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12-06-2002, 07:42 AM
I'm sure that college is a great place for tickling, and here is my contribution.

When I was about 20, I was doing a course in Radio and Journalism, a course which just happened to be stock full of attractive women!! One day, two of the girls, Emma and Chloe, were talking about this and that, when Chloe mentioned that her mum's boyfriend kept tickling her feet (Chloe's) the night before. She didn't say that it tickled, but I got the impression that it did, but more in an irritaing sort of way. Anyway, Emma then said that she couldn't stand being tickled, at which point Chloe struck.

She was standing up while Emma sat down, allowing her easier acces, and leaving Emma vulnerable! She got her side, tummy, and black stocking knees, while Emma squirmed and tried to hold in her laughter. I wanted to join in, but didn't know Emma that well, sadly, so kept my distance. Howeer, my heart was going beserk, not to mention other vital organs as well (WAHEY!!). It was some 7 or 8 years ago, but it was great to see, and is great to remember.

Cheers, everybody,

12-06-2002, 01:06 PM
ah, the days of college....so many opportunities, so little time. great story!! i think i will write more of mine soon....

doesnt just watching someone else tickle a woman drive you crazy as well? especially when i see two women doing it.....

12-09-2002, 12:24 PM
When I was at university, there was plenty of tickling action going on. One of our last nights saw my gang go out, and we ended up in a bar with loud music and lots of drink (students? Surely not!). anyhow, I was dancing with a woman called Trudie, who was older than me by some 15 years. Anyhow, I knew she was ticklish, and couldn't resist it, so I ran my fingers up and down her sides and tummy. She shrieked and squirmed, and, after I'd apologised, said that it had actually been quite arousing!!!

Then we smooched!!!!

Plenty other tickling stories coming up again soon (but no smooching in any of them, sadly :( )

Cheers, everybody,

12-09-2002, 02:06 PM
Good stories, Smash! Who says higher education has to be boring? :D Please share some more! Thanks. :cool:

12-09-2002, 02:57 PM
College was where the tickler in me grew and matured...as much as any of us mature in college that is!:D

I was a communication major in school and as a senior helped witht he instruction of the radio and television classes. One problem was that the students were doing fine for me, but freezing up when the instructor was giving them their on air tests. I finally figured this out and worked up a way to add some stress to their training with me. :p

Most of the students getting my tutorage were female (lucky me). Standing behind them I told them that the problem was they needed to feel the stress of actually doing thier test or actually being on air. I simply asked if they were ticklish. A yes answer was followed by my telling them that I was going to tickle them if the could not do what I was instructing them in the proper amount of time. For the most part this actually worked...even on the ones that were not particularly ticklish. Just the threat was enough to tense them up. For the few that acutally got tickled it was a good time had by all...lol. One girl I ended up dating for two years...but that is another story for another day.

~ toyou

12-10-2002, 07:49 AM
Thanks, amk, plenty more where they came from!

Another story involves a girl called Jess, who, for the first two years at least, was incredibly ticklish. Then she apparently went to India and learnt 'mind control', but she did like to stretch the truth somewhat....before that, though, she was one of my prime tickle victims!!

I remember when she'd just started on our course, we hit it off straight away, and one day she was sitting next to me during a computer skills lesson. We were having a laugh (it was during a serious test!!), and she said something to me which I pretended to take offence to. How to get my revenge? I ran my fingers up her side, digging them into her rib cage really hard. She squealed and squirmed, trying really hard not to laugh, but it was no good, I had found her weakness! I had to stop due to the exam, but it was fun while it lasted. Then there were her feet....

I was walking to a lesson with her and another girl called Charlotte, and they began talking about massages, and then foot massges (whether this was for my benefit, I've no idea, but Jess did comment a few times that i had a foot fetish. Really? No shit!!). Charlotte said that she couldn't stand massages, let alone foot massages, as she was so ticklish. Jess also said that she was, but she could handle it sometimes. We would see!

We were in the library one day, and Jess had her shoes off, and was walking around in her socks. Well, I waited until she was sitting down and concentrating on her work, and then bent down and ran my fingers over the soles of her feet. She almost jumped out of her chair!!! When she came back to Earth, she looked at me, saying 'Don't tickle my feet!!', with a big grin on her face. It wouldn't be the last time that she was tickled by me, and I'll be sharing them later.

By the way, the stories I've told you so far only deal with the first and second years of a three year course. I've still got some more to go from these years, but it's the third year where it REALLY kicks off!! As long as people keep enjoying them, I'll keep writing!

Cheers, everybody,

p.s. amk, you're right, it doesn't have to be boring! However, I just want to clarify that I did actually do some studying while I was there....(*GRIN*!)

12-11-2002, 11:58 AM
Okay, this is one of the stories from my final year at uni; I was going to do it chronologically, but hey! Stories are stories, right..?

So..in my final year, I was living with two girls and another guy. We all got on like a house on fire, and, as such, there was a fair amount of tickling that went on. I remember one of the girls, Tanya, was incredibly ticklish, and was often the victim from one of us. One evening, it was the two of us alone upstairs in the den, and she was doing some artwork. She was sitting there in a white top, red skirt, and brown tights with gold thread embroided around them (quite popular amongst ladies in England now). I was on the floor, and her stocking soles were hanging in the air next to me, and the temptation was too much to bear!!!

Are you busy?'
'Erm..sort of...why, do you want to talk?'
'No, i was just wondering what would happen if...'

I ran my fingers over her soles

'No!! Don't!!!'
'Are you sure?'

I got the other foot

'No!!! Please!! I'm working!!'
'Not even a relaxing foot massage?'

I 'tickle massgaged' her feet

'Stop it!!!'

Well, my work was done, and my fun was had. Plenty more still to come, though.

Cheers, everybody,

12-12-2002, 10:37 AM
I posted a story in the non-bondage tickling thread:


And it brought to mind several colege stories. Here's on involving the same girl from the above story:

Kel was about 5feet tall with dark hair and very pale skin. I wasn't tuned into her tickling tendencies until we were seniors in college. I didn't run with the most popular kids inschool, but we had a good sized group of friends with a good mix of guys and girls. Maybe it was becasue I was into tickling that I saw it, or maybe it was because I instigated a lot of it, but there was always a fair amount of tickling going on when enough of us were together. On this particualr evening I was laying down with my then gf in my loft (a bed up off the ground so you could sit under it at a desk) and on the couch were a two guys and two girls. My roommate (who is quite possibly the single most ticklish male I know) was sitting at the end of the couch with Kel next to him. We were all watching television. From my vantage point I could look down on the four people on the couch, but the lights were out becuase we used a projection television that we borrowed from the campus television studio.

So now you have the set up...on to the story! :D

Kel was trying to tickle the guy on her left apparently becuase she kept edging him on that he couldn't clock the feeligns forever (he could...lol). So she turned to her right and asked my roommate if he was ticklish. (That's like asking Oprah if she's hungry!)And I saw him squirm off the edge of the couch squealing like stuck pig! He jumped to the other side of room whiel Kel said "WOW! Your are ticklish!" and she started crawling on the floor toward him. He was temporarily blinded by the projector and yelled for me to help. Now first off I was too far away and secondly I wanted to see what happened next! :devil:

Fortunately for my roomie our other guy friend steppend between the two of them and the event got broken up.

A day or so later Kel came by the room and I was the only one there. We were sitting on the couch BS'ing when she starts talking about how the one guy is no fun to tickle. He just blocks it out and tells her to stop it. Then she asks if I'm ticklish. Before I can answer she tries to tickle my side. I was suprised but didn't react so I told him I was kinda ticklish in certain places...and like an idiot changed the subject! (I was expecting my gf to show up and didn't want to be in a tickle fight with another girl when she got there...lol).

I never got the oppertunity to tickle (or discuss tickling) with Kel again, but I hade many other friends and I'll share those stories as time goes on!


~ toyou

12-13-2002, 03:45 AM
...that's why you should focus on tickles you got in rather than those that were missed!

One day we were having a house party in my final year, and there was all manner of women there, and plenty of tickling opportunities! While i had been giving various girls foot massages all night (!), I hadn't really been able to tickle any, apart from one girl called Sam, who I got right at the end of proceedings. She was one of my housemate's cousins, and had come along for the night. She was in a black top, black skirt and black tights, her shoes having come off some time earlier.

Anyhow, myself, Sam, and another girl called Gemma were the last few up, and we were sitting around talking. Both had their feet up next to me, which was interesting, as I'd tried tickling them all night!! As we talked, I asked Gemma if she was ticklish, and ran my fingers up her socked soles. She didn't flinch once, so I turned to Sam instead, and attacked her black stocking soles. She yelped, and pulled her feet back, but not before I got a quick scrabbly tickle on her soles!! Amazingly, she put her feet back up next to me, so I got her again, only this time, I pretended that she had ssome fluff on her tights, and that I would pull it off for her. It wasn't until a couple of minutes later that she realised I was actually doing it to tickle her!!! Well, DUH!!!

More to follow soon, but come on people, tell me your tales!!

Cheers, everybody,