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(Part I)


She gasped as her dark brown eyes opened and she found herself completely trapped in inky darkness.

Had she fallen asleep? That couldn’t be it…her small night-light that always shone through the crack under the bathroom door wasn’t visible. Did she even get ready for bed? Had she taken a nap? So many thoughts were racing through her confused and jumbled mind.

“Just calm down,” she softly comforted herself. She decided to make herself a soothing cup of earl grey tea to calm her nerves. She had always hated pure darkness. All she had to do was slide off her bed and hit the light switch above her night table and all her fears would be diminished.

However her planned was slightly stalled as she found she couldn’t move an inch.

“Nnngh!” she grunted in frustration as she tried to squirm, kick, jerk…anything to get some viable movement. She found all she could do was move her head from side to side and wiggle her baby toes.

Finally she tried once more in frustration to arch her back and let out a gasp as an amazing feeling washed over her amply sized bosom, especially her sensitive nipples. A smooth, silky feeling rubbed over them erotically.

Immediately they began to grow aroused, her nipples slowly swelling and growing erect as they were visible as two bumps beneath the silky lining.

“My poor helpless little pet,” a soft menacing laugh taunted her as a dim light suddenly lit into the room. She gasped and averted her eyes as even this small amount of light was hard to adjust to after complete and total darkness.

“Come now my sweet little thing, open those lovely brown eyes of yours,” the voice taunted still and it sounded closer.

Slowly she opened her eyes and she let out a strangled gasp of horror as she realized the extent of her predicament. Staring down she found her entire curvaceous body entombed within a strict and stringent latex body suit that extended from her neck down to her ankles. Her arms were tightly crossed beneath her large, luscious breasts rather like a straight jacket. This in affect propped her breasts up more, causing them to heave out. Only her head and feet were visible. She stared down at her wiggling magenta toes that glittered in the dim light. Her big toes had been tied together with playful looking twine and tied back strictly.

“Like what you see my pet? I designed this jacket especially for you,” the owner of the voice finally appeared at the foot of the table near her feet. He stood at approximately six feet tall. His icy blue eyes and bright blond hair contrasted nicely with his paler complexion. The evil smirk on his face did nothing but chill her to the bone.

“Please…why have you done this to me…what are y—“ she began to babble out questions.

“You have rather large feet for a woman of your height,” he cooed, wiggling her untied pinky toe on her left foot as he intentionally ignored her pleas and questions. She would come to realize that all her begging would fall upon deaf ears.

The young woman felt her cheeks heat up as she blushed. She had always been so embarrassed about her rather large feet. And it was true…for a woman who stood at only five feet, four inches, having size eleven feet was rather peculiar.

“Such luscious soles you have…much like your breasts,” her captor smirked darkly. “I can already see my jacket is having the right effect on you.”

“What…?” she whimpered out as he walked up beside of her and gently stroked the tiny bumps visible through the jacket with his thumbs.

He grinned as she arched her back and panted in heavy arousal. “Yes…just the right effect. You know my pet…I usually let my girls stay hot and flustered within the tight confines of my latex jackets. However….for you I designed this special jacket. Instead of being lined with hot latex it is lined with the smoothest and finest silk money can buy. With every move or struggle you force yourself to grow more…aroused.”

“No…” she whimpered out.

“Oh yes,” he grinned as he returned to her feet.

“Where to start…?” he teased. She gasped as he suddenly lifted up her ankles and attached them to a single stock, since her ankles were side by side. He locked her ankle in place and began to tie back all the rest of her toes to leave them taunt and extremely helpless. He also now had major access to those delicious, creamy webbings between all her toes.

He watched the look of horror on her face as all her toes were strictly tied back now and weren’t going anywhere.

“Nervous my pet?” he leaned forward and gently kissed each of her bound toes. As she squealed he growled in pleasure deep in his throat. Yes…she was sure to be super special all right. His best tickle pet and find ever.

The captor began to gently run his fingers up and down her twitching, creamy soles as he kissed across the balls of her foot and down the wrinkly, high arches.

“Your feet…are so smooth and sexy. So hypersensitive even without lotions and oils,” he purred to himself as he immersed himself in only teasing her feet. For now it was only gentle caresses, nuzzles, and kisses.

However his poor pet didn’t find them gentle in the least. She threw her head back and squealed in hysterical laughter, trying to thrash and finding herself unable to move an inch. Her feet twitched and shivered in total sensitivity as he explored ever so tenderly and gently, mapping out her most sensitive spots that he would exploit later on.

“Please no! You cannot do this to meEEaha!” she squealed as he tweaked her tender toes. “My feet are too sensitive! Please don’t torment them anymore! Please!”

She gasped in horror and groaned as she saw him suddenly pull up a small cart of supplies that consisted mostly of a few feathers, a brush, and some bottles of oils and lotions.

“Oh yes…your begging has most definitely convinced me your feet need some tender care before we resume…” he darkly grinned.

“What?” she nervously asked as she saw him pull out a small pumice stone.

“Cars always look better after a nice buffer…why not feet as well?” he teased as he began to firmly run the stone all over her twitching feet. Up the arch, over the heels, across the balls of the feet, between the toes, under the toes…it was never ending.

She squealed the loudest so far and he grinned in dark amusement. “Just so perfect and delicious…” he moaned to himself, feeling himself grow hard between his legs.

As he finished with the stone he spared her no time to catch her breath or plead for mercy as he began to rub some tingly oil deep within her quivering soles. “This oil is very special, just for you my dear. It not only amplifies sensitivity….but causes any touch to your soles to arouse you immensely as well. When I am done with my pets soles…you won’t be able to walk across the carpet without creaming yourself.”

Her cheeks lit up as he teased her and she whimpered. However as he began to resume deeply rubbing another layer of the oil onto her feet she tossed her head back and squealed hysterically again. She began to laugh so hard it was almost on the edge of soft hysterical screaming as he finished and she whimpered as her untouched soles tingled and she giggled softly as an after affect.

He slowly rubbed his crotch as he gazed at his handy work of her soles. Now they flushed a new shade of pink, glistening with the coat of oil, her toes strictly tied back and her soles nice and taunt. His eyes traveled up and down her long, sexy soles as he quietly groaned to himself. Yes…she was exactly what he had been looking for.

“And now on to more better things,” he grinned as he stood up and walked to the side of the table she lay on within the jacket. She gasped as two removable patches were taken off her nipples. The puffy and aroused nipples practically seemed to stand at attention as they peeked out erotically from the skin tight jacket.

“Yes the silk had the perfect effects…” he gently brushed his fingertip across her right one. She jerked and hissed in total pleasure behind clenched teeth as sweat trickled down her forehead. As she struggled, her arms jerked, further tightening around her body and forcing her breasts up even more.

“A good response….but not great,” he teased as she saw him pull out that familiar oil.

“NO!” she squealed as he began to rub a light layer onto each nipple and it in turned throbbed and grew as erect and aroused as it possibly could, practically bursting from the jacket now.

“So much better…” he grinned. “Now to complete the task at hand.” She watched as he reached into his pocket and pulled out two small silver rings.

She watched in horror as he nestled them around each of the tips of her nipples. They immediately began to buzz with life once they touched warm, female flesh and they would forever vibrate. They would vibrate enough to keep her nipples aroused and super sensitive but never enough to let her cum.

“Now on to more…intimate and private matters…” he smirked as he began to slowly unzip a secret patch that was between her trembling thighs.

(Part II)

A small gasp emitted from between her lips as she felt the zipper slowly coming down, revealing her already very aroused and wet womanhood.

“Oh yes…” he breathed huskily. She could feel his hot breath on the tingly, sensitive skin of her pussy lips and she gasped in surprise. Her head rose as far as it could as she looked down, only able to see the top of his head between her spread legs.

“I see you are a bit surprised,” he grinned. He rubbed his hand across her completely smooth and silky pussy lips, shaved free of any nasty pubic hair and left baby smooth.

She whimpered and squirmed as best she could which was very little. He just chuckled at her efforts and resumed putting his entire attention back into her pussy.

The delicate and pink inner foldings of her pussy peeked out delicately as her womanhood was aroused and swollen with the blood that rushed there as a result of the nonstop stimulation of the silky interior of the straight latex suit she was laced into.

“I knew you were the perfect girl to try out my new bondage jackets,” he chuckled as he just lightly flicked the tip of his thumb across her clit.

“Unnggh!” she grunted out, arching her back as much as possible and panting heavily.

“What a reaction!” he smiled widely to himself. “But like your feet, it can get so much better!”

She shook her head in fear and denial over what he might next have up his sleeve. This time he didn’t even bother to tease her by holding up the tube of oil. Instead she gasped as suddenly she felt him rubbing it firmly along her pussy, from the outside to the delicate inner parts of her tender womanhood.

The poor girl gasped in total ecstasy as she suddenly felt him adding a few additional drops to her clit exclusively and rubbing it in firmly. Her hips wiggled back and forth in the bondage. She would have probably dry humped the air eventually if not for being bound so securely.

He sat back admiring her glistening and oiled pussy as he patiently waited.

She furrowed her brow as a strong tingling began between her legs. She gasped as her clit began to grow, just even so slightly until it was three times its original size.

“So perfect,” he moaned to himself, rubbing his own crotch that was zipped up in his snug trousers. After soothing his growing erection he leaned forward and just blew lightly on her clit.

She hissed through gritted teeth, her thighs trembling and trying to snap shut which was impossible. He grinned darkly; liking her reaction as he suddenly slid his final vibrating ring around her clit. It would forever keep her clit aroused and this swollen size, peeking forth from the tender folds of her pussy lips and always accessible to his evil whims.

His newest pet was now adorned with all the rings that marked him as her new property. He stood up and crossed his arms, walking around her and studying the effects of all his ministrations on her.

The soles of her feet blushed new shades of pink as they quivered in the cool air, her nipples throbbed due to the rings buzzing quietly on them, and finally her crotch that revealed her wet and very aroused clit and pussy. He nodded in satisfaction.

She gasped as he suddenly gripped her face in his hand, as his fingers gently dug into her cheeks, forcing her to make eye contact.

“From now on there will be no more begging for mercy. Believe me you won’t ever get any mercy or any pleasure from me. You are here for my whims and my pleasure only,” he stated coldly. “The rest of your days will be filled with moans, squeals, and howling of laughter and erotic passion as you serve your Master.”

She gulped and nodded her head to please him and he smirked. “Good, you will learn quickly I hope. If not I know exactly how to punish you…” he stated smoothly, walking back down towards her silky soles.

“I can and will tickle and touch your soles in whatever fashion, whenever I please. They have been marked as my own as soon as I touched them” he tweaked her baby toe to make a point. She squealed and jerked in the bondage.

“As my pet you will be pampered and treated as lovingly as any pet should be. However you will always remain bound, lest you try and stroke yourself to completion. You will never receive completion within my dungeon unless you truly earn it, and very few slaves of mine have ever earned it,” he chuckled darkly at her eyes widening.

“Besides…” he leisurely stroked her soles, ignoring her squeals and the way her feet twitched in the strict toe bondage to gyrate away from his touch, “I find the more the denial of orgasm is built up in a slave, the more sensitive she becomes.”

A small whimper was emitted from her lips again as a single tear slid down her cheek.

“Ssshh…none of that now,” he gently coaxed her, beginning to rub her feet tenderly. He wrapped his large hands around her soles, his thumbs deeply rubbing into the creamy skin, especially along her arch and balls of her feet.

The young slave tossed her head back and laughed hysterically. While it did feel nice, it also tickled like crazy. His evil oil amplified all her sensations.

“I will make sure your feet and more sensitive areas always remain nice and sensitive and oiled,” he smirked as he saw her shake her head in total revulsion.

“I think you will easily be able to earn an orgasm. You are already my new favorite toy. I just…love your soles. Never have I had a more large and sensitive pair of soles in my possession before,” he moaned softly. He leaned forward nuzzling her left sole with his cheek and kissing the balls of both her feet.

He resumed gently tickling with his fingers, letting them dance up and down her sensitive soles. He would eventually start really testing her feet out for the most sensitive spots and exploiting them. For now however he just enjoyed the smooth feeling of her twitching, silky soles beneath his ticklish touch.

“Sometimes I will be busy with my other girls,” he continued to tell her about her new life in his dungeons. “But I have a staff of nurses who will make sure you get the attention you deserve. If you aren’t bound in one of my own positions or devices you will be in the wall.”

She gasped as she had no clue as to what that could be. She trembled as she pictured herself entrapped in a tiny box, with only her feet sticking out.

“Your body will lie on a bed while your feet peek through the wall, toes tied back,” he tweaked her toes as she squealed and jerked again. “I told you I would keep you comfortable. You will be gagged, blindfolded and your ears covered so you don’t hear the grunts and squeals of the other girls. Your feet will be tended to by the nurses if they think they need a touch up.” He shrugged, still stroking her large, flexing soles.

“Of course my girls’ soles always look so beautiful,” he leaned down and started kissing up and down her arch as he tickled beneath her toes.

“Welcome to your new life,” he stated gently as she laughed in protest as he resumed kissing along her large feet and her laughs echoed off the walls of the dark dungeon.

(To be continued..)

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Awesome story - so imaginative :) You're a very gifted writer.

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