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[Part I]

“Okay, line them up,” a cold voice broke the heavy silence of the barely lit chamber.

Several girls jumped and the clanking of chains was heard.

“You heard Anza, on your feet cretins,” a voice boomed. Several of the girls whimpered and clustered together and hid their faces behind tangles of ratty, unwashed hair.

One girl stood quietly apart from the rest as far as the link of her chain allowed. All the girls were connected by long links of solid silver chains. The manacles around their ankles and wrists heavily decorated with exotic looking symbols. Symbols of a tongue none of them would ever understand.

“Line UP she said! Not gather together like a bunch of frightened cattle!” the same voice growled impatiently. Suddenly a whip was cracked and one girl yelped out in pain as it sliced the flesh of her thin shoulder.

Immediately all the girls separated from their small cluster and lined up obediently, eyes downcast. Some were trembling so hard it was a miracle they didn’t fully collapse.

Dark eyes moved up and down the line to make sure everything was in order. They fell on the final girl, standing some distance away from the rest. This girl seemed to show no fear. Her eyes were downcast, staring at the floor but she didn’t tremble nor make any sounds of fear in her throat.

Curiously she approached this girl and tapped the handle of her whip beneath the girl’s pale chin and forced her to lift her face.
Still the girl kept her eyes downcast.

“What is your name?” she demanded.

“Ena,” the girl responded in a steady voice. Not even the slightest hint of being frightened. This boggled her captor’s mind.

Before her captor was able to respond the door suddenly re-opened and the one in charge, Anza reappeared looking satisfied all the girls were ready to go.

“Excellent job Leeka, the Great Ones are ready for them now,” Anza grinned, her pointed razor sharp teeth visible making some girls gasp in horror.

Anza tossed her head back and laughed at the reaction of the girl’s seeing her teeth. “Oh my little ones, you will ALL see and suffer things that are far worse than my sharp smile,” she taunted them as she relished in their immense fear.

Leeka let go of Ena’s chin as she lowered the whip handle. “This one doesn’t seem to be afraid at all. I have never seen one so calm before they meet with the Great Ones…”

Anza frowned and shoved one girl aside making her fall to the ground with a yelp of pain and the jingle of chains. The other girls instinctively moved out of Anza’s way as she walked to the end of the row of girls.

“This one here?” Anza asked incredulously taking in the petite mortal standing before her.

“What is your name?” she demanded, just as Leeka had.

Without looking up, Ena spoke again this time a bit more loudly, “Ask your friend, I just told her,” she shrugged.

Anza raised her eyebrows in surprise…at the haughtiness of this mortal girl.

“You dare act so…lofty, when you are in the bowels of Hades about to be judged by the Great Three as to what suffering your eternal soul shall endure forevermore?” Anza spoke in a low voice.

“Judge me or not, I have no fear to be punished for a crime I didn’t commit,” Ena raised her eyes and looked up into the frightening red gaze of the demoness standing before her.

A few of the girls gasped at Ena’s boldness but didn’t dare turn to watch the ongoing conversation between the two demonesses and Ena.

Anza backhanded Ena roughly causing the girl to fall to the ground.

“Restrain yourself, sister!” Leeka grabbed Anza’s hand as she had raised it again, about to deliver another blow to Ena.

“It’s not like she’ll die from any serious injuries,” Anza laughed crudely and tugged her arm roughly away from her sister with a glower.

“Remove her from the other girls. I am sure Durial will enjoy speaking to this one in private,” Anza grinned.

Leeka hesitated…never before had she released any fallen soul from the chain link. It was possible but was rarely ever done.

Ena was separated from the girls immediately, her wrists bound behind her back as Anza pinned them there.

“Take the girls to the Judgment Room. I will stay here and keep an eye on our…interesting little mortal,” Anza told her sister.

The girls all chained together cried and whimpered as they were forced to follow Leeka as she took hold of the chains and dragged them behind her roughly. Bare feet padded on the cold stone floor as they were led from the room, chains jangling and tears streaming down their faces.

The door slammed behind them leaving Anza alone with Ena. The girl had slumped to her knees and relaxed a bit. Without the other girls in the room whining, whimpering, and trembling it had a bit more of a calm atmosphere. However this was shattered as Anza was suddenly clutching her hair and forcing her to look up at her.

The demoness was frightening in her beauty. Her skin was a frightening shade of dark burgundy, very unworldly. Contrasting with her dark skin was her bright, white hair that fell down her back. Her crimson eyes flashed as they stared down into Ena’s own big blue eyes.

“You don’t show fear yet…but you will. Once Durial gets you alone…you will know what fear truly is and will be whimpering just like all the other little girls who end up here,” Anza mocked her.

After that the demoness left Ena alone. The young girl must have nodded off because the next thing she knew the room was being flooded with light from the hallway as the door reopened.

“Ah Durial…I am glad you have come. How did the other judgments go?” Anza asked walking toward a shadowy figure draped in what seemed to be a long robe. This was all Ena could make out from the corner of her eye.

“The same…pleading for mercy and then screaming as they were dragged away to their own special ring of Hades,” a softer voice responded.

Anza let out a cruel laugh and shook her head.

Finally the two demonesses seemed to turn their attention to Ena.

“So this is the girl who Leeka informed me of? The one who seems so…emotionless yet brazen in her defiance?” Durial gestured to Ena’s kneeling form.

“Yes…she has been nothing but troub…” Anza was cut off as Durial held up a hand.

“I wish to speak to her alone. Anza you may leave us, go and find your sister and prepare for the next batch of souls,” Durial spoke.

Anza didn’t even question her and immediately left the room quietly and respectfully, closing the door shut behind her.

Ena trembled as she felt the new demoness looming over her.

“Look up at me, small one,” the soft voice commanded.

Ena slowly looked up at the demoness and gasped as she regarded a demoness many times more beautiful than either Leeka or

Durial seemed to be the total opposite of Anza, with a golden, honey complexion to her skin. Her thick burgundy tresses were pulled back from her beautiful face in a thick elaborate braid down her back, hidden beneath her thick robe.

However she possessed those same frightening crimson eyes that all the demonesses shared.

“Stand up so I can have a look at you,” Durial commanded.

With a slight struggle due to the fact her arms were awkwardly tied behind her back, Ena stood up.

Durial walked around her slowly, taking her in from all angles.

Ena was not a very tall girl, probably 5’4 at the most. Her chocolate brown hair was cut into a simple but cute bob that accented her high cheeks bones and dark blue eyes. Her pale skin was flawless save for a few freckles on her shoulders and a few on her back.

Like all other “fallen” souls, Ena was completely naked but she felt no shame. She regarded Durial just as curiously.

“Your eyes seem so innocent even though there is definite defiance behind their gaze. I feel absolutely no sin about you…how did you end up in this particular ring of Hades?” Durial mused to herself as she spoke aloud.

Ena darted her eyes to the side not speaking a word.

“So very curious indeed…especially because the gods wouldn’t have sent you down here if you were truly pure and had a pure soul,” Durial clicked her tongue in confusion. This was very odd.

“There is…something about you that is off. You are giving off a different type of…aura than the other girls that fall down here…so tell me, my pretty little bird, how did you end up in my cage?” Durial asked with a smirk, tracing a sharp nail gently down Ena’s face.

Still Ena refused to speak of anything.

“Very well…”Durial spoke, “I definitely have ways I could make you talk in mere seconds. Rip your skin off, only to have it regrow and resume the same pattern….or perhaps the same with your teeth….or cook you alive and allow the other demonesses to have a go at your charred flesh, before it grows back and we resume the process…”

Ena was inwardly startled by these horrible punishments that Durial described but she knew they barely scraped the surface of what other torments existed in the bowels and rings of Hades.

“I will ask you once more, little bird, how did one such as you end up in the worst ring of Hades…for the child killers and virgin murderers?” Durial demanded calmly.

Regarding her captive she saw that Ena wasn’t going to break anytime soon. Her silence was firm.

“Very well….but I have no desire to see pain in the eyes of one with such an innocent face. No…I have other special ways to make you talk…” Durial grinned as she slowly knelt before Ena’s kneeling form.

“Very…special ways,” she let her warm fingers just gently brush against Ena’s right nipple.

The girl gasped out, her cheeks blushing immediately, as she shivered in soft pleasure.

“Oh yes…we will have you speaking in no time…”

[Part II]

A finger softly trailed down a long, fading scar on Ena’s back that hadn’t been noticeable in the dimly lit chamber earlier.

Furrowing her brows Durial curiously lingered and once again traced her finger over the scar.

Ena frowned and grunted, squirming just a bit and turning her head to glare at the demoness over her shoulder, “Don’t touch me there!”

“Oh is it a tender spot?” Durial taunted her, lightly feathering it and watching for Ena’s reaction.

Ena jerked and for a brief moment a glimpse of pain was evident in her eyes and so Durial ceased as she found no enjoyment in seeing pain in such an innocent face.

The young captive let her shoulders slump once again as she relaxed in the bondage. So far Durial had only been examining the kneeling, nude captive.

She had led them into a more brightly lit chamber. The room still felt as if they were in some sort of underground, cavernous type of lair. However this room glowed warmly with a large fire in the hearth and several candelabras.

Ena refused to give her tormenter any more attention than she had already. Staring stubbornly at the ground she didn’t even seem to care that Durial was watching her…judging her…and trying to figure her out.

The anticipation of what the demoness was going to do to extract information from her still frightened the young girl’s mind.

The demoness had been able to get such a rise out of her before by just lightly brushing her fingertips across her nipple. She had barely grazed that sensitive flesh but it had set Ena’s mind ablaze with all sorts of sexual and evil tortures the woman could bestow upon her.

Rape by a group of rabid demonesses? Ripping of her nipples…twisting and burning her clitoris? Ena was inwardly terrified just
imagining what the demoness had up her sleeve.

But she kept on the outward façade of airiness…that it didn’t bother her. This was actually quite obnoxious to her tormenter who found she usually relished in the prisoner’s anticipation and nervousness.

Ena was so deep in her thoughts she gasped when she was suddenly hoisted up to her feet. No sooner had Durial freed her arms from their bound position behind her back, than Ena found herself suddenly floating up in the air.

“What is this?” she gasped out in horror finding she had no control over her limps. The poor girl wasn’t even able to struggle except for the movement of her head.

“One of the many gifts I possess my sweet little bird?” Durial smirked, “Only the strongest of demonesses have such powers.”

Ena was confused and looked at Durial, “But those other two had a hard time even getting that group of chained girls to listen…if they have powers why didn’t they use them to get their way?”

Durial smiled at Ena’s naivety finding it almost sweet.

“Because Anza and Leeka are very young for demonesses. I am far older and stronger than you could ever imagine,” Durial smirked and walked forward towards her uplifted, bound captive.

Gently she tucked the soft hair of Ena’s bob behind her ears to get a better look at her face.

“No more questions from you though, little one. I will be doing all the asking…you shall be answering,” she commented calmly.

Ena would have trembled if her body had been able to move at all. She was terrified and her heart began to pound inside her chest, so loudly she could hear it in her ears.

“Wh-what are your plans for m---“ she was cut off as Durial pressed a finger gently to her lips.

“Sshh…no more questions I said. As I told you…I don’t wish to see pain in the eyes of such an innocent. Because an innocent one such as you is so rarely found in any ring of Hades.

Ena found herself being lifted just a bit higher and gasped out in surprise. Soon she was about six feet off the ground, just high enough so Durial could walk beneath her bound form and have prime access to her vulnerable, nude body.

With a slight motion of her finger Ena found herself being flipped over. No longer was she levitating with her face looking up towards the ceiling. Now the front of her body was facing the floor, and Durial’s smirking face.

Her belly rose and fell as she breathed in quickly, very nervous of what was to come. The poor captive’s heart pounding and pounding against her ribcage.

Ena closed her eyes and grit her teeth, waiting for immense pain. She didn’t trust Durial’s promise of no pain. She was a demoness after all.

Suddenly two warm hands were gripping Ena’s breasts that hung and swayed gently in the air, prime targets for the lustful demoness.

Ena’s blue eyes shot open in surprise as without warning the demoness was cupping her breasts and massaging them very tenderly. The touch was so gentle and soothing it felt like the hands of a lover, not a demoness from the darkest and deepest ring of Hades.

A soft whimper escaped from the back of Ena’s throat and forced its way through her lips that had parted slightly as she shook her head.

Closing her eyes, she turned her face aside as it blushed brightly far too embarrassed to make eye contact with Durial or see the look of glee she supposed was stamped across her tormenter’s face.

Durial’s brows rose in surprise and then her eyes softened as she watched the reactions of her captive. The look of confusion…arousal…and frustration all mixed into one adorable scrunched up look.

“You are more sensitive than I thought,” she leaned up and whispered into Ena’s ear. Her hot breath made the girl shiver as suddenly both her nipples were being tenderly pinched and rubbed between warm fingers. The demoness knew exactly how to handle her body, playing her like an instrument while she rolled the tips of Ena’s sensitive nipples in her fingers.

Ena’s nipples responded in kind to the gentle yet incessant touches by hardening, growing puffy with arousal as more blood pumped to them engorging their size and sensitivity.

A single bead of sweat trickled down Ena’s pretty face and fell to the floor. The many candles and large fire kept the warm very heated and therefore it alerted her senses, making any touch that much more intense.

“Please…” she finally gasped out, panting heavily.

She could feel the blood rushing between her legs too, engorging her pussy lips with desire as the inner most delicate folds of her lips began to blossom like a rose, her clitoris not yet peeking out. However her pussy was pink and slick with desire.

“Breaking so soon?” Durial laughed out gently, “What happened to the brazen girl who was kneeling before me not even an hour ago?”

Ena glared down at Durial who in turn tweaked her nipples making the girl jump and she laughed softly.

"There is that familiar flint of defiance in your eye. But remember I am in control here," Ena taunted her shivering, aroused victim.

Ena knew she would break as soon as Durial’s hands at began massaging and fondling her breasts. They were some of her weakest points and even just a few gentle fingers brushing her nipples would make her break and yearn for orgasm.

“If I had it my way…this would be your torment for all eternity…” Durial whispered into Ena’s ear. The girl’s pale flesh was flushed pink from arousal, beads of sweat sliding down her face, and the twisted expression of frustration and arousal evident on her pretty face.

“I would have you all to myself in this heated warm room….whispering erotic things into your ears…rolling your nipples all the while to make you want it that much more. I would suckle and kiss and worship them like they are pure treasures…” she whispered still, making Ena shiver in arousal from the teasing and hot breath teasing her neck.

“But alas….I must have results,” Durial suddenly let go of Ena’s nipples without warning and stepping away.

“Please…” Ena whispered one more time, her voice slightly cracked from arousal.

Durial just laughed softly and leaned forward and nuzzled into Ena’s neck.

“Are you that aroused already, my little bird? It has only been fifteen minutes…oh eternity shall be very long indeed for you…” she suddenly was rolling her nipples one last time between her hot, skilled fingers while nibbling the flesh of Ena’s pale throat.

Ena gasped and shivered the hardest, panting as the beautiful demoness pulled away.

“Now that we have you all warmed up it is time for some questions…” she grinned evilly.

Durial’s captive looked down at her in shock and then her eyes flashed over angrily.

Just remembering why she had been cast down here…so unjustly infuriated her. She wanted to tell the demoness everything…but withheld information…so full of shame.

Ena lowered her eyes and refused to look at Durial’s smirking face any longer.

“Remaining stubborn to the end I see? I had you panting like a harlot within minutes…this shall be easy,” Durial taunted dragging a finger down Ena’s inner thigh.

The girl jumped in surprise and suddenly found she was no longer able to move her head. She could only breathe, blink, and make facial expressions. Her voice also remained but she was too terrified to stay anything.

If possible Ena would have arched her back suddenly when she felt Durial plunge her face into the captive’s hot, wet pussy.

Eagerly Durial lapped up the slick juices of Ena’s pink, throbbing pussy.

Ena moaned deeply from her throat and shivered intensely in pleasure.

Durial began to suckle and flick her tongue over Ena’s clitoris expertly, massaging the small bud of flesh wanting to further excite and engorge it.

Ena felt she was a breath away from orgasm when suddenly Durial pulled away licking her lips and cooing softly in pleasure.

“You taste divine my dear,” she spoke with her face so closely to Ena’s pussy her hot breath teased the delicate pink folds of flesh making Ena shiver and whimper in such desire.

“I love the small sounds you make…they are delightful. It is rare I hear such sounds…such innocent sounds. When demonesses are…intimate they are quite vocal…and it doesn’t sound as pure and sincere as you,” Durial stroked her fingers down the girl’s hot inner thighs and towards her feet.

Ena’s brow furrowed in confusion wondering what was Durial’s next plan.

“What you just experienced is but scratching the surface of what I could give to you pleasure wise. I have more tricks up my sleeve than you could ever imagine my sweet thing. Remember that feeling when I torture you…the moment you give me what I want…I will give you what YOU seek,” she cooed.

Without warning Durial began to gently graze her fingers over Ena’s slightly larger feet.

The girl gasped and began to giggle softly just from the demonesses warm finger pads exploring her feet.

Durial again was shocked when she discovered that Ena’s feet were flawless. Creamy soft to the touch her fingers sunk into the plump, pampered flesh as she watched the feet twitching but unable to move of their own accord.

“So sensitive…you my dear are divine,” she cooed softly.

However it puzzled her…Ena had been cast down below with all the other evil souls. Once these girls had arrived they took the true appearance of their soul. Usually they appeared covered in the filth of their sins…dirt streaked skin, ratty and tangled hair, and just very unkempt.

Ena however was completely different. Her hair was silky and soft, her body completely pale and free of any dirt or flaws except her scar near her spine. Even her feet were supple as a babe. It made no sense.

“Now tell me…how did you end up here? What did you do on Earth to be cast down here…an innocent like yourself?” Durial demanded. She was always able to sense and even smell evil emanating from a human soul…but this girl had no such distinct markings or traits about her.

“I…I cannot tell you,” Ena responded simply.

In frustration Durial didn’t even bother asking another question as she dug into the girl’s baby soft feet. Her nails dragged up and down the high, creamy arches.

Her round, pink arches were nibbled with teeth gently while the balls of her feet were tickled mercilessly by dancing, sharp fingertips.

Ena had no chance to beg for mercy. The teasing and increased arousal left her very sensitive….mixed in with her helplessness and the heat of the room…made every touch unbearable.

She squealed but eventually broke out into sweet, melodious laughter bouncing off the walls of the cavernous type room.

Durial’s hot, black tongue forced its way between the shivering toes, lapping at each one and relishing the flavor.

Ena could feel her body responding in kind. Her arousal continued to heighten as the erotic attention and tickles to her feet greatly aroused her.

Feeling shame in this she hoped the demoness wouldn’t notice.

However a lustful being like Durial was able to smell her renewed passion once again and grinned.

Suddenly she was lapping at an arch her fingers dragging up and down the other foot.

“Tell me what I want to know Ena,” she commanded. Her hot breath on the foot made the girl’s sole spasm and her squeal out in sensitivity.

Ena remained stubborn in her silence and so Durial amped things up by relentlessly raking her sharp nails up and down, not stopping or even slowing down. It was just ten sharp nails raking into hypersensitive flesh.

Ena laughed the loudest yet…no longer so melodious, more like a tormented laughter of one being truly tickle tortured.

“I will get the information I desire!” Durial warned her over the loud laughter.

Ena could only respond by cackling as the creamy webbing between her toes was assaulted by Durial’s hot tongue.

The interrogation had only just begun…

[To Be Continued...]