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Its been a while since I've posted any stories, or anything much for that matter. Here it is anyway, the third story arc in the ongoing 'Tina' series (a spin off for 'Tickle Tutor'). You can read all stories which predate this one (pretty much everything I've written) on my website. Hope you enjoy Tina's newest adventure! :D

For the past three months Tina Taris has been jumping from job to job, unable to find a career she could like. The busty blonde godess had travelled a good part of the south but found nothing to suit her interest. It wasn't long before Tina found herself back in the suburbs of Elk City, her home town, renting a flat with two old friends from high school. At 22 years old Tina had expected to be living by herself in the city earning big bucks, as she had been not so long ago before her promotion party turned into a night of torturous tickling.

Tina's newest place of work was a huge mansion of the outskirts of the suburbs, only 1/2 an hour drive from her flat in an area nicknamed 'The rich distirct'. The owner of the large light brown brick house, with huge steel black gates and perfect gardens was Liana Brookland, a big shot lawyer who had made millions on a pro wrestlers supposed various assults. Tina's job was to take care of Liana's eighteen year old daughter, Tessa whenever Liana wasn't home, which was quite often. Tina new that when she started this job, she would be spending nights, even weeks at the large house while Liana was away on business. This suited Tina fine.

The only catch was Tessa. Tessa wasn't the average eighteen year old, she didn't even go to school. Tess had dropped out of highschool at fifteen years old and had decided, with her mothers permission to live a life of pure luxory and never work a day in her life. Tessa's mother, to the shock of everyone who knew about the situation, was fine with this and simply stated 'I've done the work so she doesn't have to.'

Tessa stood 5'6 with dark brown shoulder length hair. Tessa ran about the masion braless, with little white socks and small lace up pumps. When she sped about the acres of grass land her large full breasts bobbed hypnotically and beautifully in front of her. Adding to Tessa's usual daily attire was a simple tight white t-shirt they excentuated her bouncing bussoms to infernul degrees and her little white skirt which hung just above her knees and flew up often to reveal her little white g-string.

Tina's first time with Tessa was for a week while Liana went on holiday to Italy. The giant house was stocked with food and because Liana wasn't there the butler had gone on vacation also. When Tina arrived, only Tessa was home.

"Hi." Said the sweet young Tessa as she opened the large wooden door on the front of the house. "Your Tina right? The lady my mum spoke about."

"Yeah, you must be Tessa." Tina said pleasently holding her sports bag over her shoulder.

"Heh, you can call me Tess." Tessa said with a smile and stepping to the side. "Come in, I'll show you your room."

"This is a really nice house." Tina said as she followed Tessa up the large stair case. "You must really like it here."

"Its o.k." Tessa said as they entered the large room which had been specially cleaned for Tina. "Gets a bit boring. After a while all the internet, X-Boxing and riding the motor bikes outside gets a little old."

"Well I'm here now" Tina said putting her bag on the large bed. "We can have some fun."

"Great." Tessa said clapping her hands and smiling eagerly. "What'd you want to do?"

"I have no idea." Tina said sitting down on the bed and removing her professional looking high heeled shoes from her stockinged feet. "Its your house, what's there to do?"

"Are your feet ticklish?" Tessa said harmlessly.

With that question Tina's stomch sank. Tina could have gone the rest of her life without thinking about tickling. This was a good job, it payed a lot and was fairly easy but if this Tessa girl was another tickle psycho Tina didn't want anything to do with it. As Tina panicked and wondered what to do she realised by the look on Tessa's face, the young girl had meant nothing by it and it was just an general question of curiousity.

"No." Tina lied about the most ticklish spot on her sexy body. "Are yours?"

"Hell yes." Tessa said, taking a step back from Tina as the blonde amazon stood up from the bed. "Thats why I wear shoes all the time."

Now Tina hated, with all her being, to be tickled. But she loved to tickle other people. This was to good a oppurtunity to pass up. Tessa genuinley thought Tina wasn't ticklish. Tessa was ticklish, apparently very much so. Tina decided she had no choice but to take full advantage of this.

"Tickle tickle tickle" Tina repeated the taunt she herself had experience many times before as she crept towards Tessa, wiggling her fingers towards the backing girl. "I'm ganna getcha!"

"EEEEE!" Tessa squeled as she turn and ran excitedly out of the room. "No! Leave me alone! Hee hee hee!"

Tina followed in hot pursuit behind the giggling teen. The short giggles and excited pleas were already getting Tina worked up. Tina began picturing all the ticklish situations she could have this young girl in, as Tina's excitment grew so did her speed as the two young women sped into the house library.

"Where are you?" Tessa said as she wandered through the many large shelves, not knowing where her new friend had dissapeared to. "Hee hee hee."

"Right here!" Tina said as she ran up behind Tessa and ran her hands straight up the young girls tight white t-shirt. "Kootchie kootchie koo!"

"EEEEEEHEE HEE AHHEE!" Tessa squeled with ticklish laughter as Tina's fingers proded beneath her smooth underarms. "EEHEHHE STOP!STOP!HAEHEHE"

As Tessa curled over in laughter, Tina followed her young tickle toy towards the fine carpeted floor, until Tessa was lying on her front wiggling to try and get free. Unfortunatley for Tessa, Tina had been in her position before and knew just how to keep her still. Tina stopped the tickling and sat, kneeled either side of of Tessa's hips. While Tessa giggled lightly, Tina grabbed the young teens arms and pinned them to her side underneath Tina's stocking covered knees.

"Your trapped." Tina stated, pleased with her own work and smiling at the young girl.

"O.k, o.k please you got me, I'm ticklish." Tessa said smiling and trying to turn her head to look at Tina. "Come on, I'lll cry if you tickle me anymore. Hee hee, please."

Tina could tell by Tessa's playful giggles that the young girl wasn't really begging. Yet. The thought of chasing the young girl naked and giggling through the huge house caused Tina to almost grind her already moisoning mound against the young girl. With the thoughts of tickle torturing the sweet young rich girl for hours upon hourse driving her, Tina slowly wiggled her tickling fingers up Tessa's shirt, raising the white cotton up her slighlty tanned torso as she went.

"Hee hee...don't hee hee" Tessa began to giggle as she felt five fingers on either side of her now exposed back begin to prod her ticklish little ribs. "Hee hee Tina! HeeHeeeeheheHAHA STOP TINA! Hahahah!"

Tina began tickling harder as Tessa's laughter grew louder and her dark brown thrashed wildly along with her frantic head. Tina rapidly got more and more excited and increased her tickling attacks. Tina ran her hands up and down Tessa's ribs and sides making the young girl squel and dance her ticklish dance to Tina's wonderful delight.

"I think we found a great new passtime!" Tina said over the top of Tessa's laughter with a seductive tone. "Its called tickle Tessa all week long!"

"AHAHNOOOOOHAHHAA!" Tessa screamed a little scream as her tickled laughter continued, not yet even considering the idea this could go on any longer than a few minutes. Unfortunatley her, Tina had other ideas. "HAHAHAHHAhahahaa..haha...heehehee"

Tina slowed then stopped tickling Tessa's taut sides. While Tessa concerntrated on catching her breath she was unware of her captures lurking movements behind her. Suddenly Tessa felt Tina sitting on the back of her shins, this couldn't be what she thought. Could it?

"Oh no, oh no!" Tessa scrapped at the carpet, uselessly trying to pull her legs out from beneath Tina. "Please Tina! I'm begging you now! Don't tickle my feet! Don't o.k? Please!"

Excitedly Tina wasted no time in quicklu slipping Tessa's small running shoes from her white sock covered wiggling feet. Tessa begged more and more in the back ground as the foot tickling grew ever closer. Tina ignored her victims pleas and slowly stroked her hands up Tessa's smooth legs toward her sweet wiggling footsies, still contained in the little white socks which barely reached her ankels.

"How ticklish are you I wonder?" Tina said teasingly as she slowly pulled the sock from Tessa's cute left foot. "Lets see!"

"NO! PLEASE PLEASEEEEHEHEHE" Tessa let out a ticklish squeal which filled the large library and sent Tessa laughing uncontrollably to the extreme ticklish sensations coming from the sole of her left foot. "HAHAHPLEASEEHEHHHAHAH TINA!HAHAHHA"

Now that Tina held the sweetest foot she had ever seen to the carpet she watched as the small toes streched and wiggled wildly in time with the five fingers dancing around the soft silky sole. Tessa's laughter was music to her hears and Tina knew now more than ever that she had to get this young temptress naked and tortured.

"You really are ticklish!" Tina said excitedly as she continued tickling Tessa's wiggling left foot with her right hand while she used the left to quickly zip the sock from Tessa's not yet tickled right foot. "How would you like me to tickle your feet for a whole hour?!"

Tessa couldn't hear what Tina was saying as she went into the most ticklish hysterics of her life when she felt five fingers suddenly skidding around her intensley sensitive soles. Tessa's feet wiggled in all directions and her arms slammed at the carpet floor, frantically trying to get away but none of this phased Tina, who was pratickly in her element.

Tessa lost the ability to form words as the third minute turned by and the young cutie could now only laugh, scream, squeal and struggle. Every touch, every storke of Tina's wicked tickling fingers cause Tessa to laugh louder and buck wildly for escape. Tina looked in delighted awe at the small wiggling feet as she listened to the tickling laughter which filled the huge room.

Out of no where Tina noticed, to accompany her hardened nipples, the sexy blonde nanny come tickler was begining to slide her pantie covered mound with lust slowly back and forth across Tessa's legs. Tina knew if this kept up she would surely orgasm, and then be weak which wasn't an option, even if Tessa did think she wasn't ticklish. Tina decided the only sensible course of action was to let her young ticklee free and chase her to another area where Tina could calm down a little and explode in a controlled environment.

"What are you waiting for?" Tina said as she stood up and turned to face the giggling girl. "I'm only giving you one chance for escape."

Tessa slowly rolled onto her back, red faced and almost teary eyed Tina was tempted to leap on her right there and strip her of her clothing. Tina pretened to be impaitent, arms folded tapping her stockinged foot on the carpet. Tessa knew this was her only chance, she knew Tina was going to tickled her and with the little energy she could summon climbed to her feet and ran as fast as she could from the large library.

"Ready or not!" Tina yelled to Tessa, once again in hot pursit of her lovely ticklish friend. "Here I come!"

Still trying to catch her breath from the foot tickling, bare foot Tessa ran hurriedly through the huge house and into the large living room, ducking behind the black leather couch closet to the dormant fire place. Tessa sat with her back to the couch, trying as quietly as possible to catch her breath. Tessa had never been tickled like that before and she had no desire to experience it again, so when Tina's arms suddenly reached down and grabbed pulled at Tessa's shirt the young girl sunk into nervousness.

"Tina! Tina please!" Tessa tried to reason with the sexy blonde as her small white t-shirt was stripped from her. "EEK!"

Tessa rolled onto her back, embaressed and trying to cover her cushiony large breasts as best she could. Tina stepped over the back of the couch and once again began creeping towards the now half naked girl. With her hands over her nipples Tessa used her elbows and bare legs to try and scoot back across the persian rug as Tina's wiggling fingers got closer and closer.

"Please, please Tina, look I'm naked please." Tessa began to plead as she suddenly reached the cold stone tiles which set a landing for the huge open fire place. "Let me put some clothes on, come on. Oh my god this is so embarassing...you know I'm ticklish now o.k? Please don't do it anymore."

"But this is our new game." Tina said with uncontrollable glee as she grabbed ahold of Tessa's skirt and quickly slid it from her body, leaving the young princess in only a thin g-string. "And we're going to play for hours and hours!"

It was like all Tina's birthdays had come at once. (Well, not her 15th where she was trapped in a bedroom with two of her friends parents and given a present they called a 'tickle party'). Tina couldn't have been happier, she had a young, sexy and most importantly, insanley ticklish girl to play with as she pleased.

"Come hereee." Tina said as she got within a foot of the nearly naked girl who was frantically looking for an escape. "I know you like this game."

"Please, I really don't!" Tessa said as she made the terrible mistake of raising her right foot to push Tina away. "Oh no! Hee hee NO! TINAEEHEH!"

Tina had made quick work of turning her back to Tessa and quickly squeezing her thys around Tessa's ankle, so her bare ticklish foot just stuck out between Tina's legs. Just as Tina was about to tickle assult the soft soothing sole of the young foot Tina's right knee gave way as she was kicked from behind. Tessa took her oppurtunity and didn't stick around to watch Tina fall to the ground. When Tina gathered her thoughts back, she looked around and Tessa was nowhere to be seen.

"Ohhh" Tina cooed as she stood to her feet. "Your a cheeky little girl, and cheeky girls get tickled more than polite girls!"

Tessa couldn't hear Tina's teasing taunts as she quickly locked her bedroom door behind her and collapsed back onto her large soft bed. Several minutes passed by before Tessa quickly sat up to the sound of her bedroom door handle moving up and down.

"Oh come on now" Tina said from the other side of the door. "You locked it? Thats against the rules."

Still wearing only her g-string, Tessa climbed under the blanket and with Tina's voice asking her to unlock the door to acccompany her, Tessa slowly fell asleep to recover from her tickling ordeal. Tessa snoozed peacefully for several hours, it wasn't until late afternoon she woke to a most horrific surprise.

"What are you doing?!" Tessa demanded at she instantly woke to full awareness, realising that during her sleep Tina had some how gotten in, taken her tiny g-string and tied the ticklish teen spread eagle to the huge bed. "Tina! Tina I hope your not! Oh no Tina please not while I'm like this! Tina!"

Tina didn't say a word as she herself was now stark naked in all her glorius beauty, crawling like a seductive cat up between the young girls legs with tickling on the brain. Ignoring Tessa's pleas and frantic begs Tina kneeled in front of her tickle toy and began to explain.

"It took a bit of work but I picked the lock." Tina began to speak as Tessa simply lay there and looked worried. "I found the rope in your mom's garage, trust me you can't get out. Don't worry about whats going to happen, it'll only be a few hours and it'll all be over."

"No! NOOOO! Heehee PLEASE! I'm begging like I've never begged in my life, I'm serious!" Tessa pleaded with all her might to try and stop the torturous fingers that stroked lightly at her taut tummy. "HEEEHHEHENOOO!GOD NOHAHAHAHAH"

Tina wasted no time digging all ten fingers into Tessa's sweet ticklish tummy. It now only occured to Tessa that Tina was naked, she wondered about it for a short second before the tickling took over her thoughts. Only Tessa's head, hands and feet had any freedom to wiggle and thrash wildly as the torturous sensation overwhelmed her precious naked body. Tina ran her hands all over Tessa's torso, with too many areas to choose from Tina ran all over Tessa's large breasts, her taut smooth underarms, her soft giggling ribs and her tight white belly.

"You like it don't you? Don't you?!" Tina screamed excitedly as she moved foward, positioning so the two girls smooth mounds delicatley touched. "OOh! OOh! OOh!"

Tina began grinding her moist wet mound against Tessa's own smooth love muscle. Tears ran down Tessa's face and no lust was felt, unlike Tina who relished in her victims torment. This was by far the most insane situation Tessa had ever been in, stripped bare, tied and tickled. Most insane of all was the blonde barbie doll tickling away at her was getting off more so than Tessa had ever seen in anyone else. It was obvious Tina was quickly nearing orgasm, even amongst the ticklish hysterics being forced through Tessa.

"OH GOD! OH GO-OHD!" Tina screamed louder and louder with pure joy. "SWEET JEE-I'M GANNAAH GANNA CUOOOOOHOHOHHH OHHH OHHH"

A sea of pleasure rushed from Tina's loins as she gripped the bed sheets and shuddered with intense pleasure. Tessa panted for air and tried to blink her blurry eyes clear while she listened to Tina's cooing moans. Tina fell back inbetween Tessa's legs on the matress and writhed in her hard earned delight. Several minutes passed by, Tessa lay bound in fear of more torture and slightly shocked at the previous event. Tina simply lay in perfect nakedness, happily recovering from her explosion of ecstacy.

Slowly and seductivley Tina rose from her back and crawled with cat like precision towards her prey. Tessa realised her mother wouldn't be back for atleast a week, and what a very long week it was going to be.

To be continued...

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This one, and the first half of Part 2 are EXCELLENT


12-09-2002, 02:20 PM
Thanks 'Tron, was there something wrong with the second half or P2 or hadn't you read it? Generally curious if you don't like something feel free to say so, so I can correct (or do my best) to make it better in future. Glad you liked it.:D

12-10-2002, 06:13 AM
I really LOVE stories where the Lee is chased and tickle stripped during various parts of the story. Then either is made to orgasm via tickling, OR the ler orgasms much to the lees chagrin. So story #1 was GREAT. # 2 was great during the first part. LOL The opening description was awesome. I could have done without the mother coming home, AND if you had described how the girl ended up fighting for her panties on the stairs it would have been a CLASSIC!!

Great Job


12-10-2002, 03:22 PM

(The mother had to come home to futher the story line
;) )

12-10-2002, 04:54 PM
A story idea which is very much along the lines you've been writing lately. I think it would be a hell of a story involving a niece (or nieces) and a naughty tickling time they have with an unwilling aunt.

Do you want the idea?


12-11-2002, 01:00 AM
Magnificent! I especially like the fact that there is a wide variety of tickle targets, not just feet :)

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Originally posted by Neutron
A story idea which is very much along the lines you've been writing lately. I think it would be a hell of a story involving a niece (or nieces) and a naughty tickling time they have with an unwilling aunt.

Do you want the idea?


Thanks Mistress V, appreciate the kind words, glad you liked the story. :D


That is a good idea, but how about you write it? (Its is your idea after all) I'm not one to take (even if given) other peoples ideas usually. If you'd rather not write it, I can do so just send me an e-mail with any specs and requirements, special events etc you want to happen in the story. I will start it after I have done the next few story lines for Tina, Then I will keep you updated via e-mail of your stories progress. How does that sound?:D

(Sam and Lisa 2 was also done in this fashion after I recieved an e-mail from a guy, who may or may not want his name mentioned.):)

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LOL when I write a story I can't enjoy it. I'll send you my idea man.

What is your email addy?


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My e-mail is my profile.:D

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To move this one back up some because it is the best story here.


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Up because it's one of the two best stories here :)