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okay fans, here is the final chapter of the Pay Per view. this series has been a lot of fun. i hope you have enjoyed it as well. i like writing this series for those wrestling fans out there, who also like to see tickling in the wrestling matches. anyway, here is the final chapter of the pay per view. characters of WOW can be found at www.wowe.com Hollywood at www.webkitten.com Lana Star has her own website at www.absolutelana.com

Terri Gold's eyes grew wide open. she was on her back, her ankles trapped between Hollywood's thighs, her body frozen in fear. she saw Hollywood's fingers getting closer and closer. her breathing was shallow, now she braced herself for utter tickle hell. "NOOOOOOOOOOO HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA NOT MY FFFEEEEEEETTTTTTTTT!!!!!!" she roared in laughter.

Hollywood threw her head back in laughter. she finally got her chance to tickle Terri's feet. this was how she won the title from Terri. as her fingers scrabbled along Terri's soft soles, Hollywood's eyes filled with passion. she went after the feet with everything. she would tickle the ball of the foot, then the toes, then the arch, along the instep and across the heel. she enjoyed watching Terri scream in laughter. she looked at her victim. Terri's mouth was wide open and laughter just poured out. Terri's eyes were now clamped shut and the tears began to flow. Hollywood then dug her fingers in between the crevices of Terri's toes. Terri's body began to shake violently, as Hollywood found a real sweet spot. Terri was beginning to run out of air, her head was getting light, she wanted to pass out. Knightshade asked her if she wanted to give up, but Terri refused. she didnt want to submit to Hollywood again. this was her chance to regain the title that she loved dearly. but this tickling was so bad. she looked towards the ropes. Terri knew if she passed out, she would lose. she tried twisting her body over onto her belly. Hollywood noticed this and scratched her nails along the arch, Terri went nuts.


Hollywood really dug into Terri's soles. she felt Terri's body going limp. it was only a matter of time before she retained her title. "C'mon Terri!!!!! give it up!!!! you cant beat me!!! not with THESE ticklish feet!!!!! laugh it up for me little girl!!!! laugh and GIVE.......IT........UP!!!!!!!" Hollywood screamed at Terri.

Terri's eyes watered. her voice was going hoarse from the laughter. she heard the crowd chanting her name, trying to push her along. she couldnt give up. but the tickling was bad. she raised her hand, but she then put it across her forehead. she tried holding out as long as she could, but it was no use. her body betrayed her. she was helpless against Hollywood's tickling. her feet were too ticklish. she raised her hand. she would have another chance one day. Terri decided she was going to tap out.

Terri's hand was about to tap. Hollywood's eyes grew wide open. she was seconds away from retaining her title. just as Terri's hand was about to slap the mat, Hollywood yelled in pain. Lana Star had just come from behind and kicked Hollywood in the back of the head. Hollywood let go of her tickling hold and fell back to the mat in pain. Lana continued to stomp on Hollywood. Terri lied on the mat recovering. Lana looked at the two competitors lying on the mat. she now had the advantage. but she had a choice to make. should she go to the weakened Terri Gold, who was just seconds away from giving up? or should she go after Hollywood, knowing that if she went after Terri, Hollywood would interfere? she smiled to herself and went after Hollywood. Terri was too weak to do anything right now. Lana picked up Hollywood by her hair, then scooping her up and slamming her. she then placed her bare foot on Hollywood's chest, then slid it down to Hollywood's face and covered her face with her sole. she wanted to humiliate Hollywood. she then once again, reached down and pulled at Hollywood's hair. Hollywood responded by getting Lana into a small package pinning manuever. Knightshade made the count. 1..........2.......KICKOUT. Lana kicked out. she got up and Hollywood tried to clothesline her. Lana ducked, then kicked Hollywood in the gut, and as the champ hunched over, Lana picked her up in a pile driver. the crowd gasped as Lana got the champion up, then delivered a crushing piledriver to Hollywood. the champ was stunned. Lana pumped her fist and went for the cover. 1......2........kickout. Hollywood kicked out!!! Lana slapped her hand on the mat in frustration. she couldnt believe Hollywood kicked out of that. she then picked up Hollywood again. this time she delivered a DDT. Lana pinned Hollywood, this time hooking a leg. Knightshade made the count. 1.........2........kickout.

Lana was getting pissed. she then whipped Hollywood off the ropes and then planted her pretty barefeet into Hollywood's face via a dropkick. Hollywood was sprawled out on the canvas. Lana went for the cover. 1..........2........kickout!!! Lana then threw a tantrum. she couldnt believe Hollywood was still kicking out. she then thought of another idea. she picked the champ up, and got ready to put her in a pedigree. just as she was about to pedigree Hollywood, she was hit from behind from Terri Gold. Lana and Hollywood dropped to the canvas. Terri recovered from her earlier tickling torture and sensed an opportunity to get back into the match. she went after Lana Star. with a second wind, she tore into the blond bombshell. she picked Lana up by the hair and slapped her hard against the face. Lana reeled from the shot and Terri Gold then grabbed Lana in the back of the head and took her over to a corner. she then rammed Lana's head into the turnbuckle. she did this over and over again, and the crowd counted along with it. ".......8......9......10!!!!" the crowd chanted and Lana was dizzy. she walked groggily out of the corner, then Terri nearly took her head off with a clothesline. Terri went for the cover. 1......2......Terri then got up as Hollywood dropped an elbow onto Lana. Hollywood didnt mean to hit Lana, and as she got up, Terri turned her around and planted her barefoot into Hollywood's belly. Terri then hit the pedigree on Hollywood. the crowd roared. Terri jumped up in excitement. she then nodded her head and placed Hollywood in position near the middle of the ring. Terri then climbed to the top rope. the crowd went nuts. Terri was about to hit her finishing manuever. Terri was on the top rope, facing the crowd. with her hands raised in victory, she smiled once more then executed her finisher "the Perfect 10" (a moonsault) onto Hollywood. the crowd roared, nearly blowing the roof off the Great Western Forum. Terri covered Hollywood. Knightshade made the count. the crowd counted as well. ONE............TWO...........TH-KICKOUT!!!!!!!!!!! Hollywood just kicked out of the "perfect 10". Terri couldnt believe it. she was in complete shock. she looked at Knightshade and he responded that it was only a two count.

as she was pleading with Knightshade, Lana then came from behind and tossed Terri over the top rope, sending her crashing into the arena floor. Lana quickly got out of the ring and rammed Terri's head into the steel post. Terri slumped back onto the arena floor. Lana got back into the ring and looked at Hollywood. Hollywood was still in pain. she kicked out of Terri's finisher, but she was still weak. Lana strutted over to Hollywood's form. she placed her finger on her chin. she was thinking. Hollywood kicked out of basically every type of devastating manuever there is, but there is something she hasnt faced yet. Lana's eyes grew very big.

"Let's see how ticklish you are....." Lana said to herself. she rolled Hollywood over onto her stomach and straddled the lower back. she then reached up and slowly stroked her fingertips along Hollywood's sides. she felt Hollywood's body tense up. "oohhhh!!! she is ticklish!! let's see how much...." Lana told herself. she continued the slow teasing of her fingertips along Hollywood's sides. Hollywood continued to squirm. Lana placed her head near Hollywood's ear. "now my dear Hollywood, now it is time for you to laugh like a little girl......TICKLE TICKLE TICKLE!!!!" Lana then plunged her fingers into Hollywood's armpits and tickled her HARD.


Lana continued her tickling. Hollywood's body was thrashing about. her legs were kicking and her laughter poured out like water. Lana dug deeper and deeper into Hollywood's armpits. Lana actually liked this. Hollywood's armpits were quite smooth and delicate. she dug her fingers deeper and deeper. she loved hearing Hollywood scream in laughter. for all those months of Hollywood torturing the women of WOW, it was time for her to suffer. Lana remembered when Hollywood embarrassed her when she was tickled. she remembered Hollywood making her bark like a dog. Lana began to seethe at the memory. she now wanted to humiliate Hollywood. Lana got up off of Hollywood and then flipped Hollywood over onto her back. Lana then straddled the champ's stomach. she then reached down at Hollywood's T-shirt and began to tear it off of her. the crowd went nuts. Hollywood tried to keep Lana from tearing her shirt off, but Lana ripped it to shreds. Lana threw the tattered shirt out of the ring. she looked down at Hollywood. Hollywood was wearing a black sports bra, with her bosom looking as though it would pop out at any moment. Hollywood tried covering her chest. Lana then slapped Hollywood across the face repeatedly. Hollywood was getting groggy. her arms fell back to the mat. her chest was heaving up and down. Lana then traced her fingertip along the cleavage and Hollywood giggled. Lana then traced her fingertips all along Hollywood's upperbody. the fingers tickled and teased Hollywood's chin, then her neck, her collarbones, shoulders, across the armpits, alongside the sportsbra, into the ribs, then back up to the cleavage. Hollywood was giggling, then Lana plunged her fingers into Hollywood's armpits again. Hollywood exploded with laughter. her face was frozed in ticklish agony. she went into silent laughter, as Lana then went to her ribs, plucking and tickling each rib. Hollywood squealed to Lana's delight, and Lana continued to tickles the ribs like a piano. Knightshade made sure that Hollywood's shoulders werent pinned to the mat. he then asked her if she wanted to give up. Hollywood shook her head violently "no". Lana then placed her head into Hollywood's.

"so, you dont want to give up? well, i am just going to tickle you until you do. you will be my little tickle slut. tickle tickle tickle my sweet little Hollywood......" Lana taunted. she continued her rib and armpit tickle torture. Hollywood was again in silent laughter. Lana then laughed to herself and once again made a threat that sent shivers down Hollywood's spine. ".....now my ticklish little girl, let's see how ticklish your feet are...."

Lana got up off of Hollywood and the champ began sucking in precious oxygen. Lana then flipped Hollywood over onto her stomach once again. she then crossed Hollywood's ankles and folded her legs against her butt. Lana then sat on Hollywood's shins and had her feet helpless. Lana then began to pluck the bootlaces loose. Lana could hear Hollywood begging her not to get her feet, but Lana ignored it. she has been waiting for this moment ever since she barked like a dog to Hollywood. payback was going to be SWEET!!! after plucking laces off both boots, she pulled each boot off, revealing the black sweatsocks of the champion. Lana tossed the boots out of the ring, and then peeled off Hollywood's socks. Lana then tossed the socks out of the ring and she looked down at Hollywood's vulnerable bare feet. Lana nodded her head. she was impressed. Hollywood feet were a size 8, with high arches and long beautiful toes. her nails were a polished burgundy and her index toes both had toe rings. Lana looked at the soles and smiled. they were her favorite color, pink. there were some creamy spots on the arches and bottoms of the toes, but the soles were pink and very soft. Lana was going to enjoy this. she then dragged the tip of her finger down the sole of Hollywood. Hollywood shrieked.


Lana went to town on Hollywood's feet. she scrabbled her nails all along the soles of Hollywood's tender delicate feet. she tickled the balls, then the arches, then the toe pads. Hollywood was screaming her head off. her feet were so ticklish. Knightshade asked her if she wanted to give up, but Hollywood refused. Lana then played with her toes. she tickled the toe pad, then went between the spots. by the way Hollywood's body jerked, Lana found a sweet spot. she dug into the crevices, making sure she hit every ticklish nerve between Hollywood's toes. Hollywood tried scrunching her toes, but that only trapped Lana's fingers between her toes. Hollywood was pleading and begging, but Lana would not give her relief. she tickled and tickled and tickled each and every one of Hollywood's toes. Lana then went back to tickling the ball of the foot, another hot spot. Hollywood's laughter changed from uncontrollable laughter to a high pitch scream as Lana then dragged her fingers lazily on her arches.

"How's my ticklish little Hollywood?!!! she is SOOOOOOOOOO ticklish isnt she? tickle tickle tickle!!! i am going to tickle these feet of yours......ALL........NIGHT.........LONG!!!!! c'mon Hollywood!!! give it up!!! submit to me!!!!!!" Lana screamed at Hollywood. the champ refused. her feet tickled so bad, but she couldnt give up. she loved her title way to much to give up now. she tried reaching for the ropes but her body was stuck under Lana's weight. she felt Lana's fingers invading her arches, then the base of her toes. Hollywood was getting weaker. she was trapped, she was tickled, she was exhausted. she again tried reaching for the ropes, but it was in vain as she was in the middle of the ring. Knightshade again asked her if she wanted to give up. she refused. no matter how much it tickled, she wasnt going to give up. she would just have to pass out. Lana kept tickling the base of the toes over and over again. Hollywood's toes would open and close shut. when they opened, Lana would tickle the bottoms of the toe stems, sending the champ into hysterical, maniacal laughter. Lana was enjoying herself. she had Hollywood helpless and she was tickling the precious barefeet. soon, Hollywood would tap out or pass out. either way, she would win the title. a grin formed on Lana's face. she then once again went after the toes and tickled the ball of the foot as well. Hollywood was losing energy. her head now laid on the mat. her laughter was dying down as she was in the phases of passing out. Lana tickled her baby toe and Hollywood let loose a steady stream of giggles. she shut her eyes, she felt herself falling into unconsciousness. Lana's eyes grew open. she saw Knightshade raise Hollywood's arm. it dropped. he tried again. it dropped. just one more time and Lana will be champ. Knightshade raised Hollywood's arm one more time. he was about to let go off the arm.....

WHACK!!!!!! Lana fell off of Hollywood's legs and onto the mat in pain. Terri Gold had come from behind and nailed the blond vixen in the back with her foot. the crowd cheered as Terri got back into the match. Lana got up, then Terri scooped her up and powerslammed her. Terri then picked up Lana again, then unceremoniously threw her out of the ring, over the top rope and onto the arena floor. Terri brushed her hands as though she gotten rid of some garbage. Terri then looked at Hollywood. Hollywood was trying to pick herself by pulling her way up on the ropes. Terri came from behind and turned Hollywood around, then nailed her with a right hook. Hollywood fell back and then got herself tangled between the ropes. her arms and shoulders were now hooked into the ropes. Hollywood looked panicked. she was already weak, and now she was trapped. Knightshade tried to get Hollywood out of the ropes, but Terri got into Hollywood's face. Terri then started to tickle Hollywood's exposed and trapped armpits. Hollywood screamed in laughter again. Terri was going to get her tickling shots in on Hollywood. she tickled the armpits and Hollywood roared. Terri then started to tickle Hollywood's ribs and belly. she dug her fingers deep into Hollywood's belly button. Hollywood was waying in the ropes, laughing her head off. she was being tickled again. Terri loved this moment. she waited for a long time to do this to Hollywood. she kept tickling and tickling. she then thought of something. she looked down at Hollywood's feet. Knightshade was still trying to get Hollywood out of the ropes. Terri then turned around and tried reaching for an ankle. as soon as she turned around, she saw Lana Star.

Lana then hit Terri with her mirror that she got from her dufflebag. Knightshade didnt see anything. he then looked up and saw Terri laid out. Lana had thrown the broken mirror out of the ring. Terri was dazed. Lana then dragged her to the middle of the ring. she then looked at Hollywood who was still stuck in the ropes. Lana winked at her and sat by Terri's feet. she crossed Terri's ankles and sat on the shins. she then removed Terri's remaining boot and sock. Hollywood tried to get free. she saw Lana going after Terri's weak spot. Lana then raked her nails up Terri's sole. Terri woke up and started laughing. then her body grew rigid. she realized her predicament. Lana then tickled the feet harder. she scratched her nails all along the soles, making sure she got the arches and ball of the foot well. while she did this, she faced Hollywood and stuck out her tongue. Hollywood again tried in vain to get free. Terri was laughing harder. her toes were wiggling wildly as Lana's fingers danced along the toe pads. Terri was in a panic. Lana continued her torture. she tickled the crevices of Terri's toes and Terri kept screaming. she tried reaching for the ropes. Lana just tickled harder. she began to draw her fingers lazily across the delicate arches. Knightshade asked Terri if she wanted to give up. Terri refused. she couldnt give up. she tried reaching for the ropes. the crowd was cheering her on. she thought about winning her title and how far she has come to win it back. but the tickling was so bad. tickling sensations ripped through her spine, all the way to her brain. her delicate ticklish feet were in agony for the second time tonight. Terri heard the crowd chanting "TERRI!!! TERRI!!!! TERRI!!" she opened her tear soaked eyes and saw the ropes. they were so far away. she then began to dig deep within her and tried to drag her way to the ropes. she only felt Lana tickling her toes even more. she then tried again. she was getting closer to the ropes.

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! DONT GIVE UP!!! C'MON TERRI!!!!" Hollywood screamed. she needed Terri to make the ropes. Hollywood was still stuck in the ropes. she couldnt get free. she was helpless watching the drama unfold in the ring. she had to pray that Terri could get out of this.

Lana continued to tickle Terri's feet. Terri was doing everything she could to get to the ropes. she was getting weaker, but she had to make it. she could hear the cheers for her. she managed to make it close to the ropes. Lana was worried. she was tickling Terri's feet harder and harder. she tickled the toes, the arches, the balls, the heels, everywhere, but Terri still managed to make it close to the ropes. Lana then tickled the baby toe of Terri. Terri howled in laughter. but she was close to the ropes. minutes passed and Terri's head laid down on the mat. her eyes were glazed over from the tickling assualt. she reached her hand up one more time towards the ropes. then her hand tapped the mat. she tapped several more times as she then passed out from the tickling torture on her feet. she was out cold.

DING DING DING DING DING!!!!!! Discerning eyes rang the bell. Lana fell backwards onto the mat in joy. Knightshade raised her arm in victory. the crowd was in shock and went into pandemonium. Hollywood's eyes were filled with shock as she was still trapped in the ropes. her face was frozen in complete and utter shock.


Knightshade handed Lana the title belt. Lana started to cry as she clutched her newly won title belt. finally she was champion!!!! Knightshade finally managed to get Hollywood free from the ropes and Hollywood got out of the ring. she was pissed. she started slapping the mat in frustration and cursed towards the new champion. Lana mocked her and just stuck her tongue out at her. Hollywood then tried getting back into the ring. referees poured out from the back and helped restrain Hollywood and escorted her to the back. other referees helped revive Terri Gold and helped carry her to the back. Lana Star was now in the middle of the ring, basking in her glory. soon, pink confetti poured from the rafters and Lana posed and mugged for the camera. she kissed the belt and waved at the camera. Lana Star was the new champion of WOW.

Triple H: "I cant believe what i am seeing....."

Lee Marshall: "I know....i'm at a loss for words....Lana Star is the new WOW champion.....wait, i am getting word that Korn_ste is in the back with Hollywood!!!"

Korn_ste was holding a microphone and trying to speak with Hollywood as she was storming back to her locker room. "Hollywood!!! Hollywood!!! a few words for us?"

Hollywood shot him a glare that would kill someone. ".....I....I cant speak right now....i was ROBBED!!!! this should have never been a triple threat match!!! i didnt lose this match!!! DAMMIT!!!!!!!! I SHOULD STILL BE CHAMPION!!!!! THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY!!!!" Hollywood yelled as she walked away from Korn_ste.

Terri Gold made it back to her locker room and as she entered, she was hugged by Beckie and Billie. Terri broke out and cried. "...i failed.....i am so sorry........." Terri sobbed openly. there was group hug as all three women cried together....

Lana Star was leaving the ring holding her title belt up high. tears of joy streamed down her face and she made her way back to the locker room. tonight she was going to party!!! Patti ran up to her and hugged her. Lana hugged her back and the two began to scream and went back into the locker room and celebrated by pouring champagne on each other. oh, tonight was going to be a party!!!!

David Mclane sat in his office in shock. he felt good that Hollywood was no longer champ, but now Lana Star was champ. a new headache came to him and he rubbed his temples, thinking about this new era in WOW..........

Triple H: "well Lee, this was the most fun i had in a long time!! thanks for having me here!!! i hope i get to do this again!!"

Lee Marshall: "it was my honor to have you here Triple H!! good luck in the WWE and i hope you can join us again. well folks, that will do it for TOTAL CONTROL. i hope you enjoyed it and hope you be with us for the next few weeks and of course our next pay per view, VENDETTA!! have a good night, this is Lee Marshall for Women of Wrestling and brace yourselves for a new era in WOW!! so long everyone!!"

a video montage played, showing highlights of the evening to the song of "Hero" (from the Spiderman soundtrack). highlights of Francesca Le and Ninotchka were shown beating the Beach Patrol, then clips of Sable showing up and Ice Cold getting tortured. then Billie and Beckie beating Harley's Angels. Patti Pizzazz was shown getting honey and feathers dumped on her. Patti was shown pouting. then clips of Triple H was shown pedigreeing Chyna, then Riot tickling her while Chyna was in shackles. then highlights of the tag final showed Beckie submitting and Francesca and Ninotchka winning the tag team titles. finally still shots of Hollywood, Terri Gold and Lana Star was shown. shots of the match were shown, then showing Terri finally submitting as Hollywood was trapped in the ropes. still shots of Lana raising her new belt high into the air, with pink confetti streaming down. then a still shot of her blowing kisses to the camera was the final shot as the pay per view went off the air..............

well folks, that is the end of the pay per view. i hope you enjoyed this series. now there is a new era in WOW. what did you guys think of Lana getting the title? i will continue the series if you guys want me too. i need to know so that i can get started thinking of a new adventure. i really do appreciate all the support you have given this series, and i hope you will let me know how i did in this series. thank you and stay tuned for new adventures in WOW. i want to give special thanks to all who "paticipated": Krokus, Korn_ste, Phreakadelic, amk714, Joey, Discerning eyes, Knightshade, Sceej56, pips33pips, TheD, and Triple H (goes by Triple }{ here at the TMF) also want to give a special shot out to scubedu who also responded to this series. I APPRECIATE ALL the feedback and replies you all have given me. thank you, it only fuels me to write more. i hope you all enjoyed this series and again, stay tuned for more. let me know what you think....

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Great ending, and great series as well! Thanks, primetime. :)

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yeah, good work PT.

I reckon you should do a WWE Series next.


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cool story as always Prime.
keep up your geart work


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thanks fellas for the replies. i am creating a new storyline based on the results of the pay per view. i will probably take a little time off from writing the WOW series, but i will be back. either late December or early January with new episodes. besides, i myself cant wait to see how Lana's title reign is going to go. plus now that Sable is there, who knows what can happen! stay tuned!!!!