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12-01-2002, 03:09 AM
This is my first attempt at a story please me gentle:p

Dedicated to for Slave4Tickles, I hope you like it sweetie :) :Kiss2: :tickle: :tickle:

Kate had just walked in the door sensing something was not right. She had to work late that night because her jerk of a boss demanded she stay late to work on a report with him that didn’t need to be done ‘til the next week and was clearly an excuse for her to stay after hours. Kate took a look around her cold apartment. Everything seemed to be in place. She went into the kitchen to brew her self a cup of hot herbal tea and went to sink down into her loveseat. Out of the corner of her eye she saw him, Elliot her next door neighbor. Kate screamed at first glimpse then breathed out a sigh of relief.
“Elliot you near scared me to death she yelled at her neighbor.”
“Sorry Kate, I just came here to watch some TV. My power went out. I think its out throughout the whole building.”
Sure enough Kate tried to turn on the TV and nothing happened. She tried the lights. The apartment remained completely black. Elliot lit a candle and Kate saw he himself was dressed completely in black. Kate knew Elliot was a strange character so she never thought twice about the black clothing. Yes he was strange…but very sweet. Kate always had a thing for Elliot. She never dared tell him for she was petrified he wouldn’t feel the same way. She gave him a set of spare apartment keys “in case of emergencies” and such. Kate had always hoped he would surprise her one night, but she was hoping more for dinner not him lurking around her apartment in pitch-blackness. Elliot walked over to Kate and joined her on the love seat. They proceeded to make small talk when Kate mentioned her neck was sore from all the typing she had to do with that damn report. Elliot reached over and began gently massaging Kate’s neck.
“Oh that feels wonderful!” she exclaimed in pleasure.
“I’m glad you like it. I always wanted to go back to school and become a massage therapist.”
“You should! You are absolutely wonderful.”
“Why don’t you lie down on the floor so I can give you a full massage.”
“Ok!” said Kate as Elliot helped her to the carpet.
Elliot kept kneading Kate’s tense neck and back muscles with one hand as he snatched a black cloth bag from under the loveseat. Elliot continued to massage Kate’s back occasionally squeezing her sides, which caused Kate to let out tiny giggles.
“Hey don’t do that!” she teased him.
“Do what?” he would tease back.
Kate rolled over onto her back. She couldn’t really see anything accept a little by candlelight, even though her eyes had adjusted to the darkness. She could feel Elliot close to her nonetheless.
“Here let me massage your palms”
“What?” Kate asked.
“Your palms, let me massage your palms.”
“Um… ok” replied Kate.
Elliot positioned himself at Kate’s head he took her arms and brought them back behind her head. He could see by candlelight that her sweater rode up over her belly as Elliot stretched out her arms. He began massaging Kate’s palms with one hand that brought out delicate moans. Kate never knew how good it felt to have her palms massaged. Quickly Elliot pulled the bag close to his side and before she could react Kate heard the fur lined handcuffs click into place. Elliot hooked the cuffs to a leg of a nearby coffee table.
“What the hell are you doing Elliot!” Kate screamed.
“Relax sweetie, you know I would never hurt you.”
“Get the cuffs off me now!”
“They are for your own protection trust me” Elliot was brushing Kate’s bangs from her face.
“What do you meeaannnhhahhahahahahhahahahahahaha!!!”
Elliot began twirling his fingers into Kate’s underarms.
“See I knew this is what you truly needed” Elliot’s eyes gleamed in the candlelight.
Kate began to plead. “Ohhhplleeasseeeee Elliotttt!!!”
“Calm down sweetie this will be over before long.”
Elliot bent down at Kate’s tummy. He could see her tiny dimple of a bellybutton as it rose up and down with each breath Kate took. Elliot took a finger and placed it inside Kate’s bellybutton and she froze with fear. Elliot then began to wiggle his finger all around the tiny crevice. Instantly Kate’s whole body began to shake.
It was music to Elliot’s ears as he wiggles his finger faster and faster. Then suddenly he stopped and let Kate take a much needed breath.
“Oh My God why are you doing this to me??” asked Kate.
“I see how you look at me when you pass me on the street. That twinkle in your eyes when you gave me your spare keys. You didn’t give me those for emergencies. You know your loving this as much as I am.”
With that Elliot took a hold of Kate’s sweater and rolled it up over her head leaving her belly, ribs and luscious breasts encased in a lace bra in contact with the cold night air. Elliot ran his hands up Kate’s belly to her ribs and finally coming to the bra hugging her breasts. Elliot felt Kate’s firm breasts and could feel her erect nipples, hardened from the pleasure he had been showing her. Elliot undid Kate’s bra leaving her breasts exposed to the darkness. Elliot began wriggling his fingers under Kate’s breasts eliciting a stream of giggles. He then started rolling her erect nipples around with his thumb while still lightly tickling the tender undersides of Kate’s breasts. This produced a combined effect of both soft moans and giggles.
“OOHHhehheheohhehehehehehhehheoohhhhggooddddhhehgo odddd!!!”
Elliot smiled and bent down and lightly began to nibble on each erect nipple. Kate was arching her back in ecstasy as Elliot worked over her sensitive nipples and breasts. Elliot then still teasing her nipples with his tongue began to furiously tickle Kate’s ribs.
Elliot continued to tickle Kate’s ribs as he began nibbling and licking his way down her body eventually finding her bellybutton again where he proceeded to quickly flick his tongue in and out. Kate was flopping around like a fish out of water.
Elliot stopped and began to unzip Kate’s skirt
“May I” he asked.
“Please be gentle.” Kate replied.
Elliot undid Kate’s skirt and pulled it down to her knees exposing a pair of silk panties with the tiniest wet spot beginning to form. Elliot went down to Kate’s feet and proceeded to lick her soles and underneath her toes.
Elliot then got a mischievous idea and put Kate into an ankle lock and tickled her soles with wild abandon. Brandy was shrieking with laughter.
Elliot tickled her soles for another two minutes then went right back up to his favorite spot and straddles Kate’s hips. He then resumed licking and nibbling her tiny bellybutton while tickling her taught tummy with his fingers.
Elliot then switched to tickling her inner thighs still teasing her bellybutton.
Elliot kept up the tickling of her inner thighs but now nibbling Kate’s lower belly along her bikini line.
Elliot must have hit a special nerve as Kate lie in a motionless heap. Her breathing was heavy as she was in a deep sleep. She was still giggling every now and then. Elliot undid the cuffs bent down and gave Kate a kiss.
“We must do this again sometime.”
And then as quickly and quietly as he appeared, Elliot was gone.

12-01-2002, 07:33 PM
I thought that was a very good sensual story Sarlox. Nicely done! I love m/f tickling as well as f/m. You must make a revenge story!! LOL


12-01-2002, 07:49 PM
Thank you JPie -- I was beginning to think nobody liked it:rolleyes: :D

12-01-2002, 08:55 PM
Very good! Kinda funny, in my opinion. My name is Elliot and I have a friend named Katie. I thought that was a little weird when i started to read the story. Hey! And look at that! I'm also strange but sweet! :D

12-01-2002, 10:26 PM
Glad you liked it Sir_Ribbit :)

12-01-2002, 11:33 PM
Originally posted by sarlox
Thank you JPie -- I was beginning to think nobody liked it:rolleyes: :D Well, I didn't like it. Nope I didn't like it at all! :( I Loved it! LMAO! I really did Sarlox, I loved it! It was great, I wish it had been longer ;) :Kiss2:
Is there another part to this? :) Katherine

12-01-2002, 11:43 PM
Is there another part to this?

I'll just have to see what I can do :D :firedevil :Kiss2: