at least speak for herself, though she still lay immobile on the floor.

“I will give you one chance. Tell me who sent you and why, and I will set you free, no questions asked,” he calmly and coldly regarded her. His outward appearance seemed indifferent but inside he was delighted over his newest acquisition and hoped and prayed she’d be a defiant one.

From her fearsome gaze alone he knew she had to be feisty and sassy.

“Just send me to the dungeons,” she responded in a slightly husky tone. Her voice was melodious to his ears, very distinct with a hint of an accent as she
spoke his native tongue.

“Oh, to the dungeons you will go,” he smiled a sinister smirk and leaned down and picked her up. As Elenya was locked in his arms she didn’t realize the extent of how her fate would change from this night onward.

__________________________________________________ _______

“Do not be saddened over your failed attempt my little elf. Many a spy and assassin have tried to infiltrate my estate over the years and find glory in my death. All of them failed attempts,” he taunted Elenya as he carried her in his strong arms.

His long silver hair flowed regally down his back as the descended further and further from the warm upper floors of the castle down this spiral staircase towards the dungeons.

However, Elenya didn’t realize she was being taken to Jarvus’ special dungeon. It was not his usual dungeon for prisoners, but instead his own private dungeons where he was to be the torturer. Only he could open the large door and enter this place.

Elenya still couldn’t move at all. No amount of struggles was allowed as they approached the dungeons.

At last they appeared before the large door that creaked open with ease with a glance from Jarvus.

As they entered the candles and fireplace again burst to life and warmed the room with light immediately.

Her dark eyes passed over a few open cell doors and were surprised to see comfortable accommodations within each cell.

The dungeon was completely empty except for the two of them.

Suddenly she realized the extent of torture equipment he had within this open dungeon. However instead of looking menacing and painful, they looked more…playful.

Each was covered with soft layers of leather, the cuffs lined with fur. All of them looked as if they wouldn’t bring pain; just hold the participant within them completely still.

“Ah perfect,” Jarvus spoke to himself as he finally decided on what to put her in. Leather padded stocks would be her home for the next few hours.

Her booted feet were locked within the holes of the stocks. Her arms bound behind her back with soft, braided rope. As he bound her hands behind her back he suddenly untied the piece of string that had held her braid.

Elenya shivered as his calloused fingers gently raked through her hair, freeing the wavy, silky locks from the braid and the long hair flowed down around her shoulders and back.

“You are far more lovely with your hair down. It frames your pale face most beautifully. With your ears covered by your hair you could almost pass for human,” he complimented her, though still maintaining an icy exterior.

“Fuck you,” Elenya hissed at him as she realized her ability to move was back and she began to struggle and writhe in the stocks. She grunted as she tugged at her bound wrists and locked ankles. It was all futile, she was going nowhere.

Jarvus kneeled before the stocks and began to slowly unlace the black laces that helped keep her leather boots bound to her calves and feet.

“Now,” he spoke as he untied slowly, “obviously you have heard of me and my fearsome reputation. You probably expect me to burn your soles, cut off your toes, and so forth. Well I can tell you, you were not brought down to this dungeon to be tortured painfully.”

Elenya looked at him in confusion as he continued to unlace her boots, almost finishing.

“Then…what is going on?” she demanded. “Why waste my time and yours?”

“If you are, as…special as I hope you are, then you will be staying with me as my own personal little prisoner,” he smirked.

“Special?” she hissed in confusion.

Suddenly cool air was cascading on her pale feet and calves as the boots were slowly tugged off once they were loosened.

“Ah…so perfect so far,” Jarvus cooed as his warm breath was felt on her toes.

She wiggled them in response and then curled them nervously as her feet writhed in the stocks.

Jarvus ignored her struggles and instead was captivated by the sight of her feet.

This beautiful elf’s feet were long, smooth, and very sensitive looking. The tender flesh of her soles looked like they belonged to a noblewoman, let alone an elf, known to live in forests and run barefoot like a wild mythological creature.

Her long toes were pale and adorable, as they wiggled and curled nervously.

The balls of her feet were slightly wide and they curved down into her deep and wrinkly arch that finally ended at the smooth pink heels of her feet.

“Utter perfection,” he whispered to himself, feeling a small stirring in his chest, almost like a caged bird fluttering about.

He was surprised by this sudden sensation, because he couldn’t remember the last time that had happened.

“ONE last chance…tell me who sent you and why, and I will let you go free,” he looked at her from above the stocks.

Elenya defiantly turned her head away.

Jarvus smirked to himself and lightly just let his right knuckles trace the length of her right sole.

Elenya squealed immediately in surprise and Jarvus delighted in her response.

He used the very pads of his fingers and began to gently explore and lightly tickle the creamy flesh of her warm soles eagerly.

Elenya didn’t even try to hold back as she tossed her head back and laughed hysterically as her feet wiggled and twitched desperately, trying to evade his fingers to no avail.

“You respond quite nicely and are very sensitive indeed,” Jarvus commented to her as she glared at him, her cheeks blushing from how embarrassed she was from her very own reaction to his tickles.

Jarvus took out two small silken loops and slid them around her toes before extending her feet back and tying them to two hooks above the stocks.

Now he began to rake his fingernails up and down the immobile soles as only her baby toes could wiggle helplessly.

Elenya’s laughter echoed off the stone walls and Jarvus was especially delighted when she squealed and jerked in the stocks when he hit a particularly sensitive spot.

Jarvus found that her wrinkly arches and long toes were very sensitive to scratching while the tougher balls of her feet and heels were more sensitive to light pinching and harder tickles.

The sensation in his chest continued as he felt more alive than he had in a long time. There was nothing he enjoyed more than tickling a pair of helpless feet of a beautiful elfish woman.

Elenya was puzzled by all of this. She had always heard rumors of Jarvus’ painful torture techniques and so forth with prisoners.

But so far he hadn’t bothered to interrogate her at all, but seemed infatuated with tickling and torturing her sensitive feet.

Jarvus had his supply table nearby and picked up his favorite brush and began to lightly swirl it around the sensitive pad of her big toe that was bound and held still.

Elenya squealed adorably as he gently teased her sensitive toes with the dancing brush. His other hand tickled and explored her arch, up and down with no mercy.

Her laughter went up an octave as the brush began to gently probe between all of her toes and while she could wiggle the smaller toes, she was not able to curl them as effectively as before.

“My beautiful ticklish elf,” he smirked as he leaned down and blew over her soles teasingly.

They twitched in sensitivity as he stood up and set the brush aside.

“What kind of interrogation is this?!” she demanded, struggling to regain her breath. “Question me or kill me! Do not play games with me,” she writhed in frustration.

“The interrogation can begin whenever I want. Besides, even when I DO have the answers I seek, you will still remain here. You are far too lovely a specimen to ever set free, and far too ticklish for me to ever allow to leave,” he grinned darkly.

Before Elenya could respond he was again tickling her feet, raking his nails up and down her soles with no mercy. This was for his pure enjoyment at seeing her laugh and suffer as the tickling was obviously unbearable.

“You are my special prisoner, my plaything, my tickle pet if you will,” he explained over her squeals and laughter. “You will learn to love and crave my touch on your flawless flesh. If your feet are this beautiful, I can’t wait to explore and discover other parts of your body that are even more sensitive and susceptible,” he taunted.

Elenya’s heart raced as he finally let up on tickling her feet and they tingled like crazy.

“I will take care of you, make sure you are healthy, and you will thrive for years as my precious tickle pet. I have never touched such smooth and sensitive feet,” he looked over her feet again.

Elenya jumped in surprise as she suddenly felt him begin rubbing a warm lotion into her feet.

“This will soothe away all the tingles,” he said in a calmer tone. Any contact with her feet was welcomed by him. As his fingers gently kneaded and massaged her soles she tried to relax but giggled as he massaged into her arch.

“Accept your fate Elenya. You should never have stepped foot into my chamber tonight. However now I will always have your feet in my dungeon,”
he laughed to himself as he kept rubbing her feet.

The daunting fact that she was indeed helpless and a ticklish prisoner to this man began to dawn Elenya as the acceptance of her fate was begging to sink in.

[End of Part 1].

[Part II]

Once again her foot twitched in sensitivity and she mewed out in protest.

Her laughter had died down long ago because her throat was so dry and scratchy.

Now all the beautiful elf captive could do was whimper, mew, and jerk in sensitivity as Lord Winterblood continues to tease the fronds of a fluffy, yet insidious, feather up and down the creamy bottoms of her feet.

The once white and pink bottoms of her smooth soles now shone bright magenta from all the ruthless and incessant attention they had endured for the past two hours.

“You cannot be breaking so soon? We have the entire night ahead of us,” the magical lord grinned at her as he sat before her stocked feet.

Elenya’s heart began to race wildly in her chest. She couldn’t endure the thought of being tortured any further on her feet.

“Please…I will answer all your questions and cooperate fully. Please…just no more touches to my feet,” she pleaded of him desperately.

Jarvus ran the pad of his right index finger slowly up and down her quivering left sole, held immobile by silk nooses around her toes, as he seemed to ponder.

“Hmmm….very well. It HAS been a rather long night for you my dear. We can resume our questioning in the morning. And believe me…I will get the results I seek,” he finished his sentence in a tone that suggested her torture had only just began.

With just a glance all energy was sucked from her and she lay limp in the stocks. The braided silk ropes that had been holding her arms bound behind her back coiled neatly to the ground. The silk toe ties even untied themselves and slid to the floor.

Jarvus picked up her limp body and carried her into one of the close living quarters.

“This shall be your room from now on,” he told her simply. His tone told her that she would not dare go against what he was telling her and just to accept it.

Elenya was laid down gently onto a very soft feather bed. She gratefully sunk down into its softness and finally was able to relax.

Before she realized what was happening, her ankles were being locked in yet another set of stocks, built into the foot of the bed. They were almost overstuffed with padding, as they felt like her ankles were surrounded by a soft pillow. However she would never be able to pull her ankles free.

“If you promise to behave, there will be no wrist bindings for you this evening,” Jarvus gestured to the cuffs that were attached to the wooden headboard of the bed.

Elenya suddenly realized she had her energy back but still felt exhausted from all the torture she had endured.

“I promise, I will not struggle. I will cooperate,” she repeated again.

“Very good,” Jarvus nodded his head in approval, “I will send down some food and water for you. Rest well tonight my dear assassin, because tomorrow the questioning will resume. As I said, I will get the answers I seek.”

His cold smirk chilled Elenya to the core. As he turned and left, the heavy door to her living quarters creaked shut and bolted from the outside.

With a sigh she relaxed back on the bed. Finally she was able to be alone and express her emotions that she had been too proud to display in front of Lord Winterblood.

Hot tears slid down her face as she realized the extent of her predicament.

The beautiful elfin assassin figured she would never again see the light of day.

“I am going to waste away down here,” she whispered to herself sadly. Either that or the lord would kill her when he bored of her, she thought ominously.

Eventually Elenya was knocked from her depressing thoughts as food and drink was brought to her.

Later on in the evening with her stomach full she finally felt content enough to rest. She just let her tired body relax completely on the soft bed as she melted into a very deep sleep full of absolutely no dreams.

__________________________________________________ _______________

A hot tongue licked up her creamy sole and immediately awoke Elenya the following morning.

With a squeal she awoke and her foot jerked in sensitivity as she was very confused and her heart was racing. It was not a pleasant way to wake up at all for one with such sensitive feet.

“Ah…awake I see,” Lord Jarvus grinned down at her as he stood at the foot of the stocks.

“Wh…what are you doing?” she asked in a confused tone. With a hand she rubbed the sleepiness from her eyes.

Jarvus grinned to himself as he tweaked her big toe and she jerked again.

“Stop it!” Elenya hissed at him as her feet wiggled pathetically in the stocks.

“There is that fiery disposition,” he nodded in approval.

“What do you want?” Elenya sighed out. It was far too early for her to be getting angry at Lord Winterblood.

Jarvus chuckled to himself as he walked to the side of the bed and she looked at him with a defiant gaze.

“Obviously you slept very well last night. Not only are you an even more beautiful and delightful sight after you rest so deeply, but your compliant attitude is completely gone,” he stated simply.

Elenya turned her head away from him as he attempted to stroke a finger down her cheek.

She gasped as he was suddenly rubbing the delicate point of her elfish ear in his warm fingers very gently.

“Ah…you seem to like this,” Jarvus commented as he saw her cheeks brighten.

Elenya turned and glared at him again as she swatted his hand away.

Before she could even get a word out, Jarvus spoke up.

“I came down to bring you breakfast, untie you, and allow you to shower. I guess I just got carried away because I was going to untie your feet first…but the sight of your feet was just too delicious to pass up while you were asleep,” he grinned.

Elenya sighed in defeat and her shoulders slumped. There was no point in wasting energy arguing with him and being annoyed. His promise the night before of the torture commencing this morning meant she would have to save all her energy that she could.

The food was placed in her lap on a tray and she was about to start indulging herself when Jarvus shook his head.

“You must earn your meal my dear,” he smirked at her.

“And how do I do that?” she asked in an annoyed tone.

Jarvus stood up and walked to the foot of her bed. “By being a good girl, and lying back while I tend to your feet this morning.”

Elenya’s brow furrowed in confusion but she acquiesced and immediately set the tray aside on her night table and lay back on the bed once again.

“Every morning and evening I shall tend to your feet. I am quite the perfectionist,” he grinned as he sat down at her feet.

“What do you mean by tend?” Elenya asked. Her question was ignored as he brought his face close to her feet.

The lotion he had rubbed in the night before had done a good job in softening her soles. He planned to use that same lotion every night to massage and soothe her feet. As his new tickle slave he WAS going to be spending a lot of time down at her feet.

“Lord Jarvus?” Elenya asked again in confusion as he had disappeared.

Suddenly she jumped in surprise and let out a yelp of ticklishness as he was nuzzling and kissing at her soles.

Her feet flexed in protest but had nowhere to go. Lord Winterblood grabbed her toes and held them still as he began to pepper warm kisses and pecks all over her sensitized, warm feet.

Elenya could only begin to giggle hysterically as he gently tickled her feet with his mouth and tongue.

Her sweet and gentle giggles really did please Lord Jarvus. They were far different from her desperate laughter and squeals the night before when she was being truly tortured.

The more of these sweet giggles he heard, the more he wanted!

Her arches and beneath her toes proved to be very sensitive to his tongue.

So he lapped eagerly at her creamy arches as she jerked each time his hot
tongue cascaded up and down that smooth flesh.

Finally as he began trying to wedge his hot tongue between her wiggling toes, she had been through enough.

“Enough!” Elenya squealed, reaching down as far as she could and grabbing a handful of his hair gently and tugging it as she tried to coax him to cease with his oral attention on her feet.

“Let go Elenya or it’s the wrist bindings for you,” Lord Jarvus warned. His face was so close to her feet, that his hot breath tickled the moistened skin.

Elenya squealed and let go as she fell back and giggled hysterically.

“I hope you prove to be more cooperative this morning,” Lord Jarvus stated as he stood up and had a very satisfied grin on his face. The tending to her feet was definitely going to be some of his favorite points of the day.

__________________________________________________ _______________

“You just had to act up. I understand…I knew you were too fiery and rebellious to be so cooperative after just the first night,” Jarvus sighed as he walked around Elenya’s tightly bound form.

After breakfast Jarvus had set her free to bathe as he was going to do some tasks within the dungeon itself such as preparing his instruments of ticklish torment and choosing her bondage device for the morning’s session.

No sooner had he left her room, Elenya pushed the heavy wardrobe in front of the door to keep him out. She had then barricaded herself within the bathroom. A pathetic display of defiance. But she was truly terrified of what his plans were to be for her feet this morning. She knew that was where he was going to focus all his attentions.

But Lord Jarvus controlled everything within his own private dungeon. Within seconds he was in the doorway of the bathroom, once again sucking all the strength from her body with one glance.

“You had to make it difficult,” he sighed as he picked her up.

The towel that had been wrapped around her nude form fell to the floor without another thought.

Jarvus seemed disinterested in her body as he bound her to a new bondage device for the morning torture.

Elenya was kneeling on a very comfortable pedestal and her ankles were bound in another set of cushy stocks. All ten of her toes were further tied back and kept immobile.

Her upper body was bound to a cross like wooden structure. Her arms bound out on either side of her head. Further straps ran along her lower belly and right beneath her perky breasts to keep her still.

She breathed in deeply trying to calm herself. She was now bound fully naked and felt more defenseless and vulnerable last night.

For now Jarvus showed little interest in her body and seemed very businesslike in his attitude toward her bound form. Elenya figured he was going to resume his questioning from the night before as he disappeared behind her bound body.

Suddenly Elenya jerked in surprise as his nails were dragging down her left foot. She began to giggle immediately and then without any warning he began to dig in. He didn’t hold back in the slightest, raking his sharp nails down her long left foot.

His nail easily sunk into the silky, pampered flesh of her quivering foot that was held immobile by the toe bondage.

Elenya tossed her head back and laughed hysterically, squealing as he dragged his nail down her arch. As her left foot was tickle tortured with his nail, her right foot was suddenly being shown affection with his hot mouth again.

The two contrasting tortures, both tickle torture and foot worship, was driving her crazy.

The gentle licks, kisses, and pecks to her right foot was greatly arousing, while her left foot was being shown no mercy and it tickled far worse than anything the night before.

Jarvus continued this tickling for over fifteen minutes and finally ceased without warning.

Elenya gasped and hung in the bondage. Her large breasts rose and fell as she struggled to regain her breath.

Jarvus meanwhile was beginning to lose control himself, as lustful instincts were beginning to kick in.

“What….kind of interrogation is this?! Just ask me the questions and cease this torture!” Elenya whimpered out.

She was ignored as Jarvus smirked and suddenly was burying his face against her delicious feet.

His hot tongue and lips were nibbling up and down her arches, wedging between her bound toes, and hovering and suckling over her smooth pink balls of her feet.

Jarvus noticed how her squeals of laughter slowly dissipated into more erotic giggling and soft whimpers. Obviously she found this arousing but was too proud to say a word.

Jarvus was more than pleased that his newest tickle toy had highly ticklish and erogenous feet. He would use this to bend her to his will.

So to further increase her arousal, he decided to amplify the foot worship.

His tongue lapped eagerly up and down her arch. His tongue licked and lips suckled at her pink bound toes. The balls of her feet and heels were nibbled on with his teeth gently. He even blew hot air on her feet just to watch them quiver in sensitivity.

Oh how he loved to watch them twitch in sensitivity. It made his own growing bulge throb that much harder.

Suddenly he let up on her feet completely and was walking around to stand in front of her. He looked upon her bound frame with a grin of satisfaction.

Sweat trickled down her blushing face. She was obviously aroused from the erotic feminine aroma coming from between her wet thighs. Her nipples were very aroused and stood at attention as well.

Without a word he reached his hands up and began to fondle her warm, perky breasts.

Her large breasts fit perfectly within his own large, manly hands.
His calloused hands were very tender with her sensitive breasts.

Elenya shivered and mewed in protest but was ignored as he explored these new sensitive and erogenous areas on her body.

As he watched her reaction he definitely had no intention of ceasing the pleasurable torment.

Elenya grit her teeth and arched her back as he began to tweak, pinch, and then lovingly roll her engorged nipples between his warm fingers. The fact that his fingers were slightly calloused just added an even more erotic, rough touch to her extremely sensitive flesh of her nipples.

She purred deeply in her throat and no longer struggled as he toyed with her nipples, obviously one of the most sensitive spots on her body.

“Say that you are mine…and I will give you what you so desire,” he suddenly whispered, breaking the silence.

Elenya tried to appear defiant. “I will neveeEEehhHHh…” she wasn’t able to finish, moaning softly as he was suddenly licking and suckling her right nipple.

The tender flesh was trapped within the warm cavern of his mouth. His tongue giving incessant attention to the hypersensitive tip, flicking back and forth with no mercy. Her other nipple was twirled and rolled around in his rough fingers.

“Yourssss…I am yours!” Elenya hardly lasted a few minute of this torment.

Lord Jarvus closed his eyes as he lost himself in suckling and tormenting her nipple with his hot mouth.

His other hand still tweaked her left nipple and his last free hand lowered to her very wet pussy.

Suddenly he was cupping her engorged womanhood in his hand and rubbing it back and forth.

His finger was flicking her engorged, throbbing clitoris as it peeked out erotically from within the pink folds of her delicate womanhood.

Elenya hardly lasted more than a few minutes it seemed as she arched her back and cried out loudly as she exploded in the strongest, most erotic orgasm of her life.

Lord Jarvus pulled away but blew warm air on her throbbing nipples and she mewed softly. Her entire body felt hypersensitive after such an intense orgasm.

“I am so glad you finally realize you are mine…” he cooed to her as his fingers began to gently dance across her pale, flat belly.

Sweet giggles filled the dungeon as she squirmed in the bondage and then she moaned heavily as he was once again licking and suckling on her right nipple and breast as he tickled her belly as well.

One orgasm was not enough for him. He wanted as many as he could coax out of her.

It was going to be a very long but fulfilling morning for both Lord Jarvus and his newly acquired elfish beauty.

(To be continued…)