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And the tale wanders forward. Enjoy! Feedback is always welcome!


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World of When
Part 3

As the sun slowly came up over the city, Samantha sat in the loft’s living area alone, wrapped in a soft, black cotton robe. While sipping a mug of licorice tea, she watched her lover writhing in utter sexual need and frustration. Lit by a single strong spotlight, Lillee was still bound to the playbed, her incoherent moans and gasps being broadcast for the entire system to see. A stimulant spray had kept the blond at the edge of orgasm for the last six hours and change.

Sam thoughts were battling her feelings. Two streams ran through her mind and fought. A big part of her simply wanted to end Lil’s torment, and hold her. She seemed so helpless and needy, so un-Lil like. It felt a little wrong to let her be that way, especially when she could end it with a few well placed licks. A smaller part of her was secretly pleased. That mischievous part of Sam, the one which whispered naughty little ideas to her sometimes. It was thrilled that someone had managed to put one over on the ever winning Lillee. All the thrashing, yelling and begging was sort of fun to see. “After all,” Sam reasoned, “I’ve been her plaything on more then one occasion. She deserves this so she can understand.”

Pulling her thoughts back to the moment, Sam noted that the broadcast clock was winding down. Only about thirty minutes remained for the audience to watch Lil’s performance.

“Why not give them an extra thrill?” decided Sam. Finishing her tea with a gulp, and setting the mug aside, she rose, and shrugged off her robe. The soft garment pooled at her feet, leaving her nude. Sam shivered, a sprinkling of goose bumps rising across her body, as much due to the early morning chill, as to what she had decided to do. Taking a deep breath, she then walked over to Lillee, and into the broadcast’s range, giving the diehard watchers, who’d lasted this long, a surprise thrill, and leaving an extra special discovery for those who’d br reviewing the action from recording tomorrow.

Sam settled onto the bed next to Lillee. The blonds eyes were unfocused, and her short hair was plastered to her face by sweat. A long throaty moan was issuing forth from her open mouth. Samantha gently brushed the hair back, and whispered “Hi Lil.” “Sam?.... please..... please.....” Lil managed between the gasps that the stimulants were forcing from her body. “please.... please....”

Sam had planned to play with Lil a bit, but simply couldn’t bring herself to do it. She climbed over Lil’s legs and settled below the woman’s spasmodically thrusting hips. Without any warning, she simply dipped her head, and with her tongue, quickly ran it the length of Lil’s dripping slit, from bottom to top in one long lick. Upon reaching the engorged, exposed clitoris at the end of her tongues trip, she began to swirl about it in fast circular patterns. Simultaneously, she settled both her hands upon Lillee’s small breasts, and took firm grip of the hard nipples that topped them, and began to tug gently.

“UUUUUGHHAAAAAAHAAAAAAA!” was the deafening moan that Lil emitted as the hours of teasing were ended, and the orgasm that had been so long denied, was released. “OHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Her body convulsed again and again, and slowly came to rest. Sam kept petting and licking her lover, until only small content sounds could be heard.

Wiping her mouth, Sam crawled up to Lil’s side, and leaned into the bound woman's side letting her know she was there. Samantha then looked up, directly into the spotlight focused on the bed. “Show’s ovah folks.” she said around a smile. “Alex? Feed off now.”

The light snapped off, and the feed terminated, the sparkle of live nanocams now gone. “Partial refunds tendered for shortened broadcast period.” informed Alex.

“Yah, Yah, whatevah.” Sam answered the AI distractedly. She was busy deactivating the stick strips that held Lillee. They each turned off at a thumb tap, becoming soft and cloth like again, releasing their molecular holds on whatever they had been touching. Having freed her lover, she lay down next to Lil and held her tightly.

“Lil? You angry with me?” Sam asked tentatively.

Slowly Lil turned her head, nuzzled Sam’s neck softly, and replied. “You Blue? No love, not angry with you...” she trailed off for a second, as she breathed deeply. “Not really angry at all.... Cha and the others got me, well... at first, us, good... I know it was only for fun, so I can’t be mad... Doesn’t mean I won’t get even though. I always do...I always do.” She nipped Sam’s earlobe gently, producing a squeal. “I won’t forget how long you let me wriggle here either.” Lil then cuddled into Sam, and quickly dropped off to sleep. Sam followed soon after.

Heedless of the sleeping lovers, the new day continued. Slowly the loft’s residents awoke and got their mornings underway. Alex had thoughtfully soundproofed the playbed area from any noise in the loft’s living room, so even as the noise of six people starting their days filled the place, neither woman was disturbed. One by one, the friends headed off to the plans they had made for the day.
Before heading out herself, Statcha took a moment to check and see how much the feed had brought in. She was surprised. It was a far more significant amount then she expected. Silently she wondered if as many people would pay as much to see HER. She was not sure they would. With the tiny black cloud of that thought hanging over her head, and casting a shadow on her victory, she exited the loft, and headed off for her studio. She taught dance, and had a class in under an hour.

Not long after Statcha’s exit, Lillee awoke. The blond stretched, and inventoried herself and her surroundings. “I feel damned good.” she thought. Her body had dealt with the results of her forced tease, and left her once more in top form, easily removing fatigue toxins, and re-oxygenating her muscles as she had slept. “Feels sorta like I swam a few hundred miles, all loose and nice.” was how Lil put it to herself, as she worked her right arm out from under a still sleeping Sam.
While looking down at her lover, Lillee considered the previous night. Situations like the one she had just gotten the worst of, were not unknown to the group of friends. Over the years since they had first met as kids in socialization camp, the gang had gone through several bursts of such pranking and teasing. It was all about group dominance, and it was a healthy form of venting for the little conflicts that naturally nag at friends who were as all strong willed as hers. Lillee realized that a new round of ‘Who’s the boss’ seemed to be starting up. There were informal rules and traditions to be followed. They had formed after endless discussions, and years of trial and error, to prevent the friends from going too far and causing real damage to a friendship. “What are the boundaries this time?” she mused. “Hmmm, control as always is key.... The gang had clearly decided to take up her playful tickling of Sam, and turn it on her as the main method for controlling her...” Lil shivered at how well THAT had worked on her. “The sex-need part wasn’t much different,” Lillee compared, “they used my body against me. So.... clearly anything physical, and non-painful is on the table. Teasing... touching....” Lil mused, and then with a sigh as she accepted the fact, “tickling is going to play a big part in this round too.” Remembering the vidfeed aspect, she added humiliation to the list as on the table. Bondage also of course. And oh yes, high end tech toys were allowed too. That was going to help...”
Slowly the blond began plotting out her next move, and next target. She knew she would come out on top in this round, after all, she always won in the end when she wanted to.

Tenya managed to dodge the deadly down sweep of her opponent's rust speckled sword with a hasty, and inelegant leap backwards. The orc moved forward, swinging again, pressing his advantage. She managed to deflect the thrust with her own blade just in time, and steady her footing also. Tenya flexed her toes, and felt through her soft leather boots solid purchase on a small area of rock. That was a bit of luck she realized, most of the area was covered with slippery fallen leaves. She raised her sword, ready for the next attack. It came quickly. For the next several minutes, the pair of combatants traded blows with only the sound of their clashing swords, grunts of exertion, and heavy breathing filling the glade. Tenya was starting to get the orcs measure, and was slowly pushing the foul smelling beast back toward the hidden cave it had burst from. The orcs appearance had been a nasty surprise for her as she had passed by, and almost had left her dead. She’d been lucky. Finally the orc made a fatal error, and Tenya slid her blade past it’s guard, delivering a killing blow to the neck. With a gurgling gasp, the orc collapsed to the ground, and fell silent, as it’s blood and life quickly drained into the dry earth.
“Wheeeww!” Tenya let herself exclaim as she let herself relax. Dragging the back of her hand across her sweaty forehead, she pushed a few stray hairs from her brow and eyes. After doing so, she looked down at her hand, it was covered with smears of orc blood and dirt. “I must be a sight!” she figured correctly. “Well big boy, lets see if you had any thing on you, or in your lair,” she spoke to the dead orc, as she began to examine his body.
Fifteen minutes later she sat cleaning her blade. “A silver, three coppers and a friggen rusty sword. What a waste of my time.” she thought in disgust. “Oh well, good practice at least.” She was just rising to get underway again, when she spied a brightly cloaked figure slowly approaching.
“Lil? is that you? I didn’t know that you were playing this one also!” Tenya asked, suddenly, recognizing her friend.
“Yup! I’ve been playing for a bit, figured it would be a fun break after last night. Nice work with ugly there.” Lillee answered, while making a gesture towards the dead orc, which was already gathering a swarm of buzzing flies.
“Thanks!” smiled Tenya at the compliment. She’d been playing a warrior type for years in Sims, and took some pride in her combat skills.
“I’d never want to cross swords with you.” Lil continued, as she drew close to the beaming warrior-woman, “Good thing I’m a mage!” With a complex hand gesture, ending with two fingers pointing at Tenya, she shouted “KATINO!”
Surprised, Tenya barely had time to cry out “why...?”, before deep sleep claimed her, and all thoughts left her mind.

“Nicely done if I do say so myself!” complimented Lillee to herself, with a small smirk.

“System close this scenario, maintain personal states and conditions, open Lilleeplayroom.”

The forest, dead orc, and all else faded away like mist under the morning sun. As the ambient smartfog released the solid forms it had been holding, and the phase arrays dropped the lighting illusions, the white of the Sim room’s walls flickered into sight for an instant. Immediately they were replaced by the custom Sim that Lillee had called up, a plushly appointed room filled with numerous bondage devices. Two large guards were part of the package. “Gentlemen, please secure our new guest to the soft rack.” ordered Lil pointing at an generously upholstered bondage rack.
With a grunt of acknowledgment, the two henchmen went to their task. In no time at all, Tenya was stretched out helplessly.

“Leave us.” Lillee ordered, and obediently the guards left.

“System, cancel personal states and conditions from last scenario.”

The Sim room responded immediately. Lil’s robes faded away, leaving her in a black neck to toe skinsuit. Tenya’s warrior outfit vanished in a puff of dispersing mist, revealing her to only be wearing a tight red thong. Lil had to admit, it looked good against the bronzed skin tone of the woman. Tenya was of Native American ancestry. Her six foot tall body was tight and toned. A good portion of her skin was covered in tribal tattoos, each, Lillee knew, held a special religious meaning. The tattoos were abstracts, and covered most of the left side of Tenya’s torso, neck, and back. They curled around and over the left breast, and ran wrist to shoulder on her left arm. From hip to toes, the left leg was also marked. Lil found them quite striking, particularly the ones that slowly shifted under Tenya’s skin, in an ever changing display of fractal shapes.

“Someone likes to really feel their Sim’s I see.” Lil said, sitting next to the awakening Tenya, and running a finger along the inside of the thongs strap.

“Oh fuck Lil! Don’t! It wasn’t my idea!” Shouted the fully aware Tenya, the Sim induced sleep spell now gone, she’d snapped back to full awareness.

“A shame that cute little bottom is the only thing you have on to protect yourself with,” continued Lil, “I bet you wished you had on more then them, and this little nothing.” she indicated the leather strip which Tenya always wore to contain her long, hip length braid of flat black hair. It was the only other ‘real’ item of clothing Tenya had worn into the Sim.

Flipping the braid’s end from hand to hand, Lil continued to chat, “Hardly counts as clothing at all, but it sure keeps your hair nice and tidy. Looks like a big paint brush, doesn’t it?” She swirled the tip into Tenya’s exposed, deep belly button.

“Gehhehe! Stop! heeehhhhe! Lil! I swear! it was all Don’s idea! gehee!” chuckled out Tenya.

“That’s nice to know sweetie,” answered the blond, “but I clearly remembered you betting with the rest of them, and giggling at me when I was... a bit over excited later.” Lil made lazy circles with the braid, slowly widening, covering more of Tenya’s entire tummy, which was flinching in and out madly, in an effort to escape the light tickling from her own hair.

“Gehhhh HA!, please Lil! gehehe! hehehe! ahhh noo, gehehe he he. Was the result. Tenya was beginning to sway her body as best she could to move the tickling to less sensitive areas, but Lil had no trouble staying on target.

“So did you bet on me?” Lil asked. “Remember, I might have checked the loft recordings before you answer.”

“Geh heee, heee, heee, noooo I didn’t! I’m sorrrry!” begged Tenya, “hehe hee. Maribree was s, s, hehe, sure that Sam oh! would win, geh heee, so I bet with her, fuck! stoppit! Geheeehee.”

Still using the braid, Lillee began to tickle Tenya’s breasts in much the same places as she had Sam’s the night before. Part of her mind noted that Tenya’s aureolas while large, were neither as big or as dark as her lovers. The small nubs of nipples were not even in the same league. The tits were about as big though.... “Why was Bree so sure?” She’s located a very effective spot where the breasts merged with the woman’s sides.

“GEHAHAHA!, FUCK! GAHA! HEHE!, STOPPIT! STOPPIT! HAHAHA! GEHA! GEHAHA! Was the pleasant result forced from Tenya.

“Why was Bree so sure Tenya?” Lil asked again.

“STOPPIT! I DUNNO! Gehahhaaaa! GEYAH! HAHAHA! Please Lil! Pl..Pl..Please Lil! AH AH AH Gehah! AH HA AH HA!”

“I don’t believe you!” sang Lillee. She moved on to swirl the braids now sweaty point into the hollow of Tenya’s right armpit.

“GYAH! GYAH! AHHOHOHO! AWNOOO! PLEEEESE! GEHEHEHEHEHE!” screamed the dark haired captive. Tenya violently thrashed in her bonds, trying to do anything to lower her arms, and protect her sensitive pit from the attack it was suffering. Of course she couldn’t, so the torture continued, and so did her frenzy of laughs and screams.

Lillee did not let up. She remained focused, casually watching the pleading woman under her control, and letting her eyes wander up and down Tenya’s length to enjoy the jiggling breasts, wriggling hips, and arching body. She’d always enjoyed watching Tenya as they showered off after they ran together, but it was much more fun to see all those nice parts wiggling about under her control. She wondered if she could talk her into a threesome with her and Sam’s some night. “Could be fun to see Blue and her go at it...” Minutes passed as she mused, she was having quite the good time. Tenya’s screams and begging were a pleasant background to her naughty thoughts.

“STAHHHP! GOOHAHA! HOHOHO! Oh, oh, oh geheee, heee, he!” trailed off Tenya as Lil slowed her attack. Lil said, “You know, I think I believe that you really don’t know why Bree was so sure I’d loose. I’ll have to ask her myself... eventually.” Dropping the braid, she began to trace the angular lines of a tattoo that arched around from Tenya’s back over her ribs, with her nail tips.

“No Lil! Don’t!... Geheeyahh! AHHO! AhHO! ahhahahahahha! OH Fuck! Stoppit! Stoppit! HEHEHEHA!” laughed Tenya as she descended into chaos again. The Native American woman’s fingers clenched and unclenched spasmodically, and wisps of her dark hair began to stick to her sweat soaked neck and face.

Tracing the tattoo’s she could see on the exposed part of Tenya’s torso, kept Lillee busy for the better part of a quarter hour. A few times Lil playfully chided the oblivious Tenya for bucking so much that she’d made her loose her place in her art examinations. Tracing the tattoos that circled the left breast, provoked an especially nice response of deep gut wrenching laughter. That laughter, grew frantic, and louder, as she worked her way closer to the nipple at the patterns center. As Lil got there, Tenya’s responses turned over from heavy laughter and begging to almost pure shrieks and screams. “Your aureolas are THAT ticklish?” asked Lil absentmindedly in amazement. Glancing up at Tenya’s head, now thrown back and thrashing from side to side, her eyes squeezed shut, her mouth wide open, as a seemingly endless howl poured out, Lillee answered her own question, “I’ll be fucked! You ARE!” She mentally added to only herself, “There is a useful secret to know.”

Lil stopped to give Tenya a break. It was one that the ticklish captive deeply needed. Her chest was heaving, and she was dizzy from all the laughter and screams. Between gasps she tried to reason with Lillee. “Come on Lil, *pant* let me go, *pant*, I told you everything, *pant*, honest!”

“Yes dear, I think you have.” agreed Lil, “We just need to come to a bit of an agreement now about a few small things. You know, promises and such.”

With her breathing back under control, Tenya answered. “What do you want? I’m willing to make a deal.”

“Of course you are, with that pair of ticklish bulls eyes you have there.” Lil teased, she enjoyed seeing Tenya blush from head to toe at her taunt. Lillee continued, “We all seem to be playing a new round of ‘pecking order’ again Tenya, you know what that entails, and I want to make sure that you are not a future problem for me. I want your word that you will not tickle or tease me, or help anyone else do the same, until this all shakes out. I also want to know if you’d like to share a night with me and Sam for some bedroom fun.” Lil added quickly as an afterthought.

“Fuck! I always get caught between you guys when you go at each other!” Tenya stalled. She was trying to gather her thoughts to navigate this new minefield she found herself in. “To the sex thing with you and Sam, hell yes, if she’s good with it. She and I always had fun together, I’ve missed begin with her since you two linked up.” Tenya flashed a grin at her captor, and got a smile in return. “So far, so good.” she thought before continuing. “But... the other stuff... uhuh, no way. I can’t bind myself up like that, I might agree to sleep with you, but I’m not your bitch. I thought we were close enough that you wouldn’t need to ask things like that!”

Lillee’s answer came quickly, “Tenya, that is not what I wanted to hear. You know how these things go. I don’t want to have to watch my back from your direction. So promise, and I’ll let you go, and all will be fine.” The blond had settled near the trapped woman’s feet. Resting a hand on one, she continued, “You saw what Cha did to my feet last night didn’t you? I bet you thought it was pretty funny, me screaming and begging, and you just sitting there. Suddenly I think I need to help you make up your mind some more.” At that she began to tickle the length of Tenya’s shackled feet.

“Gahyah! heheheheHo! ONO! NO! hehee! Stoppit! Stoppit! Gehehe Gehehehe! Geheheheheh!” Tenya cried out.

Lil was amused at the way that Tenya’s toes splayed out in every direction as she tickled the woman’s high arches. She found that as long as she stroked the arch, her friend couldn’t seem to keep her toes clenched. That left the area between the toes and foot very vulnerable to her free hand. She took full advantage.

“Don’t! DON’T! GEYHAHAHA! AHHHH! GYAH! HEHEHE! GHAAAA! NO! LIL! GET OUT! Oh oh ghahahahahahaha! GEHHA!” was the result of the new toe oriented attention.

“You are so fucked Ten. Just Promise me. Give it up.” Prompted Lil, working the toes even harder. “You can stop it all.”

“NO! I WON’T! GEYHA! FUCK! FUCK! HEHE! FUCK! GEHAY!” were the last real coherent words Tenya made before giving in to the sensations, and just letting herself laugh in hopes of riding it out. It tickled like crazy, and she screamed and twisted and bucked, but by not fighting so much, she felt she could hold on.

Sensing her victims new found resolve, Lillee refocused, and increased her attacks on the squirming peds, switching from foot to foot, and working to keep Tenya off balance. After several minutes of work she had to hand it to her captive. She seemed to be taking the foot tickling with a lot of grace. With the exception of the occasional ‘FUCK!’ Tenya had seemed to loose herself in the tickling. So she stopped.

“I’m *gasp* not *gasp* gonna *pant* give up. *pant*” Tenya said immediately.

Lillee was ready with a reply, “Even if I get to work on those boobs of yours again Ten? I’ll give you one chance. Promise now, or I promise I’ll go at them for half an hour without stopping no matter what you say.”

“You wouldn’t!” said Tenya in spite of herself. Looking into Lil’s eyes, she followed with, “Yes... you would. You would. I give Lil, I couldn’t take that, You’d drive me crazy. Gods I’m babbling. I’ll promise to what you said, if you promise to the same regarding me.”

Lillee grinned. “No deals Ten. I gotcha, and you know it. I don’t have to give you anything. Just promise, or do I have to get busy.” She wiggled her fingers at the bound woman.

“No!” Tenya shot back, and then smiled, “Can’t fault a girl for trying can you? I promise to all you asked for Lil. My word on it.”

“Good girl! System, close scenario.” ordered Lillee.

The room responded, and the lush tickling chamber faded to the neutral white of the room. As the rack she was bound to dissolved, it gently lowered Tenya to the floor. Lillee reached down and extended her hand to the prone woman. Tenya grasped it, and was pulled to her feet, and to her surprise, into a hug.

“You did good for someone I got by surprise.” Lil said as she held her friend.

“Thanks,” answered Tenya, “but you got me and puzzled me out.” She then giggled in slight embarrassment, adding. “I didn’t know they tickled that bad!”

“It’s a good day when we learn about ourselves! Even if it’s just about ticklish tits” joked Lillee, pleased to see Tenya blush again. “Want to get back to the game?” Lil asked, “We can go kill some monsters, and this time, I’ll help. Perhaps we can also discuss plans for our date.” the blond coyly added, winking.

With a smile, Tenya said, “Sure! System resume my saved scenario from the moment when I first met Lil, return my and Lillee’s costumes also.”

The forest and their clothing shimmered back into existence around them. “So where were you headed in here, and what were you up to?” asked Lille-the-mage.

“I’ll fill you in as we go.” answered Tenya, beginning to head down the trail she had been following earlier, signaling for her friend to join her. As they moved off, she started to explain her quest.

Lillee listened quietly, and in her mind, chalked up one win for her, a player off the board, and a extra fun night ahead as an added bonus.

To be continued in World of When Part 4

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Myriads, this is just plain awesome! I had no idea you did this sort of thing. I love the sci-fi elements, involved. They bring back memories of Brave New World and Fahrenheit 451. Again, this is just AWESOME! Great work!

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This is an oustanding series!


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Fabulous series! :D Do keep posting, part 4 and beyond.

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Awsome series. Look forward to reading the rest.