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11-30-2002, 05:05 PM
Excerpt from “Space Ticklers”

This is from my tickle-erotic novel “Space Ticklers”. All female characters and lots of lesbian sex and tickling. A female scientist gets space-shipwrecked on a faraway planet and finds a society of lesbian colonists who worship a goddess of tickling. Here’s their punishment ritual:

* * *

“… let this be a warning to all of us. If we want this community to function well, we have to obey some rules. Most of us do this out of their own free will anyway. We didn’t need to punish anybody during the last twelve years. But the verdict was clear. As it is, we abhor violence, and tickling pleases Ishala, our goddess. So we render these two offenders to her mercy. Bring them in!”

The two trembling girls were led into the half-circle the audience had formed around the crosses and the campfire. They were tied down with leather straps around their ankles, knees, hips, elbows, and wrists. Their bikinis stayed on them, as arousal wasn’t on the schedule tonight. Only their sandals were removed.

Vellicata continued her speech: “Ishala isn’t only our goddess of love and tickling, her influence is in the whole nature around us, as she’s the creator. Thus our rules decide that offenders are not punished by us fallible humans but through nature itself. But as nature is benevolent to us, the intent of punishment has to be made clear. Spray the offenders with sugar water as I’ve told you!”

Four girls with spraying bottles, normally used to moisturize plants, stepped near and did their job. The sugar water was sprayed at all the ticklish spots: armpits, ribs, sides, hips, and feet. At Vellicata’s command, some girls brought two cardboard boxes with holes in them. They opened them and took out very hairy caterpillars, about one inch long, and placed them around the bound bodies. The brightly colored animals smelled the sugar water and began to crawl towards the offered nourishment. When they arrived at the girls, they climbed on them, and at once the two girls in bondage started to squirm and laugh. The hairy bristles on the caterpillars must feel like tickling hell, Sheila thought.

The tortured laughter increased when two animals reached the toes and armpits. Both girls screamed blue murder now. Each had a dozen or so caterpillars on their most ticklish spots. After about half an hour, all sugar water had been licked off the skin, and the animals left the bodies to vanish into the dark forest.

The break was most welcome for the offenders. Finally, they were able to breathe normally, but the punishment wasn’t over yet. Small cages were brought into the circle, with strange animals in them. They were about rabbit-size and looked like miniature ant-eaters. Their heads with long snouts were peeking outside the cages, but the space between the bars was too narrow for their bodies.

Vellicata explained: “The tickling caterpillars have a double effect: First, their bristles are ideal for tickling, as you’ve seen. Second, they leave an almost invisible trail of secretion wherever they go, and every few inches they drop tiny pearls of moisture, not bigger than a pinhead. These ant-rabbits normally feed on insects, but those caterpillar pearls are a real delicacy for them. Let them do their work now.”

Two cages were placed on either side of each girl, and one was positioned in front of each foot. The animals notices the “delicacies” at once and let their tongues search for them. These tongues were almost as long as the whole animal, and the tips were bisected like snakes’ tongues. They flicked over the naked flesh, felt around inquisitively and returned to the snouts from time to time. As Florea would have stated it, these tongues had exactly both the right firmness and softness for tickling. And my god, were they tickling! The bound girls went berserk. They yelled and laughed and squealed like hell.

In spite of the somber atmosphere, Sheila couldn’t help getting aroused by the sight of the feverishly wriggling and laughing girls. She looked at Mona and Luana beside her and got the distinct impression that they were getting hot as well. Mona noticed the glance and nodded: “Nobody forbids us to get aroused, that was meant for the offenders only,” she whispered into Sheila’s ear. Her hand slipped into Sheila’s bikini pants and started to play with the snatch. Luana watched them for a while, then she whispered: “Damn, this whole thing is turning me on so much. Slip off your sandals, I want to participate somehow!” They did so, and soon they felt Luana’s fingers caressing their soles. Meanwhile Sheila’s hand had found its way into Mona’s panties and frigged her pussy. They became incredibly horny, both from the caresses and the sight of the tickled girls.

Vellicata glanced at them as they were already uttering little pleasure noises. She stood up and proclaimed: “As I can see, this ceremony has an arousing effect on many of you. Please feel free to enjoy your lust. You are entitled to it, as you haven’t broken the rules.” Instantly, groups of two, three or more girls got together to caress and fondle each other. Some preferred to masturbate their own clits while they were watching the punishment or the other women. The whole event turned into a huge orgy.

Meanwhile the two tickling victims were laughing their heads off. Aurina proved to be most ticklish on her ribcage, she tried to squirm away as far as she could whenever one of the animals touched her there, only to shriek and wriggle back when the other side was attacked. Camea’s most sensitive were her feet, she was at least as ticklish there as Luana. She broke into tears as one tongue began to explore the delicate crevices between her toes while the other foot ticking animal was licking up and down her arch with its bisected tongue in a seemingly interminable pendulum motion. But they were the only ones who got no sexual relief at all.

Most of the others had stripped naked by now. Mona and Sheila were still caressing each other’s genitals while Luana kept on stimulating them by softly tickling their feet. Sheila’s feet had become one of her most erogenous zones by now, as the tickling there usually was connected to sex in some way. Luana had noticed that a mere brief tickle there made Sheila horny, and she made good use of that knowledge.

The “clover leaf” had changed to a daisy chain. Mona licked Luana’s pussy, who sucked Sheila’s clit in turn, whose tongue was busy with Mona’s dripping snatch. Some more girls got involved, too. They caressed breasts, buttocks and soles. Soon everybody was floating into orgasm. Their lust cries even drowned out the punishment victims’ agonized laughter sometimes.

After another half an hour, the first offender passed out from the ticking torture, only a few seconds before the other one. The animals were freed from their cages and fled into the forest, and the two unconscious girls were untied and reanimated with cold water. When they were able to walk again, they were led into their huts. They had to be supported by other girls, as their knees still felt like rubber.

* * *

The complete novel “Space Ticklers” (97 print pages, all F/F) is available as e-publication at: http://www.mtjpub.com/enovels

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Zuni’s illustration for “Space Ticklers”; two more Zuni custom-made illustrations can be found on my yahoo-group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/halsticklingclub (under ‘Photos’). That’s also where you can read all my short stories on erotic tickling (under ‘Files’).