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Story: Sailor Moon--- Darien's Descent
by J. Darksong

(Note 1: Sailor Moon, and all such characters were created by Naoko Takeuchi, not by me. I just
like the storyline and created a story based on those characters. I give props where they're do!)
(Note 2: The timing of this story would be after the Sailor Moon S series, after all the Sailor Scouts
were revealed, the Soverign of Silence was defeated, and Sailor Saturn had 'died' and been
resurected as a baby, where she disappeared.)
(Note 3: I have written another story before this one, with erotic tickling, but leaning more towards
Dominance/submission and mind control, other fetishes of mine. This picks up where the other
left off, so any references to the before-mentioned story will be shown with an @.)
================================================== ===============
Part 1.)

For a long time now, Darien had adjusted to normal life...or as normal as life could be as Tuxedo
Mask, defender of the Earth, comrade of the Sailor Scouts, and boyfriend to a somewhat ditzy,
slightly hyperactive, crybaby of a girl. The very thought of Serena made Darien both very proud,
and extremely exasperated. Whenever danger threatened, and the world was in jeopardy, she
became Sailor Moon, the champion of justice, able to overcome any obstacle, fully willing
to put it all on the line.

It was her behavior all the rest of the time, her normal teenager persona, that troubled him. The
most important things in Serena's life were: A.) him, her boyfriend, B.) pigging out on snacks,
sweet, and other goodies, C.) hanging out with her friends, the other Sailor Scouts, and D.)
going shopping at the mall...though not necesisarily in that order. Strange how she could be so
level-headed and unselfish as Sailor Moon, yet so self-absorbed and petty as Serena!

This particular day, she had called him early in the morning, waking him, to remind him about
their date at the theme park this afternoon. Half-asleep, groggy, it had taken him a while to even
recall who he was speaking to, let along understand the words she was speaking.

"Hel-looo? Darien?" Serena squealed in her high pitched voice. "Are you even listening to me?"

*YAWN!* "Huh? Ser...Serena? Huh? Yeah... yeah, I'm awake," he mumbled rubbing the sleep
from his eyes. "What is it? Is something wrong? Is it an emergency? What's happening?"

"I'll say its an emergency!" Serena replied. "It's only six more hours until our date! You haven't
forgotten about taking me to the new theme park today, have you?"

Six hours?!? "Serena... you woke me up to remind me about that? Do you have any idea what
time it is? The sun hasn't even risen yet!"

"Yeah, well I just wanted to remind you. It's all part of being a good girlfriend--- to remind the
boy not to forget our date. And its a very special date, too, remember? It's the anniversary of
the first time we kissed." She sighed softly into the phone, her eyes lit up with cartoon hearts.
"Mmm... I can remember it like it was yesterday. You pulled me close, looked deep into my
eyes, and said...Darien? DARIEN?!?"

Snoring loudly, coming awake with a start, Darien caught the phone before it could drop and
placed it back at his ear. "Yeah, yeah, Serena, I got ya. I'll pick you up in six hours, okay? Now,
can I PLEASE go back to sleep? Yesterday was a long hard day."

"Of course, sweetheart," Serena said with a laugh. "Have a good rest, my darling, and I'll see you
in the morning, bright and early!" The phone clicked, and Darien hung up with a groan. He glanced
at the clock in exasperation. Once he was awake, it took forever to get back to sleep. Sometimes,
Serena drove him so crazy, he felt like teaching her a lesson... but he loved her. She was his
soulmate. So what if her little.. quirks... gave him migraines? So what if her little antics grated
his nerves? And so what if her petulent behavior, and her jealous obsessiveness over him gave
him rumbling in his stomach that he knew were the early signs of ulcers?

So what. So what indeed. Swallowing his frustration yet again, he slid back into bed, pulled up the
covers, and went to bed...

Dreaming, asleep, Darien's mind wandered...and an age old battle resumed once more.
His two personalities warred, the good Darien, the TRUE Darien--- the handome Prince,
the heroic Tuxedo Mask, the exotic Moonlight Knight--- and the evil Darien--- the dark,
evil version created long ago by Queen Beryl's magic, when he'd been set loose to destroy
the Sailor Scouts and capture the mystical Crystals for the Negaverse. Awake, the good
Darien reigned, his dark side held in abeyannce, submerged by his will. Asleep, however,
the two personas battled for supremacy. His darker side had won, briefly, once before @
and had singlehandedly taken down and enslaved all the Sailor Scouts.

Somehow, in those last few moments before completing his dominance, his good side had
returned, and the two side fought once more, with the good Darien triumphant again.
The Sailor Scouts were returned to normal, more or less, and they no longer remembered
falling under his spell. Everything was back to normal... except that the conflict was
never settled. Darien's dark side remained, and continued to fight as before, looking for
any weakness in the good side's defense. Any opening to claw its way through and regain
control once more. As the two sides continued to battle, memories of Serena's voice, her
annoying phone call, waking him in the middle of the night with silly reminders, played
in the background. All of Darien's feelings of frustration, anger, and annoyance built,
suffusing his darker side's energy, increasing its power. Finally, it found it hole, its
pathway back to ascendance once more. Darien's desire to teach Serena a lesson...

The alarm clock went off with a buzz, and Darien yawned and stretched. Grinning, he leaped up
from his bed and entered his bathroom, turning on the shower. "Ah, much better! It's amazing how
good you feel after a good night's sleep." Slipping under the water, he frowned. Of course, he
might have felt even better had his annoying little brat of a girlfriend not interrupted his sleep. As he
considered their trip to the theme park, a smile slowly replaced his frown. Yes... if he played his
cards right, he would soon be able to teach Serena a lesson she would never forget.
* * *
"I still don't see why we had to bring HER along," Serena sulked moodily, gesturing behind her.
at Rini, tagging along a few feet away. "This was supposed to be OUR date, Darien."

"Well, we couldn't just leave her home alone," Darien replied between bites of his turkey drumstick. "Besides, I'd promised you BOTH a trip to the International Medieval Fair. We'll have plenty of
time to ourselves... but considering how we nearly lost Rini a while back, I'd think you would
enjoy having her around." Darien eyed Serena squarely, causing her to blush and avert her eyes.

"Yeah, well..." Serena said, uncomfortably. "that's all over now. Rini's safe and sound, and she's
not going anywhere." Darien hid his amusement. The fact that Rini was the daughter of he and
Serena, come back from the future, always made Serena uncomfortable. Perhaps as a bit of karma,
Rini was every bit as Serena's daughter, every bit as childish and moody, yet still heroic when
a crisis arose. Serena and her younger mirror image often found themselves at odds, arguing,
and getting on one another's nerves.

"OOOH!! Hey guys, look over there!" Rini cried, pointing towards a display set up to the left.
"Can we go see that one, Darien? Please?" Rini asked, batting her eyes at him. Serena growled,
grabbed Rini, and pulled her around to face her.

"What do you think you're doing, Rini?" she asked angrily. "Don't bat your eyes like that at my man!
Darien is MINE, you understand? Mine, all mine!"

"Oh, shut up, you big meanie!" Rini retorted, putting her hands on her waist. "I don't love him that
way, silly... for one thing he's waaaayy older than me... even if he IS a real cutie,"

"CUTIE?!?" Serena yelled. Darien merely stood and laughed.

"You big dummy!" Rini replied. "Why are you so jealous? Darien's my daddy, remember? I'm not
trying to make him into my boyfriend!" She shook her head. "Boy Serena, you're a complete ditz!"

"Enough, ladies," Darien interrupted, as they made their way to the display Rini had pointed out.
Just the sight he had been waiting to see. "We're here. This looks like the typical English towne
square from back in medieval times. This is where daily life commenced, where wares were
bought and sold, and where all major functions of towne life were handled."

Wow, Darien's so smart. Serena thought. Pointing to a sturdy-looking wooden structure in the
center of town, she asked. "Hey Darien? What's that? That wooden thing, over there? What
was that used for?"

Perfect. Darien thought to himself. Give her a little rope, and she'll virtually hang herself
every time. "That's a pillory set, Serena," he replied, walking over to it. "People that broke the
law, or transgressed and were found guilty were often sentenced to a night in the pillory at the
town square. The head and arms were placed in there, and the feet went in there, and when the
locks were closed, the prisoner was forced to stay in that position until their sentence was

Right on cue, Rini replied, "Huh? They had to be locked in that thing the whole night? Wow. That
sounds just awful, No way I'd ever be able to stand that!"

Eager to show up Rini, Serena chuckled. "Ah, too bad, little girl. I guess you're lucky that they
don't use these things anymore. Now me... this wouldn't have bothered me one bit. A night
locked into those thing? No problemo for yours truly!"

"Oh really?" Rini said with a smirk. "Then why don't you get into it now and show us?"

Serena paled. Despite her habit for sticking her foot in her mouth, she apparently hadn't seen this
coming. "You...you want me to... get into that thing? Now? Right here?"

"Sure, Serena, why not?" Darien said, an evil smile on his face. "After all, being trapped in that
position wouldn't bother you, would it? Besides, it's not like you'd be stuck there for a whole
night or anything. And we're right here. So, go on. Show us all how brave you are."

Whining, whimpering, wondering how she had gotten herself into this predicament, Serena
knelt into position, sliding her head and wrists into the upper set of stocks, panicking slightly
when Darien closed them with a loud bang. Likewise, she felt her ankles being slid into place
in the lower stocks below her. She adjusted herself to the padded seat, and wiggled her now
helpless feet, getting used to the feeling of being totally helpless.

"It...it's not... so bad, actually," she stated after a few moments. "Yeah. Not too bad. I've been
in worse spots than this before," she said with a grin. "See? Told ya! Nothing to it!"

"Ah, but that's because the actual punishment hasn't started yet," Rini said with a grin. "Right Darien?"

"The actual punishment?" Serena asked, with trepidation. She didn't like the sound of that. "What
do you call all this?"

"Oh, Serena," Rini giggled, as she knelt down and removed Serena's sneakers, and slid off her
white socks, revealing a pair of pristine pale slender feet. "Of course the punishment hasn't
started yet. You know what happened to the prisoners that spent the night in the pillory back
in the old days."

"Um, uh, no... I don't," Serena gulped. She didn't know for sure, but she had a very good idea
where this was heading. Her bared feet wiggled slightly, and she pulled at her bonds, testing them.
They were quite solid. "Um...so, w-w-what is this... p-p-punish-m-m-ment anyway?"

Darien knelt close to Serena, flashing his most devilish smile. "Tickling, of course, sweetheart," he
said with a chuckle. Serena's eyes went wide in disblief, then in horror. Tickling? Her? While she
was bound tight and helpless?

"NO! Darien, no, you can't!" she shrieked. "I'm way too ticklish for you to do this to me, not
while I'm helpless like this! Please, Darien, no, let me go, please!"

"Sorry, Serena," Rini teased, kneeling down at her trapped feet. Rini stroked the soft tender
pale soles, from heels to arch, wasting no time taunting or warming up. From brief tickle fights
at home, she knew well all of Serena's weakspots on her feet. Within seconds, Rini's tiny fingers
stroking her arches had Serena screaming in laughter, and ocassional glides along the undercurl
of her tiny pudgy little toes made the older girl shake her head wildly in panic.

"NOOOOO!!! AAAIIIEEEE!!! My feeeeehehehehehehehehee ahaahahahahahah no no no no!
Riiiiiniiiiieeeehehehehehehe... please stop, Rini, pleeehehehehehehesseeeehehehee..staaahhahahapp
it tiiicklesss!!! Oh Gaawwwdd!! Hahahahahahahahahaha!!" she screamed between gales of
laughter. The young pink-haired demon at her feet was driving her crazy. She couldn't remember
the last time she'd been reduced to such a level of helpless hilarity @--

(Literally, she couldn't remember, as the last time she'd been tickled this much, she had been
broken, utterly and completely tickled into submission, then enslaved, mind and body, to Darien,
who had erased that memory upon returning to his senses... but that's another story!)

--but worst of all was the fact that her boyfriend, Darien, was standing there watching with an
amused look on his face. Serena managed to sputter, "D-d-don't just stand there... AAAAhhh
hahahahaa.. no no not my TOOOHOHOHOHOOHHHESSSS!!! Ahahahaha.. Darien! Don't
just stand there.. help meeee!! Ahahahahhh ahhah ahha hahahahha hahahahahaaa!!!"

Just the words he had been waiting for. "Well, sweetheart, if you insist," he said, slipping up
behind her, and placing his hand into her underarms. Serena's pits were smooth and silky, without
the slightest trace of hair. Darien remembered her hot spot, and stroked his thumbs in the soft
hollow of each pit and began rubbing briskly.

Serena's eyes rolled back into her head and she began to scream and scream in laughter. Darien
increased her torment by teasing her. "Poor Serena, is this too much for you? Poor dear... well
you DID ask for this? 'Not too bad, nothing to it' huh? You really should learn to do your homework
sometime, darling. If you'd studied a bit more, you would have known what happened to people
in this position. But then again, you're a super hero, you're tougher than the average girl. Surely
you can stand a little tickling?"

"Ahahahahahahaaa... no please no more... ahahahahaaa... please stop, stop, AAHHHH no, not
my ribs, Darien.. ahahahahahhaahaaaa AHAHAHAHAHA EEEIIIEEEE!! NOT *THERE!*
Ahahahahahahahaha," Serena cried, wriggling as much as possible. She was in torment. Helpless,
immobile, defenseless, at the mercy of the two people she trusted the most... and who knew
her ticklish body the best. When Darien's nimble fingers reached her navel, and Rini began
exploring the ultra-ticklish spaces between her spasming toes, Serena's laughter went silent, so
the two ticklers concentrated on those spots.

Serena was in the tenth level of hell. Rini's vigorous toe-tickling, and the ocassional arch scrape,
had her on the ropes. Having her toes stimulated caused a stirring within her, a slight tingle in
her loins that signaled the promise of something bigger, but Darien's upper body torture was
too intense, overriding the pleasant torture of her feet. As the tickling went on, her arousal became
more pronounced, and more potent, but it still couldn't compete with the delicate teasing of her
ticklish armpits and her relentless probing of each and every rib.

"Ohhhhahha...*wheeze* hahahaha.. *pant* please.. please.. no more.. no.. hahahaha... more...
*gasp* I can't take... any.. more... God PLEASEE!!" Serena pleaded, spots dancing before her
eyes. She was close to passing out, battling for every single breath, when suddenly the tickling
stopped. What little part of her mind remain lucid thanks God for the respite, but as the tears
left her eyes and sight returned, she gasped in horror, to see a large crowd gathered around her.

"Yes, everyone, isn't she lovely?" Darien said with a smirk. "My lovely girlfriend has been found
guilty of thievery... of ROBBING me of my sleep with early morning phone calls.. and STEALING
the fun from our times togeter with her petty arguing and jealousy, and generally being a pest."
The crowd chuckled at his clever words. "As her punishment, she is required to spend two hours
in this pillory, receiving her just reward for her actions. Who among you would like to take your
turn punishing this naughty young girl?" Several hands went up, to Serena's horror.

Darien smiled. "Well, you will all get a chance. Each of you will get five minutes to tickle her silly.
Trust me, she's VERY ticklish all over, as you just saw, but especially on her small slender bare
feet, and under her arms. Everyone line up, and you'll get a turn."

Serena cursed silently under her breath. Now I know why he asked me to wear this blouse and
those shorts! 'Wear the pink sleeveless one, the short blouse that just barely covers your
navel. I love that one.' Creep! He had this planned all along! And Rini was in on it! Just
wait till I get her back home alone! I'll make sure she pays for this! Just then, the first person
in line stepped up. Serena gasped, shaking her head.

"Raye? What are YOU doing here?" Serena asked.

"What else, meatball head?" the raven haired beauty replied, kneeling down at Serena's vulnerable
feet. "I came to enjoy the fair and have a few laughs." She flexed her long crimson fingernails. "But
I see you've gotten yourself into a... ticklish situation, so I've come to help you out."

A glimmer of hope shone in Serena's eyes. "Really? You're going to help me?"

"Sure!" Raye replied, grabbing Serena's big toes, and pulling them back, stretching her pale white
soles. "I'm here to help you have a few laughs."

((end of Part 1))