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Sailor Moon: Subtle Seduction
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Foreword: This story contains adult situations, adult language, of course, SEX, a
little violence, rape, molestation, fetishism, bondage, and of course, tickling... you
know, the general "NC-17" stuff bordering on "X" rated. The kind of things not suitable
for young children. So, despite the Sailor Moon title, if you are not legal, 18 or 21,
whatever your state allows, then press that BACK button *NOW*!! If you're offended or
troubled by the idea of even pretend cartoon young adults having sex (how old are these
girls, anyway?) then press the BACK button as well. You've been warned.
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NOTE: The characters, Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, the Sailor Scouts, and the like, are the
brainchild(ren) of Naoko Takeuchi and Kodansha. I only *WISH* I had been that creative!
(grin) But this is my story based on those characters and my own perverse fantasies.
(Chapter VII Mars---Tempered By Flame)

"Before you go off to play with Sailor Mars, you have to deal with me."
These were the words spoken by Sailor Pluto, as she stood in front of Darien,
smiling softly, long green hair fluttering in the wind. Darien cursed his luck. He had
indeed planned to deal with Trista as soon as possible, providing she showed up at
all...but her timing was inconvenient to say the least. Taking a step back, and going
into a defensive stance, he prepared for the worst. To his utter surprise, the
beautiful young woman fell to her knees, effortlessly, kissing his boots. "Huh?"
he exclaimed. "What the--what are you doing, Pluto?"
"Paying homage to my Master of course," she replied with a giggle. "I just
wanted to see the look on your face just now...it was priceless!" She giggled again,
then came back to her feet, taking out a small device, and handing it to him. "I
know you're probably confused, so my Master asked me to make this and give it to
you today, at this time exactly. I am also to kneel here and wait for your orders."
"Fine, fine, I'll take a look," he muttered, glancing around. "Now quickly,
inside the house before someone walks by and see you!" Giggling again, she
followed him into the house. Sitting down on his couch, Darien glanced at the
device. It was a clear plastic slate, about the size of a piece of paper, with
what appeared to be a small glowing tab on the side. He pressed it, and it
activated, emitting a small holographic image of himself!

"Heya, buddy," Holographic Darien spoke to himself. "I know this is
probably confusing the hell out of you about now, so I'll be quick and make it
brief. First of all, Trista is your slave, just as the other Sailor Scouts are.
You have no need to fear her intervention." At those words, Sailor Pluto stood
and undressed herself, showing off her beautiful naked body for her Master, and
once again knelt at his feet, kissing them and looking up adoringly. Darien, the
REAL Darien, breathed a small sigh of relief. It certainly cleared up one loose
"In case you're wondering when and how this came to be," the hologram
continued, "let's just say it took a little of Pluto's specialty, time
manipulation. Shortly after you bring Sailor Mars under your control, you will
create a special disc of information, a subliminal recording to totally subjugate
and control the Guardian of Time. Remember that, Darien! Things are kinda busy
there right now, and you're going to suffer a slight setback very soon." Darien
frowned as the hologram chuckled. "Oh don't worry old buddy. In the end everything
works out great, else I wouldn't be here to tell you about it! And I can't really
go into a lot of details for fear of changing the future...and that this device
has only a limited charge. Just remember to give the CD to Rini as a present
to her Father when she returns home in a few days for a quick visit. I'll
make sure that Trista decodes the message for me, and bring her under my control
in the process. That'll solve BOTH our problems."
"Huh? But wait!" Darien said as the hologram began to fade. "How will
enslaving her in the future bring Sailor Pluto under my control here in the
present?" But the hologram has already faded out. "Dammit!"
Hearing the anger in his voice, Trista looked up from her Master's feet.
"Perhaps I can explain it, Master, if you will allow your slave to do so?" Darien
nodded, and Trista rose to her feet. "Its very simple to me, as this is my province.
First, the ME that you see before you, your most humble slave Trista, is the
version of myself sent back shortly after receiving your disc. I am completely
and totally your devoted slave, my Master. Shortly after this meeting, however,
I must return to the Moon Kingdom. The version of myself, the younger ME reborn
into this era, that was not yet enslaved, is the ME from before, the one that
battled The Sovereign of Silence along with Uranus and Neptune. At the end of
that battle, she had to use her forbidden power to save them, and was sent back
to the future. It is SHE that will return here in a few days, to help care for
baby Motaru with Amara and Michelle. By sending the disc back to the future
with Rini, she will be enslaved, and become ME, the slave that stands before
you. But you must act quickly. This time line is fluctuating, and with her
knowledge of time, that Trista seeks to stop this from happening. You *MUST*
make sure Rini takes the CD back with her, else all of this will not come
to pass."
"Okay." Darien said, holding his head. "I get it, the bottom line is,
I just need to send a subliminal recording back with little Rini. The rest of it,
the whole different you, different me, the logic of it all...it's confusing. It
gives me a headache just thinking about it!"
"A headache?" Trista's eyes opened wide with horror. Immediately, she
moved to the back of the couch, and began rubbing her Master's temples warmly,
kissing and nibbling gently on the back of his neck, making sure to rub his soft
naked breasts into her back. "Does this help, my Master?" Sailor Pluto whispered
softly, letting her peaked nipples grind gently against her Master's back as she
massaged, growing harder and more ridged from contact with the Master's flesh.
A smile of contentment grew on Darien's face, and he reached back, pulling her
around into his lap.
"As a matter of fact, it does, slave Pluto," he answered with a sigh.
Trista felt her heart leap with the kind words, and her pussy began to moisten.
Darien slid a finger down to her squishy petals, tickling them lightly, making
her giggle and writhe. "But," he said wearily, withdrawing his fingers, "I'm
afraid I have no time for a massage. I was about to see how the others are
doing with Raye before you came along. I'm afraid I have to go, Trista, my dear."
Sailor Pluto bit her lip to keep from voicing her disappointment at
not receiving more of her Master's special attention. "As you wish, my Master.
But may I help you capture her? It is my deepest wish to aid my Master in any
way I can!"
"I thought you had to return to the future after delivering this message?"
Trista shook her head and grinned. "Not quite THAT quickly, Master, but
yes, I must leave soon. I must return by the end of the week, but surely I can
be of some use to you till then?" She stretched in a supple feline manner,
letting her words of 'help' suggest more than simply helping capture Sailor
Mars. Darien licked his lips.
"Very well, Sailor Pluto. Do a good job helping me capture and turn
Raye and I shall see you richly rewarded." The young woman let out a squeal of
pleasure, causing Darien to chuckle. "Now, get dressed quickly. We have no time
to lose!" Trista smirked, catching the obvious pun at her expense, but quickly
slipped back into her Scout uniform.

"I won't submit...I won't submit...I won't submit...I won't submit..."
Raye was chanting softly, shaking her head, clenching her eyes as
tightly shut as possible. The hypnotic swirls dancing and twirling on the
television screen in front of her had weakened her before she had managed to turn
her eyes away. Still, the music and sounds from the speakers were loaded with
subliminal messages as well, and she could not block them both out. Desperately,
she tried clearing her mind, and chanting, using her meditation techniques to
try and counter the brainwashing going on. The fact that she was completely
tied down to the bed, completely naked, was a big distraction.
"Raye," Lita's soft voice sounded beside her, momentarily breaking her
chant. So deep had been her focus on resisting Raye had forgotten that Lita was
even there! "Raye," Lita said again softly. "It's useless to resist. You can't
fight it. All you are doing is denying yourself the pleasure of serving Him."
A soft gentle hand caressed her cheek, and Raye flinched. Lita let out a
deep sigh. "I'm sorry Raye. I really am. I know how much you value your freedom,
and I have always admired your fighting spirit. But you can't win this one.
You're not just fighting Master Darien but ALL of us. Me and Mina and Ami, and
Amara and Michelle! You can't beat us all, Raye. Don't fight it! Just give in
too. Please, Raye?"
"NEVER!" Raye shouted with all her strength. "I...WILL...NOT...SUBMIT!"
"That's too bad, then," Amara said, walking into the room. Surprised,
Raye opened her eyes and saw that the others had also arrived, and that they too
were completely naked except for a small colored collar band around their necks.
Raye growled angrily at Amara, who she still resented for her part in the whole
Dark Silence affair. She and Michelle walked to opposite sides of Raye's body,
taking a position near her chest. Mina and Ami likewise approached, moving to the
bottom of the bed, taking a position at the foot. Lita crawled off the bed, to
stand in front of and to the side of Amara, winking at her captive friend. Raye's
heart sank, and a feeling of fear began to well up at her. It was just like in her
vision. All of her friends had fallen under the evil one's spell, and they now
sought to bring her down as well. Just as all five girls began to descend on her
at once, a masculine voice spoke.
Everyone gasped at once, turning to see Darien standing there in the
doorway with Sailor Pluto in tow. Raye nearly let out a cheer of joy. Pluto had
come to her rescue after all! "Oh, thank the gods! Pluto! You're here to rescue
me! Quick,make them untie me, please!"
Trista looked to Darien, who nodded once. Moving silently, she went to
the foot of the bed, between Ami and Mina, and began to undress. Raye shook her
head in disbelief as the other girls, anxious, let out a collective sigh. Tears
in her eyes, Raye cried out, "Trista! How...how could you do this? I thought you
were coming to save me...but you...you're one of THEM!"
"Relax, Sailor Mars," Trista spoke softly, smiling down at the frightened
girl. "I am here to save you, sweetheart. To save you from yourself! You're
stubborn headstrong attitude is making you resist the Master's will. You are
depriving yourself of the pleasure of serving Him. So, we are going to have to
break that resistance...by breaking YOU!"
Darien gave a big smile, and snapped his fingers. As one, the six girls
descended on her.
"NOOOOOOOOO!!!" Raye screamed as six pairs of hands began roaming her
body. Knowing Raye's weakness, Darien had instructed them first to tickle the
tightly bound girl, to torture her until she was exhausted and weak. Raye was
a girl that liked to dominate every situation, and loved being in control. The
tickling would force her to realize just how helpless she was, and force her
body to betray her by losing total control. Then, at her weakest point, his
Sailor slaves would change their tactics, and begin pleasuring the helpless
Scout, forcing her already weary body to betray her again, forcing her arousal
beyond the limits of her endurance. Finally, once she was fully ready, Darien
himself would reinstate his power over her, making Sailor Mars his newest
slave girl.
"EEEEKK!! Hahahahahahaha...stahahaappp!! Stop it!! Pleeeehehehehe
hessssseee!" Raye managed to say between laughs. "No no non nohohohohohhaha
haha!! I'm toooo...hhehehe...ticklish!! hahahahaha!! I can't stand it!! hahaha
hahaha!" Her body was exploding with sensation, making her writhe and wiggle in
an uncoordinated effort to escape. Amara and Michelle were using their devilish
fingers to prod and poke her ribs, stroking her relentlessly, making her jump
and twist fitfully in deep belly laughs. Trista was alternating between pinching
her behind the knees, a big vulnerable spot for her, and tickling her shaking
heaving tummy, making sure to wiggle a finger occasionally in her belly button.
But the absolute worst sensation was the combined efforts of Ami and Mina at
her soft vulnerable bare feet.
The two girls, both very ticklish themselves, were having a contest to see
who could tickle their friend's feet the best, and make her scream the loudest.
Mina was hitting the spots that tickled her own bare feet the most: stroking
Raye's curving insteps, scritching lightly on her soft tender heels, and working
her slender fingers along the bottoms of Raye's wildly flexing toes. Occasionally,
she would make a random sweep across the center of Raye's sole, from heel to toes,
just to keep the poor girl off guard. Then she would return to her relentless
assault of those special areas.
Ami, however, had gone for a more scientific approach. She started at
Raye's soft heels, tickling randomly and quickly a path up to her flexing wiggling
toes, taking note of which spots seemed to get the most reaction. With a detached
fascination she found that Raye's high curving arches and the spaces between her
toes seemed to elicit the biggest reaction, causing the poor tormented girl to
screech and jerk her foot away violently every time those spots were stroked.
'Hmm, just like my OWN ticklish feet,' Ami thought giddily. 'Seems we both have
the same weak spots. How interesting. I should study this further.'
All throughout the torment, Lita was at Ray's side, whispering softly
into her ears. "You see how weak and helpless you are, Raye? You can't stop
any of us from tickling you...and oh it DOES tickle so very much, doesn't it?
You're just lying there flailing, helpless, laughing and crying like a little
girl. Yes, just like a little girl. Isn't that right, Little Raye?"
"Shut....ahahahahahahahahaha up!!" she managed to reply, nearly
breathless with laughter.
Lita grinned, reaching over to tickle Raye's chin and her necklines
as well, adding to the torment. "Cootchie coo, Raye! Cootchie coo! You can't
stop me can you? Big strong powerful Raye can't even stop me from tickling your
neck, tickling your chin...you're as helpless as a baby. Cootchie coo, Baby
Raye...cootchie cootchie cootchie.."
"N-n-n-nooo! No cootchies, no cootchies, pleeeeeaaseeee I beg you !!
HahahahahahahahaH AH AH AH AAA!!" Raye screamed again, feeling her resolve,
indeed, her very mind, unraveling under the assault. She felt so helpless, so
out of control, and Lita's taunting words only made it worse. Raye felt like
she was going mad...she would do anything to make it stop. Just as she feared
she could take no more, they mercifully stopped.
Unseen by Raye, her eyes closed tightly, flooded with tears, Darien
had stepped in and given a signal. He waited until Raye had regained her breath,
then signaled to Lita. "Raye, sweetheart, it's okay. Really. We just want to
help you see the light. That's all. We love you Raye." Moving into view,
letting Raye's eyes focus on her, she smiled. "I love you, Raye." With that,
Lita leaned forward and gave her friend a deep lingering kiss. Raye, wide-eyed,
was too shocked and too worn out to pull away. As Lita deepened the kiss,
Raye became aware of how sexually aroused the tickle torture had made her; the
loss of total control, the being forced to beg, to submit against her will by
her own body, had excited her more than she cared to acknowledge. Her pussy
was damp, trickling with the juices of her arousal...and despite that she was
not a lesbian, Raye found herself getting wetter and hotter as Lita kissed her.
Soon Raye's protests all dies in her throat, and as Lita's tongue caressed her
own, she lamented her arms being tied down, preventing her from pulling her
dear friend into a deep embrace.
'Wait! What am I doing?' Raye thought to herself. 'I can't give in...
no matter what...have to resist...can't...let... them win! "N...no...NO!"
Raye screamed at the last second, pulling away breathless. Lita's mouth was
instantly back at her own, kissing her again, this time holding Raye's face
still, keeping her from pulling away. Suddenly a pair of fingers snap, and Raye
felt a soft pair of hands caressing her chest, gently squeezing her round firm
breasts, caressing the flesh, and rubbing lightly on her nipples, making them
harden. *Snap!* Another pair of hands from the other side, began fondling the
other breast. A loud moaned escaped her lips as Lita came up for air, only
to clamp her lips back down again. Now Raye began returning the kiss fully,
letting her body guide her, as her hips began to hump the air spasmodically.
*Snap!* *Snap!* 'Oh gods, now what?' Raye thought to herself. Then, she
knew what now. Mina and Ami, still perched at her feet, were now tickling her
feet again. But this time it was different, a slow seductive, erotic tickling.
Ami had her sweet luscious lips clamped on her toes, sucking them deep and hard,
making Raye shiver with delight, while Mina began licking and nibbling all
along Raye's bare right foot, licking slowly from heel to toes, making her
tongue wiggle and glide across the ticklish arch on its route. Reaching the
toes, she slide her talented, masterful tongue in between, teasing the ultra-
sensitive flesh inside. Sighing, eyes closed in pleasure, Mina wondered
briefly if her Master's programming would be placed in Raye's mind, making her
also submissive and pliant whenever anyone sucked of licked her toes...

One last *Snap*. Barely capable of conscious thought now, Raye felt the
last Sailor Scout, Sailor Pluto, crawl back between her legs, this time, head
first, her warm sexy mouth nibbling and licking its way up to her steaming wet
sex, teasing and tickling it diabolically. Raye was kissing Lita back desperately
now, eager for Trista to complete her journey, to finish it, and allow her
release. When Pluto's tongue caressed her clit, Raye arched her back off the
bed despite her bindings and cried out in pleasure. 'Oh oh oh, yes...just
one more lick, one more caress, oh baby, please one more and I'm there!' But
just then the ominous fingers snapped again and everyone stopped. Raye looked
on in disbelief as everyone froze where they were and pulled back, leaving her
teetering on the edge, frustrated and horny beyond belief.
"NO!" she cried in anguish. "I was soooo close... pleasse don't stop...
don't stop...Mina, Ami, Michelle, Lita...please someone, make me CUM!!"
"There is only one person who can allow your release, Raye," Trista spoke
softly, pointing behind her, Raye's eyes followed the slender finger to the
imposing figure of Darien, standing in the doorway, still, arms crossed, waiting.
Raye shook her head softly and closed her eyes. 'I can't win. I'm not
strong enough...and oh gods and goddesses I need to cum! It would be so easy...
so easy...to just give in. I mean, I can't win... its futile...so why now? why
not give in, just surrender?' A light touch between her thighs made her eyes
burst open again. Darien, his fingers touching the entrance to her treasure.
So simple. Just a few simple words...
"Please...M...m...mmm...Master," she whispered. Then she panted.
Then she screamed...

Darien sighed, clutching the naked Sailor Scout close to him. Lounging,
he ran his fingers through Raye's thick black mane. It had taken much to break
her spirit, but even more to make her truly his slave. Having absorbed most of his
hypnotic programming through the television at Amara's, then more from the
music CD and hypnotic program on the TV here at Lita's, Sailor Mars had been
primed and ready, needing only to be awakened. Still, it had taken seven mind-
numbing orgasms to fully incorporate her slave side fully into her conscious
mind---one by each Sailor Scout and the last orgasm given by her new Master.
Now she dozed serenely next to him, as did the other girls, lying contentedly
on Lita's king sized bed. Sleeping serenely...Serene. Serena. Darien sighed...
the time had finally arrived.
It was now time to gather his forces for the big battle, the one that
would decide whether or not his dark dream would come to pass. It was time to
face Serena, his loving girlfriend, his ditzy, clumsy, slow-witted lover. But
Serena was no mere ordinary girl. She was also Sailor Moon, the champion of
justice, and the future Queen of the Moon Kingdom. The girl was dense, and a
bit of a crybaby at times, but she possessed a remarkable spirit, and an
untapped power. Those who had underestimated her now lay as ashes at her feet.
Sailor Moon had defeated even the powerful Sovereign of Silence. Yet, Darien
felt confident he could bring her to her knees. Now was the time.
"Ah, Serena my dear," he said softly, twirling a small black rose in
his fingers. "You are such a sweet blossom. It is unfortunate I shall have to
pluck you. But having you in my vase will make you all the sweeter." Laughing
evilly, Darien lounged back into the bed and closed his eyes, pulling the
sleeping Sailor Mars to him.

>>>>>End of Chapter 7