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Sailor Moon: Subtle Seduction
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Foreword: This story contains adult situations, adult language, of course, SEX, a
little violence, rape, molestation, fetishism, bondage, and of course, tickling... you
know, the general "NC-17" stuff bordering on "X" rated. The kind of things not suitable
for young children. So, despite the Sailor Moon title, if you are not legal, 18 or 21,
whatever your state allows, then press that BACK button *NOW*!! If you're offended or
troubled by the idea of even pretend cartoon young adults having sex (how old are these
girls, anyway?) then press the BACK button as well. You've been warned.
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NOTE: The characters, Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, the Sailor Scouts, and the like, are the
brainchild(ren) of Naoko Takeuchi and Kodansha. I only *WISH* I had been that creative!
(grin) But this is my story based on those characters and my own perverse fantasies.
(Chapter XI Tuxedo Mask---UNMasked!!)

Darien growled, pulling his cane into the ready position, on guard. "YOU!! This
is impossible! I don't know where you came from or how you got here, but I'm not about
to give up all this when I stand upon the threshold of victory! En Garde, if you dare!"
With a growl of anger, Prince Darien charged forth, his cane moving with
lightning quick speed towards his foe. The enemy, the Moonlight Knight, merely smiled
and parried the blows with his scimitar, content not to attack, merely defend. On and
on, the two went, thrusting and parrying for what seemed like hours and hours on end.
All the time, the Sailor Scouts, and the newly conquered Serena, all watched, standing
there in a circle, barefoot and naked, while their Master fought. Ami made her way
over to Rei and whispered softly.
"Rei? Does this all seem... familiar to you somehow? I can't remember a lot,
my mind is kind of fuzzy... but hasn't this happened before?"
Rei frowned. "I'm... I'm not sure Ami. I am getting a strange sense of deja
vu about all this... but I can't remember anything. My mind is filled only with
love and devotion for Master Darien. The past... well that is all in the past,
you know."
Ami nodded. "Of course, of course. But yet... for some reason I think what
is happening now is important for some reason. I can't stop thinking about it. And
it.. it HURTS, Rei.! I only wish to think of serving my Master but these new
thoughts keep getting in the way."
"Well, *I* know how to fix that, Ami," Lita said softly, having overheard
some of the conversation. Swiftly she knelt down at Ami's tender small bare feet,
and begin kissing her toes gently, licking the tender ticklish toes. With a squeal
of pleasure, Ami went weak in the knees, and Rei moved forward to catch her from
behind, holding her up as Lita did her job. As always, having her feet and toes
kissed and licked aroused Ami like nothing else, and rendered her completely
submissive and docile. A soft sigh of pleasure escaped her lips as her eyes
glazed over, surrendering her will and her mind to her new Mistress, She Who
Controlled her Feet, Lita. And, of course, She Who Pleasured her Boobs, Rei.
Grinning with evil pleasure, Rei began to whisper softly. "Good girl
Ami. All of those evil thoughts are going away now. Once again, the past means
nothing to you, the present and the future are all that matter. Serving Master
Darien is all that matters. And serving US, your Mistresses, is all that matters!
Now be a good girl and CUM for your Mistresses now," Rei whispered, pulling and
twisting Ami's rock hard nipples. Ami bit her lip to keep from crying out, first
in pain, and then in pleasure as her body spasmed uncontrollably. All of her
previous thoughts and concerns melted away in the incredible flood of juices as
she climaxed.


On the other side of the circle, things were having a similar turn. Of all
the other Sailor Scouts, some of whom had been present at the last time this scene
had played out, only one other seemed to be having the same sense of deja vu. Trista
Meniou. Sailor Pluto, who had not even been there in person, felt as if she had seen
this very same event before, and that she knew it was important, very important, to
their future. That thought spawned other thoughts, some painful. Clutching her head,
she sank to her knees. *Time... Future. Yes... I am from... the future... UUGHH!!
The pain! Ugh.. must remember where... I have seen this... before... oh Gods! the
PAIN!!* Clutching her head again, she cried out aloud, "AAAHHHHH!!"
Moving quickly to her side, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune helped their
fellow Outer Scout to sit down on the hardwood floor. "What's wrong, Pluto? Why did
you cry out? Are you in pain?" Michelle asked.
"Ugh! Head hurts. Trying... to remember. I have seen this... this fight...
somewhere before. But I can't remember where... and I think its important to us.
Amara looked at Michelle and shook her head. "Pluto, your thoughts should
not be on such things. Master Darien will guide our path, and lead us to our
glorious future. WE have only to think on how best to serve and pleasure him. Do
not trouble yourself with all these meaningless things. Think now only of serving
Master Darien on your knees, receiving his touch... being found worthy of receiving
his Masterful cock." Amara nearly swooned with the words, imagining just that,
being allowed to suck on Master Darien's wonderful cock. Strange, that she had
never before enjoyed giving head to her past boyfriends, now she relished the
chance to give some head to her beloved Master.
"I CAN'T!!" Sailor Pluto cried out in grief, clutching her temples. "I
know what I must do, and that I need not worry about such things... but I can't
stop thinking about it. My mind... it won't stop trying to remember... and it
HURTS to remember! Please... please," Trista said, looking up at the two girls
with tears in her eyes. "Help me, sisters, please!"
Sailor Neptune glanced over at Ami and her friends and smiled. "Don't worry,
Pluto. I know just what to do." With a nod to her submissive cousin, Amara, Michelle
pushed Trista back flat on her back, and knelt between her spread legs. As Amara took
her place at Sailor Pluto's bare feet, Michelle whispered softly into Pluto's ear.
"Now, sweet Pluto, listen closely. Your mind is trying to rebel against you, making
you think of things other than pleasing your Master. That is utter nonsense. You
KNOW where your duty lies, and what should concern you the most. All we have to do
is cleanse your mind of all those icky bad thoughts." At that, Amara began to nibble
and suck on Pluto's long slender toes, causing her to gasp aloud, then giggle and
coo with pleasure. Like the other girls, she had been programmed to submit fully
whenever her toes were kissed or licked or nibbled on, which aroused her to orgasmic
Seeing Trista so deeply enraptured by the foot kissing, Michelle smirked
and leaned forward now, determined to help her slave sister relax, and cleanse all
the thoughts from her beautiful green-crowned head. Her tongue slid from between her
lips gliding gently between the folds of Sailor Pluto's luscious pussy lips, red and
puffy with arousal. The woman jerked her hips spasmodically as she felt the touch at
her nether regions. Combined with Amara's wicked tongue between her long slender
toes, it was almost enough to make her cum. Almost. Panting now with excitement,
barely able to keep still from the overwhelming pleasure, Trista cried out. "More!
Please, Neptune. more more more MORE MORE!!"
"SILENCE, SLAVE!" Michelle whispered harshly. Immediately, Pluto went silent.
A switch had been flipped in her mind, and she was completely open and receptive to
anything that her new Mistresses commanded. Her lips continued to move as she
moaned and groaned and begged for release, but no sound emerged. "That's better,"
Sailor Neptune said with a smirk. "Now listen carefully, my sweet. Think only on
pleasing your Master Darien, who commands us all. The past is in the past, and
the future is his to command. All you need concern yourself with is the present...
serving your Master. And at the moment, serving your new Mistress!"
Amara glared, removing her mouth from Trista's spasming toes for a second.
"You mean, Mistress-es. Both of us, Michelle!"
"Yes, yes," she said flippantly. "BOTH of your Mistresses, Trista." Amara
went back to sucking nimbly on her new slave girl's toes, watching her face as she
laughed and screamed and moaned silently her pleasure. Michelle had returned to her
pussy and soon Trista's hips were jerking, telegraphing her orgasms. Amara smiled.
Michelle had become much too bossy over the years, and by helping Trista to cleanse
herself of the painful thoughts plaguing her, she had allowed her dominant side to
emerge again. *Just wait till I get you home again, Michelle, sweetie,* Amara
thought wickedly. *One little tickle on your smooth pale soles and we'll see who
the dominant one is.*


"Damn you!" Prince Darien yelled, pulling back, panting slightly. The man was
good, as good as he. But of course, that was to be expected. "You can't keep this up
forever, you know!" he shouted. "Eventually I will beat you. I've come much to far
to simply surrender to the likes of YOU! Give it up and I'll let you leave here in
one piece!"
The Moonlight Knight chuckled darkly. "Oh, you MUST be kidding! Surely you
don't expect ME to simply let you go on like this unchallenged? You've always had
the power, Prince Darien, but before, you had your inner goodness to keep you in
check. Well you killed that part of you, and now you are running loose and free.
I can't allow this to continue. I *WON'T* allow this to continue!" With a growl,
the masked Knight charged forward, attacking for the first time, with a solid
barrage of thrusts and swings, forcing Prince Darien to go on the defensive.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus watched silently as the two titans fought,
their vacant glassy eyes watching all. The other girls were busy, pleasuring their
comrades, and helping strengthen their Master's control over the group as a whole.
Serena watched intently, letting the movements stir her empty vacant mind. Newly
enslaved, she had been fully programmed and knew her duty and where her loyalty
now lay. Still, her Master had not yet been given the chance to activate her, to
bring her truly into being as a true sex slave like the other girls. So, she
stood silently, watching, waiting for her Master to command her, to complete her
slavery. Moving about the circle, fighting, the two swordsmen rapidly approached
Serena's position.
"Sailor Moon, look out!" Mina cried, jerking Serena back out of the way,
just as the two combatants plowed through that spot. "Whew! What's the matter with
you, Serena? Didn't you see them heading your way? Why didn't you move?"
Sailor Moon turned glassy wide eyes to her friend and blinked once, slowly.
"I have not been commanded to move," she replied softly. Sailor Venus frowned. Master
Darien had not been able to activate Sailor Moon yet. The Moonlight Knight had
intervened before he could do so. Of course, *SHE* could activate the newest slave
for him, bringing her into full consciousness again, but the Master might be angry
with her. After all, Serena was the jeweled crown of his success, or so he had said.
He wanted to be the one to complete her slavery, and might punish Mina if she
interfered. Still, he might be even angrier if anything happened to Sailor Moon
during their fight because she was too zombie-fied to move out of the way. Deciding
quickly, Sailor Venus pulled her to the side.
"Okay, Sailor Moon, listen up. I am going to activate you, and bring you
fully awake, like Master Darien wished. You will be completely his slave, you know.
not mine. I am just doing Master's will." Mina smiled as she gently helped the
entranced girl to her back on the floor. "Of course, if you WISH to see me as
your Mistress during your activation, that is fine with me!" Moving down to
Serena's ultra-sensitive bare feet, she gave them just the barest tickle, and
Serena literally SHRIEKED with laughter. Everyone stopped and turned to look,
even the two fighters. Mina quickly began sucking and licking Serena's toes,
getting more loud hysterical laughter but also deep loud moans and sighs of
pleasure .Satisfied that the commands would not render her obedient, Mina
moved to her ears. "You will now awaken when you climax next, becoming fully
awake. You will remember all that has occurred, but be unable and unwilling
to change anything. You now live for your love and devotion to Master Darien.
You *EXIST* to serve him as his loyal loving sex-slave!" Leaning forward, she
began to slide her tongue into Sailor Moon's hot wet pussy.
"NOOO!!" The Moonlight Knight cried out, trying to rush past Darien to
reach Sailor Moon. Prince Darien acted quickly, sending out several black roses,
putting up a barrier in front of the advancing man. Too late, the Moonlight Knight
crashed into the barrier, getting blasted with the dark energies, and falling to
his knees. Smiling in triumph, Darien walked forward, kicking the scimitar away
and placing his cane to the man's windpipe. "You fool! What have you done?" the
Knight said shaking his head. "Its too late! She's fully succumbed now. Sailor Moon
was the one hope for purging the others of your control! Now, she is enslaved as
"Just as I wanted," Darien said with a smirk. "Everything is in place now.
All obstacles have been overcome, my friend, even YOU! Now, all that is left is
to send you back where you came from!"
"HAHAHAHA! You really ARE a fool, Darien," the Moonlight Knight said.
"That is exactly what I wanted!" With that, he jerked away the white bandana
covering his face. A feminine gasp went through the room as the Sailor Scouts
got a clear look at the foe their Master had been fighting. The Moonlight Knight
and Prince Darien were both one and the same!
"You can't kill me, Darien," his noble counterpart said with a smirk.
"I'm YOU. Whether or not you wish to accept it, I will always be a part of you.
We're two sides of the same coin, you and I. You can't have one without the other.
So face it, no matter how much you fight, how much you run, you cannot escape me."
"Shut up and DIE!" Darien said with a roar, plunging his cane into the
kneeling man, ramming in though his chest and out the other side. Instead of
crumpling over in pain and dying, the man laughed. A large hole grew where he
had been stabbed, and a pure white light began pouring out, enveloping Darien.
"NO!! What are...uughh...what are you dooooing... to meeee!?!" he cried out in
pain, clutching his own chest. A huge pulse of light struck him full in the
face, and Prince Darien fell to the floor as the Moonlight Knight vanished in
a puff of smoke...


Coming to, moments later, it was as if Darien had awoken from a dream. A
strange one too, where he had gone mad and taken over the Sailor Scouts, corrupting
them and turning them into his willing sex slaves. An impossible dream, he knew,
but it had been so real. Opening his eyes, blinking, Darien found he was not in
his bedroom at all, but inside Serena's house. Or what was left of it. The place
looked like a WAR had been fought here! Turning around, Darien gasped to see the
other Sailor Scouts, all of them, completely naked, kneeling on their knees,
heads to the floor. "Oh SHIT! It wasn't a dream!" he said softly to himself.
The memories of the last few moments returned to him then.
He had stabbed himself... his OTHER self... hoping to kill it once and
for all. Instead, he had merely made it possible to merge back together with his
good side once more. Whole and complete again, he was able to realize just what
he had done to the girls. The changes he had made to their personalities and
their psyches were permanent. They would forever be his obedient slaves. "Oh no,
no no! What have I done?" Moving forward, he pulled Serena up to her feet,
kissing her gently. "Oh Serena, talk to me, please! I didn't mean for this to
happen! It... that person. It wasn't me! I didn't do this! Come one, please,
Serena. Just talk to me okay? Please?"
Sailor Moon smiled softly, kissing Darien on the lips. "Of course, my
Lord and Master! What do you want me to say?"
Darien shook his head in denial, unable to accept what he had done. He
felt as is reality had shattered into pieces. Just as he felt himself about to
shatter along with it, he heard a voice inside his mind. *Just go with it
Darien,* it said. *You can't change it. I tried to have it all, but even I
realize now that this was more than just revenge. It was meant to be. Ordained.
You remember that cryptic message that Pluto brought from the future. Well, I
may have failed, but you still have a chance. Just follow your heart and let it
guide you as YOU guide them. They need you now, and believe it or not, you need
With a weary sigh, Darien nodded. "Okay girls, gather around. I have
something important to say. I need you all to listen carefully to my instructions...
your Master's instructions."



Several days later, Serena, Rei, Mina, Amara, and Trista met at the local
university gymnasium to watch Ami and Michelle race. They had been at it for weeks
now, practicing and training. Both girls loved to swim, and both were highly
competitive. Finally, Ami had broken down and invited the other girls to come
watch them race, afterwards to join in and cool off in the swimming pool as well.
The summer had been one real scorcher, so the girls eagerly accepted, brining
their swimsuits with them.
"Hey, like come on already!" Serena said, dipping her bare feet into the
water. "Will you guys race already? It's hot and I want to jump in and cool off!"
Rei rapped her fist lightly on the top of Serena's head. "Cool it, Meatball
Head! We *ALL* want to jump in and cool off a bit, but we have to wait until they
are ready."
"Sorry," Michelle said softly. "We're waiting for the rest of the gang to
show up. I invited Darien here as well, and he said he was bringing Rini and Lita
along as soon as he finished up at the library. He promised to be here in a few
more minutes."
"We're here!" Lita cried out, holding Rini's hand. "Sorry it took so long.
I wanted to make a special victory cake in honor of the contest." She walked
forward, carrying a blue frosted cake, with icing decorated to look like waves. A
chorus of 'ahhs' went up inside the gym. Rini giggled.
"Yeah, It tastes really good too! Lita let me lick the bowl clean!"
"Okay everyone!" Darien said. "I'll be the referee for this event. It's
ten laps, back and forth, the entire length of the pool. The first one to make
it back here wins. On your march, get set, GO!"
The two girls dove into the pool, and cheers went up, as each girl cheered
them on. Darien sighed, leaning back into his lounge chair. Things were going well.
He had used his control over the girl's minds to make them forget all that had
happened to them over the past few weeks. Serena's family, and the two Guardian
cats, were completely recovered, with no memories of what had happened, thinking
only that they had been overly tired and fallen asleep watching TV. The Scouts,
however, had been harder to fix.
Even now, they were his complete love-thralls, his total slaves. That much
was permanent. They all loved him with all of their hearts and minds, and would
continue so for the rest of their lives. What he had been able to do, however,
was to free their minds enough to remember their lives before this, and to enable
them to live their normal lives again. For them, everything was as it had always
been, except that now that realized that deep down they each loved and needed
Darien as their lover and Master. Serena, usually so protective and jealous over
'her man' had taken it all in stride, knowing that her Master was free to be with
any girl he wanted, but that in the end, it was SHE that he chose. It was enough
for her. For now, anyway...
"C'mon Michelle! You can do it!" Darien yelled, smiling. "Go for it, Ami!
You're almost there!" Darien grinned. It was easy not to show favorites. When you
had it all, you had no need to play favorites. As the girls finished the final lap,
Darien ruled the race a tie. Instead of getting upset, everyone cheered. They all
swam and cooled off in the pool and later had cake and ice cream. It was a good
day, all in all.
Darien smiled. If Crystal Tokyo is anything like this, I can't wait for
the future!

>>>>>Finally... THE END!

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